Please, Uncle George! Adventures in the Philippines
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Cream Pie, First, Lactation, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Small Breasts,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - If something bad can happen, it does happen to Uncle George. Uncle George is a nice guy though and his honorary niece really likes him. Her feelings mature into love and desire for him as she gets a little older. Uncle George is having one of those random bad things going on in his life, so when his niece tells him about her feelings, he accepts her love, both emotional and physical. Uncle George is very happy. Then fate hands Uncle George something really unexpected.

My name is George. I’m the original hard luck kid.

In 2007 I thought I had the world by the tail. I was married to a redhead who was 23 years younger than me. She liked sex, we were really good at getting each other off. She was multi-orgasmic, and it did my ego good to give her five or ten good cums every time we fucked. The only bad thing about her from my point of view was that she didn’t want me to watch sports because she wanted all my attention. Given all the good things about her, I didn’t mind giving up sports.

When the economy started to tank, I lost my $100,000 a year job as a computer engineer. I lost my health insurance too, so I couldn’t afford the Viagra to counteract my high blood pressure medication. My wife was not happy, but she was understanding. Then I got diagnosed with prostate cancer. She got scared, and ran away. I got treated and cured. The treatment destroyed my prostate, and made me sexually functional but the urologist said I was probably sterile.

I got a divorce, retired early, and moved to The Philippines. The official reason was the lower cost of living, but truthfully, I’ve always thought most Asian girls are pretty, and Filipinas are prettier than most.

The girl I had been chatting with online looked absolutely perfect to me, but within a few hours after I arrived in Manila she decided I wasn’t rich enough to support her 11 brothers and sisters, her hard working but financially naïve father, and her housewife mother. Of course she wasn’t honest. She told me, “There’s no spark.”

As I was traveling around Manila, I kept reminding myself to keep my hands in my pockets. Almost all the girls had the cutest, tightest asses I’d ever seen, and I wanted to grab every single one.

I met a cute girl who was thirty-five years younger than me, an only child, self-supporting, no drunken dad, her mother was in good health and able to support herself. May was a little heavier than my dream girl, but she loved sex, had multiple orgasms, and thought I was the best lover she ever had. She was willing to shave her pubic hair for me and blow me whenever I wanted. We got married, and life was great.

My wife had a friend who did sales, equipment demonstrations, and deliveries. This friend came to stay at our house for a couple weeks, and brought her ten-year-old daughter along. The child was cute and smart. She seemed to like me, and we spent quite a bit of time together.

The visit became a yearly tradition. Just before time for her to go home each year, I bought her school supplies and shoes to wear with her school uniform.

Jana had an oval face. Her dark chocolate colored, almond shaped eyes and slightly flattened cheeks gave her an exotic look that made me wonder if she had some Chinese ancestry. Her skin was the kind of brown Filipinas call, “morena.” It’s browner than an Anglo girl with a tan, but I loved the café au lait hue. Jana’s hair was dark, dark black. It was coarse and thick. Heavy waves of shiny black hair cascaded down to just below her shoulders. I loved it when she wore her hair loose, but usually Jana had her hair pulled back behind her head in either a ponytail or a bun.

Jana liked to do fun activities like go to the arcade at the mall. She always wanted me to go with her, so “Please, Uncle George” became something I heard a lot. It wasn’t so much that she was begging for things, but that she wanted me to go do something fun with her, and she encouraged me to have fun too. I suck at every video game ever invented, but Jana seemed perfectly content to play the games I didn’t suck at, even though they were old fashioned, and I thought they must seem pretty boring to her. She never acted bored though, and I started to enjoy going to the arcade with her.

When Jana was eleven, I noticed that she stole a small item. It was just a set of ear buds, so I didn’t say anything. When she was twelve, Jana stole 2,000 pesos, or about $50 from our maid. Jana didn’t get invited back the next year. I didn’t communicate with her at all for a year.

After her fourteenth birthday Jana sent me an email apologizing for her bad behavior. My wife forgave her and invited Jana to visit during her school vacation.

About six months before the visit, my wife got worried about having a little moustache and injected herself with what she thought was estrogen. She got it from a male to female Trans friend who bought it on the black market. My wife gave herself three injections within one week. It turned out to be Depo-Provera, and each injection should have been used for a month of birth control. The overdose stopped her periods and killed her desire. In addition, she got fat. When we tried to have sex, I couldn’t get inside her.

My ED problem got worse so that even with medication, I couldn’t even get it up enough for her to ride me. She was a sweet girl, ran a business, made money and was fun to hang out with, so we dealt with the situation as best we could.

We started going to the doctor to try to get our medical issues straightened out. We didn’t have any luck losing weight, and I was only able to make her cum with my fingers and tongue. She had the same number and strength of orgasms as before, but she didn’t feel satisfied because my cock wasn’t inside her.

On the first day of her visit, Jana said she wasn’t feeling well, and asked to stay at home rather than go out and join in the tourist activities my wife had planned. I stayed home so Jana wouldn’t be alone in the house.

I was in my office working when Jana came in and much to my surprise, sat on my lap. She put her head on my shoulder and cuddled up against me so that I could feel one of her small, firm breasts pressing against my chest.

“Uncle George, thank you for buying my school supplies and shoes all these years. My mom can’t afford it, so it has been a big help for us,” Jana said.

“You’re welcome Jana. You know I think education is the best way to invest in your future,” I replied.

“Did you know you’ve given me funny, fluttery feelings in my tummy since I met you?” Jana asked.

“No, I didn’t know that,” was my lame reply.

“Actually I’ve wished you were paying for my clothes instead of my school supplies,” Jana said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because then when I pull on my panties and put on my bra I would think, Oh, my Uncle George paid for these. He bought my underwear for me. Then when I stretched my panties really tight over my body in between my legs, it would feel really good and I would remember how hot and wet I get there when I think about you. When I put on my bra and the material rubbed against my nipples I would think of how hard and hurting my nipples always get when I think about you.” Jana said.

“What do you think that means?” I asked.

“I know it means I want you to touch my breasts, my nipples, and especially rub me between my legs. Would you like to touch me Uncle George?” Jana said in a breathy whisper.

“You are only fourteen, honey. Most people think you are too young to be making that kind of decision. They think asking a grownup man to touch you there is very wrong, and that it is a crime for me to do what you want,” I said.

“If I lived out in the provinces I would probably have at least one baby by now Uncle George,” Jana said.

“That might be true Jana, but if you had a baby, it would limit the kind of future you could have,” I told her.

“I know Uncle George. I just wanted you to know I don’t feel like a little girl any more, and I wish you would take me seriously when I tell you that I’ve wanted you to touch me since I was eleven. Part of the reason I was so bad was because I was hoping you’d lift up my skirt, pull down my panties, and spank my bare bottom. That isn’t the kind of touch I want from you, but at least your bare hand would be touching my naked skin, close to where I really want you to touch me,” Jana said.

