Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Interracial, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In 1952 a small town is changed by a Preacher whose wife demands sexual freedom. He gives it to her and the entire town changes. The story is told through the eyes of a sixteen year old boy whose unintentional interruption of the Preacher and his wife having sex in the church.

The year is 1952, in the Village of Cove Orchard, and my name is James, Jim to almost everyone, Jamie, to some, and I’m sixteen, we have a relative normal family, a twin sister, three minutes older, and we live with my Mom and Dad, Gabriel, (Gabby ) and David. We are the Stinson family, and I’ve been sexually active since I have been sexually active for six or seven years, well when I say active, I mean I’ve been Jacking off on a regular basis. I’ve only been able to shoot anything though for the last five years; it’s a rich thick cream that seems to get on everything. We live in a small house in a small town, and we don’t have a lot of stuff. Dad’s a logger; he has a Caterpillar, and a truck with all the other stuff. I work with him in the woods during the summer months, and Sue tags along. In our community people marry quite young, Mom and dad married when Mom was only fourteen, and Sue was born a short time later.

Mom is only thirty-two, she works hard around the property and the house, she usually wears a what she calls a “house dress”, They are loose fitting and reach to her knees. The top shows a little of her breasts. I know she doesn’t wear a bra because she always complains about having to wear one to church. “They just don’t hold these things properly,” she would complain to my father, while she lifts them with both hands. “Well it’s only on Sunday mornings,” dad would say, the rest of the week they can run wild.”

Now, Sue and I sleep in an attic room, Sue and I each have our own single bed. The attic is really not finished, I mean there are open beams and only two windows, one of which is missing its glass and is covered with cardboard.

We don’t have what you would call a water heater, not like the city folks, we have pipes that run through and behind our wood kitchen range, so taking our baths is a weekly affair. Once the bath water is run we must wait for the water in the stove to re-heat. We have our baths on Friday night, after mom has cooked Dinner. That way the water is nice and hot on Fridays from the stove being used for dinner. When I talk about our Bath Room, I mean just that, it’s a room with our bath tub in it. We don’t have indoor toilet, we have an outhouse, behind the house, and across the ditch, next to the chicken coup.

Sue and I have been really close, we’ve even taken our baths together since we were babies, recently all of that changed. It all started when she started noticing that I was getting a hard-on every time we would crawl into the tub.

Eeeew, what’s wrong with you? Why are you getting hard? It’s happening all the time now, can’t you hide it?.”

“I try, but it’s too big to hide now. Sorry,” I had been able to hide it from her with the wash cloth, and the towel. But as usual it was as stiff as a crowbar. “Mom!” she cried out.

“What is it, Susan, you two have to get through your bath, there are other’s waiting.”

“Its Jim, his ... his penis has been getting hard and sticking out every time we take our bath.”

I tried to hide it with my hands. “I can’t help it,” I whispered, I dropped the wash cloth, I’m sorry.

Mom came into the room, “Of course it is, are you just now noticing?” she said pulling my hands away from my cock.

“No, he’s been doing it for a long time, but now it, ... I mean it seems to be bigger and, well you know.”

“I’ve noticed it for some time, and I was amazed that you haven’t said anything. I thought it would be okay until you were disturbed by it. Maybe you two shouldn’t be bathing together any more. I suppose it’s time that you two bathe separately. He can just wait and be last.

“Mom, the water will be ice cold, you and dad take like forever, and Sue, she, I mean she always takes longer than anyone, and it isn’t my fault.”

“Oh and who’s fault is it?” Sue asked.



“Yeah, yours. Mom she washes herself different now.”

“Different, in what way?”

“She used to just wash herself, soap her hands and just wash herself, now she has tits and she plays with them, and then she stands up and put soap on her slit and runs her finger up and down, and I just get hard. It’s her fault, she’s, she’s just so, so...”

“What?” Sue said. “I’m so what?”

“Beautiful,” I stammered. “You’re beautiful.”

“I am? You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yeah, I just get hard, I get hard even thinking about our bath.”

“Well then you can start taking your bath after we finish, Susan can take hers after your father and I take ours”

“Can’t we just do it like always. I’ll keep it covered.”

“Well, what to do, you can’t get in a tub with Sue, now that she’s complained about that,” she said as she reached out and took hold of my cock. “And we don’t have enough hot water for a bath for everyone, and I’m sure your father wouldn’t want to share a tub with anyone but me. So what’s your suggestion?”

“Sue can just ignore it. It isn’t doing her any harm. She can turn her back and stop teasing me with her tits and stuff.”

“What do you say to that Sue?” mother asked. “Is it doing you any harm?”

“I guess not, it’s ... it’s just that I feel funny looking at it.”

“It’s your fault.”

“Just funny, different. I just feel funny looking at it sticking out.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. “How can me having a hard-on make you feel funny when you’re on that end of the tub and I’m on this end? It’s me that feels funny and gets all hard, you don’t have anything.”

