Baby Sitting
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Exhibitionism, First, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young, innocent brother and sister discover sex

I enter your room, slump on the bed and groan. You’re sitting on the floor, playing a game on your phone. You look up and smile. ‘Hi, Robert. What’s up?’

‘Dad and Mom have gone to the cinema and I’ve got to baby sit you because Judy’s unavailable. She’s out with a guy on a date.’

You frown. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘I’d planned to go to my mate’s house. This is stupid. You’re thirteen. It’s not as though you’re going to hurt yourself or burn down the house.’

‘I think it’s the law, isn’t it? I’m too young to be left alone.’

‘Well, so am I, ‘ I spit out. ‘I’m only eighteen months older. Shit!’

You blush and your eyes look down at the floor. ‘Sorry, ‘ you whisper.

Immediately I feel guilty at my outburst. ‘No, Fay, I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I’m sure you’d rather have Judy here. I know you two get on well.’

You’re smiling when you look back up at me. ‘Not at all, prefer being with you. I love when I’m with you, even if you don’t want to spend time with me. I know you think I’m nothing but a child.’

Now you’re making me feel guiltier, because it’s the truth; I do consider you a kid. I don’t know what to say, so I simply shrug. You return to your game, but I still regret upsetting you. ‘You want to watch a DVD?’

‘Oh, yes!’ you shout as you jump up. ‘Can I choose?’

‘Suppose so, but I’m not watching any kiddy stuff.’

But you’re already out the door, rushing down the stairs. When I arrive in the lounge, you’re on your knees searching through the DVD cabinet. I sit down and switch the TV on, but almost immediately you snatch the remote from me and open the DVD feeder. You put the disc in without even telling me what it is, but you look so happy, I don’t want to spoil your fun.

You jump on the sofa and start the DVD. You nestle up to me, pull my arm around you and lie your head on my chest. I’m not sure I want to cuddle my kid sister, but I decide there’s no harm, as long as my mates never find out.

I try to get into the movie, but after half an hour or so, I find my mind wandering. ‘Fay, before I forget, Mom said they won’t be home ‘til late, so don’t forget to have a bath before bed.’

‘OK, ‘ you murmur absent mindedly. Less than a minute later, you pull my arm away, sit up and smile at me. ‘Robert, will you shampoo my hair please?’

‘No, you’re old enough to wash your own hair.’

‘Please, please. Pretty please.’

Your face is pleading and I’m a softie. I sigh and shake my head. ‘I suppose so.’

‘Great!’ you cry as you switch off the DVD.

‘The film hasn’t finished. There’s plenty of time.’ But, as before, you ignore my protest and you’re already out of the door.

I follow at my usual teenager snail pace, so by the time I enter the bathroom, you’re leaning over the bath, swishing the bubbles and your clothes are strewn everywhere. I look at your naked backside and instantly, my peewee begins to harden. It’s not unusual, happens quite often, but I still haven’t learnt exactly why and what I can do about it.

I can’t pull my stare away from your backside as it wiggles with your splashing. ‘You’re kinda cute, Fay.’

You giggle and look back at me. ‘Thank you.’ A minute later, you turn the water off and turn around with your arms outspread. ‘Lift me, Robert.’

I know you’re perfectly able to get in yourself, but for an unknown reason, I want too. I place my hands under your arm pits and lift you up. My eyes are fixed on your chest. I don’t recall noticing you have breasts. I remember Mom buying you a bra and thinking what a waste of money, but now I see the point. I swing you over the side and lower you into the bath. You stand in front of me and, without thinking, I kiss you lightly on the lips.

You lick your lips and give me a weak smile. You blush again, but deeper this time.

My eyes lower to your breasts and I feel my peewee pushing against my jeans, harder than earlier.

You sit and begin to lather the flannel. ‘Wash my back please, Robert.’

I take the flannel from you and wash over your shoulders, but I’m looking over them, gazing at your breasts. Your nipples excite me, even though I don’t know why. You’re my kid sister!

‘I ... I need a bath, as well, ‘ I stutter.


‘There’s not a lot of time, so we need to share.’

Your head spins around. You have a broad smile. ‘But earlier, you said there was plenty of time.’

‘Well ... I was wrong. You won’t tell Dad or Mom?’

‘No, of course not, but why not?’

I don’t reply, because I don’t know the answer. I’m sure there’s a good reason to keep it a secret, even though, when we were younger, we always shared a bath. I give you the flannel, pull my t shirt over my head and sit on the rim of the bath to remove my socks. I undo my belt, unzip and tug my jeans and underpants down. My peewee is almost standing upright and you’re staring at it, mouth open. You look up at my face, then quickly look away and stare at the flannel. A blush starts to form, even covering your neck and the top of your breasts.

