26 November 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fiction, Sports, Incest, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On this day, while Dan enjoyed watching Brad's hockey game, his daughters, Diane and Brenda have a different game in mind. Karen is unexpectedly aroused watching Dan and their daughters and can't keep her hot hands off her son Brad.

Dan woke up from his second night in a row with Karen and Vicky. His nostrils flared once again to the wonderful aroma of breakfast cooking.

“I could easily get spoiled being treated to breakfast from you two each morning,” he remarked reliving yesterday’s meal and the girls wearing his work shirts. Another sensual shower was shared between them.

Karen drove to the college and picked up Diane and Brenda from their dorm room. Returning home she started to laugh when they took off their coats. “It appears that we’re all anxious to let Dan see as much tit as possible,” she remarked to the amount of deep cleavage each daughter was showing.

Karen wore an extremely low-cut pink top and cupless bra, her tits were begging to be felt. Diane wore a black and pink rose corset top revealing her upper breasts. Brenda barely covered her breasts with a very low cut grey top and spaghetti straps. Her white bra barely held in her full tits and Vicky wore an extremely low scooped white top that showed off her great tits.

“You girls are going to get a little chilly up top showing off so much tit,” Karen joked. “Not to mention cold legs from your very short skirts.”

“Mom you may as well not bother wearing a top at all with the amount of tit your showing or a skirt,” Brenda kidded and they laughed.

“I’ve always loved to dress sexy and show some tit and leg to tease your dad,” she smiled coyly.

“Maybe we want to show him some nice looking tit and tease Dad too,” Diane supported.

“Are you sure you want to do that? Remember what happened to you in the past.”

“Mom, we are grown adults now, not little girls and Dad is a great looking hunk. We know he loves us and would never hurt us. We want him to see how good looking his daughters have become,” Diane said.

“I know he’s a handsome hunk but are you sure you want to be doing this? Be careful showing that much tit, you just might get more from Dad than you’re asking for,” Karen cautioned.

“Maybe we are willing to give more to Dad than he’s expecting,” Brenda added.

“So you’d both be willing to go all the way and let Dad fuck each of you?” Karen finally asked.

Brenda looked from Diane to her Mom, “Yes we are Mom and we see nothing wrong with it.”

“For one thing I think it would be called incest to have sex with Dad. Besides, I’m sure you remember what Steve did to you both when you were younger.”

“I don’t think it would be incest Mom because we are adults now. I’ll check out the legalities of it in law class tomorrow,” Brenda said.

“Mom, we were a lot younger back then. We didn’t know any better and he’s the one who made us do that stuff with him,” Diane explained.

“Girls, incest is incest no matter your ages, whether you’re fourteen or fifty-four,” she countered.

“Besides in all the years we’ve known Dan as our Uncle, he’s never laid a hand on us or touched us in any sexual manner,” Brenda supported.

“I’m not sure I agree with it but I’d sooner know up front what you’re doing than sneaking around behind my back. I just don’t want one of you to come crying to me saying, ‘Mommy, Diane won’t let Daddy fuck me!’ or, ‘Mommy, Brenda gave Daddy a blowjob before I could!’”

“We won’t fight over Daddy fucking us, we’ll probably join the other,” Diane smirked.

“Mom, I’ve heard you and Vicky talk about the sex you’ve had with Dad. Is it true that his cum tastes good when you swallow it?” Brenda asked.

“I must confess, yes Dan’s cum does taste good when I swallow it. It’s hard to choose which I love more, Dan fucking me or the taste of his cum when I give him a blowjob. Luckily for me, we usually end up doing both. Woman to woman, I love it when Dan eats my pussy after he’s fucked me,” she confided to her daughters.

“Wow Mom, none of my boyfriends ever ate my pussy after fucking me,” Diane admitted.

“And the same with me,” Supported supported.

“Then, you girls are in for a wonderful treat and experience from Dad. I should have my head examined for allowing my daughters to have sex with their Dad. One thing I love to do to Dan is giving him a blowjob when he’s asleep. He’s such a sound sleeper. He doesn’t wake up when I suck him off,” she remembered.

“I can hardly wait for Dad to fuck us!” they announced.

“I’ll decide when it can happen and don’t let me find you sneaking around to do it.”

“Aww, come on Mom! When can Daddy fuck us?!”

“Maybe in a few weeks but not now.”

“In a few weeks?! We can’t wait that long!” cried Brenda.

“You’ll have to or the deal is off,” the girls sadly relented.

