Vee Berth
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Water Sports, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A saga of sex and sailing aboard a special sailboat

A “vee berth” is the forward bed in the bow of many boats. Because of the hull shape it is somewhat triangular whence it gets its name. The 35 foot sailboat named “Vee Berth” was kept at a large lake near the town where the owners lived. The end of the lake near town was developed but the further parts abutted public lands which resulted in many coves and side arms that were usually quite private. Weekends could be busy but weekdays found the lake almost deserted.

The crew of the sailboat included three lovely redheads. At the ripe young ages of 21, 19, and 18, the sisters were cast from the same mold. So similar in appearance you’d have thought they were triplets. Dark red hair kept short. Trim, well-toned bodies with nice tans and no freckles. Firm B cup breasts and short russet crotch curlies.

How do I know? I’m Tony and I have dated Sally, the oldest, for two years. Somewhat storm-tossed years, but I’m not looking to abandon ship just yet. “Life is the voyage, not the destination”, I have heard. Let me recount an outing so you know what I mean.

First some more background. These girls (actually young women but girls is shorter), had grown up on ‘Vee Berth’. More than that even. All were conceived in the vee berth of the sailboat, and strongly resembled their mother.

Their father worked a consulting job out of town much of the time. When he was home he had priority use of the boat and took their mother to it for some catch-up loving. The girls had use of it any other time since they were skilled sailors. I had been on many short and even overnight voyages with Sally, sometimes alone, but more often with one or more sisters who were frequently accompanied by a boyfriend. I was becoming a competent sailor myself.

The part I enjoyed the most though was anchoring. We would find an isolated cove and strip down for swimming, no matter how many were on board. Sometimes we had to wait our turn in the infamous vee berth if other couples were with us. Hey, boats are small, so the sounds of others fucking are easily heard and are a real turn on, not that I usually needed any additional stimulus beyond Sally!

These girls were double lusty - redheads & sailors. I’d seen both of my girlfriend’s sisters with other guys pretty often even though they had “main squeezes”. My girlfriend, Sally, had never promised to be monogamous and apparently the others hadn’t either. I knew there had been outings when I couldn’t make it so surely there had been other cocks “berthing at her vee”, which was the double entendre in the boat’s name.

There was one previous long term boyfriend who moved away but was “welcomed aboard” Sally whenever he made the infrequent visit. Sally had made the point, before I was introduced to her “vee”, that we each owned our own bodies and that’s who decided how they were used. By now I wasn’t jealous, just envious that I wasn’t getting it at that particular time instead of whomever. Sally was damn fun in bed. I guess plenty of practice helps. And she was always actively involved with me, and I suppose whoever else, when she was fucking. Who could complain?

OK, back to the story. One memorable voyage was in early fall. The daytime and water were warm but the nights were turning cool. Perfect for playing during sunlight and sleeping on the boat. We had a full crew that Saturday. I was with Sally, and her sisters had their main beaus along. It was a long sail to the far end of the lake and to a hidden pool that took some skill getting the boat into which insured privacy.

We set bow and stern anchors and broke out the beer as the rest of the clothes came off. We swam and read and just lazed around but we guys were puzzled when our suggestions to visit the vee berth were rebuffed with “Later”. One hint that this was not like earlier cruises happened when we had to pee. Because we were going to be out the whole weekend we didn’t want the holding tank to fill up too fast. Therefore, everyone peed overboard. When a guy went to the rail to take a whiz, the nearest crew girl jumped up to aim their “hose” away from the boat and “make sure we didn’t hit the hull”. And when a girl needed to drain, she asked the nearest guy to get some toilet paper, brace her as she put her butt out over the water, and then wipe her dry.

We cooked steaks on the cockpit rail grill and enjoyed red wine with them. Swimming and hanging out on deck stopped at dusk when the mosquitoes came out so we went below and put the screens in the hatch.

