22 November 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Humor, Tear Jerker, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On the first day of this series, Dan Hayward returns to the intersection where a tragic car accident three years ago, killed his beloved wife, Laura. Little did he know that fate was about to change his life forever. Dan reconnects with a lost love and has the opportunity live and love again. "Where did you get this?!" she demanded sharply. "Only one other person has this picture!" Vicky looked to her right at Dan standing with his back to the wall. "From him..."

The weather had been extremely cold for the small city of Trenton in southern Ontario for this time of year and Dan Hayward was already using his outdoor swimming pool as a skating rink. The heavy snow continued to fall as Dan walked passed the last two houses on Station Street to his parked car. He enjoyed walking along this street and others in the area of older homes no matter what time of year it was. The land was nice and flat compared to the hilly area where he lived.

A road construction detour last November had put him onto this normally quiet street and now Dan considered Station Street to be the most beautiful street in town next to his. Each home was the old fashion stately two-story design that he liked. Many of the homes were already decorated with Christmas lights, taking advantage of the early winter with each house looking as if it came right out of a magazine.

He let out a sigh of contentment as he cleared the snow off his 2006 yellow Mustang GT. He sometimes regretted buying a standard shift car, but the throaty rumble sound he gets from his modified muscle car made it worthwhile. Besides, the horsepower of the red beast sitting in his garage, made summer driving more enjoyable.

“Practice what you preach,” he said to himself as he bared the metal of his car to the early evening. This amount of snow for late November was unusual and winter was still over a month away. Dan felt good that he’d put four snow tires on his trusted steed last weekend.

Dan Hayward’s six-foot frame easily cleared the roof of his car of snow. At fifty-two, he was in very good shape for his age. He enjoyed playing recreational hockey, took Tai Kwon Do lessons, doing a little woodworking and some bowling in his spare time but was missing female companionship. Retired from twenty-seven years in the military, Dan now filled his days with his second career working for Metro Transit as a bus driver.

His dark brown hair was slightly graying at the temples and his laugh lines were setting in a little deeper now and framed his hazel green eyes. At his age, he still receives compliments about his looks and how he strongly resembles a forty-year-old Tom Hanks from his movies, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail.’

He was thankful the weather was clear this morning when he visited his wife’s gravesite. He had thought of going Christmas shopping after work for his three grown kids and grandson but with the snow that had already fallen, he decided to just go home, heat up some leftovers, do some woodworking and watch the hockey game on TV. He had only one more stop to make, to visit the two crosses, before heading home.

Dan turned right onto Jackson Blvd, a busy four-lane road and drove two blocks to the intersection of Jackson and Kent. He parked his car at Anderson’s variety store and turned off his car. In the silence, he could hear the beginning of ice pellets hitting the car just as had been predicted. Dan leaned his head against his hands on the steering wheel, pushing his ball cap backward. The happiness of walking on Station Street was now replaced with sorrow.

November 22nd is widely remembered as the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. It is also the same day, three years ago Dan’s beloved wife Laura, was killed at this very intersection. He can still remember the newspaper article of the accident in his mind as tears began to well in his eyes.

A tractor trailer driver had missed a stop sign and collided with another tractor trailer traveling on Jackson. The driver lost control and the rig tipped over landing on Laura’s car as she waited at a red light. The weight of the steel cargo crushed her car flat, instantly killing her and their dog Max. Laura had taken Max to the vet for his annual check-up and shots and was returning home. The accident also killed the man who was sitting in his car alongside Laura’s.

The truck that caused the first collision was determined to have faulty brakes. The trucking company had been fined before for similar infractions and the monetary settlement for Dan’s out of court lawsuit settlement did little to make up for the loss of his beloved Laura. Tears flowed freely as Dan grieved once more for the loss of the love of his life. There was only one other woman Dan had loved as much as Laura but he had lost contact with her about five years ago.

