My Korean Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Slut Wife, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Soldier married Korean prostitute. when he brings her back to USA she needs more sex than he can give. story has Male on Male oral sex near end of story.

There are men in this world who see pussy they want and seduce it. There are also men in this world who seduce as much pussy as they want, from as many different women as they want and then there are men like me, who seem to be unable or unwilling to seduce any pussy at all, that is unless I pay for it. Money is the great equalizer.

You’ve heard of the strong silent type well I seem to be the weak silent type even though I’m tall, well-proportioned and in good physical shape, I am far from confident when approaching females and I can’t tell you why. I just can’t seem to get into that space.

In almost all other situations I am a strong confident blue collar man. Secure in my ability to physically accomplish whatever task set before me, yet I shy away from confrontation and will capitulate more often than I will stand my ground.

So knowing all of those things about me would it surprise you if I told you that I was a virgin until the age of twenty two? No I didn’t think so. In fact I had never even had a girlfriend until I was twenty four.

Well there was that one time when Peggy Bland and I, at the age of ten, were sort of kissing in the back seat of my parent’s car while they were in Sears. She said she would be my girlfriend, but by the next day she had changed her mind so I don’t think that counts. I think I only had five very proper dates during high school and I didn’t go to my senior prom.

Now I know that sex and love aren’t the same thing, and even though up until now my loves, as brief as they were, were mostly unrequited and my sex life nonexistent other than some youthful experimentation with a fellow male misfit neighbor of the same age.

I was sort of aware that there were girls that wanted to date me. The problem was that the girls that wanted me ... I didn’t want them.

It was like that old saying, ‘I wouldn’t want to join a club that would want me as a member’.

It’s nineteen sixty seven, Vietnam is raging at its peak, so what do I do after high school? I joined the Army before my draft number was called, because it was the right American thing to do. Not only was I shy back then I was stupid too.

I went through basic training, specialist training as a wheeled vehicle mechanic and in the Army’s infinite wisdom, I was shipped off to Korea to an Armor outfit where I had to learn on the job how to fix tanks. Why I wasn’t sent to Nam I couldn’t tell you, but as I found out later, God or some greater force spared me the carnage and the cluster fuck that was Vietnam.

If you have never been in a place like Korea while in the military you might not understand the dynamics between the soldiers and local culture. The economy around any Army base, even in America, but more so in third world countries, (Which Korea was in 1967) were based on relieving the soldiers of their paycheck as quickly and as trouble free as possible. The two fastest ways of accomplishing this is through the use of alcohol and pussy.

So here I am a twenty two year old virgin in an environment where if you want to get your dick wet all you have to do is shell out a few hundred wan (About $8.00 American). In fact the ONLY way you could get your dick wet was to shell out the bucks, which leveled the playing field considerably from those who could seduce the ladies and those of us who couldn’t.

If you wanted the hottest best looking piece of ass in the herd you just coughed up more cash. Something I was not only willing to do, but I was able to do. Because all the time I didn’t spend dating and spending my money on girls back home, I was working and I saved quite a bit. So I had my mom send me a chunk of my savings and I bought the cutest little whore American dollars could buy.

Hae was her name. Hae eu Wong. She had the cutest face. She almost always wore her hair with two pony tails set high in the back on each side of her head. The first time I saw her I thought she was around twelve years old, when she was actually twenty. She is a small woman as most Koreans are and even though she is a tiny little thing her body is curved in all the right places.

Most adult Korean females have breasts that are small, usually “A” cup at best. Hea had healthy “B’s” I think she has some American blood running through her sexy body. Anyway, I was in this club and I spied her on the lap of a soldier I didn’t know, not that it would have mattered if I had known him. I was smitten at first sight. I stood by the bathrooms at back of the club praying that she would have to pee or something.

The stars must have been aligned in my favor because in only a few minutes she was prancing towards me with a huge smile that seemed to brighten the dark hallway I was standing in.

I stopped her and said. “I’ll give you twenty dollars to go with me right now.”

Surprised, she stopped, looked up at me and hesitated. Twenty was nearly three times the going price for a fuck.

Then she said. “I sorry GI, that my boyfriend.” And she pointed to the guy whose lap she had been sitting in.

In this situation “Boyfriend” meant that he was paying her a monthly sum to have her on call whenever he was able to get a base pass. The amount was usually based on the soldiers rank. Her boyfriend was a corporal so that meant that he was probably shelling out about fifty or sixty bucks each month.