Sally, the captain, got everyone’s attention. “The crew has special entertainment planned for this cruise. First of all, let’s settle the initial bunking assignments. Let’s start with Sara’s bunkmate.” We guys looked at each other with very puzzled expressions! Sally held out her hand with two slips of paper poking out. Sara drew one and read my name! We would get the dinette that converted to a bed only a bit wider than a regular single. Sally said, “That settles it. Bill (Sandy’s date) is in the vee berth with me and Dale (Sara’s boyfriend) gets the stern berth with Sandy.”

I blurted out, “What the fuck is going on?”

Sally grinned and answered, “Fucking is exactly what is going on. When us girls realized we had each fucked all of you, it seemed like a lot more fun to bring it out in the open. Besides, I’m the captain and what I say, goes!”

A loud male chorus, “WHAT??”

The Captain continued, “A long time ago we discovered that guys couldn’t tell us apart in the dark. When you’ve been awakened for a piece in the middle of the night, it often wasn’t the girl you’d fucked earlier. Then we’d go back to our original bed for the morning screwing.”

The guys looked at each other and burst out laughing. We had been “had” in more ways than one. As a team we grabbed the naked girl we had been “assigned” to, although we were less sure than before just who we were grabbing, and headed for the place we were supposed to get horizontal. With the cabin lights off there was still enough visibility with the moonlight through the ports to see a bit of the action in the other berths. Too warm for covers anyway.

I’m sure the other guys were comparing their current partner with their usual one just like I was. Sara kissed, felt, and fucked like her oldest sister. She, being the mind reader women are, poked me in the ribs and hissed. “Pay attention to ME!” So I did and we both enjoyed it a lot.

An hour later things had quieted down below decks. With the synchrony that they often demonstrated, the girls changed bunks. As Sandy approached the small bed she bent over and licked the residue of my recent fuck from my cock, getting it firm in the process. As she slid in with me I could smell the love scents from her crotch. She rolled on top and kissed me so I tasted myself and Sara as she guided my erection into her silky sheath. I was REALLY hard now. A strange pussy filled with strange cum. Damn that was hot! She rode me expertly until I added my sperm to her new collection. That set her off and then she slumped beside me to sleep closely cuddled.

A couple hours later I was awakened by Sandy climbing out and soon Sally, I think, climbing in. “Are you up for twice fucked pussy?” she whispered in my ear. I certainly was after that invitation so I got on top and dipped my dick in her sopping slit. As I thrust into her silky sheath, wild feelings and thoughts raced through my head.

They must have been going through hers too as her hips met my mine in perfect synchrony. She moaned, “Gawd I love fucking ... fill me ... deeper ... harder ... feel all the cum in me ... I want your cum too.”

Of course the sounds of two other couples banging away close by made me have distracting thoughts about the other pussies I’d just fucked. They were getting reamed again, and I thought briefly about the other guys’ dicks stroking in my cum like I was in theirs. I couldn’t believe the strength of my third climax of the night ... it was so powerful and it almost hurt.

Sally screeched when she felt my blast, gripped my waist with her legs and just shook for a while. The other redheads were equally noisy and then teased each other about it in mild embarrassment.

Breakfast was subdued and a lot of coffee was brewed. The girls had to visit the head and clean their cracks of the seeping cum several times, finally giving up and sitting on a washrag. Everyone just hung out, reading, listening to music, or other quiet activity after a morning “bath” in the lake.

After lunch, the Captain put an air mattress on the foredeck and announced that she wanted to watch me get laid. She had never seen live sex even though she had done it herself a lot. The call for volunteers got two redheaded crew so a coin toss decided Sandy would be the “co-star”. It took some extra persuasion to get my pecker into action mode, partly because of the situation and partly because I was so well drained. But that was part of the show so we 69ed and I tasted four flavors of love juice well mixed – three guys plus her own. Finally, Sandy got on top and slid down on my finally ready pole. She was really getting hot being the center of attention.