“Do you understand what kind of touching you are talking about Jana?” I asked.

“Yes Uncle George, I’m talking about the kind of touching that leads to sex. I want you to touch me, get me hot and wet for you, and then I want you to sex me,” Jana said.

“Do you know what happens when a man and woman have sex?” I asked.

“I don’t know all the details, but the basic idea is that I have a hole, you have a penis, and you put your penis inside my hole. We rub our bodies together, and after a while you make me feel good and then I make you feel good. I think stuff squirts out of your penis and goes from my hole deeper inside me. If you hadn’t been sick with cancer, the stuff you squirt inside me could make me pregnant. Auntie wants a baby with you, but you haven’t had one in five years, so I don’t think you can get her pregnant. That means that if you sex me, you can’t make me get pregnant either,” Jana said.

“All of that is pretty much correct. Why do you want to have sex with me?” I asked.

“A lot of my girlfriends say having sex is the best way to stop feeling itchy between my legs. I feel really itchy all the time, but it gets worse when I think about you or I visit you. Now that I finally got brave enough to sit on your lap, I feel ten times itchier and I feel really hot and wet between my legs. My best girlfriend says that when a girl gets wet between her legs it means her body is getting her hole ready to have sex. The wetness makes it so your penis can go inside my hole and not hurt me. I’m sorry I don’t know the right English words to use.

“So do you want to touch me Uncle George? Do you want to sex me so we can make each other feel really good?” Jana asked.

“There’s a lot of complicated stuff going on when we start talking about sex. First, it’s against the law for me to have sex with you because you are so young. Second, I’m married, and if your aunt found out, she would be really hurt and very mad.

“If anyone ever found out, I would go to jail, your aunt would get our marriage annulled. Your mom might punish you really badly. Of course I love your aunt, and I don’t want to do something that would hurt her feelings,” I told her.

“Please, Uncle George. I will never, ever tell. I know you want to because you didn’t just say, NO. Another reason I know you want to is that sometimes when you think I’m not watching you, your eyes touch my body in the places I want your hands touching me. Besides, I don’t want to hear about what you think is legal or what you think is right. All I care about at this instant is feeling your hands touching me, your lips kissing me, and when I’m hot and wet enough, your penis filling my vagina.” Jana said.

“Do you know why grownup men are afraid to have sex with teenage girls?” I asked.

“Because they are afraid a teenage girl might get mad and tell on her adult lover to hurt him or get back at him for whatever he did that made her mad.

“I wouldn’t ever do that to you Uncle George. I know how terrible jails are here, and how bad it would hurt you to be in jail. I have been in love with you for almost three years, and I wouldn’t want you locked up or hurt. If Auntie got mad at you and got your marriage annulled, I could take her place and be your wife. I could take care of you forever. If I was your wife, we could make love any time we wanted. I’d like that a lot, Uncle George. If it was up to me, you’d sex me three or four times every day.

“I can cook just as well as Auntie, and you know I will take a lot better care of your penis than she ever did!” Jana said.

“Well, you are right, I’ve wanted to touch you since I first saw you, but I didn’t want to be a bad man and try to get you to do something you didn’t want to do, hurt you, or make you unhappy. Since you have been thinking about it and wanting me to touch you for a while, it might make both of us happy to touch and sex each other, but I have a problem having sex because of my high blood pressure medicine.

The medicine makes it so my penis doesn’t get hard enough or long enough to go inside a woman. With a young girl like you it probably wouldn’t work at all, because your pussy will be very tight,” I said.

“Oh, you call my hole my pussy?” Jana asked.

“The medical word is vagina, but most people like pussy better,” I told her.

“I don’t know how hard your penis needs to be or how long it needs to get, Uncle George, but I’m sitting on it now, and it seems very hard and pretty long to me,” Jana said.

“Wow, it is hard, isn’t it? I was so busy talking with you, I didn’t notice it getting hard,” I said.

“Oh it didn’t get hard slowly Uncle George. As soon as I sat on your lap it got hard, and the longer I sat on you, the harder and the bigger it got.

“Will you let me take your pants off so I can see it and touch it?” Jana asked.

“I shouldn’t, but since we both want the same thing, I’m going to give in to temptation right away and not even try to fight it,” I said.

My office was also the guest bedroom, so I got up and locked the door. I took her in my arms and kissed her. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to hold her. Jana was slim, but not skinny. Still, she seemed light as a feather, and my arms wrapped around her so that she felt tiny in my embrace. The feel of her firm little breasts pressing against my chest made my cock feel like it was about to rip a hole in my pants.

When she ran out of air, Jana broke the kiss, and gave me a huge grin.

“That’s what I was hoping it was going to feel like the first time you kissed me, Uncle George. I’m dizzy, out of breath, and I have a hundred butterflies in my tummy. I feel all hot and wet between my legs, like there’s a whole swamp inside my panties. I’m more sure than ever that I want you to touch me and to teach me how to have sex,” Jana said.

“OK sweetie. You kiss like a teenager, not a little girl, so I’m going to do what you want and touch you. If it ever starts to hurt or feel yucky, or if you change your mind and don’t want me to touch you any more, just tell me right away, and I’ll stop right away. I don’t want you to let me do anything you don’t like,” I said.

“OK, that’s nice to know, Uncle George, but once you start touching me, I am never going to tell you to stop,” Jana declared.

I unfastened the buttons of her white cotton blouse and eased it off her shoulders. I put my arms around her slender figure, pulled her body tight against mine, and kissed her again. While I was kissing her, I slipped one had behind her back and unfastened the hooks of her bra. I gently pulled the cups away from her breasts. Jana gave me an even bigger smile.

“Do my breasts look sexy Uncle George?” Jana asked.

“Yes honey, your breasts are beautiful.” I whispered.

I gently caressed her breasts, and she whispered, “Ohhhhh, I like that Uncle George.”

I smiled when I saw her eyes float closed and felt her nipples getting hard. I gently cupped her breasts in my hands and massaged them lightly.

“Mmmmm baby. You feel so good,” I said.

Jana’s bra was probably an AA Cup. Her tits were so firm they felt hard in my hands. Jana’s breasts were firm cones, standing out proudly on her chest, not the saggy, empty bags you sometimes see. I definitely wanted to have both hands full of Jana’s breasts. Her nipples grew to nearly double their usual size and burrowed into my palms. To me, her breasts were perfect for her slender young figure.

Jana was thin, but she didn’t look like she was starving. Her arms and legs were slim, but they didn’t look like sticks. In fact, Jana took Philippine Army training at school, so her arms and legs were strong and solid, but not muscular, and she definitely didn’t look like what people describe as athletic. Those girls tend to have thick arms, waist, and thighs; and they usually have short legs. Jana looked healthy, not fragile. I loved it that her hips were narrower than her slender shoulders.

