Seeing All of Sis
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - That summer has started with me seeing my big sister - naked and doing things with her best friend that gave me very un-brotherly feelings for the both of them. You can read the first two parts of the story to see how we went from there to full on sex. It was a few weeks after that first fateful day that we realized our taboo lust had turned into something deeper. It was that same day that the worst thing that could happen, did happen - we were caught!

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Hello there! If it isn’t my favorite reader. Here for one more tale from that summer that changed my life? Where were we?

I had told you about my hot, big-tittied, big sister, Donna, and her sexy Vietnamese best friend, Cindi deciding to try some harmless experimentation. When I heard about that - because I had my ear pressed against my sister’s bedroom door - my teenage libido drove me to go climb the tree outside her bedroom window so I could see the beautiful sight.

It was an experience I still treasure, watching those two rub one out on my sister’s bed.

Then Cindi - after hearing about my big prick that Donna had seen while doing some of her own peeping - and I got to third base on the couch. It looked like she was going to let me go all the way until I let slip how I had seen them doing their thing. That slip of the tongue led to my first fitful night of pondering what it would mean to be caught.

Fortunately, after a heart-to-heart with my big sister - and our own mutual masturbation session - I seemed to be safe. Then I saved Donna from being date raped by a cro-mag who just so happened to be my best friend’s step-brother. She called me her hero, and in due time that put us on the road towards beautiful, incredible incestuous sex! It was a wet dream come true for this perv.

Our sexual experimentation continued that summer, although we both realized we had to keep it on the down low since it was incest. We tried new positions and introduced toys into our sex. While we had a lot of fun, I could tell that Donna and Cindi had unfulfilled desires. The only hitch - Cindi was still pissed at me for peeping on her. After a random encounter with her at the mall where she was doing some mid-summer job searching - an encounter that included no small amount of groveling on my part - Cindi got her revenge making me watch her and my friend Ted fool around in the movie theater.

Shortly after this, Mom went away for a conference, leaving Donna and I home alone for a week of fun and games. This was the perfect time to mend fences with Cindi and introduce a group element to our sexy fun time. I got to see Donna explore some lesbo fantasies and I gave Cindi her first deep dicking. Then our swinging circle grew later that week when Ted stumbled on us three in a compromising position. Our friends being involved actually made it easier for me admit to Donna that I had developed real feelings for her, beyond strictly sibling love and taboo lust. Fortunately, she felt the same.

We had snoozed after that encounter only to wake to Cindi’s phone. It was the Gap telling her she was hired and that they would like her to start that afternoon. The girls got all excited - squealing, hugging and jumping around. The fact they were still naked made it a great sight for Ted and me.

We didn’t have time for more sexy fun. Cindi had to go home and get ready. I talked with Ted some as we packed up the gaming equipment we had set up at the big TV in the living room and found out that he had asked for Cindi’s number. “I think I’m going to ask her out. You know, for real,” he said rolling up a power cord. “That’s cool, right? I mean, you and her - or her and Donna aren’t a thing, right?”

“No, it’s cool,” I said. “I think Cindi would like that.”

That afternoon, after our friends went home, Donna and I were cleaning up the house in preparation for Mom’s return the next day. We kept glancing and smiling at each other as we worked around the living room. She and I hadn’t really talked yet about our morning’s activities - what we did, or said.

When I came back from taking out the trash, she was doing the last of the dishes. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, enjoying the feel of her body against mine. Just this year I had overtaken my sister in height. Now my eyes could see over the top of her head, and my nose was buried in her thick red hair. I kissed the back of her head and nuzzled at her sensitive neck. Then I asked, “Can I take you on a date tonight?”

“A what?” She asked looking over her shoulder at me.

“A date. Dinner. Movie. Parking at lover’s lane. All that romantic shit,” I said.

“Why?” she asked turning around in my arms. Donna’s big boobs were still firm enough she often went around the house without a bra. Today was no exception and I could feel her nipples stiffening to dig into me.

“That’s what people in love do, right?” I asked back kissing the surprise off her face. I felt her wet hands soak my old Hawaiian shirt I always wore as a cleaning smock and she held me close.

When we broke the kiss, Donna said, “Yes,” there was a tear in her deep brown eyes. She wasn’t usually a girl who started crying over every little thing, but I took this tear as a good thing from the big smile on her face. “Tonight.”

“Tonight,” I said kissing the pale skin of her forehead, cheeks and nose making her giggle.

“Okay, Okay. Right now, you have to vacuum the living-room, buster. Hop too it,” Donna said pushing me away.

Always the big sister.

I had planned to wait until after our date for any more hanky-panky, but teenagers have trouble controlling themselves, as you may know.