When I felt my climax starting to rise she’d had several already. I rolled her over and slammed into her as I dumped my spunk deep in her well fucked hole. There was applause and squabbling over who would go next. It was a great afternoon watching everyone show off to the others.

As I enjoyed my wine after dinner I wondered how we would top last night, or would it be a repeat? The crew, as usual, had our onboard activities figured out. Sandy had determined that two threesomes could, with the rather tight quarters, be managed so there would be an MFM and a FMF. Realistically, only one round was planned for the evening and then another in the morning with the sleeping in between to be with your regular partner. As the Captain, Sally and I got to be the ones in the middle. With planning like that, I let the crew be in charge and just went along for the ride!

I had never imagined myself the plaything of two eager women, let alone two that looked like twins. What can you do in the confines of a small berth but go with the flow? I was first subjected to two mouths and four hands finding an amazing number of ways to stimulate zones I didn’t even know were erogenous. Then I was forced to decide which of two equally cute pussies, poised right above my lips, to lick and suck. I just had to take turns. It got easier when one girl slid down my body and onto my anxious prick. It’s damn difficult to concentrate on two things at once, especially when they are hot redheads. I settled for giving a great tongue lashing to one while the other kept herself busy enjoying my lower region. When they had both climaxed they switched places and I was ridden to my climax as well. OMG, life is sweet sometimes.

I’d lost track of who was where and it just didn’t matter, did it? Every now and then I heard Sally moan or shriek in pleasure or orgasm only ten feet away which only inflamed me more. “How did these girls get so good?” was rhetorical.

Sally had explained that they went on birth control at 16, got good advice from their mother, and never looked back. Well almost, since they liked to hook up with good earlier lovers when circumstances were right. Besides the fun of variety, it also kept their main boyfriends more interested because of the sperm competition thing. When I finally got in the vee berth with Sally we just snuggled and slept the sleep of the fucked-out.

In the morning after breakfast, Dale and I teamed up on Sandy while Bill was the focus for Sally and Sara. That kept us all busy until lunch. Then we pulled anchors and sailed back, only donning swim suits when another boat was sighted.

The next time we were together Sally explained that the weekend agenda had been proposed by Sandy, the most imaginative and adventuresome of the three. She had had considerably more boyfriends than even her older sister and had even, for quite a while, dated and bedded two brothers, usually together.

That desire for adventure helped explain one occurrence I didn’t mention. Friday afternoon, at the anchorage, we were enjoying our beer and wine when I had to piss. Sandy joined me at the rail but, kneeling down, pulled my pecker towards her and directed my yellow stream over her tits and pussy. When I finished she kissed my piss hole and dived overboard to rinse. Everyone else hooted and hollered and she repeated it with the other two guys.

We had all agreed that what happened on the boat stayed on the boat so I didn’t expect to be banging sisters, even in the middle of the night, now that the secret was out. But you never know what will happen if you are involved with sexy redheads. I didn’t expect the meeting with her mom that Sally invited me to.

We sat in the sailboat cockpit with some drinks and Sally got to the point. “Mom is 43 and far from ‘dead’. You know that Dad is away a lot, and even more lately. She is as horny as you have discovered her daughters are. Like us, she did a lot of ‘test drives’ before deciding to marry Dad. He understands her needs quite well and is ok with her having a ‘fuck buddy’. The last one moved away recently and she wondered if you might be interested in two or three romps a week?”

Mom spoke up, “I asked because you have dated Sally longer than anyone and I am impressed with your maturity ... and I like you.”

Sally took over again, “My work hours are changing to evenings so you could be with Mom earlier and then be waiting when I got home. I know your capabilities quite well so there will be plenty left for me.”

What is a gentleman to do? Insult your girlfriend and her attractive mother by refusing such a heartfelt request? I’m not crazy so I simply said, “When does this start?” Mom stood up, took my hand, and led me to the vee berth, saying, “Why not now?”

Sally called out as she left, “See you later at the house!”