“I think what she is trying to say, son, is that girls get that funny feeling just like you do. You grow stiff, and she also grows stiff.”

“What grows stiff?”

“Her clitoris,” Mom said. “It’s like your penis, but smaller and tucked away insider her Vagina.”

“In side her crack?”

“Yes inside her crack, as you call it. You have a penis, and that slit, or crack as you call it between your sister’s legs isn’t a crack it’s a slit, a pussy, or a cunt, and inside is her clitoris, or clit, and it gets hard and makes her uncomfortable.”

“Can I see it?”

“I don’t think that is necessary,” Mom said. “You’ll just have to take my word for it.”

“Well it can’t be very big if I can’t see it, and we’re standing right here in front of each other. I see her crack, er her pussy... , and it’s getting a little red and puffy, but that’s all.”

“That’s evidence that she is sexually excited, and her clit is getting hard just like you’re getting hard.”

“Why are you getting hard?” I asked her.

“Well, it’s. It’s just that...”

“Oh for goodness sake, Jamie, she’s excited because she likes your cock, it excites her.”

“I do?”

“Yes,” she mumbled. “I get like this when we take our baths.”

I looked at my mother standing there. “Does your pussy look the same?”

“Well, no. Mine has more hair and the hair is darker than your sisters, also the inner lips are more prevalent.”

“But it looks the same except for the lip things?” I asked.

“Well my clitoris shows, especially when I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

“So it’s just a small pecker, like mine.”

“Well no there is also a small hole where she pees from, and another hole where babies come from.”

“It would be easier to understand if I could see one,” I said.

“You shouldn’t be looking at your sister and mother. There will be ladies in your life when when you get older, you’re only 16.”

“So I have to go out and ask someone else to show me?”

“I didn’t say that. I said ... oh well ... Do you want to show him Sue, or should I?”

“Why don’t you ... I’ve never seen, I mean I’ve never looked.”

“You haven’t looked at yourself?”

“I can’t look down there. It’s under me.”

“Ok ... this is show and tell, but you are never to tell anyone about this. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mother,” we said in unison.

Mom turned her skirt so it was on backwards, and then unzipped the zipper and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing silk panties that had a wet spot in the middle between her legs. She then hooked her thumbs in the waist band and pulled the panties down and stepped out of them. She then raised one leg and placed her foot on the edge of the tub, and spread her slit open revealing the pink interior.

“It’s wet,” I said.

“Yes, I’m a sexual being and all of this talk has made me ... uncomfortable too. Now this is the clitoris.” She said touching a piece of skin at the top. This is what grows when a woman gets to feeling uncomfortable. And that little hole is where I pee, and this opening,” she pushed her finger into herself,” is where a man places his penis, and where babies come out.”

“Can I see you pee?” I asked.


“Can we see you pee. You said that is where you pee, can we see?”

“As long as we’ve gone this far,” she said with a shrug, as she squatted on the chamber pot and let a stream of yellow pee fall into it. It wasn’t like when I pee, not a steady stream, it fluttered and splashed.

“Wow,” I said watching. As she finished I stuck my finger into the last part of the stream, and touched her pussy.

“What are you doing,” she said pushing my hand away. “I didn’t give you permission to touch.”

“Can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Can I touch?”

“No, you may not. That is for your father to touch.”

“Does he touch it often?”

“Whenever he can.”

“Can we watch him touch it?” Sue said, looking closely at her mother’s pussy.

“I seriously doubt if your father would consent to that,” she said, as she wiped the last few drops of pee from her pussy. “Now you have had your show and tell. It is up to you Sue ... Does your brother’s hard cock bother you too much to continue bathing?”

“Cock?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, that is another word for a penis, your father and I call it a cock.”

“Like the rooster?”

“Yes. The rooster is the cock of the hen house, and your father is cock of this house.”

“Can we see Dad’s cock?” Sue asked. “Does it look like Jim’s?”

“Yes a bit but your father’s is much larger.”

“How large?” Sue asked.

“That my girl is between your father and me ... But let it be known that it is very large and beautiful.”

“Yuk ... Beautiful? Jim’s isn’t beautiful.”

“Oh you think not?” Mom said as she pulled her panties on. “A penis is a marvelous living thing, and I do declare it has a mind of its own. Look at your brother, do you think he decided to have a hard cock? No sereee ... it decided, all on its own. And it will continue to do as it pleases the rest of his life. On occasion he will be embarrassed, when he sees a beautiful woman, and here it comes like out of nowhere,” she said with a smile as she pulled up her skirt. “On some occasions his head will say get hard, because he wants to use it, and it will refuse, leaving him with a woman ready to go, and his cock as limp as a noodle. Yes my dear never fault a man for the state of his cock, he has little or no control. It is a marvelous, beautiful soft, hard, velvety living thing. Now you two get in the tub the water is getting cold. If his stiffness bothers you, turn your back, and we’ll find a solution tomorrow.”

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