Lift Her Sari
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Being cheated by husband a woman gets to know her son better.

He heard the car tyres screech and the door slam before she came striding in. She looked furious and it was the first time he heard her swear and as usual she went to her room and locked herself in. This was happening for a fortnight and Dileep sitting on the sofa could no longer see his mother suffer which prompted him to pick ip the diary and skin its pages.

On finding the desired number he dialled and the wait was tormenting before Shyla his mother’s friend picked up the phone.

“It’s Dileep,” he said with a sigh of relief.

“How are you my boy?” asked Shyla.

“I am fine, can I speak to you,” he asked.

“You are lucky to have caught me. I was about to leave,” she replied.

“It’s about mother, did she talk to you?” he asked.

“No what’s wrong with her,” she alleged.

“For a fortnight she has looked stressed and stays locked in her room. She comes out only when it’s very essential and even then she evades me. Sometimes she howls at me and today I heard her mouth bad words.” Said Dileep.

“Perhaps it’s the tension of her workload,” she replied.

“May be, but she does not speak to me about it. I think it’s something different which is bothering her and you know about father,” he said.

“Yes I know the idiot left her almost a year ago,” saying it she suddenly stopped as she recalled Megha speaking about her boss passing lewd remarks and making passes at her. She had said that he had become bolder since he came to know her husband had left her. How could she say this to him? He may become furious and make a wrong move.

Changing course, she asked “How is your business going, can you support her?”

“Very comfortably,” he replied.

“Then see that she quits the job.”

“Fine, is it not a fact that he left her for another woman?” he asked.

“Yes a woman half his age,” and thinking deeply “You know how women feel when they are cheated, they are depressed and find fault with themselves, but your mother is a very strong, stubborn lady and I think she needs some companionship.”

“How can I help when she does not speak to Me.” he said.

“You know as she feels very lonely she needs someone to rely upon,” she said.

“Can I be of any help to her?” he asked.

“You can, provided you understand what her needs are.” She said softly.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Taking a deep breath she said. “You know how women are. They don’t want their weaknesses to be out. Your mother is trying to wrap things under her belt and you have to pull them out.”

“Sorry I don’t get you,” he replied.

“You know women need company of a strong man who commands her and at the same time respects her. They have many weaknesses which they hide behind their saris. Your mother is one of them and you have to win her over.” She added.

“But how,” he asked anxiously.

“Be the man she is looking for, be the man of the house, own her.”

“How is it possible? Will it not hurt her ego?” he uttered.

“Yes and see that her ego is not hurt,” she replied.

“What do I have to do?” he asked softly.

“Are you not 22 years old?” she shot the question.

“Yes,” he answered tamely.

“Does she not wear saris?”

“Yes, she does.”

“Did I not say she hides her feelings behind her sari?”

“Yes, you did.”

“Then Lift her Sari,” saying it she disconnected the call.

Dileep was stunned on hearing those words. He could not believe what he had heard. Did she really mean it? The words kept ringing in his mind Is it possible, he kept wondering and not getting an answer he laid back on the sofa. He still had the receiver in his hand when his mother came and woke him for dinner.

Having finished his dinner he went to his room and recalled the telephonic conversation numerous times till sleep took over.

Next morning he did not find his mother in the kitchen which was quite unusual. Having brewed coffee he waited for her to come but still there was no sign of her. Many times he felt like going and knocking on her door, but decided against it. Finally he left a note to call him and left for office.

Reaching office he was disturbed. He felt he ought to have gone up and spoken to her. He waited for an hour but his phone did not ring. Pausing for a moment he rang his mother but she did not pick the phone. He thought she might be busy. Another half hour dragged by he tried again but same result prevailed. His anxiety grew and before he could ring again he got a message “not well running fever.”

Reading the message Dileep virtually ran out of office. His mother who was lying on the sofa looked pale and as he touched her hand it was burning with fever. He called the doctor.

For two days Dileep took care of his mother without moving out of her sight and on the third morning as temperature was normal, his mother said. “I will be going to office today.”

Hearing it Dileep screamed “No, you are not going to the office anymore,” and walked out of the house leaving behind a baffled Megha.

Megha was shocked on two counts. First at the anger in Dileep’s voice and second the authority in which he had uttered those words. It was the first time that he had shown maturity and this really surprised her. “Well if it is so, so it be,” saying it she felt much relieved thinking all her worries had come to an end.

Dileep returned home to see a much livelier Megha relaxing on the sofa. This made him smile at her which was reciprocated warmly. Leaning forward he placed his hand under her chin and was glad that her temperature was normal.

Two to three days passed and on the fourth morning as he placed his hand below her chin to check the temperature he was surprised to hear his mother say “I wish I would fall ill again.”

Smiling at her he shook his head.

“Why should I not, when I have you to take care of me?” she asked.

“Please don’t fall ill again,” he replied.

“Why?” she asked looking up.

Dileep became emotional as he replied. “Because I don’t want to see you suffer any more.”

Megha felt her eyes filling up. Unable to face him she got up and saying “so very thoughtful of you,” went into the kitchen.

As she walked past, Dileep’s eyes followed her and saw more of her as a woman than a mother. He wondered whether it was right. Then again thinking it was his mother’s friend who had insisted upon, he felt much relaxed.

From that moment Megha too changed. Her frowning face gave way to a smiling one and her attire which was immaculate added a few notches to her beauty. This made Dileep eye her constantly and on one occasion passed a comment on her dress which at that moment went unnoticed.

Days passed and both mother and son were pleased to be in each other’s company. Many a times Dileep passed comments on her dress which was taken sportingly by his mother.

One morning having overslept Megha was hurrying to finish cooking and in the process her sari got disarrayed and she was surprised to see Dileep’s eyes focused on the exposed part of her midriff. She stood transfixed seeing him eyeing her waistline and even a she had set it right, Dileep’s stare was glued to the spot. It was his first give away sign.

Recalling that incident and his comments on her dress made her think over again and again. It somehow brought a change in her. She started to like his comments and at times appreciated them by lifting her eyebrows which made him bolder.

Then inside the four walls of her room she used to recall the day’s proceedings and more than once felt sure that he was showing some interest in her. She felt both scary as well as new sensations creeping up. She started loving the new sensations.

One day just to test him she brought the subject of going to work again but was reprimanded so severely that her knees buckled. Regaining her posture she said ‘ sorry’ and moved away from him as the same new sensations started creeping up on being reprimanded. This was the beginning of the end.

Later as the days passed she saw a change in Dileep. He started to move around the house with authority and finalizing all decisions pertaining to the house. He made changes by having the whole house re-painted and re-furnished. He tried to remove all such things which would bring back the memories of his father and at the same time took good care of her.

Megha was enchanted. She loved all his work and went a step forward to take good care of him. She took care of his wardrobe; she kept everything ready for him. Slowly but surely she devoted her time to see he had not to lift a finger to get the things he wanted.

During the time he was out she used to sit and recap all minor incidences which had taken place and tried to debate them in her mind. Every time she found things had moved a shade further. Usually it was his comments on her dress that drew her attention as he used to eye her body while passing them. Gradually from her style of dressing it went on to the style of doing her hair. It was here that Megha found it easy to draw him to her as she kept changing her hairstyles. Dileep too felt she was gradually loosening up but he knew that she was one strong lady.

On one occasion as Megha had done her hair in a bun Dileep moved behind to have a closer look and it was there that his eyes drifted down to her curvaceous back which was left open and he could not pullback his gaze in time. His eyes had got glued on the strip of bare flesh and Megha standing in front of the mirror saw him ogling at her exposed back.

Megha did not move but let him feast his eyes and as Dileep looked up his eyes came in contact with hers. Being caught he did not try to hide but quickly said “it’s beautiful.”

“What’s so beautiful?” asked Megha in a reflex motion.

“You are very beautiful Mom,” replied Dileep stepping out of the house.

Megha blushed like a girl and as he went past. She stared at his athletic body as if she was seeing it for the first time. Making it a point to call him on his mobile she started searching for a valid reason.

Dileep on the other hand could not believe he had uttered words praising his mother’s back. He felt certain she knew it and he was in a dilemma as how to face her. It was then he decided that he would call her and speak to her first.

Holding respective mobiles in their hands none dared to press the call button and as Dileep laid down the mobile he accidently touched the call button and felt excited when he heard his mother’s voice saying “Yes?”

“Mom I think I have left my hanky behind,” he said.

“Hold on I will check,” she replied knowing very well that she had given it to him in the morning and after a moment said “It’s not here.”

“I think I may have misplaced it Mom,” he replied holding the hanky in his hand.

“Shall I bring you one,” she uttered softly placing the mobile near her lips.

“No Mom I will get one.” He replied still holding the mobile.

“Do you need anything else?” she asked pressing her lips on the handset.

“No Mom,” he replied.

“Come home soon,” saying it she kissed the handset before disconnecting the call.

Dileep heard the smooch but thought it to be something else.

As soon as she had kissed the handset Megha felt a hot wave rush up her body and she hoped he had heard but in vain.

Next morning as Dileep was about to leave for office his mother handing him a hanky said. “Now don’t misplace it.”

“Yesterday I had not misplaced it Mom,” replied Dileep on seeing her smiling.

“I know, I found it your pocket,” saying it she moved closer.

Seeing her come closer he said. “I lied as I wanted to talk to you.”

“You don’t have to talk to me. In fact I was about to call you when I received your call,” she said adjusting his tie.

Having her standing so close Dileep tried to lift his hands and place them on her shoulders but could not muster enough courage. Megha seeing his dilemma patted his cheek and moved away.

Reaching office, Dileep rang his mother the moment he was free.

“Have you again lost your hanky?” asked his mother jokingly.

“Yes and I want you to bring me one.” He replied.

“Why don’t you go out and fetch one,” she said.

“But it is you who take care of all my purchases,” he said.

“It doesn’t mean that I will bring one to your office.” She replied.

“I was hoping you would come, Mom.”

“Why do you want me to come?” she asked softly.

Dileep replied. “Because two hours have passed since I saw you last.”

“Missing me so much,” she enquired.

“Yes,” he answered taking a deep breath.

“May I know why you are missing me?” she asked.

“It’s only you who can answer that.”

“I can’t as I miss you too.” She replied.

Dileep was enchanted. “Oh! It’s so nice to hear it Mom.”

“Then why don’t you come home,” she said.

“The moment the clock strikes 6.” He replied.

“But that’s too long to wait.”

“Have patience I’ll come and take you out for dinner.” He replied.

“That’s very nice of you,” saying it she kissed the hand set.

This time Dileep heard the smooch loud and clear.

Dileep was enchanted on accompanying his mother to dinner that evening. He was excited to be with a woman who looked dashingly beautiful in the golden colour sari she had draped on and he could not keep his eyes away from her even for a moment. His eyes were totally devoted to her and as the time flew he felt sorry to return back.

Megha too was thrilled to have spent the evening with her son, more so to see him ogling at her. She felt him being nervous at times and made up her mind to take the initiative. She waited for an appropriate time.

Next morning as Dileep started for office, Megha handing him a hanky stood in front of him and on the pretext of setting his tie started manipulating it. This prompted Dileep to place his hands on her shoulders and the moment he felt them a strong current pass through his body which made him grasp them more firmly. As Dileep grasped her shoulders Megha leaned forward and placing her cheek on his she cuddled him before moving out of his way.

A thrilled Dileep went on his way.

It was his mother who called him on his mobile and started chatting with him. As the conversation came to an end she kissed the handset before switching it off, she heard him call “Mom.”

“Yes what is it?” she asked.

“Thanks for the kiss.” he replied.

“Did you like it, do you want me to kiss you?” she asked.

“Will you?” he asked.

