23 November 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, BiSexual, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Swinging, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Public Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On this day, Dan meets his new family. He and Karen are welcomed back to the Hen House. "Brad, Brenda and Diane, the reason that I asked you to be here is that I have something extremely important to tell you that will affect the rest of your lives."..."Well here goes. I have kept a secret from the three of you and it's time you knew the truth. I hope you can forgive me for never telling you about this until now."

Dan woke up in the morning sprawled out naked on an empty bed. For a moment he thought yesterday had all been a wonderful, sensual dream until he realized he was in a different bedroom. He dressed as best he could unable to find his work shirt. He went into the kitchen and where he found Karen and Vicky cooking breakfast.

“If I remember correctly, you like ham, mushroom and cheese omelettes?” Karen beamed turning her head to him.

“You haven’t forgotten,” he smiled coming up behind her at the stove, caressed her body and kiss the nape of her neck, “I love you!”

“I love you too, honey,” she turned to quickly kiss him. Dan looked down the deep V opening of Karen’s shirt at her tits, gave them a quick feel and kissed the other side of her neck. Vicky smiled at them as she poured three coffees.

Dan looked at his sexy girls. Karen was clad only in his old work shirt she had kept from his military days and it just barely covered her bare ass and sexy long legs. Vicky was proudly wearing his transit shirt, her ass and sexy legs also barely covered. Both had their shirts left open revealing the inner halves of their bare breasts.

“I guess I’ve lost another work shirt,” he joked giving Vicky a kiss on the lips.

“It appears so,” she replied returning his kiss.

“Now why is it that women, in a man’s shirt, look so fucking sexy?” he asked.

“I guess we just have the sexier bodies for it,” Karen answered, kissing Dan full on the lips.

“This is where they cut out a piece of your shirt to do the DNA test on you and the kids,” Karen remarked showing Dan a small hole in the underarm.

“I still can’t believe we had three children together!” his eyes brightly open with pride.

“You better believe it, my love. Your family just doubled in size overnight. Two more wives and three more kids!” and they laughed.

“I can hardly wait to see them again,” Dan anticipated. “After we eat, I should go home and clean off my driveway from last night’s storm. Why don’t you both come with me and I’ll show you my home.”

Karen called Diane and Brenda who were staying on campus, that she wanted to see them. “Diane and Brenda will be here at about noon. They’re studying for exams so can’t stay too long. Brad will be home around the same time. Then I’ll tell them all that you are their real father,” she beamed taking her love in her arms.

“I’ll leave you five alone so you can celebrate in privacy,” Vicky offered.

“You don’t have to go, honey,” Karen countered.

“Before we leave I do need to take a shower from the great sex we had last night,” Karen said.

“Same here,” Vicky added.

“A threesome shower just like old times?” he smiled.

Dan dove into his omelette like he’d never eaten one before. And the coffee tasted better than he makes, “Man, I sure missed your cooking Karen!”

“Thank you, honey,” she replied kissing him. Vicky looked from one to the other. She felt a little jealous seeing the obvious love Dan and Karen share. Maybe she’ll find her own true love again, just like Laura’s letter predicted.

“Remember Joyce from when the three of us would go grocery shopping?” Dan asked.

“Sure I do,” Karen said.

“She took over as Manger of the store when Laura was killed. She is now the Manager of the new store that I shop at. That reminds me, I should get some more groceries soon.”

After eating and doing the dishes, they took a sensual shower together. It was hard trying not to go back to bed and fuck Karen and Vicky. Dan waited patiently in the living room as Karen and Vicky finished getting dressed. Karen wore an extremely low-cut red top with a beaded choker. Vicky wore a choker also with a beige lace top that easily showed her pink bra and great looking tits.

“Wow!” Dan exclaimed his eyes practically popping out of his head, “Now how am I supposed to keep my eyes on what I’m doing with two great pairs of tits staring at me?” he kidded taking them both in his arms.

“That’s your problem honey,” Karen smiled teasingly at Dan. “It sure is nice to have a man around again to show off for.”

“I’ll certainly agree with that!” added Vicky.

They left in Vicky’s Hummer and stopped at the Coffee Cup so Dan could get his Mustang. “There’s somewhere I need to stop on the way home,” Dan said to Karen as they cleared the snow from the roof.

“I know exactly what you mean, Dan. I agree with you, we need to thank Laura for bringing us back together,” she mentioned for Vicky to follow them to the cemetery. All three gathered at Laura’s grave site and talked to her thanking her so much for reuniting them. It felt like to them that Laura was watching over them. They continued on to Dan’s house.

