29 November 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Sports, Incest, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cathy needs her dad and meets her new family. Dan proposes to Karen in front of 5,000 people. Brad and Abby grow closer. Abby's dad is introduced to Vicky and later reveals a secret to her... Dan tapped Karen on the knee. She looked at him and he pointed with his right wing up to the giant screen above center ice. The camera was already on her, the screen split in two, showed her and everyone in the arena the message. Surrounded in a heart shape was _"Karen Miller, will you marry me?"_

Dan hurried home from work, quickly showered and dressed. He called his two sons Kevin, who lives out west and Doug who is living in Winnipeg that he was going to ask Karen to marry him. They were obviously surprised to hear that Diane, Brenda, and Brad were their sisters and brother. They both said they hoped to see everyone soon.

Dan heated up a frozen meal and ate as he waited for Cathy to arrive. So far all his plans were falling into place. It took a bit of doing but he and Brad managed to convince Karen, Vicky, Diane and Brenda to go to the hockey game mainly because of the free tickets and it would be good family time together. Karen had said that if the rink was warm enough, they were going to wear low cut tops and short skirts or low cut short sexy dresses with no panties.

Dan called the arena and spoke with Jamie Hamilton, the events coordinator for the Falcons. Dan refreshed him on his plan to propose to Karen and Jamie made his suggestion, “Dan, make sure Karen is sitting in the aisle seat. So she would be sitting in section 5, row E, seat 1. I will make sure that seat number is picked for a lucky prize.”

“Now with about five minutes left in the first period say to her that you need to use the washroom and want to beat the first intermission rush. The Mascot will be in the main lobby, you can follow him to our change room. He will help you put on the extra costume. You can toss out several prizes as you make your way to her. I will make a comment as to why there are two Quintes, that’s his name.”

“When you go to one knee and propose, I’ll have the scoreboard show, ‘Karen Miller will you marry me?’ You can do your thing to give her the ring. How does all that sound?” he asked.

“Everything sounds perfect. Thank you, Jamie, I really appreciate this.”

“You’re welcome Dan, good luck tonight.”

“Thanks again.”

Dan was just finishing his meal, “Hey Dad, I’m here!” Cathy shouted coming in the front door.

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Cathy came to join him, taking off her coat. She wore a beautiful, sexy looking black dress with white flowers on it, “Do you like my new dress, Dad?” Cathy asked taking the hem in her fingers and going around in a circle to model it for him. “I saw this dress in the store and immediately thought of you, Daddy. Ben hasn’t even seen it on me. I know it’s awfully short and the front is very low,” she admitted.

She finished off by leaning forward and putting her hands on his legs above his knees, giving Dan a great view down her dress at her tits. “Cathy, you are such a beautiful, sexy woman, you could make a burlap sack look sexy,” he complimented and they laughed.

“Oh Dad, you say the funniest things,” she smiled going to him a kiss and hug. His nostrils flared to the sensual scent of her chocolate and vanilla perfume, “Okay, so what’s this all about? Why are you, Karen and I going to a stupid hockey game in the first place?”

“I thought you liked watching hockey?”

“I do, relaxing with a beer and potato chips.”

“I’m not telling, you’ll just have to come along and find out for yourself.”

“Hmm, a mystery date with my Dad, I’m game for anything with you,” she smiled winking at him.

Cathy sat at the table while Dan finished his meal and he couldn’t help glancing at her very ample cleavage. He put the dish in the sink and Cathy approached him from behind giving him another big hug and a tender kiss.

“What’s that for?”

“We don’t get to spend much alone time together anymore with life and work going on. You know it’s been four months since that day last July and we still haven’t finished that fuck we started. We could take the time to finish it now if you like,” she enticed, pressing her sexy body against his.

“We wouldn’t have time for a quickie and believe me when we do finally fuck, I don’t want it to be quick,” he said.

“Could you at least finger my pussy for a few minutes ... please?” she desired. Cathy leaned against the kitchen counter and pulled her dress above her hips. She took his right hand and guided it to her shaven pussy.