I said. “I’ll pay more, you be my girlfriend.” In the common form of speech that was the best wat to be understood by the Koreans if you didn’t speak Korean and very few of us did.

Now she was interested. “He pay seven e fie dah lah. How much you pay?”

I guessed she might inflate his actual payment, but she was so beautiful I figured she just might be telling the truth.

“One hundred.” I offered.

Her eyes grew wide, then they narrowed. “I not know you. Sure you pay one month, but then go an I no see you no more.”

“I won’t.”

“How I know?”

“I guess you don’t. What would it take to convince you?”

“What mean ‘cron-vrinc’.”

“How much dollar make you believe?”

This caught her off guard. She looked me over. She saw that my rank was below her boyfriends. I could see the gears turning behind her big brown eyes. If I was for real then she wanted to extract as much as she thought she possibly could without scaring me off. On the other hand if I was just fucking with her she wanted me gone before the boyfriend discovered that she was even considering the deal.

She looked back where her boyfriend was sitting. He was laughing with his buddy.

She turned back to me and gazed deep into my eyes and said. “Tree hunnert dah lah. Give now. That for two month.”

I didn’t blink. “One hundred fifty a month is kind of high. I give three hundred now for two months and one hundred a month after that.”

She responded with. “One twen ne fie.”

“One ten.”

“One fit eeen”

“One ten.”

She looked at her boyfriend. “Ok, but you give Bobbe back his pussy money. It onry fair.”

I agreed and grabbed her hand, but she snatched it away. ““Tree hunert now.” and held out her hand palm up.

“shit.” I said. It wasn’t a good idea to let anyone see that you have a large amount of money. “Not here. Let’s go somewhere with less people.”

“Give now or I no go.”

I edged over into a darker corner and pulled out fifteen twenty dollar bills and handed it to her.

She counted it quickly and stuffed it into her panties, she didn’t have a bra. “Ok now go.”

What the money I just paid her was for the use of her living space and I could fuck her as many times as I could get it up as long as I was there. The deal was supposed to be exclusive. No one else was supposed to fuck her but me. But when you weren’t there you had no way of knowing who was getting into that pussy.

Now remember who we’re talking about here. I’m a twenty two year old virgin who is now getting laid on a regular basis and is spending time with and getting to know a woman on a level that is much deeper than I have ever done before. So what do you think happens? That’s right, I fall in love with her. Probably because she is the only female who has ever interacted with me on such an intimate basis, and she was the hottest fucking girl I had ever been around. So for those, and who knows how many other, I fell head over heels in love with her.

Now you have to understand another facet of the Army base / Korean whore culture. If you are a Korean whore and an American GI falls in love with you and wants to marry you, this is the equivalent of hitting the lottery and there’s only one major obstacle to overcome to make this union a reality and that is the U. S. Military complex.

They frown on the practice. In fact they make practically impossible for a soldier to marry a Korean national. They throw every obstacle that they can in front of you and do their best to split you from your intended and more often than not the Army succeeds in nipping the romance in the bud.

But in my case my love was too strong and as I battled my way through each of their barriers and when they realized that I was not going to cave against their objections, they began a campaign of enticing me to reenlist. Explaining that some of the many benefits of this would be a promotion, a substantial reenlisting bonus and most of all, (here comes the big lie). Your new whore wife will not fit in with the civilian population because they will not accept a slut/prostitute in their mists, whereas the military family already knows of and accepts these unions as part of the life of many service men.

Needless to say I swallowed their bullshit, hook, line and sinker. The truth was that we could have told a civilian population that she was a waitress or a school teacher in her homeland and they would have been none the wiser, but in a military setting everyone knew she was a whore and held that against her.

So we marry. I am promoted, I extend my tour in Korea, (another supposed benefit of enlisting) but nothing has changed as far as day passes are concerned and I can’t sleep overnight with my new wife.

Thus leaving my wife with a lot free time on her hands and a mama san who is encouraging her to fuck as many GI’s as she can to earn extra money, a portion of which goes into mama san’s pocket and the reality is, that I have no way of telling if she has succumbed to mama san’s pleadings or not and if you want the truth at the time, for me, it was like an out of sight out of mind kind of thing.

I mean I figured that she was screwing other GI’s, but that was what she was doing when I met her so no change no foul.

But the real test of our marriage was to come when we return to the states and I bring my new wife home to America.

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