At fourteen, Jana was already 5’6” tall, and was the Point Guard on her school basketball team.

Her bottom was incredibly tight from basketball, Army exercises, marching, running obstacle courses, and playing competition paintball.

My very favorite part of Jana’s body was undoubtedly her thighs. They were just as slim as her legs, but they tapered gently into her tight little butt. You would need a set of micrometer calipers to measure their nearly non-existent taper. Even better, Jana purred when I stroked her inner thighs. I couldn’t wait to see how she responded when I kissed her sensitive skin from knee to pussy and then buried my face in her hot little slit while I licked her clit.

“Uncle George, try doing something with my nipples. They seem to be more sensitive than the rest of my breasts,” Jana said.

I began gently rolling her big brown nipples between my thumb and finger. Her nipples got even harder, the skin around them crinkled and Jana purred softly like a kitten being petted. “See, I told you my nipples worked better than the rest of my boobs,” Jana said with a big grin.

I helped her lie down on the bed and began to lick and suck her nipples. Jana moaned

“Oh yes Uncle George, that’s what I need. Keep touching me like that. I’ve been waiting for so long for you to touch me, and now I don’t want you to stop. Take my shorts and panties off and touch me between my legs. When you were touching my nipples, I got the feeling my nipples are only the preliminary and between my legs is the main event. Please Uncle George, hurry and do it now,” Jana begged.

I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down her long legs and over her feet. I moved back up to her waist and pulled her panties down.

Jana spread her legs and I could see her pussy was dripping wet. I caressed her and began to gently stroke her clitoris. I felt it get hard under my finger as the erectile tissue filled with blood. Her clit swelled and the hood slid back exposing her bud of sensitive nerve endings. I stroked her clit until she came. It was a quiet orgasm. Jana looked at me with an expression of total surprise and wonder.

“What was that, Uncle George?” Jana asked.

“That was an orgasm sweetie. When I rubbed your clitoris it made your body feel so good, it made all your nerves fire at once. That let you get all relaxed,” I told her

“OHHH Uncle George! I knew it was going to be wonderful when you touched me, but this is so much better than I dreamed it would be. Is sex even better than this?” Jana asked.

“There are a lot of wonderful things we are going to do together Jana. They all feel so good it may be impossible to decide which one you like best. Then again, some people find they like one thing so much that everything else seems like just foreplay,” I told her.

Jana gasped as I kept stroking her clitoris and built her passion up to a new and higher peak.

I slipped a finger inside her soggy pussy and found her G-Spot. I began pressing the bump on the front wall of her vagina. Jana didn’t feel the G-Spot orgasm building up in her the way she had felt her clitoral orgasm growing. When she came, it took her by surprise, and she groaned, almost like she’d been punched in the gut.

“OHHHHhhhh Uncle George, what was that?” Jana asked.

“That was a G-Spot orgasm baby girl. Did you like it?” I asked.

“It was wonderful. The first one, the one from my clitoris, was really good, but this one was like from deep down inside the core of my body and it just made me feel sexy all over. So is that everything Uncle George, or is there more?” Jana asked.

“There’s more honey. I’m going to do something now that most girls really like. It may seem like it’s dirty, but there’s nothing dirty about it at all, so just try to relax and enjoy it. Ok baby?” I said.

“OK Uncle George, I trust you. Do anything you want to me that will make me feel good,” Jana said.

I started working on her G-Spot again, but I moved my body so I could start kissing Jana between her wide spread legs. I got her pubic hair out of the way and started licking her clit. Jana moaned and came from her clit. I kept up both my finger pressing her G-Spot and my tongue licking her clit.

Jana came from her G-Spot, then from her clit, and it alternated until finally I got things synchronized, and she came from her clit and G-Spot at the same time. She made a noise I’d never heard before. I think it was a cross between a pleasure moan and an expression of total surprise and being completely overwhelmed by sexual pleasure.

“Are you sure you want to have sex today honey? We could stop now, or I could do the things I’ve already done for a while longer.” I asked her.

“No Uncle George, I waited too long for you to touch me. I need you to do everything today, so I know what everything feels like,” Jana said.

I took off my clothes and got on the bed with Jana. I was shocked at how hard my cock was. I knelt between her thighs and rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She took my shaft in her right hand and began rubbing the head of my cock on her clit. She came, and while her cunt was still convulsing, I slipped the head of my cock inside her.

“Honey sometimes it can hurt a little bit getting all of man’s cock inside a girl’s pussy. It usually isn’t bad, and if we hold still for a little bit, the pain goes away, so it can start feeling good. I never want to hurt you baby, so if it hurts even a little bit, tell me and I’ll stop,” I told her.

“I like the way it feels with just the head inside me, but it feels incomplete and it makes me want more. Please Uncle George, put all of your cock inside my pussy,” Jana begged.

I worked my cock in and out of her slowly and carefully. I made sure not to press too hard as I thrust into her. I kept working my cock head deeper and deeper into her. I never felt resistance other than her tight little pussy stretching to allow me inside her. Finally I was all the way in her. There was a magical quality about the way my cock slipped in and out of her tight pussy. Something about Jana’s body being so skinny and light and the way her little body molded to mine, made intercourse with her seem a million times more exciting than the best sex I’d ever had before.

She looked up at me with shining eyes and a glowing smile.

“I already know what I like best Uncle George. I love having your hard cock all the way inside me. I adore the way your cock stretches my pussy and how it goes so deep inside me.

“This is having sex isn’t it?” Jana wanted to know.

“Yes sweetie, this is having sex. This way of having sex is called penis in vagina intercourse, or just vaginal intercourse.” I told her.

I moved my cock slowly in and out of her. I was on my knees, with my weight back on my heels, so the only place where I pressed down on her body was where my pubic bone was pressing down on her clit. She moaned and came. I kept up the slow smooth rhythm, and she had another orgasm. She was cumming harder now, and she was getting louder. She was learning to move with me, and it was one of those magic moments when two people realize they are really good at making love with each other.

“I don’t know why Uncle George, but some kind of instinct is telling me to say, ‘Love me harder and faster Uncle George.’ Do you know what that means?” Jana asked.

“Yes baby, it means your body is telling you that you are a woman now and that you need me to move a little differently to help you cum the best you possibly can. It’s fine honey. Trust your instincts and tell me what you need. I want to love you the best I can and make you feel good all over,” I told her.

I started thrusting a little harder and a tiny bit faster as I fucked her little body. She came and came, over and over, harder and harder.

Finally she whimpered, “Uncle George, are we fucking?”