‘Move forward, Fay.’ You slide forward and I sit behind you, you between my legs. ‘Pass the shampoo.’ I wet your long hair and pour shampoo on the top of your head.

‘When Mom used to bath me, she washed me all over, ‘ you giggle.

I hope that’s a hint, I think as I spread the shampoo through your hair. I find even this action exciting, plus your naked proximity and my peewee is growing, moving up your back.

‘I’ll finish my hair, ‘ you whisper. ‘Will you wash my front?’

‘What about your back?’

You giggle. ‘No, that’s ok. Just my front. Here’s the flannel.’

I ignore it and soap my hands. My mouth is dry and I struggle to utter my response. ‘S’ok. Don’t need it.’ My hands smooth over your tummy and midriff, loving the way the touch of your skin sends a thrill to my peewee. When my fingers move upwards and bathe your breasts, you gasp.

‘You ok?’

You sound breathless as I continue to lather you. I’m in no rush to wash anywhere else. ‘Yes, ‘ you reply. ‘Feel funny, but it’s a nice funny.’

‘You like me washing you, Fay?’

‘Oh wow, yes, it’s so yummy.

‘Your nipples are larger.’

‘Yes, I can see, but how do you know?’

‘I can feel them. Why’s that? What makes them do that?’

‘Don’t know, Robert. Why’s your cock larger?’

‘Why did you call it a cock?’

‘I heard Mummy talking about Grandad’s. So, why’s it grown?’

‘No idea. It does it quite often.’

‘I’d love to see it.’

I’m unsure about showing it, so ignore your comment. I’m shy, yet part of me wants you to see it ... maybe even touch it. Instead I pull on your nipples. Love the feel of them and the strange buzz in my tummy when I do it. ‘Does that hurt, when I tug them?’

‘Oh, no, ‘ you gasp. ‘It feels really nice, makes me tingly.’

There’s silence as I play with them, experimenting with stroking them, pulling and rubbing my fingers over each. I make a mental note on which things make you groan and sigh, and concentrate on doing them again. By now, you’re constantly groaning. You’re lying back on my chest which gives me a perfect view of your nakedness. ‘Wonder if yours will grow as big as Mummy’s’

‘Oh, I hope so. I would love boobies like hers.’

‘I’ve seen Mummy’s uncovered and prefer yours, Fay. Yours stick out, but hers hang down. They’re floppy.’

‘Wow! When did you see them?’

‘She quite often leaves her bedroom door open. She caught me watching her once, but didn’t tell me off.’

‘I love it when we’re friends, Robert.’ She giggles. ‘Love you playing with me even more.’

‘Yes, and me ... mustn’t tell anyone though.’ I hesitate before my next question, worried you’ll think me stupid. ‘Fay, will you kiss me ... on the mouth, like adults do?’

‘Wow, yes.’ You turn so our mouths are only inches apart. My mouth awkwardly finds yours. ‘Mmm, ‘ I groan as we press our lips together. I can’t believe how excited I am kissing you. I pull you around until you’re lying on top of me, our wet bodies slipping over one another. We’re both groaning as we keep kissing over and over, taking a breath between each wet kiss. I can’t resist your baby mouth, unable to stop. It feels wrong, but somehow right. In the end, we have to stop and rest, both breathing heavy.

My cock is so swollen, forcing itself against your tummy. ‘Is it hurting you, Fay?’

You lift yourself and look down at it. The thought of you gazing at it, sends another thrill through it and I feel it jerk. ‘No, I like it.’


‘Mmm, it’s beautiful, so big and stiff. It’s a nice shape, like a massive sausage.’

‘Dad taught me how to clean it. I pull the skin back; think it’s called foreskin. Then I wash it. Otherwise, it itches.’

‘Oh my ... can I pull it back? Promise I’ll be careful not to hurt you.’

I groan at the prospect. ‘I would love you too ... please, Fay.’

You kneel with your legs straddling mine and tentatively take the shaft in your hand. You quiver as your other hand tenderly pulls the foreskin back until it will go no further. You chuckle. ‘I loved that.’ You stroke the end as you look into my eyes. ‘Does that feel nice, Robert?’

I can only groan.

Your fingers are slipping all over the tip. Suddenly! ‘What’s that liquid? Urgh, you peeing in the bath?’ You pull your hands away.

‘No, ‘ I whisper. ‘It’s happened before, but it’s not pee.’

You relax. ‘Oh, ok.’ You take hold of it. ‘It’s lovely, but why have you got one and I haven’t?’

I gaze at your kitty, just above the water line. ‘I think it goes in there.’ I point at you. ‘Your hole.’

‘No way, ‘ you gasp. ‘It wouldn’t fit.’

‘It doesn’t seem possible, does it?’ I put my fingers at your entrance and push gently. ‘Hm, maybe it could.’

