28 November 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Public Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan and Vicky give Angie a rather unusual job interview..."I'm sure you are wondering why I asked you to dress so sexy for our meeting." "Yes I am. I've never shown so much cleavage and leg before for a job interview. I feel I'm dressed like a sexy slut." "A very classy looking sexy slut, if I may say so." Dan admired. "Yes you may say so." her face reddening from his close attention.

Dan stopped by the home to change from his work uniform then drove to the Coffee Cup. He remembered to bring Cindy’s bra that she had left in Vicky’s Hummer the night he fucked her. He was looking forward to meeting Cindy’s Mom Angie, this time for more than just a friendly coffee.

He parked in the Coffee Cup lot and went inside, bought a coffee and spotted Vicky sitting between Angie and Cindy at a far table. Cindy was on her break just having enough time for her interview.

Vicky was pleased with how Angie was dressed or should be said, underdressed for her interview. She wore a white criss-cross top that was open incredibly low. It seems Karen and Vicky weren’t the only girls who wore cupless bras. Angie’s full breasts stood out proudly, the mounds of her nipples straining against the thin white fabric.

Long and slender legs crossed, Angie’s short skirt barely hid her unseen panties. She carried close to 130 pounds on a gorgeous five foot five body. Her strikingly similar appearance to actress Heather Locklear was evident.

“I don’t know why my business partner is late,” Vicky commented. Only she and Cindy knew Dan was her, ‘business partner.’ “I’m very impressed with your resume, Angie,” Vicky complimented turning the pages. She couldn’t take her eyes off Angie’s breasts and could hardly wait to suck on her nipples.

“Sorry I’m late, there was an accident slowing up traffic,” Dan explained as he leaned over and kissed Vicky on the right cheek. He liked the view of her tits showing through her low cut top and her short skirt revealing her sexy legs.

“Hi honey,” Vicky smiled returning his kiss. “This is Angie Cameron and you know her daughter, Cindy.”

Dan looked at Angie. She could have caught a dozen flies with her mouth open so wide. Angie recognized Dan right away and couldn’t believe her luck. Dan smiled at Angie who stood up to shake his outstretched right hand.

Dan already like the skirt and top combination she was wearing. “I remember you from the day the man gave Cindy a rough time and you came here to thank me,” he said sitting down between Angie and Cindy.

“I remember you too.”

“You two have met before?” Vicky asked pretending she didn’t know.

“You’re Vicky’s business partner?” Angie couldn’t believe.

“Yes I am, aren’t I lucky to have such a sexy looking partner?” He glanced to Vicky’s deep cleavage and taking a sip of coffee. “Hi Cindy, you look beautiful as always,” he added as she smiled and her soft face turning red.

“I’ve been explaining to Angie and Cindy, how my store works and what they could expect for hours. Angie has quite a very good resume,” Vicky said handing it to Dan. He skimmed over it briefly. His right thigh lightly touching Angie’s left.

“Yes, very impressive indeed,” he agreed. But he was referring to Angie’s fantastic looking figure. Dan handed Vicky back Angie’s resume then took Cindy’s bra out of his pocket and passed it to her under the table. In her quickness to take it, she dropped it. Angie saw her daughter’s bra fall to the floor and was shocked and wondered how Dan would have it.

“I don’t want to know... ,” she thought.

“Angie, I have only one question for you?” she turned slightly to look at Dan.


“Is the customer always right?”

“No, the customer is not always right. Let me clarify that remark. There is a right way to tell the customer they are wrong. You say you value their business but also explain what they did wrong and explain what they should do in the future to prevent the problem from happening again,” she explained hoping it was the right answer.

“Can you give me another example?” he tried to keep his eyes on hers. As she spoke, Dan smiled at Cindy and she yearned for him to love her again.

“As a Manager, I would always support our employees. Sometimes they screw up and you deal with it and help them to learn from their mistakes. If I had a customer verbally abusing one of my people and it was the customer’s fault, then I’d invite the customer to leave and shop somewhere else.”