“Yes honey. We were making love, and having sex. When you asked me to love you harder, our lovemaking turned into fucking. Do you like it sweetie?”

“I love it Uncle George. I want to do this with you for eternity,” Jana said.

“Honey, your pussy is so tight and it makes me feel so good, that I’m not going to last more than a few more minutes. Before long, I’m going to cum, and then I will have to rest a while before we can make love again. I’m probably going to groan, and my body may get stiff or even shake. That’s normal when a man cums. It doesn’t mean I’m having a heart attack, so don’t be scared. I’ll push my cock as deep in your little pussy as it will go. You may feel my cock get fatter or jerk inside you. I’ll have an orgasm, but nothing will come out of my cock because of the cancer treatment. After a little bit, my cock will get soft and slip out of your pussy. I just want you to know what to expect, so it doesn’t scare you baby,” I explained.

“It’s fine Uncle George. My pussy might start to get sore if we fuck too much longer. You made me cum so good and so many times, it’s fine for you to cum now,” Jana told me.

I exploded inside her. I couldn’t remember cumming so hard, even the first time I had sex. My cock got soft and slid out of Jana’s pussy, but as it did, I felt more liquid than her pussy juice could possibly supply, leaking out of her cunt. She came again, and then wrapped her tall, slender body around mine in a way that made me feel like I was a male animal being claimed as her mate by a female animal.

I took Jana in the shower with me, and we washed each other, getting the scent of sex off our bodies. As I was washing her pussy and thighs, it felt suspiciously like semen dripping out of her pussy and running down her thighs.

I hadn’t produced any semen for six long years. Having a dry orgasm was convenient because nobody had to sleep in a wet spot, and no babies got made. It didn’t make sense that I would suddenly start producing the semen needed to wake up my sperm cells and make them swim. Still, it was so strange I asked Jana when her last period ended. She looked puzzled but then she told me it was ten days ago.

After my cancer treatment my doctor told me it would take a miracle for me to ever get a girl pregnant. I hoped he was right.

We got dressed, I changed the sheet on her bed, started a load of laundry, and we were quietly playing Chess when my wife and Jana’s mom got home from their tourist activities.

Jana’s mom had to go back to Manila, but she allowed Jana to stay with us until the end of her summer break. Jana and I found every possible opportunity to have sex. The times we made love and the times we fucked were about equal.

Because my wife ran a business, Jana and I were left alone every day. I never had trouble getting an erection, and Jana learned to do the things I liked. Janna liked everything, but she especially liked having my cock in her pussy and rubbing our bodies together until we both came.

She really liked driving out of town, finding a dirt road that went back into the jungle, finding a place to park, and fucking each other in the car.

One day Jana said, “Remember when I said I wished you bought my underwear?”

“Yes, I’ll never forget the day you seduced me,” I said.

“Well I’ve been thinking about it, and I’d really like it if you could take me to a lingerie shop and buy me a very romantic bra and matching panties. Then I would know you bought them specifically to take off of me before you make love to me. I’d like it if we could pick out another kind that’s even sexier for me to wear before you are going to fuck me. Please Uncle George, do you think we could drive to a different town so we could buy them?” Jana asked.

“I think we could do that,” I replied.

It was such a sexy idea I definitely wanted to do it.

My wife decided she wanted to take a few vacation days at the beach, so I added taking Jana to buy a new bikini to my mental list of things I wanted to do with her.

I play guitar, and I’d been trying to start a band. The bass player I recruited was the son of a minister. Every once in a while, he got tired of his dad’s overbearing personality and demanding attitude, and he asked to go with my wife and me on out of town trips. He did work for my wife from time to time, and so she didn’t mind bringing him along.

When he found out Jana was visiting us he asked his father for permission to bring his younger sister Gem on the trip.

When we picked up Gem on the day of the trip I had to pick my eyes up off the floor. She was an absolutely beautiful fifteen-year-old. It was interesting to see the girls together because Jana was a very cute teenage girl, but Gem was more mature and polished. She was much more like an adult woman. In many ways she was like a smaller version of a beauty pageant contestant.

Gem was 5 feet, five inches tall. She had very fine textured, straight black hair that flowed down her back, all the way to her bottom. Her hair floated like a cloud around her. Gem’s facial features were a lot like the Miss Philippines contestant who won the Miss Universe title in 2016. Her body was slender and fit, but everything about her had softer edges than Jana. While she still had the youthful exuberance of a teenager, she also seemed more mature and very much like an adult woman in many of her actions and attitudes. The moment I saw her, I wanted to feel her womanly body in my arms and pressed tightly against me.

The girls liked each other, and became inseparable.

I was feeling horny from not being able to find a way to be alone with Jana for two days. When we were in the pool, she whispered in my ear, “I miss you Uncle George.”

The next day, the other adults wanted to go try a long zip line through the jungle. Janna and Gem asked to stay at the hotel so they could play on the slide at the hotel pool and water park. I don’t do zip lines, so I was the obvious choice to stay to buy lunch for the girls and help out in any other way they might need.

As soon as the car was out of the parking lot Jana grabbed my hand and pulled me after her, up to the room she was sharing with Gem. As soon as we were through the door she launched herself at me and we were in the middle of a deep French kiss when I realized Gem was staring at us.

“Jana, what’s going on? I thought no one was supposed to know about our love affair,” I asked her.

“Well Uncle George, Gem and I became such good friends I slipped up and told her about how good you make me feel. You know her dad is a minister, and she gets in trouble if she gets caught masturbating. Gem is really curious about sex, just like I was, so I thought maybe she could watch us make love and see if she thought she’d like to do it with you too,” Jana told me.

“Is that what you really want to do Gem? I suspect if you watch us you are going to see a sin for every day of the week.” I asked.

“Please don’t tell anybody Uncle George, but I do all the religious stuff to keep my dad fooled into thinking I’ll never have sex until after I’m married. I haven’t really figured out who I am yet, but I don’t think I’ll be going to church so much when I go to college or get a job and have my own place. I really do want to find out about sex for myself. Boys I like can’t get past my dad, so I date real losers who aren’t able to figure out how to get us alone for long enough for us to teach each other what to do. If I’m not scared after I watch you and Jana, I want you to make love to me and teach me what to do,” Gem told me.

Jana went back to kissing me. Two days without making love with Jana seemed like forever to me, so I went along with her plan.

Just like always, kissing Jana turned into love making pretty quickly. Jana was feeling our two days without sex too, and our love making quickly turned into fucking.

I expected that Jana would want us to fuck until I couldn’t hold out any longer and we came together, so I was surprised when she stopped me after she had cum about ten times.

“What do you think Gem, is this something you want to try?” Jana asked.

“Gosh yes Jana. It’s so romantic, and I feel so itchy, I’m pretty sure I need sex right now or I’m going to go crazy,” Gem answered.

