The Honey Dew List
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hypnosis, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Workplace, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, InLaws, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Interracial, Black Male, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Public Sex, Nudism, Politics, Revenge, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A little play on words here. Damien Martin is right on the verge of dumping his rather demanding live-in girlfriend Cassidy Lassiter, when she surprises him with a new "honey-do list" that isn't so bad after all.

Damien Martin had just about had enough of Cassidy Lassiter and her “honey-do” lists of late, so when she told him that she left a list of them on the fridge again, he groaned, ignored them, and poured himself a cold beer this particular Saturday. He was not going to do a thing about them. He had done far too many on his Saturdays of late, and he was fucking tired already! Yeah, she could do what she wanted, but he wasn’t going to lift a finger this time. She had taken for granted that he would constantly do things for him, so why should he give a crap?

The way he felt, she could have time to do half this stuff herself if she wasn’t constantly out with her girlfriends instead. He didn’t resent her having a good time, but he resented her constantly fucking up his free time and chances for recreation and a social life by pushing all of this work onto him. He could see how many married men didn’t have time to exercise or improve anything, judging by his own limited experience the past six weeks since Cassidy and he agreed to the lease.

“Hey, honey, what gives? I left a list for you on the fridge. You’re not working today, so why haven’t you even started on it? Why are you drinking instead? Don’t you have Sunday to drink beer and relax? What’s wrong?” Cassidy looked surprisingly concerned as she sat down next to Damien on the loveseat after spending the morning at the mall with her girlfriends.

“Fuck that! By the time I crawled into bed on Saturday nights these past six weeks since we moved in together, I’ve been too tired to even watch a movie with you, which has made you nag at me for falling asleep. Forget about even wanting sex. As for Sunday, I end up sleeping in half the day due to sheer exhaustion. Time for myself, for hobbies, for a social life with friends of late? My buddies probably think that I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth these days. Even when I wake up on Sundays, I’m still so stressed and so unsociable that I want is to down a six-pack, but even then, I end up having to shop for something or other for you by the time that I really feel human, and that just drains me all over again.

“By then, you’re usually wanting sex, which is great that you want it, but I can’t do you justice and you clearly are left unsatisfied, because I’m grumpy, horny, and angry, but dare not give you the real grudge fuck that I normally would in that situation, because you would promptly complain about the lack of tenderness and my ‘selfishness’ in bed, which is a riot, given how much you use me as a beast of burden. Last week, I had no fewer than sixty different errands that you wanted me to do, taking up easily eight hours of my day, essentially a workday in itself, but without any payment or even so much as a ‘thank you’ all day long. Just a nudge in the ribs for daring to doze off and snore on our ‘romantic’ night!

“Who the hell feels ‘romantic’ toward a slave-driver who has all but ruined his R and R on weekends? And why is it always the movie that you want, usually rom-coms that make it even harder to stay awake? That and I’m still pissed that you slapped me after that one fight last Sunday, the one where you decided to add insult to injury by cutting me off! I warned you before that I don’t approve of slapping. I think that it’s physical abuse and I won’t stand for it any longer. Using my strength and weight against me to ensure that I won’t defend myself is a form of aggression in its own way,” Damien snarled, his beer freeing up his tongue, much to Cassidy’s shock.

“Are you ... are you wanting to break up with me? Damien, baby, please reconsider! I knew that something was wrong when I saw how you were sitting down and drinking on a Saturday, not even looking at the list, but I didn’t know that things had been that damn bad! Wow, have I really been so hard to live with, so petty and mean and selfish? I had never even realized how crazy things had been. It was just what I thought was normal. Several of my girlfriends do the same thing to their men and Mom always had Dad do things for her. Maybe not as many things, though. Wow, it takes that long, that much out of your day on Saturdays?