“In most cases, the customer would eventually return to the store to shop with a better attitude and we’d let her shop again,” Angie could feel nervous sweat rolling down from her armpits.

“Those are the answer we were looking for,” Vicky praised. Angie exhaled a sigh of relief. Vicky looked at Dan and he winked at her.

“I’m sure you are wondering why I asked you to dress so sexy for our meeting.”

“Yes, I am. I’ve never shown so much cleavage and leg before for a job interview. I feel I’m dressed like a sexy slut.”

“A very classy looking sexy slut, if I may say so,” Dan admired.

“Yes you may say so,” her face reddening from his attention.

“Can you stand up for us Angie?” Vicky wanted. She stood straightening her very short skirt, “Can you turn around?” and she moved around in a circle.

Dan gave her body a good looking over. Her full, deep cleavage was only inches away from his face, straining against the fabric to be released. His eyes drank in her obvious sexual beauty. Everything is perfect about her. Angie could feel Dan’s eyes taking off her clothes.

“Well, Dan what do you think?”

“I think Angie will do perfectly,” he smiled anticipating fucking her.

“You see, we know what Cindy’s body looks likes already,” Vicky wasn’t sure she should have said that. “I want my girls to wear the clothes we sell. Sex sells clothes and you both have beautiful, sexy bodies,” she explained.

Vicky motioned him close to her mouth and whispered. “They both had the job even before we came in here,” she confided.

“I’m pleased to say that you both have a job with the Head to Toe!” stated Vicky, Angie and Cindy easily showed their excitement.

“I noticed from your resume, you had a lot of sales experience and even ran your own store before. After a few weeks of getting to now the staff, I’d like you, Angie, to become my Assistant Manager.”

“Really?!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, but you’ll have to commit yourself more to the job.”

“Anything you want Vicky, I’ll do it no problem!”

“Dan is taking a more personal, hands-on approach to helping out so I can have more free time. You would have to work some long hours closely with Dan. Several nights a week you may have to stay with him late after work in the office. Luckily I have a futon the folds out into a bed in my office should you both get tired and needed a rest. Can you do that for me?” Vicky asked.

Angie’s heart was pounding hard in her chest at the prospect of being so close to Dan at work. She was already envisioning them fucking on the futon in the back office.

“Oh yes, oh yes. I will do anything he wants!”

“Anything?” he hinted.

“I’ll do anything for you, Dan,” she replied in a soft, sexy voice, a hand going boldly to his upper leg.

“Same with me Dan, I won’t mind staying late after work with you,” Cindy eagerly added.

“A mother and daughter tag team, you’ll have your hands full with these two,” Vicky kidded.

“I have all my girls get a good treatment. So I’ll arrange for you both get your hair done, nails manicured, and hints on how to improve wearing your makeup, not that I imagine either one of you needs improving.”

“Now to celebrate your new job, Angie, Dan and I have a surprise for you. We’re taking you to the Hen House for some good adult fun and it’s ladies night on Tuesdays.” Vicky smiled.

“Oh wow, the Hen House! I’ve heard stories about what goes on in there!” exclaimed Angie.

“So you know what we’ll be doing inside the Hen House?” Vicky wanted to confirm.

“Yes I do!” her eyes widened. “I’ve wanted to thank you properly for caring about my Cindy and now I’m free to show you,” her hand rubbed higher on his leg.

“Too bad you have to work Cindy or you could have come along too,” she added. Cindy looked disappointed having to work while the rest were out having fun.

“Maybe Cindy and I can celebrate together another time,” Dan reassured her.

“I’d like that!” her eyes brightened.

“Cindy dear, time to get back to work,” came from behind the counter.

“Okay... ,” she replied dejectedly. “Before I go, Mom, I have a confession to make,” she said looking at her. “Last Friday night before Vicky gave me a ride home, Dan and I were fucking.”

“You were?”

“I sure was and let me tell you, he’s such a great fuck!” she boasted.