“OK, girlfriend. I’ll let you borrow my boyfriend for a while. Just remember he’s mine. OK?” Jana said.

“I know Jana. I know you fell for Uncle George and have been in love with him for a long time. I just want to borrow him for a little bit,” Gem said.

“This might be a little awkward for you Gem because you haven’t been in love with me for years. If you start feeling weird about what we are doing, or you don’t like it, tell me right away, and I’ll stop immediately,” I told her.

“OK Uncle George. I just know I want to feel the way you make Jana feel, so I’m motivated to like whatever you need to do to me to make me feel good and have lots of orgasms. I know I don’t know anything, so just show me what to do and I’ll do my best to make it nice for you too, just like Jana does,” Gem said.

Gem was wearing a bikini with a tee shirt over it. I had her sit on the edge of the bed and I sat next to her. I hugged her to help her get more comfortable being close to a naked man.

“I can smell Jana’s pussy juice on your cock Uncle George,” Gem observed.

“I love the scent of a girl’s natural perfume. How does it make you feel to smell Jana’s pussy juice on me?” I asked Gem.

“It’s exciting because I watched you guys fucking, and I saw your cock going inside her hole. It makes my pussy wet and it makes my clit tingle thinking about how you will be doing the same things to me before long.

“I noticed you have your weight on your knees and heels and your torso is upright. Other than keeping your weight off Jonnie, so you don’t crush her, is it to let you see her body clearly? I know watching your fat cock go into her little body got me hotter than I’ve ever been,” Gem said.

“Yes Gem. It’s very exciting for me because looking at my cock penetrating Jonnie’s pussy from that angle gives the illusion that my dick is nearly as wide as her body. Then seeing how much her hole has to stretch to take all of me inside her little body nearly pushes me over the edge. It is almost enough to make me pop way before I am ready,” I said.

Jonnie asked, “Do you just like me because I’m young and skinny? I’ll bet I could make you shoot off nearly instantly if I said, Have you noticed that my panties are nearly as small as a little girl’s? I don’t think there are more than a couple square centimeters difference between the panties I wear now, and the ones I wore when I was nine. Does it get you hot to think your lover isn’t much bigger than a nine-year-old girl? Do you imagine you are fucking me when I was nine? Are you a pedophile that will be tired of me when I’m sixteen and look more like a woman than a little girl?”

“No Jonnie, I’m not a pedophile. I’m in love with you forever. I would never try to manipulate a little girl into having sex with me. The only reason I gave in to you was because it was your idea. You made the first move and asked me,” I said.

“You like it when I beg you for it, don’t you?” Jonnie asked.

“Yes I do. You are so beautiful and so sexy when you beg for my cock,” I replied.

“You know Gem, Jana and I have been making love long enough that she knows what she likes best, so I skip a lot of things a man and woman can do to make each other feel good and go straight to what she likes. With you, I won’t skip things so you can feel what each thing is like and you can decide what you like and what works best for you,” I explained.

I kissed her on the cheek, and she turned and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back and tried to let the passion I was feeling transmit through the kiss.

“Gem, you are a very beautiful woman. I can’t wait for us to learn how to make each other feel good,” I told her.

“I’m glad you like the way I look Uncle George. My body is a little curvier than Jana’s and I wasn’t sure you’d like me,” Gem said.

“Can I take your shirt off so I can see all your curves better Gem?” I asked.

“I was feeling a little shy and afraid you might not like that my breasts are bigger than Jana’s. That’s why I put on the shirt. I’m glad you like my figure. Go ahead and take my shirt off. I’m going to have to stop being shy so we can be naked together. Letting you see me in my bikini, up close, is a good start,” Gem said.

I slowly took her tee shirt off and pulled her close so she could feel the warmth of my skin against her. I kissed her again and she opened her lips, inviting me to explore her mouth with my tongue. I slipped the tip of my tongue between her parted lips and teased her tongue. She followed my tongue back into my mouth and our tongues danced together, caressing and teasing each other.

“You were right Uncle George. Saying, ‘Let’s have sex, with someone I don’t really know does make me feel awkward. I’m feeling sexy with you now though. What we were doing with our tongues is called French Kissing, isn’t it?” Gem said.

“That’s right honey. You liked that, didn’t you?” I said.

“Yes, it made me feel sexy, not awkward. It made me think the things about sex that seem messy and a little dirty are not gross. In fact, the idea of doing dirty things with you is starting to feel really exciting,” Gem told me.

I kissed Gem’s throat, and kissed down to her chest. I kissed along the upper edge of her bikini top, letting her feel my lips on the sensitive skin of her breasts. I slipped one hand under the cup of her bikini top and gently caressed her tit. Because Gem was a little more developed than Jana, her breast wasn’t quite as hard. It felt softer but still firm as I gently squeezed the lovely handful of mammary tissue. Gem’s breasts were still full and cone shaped. I adore girls with tits that don’t look like saggy, empty bags.

“Mmmmm that feels nice Uncle George. I like it. Do it some more please,” Gem said.

I reached up to her neck with my other hand and untied the bow. I reached down to the middle of her back and untied the bow there. Her bikini top fell away from her body, baring her lovely breasts. I bent and kissed her breasts all over. Then I began to lick and suck her nipples.

Gem purred with pleasure and sighed, “I love it Uncle George. Suck on my nipples like you are my baby, nursing from my tits.”

I smiled as she gave me clues to what excited her imagination and made her get hot. I was beginning to realize that being so pure and good to keep her minister father happy had taken a heavy toll on Gem. She was a girl with strong desires that were translating themselves into needs. She was a girl ready to become sexually active in order to relieve the itch in her clit and satisfy her burning needs.

I helped Gem lie down on the bed. I kissed down her flat tummy and along the top of her bikini bottoms. I slipped one hand inside the bottoms and caressed the delicate tissue between her legs. I was really shocked to feel that Gem shaved her pubic hair.

Gem felt my reaction and whispered, “You like that don’t you baby?”

“I love it honey. It lets me feel how soft and smooth your skin is, and I think it lets you feel my touches better. I’m surprised your mom doesn’t yell at you about it,” I told her.

“I have heavy periods, and I told mom I shave to keep clean and keep from smelling bad when I have my period. She didn’t argue with me about it. I didn’t know shaving was a sexy thing. It just seemed like the right thing for me to do,” Gem explained.

I slipped her bikini bottoms off and revealed her beautiful pussy lips. I kissed from her belly button down to her bald labia and covered the smooth, tender skin with my hot kisses. Gem purred softly. I parted her lips with one hand and softly licked her inner labia, then teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. Gem moaned more loudly than she had before and her hips squirmed under me. I licked her clit with more pressure. I licked her faster, and she came. Her back arched and her hips came off the bed. It jammed my face into her pussy and I kept licking her clit until she came again. Gem moaned loudly and her hips squirmed under me.