“Babe, I had no damn idea, honestly! Please don’t dump me! I had no concept of what I was doing to you! I just thought of things that would seem useful, that I thought that you could do, thinking that you would still have most of your days off, believing that I was pulling my own weight by cooking and other such things. Obviously, I was a bit of a slacker and a bit of a spoiled, entitled bitch! Damn ... as for the slapping, sorry, I just always did it and it always seemed like a normal, acceptable thing for a woman to do. It never occurred to me that there was something wrong with it.

“Oh, God, Damien, I really, seriously promise that this won’t happen again! You’re a great boyfriend, and while I haven’t been the best girlfriend, I’m going to work on it. In fact, come to think of it, there’s nothing on that list that is absolutely urgent. Can you do this for me, please? Can we make a deal? If I shorten or change the list to something more reasonable and such, will you promise to do the list for me ... tomorrow? Not today. You clearly need that beer and some others, and frankly, I feel like joining you in it! Knowing how much I have fucked up a good thing is more than reason enough to want to drown my sorrows, at the risk of wallowing in self-pity.

“How about we watch a movie that you pick, here and now, on TV, and we snuggle up together to it. Or maybe on Netflix. Point being that we drink, we eat, and we just spend time enjoying each other, the way that we did less than two months ago, before we moved in together and I started bossing you around. I will rewrite the list tonight, print it out, and you’ll have to trust me enough to agree that, if the list is no longer than six chores and two hours, you commit to doing whatever it is. As for cutting you off, I promise that I will more than make that up to you, too.

“Pretty please, honey ... please, just this once, give me another chance to do right by you, to be the kind of lover that you want again. The fun kind. The funny kind. The cute kind. The one that you fell in love with in the first place. This feels like something that one expects the man to say after he’s treated the woman wrong, but in our case, I know that I’m the one in the wrong here. That much is clear in your face, in your pain, in your fatigue, and in your obvious frustration.

“Please, just do this for me, dear, and I promise that, while I’m not perfect and will make other mistakes, I will do my best to make this relationship work for both of us, not just for me. I will try to pull my weight and not be such a selfish bitch,” Cassidy told Damien, truly anxious to keep him now.

It was Damien’s turn now to be in shock, namely that Cassidy was soon quick to realize the error of her ways, not to mention that she was serious about wanting to keep him around. He naturally wondered why, especially given her seemingly overconfident attitude about him before, but he took a second and reflected that she had been given a rude awakening which forced her to confront the ugly truth about herself. It was a necessary splash of ice water on her illusions and he now knew that she was more aware of how he saw her of late ... and that she didn’t like what she saw through his eyes.

“Who are you, and what have done with my girlfriend? You remind me a lot of this previous girl, Cassidy, a girl that I used to know before I got involved with the girlfriend. Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been inside her all this time? Because I like you a lot better than I like her,” Damien smiled at last, handing her a bottle of his favorite craft brew as a gesture to her.

Cassidy took the beer and let out an embarrassed laugh, shaking her head and leaning in for a kiss, one which took Damien by surprise with the ardor of it. She then gave him no small amount of tongue before setting the beer down, getting up, going to the fridge, and in a gesture of absolute commitment, tearing the old “honey-do” list up before his very eyes.

“That was the old Cassidy, dear, and the new one is rising like a phoenix from the flames. Damn it, Damien, I want to marry you, raise a family with you, and grow old with you! I can’t do those things if you walk out on me! Please, promise me that, no matter what it is, barring mayhem, torture, your soul, or something like that, you’ll agree to do what’s on the new list when you see it posted. You need to agree to this, please, ahead of time, and I want to know that you won’t back out of it. In return, I promise that I will do my best to not only treat you better in the future, but also make up for past offenses. Do I have your word of honor? Do we have a deal?” Cassidy actually cut open her palm and handed the letter opener on the coffee table to Damien, asking him to seal the pact in blood.

“Okay, we have a deal,” Damien cut himself as well, but when he finished pressing his palm to hers, and then got up to get some bandages, she beat him to it.