Dan’s grief was interrupted by the blaring of a car horn followed by the unmistakable sound of metal hitting metal. The last thing her heard was the scream of a woman cut short. Dan looked through the windshield and saw cars braking and trying desperately to stop on the slippery, snowy road. He got out of his car and ran to the street. He looked to his right and saw the accident scene.

He ran carefully on the slick road to the crumpled car sitting in the middle of the intersection. The hood and fenders of the Ford Fusion were crushed in and steam was rising from the punctured radiator. The other vehicle, a Chrysler minivan, was on the other side of the intersection its left rear suspended high on a snow bank.

Several people had already gathered around the first car as Dan approached. “Has anyone called 911?” he asked peering in the driver’s window.

“I am right now,” a woman replied holding a cell phone to her right ear.

A man pulled on the driver’s door but it wouldn’t open. “Ma’am, unlock your car!” Dan yelled to her. She unlocked the door and the man opened it. The air bags had deployed to cushion the impact and her crying was mixed with hysterical laughter.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. My baby was crying because she had dropped her bottle and I was trying to pick it up off the floor and give it to her,” she explained. “It took the crash for her to finally be quiet,” she added laughing and crying together.

“That’s okay Ma’am, the reason why isn’t important right now,” Dan replied. “I know first aid and I’m here to help you until the paramedics arrive.”

“The dispatcher says the ambulances will be here as soon as they can. The snow has really made it difficult to get around.” the woman said to Dan closing her cell phone.

“Are you hurt?” Dan asked reaching over and shutting off the car’s ignition.

“My head hurts and my neck too,” she complained placing her right hand behind her neck. “My stomach and right shin hurt too.”

He thought the tightening of the seatbelt during the collision could have injured her, “My name is Dan, what’s yours?”

“I’m Sarah,” she answered.

“Hi Sarah, you’ll be alright,” he said trying to calm her.

Dan glanced behind the driver’s seat and looked at the baby. She was about a year old and sat quietly looking curiously at all the strangers around her.

Dan peered through the passenger window across the intersection and saw the other driver getting out of her minivan. “Does anyone here know first aid?” he asked.

“I know a little,” a man answered slightly raising his hand.

“What’s your name?”


“Bob, can you go over and see how the driver of the minivan is?” Dan gestured with his head.


“If anyone has a car parked close by can you please move them so the police and paramedics can get in? And I need you and you to keep the traffic going so the road isn’t blocked.” Dan pointed and the two men moved off quickly.

Dan’s years of Military experience were evident as he took control of the accident scene until the police could arrive. Over the years he had taken many first aid courses and this was the first time he was using his skills at a real accident. He could feel the thumping of his heart and he took in several deep breaths trying to calm down.

“Can you get in the back seat and sit with the baby until help arrives?” he said to another woman. Dan moved to the back seat behind the driver and gently held her head in place. “Ok, just stay like that,” he said placing his hands on the sides of her head.

The woman helper gave the baby bottle to the girl and started talking to her. “Do you have any allergies or medical problems, Sarah?”

“No, I don’t.”

“What’s you baby’s name?”


“That’s a nice name. My daughter is named Cathy also.”

The driver of the mini-van was walking around her vehicle inspecting the damage it suffered when she let out a loud shriek, “Help, help over here!” the woman yelled.

Bob ran the last few steps around the rear of the van and the woman pointed down at the sidewalk. “My van must have hit her when I spun out from the collision,” she said beginning to sob. The man bent down and quickly observed the woman lying on the ground then ran back to Dan.

“What is it?” Dan asked as Bob returned.

He whispered in Dan’s left ear, “The mini-van must have struck a woman on the sidewalk. I think she might be dead.”

“Here, you hold Sarah’s head just like this and I’ll check it out.”

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked looking worried.