Gem’s skin wasn’t as dark brown as Jana’s. As her labia opened to my touch, I saw that inside Gem’s pussy was a pretty pink color and dripping wet. I slipped one finger inside her and began pressing her G-Spot. Her G-Spot orgasm consumed her whole body and she cried out, “Oh Uncle George, it feels so good!”

“Gem, you like to do dirty things, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes Uncle George. When you do things that seem dirty, like lick my pussy, it makes me get hotter and wetter inside my pussy,” Gem confessed.

“Gem darling, I want you to call me ‘Daddy.’ It will make you feel like what we are doing is so much dirtier, it will excite you more than you can imagine,” I told her.

“Oh my, so you want to make me a dirty girl, daddy?” Gem asked.

“Only as dirty as you want to be honey. If anything is too much or I misunderstood and am going in the wrong direction, tell me right away. All I want to do is give you what you need, make you feel incredible, and make you happy,” I told her.

“Well daddy, I think I want you to make me your slut, but I’m not a whore. I want to belong only to you. I want you to be the only man who ever touches me. I like you more the more I’m with you, so maybe Jana will be willing to share you with me more than just today,” Gem said.

I went back to licking her clit and working her G-spot. Gem came again, and this time I could tell I was getting her clitoral and G-Spot orgasms starting to synchronize. Finally she came from her clit and her G-Spot simultaneously. She moaned loudly, “Oh daddy, you love me so good and make me cum so hard! I need you to love me like this every day. I’ll never get tired of having you lick and finger me.”

I said, “Gem, after you’ve cum a few more times your body will be ready. Do you want daddy to make love to you or fuck your horny pussy?”

“I’m your dirty slut daddy. You know I need you to fuck my horny cunt,” Gem said.

I went back to work on her, and Gem came again. It excited me to see her little pussy contracting strongly every time she came. When she had another simultaneous orgasm, I quickly knelt between her slender thighs and put the head of my cock between her bald pussy lips. She was dripping wet, and I was able to slide the head of my cock inside her tight little hole much more easily than I’d anticipated. Her pussy was still convulsing, and when it finally relaxed, I slowly slipped more of my cock into her.

The head of my cock was stopped from going any deeper, and I knew from the feel that her hymen was intact. I reached down between us and stroked her clit with my finger. When she came again I pushed the rest of my cock inside her pussy.

Gem smiled at me and said, “It hurt a little, but it really wasn’t bad daddy. Are you going to fuck my horny pussy now?”

“Yes Gem darling, I’m going to make your horny cunt cum and cum and cum until you are worn out and feel good all over,” I told her.

I began sliding my cock slowly in and out of her pussy. She came quickly and she came hard. I made my thrust a little longer, and pushed my cock into her a little harder. Gem moaned and came again.

She looked up into my eyes and whispered, “Daddy, this feels a lot like making love. When are you going to start fucking your slutty daughter’s horny pussy?”

“Are you sure you want daddy to fuck you like a slut instead of making love with you the very first time we have sex together? You know I love you baby girl, and I don’t want to spoil your first time,” I told her.

“It’s what I need daddy. You know I’m a dirty slut, so you need to fuck my horny cunt and save making love for a sweet girl like Jana. Do it daddy. Fuck me hard and show me how a man takes care of a horny little slut,” Gem said.

I pounded her tight pussy and got her cumming harder and harder.

“Daddy, I feel like if I cum any harder it will make me scream. Is that the way a dirty little slut acts when she’s getting her horny cunt fucked?” Gem asked.

“Yes baby, that’s exactly how my hot little slut daughter acts. She screams when she’s getting fucked good, and she squirms her hips to get daddy’s cock as deep inside her cunt as she can,” I told her.

After she came five more times, Gem stopped trying to fight it and she screamed when she came. I slowly pulled my cock out of her and lay on my back.

“Gem baby, now that I’ve fucked you, daddy wants to see how you do it when you fuck daddy. Kneel over my cock and let your hot little pussy slide down over daddy’s dick. Take my cock all the way up inside you baby and then ride up and down on daddy’s cock so you make yourself cum a bunch,” I said.

Gem did what I told her and eased her pussy down on my cock. When I was all the way inside her, she began to ride up and down on my prick she smiled down at me.

“I’d never seen a dick before daddy. Is your cock big?” Gem asked.

“It’s about average size Gem,” I replied.

“Oh, well I find my brain wanting my mouth to say, ‘Fuck me with your big cock daddy.’ Maybe I’ve watched too much porn” Gem said.

“You mean the sweet, innocent preacher’s daughter watches porn?” I asked.

“Yes daddy. It was watching porn that made me realize your sweet innocent daughter is really a sweet, horny slut who craves all the dick my daddy can give me.”

“OK slut, let’s see how you fuck like a bitch in heat,” I said.

I pulled my cock out of her. Gem got on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her wet hole. I got a hard but slow stroke established, and then I reached under her and started squeezing her tits and rolling her nipples.

“I’m your big dog baby, and I’m gonna fuck my little bitch. Show me how my bitch acts when she’s in heat baby. Shove your ass back at me so my cock goes as deep as your cunt can take it,” I told her.

“Oh daddy, it feels so dirty to be fucking like dogs. Pound your little bitch daddy. I’ve been in heat for you for so long. Fuck me daddy. Fuck my little slut bitch pussy good and hard. Make me show you that I belong to you. Make me whimper and moan and scream when I cum for you,” Gem begged.

I started fucking her as hard as I could. I felt the head of my cock banging into her cervix with every thrust. She came super hard, and her spasming cunt clamped down tightly on my cock. I shot off deep inside her. I was used to nothing coming out when I came, but this time when my soft cock slithered out of her pussy, a small amount of thin white fluid was coating the head of my dick and drooling out of her pussy. She had been so wet the whole time we were fucking that I decided it must be her girl juice.

We lay together on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other.

“That was incredible Gem. You are a natural, and it was great sex honey. It made me feel so good! I hope it felt good to you too baby,” I said.

“It was even better than my daydreams daddy. Thanks for making my first time so good. Nobody else could have understood me so well. You gave me exactly what I needed to cum really good and feel completely satisfied,” Gem said.

Jana said, “Uncle George, it’s been a long time. We need to get cleaned up and get the sheets changed so we don’t get caught.”

“Thanks baby girl,” I said.

We showered, dressed and got the maid to come in and start on the room. Jana had pulled the bottom sheet off the bed. There definitely was a wet spot. She wrapped the top sheet around the wadded-up bottom sheet, and put it in the dirty linen bag on the maid’s cart. We left and went to get the car.

