The Trade
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Unrestricted hard core sex. Not for the squeamish or up-tight.

Honey! Is it ok if I bring Jason over this evening to watch the game?

Isn’t he that good looking black guy you work with?


Aren’t you afraid I’ll jump on his big fat dick and screw him silly while you watch?

I’m not afraid of anything.

Oh, yeah? We’ll see.

Honey! We’re home.

Oh, hi.

Honey. This is Jason. He’s going to watch the game with me. Can you rustle up some snacks for us?

Sure guys. Be happy to. Just make yourselves at home. I’m going to freshen up a bit then I’ll fix something for you to lick--I mean, to eat.

(If she freshens up any more, she’ll wash it off. Did you see the way she was staring at your crotch?)

(Hey man. You sure she’s ok with this? You sure you’re ok with it?)

(Didn’t I tell you I was going to get what I wanted out of it?)


(Then just relax and enjoy. If I know Sandi, she’s in there taking off all her underwear right now, so she can flash you. Did you leave your undershorts off like I told you?)

(Yeah. Strictly commando.)

(Ok, then when we sit down, make sure the legs of your walking shorts are loose, so she can sneak peeks. You and I will act like we don’t know it’s shining. Later, we’ll wind up at the kitchen table. I’ll put you at the end so she can see what’s hanging out without it being obvious that we know it.)

(Ok, but I got to admit that it gives me the creeps.)

(Relax, man. I told you it would be worth it for me. Quit worrying. If I cared, would I set it all up like this?)

(I guess not.)

(Ok. Then hang a bit of the head out now and I’ll check to see if she can miss it.)

[Damn! That guy’s hung!!!]

Here we go, guys. Sorry it took so long. [Shit! Is that the head of his prick sticking out of his shorts leg? Oh, my!]

That’s ok Hon. We were just getting comfortable. Why don’t you bring the stuff in and watch the game with us?

You know I don’t know or care anything about football.

Well, that’s why I brought Jason. He was a star in college and knows a lot more about it than I do. He can teach us both some new tricks--I mean more about football.

[He could sure teach me some tricks. If the rest of that prick is as nice as the part I can see, I can’t wait to find a way to seduce him. Thank God Jim gave me an excuse to watch it. It will give me a chance to let him do some watching, too. Good thing I left my panties off.] Maybe I will watch a little.

[I’ll be watching, too, my pet. Show him your cunt while you stare at his black dick.] Ok. Everybody get ready. The game’s about to start.

[Shit! Even I can see her cunt. Sandi must really have the hots for this guy. She doesn’t even appear to be hiding the fact that she’s flashing her box at him. Of course, with the amount of dick showing down his shorts, I can’t blame her. If she doesn’t fuck him, I will.]

[Damn! I don’t know why this honky wants me to pork his wife, but if it’s pork he wants, then pork he’s gonna get. That is one fine looking pussy.] Sandi, I hope I’m not out of line, but I think it would be easier to explain the plays to you if you would sit on the floor in front of me so I can point things out better.

Whatever you think is best, Jason. You really seem to know all about the game, doesn’t he, Will?

Oh yeah.

[If I sit all the way back against the couch, he should be able to see my tits down the loose front of this blouse.] Is this what you meant, Jason? [Damn! When I turned my head to talk to him, my chin rubbed against that fat dick. I’m about to come just sitting here.]

Yes, that’s fine, Mrs. Smith. [If that white bitch rubs my cock one more time, I’m gonna cum right down my leg.]

Oh, you should call me Sandi. Everyone else does. [Wonder if I can get away with a little pat on his leg to reassure him?]

[Oh shit! She nearly got me there.]

Hey! It’s half-time. Let’s go in the kitchen and dig into that cake and coffee. Come on Jason. You sit here and I’ll scoot back behind. (Remember what I told you.)

(Ok, ok.) [Damn, these guys are really winding me up! Ok, Mr. and Mrs. WhiteAss. If you really want to see this black dick, then that’s what you’re going to see. Since she knows he can’t see what she does, I’ll just whup the whole thang out and stroke it for her. Ain’t no way she’s gonna squeal.]

Jason. Do you take CREAM! (Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Look at that piece of meat! Will doesn’t even know his buddy is jacking off his big black dick in front of me.)

What’s the matter, Honey?

