Fallout 4 - A Brave New World
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Cuckold, MaleDom, Interracial, Black Male, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Juan will avenge his wife and find his son, along the way he is going to show the new Commonwealth how things were done in his day. The first chapter only has MM sex, but he will be spreading the love to both genders as the story goes on.

He wasn’t sure what he was seeing when he first opened his eyes. The ceiling looked a lot like the one in his bedroom, but badly maintained. Then he remembered where he was ... and when. The day the bombs fell, the 3 of them running for the vault, seeing the mushroom cloud as they descended to their ‘safety’.

Then he watched his wife be murdered, and his infant son stolen. He had killed before, when he was in the army, but that was on orders. Looking out the porthole, and staring into the eyes of the man that killed his wife, he knew that he would find, and kill that scarred bastard.

Now, the same as every morning since he got out of that damned vault, it takes a minute for reality to set in. He is sleeping in his home. Codsworth is near by, probably prepping something for breakfast. There are 5 other people living in Sanctuary now ... and he now has a dog.

The post-apocalyptic world was beyond anything he would have imagined. Super Mutants, giant bugs, irradiated, walking ‘dead’. Not least, that ... thing that came out of the sewer in Concorde, the Deathclaw they called it.

No one asked how he was able to move so easily in the powered armor, how he was able to make effective use of the minigun. He doubted anyone alive now had ever heard of Special Forces. He had finished out his military career, fulfilling a promise to his wife to start a family. Even she had not known what he had been doing for his country.

He looked down and saw the significant tent in the blanket at his crotch. When he had undergone the drug conditioning, and genetic therapy for SpecForce, they had said there would be side affects, it differed from person to person. One of his squad had amazing night vision, but had problems seeing the color blue. Most were minor, occasional stutter, adrenaline junkie. For him, it had been an overactive libido.

He had just gotten started on the regimen that would retrain his biology to be ... normal ... again. Then nuclear apocalypse had happened. He knew what would happen now. The interrupted conditioning would actually act as a booster to his existing programming. It could end up driving him psychotic, or just slightly enhance him more. No way to predict where it would balance out.

In the field this wasn’t much of a problem. The whole squad knew what each had for a side affect and heightened sex drive ended up affecting about 1 in 3, so there were usually 3 or more with this in any squad. They would help each other out, gender did not matter to those affected by this. Whatever their orientation before the procedure, you became decidedly bisexual if this was one of your side affects.

He could ignore it for a while, but he knew he needed to find a partner before it got too bad. It was particularly bad for him as he had been a hornier bastard than most before the treatments, it drove his libido up along with bulking up his already nice sized cock. Now he had almost 11 inches long and 2.5 thick when hard.

The only one he was not considering was the older one, Mama Murphy. She looked like she had led a pretty wild life, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go there ... at least not yet. Judging from some of the looks from that Minuteman Preston and the mechanic, they might just be willing to play a little. The Longs, he had seen what people look like that had been traumatized before, they were messed up. But he would see what happens.

He had to admit that he had always had a bit of a dominant side, and the sight of the very submissive Jun Long, had already gotten his attention. Marcy was a different issue, but every bit as tempting. He knew he could suppress the worst of it with action, and this world certainly had that coming in spades.

The next couple days were spent reinforcing the houses in Sanctuary, and cobbling together some automated defense turrets. Juan had been impressed with the mechanic, Sturges’ knowledge and skill with machinery. Juan knew the different types of turrets that had been used, and Sturgess, found a way to put them together.

Another couple of days and they had a water purifier up and running in the river, and had enclosed the spaces between the standing houses from the river on one side all the way to the river on the other side of the main bridge. They had installed a gate of sorts on the path that lead back to vault 111.

Juan was in his home, taking a much needed sponge bath and trying to figure a way to get the shower working again, when Preston walked into the doorway from the hall. Preston had started to say something, but stopped immediately when he realized that Juan was standing naked in the bathroom.

Juan had heard Preston enter the house, but had not given it a second thought. He was used to being naked around his squad and with his build, he had no body issues. So he had turned, looking for Preston to show up in the doorway when he showed.

Juan watched Preston come to a surprised stop, saw his eyes drop and give him a quick look over. Juan was halfway turned to the door, and in profile his cock, which had been just a few degrees short of hard for the last day and half, was sticking forward, the heavy head, drooping down.

He saw Preston’s eyes stop when they reached that point. Preston’s mouth opened a little as he took in the size of the cock on the vault dweller. Juan could see the desire in Preston’s eyes, at this point, he needed relief. Seeing the lust there, just prompted his dominant tendencies.

Juan finished turning to face Preston, letting the towel drop to the floor. He could feel the pulsing in his cock already as it took only seconds to come to rock hard. He could see that Preston couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

“You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now Preston.”