As we got the house back to the spic-and-span shape Mom left it, Donna kept finding excuses to brush against me, or bend over in her Daisy Dukes. I also found lame excuses to lift heavy things when she was around, or give her a quick shoulder rub. We both found excuses to just be in the same room and would undress each other with our eyes.

So, before long we were back at it, this time in Donna’s room after an ill-conceived attempt to make the bed. My bed had been made with a lot of unnecessary caresses and kisses of various body parts. When we started on Donna’s bed I started to spin the bottom sheet in my hands looking for a corner when she yanked it away saying, “Let me do it, dweeb.”

“You’re the dweeb! It’s not like it is hard to make a bed,” I said tugging the fitted sheet back from her.

“It shouldn’t be, but you sure are making it take forever, dweeby-dweeberson!” she said and smacked me with one of the pillows.

“That’s it!” I grabbed her and started tickling her ribs, that were barely covered by a thin gray tank-top.

“Noooo!” she screamed and squirmed falling back on the unmade mattress. I continued my tickle torture until she was gasping between gales of laughter, “Stop ... stop ... I’m going to pee myself ... stop.”

She looked up at me from where she was pinned, and I skipped a breath because I saw it in her eyes: Love - real love, and desire.

My heart was pounding. I tried to chuckle and sound nonchalant. “So you will stop calling me dweeb?”

She grinned, and squeezed my arms. “Never. You are always going to be my dweeby little brother.” She leaned closer to me, pulling me down on top of her. “Want to know what else?”

“W-what?” I asked feeling intoxicated just from being around her all day.

She leaned still closer, until I could feel her breath on my lips. “First of all, I love my dweeby brother and his big sister-fucking cock. And second...”

Our lips met before she could tell me the second, and the lust built up by an afternoon of subtle teasing and the admission of requited love suddenly burst loose. Our hands were tearing at each other’s clothes, and we tumbled over each other trying to get bare skin against bare skin.

We rolled sideways onto the naked mattress and kept right on going, kissing each other hungrily. I found the clasp on her cutoff jean shorts and Donna lifted up far enough to let me snatch them off. Underneath them she wore only a pair of pink cotton panties with a visible wet spot growing on their gusset. Donna moaned as I rolled on top of her, her legs opening wide.

“Hold me up,” she panted, and as I did so she pulled her tank-top over her head, then flung it away. Her braless tits were still more magnificent than I could imagine. I had seen my sister naked a lot this summer, and she never failed to excite me with her teenage beauty. Her breasts were large and soft, but still rode high on her frame, and her pale pink nipples were hard and looked positively red on her smooth pale skin. Those nipples were thrusting up at me in a way that made my mouth water.

I bent down and suckled at those rosy nipples while squeezing the rest of her big boobs in my hands. With my teeth, I teased the hard tip on one tit and pinched and pulled the other. “Ooooo,” Donna moaned letting me know she liked the rough treatment I was giving her tits today.

I fumbled with the top button of my own shirt, but Donna wasn’t in the mood to wait. She grabbed it and tore my Hawaiian shirt open, sending the coconut buttons flying around her room, and pushed it back off my chest. While I pulled free of it, she attacked my shorts. By the time I’d discarded the shirt, my shorts were pushed down over my bare bottom and my cock was standing proud and free surrounded by a thicket of red pubes. Donna threw her arms around me and pulled me down on top of her.

We kissed again, breathing so heavily I thought we might suffocate each other. Somehow I kicked the shorts off my pale legs, and Donna began pushing at her panties, and a moment later we were finally naked.

I laid her down and took her breasts back in my hands, caressed them as I kissed her. Moving down, I took one nipple into my mouth, teasing it roughly again. Then the other, and Donna groaned and pressed my face into her soft tit. “Oh yeah, suck it Luke, suck my tits...”

Even though we had crazy sex with our friends this morning, animal passion overcame us again on her bed, and we couldn’t wait any more - at least I couldn’t. I raised up again, and my sister took hold of my cock with both hands. She looked up again, her eyes wide with excitement, and she kissed me deeply. She guided my big stiff prick into the gates of her gash, then held me there, rubbing the thick head up and down across her clit and the shaved lips of her puffy pussy.

A moan escaped her, and she shifted to whisper in my ear, “Fuck me Luke ... Oh God fuck me like you own me...”

As she brought my cock downward from her clit, I shoved it forward. Even after the past couple of weeks of constant sex, Donna’s pussy was a tight fit, but her fat lips spread to accept my prick, and my brain nearly shut off as the heat of my sister’s cunt enveloped me. Donna moaned again, and buried her face in my shoulder. I withdrew slightly, then thrust forward again, deeper into her. A third deep thrust brought me up all the way into her earning a bite on my shoulder from my feral sis.

