Hotel Keys in the Fish Bowl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, First, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A busy career woman discovers that a hotel she stays in every month hosts a local swingers group every month. That night she finds the fish bowls for putting your room key tag into, if you'd like a stranger's company for the night.

I was warned, several times, that if I accepted the Regional Director’s position for my entire state I would hardly spend another night at my own home again. They weren’t kidding either. During the first six months after I started, I could only barely even find the time to supervise the movers packing everything I owned, except for my career wardrobe, so that I could rent my house out ... since I was never home at all! My salary is good, perhaps even excellent, and my company pays me a more than adequate per-diem, plus expenses, and perhaps best of all I have virtually no living expenses of my own.

Then, as now, about two years later, I live in a sequence of five hotel rooms in five separate cities, each and every day of every month. About six days each spent at the offices of various franchisees in one city, then the same in other cities for the next three weeks. Then, for a day or two on or around the last Friday of the month, I’ll visit corporate HQ in another state to write and file reports to my boss and coordinate efforts with our other visiting Regional Directors. Then, back off on the road and do it all over again.

My boss told me when she hired me that I’d either become a multi-millionaire in five years or else in be in a mental institution with a breakdown. Perhaps even both. Five years was the longest that even the most determined road-warrior could handle this sort of job, in any of their existing six district regions. I was just finishing my third year now and quite unsure how the next two would handle me.

Living in a hotel room for every day of your life can get deadly dull. I had no current husband, no children, not much family (none nearby) and really nothing other than work to ground myself with. Yes, I was getting rich and the VP’s chair was looking closer to my grasp every week, but was any of this really worth it?

I was almost forty and gaining still about half a pound a month that even nightly gym workouts wouldn’t melt away. Too much fine dining and rich food, nearly every night, I was sure of it. I wasn’t fat yet, but I had the middle-aged spread starting from my hips that looked out defiantly at me every morning in the bathroom mirror.

At this point in time, I knew that I was already in a malaise, that my figurative sails were done and the river was carrying along my boat now, not the other way around. Could I even do this job another two years without really going crazy or did I want that corner office too badly? To show off for old school friends I didn’t see or talk to anymore or my parents, who had always been ambivalent about my independence and success? What was the point too of getting richer every day when I hardly ever spent a dime of it ... and only rarely for just fun?

It was the end of the month and I was checked in my hotel later than usual thinking about the early afternoon meeting at HQ tomorrow. I’d needed to stop at a troublesome franchisee location that Friday morning and had stayed past noon, dealing with a system problem that was mostly between the new owner’s ears, and not our Point of Sale system. I took a later plane flight than usual and then went in a cab straight to the corporate office, bags still in hand.

Now, it was after seven o’clock and already dark before I took a short taxi ride to my usual hotel to stay for the night. I could have stayed anywhere, but this one was the most convenient. They were a mid-sized national hotel chain with branches nearly everywhere, but not terribly fancy. Not the Hilton but not Motel-6 either. Always clean and comfortable, with a decent breakfast too ... and most importantly, the closest place to stay near our corporate offices.

Since it was also the last Friday of the month, and the place was unusually busy. The main convention room was crowded and loud dance music could be heard. Many of the ladies, seen now seen arriving, were mostly in very short dresses with very adventurous plunging cleavage. Very bold, I thought, fit for clubbing or dance attire perhaps but not for a function at a hotel!

The usual evening manager was not behind the desk, but I recognized a college-aged girl that I thought was his niece. I was friendly, even chatty with her uncle, when I saw him every month, but she didn’t know me at all. She politely confirmed my reservation and billing information and then handed me my room key ... along with a second keyring that bore my room number tag, and an attached small wooden block painted pink.

“What’s this for?” I curiously asked.

“Oh ... are you not with the swingers group in the ballroom? That’s for you to put into one of those two big fishbowls over there on the table by the elevator. Blue fishbowl, if you like a man to visit your room later, or the pink one, for ... you know, if you’d prefer a woman. Like that...”