“Oh, no, mister, today is all about you! These last six weeks have all been about me, so it’s high time for Mr. Damien Martin to get the attention that he truly deserves,” Cassidy’s gray-green eyes blazed at him, her jet-black hair going down as she unpinned it and let it fall in waves, “I’ve been such a stupid bitch, but that’s going to change!”

Cassidy rushed to get the first-aid kit and bandage both of their hands before she sat down to drink more of Damien’s high-quality beer with him. She was surprised at how good it tasted, actually, and how great it felt to experience something with him, such as sharing a drink. When she got up to grab some food, Damien was utterly stunned that she went for some frozen pizza and popped it in the oven for both of them.

“That should give us both more time to eat, drink, and enjoy our day together, babe. So, what do you want to watch, my dear?” Cassidy got even cozier with him, adding, “I like how hairy you are. It’s nice to be able to get warm and fuzzy from snuggling like this, in ways that it’s harder to do with a smoother guy. Yeah, I love it!”

“Yeah, I’m really liking the return of Cassidy, but as for movies, how about we watch a horror flick ... Maybe one of the Friday the 13th films,” Damien suggested.

“Or maybe the Omen, Mr. Thorne,” Cassidy teased him about his given name being the same as the Antichrist from that film.

“Well, as you can feel from my chest, I AM a beast!” Damien joked as he finally decided upon the Halloween series, particularly because of how Jamie Lee Curtis looked in those movies.

“Does that make me the beauty?” Cassidy snickered as she unzipped his pants and then yanked them down to free his dick abruptly.

“Cassidy, oh, God!” was all that Damien could bring himself to say as his girlfriend went down on him like she was afraid that she’d never taste it again.

“Shhh ... just let me serve you,” Cassidy said as she made her tongue swirl all around his cock, “Just let me serve you and pretend that it’s not just me, it’s Tammy, too. Imagine both of us, licking and sucking your dick together, as a team. Sisterhood. Teamwork. Big Sis teaching Little Sis how to please and satisfy a man, but most importantly, how important it is to truly enjoy a man’s body for the wonderful treat that it is, especially a prick like this.”

The mental picture of Cassidy “corrupting” her little sister by having her join in servicing Damien’s cock certainly did the trick. He began actively fucking her sweet, swarthy face, enjoying her mouth as if it were a pussy. When she started fondling his balls, he nearly lost it more than once, but when she slipped a finger into his butt, Damien exploded down her throat at last and gave her no choice but to swallow. She didn’t let go just yet. She let his dick stay inside her warm, wet mouth for several more moments before she finally opened it and licked her lips clean, after which she winked rather shamelessly at him.

“Balls nice and empty after two weeks of nothing but angry self-abuse, right? Oh, but that was such a sweet, salty load, too! It’s been too long since I sucked your cock, baby. I forgot just how much fun it can be, how yummy your cum is! Trust me, this is just the start of the brand new Cassidy. I’m back and I’m never leaving again! I dare not, lest that other Cassidy, the bitch, comes around and starts impersonating me again!” Cassidy as she rushed to wash her hands, ran back to him and started to strip to the buff, even bending over as she slid her silk panties to the floor.

There, before Damien, stood his girlfriend of five months in all of her naked beauty, a gloriously curvaceous case of smooth, olive skin surrounding a patch of dark bush in front of her juicy twat. There was no question of her mother’s Syrian heritage now, in case anyone might have doubted her. The lovely Cassidy then walked over to her boyfriend, planted herself on his lap, and began kissing his neck while they watched the horror flick at last in earnest.

“I meant what I said, honey. I want to be your wife. I want to be the mother of your children. I want to grow old with you. I want us to have grandkids together, be Grandpa and Granny to them. To think that I endangered that future, a future of happiness and love together, you and me, that I forgot that we’re partners and you’re not an accessory or a butler ... It terrifies me what I’ve done. That’s not the worst part, though, and I hope that you can forgive me of this. Though I understand if you don’t. I have to start anew, though, and that requires honesty.