It took us two hours to drive to the next town. We went into the mall and Jana found a lingerie store. It wasn’t VS, but they had overtly sexy bras and matching panties. Jana picked out two sweet, romantic sets. One was white lace with pale pink ribbon trim, and the other was a navy-blue satin with white ribbon trim. Gem picked out a red lace set and a black lace set.

In the car the girls were comparing their sexy new bras. I asked Gem why she picked a red set and a black set.

“Those are the colors a slut wears to tell a man that if she lets him see her panties, she wants him to take them off of her,” Gem told me.

“Gem, your tits are bigger than mine, but your bra says AA Cup on the label just like mine does,” Jana said.

“Well my boobs are too big for an AA Cup, but too small for an A Cup. If I wear an A Cup, my tits move around inside the cups, my nipples rub against the fabric, and it makes my nipples sore. I have an A Cup at home, and I try it on every week to see if it fits yet. Until then, I’ll wear an AA Cup so the bra holds my boobs still and keeps my nipples from getting sore,” Gem told Jana.

“You know I think my breasts have grown in the last two weeks. Maybe fucking Uncle George one day and making love with him the next for two weeks has made my tits grow,” Jana commented.

“Gem, when did your last period end?” I asked

“Ten days ago. It was the most horrible period I’ve ever had. I had terrible cramps and heavy flow for five whole days. I wanted to take medicine that would knock me out and just go to bed, but my mom made me go to school every day,” Gem said.

“Wow Gem, I’m so lucky. I don’t have cramps and my period only lasts three days. I could just use a panty liner if I wanted, but of course I don’t want to take a chance and have an accident, so I use a regular pad,” Jana said.

Now I’m thinking, I’ve fucked two teenage girls right on their most fertile day. Of course my wife hadn’t used birth control for over five years, and she never got pregnant. We fucked at least once and sometimes three times a day for the first three years we were married, so surely if I had any way for sperm to get out, they would have done it by now. Still, something was nagging at the back of my consciousness.

“Jana when is your next period supposed to start,” I asked.

“Next week, I think,” Jana said.

“Do you keep a calendar sweetie?” I asked her.

“No Uncle George. It’s so little trouble, I just forget about it until it comes, then I soak my panties in cold water to get the stains out, and start wearing a pad,” Jana explained.

I figured out when we made love the first time. Jana said it was ten days after her period ended. We’d been making love every day for two weeks, so today should be the twenty-fourth day of her cycle. Her next period should start in the next four or five days. Of course Jana’s casual attitude meant that she might not be regular or even have a twenty-eight-day cycle. There was nothing to do but wait and see.

We got back to the hotel before my wife did and we were playing in the swimming pool when she came looking for us. She told us Gem’s brother got an emergency call from his work and had to take the bus home to substitute for a tutor who got sick. I smiled because that meant there was one less person the girls and I had to avoid in order to be alone together, and one less person around who might catch us.

We had dinner at the outdoor grill. Jana was looking at me in a way that told me she was wishing we could be making love.

Suddenly Gem said, “There’s a new movie I really want to see. Could you take Jana and me to see it Uncle George?”

I knew what Gem was trying to do, so I asked my wife if she wanted to see the movie. She said she didn’t like science fiction movies and that the three of us should go see the movie.

The girls ran to change out of their bikinis and into clothes. They came back before I was changed. My wife was already watching her Tagalog TV drama, and the girls both lifted the hem of their shirts to show me they were wearing their new sexy bras. They were wearing the tiniest jean shorts possible, and looking at their hot young bodies I got a throbbing hard-on.

We went out to the car and headed off into the night. We didn’t go to the movie. I drove to a jungle road and parked in a clearing. As soon as I shut off the engine, Jana jumped on me. We kissed like we were starving for each other. Gem said, “Hey guys, I have an idea. Uncle George came inside me. Why don’t I fuck him first and then when he gets my raging hormones calmed down, he can do you Jana, and finish by squirting in your pussy.”

“Since Uncle George doesn’t squirt, I don’t really care if I go first or last. My pussy is really, really hungry for his big hard cock though, so I’ll go first, and you can make him cum in your pussy since you seem to like that Gem,” Jana said.

Jana and I went back to kissing. She was eager for me to see her in her new bra and panties, so she pulled off her shirt and wiggled out of her tiny shorts. In the total darkness of the jungle clearing I could barely see the white lace covering my favorite parts of Jana’s body.

She sat on my lap and we started petting as well as kissing. Jana got me out of my clothes, and then totally surprised me by going down on me. I was even more shocked to feel that she knew how to do it really, really well. My cock got even harder, and she slipped out of her panties and sat on my cock. She was so wet she slipped down on me easily and I filled her tight pussy completely.

“I like this Uncle George. Would it be OK with you for me to be a little naughty sometimes? Not dirty, but naughty in ways you enjoy, like giving you a little blowjob to get you harder?” Jana asked

“All girls like to be a little naughty now and then. It’s fine to spice things up baby,” I told her.

“Could I call you daddy too? I’d like that more than Uncle George. It would definitely make me hotter and wetter for you,” Jana whispered.

“I’d like that a lot baby girl,” I told her.

“Daddy please take the sexy new bra you bought for me off of me and play with my tits while I ride your cock,” Jana begged.

I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed them. Feeling her hot skin through the thin white lace was more exciting than almost anything I’d ever felt. I reached behind her back, unfastened the filmy bra and slipped it off Jana’s body. I began caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger. Jana moaned and came hard. Her tight cunt clamped down on my cock and squeezed me so that it stroked my cock in a way that almost made me lose it every time she moved up and down. Then when her pussy relaxed and she slid down on my pole, taking all of my shaft inside her, the wetness and heat of her little body nearly made me loose it again. Making love with Jana was sweet torture the whole time I was inside her because I was constantly fighting not to cum before she was completely satisfied.

We made love until Jana was screaming when she came.

“I love feeling like I’m in control daddy. I love it when I’m the one fucking you. That’s the kind of naughty I need sometimes. It’s not even very naughty, is it daddy?” Jana asked.

“It’s fine honey. It’s nice to be the one doing the fucking sometimes, and it’s nice for me to have you doing all the work sometimes. When two people are in love, you learn to share things like who’s doing the fucking. If it’s something you need honey, we could even trade off every time we make love and you be in control part of the time and then I could take over or the other way around, whichever helps you cum the best and satisfies you the most,” I said.

“I love you so much daddy. No one could possibly understand me or take care of me as well as you do,” Jana said.

“You know my feelings for you are changing Jana. Before we made love the first time, I saw you as the hot girl I wanted but could never have. I tried to be careful and never let anyone know I wanted you. Now when I see how you want to make me happy as much as you want to get laid and get off, it makes me feel more than just wanting you, more than wanting sex with you. My feelings of desire for you are turning into love,” I said.