The girl was clearly a bit embarrassed, having to tell me about the rules for their ‘key party’, but she didn’t seem all that virginal or innocent. In fact, she winked at me and smiled when, after some indecision over whether to participate at all, I dropped my pink key token with my room number into the pink fishbowl.

It was a completely impulsive decision and I still don’t know why I decided to throw my room tag in! I usually checked here in far earlier in the day and I’d never had the faintest idea that on the last Friday of the month the local swinger’s club came here as well.

It can be a very lonely life living on the road and I admit that about once a month, or perhaps more, I’ll go downstairs to the hotel bar at wherever I was staying and would sometimes allow myself to be ‘picked up’. I’d been divorced for over ten years now and sometimes late at night I’ll miss the companionship in bed ... and the sex, especially if it’s good. Only sometimes was the sex ‘very good’ ... as for exceptional or outstanding, well, mostly not.

Bored late at night in my rooms, I’ll sometimes also turn on the X-rated movie channels and watch while in bed, rubbing myself off two to three times in the process. Enough to clear out my tired head so that I could sleep in peace. Lately, I had started to really enjoy, prefer even, watching the girl-girl scenes and lesbian themed movies. Watching them, women lovers, now really aroused me and I was starting to view women now sexually, in much the same sort of way I would have looked over a man as a potential bedmate.

I’d never touched another woman sexually before ... but I had fantasies now about this, like the touch of her breasts and her soft lips. I’d always had sex with men, and while that has different feelings of its own, men are not soft. Softness, to feel another woman for the first time tonight, to live out my fantasy, was what I wanted!

I had a second of doubt or regret, shame perhaps, but I pushed the elevator button to enter and go up to my room before the urge to retrieve my pink key overwhelmed me. Once there, I ordered a chef’s salad from room service and took a long hot shower.

When the door knocked about forty minutes later, it was the salad that had arrived and not my fantasy female lover ... but she arrived next, about ten minutes later and my meal was entirely forgotten.

She was a little older than me, but not by much. Unlike me, she didn’t seem the slightest bit shy or embarrassed. A strange woman had appeared at my hotel room looking for sex ... which was what I both wanted and was terrified about. Now, all of a sudden, I wasn’t sure that I wanted the fantasy to become a firm reality!

“Hi, I’m Katherine, but you can just call me Kate.” She said, as I nervously shifted about, blocking the doorway.

“Uh ... I’m Patricia, that’s Pat, I guess.” I stammered, suddenly not at all feeling as adventurous as I had been earlier. I still had one hand on the door and the other on the doorframe, as if ready to just slam the door shut on her and my entire fantasy.

“You’re new,” she decided with a slight smile, “is this your first time ... for this?”

Still confused by my conflicted feelings, I just nodded, and she took a step forward and kissed me on the cheek, soft and very tenderly.

“Well, can I come in then, or would you prefer that we talked out here in the hallway? You do still have your bath towel on.” I did, wrapped all around me still from my recent shower. I hadn’t had time yet to even put on my robe.

“Do ... come on in that is, I did just get out of the shower. Let me go ahead and change real quickly or at least put on a robe.”

She laughed, “You don’t have to my account, and I’d rather you didn’t ... you’re very lovely, even with wet hair.”

She stepped inside the room and I closed the door. Perhaps a bit too hastily and firmly, as if I were afraid that she’d be the one to turn and run away. I think I was now standing there trembling, nearly frozen with nerves and indecision. I was naked, just wrapped in a bath towel with a strange woman in my hotel room! Kate was dressed reasonably conservatively, compared to most of the swinger ladies, and wore a short mid-thigh black skirt with a black silk camisole, bra-less. Her breasts were a little larger than mine, perhaps with a bit of sag, and she wore a wedding ring.

I had just a moment to turn and take a closer look at my guest when she gently took my hands in hers and gave me another soft but lingering kiss on the cheek. I must have nearly melted and I turned my head to kiss her cheek when our lips met. The kiss was electric and it made me jerk in her arms for a sudden moment, but I held the kiss and for a moment our tongues even met, until I suddenly took a step backward to catch my breath, and realized that my towel was now falling away from my body, leaving me naked.