In all the celebrating of their reunion, Karen hadn’t asked Dan where he lived. He turned off the main road and into his subdivision. “Now this is a real coincidence. I come over here to drive around every few weeks. I’d park my car on Driftwood Crescent and walk up and down the sidewalks. I love the homes around here and dreamed of living in one someday. I’d even go to open houses when I saw one for sale,” Karen remarked recognizing different houses.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Dan exclaimed looking at Karen.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I live on Driftwood Crescent, number forty-three!” he said turning right onto Driftwood.

“Oh my god, I was so close to you and didn’t even know it!”

“Maybe you did know, sort of sensed it.”

“Maybe I did,” Dan parked on the street so he could snow blow the double wide driveway easier. “I’ve walked past your house many times before,” Karen was astonished.

“See ... we were meant to find each other,” he added. Karen ran to Vicky who had parked behind. She eagerly told Vicky about seeing Dan’s house before.

Dan led the girls through the front door. “Make yourselves at home. I’ll be finished in about an hour,” Dan put on his work clothes and began clearing the driveway with the snow blower. He looked up on one pass and noticed Karen and Vicky each with a shovel clearing off the front walkway.

When he finished and put away the snow blower, he saw the back deck was already cleared off, “Thank you for helping girls. Now that’s what I call teamwork!” he smiled kissing them both as they stood in the kitchen.

“It wasn’t right for you to do all the work. Besides it gives us more time for more important things,” Vicky said as the girls rubbed his chest and kissed him.

“We love your home and what a big kitchen! You even have a swimming pool in the back yard,” Karen noticed looking out the large window.

“How about a quick tour of my home?” he offered and showed them around. “The house was too big for just Laura and me after Doug joined the military but we loved the privacy the backyard gave us. We could swim nude and make love without being seen by our neighbours ... too much!” he admitted.

“But isn’t that part of the fun of swimming naked and fucking outside, the chance you might get caught?” Karen smirked.

“We certainly did that a lot, didn’t we Karen?” he replied remembering all the fun times they had together and she gave him a knowing grin.

The kitchen had a big center island for preparing meals and with a small table with four chairs against the wall and two skylights let plenty of morning sunshine into the room. The double door fridge, wall mounted stove and countertop range were all newer stainless steel appliances. In the far corner of the counter was a small TV.

Dan led the way down the hallway, “The Master Bedroom is huge!” smiled Karen.

“And there is a small balcony that overlooks the backyard,” he added. Karen noted a wall mounted TV across from the bed and a big walk-in clothes closet.

“The en-suite has a double sink, five-sided shower stall and a Jacuzzi tub that also overlooks the backyard,” he boasted. “There are two more rooms down the hall with another bathroom. And look at this,” Dan said opening a small square door in the hallway wall, “This is a chute that drops straight down to the laundry room. No more having to carry dirty clothes to the basement.”

“That sure would save a lot of time,” Karen commented.

The open concept living room and the dining room was a massive 120 by 80 feet. Centered on the far wall, a floor to ceiling rock fireplace and insert separated two couches and a love seat. The dining room area also overlooked the backyard with sliding patios doors.

The rec room also had another fireplace and a huge sixty-five-inch high definition TV. There were two couches and a love seat for TV viewing and entertaining. Patio doors opened onto the backyard and pool area. The basement had another bedroom, washroom, laundry room, storage and Dan’s work room.

“Want to see my Shelby?” he asked Karen.

“I’d love to!” Dan led them to the garage and uncovered his girl, “Oh Dan, she’s beautiful!” Karen exclaimed admiring the bright red paint with a wide white stripe down the middle.

“500 horsepower under the hood!” he boasted. He opened the garage door and slid behind the steering wheel. The heavy, thunderous engine came to life under his light touch.

“What a sweet sound!” Karen remarked as Dan revved the engine. The deep growl was perfect, “You’ll have to take us for a spin in the spring.”

“You bet I will. My two perfect girl’s in my perfect car!” he envisioned.

Dan was proud of his home and loved the layout of the rooms. Returning to the kitchen, Karen and Vicky looked out the window at the snow-covered swimming pool and backyard.

“What a beautiful place to live, isn’t it?” Vicky commented in a low voice, “Wouldn’t it great if Dan let us live here with him?”

“I never thought of where Dan and I will live after we’re married. I do agree with you, honey, this would be a great house to call home,” she whispered. She imagined her and Dan fucking beside the pool.

As if reading their thoughts, Dan came up behind them embracing their hips, “Imagine the three of us swimming naked and fucking in the warm sun. I can see you both naked and all lathered up with sun block. You wouldn’t have tan lines anymore.”

“When you went to get Laura’s letters, Vicky said you didn’t care much for the area you’re living in and the effect it was having on Brad. I live in a great neighbourhood, peaceful and its safe here. It’s very quiet living here just by myself and I have more than plenty enough room.”