Dan and Brad had gone to the store and returned in time to leave for his hockey game. They eyed the low cleavage and short skirts the girls were wearing. They managed to all crowd into Vicky’s Hummer for the ride to the rink. Dan said they could have used two cars but Diane and Brenda were very happy being cuddled close to him.

The rink wasn’t well heated and Karen was glad she followed Brad’s suggestion to take some blankets to keep warm while sitting on the wooden bench seats. Karen and Vicky sat on Dan’s right while Diane and Brenda alternated sitting on his left. It was cool enough to keep your coat on however, all four women preferred to keep their coats open to show off their deep cleavage to Dan.

Casual glances soon grew to blatant stares at four pairs of beautiful tits. The girls knew he was eyeing their tits and encouraged his appreciation.

It had been five years since Dan had seen Brad play hockey and wondered how his play had improved with age. He scanned the players looking for Brad as they skated onto the ice for a brief warm up.

A player stopped at his bench turning his back to the ice surface as he talked to the coach. Dan noticed, ‘Miller, ‘ on the back of the sweater. He also noticed that Brad wore the, ‘C, ‘ on the upper left of his jersey signifying he’s the Captain of the team.

“He remembered,” Dan smiled, pointing to Brad.

“Who remembered what honey?” Karen asked.

“Brad is wearing the same number 27 that I wore when I played junior hockey. I remember him wearing 27 when he played peewee aged.” The game began and though Dan enjoyed the deep cleavage of the girls, he tried to concentrate on Brad’s play.

“You four sure are making it hard, pardon the pun, for me to watch Brad’s game.

“What do you mean, Dad?” Brenda asked knowing full well it was their well-exposed tits.

“You know exactly what I mean, showing me four beautiful pairs of tits. I know the guys sitting behind us are enjoying the view down your tops,” he joked. Brenda glanced behind her at the row of guys sitting behind her and leaned back a little so they’d have a better view down her low cut top.

“Maybe I have more to offer you than just a hockey game,” Karen suggested sticking her full chest out and playfully rubbing Dan’s crotch. Diane and Brenda watched as Karen glanced to both sides of her seat, not caring even if anyone was looking at her and pulled her top out to expose her nipple to him.

“Cock tease!” he joked.

“I know and you love it!” she kissed his cheek.

The first period ended with Dan observing Brad’s play. He could tell he was a gifted hockey player full of potential but lacked discipline on the ice. Dan was pleasantly surprised that Brenda was a loud, vocal supporter of her brother.

During the short intermission, Karen whispered to his ear, “Dan honey, Diane, and Brenda are wearing nice low tops, showing their beautiful tits just for you and they would like to have your approval. They know what they’re doing and it’s okay with me.”

“Are you’re sure?” he asked.

“I’m sure. They love you Dan and are very willing to show you that they are beautiful, sexy women.”

“I can already see that they are,” he eyed their deep cleavage. “I had better keep a loaded shotgun around the house to scare away the boys with two such beautiful, sexy daughters,” he kidded to them.

“Don’t scare off too many boys now Daddy,” teased Diane, overhearing his comment.

“Or any girls either,” Brenda added blatantly taking Diane’s hand in hers and giving her more than a sisterly kiss.

“Brenda!” Diane exclaimed wiping her mouth a little embarrassed.

“Oh Diane, chill out will you? Dad is bound to find out sooner or later about us.” Brenda turned more towards Dan and he couldn’t help his eyes dropping to her deep cleavage. “Dad, sometimes when we don’t have a decent boyfriend Diane and I have sex together and a lot of it. We love eating the other’s pussy,” she openly confessed. “I hope that doesn’t bother you too much.”

“Honey, he’s a man. Men fantasize about two women having sex even if it is sisters doing it,” Karen teased.

They looked at Dan, “It’s true Dad, Brenda and I love having sex together.”

“Just don’t let your brother find out or you’ll both drive him nuts!” he joked.

“So it’s okay if we have sex around you and Mom or Vicky?” Brenda asked.

“Sisters having sex isn’t something new. You’ll have my mind wondering what you’re doing when I hear all that sensual moaning coming from your bedroom,” he further teased.

“Yes it’s okay to have sex, honey,” Karen answered for them both.

“You can watch us if you like Daddy,” Brenda added hugging him.

“If I was around twenty-five years younger and not your Dad... ,” his thoughts trailed off. Brenda wrapped her arms around Dan’s left arm pressing her tits to him.

“We consider you to be thirty years younger and it doesn’t matter to Brenda and me that you are our Dad,” Diane said moving over to boldly sit on his lap.

“I don’t know what to say,” he looked at her mostly exposed breasts.