“You know I’d love you touching me down there Daddy,” she whispered. Dan rubbed her mound then separated her soft lips, sliding two fingers inside her. She, in turn, met his lips with a hard kiss, “Mmm, I love you fingering my cunt!” she sighed. It didn’t take much effort for Cathy to slip her full tits from the low opening of her dress. “Feel my tits, Daddy, suck on my nipples,” she instructed.

He did as requested getting her nipples hard. Dan finger Cathy’s pussy for a few minutes. “We had better get going, or we’ll be late,” he said slipping his fingers out of her moistening hole.

“So soon?” she regretted. “You’re being a cunt teaser Dad and I know how to be a cock teaser,” she smiled coyly stooping down to her knees. She unzipped Dan’s fly and took his cock out of his underwear. She stroked it a few times, licked the head then boldly took it all the way to his balls. She sucked his cock expertly making him hard in no time.

“In case you didn’t know and you’ll find out soon, Mom had taught me how to be a great cock sucker and a great fuck!” she stated proudly, standing then kissed him.

“Now you’re being a cock teaser, leaving me with a hard on like this,” his six inches bobbing to his pulse.

Cathy pulled up her dress to her waist, placed her hands behind her on the counter and jumped up on it. She spread her legs inviting Dan between them, “Fuck me please Daddy.”

“We don’t have time.”

“Aww, just for a few minutes ... please?”

“In my state of mind I wouldn’t even last two minutes fucking you let alone five.”

“A few minutes are better than none at all. Fuck me Daddy ... pretty please!” she begged.

“Okay but just for a few minutes. I’m not even going to cum in you.”

“Okay!” she was happy and used her heels to pull Dan closer to her. She reached down and stroked his cock to keep it hard and guided the head to her opening, “This time I don’t care who comes to the door, you’re not answering it!” she said swallowing the head of his cock into her eager pussy.

“Come on Daddy, fuck me ... fuck me Daddy!” she urged. Dan put his hands on her bare ass and slowly thrust his cock deeper into her warm pussy. As he began to gently fuck his beautiful daughter, he still couldn’t get over how much she looked like her mother.

“You’re a grown woman Cathy, you don’t have to call me Daddy anymore,” he said fucking her warm pussy with a steady rhythm.

“I know but I love calling you Daddy while you fuck me because it sounds so naughty, besides we are committing incest. I love being naughty with you,” she smiled. Cathy knew several tricks to please a man and tightened her muscles around the shaft of his hard cock.

“I made my cunt feel tighter for you. Fuck my tight daughter, slutty, cunt!” she insisted, kissing him passionately. She kicked off her high heels and held him in place with her legs, “Fuck me faster Daddy!” she urged.

“If I do, I’ll cum in you.”

“I know I want you to fuck me and cum in me, Daddy,” she pleaded.

“We don’t have time!”

“I promise I’ll clean up my pussy really fast ... please? I need you to fuck me, Daddy!”

Dan wouldn’t increase his fucking rhythm despite Cathy’s urging and a moment later he stopped. He tightened his own muscles trying to stem the urge to cum. “Hold on Dan,” he thought, closing his eyes, “Hold on!”

It took all his willpower but he was successful and felt the powerful urge to cum in Cathy subside. “I don’t want our first fuck to be sneaky and quick,” he said regrettably letting his cock slip out of her inviting pussy.

“Aww, Daddy!!” she exclaimed, her hungry pussy no longer being fed.

Dan gently cupped her face in his hands, kissing her lips, “Believe me, honey, I want to fuck you so bad! But this night is very, very important to me.”

“As important as fucking me?” she wondered.

“Yes, just as important as fucking you, you’ll see why, “ Dan exhaled deeply.

“Okay, but now you owe me two fucks and I’m going to collect at least one or both of them before the end of the year,” she forecasted.

“Thank you, honey. I promise we’ll have a good long, no interruptions fuck.” Dan lifted Cathy up by her cute ass and her feet touched the floor and he put his cock back inside his pants. “We had better get going or we’ll be really late. We’ll go to Karen’s place for a few minutes then to the game,” he said helping Cathy on with her coat.

“You’re always the gentleman,” she smiled giving him another passionate kiss.