“Karen, what would you think of making this your new home as husband and wife?” She and Vicky both turned to him smiling. “Brad could have his own room in the basement. Down the hall from the master bedroom could be Vicky’s room for nights she doesn’t want to sleep with us,” Dan explained looking to her.

“You’d want me to move in with you two?” Vicky couldn’t believe.

“In that case, I think I’ll want to sleep most nights with you two.”

“We already imagined living here, but knew the offer had to come from you,” Karen said.

“After all, we will be getting married, soon I hope. This would be your new home, Karen.”

“Do you think there’d be any room here for Brenda and Dianne? They only stay on campus because there’s no room for them at our place in town.”

“Sure they can. I certainly want all my family together. There’s another bedroom down the hall from Vicky’s”

“Thank you, honey, I know they’ll be happy to hear the news. I imagine we’d have to get a king sized bed for the three of us to sleep in and all our great fucking,” he smiled.

“We’d finally be the family we’re meant to be,” she smiled kissing Dan.

“I know you’d both have further to go to and from work and but living here would be worth it. Brad would have either a school bus ride or about a forty-five-minute walk to school.”

“Brad already takes a bus to school,” Karen turned and put her arms around Dan’s neck. She glanced at Vicky then back to Dan, “Honey we’d love to live here with you. When can we move in?” she smiled kissing him.

“The sooner the better,” Dan said holding out his right arm for Vicky. She came to him cuddling into his chest. He alternated kissing each girl. “I bet if you sweet talk your landlord, you can break your lease and be moved in before Christmas.”

“Wouldn’t that be fantastic?!” Vicky exclaimed. “I really appreciate the offer to live with you two. I know you didn’t have to include me in your lives that much now. I’ve sunk every penny I own into my new store so funds are real tight. I hope to own my own home someday,” she added kissing Dan again.

“I do agree, we’d need a king sized bed for the three of us to sleep in and lots of good fucking!” agreed Karen.

“Now, speaking of fucking, Vicky and I would love for you to watch us fuck each other. No other guy has ever seen us make love together and we want you to be the first,” Karen boasted.

“But I wouldn’t necessarily the last?” Dan kidded.

“Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?” Karen replied gently gripping Dan’s crotch in her right hand.

She turned to Vicky and they began to kiss. They undid each other’s blouses and took them off letting them fall to the floor. They fondled each other’s tits through their bras then unfastened them. Their bras joined the blouses on the kitchen floor as they kissed and fondled the other’s tits. Karen and Vicky each took Dan’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

Dan sat on the edge of the bed while Karen and Vicky kissed and caressed the other’s tits, then undid their jeans and slipped them off. Vicky laid Karen on the bed and crawled up between her slim legs. She immediately started eating her pussy like she had many times before and Karen showed her pleasure of Vicky’s tongue inside her.

“Come closer to me Dan,” Karen said motioning with her right forefinger and he came to her side. She leaned to her right and undid his pants. He slipped them off and she pulled him closer by his cock. Karen stroked his cock a few times them started sucking on him as Vicky continued to eat her pussy. Dan closed his eyes enjoying the warmth of Karen’s sensual mouth around his cock.

“Shush!” whispered Karen letting Dan’s cock slip out of her mouth, “I hear voices!”

“Hello, Dad, where are you?!” a woman’s voice yelled.

“You remember my daughter Cathy, that’s her,” Dan said in low voice.

“Are you okay?” Cathy called louder.

“I’m okay, be right there!” Dan shouted from behind the bedroom door trying to dress quickly.

“Our bras and tops are still in the kitchen!” Vicky’s exclaimed hoarsely.

Dan hurried out to the kitchen, pulling his T-shirt down over his head and he noticed Cathy. Her husband, Ben, was sitting at the kitchen table holding Karen and Vicky’s bras he’d picked up off the floor.

“I’ve been worried sick about you!” Cathy said coming to him, giving him a kiss and hug. “I’ve been trying to call you since last night and all I got was the answering machine and you didn’t answer your cell phone,” she said taking off her coat.

Cathy was so beautiful and sensual, closely resembling her mother. Her figure made an ordinary sweatshirt and jeans look sexy. Dan was reminded of how often Cathy and Laura had been mistaken for sisters.

“The battery in my cell phone went dead last night. I was using it more than I expected. Besides, I didn’t spend the night at home,” he admitted.

“I had Ben come over with me to check up on you. You had me so worried! If you weren’t home I was calling the hospital.”

“You worry just like your mother used to,” Dan smiled. “I was at the hospital last night but not because of me.”

“I’d say by the looks of these... ,” Ben smiled, holding the two bras and winked at Dan. “I don’t think we have to worry at all about you, Dad. Here we were trying to get you to go out on dates. I didn’t expect you to be doing two women at the same time. Way to go, Dad, I think I’m jealous!”