“It’s pretty bad when the daughter beats the mom to a man,” Angie joked and they laughed. “Now I know why Dan handed you your bra. You left it behind after fucking.”

“Cindy... ,” she was paged again. She gave Dan a quick kiss on the cheek to say goodbye and returned to work. Vicky suggested Dan leave his Mustang behind and they’d take her Hummer.

Vicky had started the Hummer with the remote and it soon warmed up. Dan opened the rear door for Angie to sit down then he sat in front beside Vicky.

“What are you doing in the front? Shouldn’t you and Angie be getting a head start on our sexy fun night?” Dan didn’t hesitate a moment getting in the back seat with her.

Angie was immediately all over Dan. She quickly took off her coat while kissing him and panted hard widening the opening of her top. She eagerly accepted his aggressive hand to her exposed tits and the other going under her short skirt, “Oh fuck, how I’ve dreamed of this moment!” she panted.

Dan didn’t have to do very much to excite her and she eagerly took off her panties for him.

Angie quickly fumbled with the zipper and belt to his pants eagerly wanting at his cock. She shifted her small ass sideways and her mouth engulfed his cock. She sucked hard and fast making him rock solid in seconds.

“Angie, I can see that you’re very eager for Dan to fuck you but slow down or you’ll have him cumming before we set foot inside the Hen House. He has to fuck me too, you know,” she joked.

“Sorry, I can’t control myself wanting him so bad!” she panted with sexual frustration.

She managed to calm down a little and settled for kissing while he felt her tits and fingered her horny pussy.

Vicky parked the Hummer and hand in hand escorted his two lovelies through the door. He showed his membership card as a couple with Vicky and Angie was their guest.

Angie’s eyes and mouth grew wide open as she viewed the erotic scenes before her. The large open space room was wall to wall women in various stages of undress. Women were coupled or more, dancing, kissing, heavily into a sixty-nine, fucking or sucking cock. The DJ was playing good music and had the dance floor full.

Dan stood behind Angie and slipped a hand inside her top, “Everything I’ve heard about is true!” she gazed over the sea of naked bodies.

“Yes it is and tonight, we’re part of the fun,” He kissed the nape of her neck. Dan grasped the hem of her top and lifted it up over her head. Her white cupless bra proudly showed off her full tits. He handed her, her top and caressed a full tit in each hand.

“Mmm, that feels so nice!” she cooed, her nipples growing had with his masterful touch.

“You two obviously wear the same bra, very nice!” Dan commented also taking off Vicky’s top. She eagerly accepted his hand to her tit as they shared a passionate kiss. He led them by the hand towards the side and found an empty table, many wandering eyes appreciating their bare tits.

“I’ll have diet pop since I’m driving,” Vicky said to the waitress.

“Make that two,” Dan agreed.

“Rye and ginger for me please,” was Angie’s request.

Angie’s eyes were darting everywhere taking in the erotic scenes of couples fucking. She stared at the couple at the table next to them, the woman giving her guy a blowjob.

“Once the fun starts you don’t know who is married to who,” he mentioned.

“I think it’s time to get down to some good, naughty adult fun!” Vicky smiled sliding her skirt and panties down her slim legs. She straddled Dan’s thighs and two fingers unfastened her bra. Now naked she began kissing him and Angie couldn’t help but stare at her nice figure.

“I’m not hoarding Dan from you, just helping to warm him up for us,” She then had Angie stand and slid her mini skirt down her legs. “You are so beautiful, honey. Help me to get Dan naked. She stood from his lap and they both stripped off his shirt, pants, and underwear.

Angie finally had a good look at Dan’s semi hard cock and went to her knees. He felt the warmth of her mouth take him in inch by inch and begin a slow sucking motion.

“Don’t suck too good or you’ll make me cum sooner than I’d like.”

“I’ll try not to. I just want so much of you all at once.” As her mouth pleased his cock, Dan and Vicky shared passionate kisses. His hands were kept busy fondling her full tits. They both placed a hand on Angie’s head feeling the sucking motion on his cock.