“Why, can I not kiss my son?” she replied.

“Yes you can but...” he did not complete.

“But what?” she asked.

“Nothing Mom,” he said as his Mom kissed the handset again “It’s not that Mom,” he said.

“I know it’s not that, come home.” Saying it she switched off.

“Come home,” those words kept tormenting Dileep. Will she kiss me he wondered? Even if she kisses me it would be on my cheeks. How can I ask her?

Dileep had a tough time staying put at office and as the clock struck 6 he went home.

Reaching home he felt numb when he faced his mother and just to start the conversation he asked. “Shall we go out for dinner?”

“No, have a wash I will get some something for you,” saying it she went in.

After having snacks Megha joined Dileep on the sofa. For some time they watched a serial and as Ads started Dileep switched the channel. There was breaking news with an earth quake hitting some city. It aired photos of collapsed buildings and corpses lying all around. Seeing the pathetic scenes his mother moved closer and encircling her hand around his waist snuggled up. By instinct Dileep placed a hand over her shoulder and drew her closer. Placing her head on his shoulder Megha watched the scenes unfolding before her.

They watched the news for some time and Dileep was delighted to stay put in that position. Dileep felt the warmth of her body as well as her strong body aroma. As he was enjoying suddenly he felt his mother peck a kiss on his cheek and as he turned to face her she said. “That was for being so nice to me.”

“What did I do?” he asked.

“You don’t know what you have done,” saying it she kissed him again on his cheek.

“Had I known I would be so rewarded I could have done more,” he replied with some courage.

“For a kiss!” asked his mother.

“Yes for a kiss but not where you kissed.”

“Then where?” she asked hiding her smile.

Looking straight into her eyes “here,” he said touching his lips.

“You want me to kiss you, on your lips?” she spilled those words silently.

“Yes, I have been looking forward for it for so long.” He replied softly.

“Then why did you not ask for it?” she asked.

“How could I? I did not know how you would react,” he replied.

“Now what made you ask?” she enquired.

“It was a chance I took and I am lucky enough to succeed,” he said.

“But I did not say that I would kiss you.”

“Not in so many words but your actions did.” he replied.

“What actions, where did I slip?” she asked.

“Morning while you were knotting my tie, I saw your lips move as if you wanted to kiss and also for the fact you smooched the handset every time you spoke to me.”

“You are a keen observer. What else did you observe?” she asked.

“I will tell you when the time comes,” he replied gaining confidence.

“So you have been observing a lot?” she asked.

“No Mom, it’s not that,” he replied blushingly.

“SShhh, don’t say a word, I know.” She held his face in both hands bringing her face close she placed her soft lips upon his. At first she kissed him lightly and as his lips trembled she kissed him hard and coming out of the kiss she hid her face on his chest.

It took a few seconds for Dileep to realize that his mother had actually kissed him on his lips and as she nuzzled her face he toyed with her silken hair before pulling her up and kissing her.

Megha was excited on having been kissed and coming out of his hold she said. “I needed that very badly.”

“Not as much as me,” replied Dileep.

“Then kiss me before I go,” saying it she lifted her face up.

Dileep holding her face kissed her and did not let go till his mother slipped out of his arms. As she started to go to her room he asked. “When can I kiss you again, Mom?”

“Next month.” she replied.

“Do I have to starve for a whole month?” he asked which made her smile.

“Be a good boy and then we’ll see,” she replied closing the door of her room.

For the next few days Dileep tried all he could to keep her happy but could not muster enough courage to ask her. On the fourth day as there was a mishap at his office he had to stay back and it was 7.30 when he got a call from her.

“Mom there is a problem at office and I will be coming home late” he said.

“Is anything serious?” she asked.

“Not really, I’ll come and tell you when I get home” he said before disconnecting the call.

Megha waited up for him and it was half past eleven when Dileep arrived home He was tired and went straight away to bed. It was Megha who felt sorry for him. At the age when he was supposed to enjoy with his friends chasing girls he was burdened with managing a company and also for the fact that he had devoted what little free time he had to take care of her. She felt it was too much of a burden and she needed to help him out, soothe him and give him some company.

Next day when he was in office she rang him and asked him to come back soon.

“Why Mom?” he asked.

“Feel like going to a movie,” she replied.

“Well, I will get the tickets then,” saying it he disconnected the call.

Megha dressed up for the movie. She had put on a bright colour sari on a black blouse which complimented her fair complexion. Having tied her hair in a bun her back was left bare to a certain extent. On seeing her come out of the room Dileep whistled at her.

“I am not your girl friend to whistle at,” said Megha smilingly.

“Why don’t you be one?” he asked.

“Do you want a 42 year old woman to be your girl friend?” she questioned him.

“You are not 42 years old, you are 42 carats and it would be my privilege to have you as my girl friend.” he replied.

Megha was delighted to hear the comment. She felt like running and hugging him. Controlling her emotions she walked tall all the way to the movie hall.

Once seated in the hall Dileep nuzzled closer feeling the warmth of her body and basked in its glory. Holding her hand he caressed it lightly and did not leave it till the movie was over. Megha felt as if she was in a dreamland and had never hoped that such a day would come in her life. She was fascinated by the turn of events. She could not have dreamt for a better outing and made it a point to reward him.

After having enjoyed the evening thoroughly two tired bodies slumped on the sofa on reaching home. It was Megha after recovering leaned on her son and toying with his hair she nibbled his ear lobes and as Dileep opened his eyes locked her lips over his and kissed him.

By instinct Dileep put his arms around her and hugged her to his body. Megha squirmed in delight and throwing all caution to the wind she snuggled closer and holding his face in her hands showered kisses all over his face arousing him to the hilt. Taking advantage of the situation Dileep pushed his mother on the sofa and leaning over sucked her lips into his mouth and ravished them. Megha reciprocated his moves by thrusting her tongue inside his mouth and caressing every corner of his mouth.

They continued kissing passionately and Dileep having an advantage slowly started pushing the top of her sari which was already dishevelled. Having pushed aside the sari he slowly brought his hand down and started caressing her neckline. He was dying to have a look at the exposed part but as their lips were locked he could not lift his face. It was then he moved his hand on the nape of her neck and caressing it as his hand slipped further down Megha felt it.

Feeling it just above her breasts Megha shivered and not wanting him to continue she moved out of his grasp and holding the loosened sari to her body she stood up.

As Megha stood up Dileep nodding his head, indicated her to come forward but Megha shook hers. Then as he extended his hand to catch her she moved out of his reach. Finally as his eyes pleaded she made a mocking face at him.

Encouraged a bit he asked “why don’t you let it fall?”

“What?” she asked softly.

“The part of sari which you are holding.” he said.

“Why?” she asked seductively.

“Because I have worked hard in removing it from its place,” he replied.


“Ought not I be rewarded.” he said.

“Yes, I will reward you but for a different cause.” As she said this, slowly she let the top of her sari fall and stood exposing her blouse clad breasts and naked waist.

Dileep eyes took in all that was exposed to him. He was enchanted when he saw his mother’s black blouse stacked with her robust breasts and as his eyes wandered down he was rewarded with a sight to die for as her vast waist line was exposed which showed the upheaval of her waist and also the hollow where her belly button was. The sight was spell binding. Dileep stood up only to see his mother turn and canter to her room. Running away Megha had forgotten that the sari which she had let fall was trailing behind and by the time she reached the door it had totally slipped off her body exposing the light coloured petticoat which showed off her mounds perfectly.

That was what Dileep’s eyes had captured last before his mother entered her room. Moving forward he picked up the sari and after inhaling its aroma placed it on the chair which was observed by his mother through the key hole.

Having watched her son’s action Megha stood in front of the mirror to access how much she had exposed unintentionally and as she turned sideways to inspect she felt a strong current pass through her body on seeing the impressions of her buttocks ensconced in the light material of her slip.

Lying on her bed she recapped all the sequences and debated them in her mind. Finding no fault with her son she reprimanded herself for her behaviour. She felt she was at fault for allowing her son to ogle at her. Moreover she felt that she had gone a bit far while she ought to have controlled herself. These thoughts tormented her. After all he was her son and it was her duty to control him. She thought of talking to her friend and suddenly recalled that she had gone abroad.

With no one to guide her she took to the route where in her body won over her mind. Thinking of what other boys of his age would have done, she felt she could control him and not let things go awry.

On the other side Dileep felt elated. The scene that his eyes had devoured was implanted in his mind and recalling it over and over he felt elated. He could not have asked for more.

Next morning was a bit tense for both of them. They stayed aloof and Dileep after having breakfast left for work. The same pattern prevailed for another day and on the third day as Dileep was about to depart Megha stalled him and adjusting his tie said, “Can you not tie it properly?”

“Why should I when you are there to help me?” he replied.

“You are past that age my boy,” she said casually.

“I wish I wasn’t,” he replied.

“Why?” she asked setting his tie.

“As you grow up you tend to lose a lot. You drift apart and that closeness is lost.” He replied.

“In other words you want me to be close; is that what you mean?” she asked kissing him on his cheek.

“Yes I always want you to be close,” he replied.

Hugging him she asked. “When did you feel that I was not close?”

Holding her shoulder he said. “So far I have not.”

“And you never will.” With that she hugged him before moving out.

Dileep heaved a sigh of relief. It had taken a lot of home work to bring her back on tracks. Having reached the office he rang her up and when she answered. “Are you free to go out with your boy friend?”

“Yes, if he takes me out for dinner,” she replied.

“Can you suggest a good place?” he asked.

“Whichever my boy fancies,” she replied.

“Fine, can I suggest something?” he asked.

“Yes what is it?”

“Shall we will go dancing afterwards,” he said casually.

“Do you think your 42 carat girl friend can dance?” she asked.

Hearing it he said. “I can teach you.”

“Then teach me at home.”Saying it she switched off her mobile.

Ringing her again he said. “You didn’t kiss me.”

“For that you have to come home.” she said and wondered what all excuses men make.

Dileep took his Mom to a five star restaurant. On entering Megha felt a couple of eyes peering at her and feeling elated she held her son’s hand and leaned on him. Dileep was fascinated by her move and taking advantage he took her around the hotel lobby, ball room, swimming pool and other places enjoying every moment of being close to her.

After having dinner as they left Dileep slipping his arm around her waist escorted her to the parking lot caressing her waist softly and when they reached the car he was surprised when his mother kissed him. Sitting beside her, as he looked up, she said. “It was for that wonderful evening.”

“It came as a big surprise Mom,” he said.

“Why?” she asked quizzically.

“For having kissed me in front of all those people,” he replied.

“Did you not see what others were doing?” she asked.

“Yes, they were... “he did not complete as he heard her say. “Can I not kiss my boy friend?”

“Yes, you can kiss your boy friend and also dance with him,” he replied.

“Are you sure she will dance?” her eyes questioned him.

“Yes it was decided.” he said with authority.

“So you are keen to teach your girl friend dance, why?” she asked.

“Coz I like dancing,” he replied.

“With your girl friend?” she asked.

He wanted to say with Mom but changing “Yes,” he replied.

“A 42 carat girl friend,” she asked as she stopped at a signal.

“Yes a gorgeous 42 carat girl friend.” Saying it he leaned forward and kissed her.

“I was hoping you would kiss me at the hotel,” she said.

“I wanted to but could not muster enough courage,” he replied.

“What made you do it now?” she asked.

“I have gained confidence after you kissed me in the parking lot,” he replied.

“Is it not a guy who usually kisses his girl friend first?” she asked.

“Yes, but who said I kissed my girl friend?” he replied looking at her.

Megha’s body trembled on hearing those words, holding on to the steering. “Whom did you kiss?” she asked softly.

“I kissed my mother,” he said looking straight into her eyes.