Juan walked slowly to Preston, as he came within reach, his left hand came up and moved to cup the back of his head, pulling him into a kiss. Preston did not respond, not kissing, but not pulling back either.

Juan pulled Preston into a full body contact, his other hand reaching behind to hold Preston against his naked body. He could feel the buttons on Preston’s jacket pressing into his skin, his cock was trapped between his stomach and Preston’s.

He felt Preston’s hands come up between them, just pressing against his chest and upper arms ... but still he was not trying to escape. Juan had easily pushed his tongue into Preston’s mouth at the beginning, exploring his mouth and aggressively playing with Preston’s tongue.

Juan had his eyes half open, slightly more than slits now, he locked gazes with Preston, as he dominated his mouth. Juan’s left hand was moving, caressing Preston’s scalp, and holding his lips firmly against his own.

Juan felt when Preston relaxed and started kissing back, his own hands sliding over Juan’s chest, down over his abs and grasping his hard cock. He felt both of Preston’s hands grasp his shaft, the rough texture of his gloves, scraping against the sensitive skin.

He could feel Preston’s breath, gasping a little against his face, his lips now actively kissing Juan back. Preston’s eyes had closed with the desire now coursing through him. Juan wanted to draw this out some more, but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Juan pushed down on Preston’s shoulders, breaking the hungry kiss. Preston looked a little confused at the pressure, but he did not fight it. Soon he was kneeling before Juan, his eyes again locked on Juan’s throbbing cock.

Juan knew that Preston wanted it. He had seen the look in other members of his squad many times, he was confident that this was not the first cock that Preston had gotten up close and personal with.

“Open your mouth Preston.”

Preston did not even look up, he just did as asked and his mouth dropped open. Juan moved his hips forward, closing the distance. His aim was off slightly and the head of his cock came up against Preston’s chin. But only for a second as Preston adjusted his face and his tongue came out to capture the bottom of the head, to guide it inside.

Juan just gripped the sides of his head and pushed his cock into Preston’s mouth. He was not particularly gentle, but he managed enough self-control not to try ramming it all in at once. Juan felt the hot, smooth moistness of Preston’s mouth, the silky caresses from his tongue and almost lost it. He knew this would not last long.

Juan was able to restrain his impulses and keep his thrusting to just the top few inches, sliding in and out of Preston’s mouth. So it came as a complete surprise when Preston’s hands slid up his thighs to grab his ass and pull Juan’s hips forward as he drove his face forward too. Juan felt the tip of his cock reach the back of Preston’s mouth and then it was pushing into his throat slightly.

This change in intensity was pushing Juan to the edge fast. Then Preston pulled back, leaving only the head in his mouth, his tongue sweeping all over the bottom of the head. Then he was pulling and diving on one more time. Juan felt his cock slide a little farther in, only 4 or 5 inches of his cock still outside.

Preston did it again, and again, and again ... taking him farther and farther each time, until finally Preston’s nose was buried in the hair at the base of his cock. Juan could feel Preston’s lips wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, Preston’s teeth just barely scraping the skin. Then he started swallowing.

It was too much. Juan did not try to restrain his response, the pleasure was exploding from his cock and sparking up his spine. He was barely able to keep himself standing as his cock started shooting stream after stream of cum down Preston’s throat.

After a couple shots, he felt Preston sliding back up the shaft, leaving only the head in his mouth as Juan finished his explosive orgasm. The last of his cum shooting, then more oozing into his mouth. Juan was sure Preston had to swallow at least once more due to how much cum was present.

Finally his orgasm ended and Juan was able to step back, pulling his still very firm cock from between Preston’s lips. The head was drooping down, but Juan knew it could easily get up for another round if he let it. But the initial pressure was definitely gone and Juan felt more in control once more.

“Damn Preston, you are full of surprises. That was exactly what I needed. I would make sure to give you a proper thank you blow job in return, but I get the feeling you came in here for a reason.”

Preston was licking his lips as he got up, his eyes still enjoying the view of the big cock.

“Well, if I had known you were packing that, and were interested in sharing, I would have showed you some of my other skills earlier. Unfortunately you are right though, so I will hold you to your word on the thank you blow job for another time. I have received word from a settlement that is in need of help, and I wanted to ask you to go see what they need, if you don’t mind. I need to stay here to guard these folks, and I think you can handle whatever is bothering this settlement.”

Juan used the techniques he had been taught over 200 years earlier to tame his desires as he heard what was obviously a briefing for a combat mission.

“Tell me about them.”

“Well, the settlement is small, it is known as Ten Pines Bluffs. Here, I will mark it on your pipboy...”

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