“I’m just going to check on the driver of the other vehicle, that’s all,” Dan replied not wanting to upset her even more. As Dan got out of the back seat he bumped into the woman who had called 911. She could read the concern on Dan’s face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked starting to follow Dan across the intersection. The woman held out her hand for Dan to take so she wouldn’t fall down.

“Hi, I’m Vicky,” she smiled.

“Hi, I’m Dan.” Vicky’s long brown and blonde hair flowed out the sides of her hood as she held on tight to Dan’s hand for balance.

“How many ambulances did they say they were sending?” Dan asked Vicky as they ran across the intersection, “Two.”

“You’d better call them back to send another ambulance,” He approached the other driver standing in a driveway.

Dan noticed a woman in a light blue coat lying face up on the sidewalk. He quickly knelt by her and began to assess her condition. He noticed she was unconscious and gently brushed her blonde hair away from her face to reveal her features. He noticed several scrapes and a small cut on her right cheek.

He looked at her wrinkling his brow, “Doris, is that you Doris?” He was sure this was the same woman he quite often saw walking her dog on his bus route. He didn’t know her real name, so he nicknamed her Doris, because of her blond hairstyle and facial features reminded him of the actress Doris Day.

Dan quickly said the ABC’s of first aid to himself, Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. He couldn’t tell if Doris was breathing and leaned over putting his right ear to her mouth. At the same time, Dan felt her left wrist for a pulse. Was it her pulse he felt or his own quickened by adrenalin? He pressed two fingers to her neck and was sure he felt a faint pulse. He opened her coat to her stomach to see if there was any movement. She definitely wasn’t breathing. How long had she gone without a breath, three minutes, maybe four?

“They’re sending a third ambulance,” Vicky stated nervously to Dan and keeping the 911 operator on the line. “But they’ll be about another ten minutes. The roads are bad and there’s another accident slowing them down.

“Tell them she isn’t breathing and doesn’t have ten minutes!” Dan exclaimed.

He didn’t have time to check her for a neck injury and tilted her head back to see if that opened her airway, nothing. He could feel his heart pounding as he pinched off Doris’s nose, pulled out on her chin and opened her mouth. Dan formed a seal with his lips and blew a breath into her mouth. The air was immediately pushed back out.

“What the heck did I do wrong?” he said out loud and redid the steps. The air came back out again, “Stupid, you forgot to check her mouth for anything in the way!” he muttered at his mistake.

Dan opened Doris’s mouth and peered into the darkness. All her teeth seemed in place so no dentures. “I can’t see her tongue,” he said squinting his eyes as if that would let him see better. He got an idea and fumbled in his pocket taking out his cell phone. He opened it and shone the blue light into Doris’s mouth, “Oh my god, she swallowed her tongue!” he cried loudly and putting his phone away.

Dan and Vicky were oblivious to the small crowd of onlookers that had gathered.

Vicky repeated Dan’s comment to the operator, “They said to try the Heimlich Maneuver.” she relayed back from the 911 operator.

“I don’t think I can get her into a position to do that!” Dan quickly checked Doris’s wrists and neck for any signs of a medic alert bracelet in case she might have a medical condition. He didn’t find anything but noticed that her left hand was bare and the right one had on a blue glove.

“Try giving her five sharp blows between the shoulder blades,” Vicky passed on from the 911 operator.

Dan turned Doris onto her left side. He used the heel of his right hand to give her the five needed blows between her shoulder blades as best he could. There was no response from her. Dan rolled her onto her back, opened her mouth as far as he could and inserted his left forefinger.

“Please forgive me if I hurt you,” he said trying to grab her tongue. Her tongue was slippery and difficult to grasp. Thinking he had to hold it, Dan pinched two fingers together and pulled back. He had a small portion of her tongue but it slipped from his grip. Dan pushed his fingers deeper into Doris’s mouth pinched and pulled back. Success! Doris’s tongue fell into place.