“I blacked out during Marlene’s bachelorette party, and woke up with Marlene and the stripper. We ... apparently had a threesome. No, she hasn’t told her husband, but I had to come clean with you, in the interests of a fresh start. I’m not sure if you would count that as cheating, given how drunk I was, but it evidently happened. I had sex with both of them, and while I have refused to repeat the mistake sober, and indeed Marlene wants to pretend that nothing ever happened, I can’t run from what I did anymore.

“Sweetie, I swear to God, whatever I have to do to make it up to you, I damn well will do that! I know that it’s fucked up, but I will do what I must to prove that I’m really, deeply in love with you. Coming so close to losing you scares the hell out of me!” Cassidy told Damien, hoping against hope that he didn’t drop her like a bad habit.

“Well, I’m not thrilled by it, but you were out of it, and one could even claim that it was rape. I don’t think that you’ve ever consciously stepped out on me, just that you didn’t treat me that well in other ways. I’ll let it slide, though, because you blacked out. I don’t even know for sure what all they did or didn’t do to you and I doubt that I would want to find out, either. Honey, let’s just enjoy this moment and not worry about that one incident. You’re starting over and so am I. A new beginning as lovers, right? A clean slate,” Damien told his girlfriend as he began to feel her up while they watched the film, “I would prefer that you listen to Marlene a little less and me a bit more, though.”

“Yeah, you got a point there!” Cassidy laughed nervously as she kissed his face and enjoyed his hands roaming her body.

It was about twelve more minutes before the lust took over and the movie was forgotten for a bit, not that either minded ... they had DVR, after all. Before long, Cassidy was on Damien’s lap and he was inside her sweet snatch from beneath, while she rode him for all that she could take of the D. She couldn’t help it ... she needed him and she was truly scared of how close she had come to losing him by taking him for granted. In short order, Damien bottomed out inside his girlfriend as his hands explored her wonderful buns, bringing her the extra pleasure of knowing how much he enjoyed her body. All told, she now felt a lot better about their future, especially given what she had in mind for the real “honey-do” list.

Granted, the pizza timer went off and she had to let it beeping for a bit, letting the pizza overcook just a bit, because Cassidy was busy stealing Damien’s heart all over again. She rode him for a few more minutes, bringing him ever closer to his release as her warm twat milked his balls through his cock. Cassidy was so aroused herself and so close to a release that, as she came, she inevitably peed herself in her excitement, and thus Damien had to pull the pizza out of the oven while she wiped herself right after he spilled his load delightfully close to her cervix indeed. He just finished turning the oven off and setting the pizza down to cool as Cassidy grabbed him from behind and began kissing his neck all over again.

“Rewind?” Damien, while Cassidy started biting his neck.

“Hell, yeah, baby! Sorry, I just couldn’t keep my hands off you!” Cassidy apologized.

“Don’t be sorry. It takes two to tango, or in this case, horizontally mambo,” Damien laughed while taking his girlfriend by the hand back to the loveseat to drink more beer and watch more of the horror flick, “Besides, I loved it and so did you! We need more of that kind of sex in our life!”

“That we do, stud. That we do!” Cassidy told him with the steamiest French kiss that she could manage, practically invading his mouth with her tongue.

That was far from the only time that she attacked him during the day after that moment, of course. After the Red Baron was consumed (with classic pepperoni), Cassidy, still nude, bent over the kitchen table and offered Damien her ass for dessert. To say that he took her was to put it mildly, as he sodomized his girlfriend with incredible power and vigor, thanks to their mutual need to slake their love and lust. For Cassidy, it was the ultimate act of submission and surrender that would help redress some of the lost balance in their relationship. Maybe they would be equals after this surprisingly pleasurable sacrifice to pain, but it didn’t matter right then. What mattered was that she had to take a turn giving up the control and the power after wearing the pants for so long and abusing her advantage.

“Oh, damn, Damien ... That was fantastic! I can’t believe that I never gave up the backdoor until now, but I swear to God, I’ll be giving it up a lot in the future! Oh, damn it, that felt so good! It hurt, but I loved it!” Cassidy confessed while kissing Damien’s face repeatedly and all but dragging him to the shower for some steamy fun there.

