Miami Beach Hotel Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She blended in with the rich and famous like she belonged there as a birthright. Her roots of clay were well hidden under the facade of perfect beauty.

Carla Fuentes was just another one of a crowd of nubile young things looking to make a fast buck on the golden strip of fast cars, fast boats and fast women with a cash register deep inside instead of a soul.

At least, that is what the concierge at the Miami Beach Hotel thought the first time he saw her boosting drinks in the outdoor Tiki bar right next to the salt water pool. She was dressed in a red bikini, shook her sleek buttocks standing tall over “fuck me” six-inch heels and had a body that made men’s heads turn even if they were sitting right next to their long-time spouses.

That same concierge, Mickey Jones, remembered his “early warning” brain housing group put her down as “Trouble” with a capital “T” and in dire need of constant watching. Still, he made no move to evict her from the playground of the rich and deplorable because she obviously had tangible feminine assets, certain to be in constant demand by his regular guests, regardless of the risk involved.

He knew that she knew he was watching her and she did her best to ignore the challenge pretending that she was perfectly entitled to be sitting between a real estate mogul from New York City and a race track owner from Tennessee. The fact that she was the seventh daughter of an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic and had only recently turned eighteen was totally unimportant in her one-track mind. What was important was that she had probably the tightest pussy sitting in the pool area and she knew how to use it to get what she wanted.

The race track owner from Tennessee was primarily interested in her because she had that combination of dark skin tone and refined European features that made her unique in a land that placed priorities on the size of breasts and the bounce of buttocks as a young girl simply walked on the side of the pool. Of course, Carla could hold her own in that department, but her added high fashion model looks and firmly toned dark skin made her desirable to most males with an urge to explore the limits of sensuality.

He amplified his listening device to listen in on the conversation with the two marks sitting in the lounge chairs. They were flush with that confidence of lots of money and the good fortune to screw dozens of willing females from hedonistic Manhattan to depraved San Francisco. A tale of two cities, different in so many respects, but still identical with the tangled webs of sin and shame that robbed the innocent of their dignity and rewarded the elite with the taking of their saddened souls. These “jet-set” girls were no less than clones with pussies. Pussies controlled by pretty young things with ambitions to be successful and make some dough at the same time.

Carla was no exception to that motivation, but she had the excuse of inexperience and a stressful childhood endured through no fault of her making. Her mother had happily pushed her out the door as soon as she graduated from high school because the small apartment was so crowded and she was too much competition for the “Johns” she attracted to make ends meet.

“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing in Miami Beach, honey?”

The question from the New York City millionaire was direct, but, in all honesty, Carla liked that kind of interrogation because she could pretend to be a little unsure of herself and the rich pricks would snatch her up like she was a perk for afternoon bedroom entertainment. She didn’t have any problem about that just as long as it was established she wasn’t doing it for love or out of stupidity like some half-tanked college girl from Gainesville or Tallahassee looking for some laughs. She took pride in the fact that she was the ultimate professional and delivered a special product that guaranteed satisfaction.

Some of these poolside guys would leave a tip bigger than what most “corner-girl” joy-girls considered a fair price for doing the “Texas Two-step” in any position humanly possible. From Carla’s point of view, she avoided that sort of thing, because it was mostly organized now and she didn’t want to be literally “busting her ass” for some jerk pimp with flashy clothes and an attitude that was all “me, me, me 24/7” with rules that made her nothing less than a piece of meat and no longer human. Hitting the hotel strip was her bag and she loved the mixture of reality and fantasy. She was mixed in with the rich and famous and it was hard to tell if she belonged or not. If the judging was based on beauty alone, she was at the top of the heap, but she fully recognized she was ultimately an outsider and she feared people like the fucking concierge that had her number and smiled at the fact she knew he was on to her like a step-daddy with a thick leather belt.

Carla was paying a lot more attention to the big city high roller now because he was fixated on her boobs in a way that she instinctively knew meant he could be manipulated into almost anything. His wife was already into her fourth margarita and looked on the verge of slipping into one of those poolside comas that the staff referred to as the “happy hour” nap. She felt a twinge of pity for the poor thing, but business is business and the rent had to be paid on time no matter what one’s personal feelings dictated.

“Just call me Gino, honey. You sure got some tush on ya. Don’t worry about mama there; she is heading to la-la land on the express track. Have you ever been to New York City?”

Carla decided to answer that one in the negative hoping for a quick invitation to take a shower in the big man’s penthouse unit. Her trips north were to give cover to her mother delivering product to some bastard using her for transporting his stuff to a client out on “the island”. The island was bigger than the city itself and stretched over one hundred miles with shitty highways and the slowest train in the world. It was like a carnival of suburbia with people like ants, always in hurry, and never slowing down to look around them.