My god, was she something! She only got more attractive with each item of clothing she shed. The same size and coloring as her daughters, she wore her hair a bit longer. After three children her breasts were noticeably fuller and had an attractive hang with somewhat upturned nipples. There was a rounded but not protruding belly above a luxurious dark red thatch which framed some projecting inner lips that begged to be sucked. She finished revealing her goodies and was impatiently waiting for the very distracted me to show what her daughter had described to her. I’m decently endowed with a thick seven-incher which she began devouring when I popped it loose.

We climbed in the berth where I’d shagged her daughter many times. Mom opened the gates of heaven and guided me into her paradise, hissing, “I don’t need foreplay. It’s been a whole week.”

I knew her husband had been gone this time for twice that long. Damn she was hot stuff. It took some effort to hold back because of how surprisingly tight she was. Grinding my pubic bone on her clit I got a noisy vigorous climax from her before I blasted my seed into the very place my girlfriend had birthed from ... and right in the very bed where she was conceived.

Mom smiled at me and said, “I know what you are thinking. This berth is a special place and that’s exactly why we are here now. You are the first of my daughters’ lovers I have ever bedded and I think I made a good decision. Let’s try some of the foreplay we skipped. I want more of your sperm in my husband’s favorite playpen.”

Later, in bed with Sally, I performed quite well as she quizzed me about my experience with a certain older woman. It really turned her on, which I didn’t mind one bit! I’ve heard that if you want to see how a potential wife will turn out look at her mother. I was ready to marry Sally right now on just that basis alone without even considering that I’d probably keep having access to the other three household redheads from then on too.

That was a key decision point in my life. Mom and I would fuck when Dad was gone, and especially when Sally was getting her cunt filled by an old boyfriend. She loved my younger cock, the likes of which she hadn’t had since dating her husband. We even knocked off a quickie now and then when Dad was in town. It was cool to mix my wigglers in with the ones that had made my girl.

There were many other sailing daytrips, overnights, and weekends. Sandra and Sara were still sampling the waters so I got to see all three sisters banging a variety of guys and then slide into them for seconds or thirds. That vee berth got plenty of action. Dad still took Mom out on overnights and Sally and I joined them once. It was incredibly erotic hearing them going at it in that vee berth when we were nearby doing the same thing. I so wanted to watch Mom taking his cock and put my pecker in Dad’s fresh cum.

Sally once drunkenly admitted that she occasionally fantasized about my pecker being her father’s after mine had just been in her Mom. She’d hoped that some of Dad’s sperm got transferred to her via my cock. I told her I’d try to do that and she had an explosive climax.

Sandy arranged a special boat trip one afternoon. Sally was called to work at the last minute so it was two couples and me on board. We anchored back in a remote cove and skinny-dipped as usual. Some fishermen happened upon us and the two naked girls waved to them while standing at the rail. When the curious fisherman approached, three nude guys appeared and they motored away quickly.

We had lots of beer and iced tea on board and Sandy soon had us pissing all over each other. She was the wild one, sucking each cock clean after it ran out of juice or after a girl pissed on it. Her boyfriend was no stranger to her pee play and opened his mouth in front of each sisters’ pussy as she pissed. Sandy deep kissed him after each time but none of the rest of us was that brave.

The vee berth didn’t see any action that day. We were out in the cockpit as Sandy climaxed when each guy or girl peed on her clit. We guys each pumped a load of cum in each girl and rinsed her cunt with pee after withdrawing. The crew and the cockpit were a mess when we finished our liquid orgy so we jumped in the lake and drew buckets to rinse off the boat before we headed for the dock. Sally was very curious that night so I showed her some of what we did and she agreed to try it with the group next time.

I asked Sally to marry me in front of her parents at dinner soon after. She agreed but only if “sexual exclusivity” was not part of the deal.

“For me either!” I retorted and we kissed to seal the pact. I guess that we can expect some more babies to be conceived in that vee berth in the future.

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