After a while, that evening became a blur for both of them, but by the time that Damien awoke the next morning, Cassidy had already gotten up for the day. He woke up to the strong feeling that he needed to piss, and sure enough, his need there was extreme, but as he washed his hands in the sink, he felt two soft hands on his waist and a very smooth face on his back and shoulders. Not ready to turn around and stop the pleasurable attention, Damien indulged, assuming that it was Cassidy.

That was until he smelled something coming from the kitchen and heard his girlfriend call out, “Are you guys coming or not?”

Damien turned around and found to his shock that he had just been in the arms of Tammy Lassiter, Cassidy’s little sister ... well, not so little sister now. She was eighteen to Big Sis’s twenty-three, while Damien himself was thirty. She winked at him through her big brown eyes and gave him a very hungry kiss that left no question as to how she felt about him. She also took his arm as they walked to the kitchen, where Damien was further surprised to see Maryam Aziz Lassiter, his girlfriend’s mother, standing there to help with the breakfast ... naked as the day she was born!

“Mrs. Lassiter ... Tammy ... Cassidy!” Damien reacted with shock, as each of the women walked up to him for steamy kisses and put their hearts and souls into them.

“You weren’t so formal last night, lying in our arms as we shared you, babe. Yes, you had all three of us, and we’re not going anywhere! Before you protest, though, I’d suggest that you take a damn good look at your new ‘honey-do’ list, the one that you swore to follow if within reason. I think that this is quite reasonable myself. Don’t you agree? Besides, the wildest deeds are already done. You’ve fucked me, my sister, AND my mother, and boy did you give it your all!” Cassidy told him, pulling off her apron to stand nude with the other Lassiter girls.

“I ... I agreed to sleep with your sister and mother? Who else?” Damien gulped in shock, as Cassidy pulled the list up closer to his face and showed the rest of the “honey-do” assignments.

They were: Cassidy’s cousin Emmanuelle, her best friend Vera, and to make a huge shock to the system, her gay male friend Umberto ... and Damien’s own sister ... Stephanie. The color drained from Damien’s face as he realized that he had given his word to have gay sex and commit incest, both things that he had secretly fantasized about, but never dared to tell a soul. Cassidy smiled impishly and licked her lips as she closed in for yet another kiss to his open mouth.

“Don’t worry, dear. I chose well. Umberto’s a bottom. Trust me on that. Your fine, manly ass can be as virgin ... or not virgin, as you wish it to be. As for Stephanie, well, she’s wanted you for years and vice versa. I’ve watched your body language around each other, when each of you thought that the others weren’t looking. You just didn’t realize that it was mutual. Now that we’re starting over, though, I was inspired to think of your needs and hers ahead of mine. She won’t be a threat anymore and you can have your precious sister, who hasn’t had a real boyfriend for years, because she’s pining for you. Incidentally you might want to talk to her about her secret career in porn. Yes, porn, honey. It was her way of making money and getting her needs met while waiting for you to open up to her. What would Joseph and Hortense Martin have to say about that?” Cassidy announced while plating the meal with her mother and sister.

Breakfast turned out to be pancakes with real butter and maple syrup, turkey sausage (Mrs. Lassiter, while rather lapsed in her Muslim faith, still hadn’t taken to pork), scrambled eggs, and hash browns smothered in Monterey Jack cheese. The whole time that they all ate, of course, the Lassiter women all flirted outrageously with Damien, too, making no secret of their intentions to have a lot more sex with him in the future. They also told jokes and teased him in no small way until it was clear that he was now very much family in their eyes, married to Cassidy or not.