Kate, just smiled and gently laughed, and stepped forward to gently kiss me again, our hands still held tight. “You are very lovely,” she whispered, “and you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. This is your first time, with another woman, right? Then we’ll take it slow ... and I’ll try and make it very special for you.”

We kissed standing again, softly at first, but increasingly erotically. I could feel her arms around me now, pressing me tightly, but yet delicately. Her hands first caressed my back and then briefly her fingers wandered down over my ass, then across to my hips and then up my side. We were still kissing when her fingers first gently touched the sides of my breasts and then wandered over my nipples casually.

I visibly hesitated for a moment and broke the kiss, but after a long deep breath, I stepped forward again and tentatively took her hands and slowly pulled them up to my breasts so that she could touch and hold them. She then guided my own hands up so that I could feel her breasts as well, first over the silky material of her cami, and then she guided my hands underneath it.

We continued to kiss. I was now touching and grasping another woman’s breasts while she held mine, her fingers already working magic around my aroused nipples. Somehow, entirely all of my own doing, I felt myself pulling off her thin top so that we could now kiss while pressing our bare tits together.

It was then that I first felt a few fingers gliding down below, to first caress my scant public mound and then find my vaginal lips, and then gently first stroke there before a finger, then two, skillfully located my clit. I heard loud moaning and shuddered, realizing it was me ... I kissed her harder, and in what seemed like mere seconds later I suddenly orgasmed in her arms and nearly feel over onto the carpeted floor.

Dizzy, and gasping for breath, I had to sit down on the side of the bed and take a short respite, while Kate just smiled at me and started to kick off her high heels. Then she unzipped the zipper to her skirt and grasped my hands and brought them to her side at the top of the garment, so that I could finish unveiling my lover, making her entirely naked now too.

I slid down her skirt to the floor, but I did it slowly. I wanted to see, for real, another woman’s naked sex in front of me and it wasn’t disappointing. Kate was shaved entirely bare on her mound and lips, and she had a pair of small red tattoos, one on each side of her cunt lips, a heart and a lipstick mark of a kiss.

“I like your tats,” I whispered, “I wish I was brave enough to get one.”

“The heart’s for my husband, whom I love ... but I also sometimes like a night with another woman as well. I got the lips tattoo first, years ago. I had my college girlfriend lipstick herself up good and kiss me there, then the tattooist inked right over it to make it permanent.”

Mesmerized, I kissed them both, and rested my cheek upon her mons, exhilarated at both the intimacy and the new scents.

“Your husband...” I muttered, as she lay herself down on the bed and I rolled over to hold and embrace her.

“Is having fun of his own tonight, with someone else.” She giggled. “This is our wild night, at the monthly swinger’s meeting here, to have fun either together or separately, but usually separate.” Her mouth found my breasts and nipples now, and I soon found it nearly impossible to concentrate.

“And you’re usually with a woman then?” I gasped, as her fingers were playing in my cunt once more, gently rotating on my clit as her mouth alternately sucked and nibbled on my breasts and nipples.

“Usually. I love my husband but I prefer sex with other women. Sometimes, I do enjoy a threesome sometimes with another couple. Eating her out while her husband or mine, or her boyfriend fucks me. But tonight, Louise at the front desk said that a ‘new girl’ had come in, looking very nervous and virginal, so I couldn’t resist meeting you. A girl’s first time should be special.”

It already was. I was getting close to cumming again, squirming under her trained and talented fingers and just when I was on the edge, she bit my right nipple hard and I screamed like a banshee. She kissed me hard on the mouth, tongues intertwined as I came ... the strongest orgasm that I could ever remember having.

Nothing like this had ever occurred with my ex-husband. On his best day he was fairly clueless what my clit was for, and sex was usually a matter of him climbing on top of me and thrusting for five or ten minutes, maybe. He’d shoot off and roll over, usually leaving me wound up and needing to finish myself off with my own fingers, while he was snoring. Most of my one-night stands in other hotels hadn’t been much better.

This ... was so very different!