Oh, nothing. I just slipped a little. Must have been something on the floor. I’ll just wipe it up. [If I get on my knees to wipe the floor, Will won’t be able to tell that I’m breathing on that beautiful prick.]

[From the huge grin on Jason’s face, I have to believe my lovely wife is about to go down on him in our own kitchen.] Everything ok, Honey?

Huh? Oh, yeah. Just found something that needs a lot of rubbing.

OK. Well, better get it. We don’t want you slipping down and busting that pretty little ass of yours.

[I’ll get it all right. If I’m any judge of pricks, this black one is going to go off down my throat any time now. Ahhh!]

You ok, Buddy?. You look a little pale.

Everything’s just fine, Buddy. Jes fine.

How would you like to fuck him, Honey?


Now that you’ve let him blow a wad of cum down your throat, I thought you might like to see if you can jam all that black prick up your tight little twat.

Why, whatever do you mean?

Look behind you, honey. See that mirror?

Oh, shit. Are you mad at me?

If I was mad at you, wouldn’t I be asking you to quit jacking him off while we chit-chat?

Oh! Yeah. I guess so. Didn’t really realize I was doing it.

Well, you can just keep right on as long as you like, on two conditions. You can fuck Jason as often as the two of you feel like it just as long as I can be present every time. No sneaking off together without me. Ok?

You said two conditions. What’s the other one?

You don’t say a word about anything I do with Christi.

CHRISTI! You don’t mean you’re going to fuck your own daughter?

I’m not going to do anything to hurt her. You know I love her more than anything. She may not want to have anything to do with me, but she’s old enough to make her own decisions. We’ve always been close, I just want to see if she wants to be as close as I do. Take another look at that piece of meat Jason’s stroking before you answer.

Do you promise not to hurt her?

Of course I promise. She’s my daughter, too. Here, I’ll hold Jason’s prick while you slide down it. Deal?

Ok, ok. Deal, but you better not let me find out you have hurt her in any way.

Here, I’ll pull your dress off so Jason can suck those fine titties you have. Doesn’t that log feel good sliding up your cunt? Is it coming out your mouth, yet.

Ummm. No, but it feels like it. Fuck me big boy. Drive that pile driver. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.

Damn, Sandi! You the first white woman I ever fucked that was this hot. Just wait till I slam Big John up your white ass.

What is it, Daddy?

Shhhh. Don’t make a sound and I’ll show you something that will explain what you were asking me about last week.

You mean those questions I asked you about my sex education class?

Yes, but we must not make a sound or we will spoil the fun. Come down the hall with me and look through this mirror into the kitchen. We are far enough back in the darkness that we won’t be seen, but we might be heard.

That’s Mom! And Jason is fucking her!

Well, you said they weren’t giving you good answers to the questions you asked in school. All they wanted to talk about was biology and you wanted to know about sex. This is sex.

Doesn’t it bother you that Mom is fucking your friend?

Why should it? It’s obviously making both of them very happy, isn’t it?

Well, duhhh.

It makes me happy, too, to see them so happy. In fact, it’s making me so happy I’m going to go help them. I’ll come to your room later and answer the rest of your questions. You can stay here and watch us, but hurry back to your room if anyone else comes this way.

Ok, Daddy. Can I just suck yours a little before you go, like Mom is doing to Jason?

I guess so, but be careful. I’m so hot watching them I’m about to cum any second.

Go ahead and cum, Daddy. I know all about this stuff. I was just asking questions so you would discuss sex with me. That’s it! Mmmmmmmmmhhhh.

What did I say, Jason? Isn’t she a hot fuck?

Why you shit! Do you mean you set this up?

Of course, but have you ever been hotter in your life? You had to be borderline crazy to suck another guy’s dick just a few feet from your husband if you were afraid of getting caught.

I guess not, and I’m still hot. Did you notice that I’m sitting on his big black dick and there’s nothing in my pussy?

Really? You managed to get all that meat up your ass?

Yeah, but it almost tore the skin off my prick. This bitch is hot and tight. Aren’t you, bitch?

Just shut up and fuck my ass you black bastard. Will, if you’re so willing to watch me get fucked, why don’t you suck my pussy while Jason rams that yard up my ass?

Ok, but if you come the way you usually do, you may pinch his black prick off at the root.

Don’t worry about that, just suck.