Those words sent warm waves up her body and unable to look at him but wanting to continue the chat she asked. “Why me?”

“Coz you are the most beautiful woman,” he said.

“If you think you will be rewarded for that, forget it.”

“Truth always prevails Mom,” he replied.

“What has made you feel so confident?” she asked smilingly.

“On being kissed in the parking lot.”

“Yes, you have a point there and did I do anything else to boost your confidence?” she asked.

“All that you have been doing, adds to my confidence,” he replied.

“You seem to be observing a lot, but still can you name one particular instance?” she asked.

“Yes and what you are doing right now is one example,” he said sliding closer.

“What have I done now?” she asked seeing him snuggling up.

Getting closer and grasping her shoulder. “You have hit the dirt road instead of going home.”

“Oh! That’s because I need some fresh air.” she replied.

Sneaking closer he said. “Fresh air’s fine, but for that you don’t have to drive through rough terrain.”

“Then why do think I took this route?” she asked very softly.

“For some excitement, for some privacy I suppose,” he replied helping her to manoeuvre the curve.

“Yes, you are right and this is exciting,” she said allowing him to hold her firmly as she climbed the small hillock and on reaching the top “this is it.” she said shutting off the motor.

“Yes, this place is isolated,” said Dileep pulling his mother in his arms.

Cozying up in his arms she asked. “Why did you pull me?”

“Felt like having your warm body in my arms,” he replied.

“Have you not had any woman in your arms before?” she asked as she felt his arms tighten around her.

“When do you think I had time for that,” he replied brushing aside the loose hair from her face.

“Yes you had not. If you had whom would you have had in your arms?” she asked planting a kiss on his forehead.

“None other than you,” he replied.

“Why me?” she asked hiding her face on his chest.

“Because you are the most sensuous woman I have known.” He said as he bit her ear.

“Does one treat a woman like that?” she asked.

“What can I do if she hides her face,” he replied.

Feeling shy she replied. “Women don’t fall prey so easily, one has to coax them.”

“Coaxing is what I have been doing isn’t it?” he asked lifting her face.

“Yes you have done a lot,” saying it first she brushed her lips on his forehead and then cupping his face kissed his lips hard.

Dileep was thrilled to have been kissed. Toying with her hair and kissing her back. “It’s so exciting to kiss your lips Mom,” he said.

“What’s so exciting in kissing an old woman? You ought to have some young girl friend,” she said.

“No girl however young would bring such excitement Mom,” as he said it he slowly pulled down the sari covering her bosom and exposing her breasts draped in the blouse he said. “This is what I have been longing to see.”

“What’s there that you haven’t seen?” she asked as she felt her breasts heave inside the blouse due to her deep breathing.

“It’s not what’s there but it’s whose that matters,” he replied staring at the bulge of her breasts left uncovered by her blouse.

Hearing those words a hot wave shot through her body “Whose is it?” she asked excitedly.

“It’s of a woman who I admire most and for the relation we have, believe me it’s very exciting as it is very difficult to reach the point where I have reached,” he said placing his hand on the exposed part of her breast.

“Don’t you think it is forbidden?” she asked feeling his hand gaining ground.

“We have done nothing to say it’s forbidden and moreover the subject can be debated,” he said as his hand sailed inside her blouse.

“You seem to have mastered the subject,” she said as she felt her body tremble on feeling his hand right at the top of her breast.

“No, I have not but circumstances have enriched me.” He said cupping her breast.

“Yes you are a very thoughtful person and I see no harm coming from your side.” she said enjoying the warmth of his hand squeezing her breast.

“I am not only thoughtful but also a skilful person,” he said as he unhooked the top two hooks of her blouse.

“It’s quite obvious how skilful you are. You need not show your skills now,” she said as hot waves crept over her body.

“If I don’t use them to my advantage then what’s the use of being skilful,” he replied as he unhooked the last hook.

“But limit your skills as you have gained a lot of ground,” she replied and when he pushed aside the flaps of her blouse and denuded her breasts to a large extent. “Have you not crossed the limit?” she asked on the verge of having an orgasm.

Staring at her voluptuous breasts stacked behind the small black lacy bra. “They are absolutely beautiful Mom,” he said and as he placed his lips between the valley and kissed them, Megha felt her body tremble and holding hard the upholstery “Dileep,” she screamed when his warm wet lips dipped further down her cleavage.

Hearing her scream his name and seeing her body trembling, Dileep mustered enough courage and manoeuvring his face to the right he pushed the bra down with his chin and engulfed her naked breast in his mouth.

Megha’s body trembled on this assault, crisscrossing her legs and biting her lips hard she once again screamed as a stream ran out of her on having Dileep suck her breast.

Regaining her composure she pulled Dileep up and showering kisses over his face. “Don’t you feel we should leave now?” she asked.

“Yes Mom,” he replied very courteously.

Tidying up she took a U turn and drove very cautiously, all the time thinking how lucky she was to have such an obedient son. Recalling the conversation they had she felt there was no harm in rewarding him a little as at any time of the game she could put a stop to it. With these thoughts she entered the house and before she could go to her room she stood her ground as Dileep caught hold of her hand.

Turning slowly she placed her arms over his shoulders and leaning forward kissed him hard on his mouth, sucking his lips, ravaging them and before Dileep could realize what was happening she moved out of his arms saying “I am tired.” Once in her room she felt she should slow down the game she was playing at.

Dileep felt like he was on the moon: such was the impact of the kiss. Thinking many such kisses are his to be had he went up to his abode?

Next morning having overslept Dileep rushed to his office and after looking into the day’s proceedings he reclined on the chair before he rang his mother.

Picking up the phone “whom do you want to speak, your girl friend or someone else?” she teased.

“I want to speak to my 42 carat Mom,” he replied.

“May I know why you want to speak to her when you ought to be working?” she asked.

“It is only after finishing my work I have rung and as the matter is of most importance I do need to speak to her.” he said.

“May I know what it is so important that you want to speak to her?” she asked.

“I want to thank her,” he replied.

“Why, what did she do, gave you enough pocket money?” She asked.

“She gave me something which money cannot buy,” he replied.

“What’s it that money cannot buy?” she asked mildly.

“It was a kiss so passionate, so exciting, so provocative that had she continued to kiss for few more seconds then it would have had the same result like it happened to her yesterday,” he replied.

“Why, what happened to me yesterday?” she asked.

“The last kiss don’t you remember it?” he asked.

Feeling her body warming up to his chat “what kiss, what are you talking about?” she asked.

“The kiss I planted on your voluptuous mounds made it possible, didn’t it?” he asked.

Excited by his word, “How could do you have known it?” she asked.

“The way you reacted, the way your body trembled and the way you screamed my name when I had your breast in my mouth, all added to it,” he said with authority.

“You dirty fellow, is it how you talk to a woman?” she asked.

“I was just describing what happened and had I seen what my lips where sucking on then I would have painted a different picture,” he replied.

“You are a filthy person. Tell me why you could not see what your so called lips where doing?” she asked as her body started warming up.

“I could not see as it was dark and also for the fact that my face was obstructing the view.” he said.

“It serves you right,” she said.

“Don’t I get a chance to see them again?” he asked.

“Not even in your dreams,” she replied smilingly.

“Why should I dream when one scene is etched in my brain,” he replied.

“Which scene?” she asked.

“The one when I undid your blouse and saw the most provocative pair of breasts juggling behind the tiny black bra,” he said.

“Why do you call it tiny?” she asked.

“Because they could hardly contain your breasts,” he said.

“When your eyes have seen so much what more is there to see?” she asked.

“If there is nothing more to see then why you are hiding them?” he replied.

“That’s a good question. Because I think what you want to see is forbidden.”

“Even Adam tasted a forbidden fruit.”

“May be he thought it was too sweet,” she said.

“It could not be sweeter than what you are hiding,” he replied.

“So?” She waited for his response.

“So it’s my privilege to have a look at them.”

“Are you not ashamed to see those?” she asked.

“On the contrary I would be fortunate if you would allow me,” he replied.

“I don’t think I can do what you did.”

“What did I do?” he asked.

“Are you not ashamed to ask me, did you not open my blouse? I can’t do that.” she said loudly.

“Who asked you to do it? That would be my pleasure,” he said.

“You insane men, I don’t know what all you would do to derive pleasure,” she said.

“Why do you blame us poor people? You possess such charm which makes us go on our knees,” he replied.

“There is no point in talking to you. When are you coming home?” she asked.

“Will be late, don’t wait for dinner.” with that he cut the call.

“Poor guy” thought Megha and tried to recollect when he had taken time to go on a holiday or enjoy with friends, but could find none.

It was well after 9 pm when Dileep eventually reached home and not finding his mother went up to the balcony to see her sitting on the settee gazing at the sky.

Sitting beside her he said. “This is quite refreshing.”

Turning to face him “Your job must be very taxing,” she said.

“Not always,” he replied seeing her concerned.

“Why don’t you take leave or go on a vacation.”

“Where shall I go and with whom shall I go?” he asked.

“Why, you can go any place and with whomsoever you want,” she said poking her finger at his waist.

“What if I say, sitting here along with you is more relaxing.”

“Are you saying it to please me?” she asked.

“No I would consider myself lucky if I could sit beside you and spend the night chatting,” he replied looking into her eyes.

“And miss going to office the next day?” she replied ruffling his hair.

“Not at all, tomorrow happens to be Sunday.”

“Oh! Since I stopped going to office I have lost count of days.”

“Any regrets,” he asked moving closer.

“No, I have not had such happiness before and all this is because of you,” she replied.

“You are one gorgeous woman that I want to be happy forever,” he replied.

“Thanks! you keep using this word gorgeous on and on. What do you see that is so gorgeous?” she asked.

“Everything about you is gorgeous. At 42 you posses a figure that would make many younger ones envious,” he said.

“Am I not on the heavier side?” she asked tapping her tummy.

“Not at all, but on the other hand that part is very enticing,” he said pushing her sari down.

“I don’t know what’s so enticing here?” she said as she carefully slid the sari exposing her midriff.

Eyeing the exposed part of her midriff he said. “The curvaceous portion leading to the dip of your belly is so alluring.”

“But I don’t see anything as you have described,” she replied slightly adjusting her sari till her belly button was exposed.

“That, that belly button and its surroundings is what makes many a men go crazy. You don’t see anything coz you are sitting. If you would stand up and display it as you are displaying it now, it would be all together a different picture.” he said.

“So what you are suggesting is that I should not stand up?” she asked.

“On the contrary I am trying to appease you to do so,” he replied softly caressing her belly.

“No I don’t think I should when you have warned me,” she said as she leaned on him.

“I did not mean to scare you nor I am going to force you.” He said moving his hand over her warm belly.

“Your patience, your temperament and your tenderness have eventually won you a lot of ground” she said feeling his hand caressing a major part of her exposed waist.

“It would not be fair on my part to do something in haste and later repent” he said as his hand moved inside the sari over to her blouse.

“You are a very skilful person and your timing is very sweet” she said as his hand reached up.

“You mean that I am very cautious,” he asked gaining confidence while unbuttoning her blouse.

“You are not only cautious, but I see you have set a goal.” She said as his fingers nimbly unbuttoned her blouse.

“Yes I have a goal to reach as I had missed seeing what’s behind this,” he said nudging the flaps of her blouse.

“You are a pig, your approach is very direct and I like it.”

“Then why don’t you help me discard this?” he asked tugging her blouse.

“Do you feel ashamed to do it?” she asked slipping her hands behind her back.

“No I want you to be a part of this game,” he said waiting anxiously for her to remove the blouse.

“I don’t know what’s forcing me to do all this,” saying it she pulled out her blouse slowly.