“It’s not every family where one man services his future bride, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, but then again, his future father-in-law was killed by his brother for fucking Aunt Cordelia. It seems that Dad was a bit angry at Mom for some reason, so he was easily seduced by Aunt Cordelia and cheated on Mom for the first time in their marriage. Uncle Payne found out and put a bullet in his head, followed by Aunt Cordelia’s, and then his own. Then again, Uncle Payne really was a bit of a dick and Aunt Cordelia had wanted revenge on him. I don’t blame her, either. Like I said, Uncle Payne was a dick. The only one that I sympathize with is Emmanuelle, our dear cousin. Hence why you, sir, need to take on the new role of head of the family ... man of the house. Including yours and hers,” Cassidy implored her boyfriend with no small amount of passion, “Much of this occurred to me last night as I started planning my new list.”

“Your father’s reason was that I was, myself, something of a real bitch. I don’t blame him at all. I was not always bad that way, but I had lost some respect for him after I saw the way that he let his brother push him around, and then things went downhill from there. It was only partly his fault. Quite a bit of it was mine. The double-murder-suicide-adultery scandal woke me up in a way that I didn’t quite grasp before.

“Oh, and not to be too corrective, but your father wasn’t that faithful to me all the time. Neither was I to him. We both cheated, but he was unlucky in falling for his vulnerable sister-in-law, who wasn’t a bad person, just lonely and weak like your father. Overall, I was a pretty good wife to him for most of our marriage, things only declining later on, while he was a very wonderful husband and father to me. He just wasn’t good at standing up to his brother.

“All in all, I still miss Leonard and I still feel some guilt for how I treated him at times. I’ll carry that pain and shame with me into the grave. Even so, I have to go on living and I will do my best to be the greatest mother and grandmother I can be. That’s what Leonard would have wanted, so I will honor his legacy. I’m not sure that he would have approved of our little arrangement here, but he would understand the motives behind it.

“Oh, and one more thing. Call me ‘Mom’, ‘Mommy’, or ‘Mama, ‘ please. Especially in bed, before you ask. It’s such a turn-on. Besides, I’m going to be your mother-in-law and it always seemed to me that you and Stephanie needed a motherly figure in your lives. Someone to give you unconditional love. Anyway, you know how much I’ve always liked you ... far more than any of their past boyfriends. I actively loathed Stanley, Cassidy’s ex-fiance, for instance. This is just taking that fondness a step further than expected.

“Hey, I never claimed to be a good Muslim. I’m a horrible, rotten one, morally speaking. Not that I care. I love whom I love how I can love them, and if Allah really is a loving God, then He’ll forgive and understand human needs,” Maryam told Damien as she made out with him in front of her daughters.

“Religion’s an accident of birth, anyway,” Damien remarked casually, “Look at me. I’m descended from French Huguenots, grew up in the Presbyterian Church in rural North Carolina, and basically lost my faith even before my parents were killed in that plane crash six years ago. Such is life. Sad, but very real. They were on their way to their second honeymoon when they died in that wreck. We had drifted apart over religion, anyway, though Stephanie and I remained very close. She’s slightly more religious, but I gather that won’t be an obstacle with her, according to what Cassidy said. I always thought that the notion of predestination made God to be a real sadist in the extreme myself. I’m apparently not one of the elect, if they’re right, and so fuck Calvinism, fuck Christianity, and fuck religion itself. I’ll live my life as I damn well please.”

“Here, here! To defying clergy, churches, mosques, and gods!” Tammy broke in at last, raising a glass of orange juice.

“My sentiments exactly,” Cassidy added, before planting yet another kiss on Damien’s lips.

“So, this list, there is no time limit set on it, I gather, because otherwise, I’m quickly running out of time to complete the rest of it,” Damien observed while Cassidy kept making out with him and Tammy now moved to sit on his lap.

“No time limit at all, of course, because it’s a long-term deal. As long as you keep screwing the people on the list, you’re doing me, them, and yourself, a huge favor. Thus you’re still keeping true to the spirit of your pact with me. When I decided upon this revised list, I meant it to be an ongoing thing. Mind you, I plan to write up shorter and more temporary lists, too, of the usual sort, but you probably expected that. After all, I still need your help around the house. Just not as much perhaps, assuming that we all live together. You’re not opposed to moving in with my mother and sister when our lease expires, are you? We’ll all be able to pull together better if that happens, if you’re okay with that, of course,” Cassidy proposed with a smile, while her mother and sister both batted their eyes at Damien.