Dan quickly put his mouth to Doris’s and pinching her nose blew a breathed into her. He released and watched her chest just as he’d been taught. Doris’s chest rose and fell as Dan felt her breath against her right ear. Dan put his two right forefingers under the base of her jaw to detect any pulse.

Was that her pulse or his ... he didn’t know. He repeated his actions again watching her closely. Doris’s airway was open but she wasn’t breathing. Dan put his left ear to her chest. He couldn’t hear any heartbeat. He landmarked his spot with crossed hands and began chest compressions on her.

“One, two, three... !” he started counting, her chest caving under his pressure. Vicky watched earnestly at Dan’s attempt to save this unfortunate woman. “ ... Twenty-nine, thirty!” he gave Doris another two breaths, “Come on Doris!” Dan yelled urging her to breathe. He checked her pulse. He couldn’t tell if it was her pulse or hers on his fingertips.

He did another round of chest compressions followed by another two breaths. Virtually out of breath himself, he heard a garbled gasp followed by Doris heaving, coughing and throwing up. He tilted her head away as she threw up again.

“That’s gross,” Vicky said wrinkling her brow.

“It may be gross but it means she has her gag reflex back,” Dan explained.

“She’s breathing!” she yelled into the phone, “He’s got her breathing again!” Vicky exclaimed.

“She’s breathing but still unconscious,” Dan observed and she told the operator.

Dan straightened up on his knees and took several deep breaths. He couldn’t help notice Vicky standing across from him. She was wearing black loafer shoes and had long slender legs covered in dark pantyhose. Her skirt or dress must have been the same length as her coat or shorter. Her legs met the hem of her brown coat halfway between her knees and thighs. Her coat had fur around the hem, cuffs, and hood.

The bulge in the front of her coat hinted that Vicky had a decent sized chest on her. She would brush her hair away from her face revealing features that appeared beautiful even in the evening streetlights. Vicky would either put her bare hands in her pockets for warmth or hug herself. She and Dan exchanged glances, as she’d try to keep warm.

Dan reached into his coat pocket taking out his car keys, “Can you do me a favour?” he asked looking up at Vicky.

“Sure, anything you want?” she replied meeting his eyes.

“Can you go to the yellow Mustang parked around the corner and get me a blanket out of the trunk?” Dan said holding out his car keys to her.

“I’d be happy to help you any way I can.”

“Maybe you should grab another blanket for yourself. You look cold and those beautiful legs of yours must be freezing,” he said looking at her legs once again.

She leaned over and in a low voice so no one else standing by would hear her. “I’d sooner have a man with nice hot hands rubbing my legs to keep them warm” “God I can’t believe I said that,” she said to herself. Vicky took the keys and hurried to Dan’s car smiling that he had at least noticed her legs. In the meantime, Dan took off his coat and covered Doris.

He watched Vicky walk away towards his car raising his eyebrows in approval. She was feeling drawn more to Dan by the minute. Maybe it was how he took control of the accident scene and was helping the woman on the ground, yet still showed concern for her. Vicky’s comment to him about rubbing her legs was a bit bold to say, considering the circumstances but she was glad she’d said it to him.

Vicky hadn’t been fucked in about three months, which must be a personal record without sex for her. The clothing store she had recently opened was taking up a lot of her personal time. She had noticed the ring on Dan’s left hand which signaled that he was married. Vicky wasn’t fussy about who she fucked, married men or single.

Vicky grabbed just one blanket from the car and returned to Dan handing it to him. He replaced his coat with the blanket and Vicky stooped down to help him tuck it around the woman’s body.

Dan couldn’t help looking at Vicky, close-up, she was quite beautiful. He looked at her knees bent slightly apart and peered at the darkness between them. Their eyes made contact again and she smiled at him.

“Your legs must be frozen by now,” he said admiring them once again.

“Maybe you could use some of your first aid on me to warm them up,” she replied with a sexy smile. “God did that ever sound corny,” regretting her comment.

“No, it wasn’t, I’m very flattered,” he smiled.

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