“It’s sheer excitetment which is the driving force behind all this,” he said as his eyes popped up when those lovely orbs snuggled behind her skin coloured bra were exposed and swimming in their ecstasy he slowly pocketed her blouse.

“That’s my property,” said Megha as hot currents flooded her body on seeing him pocket her blouse.

“Obviously they are your property,” he replied as his hands reached up and started caressing her orbs.

“I am not talking about those.”

“Why talk of something else when these lovely orbs need utmost attention,” he replied fondling her breasts and as Megha started squirming “I need to see them Mom.” He said pulling her straps down.

“Do you have to, have you not seen enough?” she asked biting her lips.

“In daylight your bra would not have concealed much, but not now,” he said bringing down the straps of her bra.

“Of what are you talking about. Are my breasts not visible now?” she asked knowing very well what he was hinting upon.

Hearing her use the word breasts Dileep got further excited. Pulling the straps down he denuded them. “It’s the sight of those nipples in the middle of those orbs that’s so pleasing for the eyes,” he said. “One should do justice to them by doing what they are meant for.”

“What are they meant for?” asked Megha controlling the urge building inside her body.

“They are meant to be sucked.” He said and dipping his face he engulfed her breast in his mouth.

Feeling the pressure mounting in her body she cried. “Yes they are meant to be sucked, suck them, bite them do whatever you want as they are at your disposal.” unable to control herself any longer.

“It’s been a long time since I sucked them,” he said keeping alive the conversation while his heart pounding rapidly.

“Yes it’s been a long time. Bite them as you used to do.” she answered pushing her breast in his mouth.

“Yes if that’s what you want,” and when his mother nodded pushing her to the edge and grasping her half naked body he said. “Kiss me as you kissed me yesterday Mom.”

Enjoying the wild sensation of having his arms around her half naked body Megha took hold of his face and kissed him hard on lips. Caressing and biting his lips she kissed him wildly and when Dileep moaned between her kisses “are you there?” she asked softly.

“Yes, yes,” he replied and drew his mother’s body which made her robust breasts practically flattened on his chest and feeling the heat liberated from her naked breasts he flooded in his pants.

Feeling his body jerk spontaneously she realized her job was finished and as Dileep’s breathing subsided, hugging his face to her bare bosom, “relax, relax dear.” she uttered softly.

Dileep who was sweating profusely nuzzled his face in the comfort zone of his mother’s breasts and as she tried to move, grasping her in both hands he held her strongly.

Ruffling his hair she asked. “Don’t want me to go yet?”

“No don’t go,” he said gripping her harder.

“How can I when you have imprisoned me?” she asked.

“It feels so soothing to be in your arms Mom,” he said.

“Okay, rest for a while,” she said covering his face with the top of her sari.

“I don’t know when I have felt so soothing.”

“Don’t talk, relax,” said Megha pressing his head to her bosom.

It was after some time when both got up and went to their respective rooms. Once inside her room Megha could not sleep. She kept changing position on the large bed. She felt she ought to be near her son. Her body craved for it and unable to get up and go to his room, she took the help of a pillow and spent the night.

Next morning, after having a refreshing bath Megha went into her son’s room. She wanted to sit beside him and wake him up but on seeing him half awake she went to the cupboard and pretended to search. As she stood rummaging Dileep feasted his eyes on her curvaceous back and her marvellous mounds. On closer scrutiny he felt excited to see the impressions of her mounds behind her cream coloured sari. Staring at them he was tempted to lift his hand and caress them but he could not muster enough courage.

It did not go unnoticed by Megha. By virtue of a mirror set inside the cupboard Megha saw him feasting his eyes upon her back. She stood her ground allowing him the liberty and when she turned to face she saw him adjusting his pants.

“So the lazy boy don’t want to get up.” She said seeing him fully awake.

“Today is Sunday Mom,” he replied.

“Yes today is Sunday, want some coffee?” she asked.

“Yes Mom,” he said getting up.

“Have a wash, I’ll bring it here,” saying it she left.

Upon those words he went to the rest room and came out to see his Mom holding a cup of coffee.

Handing him the cup she took his towel and chiding him on still being a kid started drying his hair and in the process squeezing his arms she said. “They are quite strong.”

“One has to be fit these days.”

“Why, to entice girls?” she joked.

“Why girls, even older women get lured by it.” He replied instantly.

“Yes it does entice us,” she said caressing his bulging muscles.

“As your body does to us?” he asked.

“May be or it may not be, but many say a woman gets excited 18% faster than men do and I don’t know how far it is true,” she said caressing his forearms.

“But it feels good to caress those muscles doesn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes it feels good to feel them up.” She said exerting more pressure on his muscles.

“Does it give you the same amount of pleasure as we get in touching you?” he asked looking at her bosom.

“I don’t know how much you get, but it certainly gives us immense pleasure when you touch us there.” She replied looking down at her heaving bosom.

“How do you feel talking about it?” he asked placing the cup on the table.

“It’s always an exciting subject to talk about,” saying it as she took a deep breath made her bosom heave.

Looking at them “Is that why they are swollen?” he asked.

“May be it’s because of the morning bliss,” she replied.

“Yes morning bliss. Is it not a fact that you get such feelings more in the mornings?” he asked staring at her heaving bosom.

Realizing that to be the reason for her coming to his room she said. “Yes that for a fact is true.”

“And now do such feelings persist?” he asked moving closer.

“It would be false to say no,” she said and before he could shoot another question she asked looking straight into eyes. “How do you feel about all this?”

“Right now I have only one wish,” he said placing his hands on her shoulders and squeezing them.

“And that is?” she asked looking into his eyes.

“To hug your rich body.”

“Why do you call it a rich body?” she asked as she felt her juices churning inside her body.

“Because your body is voluptuous and has sexy curves,” he replied.

“And you want to have that voluptuous sensual body in your arms?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s my wish to have your sizzling body in my arms.”

“Standing as we are,” she asked unable to control the urge storming in her body.

“Yes right now I want to take you in arms.” He replied waiting for her answer.

“Have I stopped you from doing so?” she asked biting his ear.

“No, you have not but...” he said adjusting the bulge in his pants.

“That, that’s only natural; don’t worry about it,” she said moving into his arms.

“Oh! Mom,” calling out he held his mother strongly in his arms and when her warm sizzling body came into full contact with his, his hands started roaming all over her body. Feeling the warm flesh and kissing her passionately he said. “This feels so good Mom.”

“I am glad that you like it,” she replied hiding her emotions which were mesmerizing her.

Slipping his hands down to her waist and pulling her lower body to his “This feels totally different Mom.” And when his mother moaned on having his rigid pecker against her body “open your blouse Mom, I want to see them.” He said biting her lips and caressing her mounds.

“No not now,” she replie half heartedly as the pleasure mounted.

“Can I feel these Mom?” he asked slipping his hands on her buttocks and grasping them.

As he grasped her buttocks.” Oh! My, my, my,” she screamed as hot steamy waves erupted in her body. Dileep, who was on the verge of coming, pinned her to the wall and ramming his pecker onto her waist and grinding it vigorously on her soft warm belly, he shot his cum in his pants.

It was after some time that he came out of her arms and feeling bad “I am sorry Mom,” he said.

Holding his face and kissing him she said. “You need not feel sorry for you have done nothing wrong,” and wondered what other guy would have done under such circumstances. Making it a point to address it in the evening she went down to her room.

Later in the evening Dileep sat silent for most part of the drive not wanting to distract her attention and once they hit the dirt road he said. “You seem to like this place a lot.”

“Yes it’s exciting and I want to handle this tough terrain,” she replied.

“It’s good to see you so full of life,” he said.

“Yes all this time I was in a shell and now I want to come out of it,” she said manoeuvring the vehicle with expertise.

“And do all that you wanted to?” he asked.

“Yes I want to live life and I hope you will support me.”

“In all earnest,” he replied.

Turning and looking into his eyes “why did I not see this in you before?” she asked.

“You were pre occupied with other matters Mom.”

“And wasted precious time?”

“You have much more to look forward to.” He said.

“May be by having you by my side,” she replied.

“Always happy to be by your side,” saying it he moved closer.

“Why this eagerness?” she asked seeing him get closer.

“Was I not quiet all this time?” he asked.

“Yes you were and now,” she asked.

“Now it’s time to cuddle,” he said placing his arm on her shoulder and drawing her.

“But am I not driving?” she asked.

“Yes, and I see no danger lingering in this vast terrain,” he replied.

“So,” she asked getting excited.

“So I am at liberty to embrace you and free my arms,” he said caressing her shoulder blades.

“Don’t you think you are taking undue advantage?” she asked hiding her smile.

“Do I need to obtain prior permission to free my arms,” he asked slipping them from her shoulder onto her bosom.

“A lot depends upon where they wander,” she replied.

“How far can they venture?” he asked slipping his hand inside her sari.

“Right now I think they are in a safe place.” She said as she felt his hand hovering over her blouse.

“Is it because they are in a familiar territory?” he asked as his hand crept over her breasts.

Smiling at his reply she said. “No it’s because that’s the maximum leverage they deserve.”

“For all my good behaviour I was hoping they stood a better chance today,” he said as his fingers started deftly unhooking her blouse.

“Don’t you think they are amply rewarded.” She asked on having her blouse unbuttoned.

“Yes, but I see no wrong in hoping for more.” He replied as his hand moved over her bra.

Feeling his hand on her breasts she said. “You men are insatiable creatures.”

“When you know them so well, why don’t you comply,” he said cupping her breast and squeezing it.

“Don’t be under the impression that I am going to allow more space,” she replied.

“Yes I know you, you need to be coaxed a little.” Then leaning forward and planting a wet kiss on her cheek he asked. “Why do you women torment us so much?”

“Because that’s the only way we can make you dance to our tunes,” she replied slowing the vehicle down, unable to contain the warmth spreading between her thighs.

“Can you not show some consideration,” he asked kissing her cheeks.

“Like what?” She asked stopping the vehicle under the tree on feeling her body trembling.

“Like allowing me to lie in your lap,” he said biting her ear lobe.

“You are always free to do that,” she said pushing the seat back and making room for him to lie on her lap.

Resting his head in the warmth cushion provided by her thighs and nuzzling his head in the comfort zone he said. “I am very fortunate to lie in your lap.”

“Why what’s so special about it?” she asked.

“I don’t see it as your lap. I see it as if I am resting my head between two warm thighs.” He said nuzzling his head between her thighs and enjoying their warmth.

Pinching his cheek, “do you think I have made a mistake by allowing you?” she asked.

“No, but I see it at as an enterprising move,” he replied lifting his hands and drawing her face down.

“No, it’s a calculated risk which I have taken,” she said resting her chin on his forehead and caressing his chest.

“What made you do so?” he asked inhaling the lingering aroma of her body.

“It was after considering many factors,” she replied as she continued caressing his chest.

“Was it due to some compulsion?” he asked drawing the the sari away from her bosom.

“No, not due to any compulsion.” She replied as she felt her sari being drawn away from her upper body.

“Or was it due to my persistence?” he asked feasting his eyes on her lush breasts stacked behind the rich crocheted black bra.

“No, not at all,” then taking a deep breath “It’s because I have become selfish. Remove your shirt.” She ordered and sitting straight she discarded her blouse.

Excited by her move he pulled out his shirt and baring his muscular chest he asked. “Do you find it to your liking?”

“Yes my eyes were craving for and no doubt they conveys a sinister message,” she said caressing his muscular chest.

“Does it have the same effect as it does to us when these are exposed?” he asked groping her breasts in his hands.

“Though it becomes obvious with you we suffer more in hiding our feelings as the whole body catapults,” she said stealing a look at the bulge in his pants.