[Hmm. Whoever would have thought I would have my face in my wife’s cunt while her ass is full of prick? Bet it will throw him into high gear if I tickle his balls.]

Hey! What the fuck you doing down there boy?

You’re fucking my wife in the ass and you worry about little shit? Just take longer strokes and concentrate on blowing your nuts. We’re all friends here.

I may be happy, but I’m not gay!

I’m not, either, but sometimes the line gets blurry.

[If he draws out just a little bit more on those long strokes, the next stroke will come all the way out and I can guide it wherever I want.]

Hey, man. I take it back. That’s pretty neat, where you put me in one hole one time and the other hole the other time.

[Yeah. Just keep telling yourself you don’t feel teeth once in a while.]

Motherfucker! Oh shit! Here it comes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

[Better move my head so Cindy can see the cum spewing out of this black snake. I’ll smear it over Sandi’s belly and lick it off later.) Ok. You’ve had your fun now baby. Suck this for me so I can get mine off, too.]

Damn, Will! You got a pretty good one for a white man.

Thanks, Buddy. Did you like fucking my wife?

Are you kidding? Do you really mean we can keep doing it?

Fuck her now while she sucks my prick if you can get it up.

Get it up? It ain’t never been down. You folks throw the hottest party I’ve ever been to. Spread those milky thighs, baby. Daddy is gonna hump you again.

I guess I ought to be mad at you guys, but I’ve never been this well fucked in my life. If you’re both up to it, why don’t you fuck my ass, Honey, while your buddy fucks my sweet pussy? That will fulfill one of my last fantasies.

Yeah, I know. The other one is where you are tied up and gang raped by a pack of black guys. I think that one can be arranged, too.

You know about that one?

Sure. I read it in Cosmopolitan. Now bend over.

Didn’t it hurt Mom when you fucked her in the ass, Daddy?

No, Baby. Your Mom learned tonight that she enjoys it that way.

Did it feel good to you?

It sure did, Baby. Didn’t you see how much cum I pumped in her?

Would it feel good to me if I did it?

The only way to tell is to try it, Baby.

Is it ok if Daddy fucks me in the ass, Mom?

Yes, Dear. It’s ok. Daddy and I think it’s time to answer your questions and I want to be here to make sure they get answered in the right way. Here, I’ll help you. Get on your hands and knees on the bed and let Daddy fuck you from behind. Then we’ll use your natural juices to get you ready. If you’re properly prepared, it won’t hurt.

<teehee> It doesn’t look like Daddy is ready to fuck again.

You guys just keep that up, I’ll be ready before very long. I didn’t realize your mother was going to help us with your lessons.

Put your lips over the end and suck real hard, Dear. Like this, then lick the bottom of the end, right here, and rub his balls while you suck.

Watch out! Here it comes!

<giggle> Oh, Mom. You should see us. Daddy’s cum is all in your hair and all over my face. It tastes funny. Is it ok if I swallow it?

Swallow all you want, Baby. There’s more where that came from. Are you ready to see how good it feels when Daddy licks your pussy?

Yes, Mom. Can I lick yours while Daddy licks mine?

For a little while, then Mom is going to show Daddy what it feels like to have a log up his ass.

I thought you liked it, Dear.

You will, too, after the excruciating pain wears off. That dildo you bought me to use while you were gone on trips is just about the same size as Jason. You’re in for a treat.

Oh shit! Well, grease it up good.

Can I do it, too, Mom?

Sure. Let me get Daddy in the mood first. [I’ll show you what it feels like to have something tear your guts apart. I may have been into it afterwards, but I’ve never felt such pain when that bastard first shoved that thing up my ass.] Brace yourself, Darling.


[Buggered by my wife while my sweet baby sucks my prick. Who woulda thunk it? Sure will be nice when my asshole gets sized for this.]

Ok, Baby. Daddy isn’t screaming as much as he was. Stand on the bed behind him and let me strap this around your waist. Now push hard. You’ll have to push as hard as you can to force it into him.

Am I hurting you, Daddy?

No, Baby. As long as Mom keeps sucking me, it will be all right. Wait a minute. I just remembered one of my fantasies. Climb under me, Honey, and let me fuck you while our baby plunders my ass. You can make a Will sandwich, just like Jason and I made a Sandi sandwich earlier.

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