Dan stood her up and embraced her. His other arm caressed Vicky to his side and the girl’s breasts slightly touched. He alternated kisses with them and the girls held hands around the shaft of his cock.

“Before I do something wrong, I have to ask you Angie, have you ever had sex with a woman?” Vicky wondered.

“No I haven’t,” she blushed to her question.

Vicky put her hand to Angie’s soft face. “You are a very desirable woman who I’d like to get to know very well,” her hand smoothed down to her shoulder across her skin to caress her left tit.

“Is this part of my job interview?” she looked at Vicky’s hand becoming her bra cup.

“No, you already are my Assistant Manager. I know you are certainly looking forward to some after work business with Dan and will no doubt make good use of the futon for fucking.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m using my authority as your boss to have sex with you but if the attraction is mutual, there could be some interesting perks of working side by side.”

“I’ve never had sex with a woman before.”

“Then we definitely brought you to the wrong place to celebrate,” Vicky took her hands from Angie. “If I’ve overstepped my interest in you then I apologize. I’m not the only woman in here who is attracted to you and wants to taste your flavour. I’d like us to be friends as well as working together for the benefit of the store.”

“Why don’t I take Angie onto the dance floor for a few minutes?” Dan offered. He took her hand and they embraced to a slow song.

“What should I do, Dan?”

“You’re asking me? Personally, I’d love to see you kissing, feeling the other’s tits and enjoying a hot and sexy sixty-nine with her but that’s just me being a horny man.”

Angie began to laugh. “I’ll admit, I never thought I’d be dancing naked with a man and his hard cock is poking at me for attention,” Dan cupped her face and kissed her. As they swayed to the beat of the song, Angie looked to other couples embracing, in particular, women couples.

The song over, Dan escorted her back to their table. Their drinks had been delivered and they toasted to Angie’s new job. Vicky decided to keep her attention and hands focused on Dan instead of Angie. She didn’t want to jeopardize mixing business with pleasure and lose a potentially excellent worker. She’d let Angie decide if sex would also be their business pleasure.

While Angie hugged Dan to her breasts she couldn’t help seeing the people at the table beside them. A woman was astride her man, obviously fucking him and at the same time was exchanging kisses and tit caresses with another woman. She stared at the erotic sight as she felt Dan’s mouth keeping her nipples hard.

Dan and Angie’s returned to kissing and were now in full embrace. As his tongue explored her mouth and hand caressed her full tit, her hand stroked his softening cock. She spread her legs obediently as his fingers began to explore her pussy.

Lips still locked, he lowered her onto the padded seat and settled between her legs. Her hands went to his hips, preparing for them to fuck. “Just a hint of what you can expect when we have to work late together,” he whispered and began to kiss a path down her body.

Her neck, shoulders, nipples, flat stomach and navel were visited by his lips and tongue. Vicky smiled at her, smoothing a hand up and down his back. Lower Dan kissed to her fleshy mound. Soft light brown hairs greeted his chin as he felt her growing heat.

He kissed all around her pussy, teasing her and continued on. Angie wanted him now but also needed to experience his tongue. He gazed at her moistened pussy and fingers opened her. Wrinkly lips separated revealing her inner pink flesh. Dan’s nostrils flared as he inhaled her aroma and her hand to his head prompted him further.

Dan’s talented tongue began to make love to her pussy. Several fingers were added to please her and she moaned her approval. His fingers and tongue alternated exciting her clit and her body betrayed her arousal.

Dan continued on and Angie’s heavy breathing increased. She was already highly aroused from the whole sensual scene with him having sex for others to watch. “Dan... ,” she warned once and then her body stiffened, “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!” she moaned as her body convulsed in a massive climax.

His hands had to cup her ass cheeks to keep his mouth in contact with her gyrating pussy. He could feel her essence flowing and he drank up her exotic nectar.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed pulling him up her body and snorted short, sharp breaths through her nose. She kissed him passionately, tasting herself on his lips.

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