Dan put on his coat, made sure he had Karen’s engagement ring and escorted Cathy to his Mustang. He opened the door for her and she spread her legs as she sat giving him a view up her darkened valley. He slide behind the steering wheel and brought the Mustang to life

“I love the sound of this car,” she said feeling the vibration and hearing the rumble of the engine. He smiled, revving the engine.

“A beautiful, sexy woman and a muscle car, a perfect combination,” he grinned.

Cathy smiled, patting his right hand on the gear shift. Dan couldn’t help notice that she was showing a decent amount of her slender legs. She noticed her dress was hiked up high from getting in the car and barely sitting on her dress. She didn’t bother to pull it down.

“Can you put some heat on, please? My legs are getting cold,” she asked as he headed towards Karen’s place.

“You could pull your coat over your legs.”

“But then you wouldn’t be able to see my legs or my cleavage.”

“It would be hard to drive and look at your beautiful legs plus its dark out.”

“I didn’t know it was hard again,” Cathy teased looking over at Dan’s crotch. Dan turned left from Driftwood Crescent, out of the subdivision and onto Main Street.

“Since you can’t look at my legs while you drive, then why don’t you feel them?” she asked and boldly took his hand from the gear shift and placed it on her left knee. She slowly guided his hand up her leg, higher and higher.

Dan came to a red light and looked at Cathy. She opened her legs and slid his hand under her skirt and down between them. “You already know I’m not wearing any panties for you, Daddy,” she said as his fingers touched her bare, shaved pussy. “Please, Daddy, touch me on the way to Karen’s,” she urged.

The traffic light turned green and Dan had to hurry to put the car into first gear. He shifted through the gears to cruising speed, “You sure you want me to touch you again?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. We’ve been teasing each other since last summer and its time we finally did something more about it. I know that time, in the kitchen when I took off my bikini top and you felt my tits. Then I put your hand down inside my bottoms and started to finger my pussy. And I took your cock out of your swim suit. Then I said I wanted you to fuck me. You put me on the counter and I just got the head of your cock inside my pussy.”

“If we hadn’t been interrupted, I was going to take you to bed and fuck you,” he said.

“Then this time, you stopped fucking me. When we are alone like this, we should be able to touch each other all the time,” she said.

Again, Cathy took his hand from the gear shift and guided it up her leg and down to her pussy. She was so wet from Dan fucking her and he expertly worked two fingers into his daughter’s pussy. He spread some of her juice over her clit, the sudden touch made her body jerk then his fingers re-entered her.

Cathy spread her legs wider to make it easier for Dan to finger her, plus she could watch his fingers working inside. At the next red light, she slipped her tits out of her dress. They came to two more red lights and he had to do the same, waiting to go through the gears. Dan’s cock had grown rock hard but he didn’t ask Cathy touch him.

Dan came to another red light and again had to shift to first and take off. “Right now I sure do wish this car was automatic,” Cathy remarked as Dan shifted up to fifth again.

“Same here,” he agreed putting his fingers back inside Cathy’s yearning pussy. Dan could feel her pushing her thighs against his fingers as they went in and out. She was getting hotter by the second and started moaning softly.

“Are we very far from Karen’s?”

“We’re about five minutes away.”

“Can you find a place to pull over and park ... please Daddy?” she urged.

“Sure, there’s a mall parking lot just up ahead on the right.”

Dan pulled into the parking lot searching for a quiet spot. “You don’t have to park so far away from the other cars. I don’t mind someone seeing us,” she hinted.

Dan parked between two cars in the second row closest to the busiest mall entrance. She undid her seatbelt and so did Dan and shifted his body to face Cathy. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

“Daddy, I need you to make me cum and I don’t care who sees us!” she urged pulling her dress above her waist. Dan could see the desire in Cathy’s eyes as she leaned putting her left hand on the back of his neck and urging him closer.

She parted her lips and accepted his tongue as two left fingers entered her wet, hungry cunt, “Please Daddy ... please make me cum!” Cathy breathed heavily through her nose as they kissed, “Oh fuck Dad, this feels so good!” she sighed as his fingers moved in and out of her hungry pussy.

“I’m happy that I can please you.”