Your fingers are stroking up and down my cock and the liquid is coming out almost as rapid as a stream. ‘Can I tell you a secret, Robert?’

‘Of course.’

‘One day I saw Mommy push a tube or something into her kitty. I think she liked it, so I decided to... ‘ You blush.

‘Go on, tell me, Fay. I won’t tell.’

‘OK, if you promise.’

‘I promise.’

‘Ok, I used a carrot. Pushed it inside my... ‘

‘Wow. Did you like it?’

‘No, it hurt badly and started to bleed. I haven’t dared do it again.’

I’m about to comment when you start to use two little hands on my cock. You stroke your soapy grip up and down from top to bottom, slow but firm. I’m unable to think, my whole being overtaken by your hand’s amazing movements. I breathe faster as your fingers slip over my sensitive skin, the soap suds mixing with the liquid that’s streaming from my hole. ‘Oooohhh, Fay.’

‘Is that super nice, Robert?’ you giggle. ‘Am I doing it right?’

‘Oh yes, ‘ I manage to say. Oh dear, what’s happening to me? I think. A squelching sound fills the bathroom. ‘Please don’t stop, ‘ I plead as my balls suddenly tighten and I experience the most intense sensation. I watch your hands and your breasts moving with every stroke as I explode. A thick creamy substance shoots out of the end. I watch in amazement at what you’ve done to me.

You let out a loud gasp and release me as it spurts all over your front. As one load jets out, there’s another. You bravely take hold of me again and a lesser jet follows.

‘Wow, Fay, ‘ I whisper. ‘It’s never done that before. You were incredible the way you held me, stroked me.’

You blush. ‘I loved it. If you want me to do it again, I will.’ You ignore the goo which is streaming down your boobs and dripping of your nipples. You gently stroke me as the last drips fall from me. ‘What’s all this stuff that came out of your hole?’ You look down at your naked body and giggle.

‘A boy in my class is always talking about cum. I think this is what it is.’

‘You’ll have to wash it off me, Robert.’

‘Of course. Come closer.’

You move until your kitty is hard against the top of my leg. As I clean you up, you rub kitty up and down my upper thigh. Your nipples are beginning to harden even more than they were. I play with them again, my cock growing stiff. On impulse, I slide a finger down my thigh until it comes in contact with your kitty. You jump, but recover from the shock and rest kitty on my upturned finger. You close your eyes and moan as you slide over my finger. ‘Oooohhh, that’s so nice, Robert.’

‘You’re wet, Fay, and it’s not bath water.

You ignore me as your kitty pushes against my finger. I bend it and it slips inside without any resistance. You gasp. ‘Oooooohhh, what have you done? Don’t stop.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Keep doing that. Mmm ... yes, there.’

I slide my finger in as far as it will go. ‘Like this?’

‘Oh yes. Now, take it out and push it in again.’

I smile. Love to make my kid sister happy. I comply, but try two fingers. I slide them in and out a few times and watch the funny faces you’re making. There’s a sucking sound as my fingers move faster and you get wetter and wetter. My cock is standing tall at the thrill of playing with your kitty. As my fingers push in and out, I notice what looks like a very small peewee above your kitty. I take it between my fingers and stroke it. The result is amazing.

‘Oooooohhhhh, ‘ you squeal, ‘Do that again.’

I rub it over and over, while my fingers continue to slide inside you.

Within seconds your body starts to shake and you call out my name time after time. I feel a sudden gush of liquid over my fingers and you’re whimpering. ‘Ooooooohhhhh, Robert, ‘ you call out and collapse on me. I hold you tight as your little body shakes. You whimper as little shudders continue to shake you. Eventually, ‘Mmmm, that was so yummy, ‘ you whisper.

We lie in the bath until we start to shiver. ‘We better get out, Fay. The water’s getting cold. Get the towels and I’ll dry you.’

I pull the plug and gather the cum while you go to the airing cupboard. You return and I wrap a towel around you, pull you close and kiss your mouth.

You kiss me back. ‘After you’ve dried me, will you tuck me into bed, Robert?’

‘I’d be happy too.’

You blush. ‘I may not wear a nightie tonight.’

‘I won’t wear my pjs, if I can cuddle you in bed.’

You nod with wild enthusiasm and I’m about to kiss you again, when I hear the car pull into the drive. ‘Quick, ‘ I say, ‘go to your bedroom.’ You bundle your clothes together and rush away.

I check any traces of cum are flushed down the loo and quickly dry myself.

Dad calls from the bottom of the stairs. ‘Robert! Fay!’

I wrap a bath towel around me and walk to the landing. ‘Hi Dad. You’re early.’

‘Yes, the movie was rubbish, so we left. Everything ok?’

‘Yes, fine.’

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