“Is it then you fall prey?” he asked pulling the straps of her bra and baring her breasts.

“Yes and this rough treatment creates such havoc in our bodies that we find it difficult to sustain.” She said as hot currents rushed through her body.

Grasping her curvaceous waist with both hands he asked. “Is it then you tend to loosen up and give youself?”

‘Yes, it’s at this juncture they take advantage of us,” she replied.

“And what happens then?” he asked trying to slip his hands under her tight slip.

“We give up all inhibitions and sway with the tempo.” As she said it she grabbed him in her arms and pulling himup kissed him passionately and did stop till such time it took her trembling body to subside. Then looking into his eyes she said. “This is what happens to us.”

Seeing her flushed gleaming face he said. “I would give anything to see that glitter in your face again Mom.”

“Oh Dileep you are so sweet, so compassionate,” saying it she kissed him vigorously on his mouth and taking him in her arms glued her body onto his.

“Hold me in your arms Mom, I want to stay put in your arms.” Cried Dileep crushing her body onto his and plastering her warm breasts on his chest. Holding her warm curvaceous body tightly he started rubbing his erectness on her waist haphazardly.

Feeling his hardness poking at her, Megha manipulated her body and having it lodged on her soft belly she held it captive between their bodies.

Dileep was enchanted by her move. He could no longer sustain himself. Pushing her to the edge he started stroking his hardness on her soft belly. As his mother reciprocated his moves his erectness slipped down and got wedged between her thighs. The very fact that his erection was lodged between her thighs and the heat emanating from it was so fiery that crying out “It’s happening, it’s happening,” he unloaded his cum inside his pants.

Megha held her son tightly in her arms. She held him like not wanting to let him go and Dileep after having regained his energy, tried to move “don’t, rest for a while,” she said drawing his face on her naked bosom.

“It feels so soothing Mom,” he cried resting his cheeks on her warm breasts.

“They are meant to soothe you dear.” She said accommodating him.

“So pleasing, so delightful, one does not feel like moving out of this comfort zone,” he replied.

“Who asked you to?” she replied nuzzling his face deeper onto her bosom.

“So far you have not...” as he said this his thoughts drifted.

“Now what is it you are planning?” she asked.

“I was wondering whether it could happen again, ‘ he replied.

“What could happen again?” she asked.

“I was thinking if we could have a replay of what happened,” he said.

“That’s the only bad thing with you men. You are very greedy. Get up we have to go.” She said and straightening up she looked around here and there.

“What is it you are searching?” he asked hiding his smile.

“You are not only greedy but you are kinky too,” she said on not finding her bra.

“I preserve them as trophies,” he replied.


“Yes have I not won them? It was not so easy in removing them.”

“You did not remove them, you shred them out of my body.” She replied.

“Whatever it is, they are my property now.” He said dangling the bra in front of her.

“Keep them and let me see how you would react when your wife asks about them?” she said.

“I will tell her that they are my precious trophies which I have won,” he said.

“And what if she asks whom they belong too?” she asked.

“It’s simple 42 carats,” he replied “But you will not disclose to whom they belong?” she asked smilingly.

“No, nobody will ever see them.” He replied.

“Are you going to shield me in all aspects?” she asked.

“Yes whatever I lay my hands on will be treasured secretly,” he said.

“So what you are implying is that you intend to steal many more of my things?” she asked.

“No I am not going to steal, those will be the ones which I would peal out from your body,” he replied.

“What if I don’t wear any?” she asked.

“That’s what I am hoping for, to see you naked.” he replied.

“I did not mean that, I meant what if I don’t wear a bra?” she changed the course.

“Why, what’s wrong if you don’t wear anything?” he asked.

“Your brain is filled with filth, come lets go.” She said starting the car.

After they traversed some distance “did you feel bad?” he asked softly.

Not wanting to reply directly she shook her head sustaining her smile.

“Fine, can I buy you something?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“What do you want?” he asked anxiously.

“I want you, buy him for me.” Saying it she smiled.

On seeing her smile “Mom, I was really worried,” he said.

“It serves you right for being greedy,” she replied.

“Yes, but is it not a fact that patience is always rewarding?” he asked regaining his composure.

“That, only time will tell,” she said bringing the car to stop inside the garage.

Both being tired went to their respective rooms but none of them could sleep as they had to answer many unanswerable questions. A battle between the mind and body ensued and Megha fared very badly. Her body overcame all the hurdles and her mind lost miserably. Her son’s physique tormented her and unable to see beyond it she decided to go to his room and wake him up in the morning.

On the other hand Dileep’s mind was recalling the final part of the conversation he had with her. He was glad that he had conveyed his wish. Though he had not spoken directly, it had come out in the open that he wanted to see her in nude. Whether she would oblige him was a different question but she had accepted the fact that patience is rewarding. As sleep evaded him he planned to draw her to his room and it hit him hard when he decided to oversleep so that she would come and wake him up. So what both had finally decided was the same thing.

Morning saw Megha have a relaxing bath. Dressed in a bright half white sari with matching blouse she stood before the mirror and looking at her reflection, no wonder men are so crazy she thought. Running a comb through her hair she went to meet her son.

Dileep having awakened long back had a wash and pretending to be asleep he waited for his mother and as she stepped into the room her aroma hit him hard.

“Wake up you lazy boy,” saying this as she pulled the drapes of the window Dileep’s eyes were hypnotized. The falling sun’s rays illuminated his mother’s body in such a way that if not for the two or three folds of her sari she had draped around she would have looked naked. Dileep’s eyes were feasting upon her curvaceous back when his mother turned and seeing him in a paralysed state “what’s wrong?” she asked.

Shaking his head and clearing the vision “you look like a goddess Mom,” he replied.

“First thing in the morning have you started pulling my leg?” she asked coming to sit by his side.

“You don’t know how gorgeous you looked standing there,” he said.

“Why, what was so special about me standing there?” she asked.

“The morning sun’s rays falling upon you created havoc in my mind,” he replied.

“Why, what could you see?” she asked lifting her eyebrows.

“Standing there by the window you looked, you looked...”

“Yes, how did I look?” she asked shaking him.

“You looked as if you were naked.”

“Is that why your eyes had popped out? Was it so enthralling?” she asked in a raunchy tone.

“Yes nothing of your body was left for imagination,” he replied.

Moving closer “ and did you like what you saw?” she asked.

“I could not have seen anything more enchanting, more erotic,” he replied.

Straightening her feet and lying comfortably on the bed she asked. “What could did you see that was so erotic?”

“I could see your gorgeous back with those curvaceous curves and coming down it took the wind out of me when I saw those beautiful mounds of flesh so prominently displayed.”

“What effect did it have when your eyes feasted upon my fleshy mounds?” she asked caressing his foot with hers.

Entangling his foot with hers he replied. “You had to turn spoiling the whole show.”

“Had I known that you were feasting your eyes then I would not have turned,” she said softly, her foot still caressing his.

“How could I have known?” he asked looking into her eyes.

“Don’t you remember what I said yesterday?” she asked pressing her foot hard upon his.

“No, what did you say?” he asked moving his leg along with hers.

“Did I not say morning bliss creates havoc? I would have obliged.” She said and seeing him pushing his leg “why don’t you put it across mine?” she said.

Getting excited by her words “had I asked would you have removed your sari?” he asked placing his foot on her.

“I think I would have obliged if that was all you wanted” she replied.

“Can it ... Can it not happen now?” he blurted.

“Yes it can, do you want me to or are you interested in removing it?” she asked.

“I would love to remove it,” he said getting up.

“And preserve it as atrophy?” she asked.

“Obviously” he said leaning forward and taking hold of her sari.

“And leave me to walk around without wearing one.” She asked.

“Yes that would be very much to my liking.” He replied as he slowly set aside the sari covering her bosom and looking down at her bulging breasts and pulsating waist line gleaming in the morning rays he stopped in his tracks and said “what an erotic body you have Mom?”

“That’s what I have and I don’t know how erotic it is?” she replied spreading her legs a little.

“It’s a body sculpted to give utmost pleasure Mom,” he replied caressing her midriff.

“Then derive what all pleasure you can from looking at it.” She said.

“Yes your body is so scintillating that touching it does wonders,” saying it he slowly removed the pleated part of her sari tucked in and slipping his hands behind her back and grasping her buttocks wrapped in the flimsy petticoat “it’s a sight every guy dreams of Mom,” he said eyeing her body.

Feeling his hands roam on her body she asked. “Is it now the turn of your hands to feast upon my body?”

Yes and it was with great difficulty I could remove my hands from your buttocks,” he replied.

“Why did you remove when I did not ask you to?” she said and before he could reply “want to feel them?” she asked her face turning crimson.

Nodding his head in affirmative and with his eyes focused on her lush body he got up and Megha seeing him in an aroused state asked. “Is that why your pants are tent up?”

“Yes, ever since you asked me to remove your sari it has become difficult for me to sustain him” he said slipping his hand under her buttocks.

“Were my words so provocative?” she asked thrashing her body on feeling his warm hand on her buttocks.

“Yes many a times I felt that I was about to shoot.” He replied fondling her warm buttocks.

“Now that your hands have full access to my buttocks how are you feeling?” she asked as her body started convulsing.

“Why don’ to see for yourself,” saying it he grabbed her hand and placing it on his erectness “what do you have to say?” he asked.

Megha who was on the threshold of having an orgasm could not have asked for a better option, grasping his hot erectness “are my buttocks the cause for this?” she asked as her body started convulsing.

“Yes Mom” saying it he pushed her on the bed and as she lay flat on her stomach, moving between her spread thighs, he placed his erectness on her slip covered body and pressing it between the valley “your buttocks are the cause for all this.” he replied.

Seeing his mother squirming in pleasure and not objecting, he held her hair and lying above her he started pounding his erectness between her lush buttocks and did not stop till he shot his load.

Draining out his cum and energy he lay upon her exhausted and on regaining his strength as he turned to lie by her side he was flabbergasted to see the front portion of his track pants totally soaked and before he could cover up he heard his mother ask “need any help?” Hearing it he Jumped out of the bed and ran towards the rest room.

Once inside the room he wondered as to what was the necessity for him to run away. After all did she not know it was going to happen? Why did he run from her and recalling her final words he felt he had made a mistake.

By the time he returned his mother had left and after dressing up when he searched for the keys he was excited to see his mother’s sari neatly tucked under the pillow. Caressing his face with it he left for office with a smiling face.

“Had your breakfast?” it was around noon when he received this call from her.

“Yes I had it Mom,” he replied.

“Sorry could not fix it in the morning,” she said.

“It’s okay Mom.”

“So how are things at office?” she asked.

“Everything is fine and I am contemplating to take a few days off.”

“Yes you need some rest, from when you are taking leave?” she asked.

“It’s not decided as I have some important work to complete.”

“You better finish it fast,” she said.

“Thanks Mom, thanks for your concern.”

“You need not thank me,” she replied.

“I ought to thank you Mom.”

“For what?” she asked.

“For that exciting present which you left under the pillow,” he said.

“It belongs to you now.”

“Yes it would keep reminding me of those precious moments.” He said.

“So I did not feel like taking it away from you.”

“Thanks again,” he said.

“Tell me, why you ran away in the morning?” she asked teasing him.

“Perhaps I wanted to continue some other time,” he replied.

“Yes that could be a valid reason.”

“Moreover had I not to attend office?” he asked.

“Yes, you had to go when it was getting interesting,” she said.

“Even I regretted. Can we not built up such an environment again?” he asked.

“It depends on various factors.” She replied.

“And one such factor is the morning bliss.”

“Yes that could be a major factor,” she replied.

“I know a place which could be very exciting, especially in the mornings.”