“So, you want me to move in with you, call you ‘Mom, ‘ and regularly sleep with you and your daughters. Talk about being welcomed into the family with open arms. I really should marry Cassidy, then, shouldn’t I? Make it official that we’re family. Then you’ll both be in-laws, while she’ll be my bride. Did you want Emmanuelle to move in, too? How about Stephanie? Umberto? Your BFF Vera?” Damien winked at them.

“We might need a somewhat larger house, but sure, why not? Oh, and I was thinking of a roving bed situation. You share one bedroom with Cassidy as far as your stuff is concerned, but you roam from one bed to the others in terms of spending the night. Imagine your future now ... an endless rotation of sleeping with Lassiter girls, making sweet love to each of us and snuggling up with us afterward. Imagine the holidays, nice and cozy, with no doubt of what your plans would be. Imagine curling up by the fireplace with so many ladies to keep you warm. Drinking hot cider while relaxing on the couch.

“Picture the massive suppers, every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I might be Muslim, albeit a rotten one, but I love Christmas! I’ve toyed with converting, but I’m not really keen on Christian dogma or morals, either. Just think of being the man of the house, having a harem of ladies ... and one gay man, mind you, to pleasure you and cater to your every whim. Granted, there will be mundane, dull, more pedestrian moments, less exciting and glamorous things like actual manly chores. Even so, we’ll do a lot for you in return and not overburden you.

“I talked to Cassidy last night, by the way, and really read her the Riot Act on that front. A man like you deserves better treatment and will always get it from all of us in the future, I can promise you that. I swear, honey, this will be a dream come true for you. I made real mistakes in my late marriage to Leonard, mistakes that unfortunately, Cassidy drew the wrong lessons from in the recent past. I want to be clear that neither she, nor I, nor Tammy, will ever behave like that again toward the man in our lives. That man being you ... for all of us.

“Also, I’m going to talk to our probate lawyer and set up my will so that it is left jointly to you, Cassidy, and Tammy. All three of you deserve your shares, and while this reduces the assets going to my daughters, they both strongly favor this plan. So far, the estate, which amounts to more than six million dollars, is but a fraction of what Emmanuelle has already inherited from her father. It will be smaller once we expand and gain a grander house, but it will continue to accrue from investments wisely placed by yours truly. My late husband had many talents, but I had the gift for investing and building a fortune. He earned the money, but I increased it.

“The current house is not that bad, though. Just what Leonard wanted. It’s just that now we can afford even more, and we have the motivation to do just that. Just something to think about, anyway. So, how about we table this discussion, lover, and you take your ladies to bed? I don’t know about you, but I think that it’s safe to say that we women all want to fuck you half to death. Consider it a preview of your new life as our family stud,” Maryam told her future son-in-law, who had all but proposed to her daughter.

From the look of joy on Cassidy’s face ... and Tammy’s, as well as the way that Maryam caressed his arm, Damien had made the smartest move of his life in declaring his intention to marry into their family. He was about to be hip deep in pussy and ass, and the tears that streamed down each girl’s face showed all too clearly that this was about more than sex. Whatever her flaws and blunders, Cassidy had caused Tammy and Maryam to love Damien almost as much as she did. For that alone, she was worth forgiving and granting another chance. Damien realized that he had reached a fork in the road, and while it wasn’t the right path for everyone, he had found the highway that was perfect for him. He had chosen well and the rewards were about to last the rest of his life.

“What are your thoughts, baby?” Cassidy asked him as she put her arm around his waist.

“Just that I will probably look back on this as the greatest day of my life and the best decision that I have ever made,” Damien smiled at her.

“Told you he was a smart one,” Maryam told her daughter, making her laugh.

“That you did, Mom. That you did.”

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