We laid about in each other’s arms for a while until I began to get increasingly curious about repaying the favor to her. Her cunt felt both similar and yet different than mine. She had a larger clit, but it was also mostly covered by much larger cunt lips than I had, so it was a different sort of tactile feeling, trying to finger her as I would myself. I soon got used to it and started rubbing and stroking away on her clit while I now in turn began sucking upon her larger, slightly flabbier tits. She had nice hard brown nipples and she liked them sucked roughly.

“I’m getting close,” she hissed, “when I tense up, bite or pinch them both hard and I’ll cum!” And she did.

Tired for the moment, we just held each other’s naked bodies, kissing and giving the other gentle caresses until I fell asleep in her arms.

In the middle of the night I awoke to feel her leaving the bed, probably I thought to leave, but she just used the toilet and then climbed back under the covers with me and we held each other and kissed. One of her hands found my breast, and suddenly I was entirely awake and tingling.

“I want you to eat me ... down there, please.” I whispered, after rolling onto my back so that Kate could alternately kiss, lick and gently bite both of my tits. She then licked them both all over and then slid back the covers as her tongue ran down my stomach to my pubic mound. I slid my legs open for her as she first kissed and licked my mons, then slowly down the sides of each lip, careful not to touch my clit even in passing.

She slid a finger inside of me, then two, gently stroking as her face was so close to my vagina now that I could sense her breath. She parted and caressed each of my lips, opening them up now in full view, as she nibbled and touched each lip, stoking up and down each side, teasing my clit and making me hotter by the moment, until her lips met mine and I felt her tongue first lick my clit.

I almost came immediately, and when her fingers again began to stroke my interior vaginal walls and her tongue swirled around my clit, I exploded once more, squeezing my knees tightly around her head while her tongue flicked and stroke over my clitoris. She wouldn’t stop though, and she ate away at me still even as I collapsed in near exhaustion. It took a while, maybe another forty minutes, but she brought me off yet again.

This time, as I screamed out, she replaced her tongue with a finger, the one that had been inside my cunt, rubbing it over my clit as I orgasmed with my own wet juices, as she kissed me hard on the mouth, so that I could taste my own cunt fluids on her mouth and lips. I loved it and wanted more!

I pulled her up to me so that we could hold each other and kiss. Then I wanted to make love to her breasts once more, licking and kissing each in turn, and then I felt Kate adjust herself upwards, with her knees up by my shoulders, so that she could sit her cunt upon my face, so that I could now taste her.

Slowly, Kate lowered her snatch upon my face and for a moment I was overwhelmed, but once I could use my fingers to spread open her larger lips, I began to relax and enjoy my first taste of another woman’s most intimate flavors. I licked her slowly at first, but soon just couldn’t get enough of the sensation as I buried my entire mouth and face inside of her, frantically licking away

She liked it when I put a couple of my own fingers inside of her and rubbed away as my tongue tried to polish her clitty pearl. Soon I had more confidence and didn’t want to stop, even when she came for me, her knees now mashing against my ears.

I wanted more! I’d now given and received oral sex from another woman and I didn’t care if that now made me a lesbian. I couldn’t get enough!

We ended up in a sixty-nine position, with Kate still on top, and we licked and caressed each other for hours, until morning, even long after neither of us could manage another orgasm. We dozed again then for a while, on our sides in the bed, with our noses and hands still intimately entangled with each other until my alarm clock went off at 10. I had a noon meeting at the corporate office that I needed to be at, so with great reluctance, we stopped diddling each other long enough to take a long shower, and then dress.

“Will I see you again next month, the next Swing Friday here?” I asked her, as we kissed tenderly at the door, as we got ready to leave.

“I’ll be here...” she laughed, “but this is still new for you, and you should meet and try perhaps a few other’s first, until you really know what ... and who, you want. Besides, next month, you might want a cock that night?”

I didn’t think, so I hugged and kissed her goodbye. I’d already decided that I was going to enter the ballroom, next month, just to meet the swinging regulars. The hard part was going to be going sexless for the next month while waiting!

This first time with Kate, finally making love with another woman, had been better than even my most lurid fantasies. Now, I was very afraid that anything further from now on would be an immense disappointment.

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