“You don’t have to say anything Dad,” Diane smiled. “Aren’t we sexy, desirable, young women?”

“Yes, you both are,” Dan agreed, looking down at Diane’s tits.

“And you don’t mind if we tease you a little?”

“No, I don’t and it appears your mother doesn’t mind either,” Diane wanted to give Dan a good kiss but instead took the edge of her top and pulled it down to show him her right tit.

“Then you won’t mind if we tease you a lot,” Brenda smiled.

Karen put her hand on Dan’s shoulder and rubbed it as she watched him look at Diane’s full tit. He was so tempted to give it a good feel but decided against it. Vicky didn’t want to be left out sitting on Karen’s right, so she moved down to kneel on the seat below them. She leaned forward and smiled at Dan giving him a perfect look at her almost exposed breasts.

Brenda still had her arms wrapped around Dan’s left arm rubbed her tits from side to side against it, “Hey Dad, take a look!” Dan looked at her and she too pulled the front of her top down to show him a tit. No one noticed that the players had changed ends and the second period was about to start.

Diane and Vicky then moved to the two empty seats below Dan. They pulled their tops down a little lower and turned inwards a little to give him a better view of their tits.

“I love you Dad!” Brenda whispered to him.

“I love you too, honey,” he replied feeling her arm gripping tight around his.

“I know it is naughty to say this, but right now I wish I was wearing a nice short skirt and no panties for you,” Brenda whispered in his left ear. He looked at her and she smiled sexily.

“Wear a skirt shorter than the mini you have on now? Why would you do that, not that I’d mind it?”

“So I could show off my bare pussy for you and let you finger fuck me,” she replied bluntly.

“And the same with me too!” added Diane overhearing Brenda.

“Me too!” Vicky piped up.

“And of course, don’t forget about me,” Karen chirped.

“Then why don’t all of you wear really short skirts and no panties for me whenever you can?” Dan half-heartedly suggested.

“Okay we will,” Karen smiled, answering for them.

The second period began and it was difficult for Dan to concentrate on Brad’s game with so much beautifully exposed tit around him. They all stood up and cheered when Brad scored a goal. All four girls made it a point to press their tits against Dan when they hugged to celebrate his goal.

At the ten minute mark, Karen let go of Dan’s right hand and placed it over her right shoulder. She lowered his hand down inside her top to cup her right tit. Dan looked at her and she raised her eyebrows at him to show her evilness.

“I love you, Dan,” she whispered sensually.

“I love you too Karen,” She used her right hand to keep Dan’s hand down her top and caressing her tit.

“Mmmm, that feels nice!” she sighed.

“What do I do if Diane or Brenda offer me a feel of their tits?” Dan asked quietly.

“I know that either one of them would consider it an insult if you refused so don’t turn them down. I love your hand fondling my tit,” Karen said kissing him. She then put her left hand on his lap and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

Brenda caught sight of her Mom’s left hand rubbing Dan’s cock and wished it was her hand instead. She noticed his hand was inside Karen’s top feeling her bare tit and adjusted her sitting position so she could watch.

Karen saw Brenda looking at Dan’s hand feeling her tit then Diane turned around to talk to her Mom. She saw Dan’s hand inside her top and her hand on his crotch.

“Mom and Dad, Brad is a pretty good player isn’t he?”

“He sure is,” Dan replied. Diane watched his hand moving inside her mom’s top.

“I think you’re going to be busy during the second intermission,” Karen whispered to him.

The second period ended with the game tied at two, “Does anyone want a coffee?” asked Karen. Everyone said yes and she and Vicky went to get the coffees.

“Mom... ,” Brenda called her over before she left. “I want to let Dad feel my tits,” she whispered to her.

“You’re sure about that?” she asked and Brenda nodded, yes. Diane moved up and sat on Dan’s right.

“Man, it’s sure cold in here,” Brenda said shivering a little and cuddling in closer to her Dad. She smiled to him becoming braver looking down her top at her tits.

“It sure is,” he replied and rubbed her back through her coat to warm her up. Dan also rubbed Diane’s back for warmth.

Then he cupped his hands trying to keep them warm. Brenda took Dan’s left hand in her right. “Gee Dad, I thought my hands were cold, yours are even colder,” She then rubbed his hand between her hands trying to warm it up with friction.

“Dad, your hand is cold. I know a good way to warm it up,” Brenda snuggled in closer to his left thigh, taking his arm and putting it over her left shoulder. She draped his hand palm down on her chest just above the hem of her top. She slid his hand lower inside her top and bra onto her bare left tit.