“Are you talking of the bird’s sanctuary?” she asked.

“Yes, except for the birds chirping you won’t hear another sound nor see any soul there.”

“And you want to take me to such a place, your proposal is quite interesting,” she said.

Getting excited he said. “Pack up as we may have to start early.”

“So it’s decided what about your leave?” she asked.

“Think it as sanctioned.” He replied disconnecting the line.

Next day carrying a few essentials they left early and reached the spot as the sun started rising on the horizon. Seeing its rays spilling on the vast stretch of exotic greenery, Megha discarding her sandals started threading on the soft green surface and leaving her to enjoy Dileep went to find a cool place to settle down.

It was after having a leisure stroll Megha returned and seeing him resting on the mat she asked “Is it not very beautiful?”

“Nothing can be more beautiful than you,” he replied looking at her cherubic face.

“You could not have selected a better place or a better time to say those words.” Saying it she kneeled beside him.

“They come straight from my heart Mom.”

“Are you sure I deserve such compliment?” she asked.

“Give me one reason to nullify it,” he replied.

“42 carats.”

“Yes 42 carats,” saying it he leaned forward and pulling the sari away and pointing to her firm rich breasts “they don’t look so. In fact many younger women would envy you. Your waist line, it is not any man but even women would love caressing it. I don’t know much about these as I have not seen them, but by their impressions I can say you have a fabulous pair of thighs.” Placing his hands on her back and feeling her buttocks “these rounded mounds are beyond ones imagination and I don’t know anyone who possess such a body at 42.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about but what I can say is that you are an opportunist,” she said.

“Now what makes you say so?” he asked.

“You don’t let go even a remote chance of feeling me up” she replied.

“Why should I let one go? One does not get such opportunities again and again.” He replied slipping his hands on her back and drawing her closer.

Leaning forward and brushing his nose with hers “should you not consider the time and place,” she said.

“Both time and place are perfect. Time because of the morning bliss and place because it is secluded,” he said.

“Both reasons seem to be very dangerous.” She said as she placed her head on his chest and lay alongside.

“Have I not obtained your approval before coming here?” he asked drawing the sari from her waist.

“Yes but I did not take morning bliss into consideration,” she replied feeling the sari being drawn from her waist and as he pulled it out from her body “what was that for?” she asked.

“It was to make you comfortable,” he replied setting aside the discarded sari.

“I fail to understand how one would be comfortable without the sari?” and looking into his eyes “I don’t think your intentions are honourable either.” She said seeing him gawking at her exposed waistline.

“What have I done that is not honourable?” he asked trying to undo her blouse.

“Pulling out ones sari is not considered to be honourable,” she replied.

“What if your sari acts as a spoil sport?” he asked sneaking his hand inside her blouse.

“You are not playing a game of hide and seek and what is that your hand is trying to seek now?” she asked feeling it penetrate inside her blouse.

“Those golden orbs which you have so precariously covered up,” he said pulling her blouse out.

“One has to shield precious things from prying eyes but why call them golden orbs?” she asked as her body started getting aroused.

Pulling the tiny straps of her bra and denuding her magnificent breasts. “Look, how the cascading sun’s rays have illuminated them? They are caressing these golden orbs and I envy them.” he said.

Looking at her breasts glowing she asked. “Ought you not to thank them rather than envying?”

“No, I should thank you for being so sportive and so considerate,” he said as he let his hand roam over her naked back.

“Are you to trying to sweet talk me? I better warn you, you are not going to get any favours from me.”

“One cannot be so cruel in this serene atmosphere,” he said sliding his hand down from her back onto her buttocks.

“Have I not allowed your hands to wander at a place which was hitherto not accessible?” she asked as his hands started caressing her buttocks.

“Yes, but I fail to imagine how it would be if these unwanted pieces of clothes are removed,” he said trying to push her slip down.

“On the other hand it is quite easy to imagine what effect they would have on you,” she said looking at his pants.

“That’s quite obvious with a gorgeous woman lying by my side without her blouse and her bra dangling,” he said.

“And you insatiable pigs crave for more. Should you not be content with what you have?” she asked.

“It is not we, but what we posses under the belt that craves for more,” he replied slipping his hand inside her slip and grasping her buttocks.

“Why blame the poor creature when you can’t keep your mind under control?” she asked placing her hand on his erection as he continued his caresses on her naked butt.

“It keeps harping for more. When I have your voluptuous buttocks he wants me to grab your thighs. Why don’t you reprimand him?” he said unzipping his pants.

“Why should I reprimand him when he has done no harm?” saying this as she slipped her hand inside his pants and feeling his cock “dirty fellow can you not wear any briefs?” she asked.

“I don’t see any reason in hiding it as you people do and moreover it pains a lot when it’s in such a state.” He replied.

“It serves you good,” and pulling out his cock “quite a handsome one.” She said straining her eyes to capture its ruggedness.

Feeling aroused on having his cock held by her, “come on do something.” He pleaded unable to withstand the pressure mounting inside his body.

“I am not your wife that you can ask such favours,” she said and moving up “I should not be doing this but count yourself lucky,” saying it she discarded her bra and lay fully flat upon him, imprisoning his cock between their bodies.

Grasping her in both hands and kissing her passionately “is it only from a wife that one can expect such favours? What if I find it more pleasurable asking you rather than a wife?” he asked kissing her lips and sucking them into his mouth.

“Then it is called carnal desire and it drives everyone crazy.” She said kissing him back wildly.

“Including you?” he asked grasping her and ramming his erectness on her soft body.

“Yes including me. It was that desire which made me discard my bra and leap upon you.” She said biting his cheek as hot waves erupted inside her body.

“Then what’s stopping you from removing your slip?” he asked as his dick started throbbing on her soft belly.

“If that’s what your body craves for then remove it,” she said and as she felt his hands creep inside the thin layer covering her body. Biting her lips she thrashed her body on his cock and feeling its warmth on her soft delicate belly.

Dileep could not believe what he had heard. With his cock pulsating he slipped his hands inside her slip and the moment they came in contact with the hot naked flesh of her inner thighs his body convulsed and before he could push her slip down he shot his cum.

On having spent their energies their bodies slumped and they did not know when sleep took over. It was Dileep who woke up first and seeing his mother lying uncovered he covered her with the sari and went for a stroll.

At the precise moment Dileep got up Megha too opened her eyes and seeing the state in which she was lying she pretended to be asleep thinking he would take advantage. Instead when she saw him covering her up “that is so nice of him,” she thought.

After relaxing she went in search of her son and seeing him crouched under the shadow of a tree “what are you doing?” she asked.

Signalling her to be silent “come and see how beautiful these birds are?” he said accommodating her.

Kneeling by his side “all birds are beautiful,” she replied softly.

“Is that why we men call you so?” he asked.

“You men go extra mile in praising us when they want favours.” She said smiling at him.

“Otherwise we don’t, is that what you mean?” he asked.

“Only a few are exceptional,” she replied.

“In which category do I fall?” he asked.

“Neither here nor there,” she said.

“You mean I don’t have to praise you to obtain favours?” he asked spreading his feet and lying straight on the ground.

“Even if you praise you are not going to get favours.” She replied shaking her head.

“Either way, am I a loser?” he asked making himself comfortable.

“Yes, you have exhausted all your lifelines,” she replied on seeing him lying straight.

“Can you not reconsider my case?” he asked pulling her by his side.

“I may have to think about it,” she said lying by his side and placing her head on his chest.

Encircling his arms around her he said. “So, I do stand an outside chance.”

“I did not say so; I said I will think about it.” She replied caressing the hair on his chest.

“Can you not bend your rules for me?” he asked caressing her bare back.

“I have done enough,” she replied shyly.

Seeing her turn crimson he said. “Come lie upon me, you will feel more comfortable.” and pulling her up “see how much care we take,” he said.

“As if there is nothing in it for you,” she said making herself comfortable upon him.

Grasping her in both hands “what’s there other than carrying your weight?” he asked.

“Many men would give their lives to have us in this position,” she said nuzzling her body on his.

“I thought it was the other way around, women lying down and men on top.”

“You are a lousy, filthy and dirty person.” She said hugging him.

“And also lovable,” he asked.

“Above all most lovable.” she said pecking a hot kiss on his cheek.

Seeing her in a jovial mood “Why don’t you remove your sari?” he said.

“Is it necessary?” she asked taking hold of her sari.

“Yes it will lessen my burden to some extent,” he replied teasing her.

“And if I get up and go you won’t have any burden to carry, think about it.”

Saying it as she tried to get up pulling her down and hugging her “I was teasing you Mom,” he replied.

“See how easy it is to scare you,” she said smiling and burrowing her face on his chest “who wants to move out of this comfort zone when there is so much happiness here.” She said cuddling her body upon his.

“Then why don’t you stay put in my arms,” he asked embracing her.

“Try moving me out of them,” she replied snuggling closer.

Feeling elated by her reply “I dare not,” he said and pulling her up “let’s seal this with a kiss.”

“Yes let’s seal this with a kiss,” saying she leaned forward and taking hold of his face kissed him like she had never kissed anyone before.

Aroused by her kisses he grasped her buttocks and fondling them “you have gorgeous ones mom,” he said squeezing them.

“For the moment consider them to be yours,” she replied.

Stripping his shirt and baring his chest “then come straddle me,” he said.

Her body seething with pleasure she did as she was asked and when her voluptuous buttocks landed on his bare broad chest feeling its warmth devouring her “is this what you wanted?” she asked and when he nodded his head “suck my breasts,” she said in sheer ecstasy pulling them out from her blouse.

Deftly opening his mouth and sucking her breast “I wish they were filled,” he said.

“You men are insatiable creatures and are never content with what you have,” she replied seething with desire.

“Yes we are and this time you have not given any room to complain, I have plenty in hand.” Saying it he grabbed her buttocks and fondling them as he brought his hands to the front and held her thighs “it’s time to fulfil my wish mom,” he said.

“What wish?” she asked feeling his hands caressing her thighs.

“Last time I failed to discard this garment,” saying it he slowly slipped his fingers inside her slip and taking hold of the thin garment he shred it out of her body and as his eyes devoured her glorious thighs he said. “No wonder you people take pride in hiding them.”

“Could you not have removed it in a more dignified manner? Do you have to show your true colours” she asked as the thin garment was ripped out from her body.

“One gets more pleasure in ripping them” he replied and staring at her panties snuggled against the v of her body “In future I will keep that in mind.”

“Somebody is having high hopes,” she said making faces at him.

“High hopes or not, I will take utmost care in discarding them and also I am not going to forcefully do it.”

“Yes, I know you and your good deeds may win one day,” she said pushing back her feet and lying flat on him hugging his body.

“I hope that day is not too far away,” saying it he tactfully removed her blouse.

As her blouse was removed “you seem to have become an expert in removing my garments,” she said.

“Yes I have been practising and who knows one day it may come handy,” he said hugging her strongly.

“Are you using me for practice?” she asked.

“How can I when you have not allowed me fully,” he replied criss-crossing his feet over hers and imprisoning her under him.

“Is that the only subject on your mind, can you not deviate from it?” she asked enjoying the stimulation in her body on lying upon him and chatting.

“How can I deviate my mind when I have set it as my goal,” he said and fondling her buttocks “when you have given me the freedom to access these I don’t know what is stopping you from allowing me to discard this tiny inconsequential garment.” He said trying his best to pacify her.

“If it is an inconsequential garment then why have you set it as a goal to remove it?” she put back the question to him.

“From the point of view of garment it is tiny, but what it shields though it is also small, but universally it is acclaimed as the most desirous object and you find fault with me for setting it as my goal.” He said brushing his hard cock between her thighs.