“Please take my tits out of my dress and feel them,” she urged. Dan took his fingers from her pussy let the parking lot light bathe her tits. He spread some juice over her nipples giving them a slight shine and moaned as he gave her full tits a good healthy feel. Their hot breaths were soon fogging up the inside of the windows.

Dan heard voices and looked around. “I hope someone does see us,” she said. He heard the voices closer and looked for the source. A man and woman were putting shopping bags in the trunk of the car in front of his. They kissed and he gave her tit and ass a quick feel.

The guy admired Dan’s yellow Mustang then noticed movement inside. He found a small part of the windshield still clear and peered inside. The guy motioned the woman over to show her what he saw. They could see Cathy’s bare tits and Dan fingering her pussy.

“Don’t look around but we have company,” she mentioned. Cathy kissed Dan on the lips again then guided his head down to her right tit and held it in place as if breastfeeding him, Cathy glanced up at the couple watching.

She shifted her ass forward in the seat enabling light from a pole to shine in on her moistened pussy, “Can you put my window down a little so they can watch us better?” she asked. Dan turned on the ignition and lowered Cathy’s window. “A few more inches,” her window now down halfway. Dan went back to work on her pussy. Now he could curl his fingers inside Cathy and touch her special spot.

Cathy cupped his head and kissed him hard as his magical fingers did their pleasure. She moaned softly enjoying his fingers inside her and after a few more wonderful minutes, “Yes, just like that! Keep your fingers going right there, Daddy! Yeah, that’s it! Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, Daddy!” Cathy urged.

The couple outside watching, eyes widened hearing it was a father and daughter making out! “I like you talking dirty to me,” Dan said.

“Just you wait until we finally do fuck, I’ll be such a real naughty, fucking slutty daughter for you!” she promised. “Fuck my slutty, daughter cunt Daddy!” she urged. “I need your cock again Daddy! I need you to fuck me, Daddy. I need to suck you off and swallow your cum! I remember Mommy telling how good your cum tastes when she’d swallow it!”

The couple watching was getting the show of a lifetime and they started to get a little frisky with each other. The guy stood behind his girl and undid her coat, then her blouse. Cathy saw him slide his hand inside her bra feeling her right tit.

Cathy’s breathing became more laboured and leaning, wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum Daddy! Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!” her body convulsed with five strong spasms.

Dan could feel his fingers being bathed with Cathy’s wonderful essence and her body jolted as he lightly touched her sensitive clit. She let out a long, deep sigh as she experienced several smaller spasms.

“Oh, fuck Dad that felt so fucking good!” she deeply exhaled.

“It sure sounded good. I’m happy that I was able to please you, honey,” Dan took his soaked fingers from pussy and licked her cream from them. “Your cum tastes delicious,” he complimented, putting his fingers back inside her. Next, he spread some around each nipple licked and sucked it off. The third time up from her pussy, Cathy took Dan’s fingers into her mouth, licking her own juices.

“I love tasting pussy juices too,” she smiled.

“Just your pussy juice or another woman’s too?” he teased.

“If I ate another woman’s pussy then I would be a real naughty daughter for you. Yes, I have tasted another woman’s pussy,” she revealed but didn’t say who.

Cathy looked out her window at the couple and he now had a hand down her jeans, “I hope you enjoyed the show!” Cathy yelled out her window at the hidden strangers. Cathy let out one final heavy sigh, “It was everything I imagined it would be, thank you so very much Dad.”

“You’re quite welcome. It was my pleasure,” Dan smiled, licking his fingers once more.

“How about I return the favour,” she said placing her left hand on Dan’s crotch and rubbing hard cock.

“I would certainly let you but we’re running really late,” Cathy took some Kleenex out of her purse and wiped down her pussy. She then took out two pieces of gum giving one to Dan and chewing on the other. “Don’t want you to have pussy breath,” she grinned.

Cathy had Dan keep his right hand on her pussy between shifts the remainder of the way to Karen’s. Cathy slipped her tits back into her dress as they pulled up to Karen’s house and gave him a nice kiss before getting out of the car. “Better spit out our gum,” Dan said as he escorted her up the driveway

“I can’t believe I’m so nervous meeting Diane, Brenda, and Brad.”

“You haven’t seen them in a good five years,” he mentioned.

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