Somehow, the dirty-talking Gino got the message she was available for a modest reward and he hustled her into the elevator wearing a sheer ankle length robe over her revealing bikini. The staff had big-time smirks on their faces knowing she was taking the much older man upstairs for a ride he would never forget if he survived. She knew the elevator had a pair of cameras that worked real fine, but she didn’t object when he grabbed her ass cheeks and started to maul them with his surprisingly strong hands.

She was forced to giggle from his intensity.

Gino was like some little boy in a candy store and no will power to resist stuffing his mouth with the goodies. He was turning out to be a typical “date” in the afternoon and she hoped he was one of those quick release guys that would just hop on and do their thing and then want to get her out of the room and out of their life forever. That was just fine with her because she certainly didn’t want any complications of the amorous kind. She had gotten into a couple of situations like that and it never turned out well. Usually, it was her fault because she had obsessed on the size of the guy’s equipment or the way that he used it and managed to hit all her trigger points with unerring accuracy. She knew she had a weakness in that way and it was similar to the way her mom went through “uncles” like they were a never-ending supply of drugs to keep her snatch in a constant state of “happy endings”. Some of those same “uncles” had hit on her like she was a bonus that came with her mom’s pussy rights, but she seldom gave them anything, except the occasional covert feel, when her mom wasn’t looking.

Gino was fumbling with the key card and she took it from his hand and opened the door allowing him free range all over her almost naked backside with both greedy palms. At this rate, they wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom and the huge circular bed she had already seen a few time this summer.

“You know, Gino, I shouldn’t be here because I got to raise some quick cash to pay my mama’s rent today. She needs five hundred or we are out on our ass on the street before dark. Any chance you can help me out with a temporary loan. I will be ever so grateful.”

Carla knew he was eager by the fact he didn’t hesitate to break out his wallet and peel off five bills and push them into her bra taking enough time to fumble all over her boob “accidently” on purpose.

A quick glance down below assured her that all systems were go between his hairy legs and she gave him a lot of wiggle walking down the hallway into the big room with the white fluffy carpet.

She felt his weight on her back and shoulders before she could make it to the bedroom and she knew with a certainty that this round would be down on the carpet on her elbows and knees letting him spread her cheeks like he either owned them outright or had paid for full rights of rental.

“You need to put on a rubber, baby. This place fills a little shell with various ones in the bathroom as a courtesy for all guests.”

Thankfully, Gino didn’t ask where she got her knowledge from and just returned with a couple of them in his paw like the winner of some erotic lottery. She had removed her sheer ankle length robe from the pool and her thin bra and thong as well. They were stuffed along with the five bills in her high heels. She always left her small purse with the inhaler for her asthma and the keys for her car under the front desk counter. It was safe there because the staff was well-paid and as honest as the day was long.

She didn’t like it when Gino started to spank her ass without asking first. In her book, that was a bit of an insult because she might have one of those days when she was not in the mood. At first, she started to say something, but his rough hands and his obvious glee at giving her what she probably deserved anyway was enough to keep her silent and submissive to his expressive demands. After that slow reddening process, he continued by prodding and probing both of her openings leaving her in some doubt as to where he was planning to make his first entry.

Carla hoped the middle-aged man wasn’t one of those ass-fixated freaks that only wanted to degrade and humiliate women in the worst way possible. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt his bullet-head push inside her feminine folds with a determined thrust that splashed inside with definitive authority.

“Oh my God, Gino, what are you packing back there? That feels like some monster, I got to tell you. Push it in deep, baby, and show your Carla she has to take it all the way.”

The full weight of his huge belly and thick muscular legs had her pinned down on the fluffy white carpet now and she knew there was no escape even if she was so inclined. The man from New York pounded her relentlessly getting his money’s worth in her youthful flesh right in the middle of the room. A silent cam hidden in the ceiling vent recorded the entire event for use in any case involving the hotel liability at a later date. Of course, such recordings were more for the enjoyment of the concierge or one of the perverted staff to watch when things got slow in the middle of the night.

Gino finished with her rather abruptly and quicker than she really wanted all things considered. Fortunately, he was not fully finished with her because he pulled her into the shower and they stood under the driving pellets of warm liquid as he arose again from the ashes of copulation and now began to rub dangerously inside her dark and mysterious posterior crack.

She knew what he wanted and it filled her with revulsion because she was really not into such business on her own accord. Still, she knew the best solution was the least line of resistance and bent forward to grasp the tiled wall in front of her as he entered her anal portal slowly from the rear.

“Oh, shit, mister that feels so good. I don’t even let my boyfriend back there, except on his birthday. That’s so big and you make me feel stuffed and stretched until I can’t go any further.”

Gino like that kind of talk and it was not much later when he started to whimper and make strange sounds with each hard thrust into her pretty bouncing cheeks. Even Carla didn’t care that he had forgotten put on a condom because the draining into her void was the very best ever.

As expected, Gino gave her the “bum’s rush” out the door and she made a bee-line to the car and the short trip home to put the “rent” money into her mom’s cookie jar for a rainy day. Her ma usually “paid” the rent in a different way entirely.

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