“Oh, Ben! You men all you can think about is sex!” exasperated Cathy rolling her eyes.

Dan grabbed their bras from Ben, who gave him another wink and picked up the blouses. “Be right back,” and he disappearing to the bedroom. He handed the girls their clothes and they quickly dressed. “Come on, I guess it’s time you meet some of my family again. You haven’t seen Cathy in about five years,” he said comforting them as they dressed.

Dan led the way and had them stay in the hallway, “I guess you picked up a couple of sluts to fuck did you Dad?” Cathy jeered. “What would Mom think?”

“To tell you the truth, your mom sort of had something to do with me meeting these two beautiful women and they’re not sluts, far from it! Now please mind your manners!”

“Sorry Dad,” Cathy apologized.

Dan held out his right hand and Vicky entered the kitchen with an embarrassing smile. “This beautiful woman is Vicky Munroe. I met her last evening and yes, we spent the night together. This is my daughter Cathy and her husband Ben.”

Ben stood from the kitchen table and came over offering his hand. “Nice to meet you,” he smiled admiring the deep cleavage of her lace top and bra that barely held her tits in place.

Dan glared at Cathy. “Nice to meet you, Vicky,” she offered, reluctantly also shaking her hand.

“Dan and I sort of met by accident last night,” Vicky punned smiling at him.

“Yeah, really by accident!” he agreed, hugging her close to his side.

“Dad, I can see you haven’t lost your touch for finding beautiful women!” Ben complimented winking at him and gazing at Vicky’s shapely figure.

Dan held out his right arm into the hallway again. “And this person, I’m certain you remember.” he smiled. Karen came into the kitchen taking Dan’s right hand.

“Oh my God, Aunt Karen!” Cathy exclaimed hurrying over to give Karen a big, big hug, “I’ve missed you so much!”

“Same with me Cathy, honey. I’ve missed you too! You have turned into such a beautiful woman. Do you ever look like Laura?” Karen replied hugging and kissing her.

“You haven’t changed a bit, Karen! You certainly are Meg Ryan’s twin sister!” Cathy complimented.

“And look at you all grown up now and married!” Karen beamed hugging her and admiring her figure. Karen’s low cut red top barely covered her tits. Ben smiled, enjoying looking between Karen and Vicky and the deep cleavage they revealed.

“But how did you find her?” Cathy asked. Dan put his right arm around Karen’s slim waist, then his left around Vicky’s.

“Like I said a moment ago, your mom had everything to do with us getting together again.” Dan took out his wallet and showed Cathy the letter from Laura. “Your mom wrote me this letter just over a month before she was killed,” he said unfolding it. “Karen and Vicky also received a letter from Laura.”

They took out their letters from their purses. Dan read his letter to them leaving out the parts about any sex.

“So you and Dad will be getting married?” exclaimed Cathy. Karen nodded yes, beaming the biggest smile since their three children were born.

“Yes we are!” she smiled placing her right hand across Dan’s stomach. “I’m just waiting for my marriage proposal,” She looked at him, her eyes sparkling with so much love for Dan.

“And Vicky, Diane, Brenda and Brad are going to live here too,” Dan said hugging Vicky tightly and showing she was also part of the family.

“Thank you, Dan,” she said softly kissing his left cheek.

“So I won’t have to call you Aunt Karen anymore?” she wondered.

“No you don’t, just Karen would be fine., she smiled.

“Actually, if you don’t mind I’d prefer to call you Mom,” Cathy stated tears beginning to pool in her eyes. “After all you’ve been just like a mom to us kids all our lives for so long, it may as well now be official,” she smiled hugging Karen.

“Thank you so much, Cathy, I’d love you all and be very proud to have you call me Mom,” she said wiping another session of tears from her eyes.

Karen then read her letter out loud followed by Vicky. She purposely left out the part about Karen’s kids being Dan’s. Cathy happened to look at her Dad’s left hand and noticed that his wedding rings were now on his right hand.

“Should I tell her that Diane, Brenda, and Brad are our kids?” Dan whispered to Karen.

“I’d rather have them find out from us first if you don’t mind.”

“I completely understand that and respect your request,” he replied kissing her.

“Dan honey, I don’t mean to rush things but we’re supposed to meet the kids for twelve and it’s eleven thirty,” Karen whispered.

“You’re right,” he replied looking at his watch. “As you can plainly see, I’m doing just great. Now if you don’t mind Cathy, Karen and I have a very important meeting to attend.”

“Okay then, promise that you’ll call me soon?” Cathy asked.

“I’ll make sure he does Cathy,” Karen supported.

“Thanks, Mom.”

“I love being called Mom already!” she beamed and everyone said their goodbyes.

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