I paused - with great difficulty - long enough to ask her, “Like I own you? You’re saying this cunt is mine?”

Donna kissed a trail across my cheek to my lips, then flitted her tongue into my mouth, teasing me. “Oh god yes, I’m all yours,” she breathed. “My cunt ... mouth ... everything! I want you to have all of me.”

I needed no more convincing. I pulled back, nearly pulling my cock out of her, then poised ready. Donna writhed under me, grinding her pussy forward. “Yes ... Oh God yes, take me please ... Oh little brother fuck me! Please fuck meeeeEEEEE!”

When I thrust forward, hard, and slammed my thick eight inches deep into her, Donna let out a small shriek. I nearly pulled away, afraid I had hurt her, but she reached up and grabbed my ass with both hands, then pulled me into her. She squealed as my cock battered her juicy twat again and again.

Donna shifted her hands to my back, and I drew back slowly. I rammed my cock deep inside my sister, and felt her cunt walls squeeze down as she came while I plunged in and out of her. Donna shrieked again, but the shriek turned into a prolonged groan of pleasure, “Oooooohhhhhh.”

That week we had almost forgotten to worry about being caught - and we would pay for that carelessness. But in that moment, being caught was the furthest thing from our minds. We were locked in to a loud animalistic fuck frenzy.

I was driving in and out of my sister with all my strength, her legs wide and high, pulling me into her. Even after fucking Cindi’s super tight cunny, I had never felt anything like my beloved sister’s pussy rippling around me - tight and wet and hot, pulsing and sucking at my cock. Her body began to tremble beneath me again, and she cried, “Luke I’m cumming ... Mmmmmm ... I’m cumming again ... Ooohhh God yes bro, cum with me...”

I never slowed, my cock still sliding in and out of her, but we kissed, long and hard, her hips grinding forward to meet mine as we fucked in rhythmic unison.

“I want your cum inside me on our date,” she gasped when we came up for air. “I want to feel you dripping out of me while we sit eating sushi or whatever. I love you,” and at this, she thrust her hips up to make her point, and I felt my eruption approaching. She put her face on my shoulder again, her arms and legs wrapped tight around me, moaning, “Cum inside me, little brother ... Oh Fuck ... Aaaaahhh ... cum inside me, OH YES! Oh, god I’m coming again! Luke, you are making me cum! YES! Cum in me!”

Her nasty talk and hungry cunt were pushing me faster and faster to the edge of a mind shattering climax - and suddenly, as I thrust as deeply into my sister’s dripping cunt as I could go, I felt myself crash over that edge, and my cum explode. I let loose a wordless cry as my spunk splashed big sister’s snatch again and again and again.

Donna must have felt it, because her cries also went up a pitch: “EEEEEEEEE! YES! Oh, fucking God Damn, I’M CUMMING! OH, GOD I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE ME!”

It felt like my cock pumped splooge into my sister forever, like it would never stop. I hadn’t cum like this since she had used her toy on me a few days ago. I held it buried to the hilt inside her for the first few streams, then resumed stroking it in and out of her, and Donna went wild beneath me. She was pulling me down on top of her, her tongue desperately seeking mine, her legs now locked behind me. My cock kept filling her with my seed, and her pussy grew wet and loose at last. Cum began to well up around my cock, a fresh flow each time I drove into her.

Who knows how long we were locked in that incestuous grip. When I could think again I was still lying on top of Donna - her legs still wrapped around my hips - wondering if I could stay hard and keep fucking her. Suddenly there was a sound at the bedroom door. It wasn’t loud, but it was unmistakable. We turned our heads to see what it could be.

The door was closed this time - unless they were up the tree, no one could have peeked in. But our loud cries and Donna’s insistent demands for me to cum in her left little question of what we were up to. We were both horror-struck when we noticed the door knob turning.

A brother and sister engaged in incest, lying on top of one another, naked in bed, about to be discovered by some unknown intruder while we were home alone - the shit doesn’t get much deeper than that, to say the least.

Maybe it was Cindi or Ted back for more. ‘We will welcome them with open arms and legs and keep fucking ourselves silly long into the night. Just let it be one of our friends, ‘ I prayed.

Like deer in headlights we watched the door open. For a split second, I thought of diving off the bed, but there wouldn’t be time even for that. I did roll off my sister, though, my soft cock popping from her cunt followed by a gusher of cum. I tried to shield her with my naked body and she clung to me, burying her face in my shoulder that still had a distinct impression of her teeth on it. And then, the worst-case scenario - what we feared most - happened.

We were caught - by our mother!

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