“And dreaming of achieving it has your monster risen?” she asked feeling his cock poking in between her thighs.

“Yes I have been dreaming of it,” he said ramming his cock hard on her thighs.

“And supposing if he had achieved the goal then what?” she asked her body sweating profusely.

“Then you would have had to tame him,” he said getting excited on having his cock on her thighs.

“Why should I tame him? Have I said I would take care of him?” she said and dipping her hand and taking hold of his cock “he is such a wonderful creature, anyone would love to handle,” saying it she slipped it between her hot thighs and as she squeezed her thighs she felt his body tense and spurt his cum.

Feeling the thick hot cum spread over her thighs “you guys are ridiculous,” she said.

“Do you know why it happened all of a sudden?” he asked and when she shook her head “it touched something which was hitherto untouchable,” he said feeling as though he had conquered the moon.

Seeing his face etched with untold happiness she felt it better in not letting him know that she had intentionally let it feel her there.

Having enjoyed the outing to their hearts desire they felt the place and reached home late in the night and both needing privacy went to their respective rooms.

Dileep was excited by the day’s events. He felt excited recalling his mother’s words “your good deeds may win one day” and also for the fact that his cock had touched her privates. Recalling those scenes again and again he slumbered into a deep sleep.

Megha felt fortunate to have such a wonderful son who understood her feelings. During their stay in the wilderness he could have had taken advantage of her but the poor guy had thought otherwise. When he had ripped her slip she was expecting he would rip her panties too but in vain and finally seeing the joy on his face on having touched her privates she felt she ought to reward him. Thinking on those lines she slept soundly.

It was past noon when Dileep woke and after freshening up as he came down he saw his mother drying her hair with a towel and on seeing him “can you fetch some breakfast?” she asked.

“Why don’t we go out and have?” replied Dileep.

“No not like this,” she said showing him the wet towel.

“Who would look at you? You would be seated in the car,” he said not wanting to go alone.

“I am not coming, are you going to bring it or not?” she asked pushing him.

“I had thought we would be always together,” he said to tease her.

“Yes that does not mean I will accompany you however I am. Have you ever seen me go out like this?” she asked.

“No, but you look swell with your hair tied in the towel.”

“I am feeling hungry are you going to bring me breakfast?” she asked.

“If you are really hungry then yes,” saying it he went out and returned before his mother could finish brewing coffee.

Seeing him return back in a jiffy “did you pick it from the neighbour?” she asked.

“Yes and she was more than happy to oblige.”

“Who the sixty year old nanny?” she asked.

“Yes 60 carats,” he replied placing the parcel on the table.

“Do you even run after 60 year olds?” she asked.

“What, when 42 carats don’t budge.”

“So whoever flashes you go behind them, is it?” she asked.

“What’s wrong in it?” he asked.

“Nothing, you should have stayed there. Why did you come?” she asked feeding him a spoon full.

“I had to because you were hungry,” he replied.

“Now that you have brought me breakfast why don’t you go back.” she said.

“How can I leave you alone and moreover I have applied leave only to be with you. Don’t you think it will go wasted?” he asked.

“What will you gain by staying with me?” she asked feeding him again.

“When you are feeding me with so much love I expect the same later on,” he replied.

“By later on, you mean during lunch.” She asked smiling at him.

“No not during lunch but when we go out,” he said.

“I did not say that we are going out today.”

“Well when we cosy up or cuddle up,” he said taking a deep breath.

“Do you think we have time for that?” she asked.

“Then how do you think we are going to spend the day?” he asked.

“By listening to music or by watching a movie,” she replied.

“Then it will be while we are watching the movie,” he replied.

“Have you got any good ones in your collection?” she asked clearing the plates.

“No, but I will fetch a few,” saying it as he got up ‘come soon, ‘ he heard her say.

Dileep was on cloud nine and with her words ringing in his ears he went to fetch CD’s and on procuring then as he returned he saw his mother reclining on the sofa with her legs pulled up. She looked so beautiful and so demure that his heart cried out to go and take her in his arms.

Controlling his emotions he inserted the CD in the player and when it started to play he sat beside her and as the movie began “is it a love story?” asked his Mom.

“No Mom it is a fiction cum horror movie which is running to packed houses” he replied.

Hearing the word horror Megha moved closer and Dileep slipping his arm around her shoulders and drawing her “it’s not that scary,” he said.

The movie was so intense and so grasping that both watched with their eyes glued to the screen and when it came to an end, Megha kissed him passionately and when Dileep’s face showed surprise, hugging him “you deserve much more,” she said.

“Much more than a kiss,” he asked embracing her.

“Yes much more than a kiss.” She said gluing her lips on his mouth.

“Then am I at liberty to undo your blouse,” he asked pushing aside her sari and gazing at her heaving breasts stacked behind the blouse.

“You can even rip them if you want,” she said biting his ear.

“Will keep that in mind,” saying it he tactfully removed her blouse and as he slipped his hands behind her back to unhook her bra “the hooks are in front” he heard her say.

“Why don’t you unhook them while I free my arms,” saying it he dipped his hands from her bare back on to her buttocks and grasping them “these are livelier Mom,” he said.

“Is it because they are fuller than these?” she asked shedding her bra and exposing her breasts.

“No it’s because my hands are at liberty to feel them as I want to,” he said caressing her rich mounds.

“As if your hands were tied up yesterday,” she replied her body warming up to his caresses.

“They were not, but were restricted from wandering all over.” He said slipping his hand in the gap between the mounds and feeling the heat above her clothes “why don’t we remove this?” he asked holding her slip.

“Do you think it necessary? Have you not felt enough?” she asked in the heat of passion and also not wanting to disappoint him.

“How can I feel with so many layers shielding it,” he said pulling her sari out.

“Are the layers made out of steel that you are unable to penetrate them?” she asked her body squirming in ecstasy.

“No, but when you have so fondly agreed it’s not fair to disappoint you,” he said and sliding his fingers inside her slip “it’s only a few who are fortunate to undo them,” saying it he pushed her slip down her mounds and feasting his eyes upon her naked buttocks and grasping them in his hands “they are so perfectly moulded.” He said.

Feeling his hand grasping and caressing her buttocks “I don’t think I gave you permission to fondle them,” she said.

“No you have not but on having them naked it would be like insulting these mounds if one does not caress them,” he replied continuing to fondle her buttocks.

“Are they naked? Are they not covered with my panties?” she asked.

“Yes, if you could call these strings as panties,” he said playfully toying with the strings.

“Have I worn those?” she asked and hiding her face on his chest “then your eyes may be having a field day,” she said knowing very well what she had worn.

“They will if you would turn around.”

“No not with those panties on,” she said.

“Is this strip of cloth not sufficiently covering you up?” he asked aroused to the hilt on toying with her panties.

“It’s not what it is covering but what it has left uncovered.”

“What has it left uncovered, tell me?” he asked vigorously caressing her buttocks.

“As if you don’t know what peeps out of the panties.”

“Is it dense?” he asked his cock throbbing in his pants.

“I can’t say as I don’t know much about them.”

“Can I feel them?” he asked slipping his hand between her mounds.

“Why do you want to feel them?” she blurted as her body started convulsing on feeling his hand creeping in the hot valley between her mounds.

“Want to feel its silkiness,” saying it as his hand crept down over her panties, grabbing all that his hand could take he shot his load in his pants.

Megha who was on the verge of climax could no longer sustain the assault and as soon as he grabbed her privates screaming his name she drained her juices. Both climaxed simultaneously.

After regaining her composure “why were you in such a hurry?” asked Megha.

“I don’t know what instigated me,” he replied softly. Seeing his ashen face “it’s not that you have done anything wrong but could you not have waited?” she asked in a low tone.

“I thought you may not allow me,” he replied.

“Why would I not allow you? In fact your hand is still there,” she said nibbling his earlobe.

Feeling her wet panties “yes and why have they become moist?” he asked squeezing them.

“It’s because of your hands mesmerized me,” she replied.

“It means my actions have not gone wasted.” He asked taking hold of her panties firmly.

“Don’t tell me it did not have any effect on you,” she replied.

“Yes it did and now if you could turn,” he said.

“Why do you want me to turn when you have felt more than what you wanted to?” she replied.

“I want to see what my hand has felt as seeing something hitherto unseen is very exciting,” he replied looking straight into her eyes.

“Can I take your word for it? Should I believe that you have not seen any?” she asked in a voice filled with lust and when he nodded his head “turn your face.” Megha commanded.

The few moments it took his Mom to move out of his arms and sit beside him felt like ages and when he turned to face her he saw her sitting with her legs criss-crossed.

Kneeling in front of her and placing his hands on her knees “I can’t believe this to be true,” he said.

“What have you seen to say you can’t believe?” she asked squeezing her thighs tightly.

“It’s not what I have seen but in what position I am that I can’t believe. I just can’t believe that I am kneeling in front of you and have my hands on your naked thighs. I can’t believe that I am looking at you wearing nothing but the tiniest panties.” and opening her legs and spreading her thighs “I can’t believe that my eyes are staring at the silky black hair peeping out of your panties and I can’t believe that my eyes would be feasting on what’s behind those panties.” Dileep said as his eyes devoured every detail of her naked body.

“Yes all that is true and I presume my boy is strong enough to sustain himself once he remove those so called inconsequential panties and see what’s behind them,” said Megha, kissing him passionately on his lips.

“Being in your company I have matured enough to control him Mom!” he replied back taking hold of her panties.

“Then why is the poor guy caged?” she asked.

“It’s because he may take undue advantage once this is exposed” saying it he ripped her panties out and looking at her moist glistening love lips nestled amidst thick black foliage “No wonder men fall on their knees.” He said.

“Is that why you are on your knees?” asked his Mom grasping his hair as her body jolted on her panties being ripped.

“No but to have a look at something which my eyes have never seen before,” saying it he grabbed her knees.

Taking a deep breath and spreading her thighs slowly she said. “This is for your eyes only.”

“And those eyes are enchanted Mom.” He replied he as her glistening brownish cunt lips were being exposed before his eyes.

“Do you find it to your liking? Is it how you had dreamt it would be?” she asked her body seething with pleasure.

“I could not have seen anything more arousing, more stimulating and it’s because your...” he did not complete the sentence.

“Yes it’s because of what?” she asked as her body trembled.

“It’s because your cunt is totally moist Mom and it’s the steamiest scene a man could ever lay his eyes upon!” he said.

Hearing him utter the word Megha’s body shivered with pleasure. Leaning forward and holding his face in both hands “so is that how your mother’s cunt looks? Is it the horniest thing you have ever seen? Is that the reason your cock is throbbing in your pants? What other effects does it have on seeing my wet pussy?” she asked in a lewd manner.

Excited by the usage of her words “Yes Mom your cunt which you had guarded so stubbornly all these days and which till now was beyond my reach, having it spread wide open craves for the wildest desires which even you might not have heard of,” saying it he grabbed her legs and pulling them over his shoulders he started kissing her robust thighs and as the musky odour of her cunt hit his nostrils, gluing his face on her seeping cunt he sucked till the daylight was blown out of her mind.

Dileep ravaged her cunt with his lips, tongue, teeth and by the time he lifted his face from her damp cunt he had lost count of how many times his mother had screamed his name and then looking at her face which had turned crimson “you are one gorgeous woman Mom!” he said before moving aside.

Having been devastated by her son and not knowing how many times she had creamed Megha pulled herself and covering up as best as she could with what her hands could lay on, she looked at her son and seeing him silent, staggered up slowly and as she was about to move “do you have to go Mom?” she heard him say.

Stepping back she turned and as the vision of her son standing in the dim light became clear shaking her head “do you want to have me?” she asked softly.

“Yes I want to have you.” He replied.