“My tit will warm up your hand soon enough,” she said cupping his hand around her breast. The coolness of his hand made her semi-hard nipple grew harder. “It’s ok Dad, I want you to feel my tit,” she said thinking he might take his hand away.

“What about when your mom returns back?”

“It’s ok, Mom knows what I’m doing. I asked her and she said it’s ok and to go for it,” she smiled, gave her Dad a peck on the cheek and patted his hand on her tit.

Dan took a firmer grip on his daughter’s tit. He expertly rubbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He looked down her top and watched his hand knead his daughter’s full tit.

“See how hard you’ve made my nipple?” she said pulling her top out. Dan looked down and saw Brenda’s hard nipple encircled by his thumb and forefinger. Brenda was getting turned on and could feel her pussy beginning to moisten. A few people passed by below them and Brenda pulled her coat across to cover Dan’s hand. Diane could see Dan was feeling her sister’s tit and wanted her tits felt by him too.

Karen and Vicky soon returned with the coffees. Brenda let her coat fall to the side revealing Dan’s left hand down her top. “I see you’ve got yourself a good hand warmer Dan,” Karen teased seeing his hand inside Brenda’s top. She passed him and Brenda their coffees.

“I sure do. I’m quite surprised to say the very least,” he said sipping his coffee.

“Let’s have a peek see?” Karen asked leaning over.

“Sure Mom,” Brenda used her hand to pull her top out revealing her rock hard nipple encircled around Dan’s thumb and forefinger.

“Very nice, very nice indeed!” she grinned. Karen gave Dan a kiss on the lips and a great view down her top at her tits. “Dan, can you take your hand out of Brenda’s top then let me see you feel her tit again?” Dan did as he was asked. “Brenda, pull down the front of your top so I can see your dad feel your tit,” she directed.

Brenda pulled her top out and down showing Karen, Dan, Diane and Vicky her tit. Dan put his hand back on Brenda’s tit encircling the nipple then giving it a gentle squeeze. “I never expected to watch my husband feeling our daughter’s tit would begin to turn me on,” she confessed.

“Dad, I’ll keep your other hand warm for you,” Diane offered. She took Dan’s coffee from him sitting it on the cement floor. She cuddled in closer to him. Dan had to let go of Brenda’s tit as Diane put his right arm over her shoulder. Karen watched as Diane pulled the front of her pink top down and slide Dan’s hand onto her right tit. He encircled her right nipple giving her tit a gentle feel.

“I’ll say it again. I didn’t expect to watch my husband feeling our daughter’s tit would get to me like this,” Karen repeated.

“Jesus Mom, next thing you know, you’ll want to watch Dad fuck Diane and me,” Brenda blurted.

“Why don’t you just yell it to everyone seated around us, Brenda?!” Karen frowned.

“Sorry Mom,” she apologized.

“Look at me girls,” Karen started, leaning over on Dan’s knees for support and speaking in a low voice, “I’m letting your Dad feel your tits, for now, be grateful for that. Now letting your Dad fuck you both, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m not saying yes or no, just maybe.”

“Can we at least let Dad suck on our tits and French kiss him for now?” Diane wanted.

“Yes you can,” Karen agreed.

“So you’re saying at some point in the near future, you’re going to let Dad fuck Diane and me?” Brenda asked to make it clear for everyone.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to let Dad fuck you girls.”

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Brenda.

“Mom, you’re the best!” Diane exclaimed each hugging her.

“Can we at least feel Dad’s cock until he can fuck us?” Brenda pleaded.

“Okay nothing else,” Karen said, not believing what she was agreeing to with her daughters.

Meanwhile, Dan sat there with a blank stare and his mouth open. He couldn’t believe his ears at what Karen had just stated, “I get to fuck my daughters?” he thought.

“Better close your mouth Dad or I’ll have to stuff my tit in it,” Brenda jokingly exposed her right tit to him.

“Are you sure about this, honey?” Dan looked to Karen dumbfounded.

“I think I am.”

The ice cleaned and the players returned, the third period started. Karen turned around sitting beside Vicky. “I sure hope you know you’ve just opened a whole new can of worms,” whispered Vicky.

“I guess I have but I’d sooner know what the worms were doing rather than sneaking around behind my back,” she confided.

“Are you referring to Dan or the girls?”

“The girls, mostly.”

Diane and Brenda knew they had a good thing started and didn’t want to ruin it. For the rest of the game, Dan’s hands stayed warm as they equally shared letting him feel their tits. Dan would lean forward and make a comment to Karen making her laugh several times. Diane and Brenda were happy to see their mom smiling and laughing again.

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