Moving closer and placing her hands on his shoulders she asked. “So you want to have me, is it because of what you saw just?”

“No ever since you kissed me in the parking lot I have been craving to have you and now after having seen it the urge is more.” Dileep replied.

“What did you see?” she asked lewdly, biting her lip.

“I was fortunate enough to have seen your cunt and now I want to possess it,” saying it he boldly placed his hand between her thighs and caressed her cunt above the sari.

Aroused by his hand caressing her cunt she asked. “How do you plan to have me, right here or do you want to carry me to your room?” she asked.

“First l I need to lift your sari,” said he as he bent down.

“Why don’t you rip it out?” she asked as her body started trembling.

“No, I want to derive the pleasure of lifting the sari and denuding you,” saying it he drew her sari up and as her gorgeous thighs got exposed caressing it with his hands “only a few people are fortunate to derive such pleasure as this,” saying it he lifted her clothes above her waist and taking a leisure look at her moist cunt lips surrounded by lush pubic hair “even women will fall on their feet to feast their eyes upon your cunt Mom!” said he as he deftly removed all her clothes.

Standing naked in front of her son with legs spread apart and her chest heaving Megha felt a hot rush of blood flow through her body and throwing all caution to the wind and staring at his tent up pants she said. “Don’t you think even your Mom is entitled to have a look at what you possess?”

“Yes Mom, be my guest,” saying it he lifted his arms.

“You men always want us to do dirty things,” saying it she pulled out his shirt and taking hold of his track pants and pushing them down she asked. “Dirty fellow don’t you still wear an underwear?”

“It pains a lot Mom and had I worn one today, I think I would have been hospitalized by now,” he replied.

“Why?” she asked blushingly.

“Because since two hours he is in an aroused state and if he was imprisoned in the underwear then I had had it,” he replied.

Pulling down his pants and having a look at his raging cock she said. “My my, he looks like a monster.”

“Are you afraid of having him?” he asked as he took his Mom in his arms.

Placing her chin on his chest and caressing it she said. “Initially it would be difficult.”

“What if I say I would be very cautious?” he replied.

“That’s what you say before you penetrate and once you are in you forget everything and go wild.” Megha replied.

“And is that not what you women crave for?” he asked.

“Yes, we want this monster of a cock to ravage our cunts, tear it apart.” She said taking hold of his raging cock in his hand.

Pushing her on the sofa and spreading her thighs wide and exposing her nakedness he said. “Come on Mom take him in.”

And before Megha who was holding his cock could guide it she felt her cunt lips rip apart as the monster penetrated inside her and before she could hug her son he had started pounding it deep inside her cunt.

Starting to love his actions “so how does it feel to make love to your Mom?” she asked.

“The sensations are heavenly Mom,” saying it he rammed his cock deep into her cunt tearing the delicate inner skin.

Biting her lips she sustained the pain and as the pain gave way to pleasure reciprocating his moves she felt him on the threshold of climaxing. Pulling out his cock and placing it on her chest she cried. “I want to see you come, shoot it on my breasts.” Megha was delighted to see loads of hot cum landing on her bare chest.

As an exhausted Dileep slumped on the sofa “how did it feel to have made it with me?” asked Megha.

Taking a deep breath “it was a dream come true and as your cunt was well lubricated it was sheer pleasure in pounding it Mom,” said Dileep.

“Yes, as it was well lubricate you forgot to be cautious,” she replied.

“Sorry Mom, as it was the first time I could not control and it won’t happen again.” Said Dileep.

Who bothers she said silently and addressing him “as if you will get another chance,” she said softly.

“Why, what have I done that you want to punish me?” he asked.

“Given a chance it’s you who would punish me and now don’t make false promises,” she said and before he could reply dragging her clothes she strode down to her room.

Knowing that she was pulling his leg an exhausted Dileep went to his room.

The sun rays were seeping through the blinds when Dileep opened his eyes. After having a refreshing bath as he went down he saw his mother standing near the window waving her hand. Without bothering he went behind her and putting his arms around her waist and drawing her he hugged her.

Squirming in pleasure and pecking a kiss on his cheeks she said. “Don’t you think you ought to see if anyone is present before you hug me?”

“Why, who can stop me from hugging you?” he asked grabbing her strongly in his arms.

“Have you forgotten Shanti our maid, she has come,” she replied.

“So what if Shanti is here, can I not hug my mother?” he asked as his hands went up and groped her breasts.

“Yes you can hug your mother but what your hands are doing is not allowed,” saying it she pulled his hands away from her breasts.

“But my hands are itching Mom,” he said again trying to grope her breasts.

“Stop Shanti is coming,” she said and as Dileep removed his hands from her breasts, in came Shanti and was surprised to see both of them being so intimate. Last time when she was here she could sense that something was drastically wrong between them and today she was surprised to see them being so close to each other.

Flashing a smile she wished him and reciprocating her smile Dileep asked. “When did you come back?”

“I came back yesterday Baba,” saying it she went into the kitchen. (She used to call him Baba) Looking at her moving away “Mom why don’t you ask her to come daily?” he said.

“Why, what’s your interest in her?” she asked to tease him.

“Mom, it will be a big relief for you,” he replied.

“Okay I will ask her and hope she would oblige,” she said as her mind wandered back to the days when she used to have backaches and on one such occasion while Shanti was pressing her back she had practically allowed her to touch her breasts, can it happen again? Those were the thoughts lingering in her mind.

As Megha was deep in thoughts Dileep moved to the sitting room and as he was going through the news paper in came Shanti and handing him a cup of coffee as she turned to leave she caught his attention. Watching her closely made Dileep sit on the edge and seeing her curvaceous figure he was stupefied to find them similar to his Mom. She was identical in height, weight and the curves of her body were mind-blowing as well.

Recalling his mother’s words “what’s your interest in her?” Mom my interest is of paramount importance, he said to himself.

However hard Dileep tried he could not find his Mom alone. There was always Shanti who popped up on one pretext or another. Many a times when he was close to Mom she used to flash her smile asking as to what was cooking. Being deprived of an occasion he resigned and instead watched TV. It was here he stole glances at Shanti’s curves and compared to that of his mother. The more he saw her curves the more they resembled his mother and this invigorated him further.

Braving himself he got up and moving behind his Mom and holding her waist he said. “Feeling hungry Mom” and as Shanti looked at him curiously, winking at her “is not my mother a charming woman?” he asked for which Shanti nodded her head. Grasping his mother’s waist “I am hungry Mom” he said loudly and Megha turning to face him pecked a kiss on his cheeks and coming out of his grasp “give me five minutes,” she said.

As his mother moved out of his grasp Dileep let his hands caress her back which was keenly observed by Shanti and when she looked up at him, smiling broadly at her, he let his gaze wander on her lush body.

Shanti felt his stares. At first she thought she had visualized them but as his subsequent stares were more direct it sent strong signals to her mind. Feeling somewhat elated by this and also for the fact that her mistress had asked her to come daily she went on with her chores. It was while placing clothes into the washing machine that she had the shock of her life when she found the panties in his track pants.

Holding them in the open it was difficult for her to visualize to whom they belonged. At first she thought them to be her mistress but looking at the tiniest panties she had ever seen she found it hard to digest that her mistress would wore anything like that and even if they belonged to her how did they find their way into Dileep’s pocket? This was something unimaginable. These thoughts harped her through-out the day and even after completing her work a troubled Shanti could not shake it out of her mind.

As Shanti left Dileep saw his mother going to her room and after half an hour when she came out she looked pale. Seeing her dull face Dileep’s felt sorry and when he asked her if she was unwell, she shook her head.

“Then why have you gone so pale?” he asked.

“I will tell you later. I need some air, let’s go for a drive,” she said.

Thinking she was getting sick staying in the house he got the car readied and after having travelled few miles and seeing that she was still uncomfortable “what’s bothering you Mom?” he asked.

Megha replied. “I feel ashamed to tell you.”

“What could make you feel so ashamed?” he asked.

“Do I have to tell you everything?” she asked smiling at him.

“No you don’t have to,” and seeing her smile “maybe I can help you in some way,” he said which made her laugh. Seeing her mood had changed “still don’t want to tell me?” he asked.

“I feel bad, can you not understand?” she asked.

“How can I understand when you don’t say anything?”

“It’s what a woman has to face every month,” she said softly.

“Is it that?” he said and when the reality hit him braking the car “is it?” he asked loudly.

“Yes it is that,” she said moving closer.

“Of all days why should it have happened today?” he asked.

“Why, what’s so special about today?” she asked cuddling him.

“Today is the last day of my leave and what all plans I had,” he said holding her in his arms.

“What plans had you made?” she asked moving her face close to his.

Dileep said. “I had planned to have you in my arms Mom.”

“You do have me in your arms,” she said hugging and kissing his cheek.

“No not like this. I wanted to have you all by myself.”

“How romantic, can you not wait for a few days?” she asked this time kissing him on his lips.

“I had it all planned for today and since morning all my plans have gone hay wire.”

“Why what happened in the morning?” she asked hiding her smile.

“As if you don’t know what happened. Could she not have come a day later?” he said frowning.

“She would have if she had known about your plans,” she replied.

“You mean to say that I should have informed her about my plan.” He asked.

“Yes that would have been more effective than grasping and groping me in front of her.” She replied.

“I don’t know why I did that?” he said.

“But I know why you did it.” She replied smiling at him.

“What could have made me do it?” he asked.

“You wanted to impress her,” she replied.

“What do you mean by saying I wanted to impress her?” he asked.

“You were impressed by her figure and I saw you ogling her,” she said.

On being cornered “do you have hawks eye?” he asked.

“No, I just presumed that you were interested and I am glad that my presumption was right,” she said.

“So you sweet talked me into accepting.”

“Yes but what I saw in the evening made me shiver,” she said.

“What did you see?” he asked not able to recall any of his actions.

“Shanti pulled my panties from your track pants,” she said.

Those words took the wind out of him. “Oh! I had totally forgotten about them. Does she know that they belong to you?” he asked.

“No I cannot be sure,” she replied.

“What if she presumes them to be yours?” he asked.

“Then we may have to tell her the truth and take her in our confidence.” She said biting his ears.

Hearing those words “do that Mom, take her in your confidence,” he said grabbing her.

“Why should I reveal my secret to her? What benefit would I have?” she asked.

“Then we would be free to have you be in my arms and kiss me whenever you feel like” he said.

“And what if she wants you to kiss her?” she put the question to him.

“She will be most welcomed.” He replied and seeing his Mom making faces “provided I have your permission,” he said.

“You don’t have to have my permission. I only want to make sure that you are in safe company and I don’t know anyone other than Shanti.” She replied and snuggling close to him “kiss me,” she said.

Having her in his arms and kissing her he said. “How sweet of you.”

“Obviously I am very sweet and is it for that reason he is aroused?” she asked and placing her hand on his cock and feeling its hardness “or is it due to her.”

“Partly due to you and partly due to her,” he replied.

“Is that how you talk to your Mom?” she asked unzipping his pants.

“Who said you are my Mom? You are my friend, my partner, my well wisher.” he said.

“By saying partner, do you mean to say partner in bed?” she asked groping his cock and squeezing it.

“Yes above all you are my partner in bed and unfortunately I cannot bed you today,” he said moaning loudly as his mother started jerking his cock.

“Yes, you cannot bed me as I cannot allow him to penetrate.” She said grasping his cock in both hands and sliding it up and down.

“Yes but your soft hands are doing a wonderful job,” saying it he grabbed her in his arms. Kissing and ravaging her lips he shot his load into her hands.

Coming out of his grasp “happy?” she asked and when he nodded “then let’s go,” she said smilingly.

“As you wish Mom,” he replied silently.

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