“Daddy, I love knowing you are falling in love with me, but we are in the middle of fucking. Please stop talking and show me how much you love me by showing me how much you like to have me fuck you,” Jana said.

I listened to Jana and gave her all my attention. She started cumming again, and she rode me harder and harder until she was cumming hard enough to make her body shake all over. She came again, explosively, and collapsed on top of me.

“I’m worn out daddy. I am satisfied completely. Go fuck my girlfriend and let her get you off and make you happy,” Jana said.

Gem helped Jana climb off my rigid prick and get back into her pretty lingerie, tiny jean shorts, and tee shirt. She took my hand and guided me out of the car door and into the back seat. I laid all the seats in the second and third row flat, and we had the equivalent of a double bed to play on.

We started making out. When we finished our first kiss, Gem gave me a shy smile.

“I think I want to make love with you daddy. I don’t really want to do anything dirty except to be making love with my father,” Gem whispered.

“Whatever makes you happy is just fine with me baby girl,” I replied.

We kissed for a long time. Gem kissed me more passionately, and I could feel her body’s hunger for me growing the longer we kissed. She took my hand and pressed it against her breast. I began to gently massage her firm globes through her shirt and bra. I slipped my hand under the hem of her shirt and began caressing her breasts through her lace bra. Gem pulled off her shirt, and I found myself wishing for some light so I could see her beautiful figure just covered by thin, lacy lingerie. When Gem flashed me before we left, I saw she was wearing the red bra, and I wanted to see her wearing it before I removed it and started touching her bare skin.

Gem read my mind and pulled her cell phone out of her bag. She turned on the screen and set it so it wouldn’t shut off for 15 minutes. I thought of the song, “Paradise by Dashboard Light” as I drank in the erotic beauty of her teenage breasts encased in the bra made of thin red lace. I massaged her breasts through the bra, but while the view was delightful, even the thin lace attenuated the sensation of touching her too much. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I slowly peeled it off her body, exposing her breasts to my sight and to my touch.

I repeated my gentle breast massage, and without her bra in the way deadening the tactile sensations; it was infinitely more pleasurable and exciting. Gem’s nipples were not as dark brown as Jana’s and they were also smaller. Gem’s breasts mesmerized me, and I covered them with hot kisses. Gem sighed with pleasure, then she whispered, “That’s more like it daddy. I need you touching me and kissing me and licking me all over my body to be a happy girl.”

I took one of her small, light brown nipples between my lips and licked it all over. I licked with up and down strokes, then I circled her nipple with my tongue, moving it first one direction, and then the other. I sucked on her nipple and pulled it up slightly, stretching it away from her breast a centimeter or so. Of course I was gentle with her, so she would only feel pleasure from my touch. I let her nipple slip between

my lips, and her breast sprang back. I kissed her nipple, then switched to the other breast, and I lavished the same attentions on it. Gem purred, “That feels so good daddy. It makes me all hot and wet between my legs. I need you daddy. I need you to love me.”

I unfastened the metal button on her jean shorts, unzipped them, and helped her wriggle out of them. She left her red lace panties covering her. I could see the crotch was soaked through, and was clinging tightly to her pussy giving her a gloriously sexy camel toe. I wanted to rip the panties off her little body, but I didn’t want her to get upset because she’d never had something so pretty and intended primarily to stimulate male sexual desire. I knew she would be sad if I ruined the pretty, tiny things, so I gently eased them over her hips and pulled them down her shapely legs.

As soon as I had her naked, I buried my face in her pussy and kissed all over her hairless pussy lips. I parted her labia with the fingers of my left hand and began licking her clit. Her little bundle of pleasure nerves was already erect and so hard the hood was pulled back. The contact between the tip of my tongue and her fully erect clitoris brought a gasp from her pale pink lips, and she whimpered softly from the pleasure. I started licking her clit with slow, firm strokes of my tongue. I held my tongue as wide as I could so her inner labia would get licked too.

“I need to cum again so badly daddy. Please lick me and make me cum for you,” Gem begged.

While I was licking her I slipped a finger inside her wet pussy and probed the front wall of her vagina until I found the little bump of her G-Spot. I began working it with my fingertip, using a press, release motion.

“I’m cumming for you, daddy,” Gem moaned.

I started licking her clit faster and harder. I tried to get the motion of my tongue on her clit and my fingertip on her G-Spot to coincide with each other so their effect on her nervous system would be amplified.

I was learning her body’s responses, and it took no time at all to get her clitoral and G-Spot orgasms synchronized. I increased the pressure on both nerve bundles and speeded up both my tongue’s licking and my finger’s pressing motions. Gem came much harder this time. The heterodyning of her orgasms from two different sources made a much greater impact on the sensory processing regions in her brain than either of the orgasmic sources could do individually. The combined orgasms overwhelmed her senses, her body jerked with apparently random muscle contractions, and Gem screamed with pleasure.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I moved between her legs, centered the head of my cock in the opening of her vagina and slid my steel hard dick inside her in one smooth thrust.

I filled her tight teenage pussy completely, and the sensation of the muscles around her hole stretching made her feel so tight on my cock that it was easy to believe my dick was the biggest that could possibly fit inside her.

I fucked her with long slow strokes, pulling out until only the head of my cock remained inside her, then pressing forward until I was full depth in her and my cock head was pressed against her cervix. I tried to read her body’s responses and give her either more pressure on her clit or increased thrusting speed, or both, before she asked for it. I was having an instinctual male response to a sexually pleasing female, and striving to give her sex so good she could never imagine anyone ever making her cum as hard as I do. I wanted to make her mine. I wanted to make Gem feel like she belonged to me down to the depths of her soul. I didn’t want Gem to think Jana owned me and was letting her borrow me. I wanted Gem fully committed to being mine all of the time, just as much as Jana was.

Male humans are instinctively greedy, and we want to possess desirable females. We want to make them feel they belong to us and are having all their needs satisfied so well they have no reason to want to leave us. Gem didn’t know why she was reacting with much stronger emotions than she had the first time we fucked. Creating the feeling that I knew what she needed and was giving it to her almost before she knew what she desired, triggered emotional responses that were making her fall in love, when she had no intention of doing anything more than experiment to see if she liked sex.

“Daddy, would it make our lovemaking too dirty if I can’t keep quiet and I moan loudly or maybe even scream when you make me cum?” Gem asked

“No darling. Making love doesn’t have to be quiet, and it certainly doesn’t have to be less satisfying or emotionally powerful than fucking. They are really the same thing dear, we just look at it a little different way,” I told her.

“Oh good, daddy. I’m going to cum, and I can feel that it will be a really hard orgasm. I know I won’t be able to keep quiet, even if I bite clean through my lip. I’ll still be your daughter and you’ll still love me if I can’t help being a slut when you make love to me, right daddy?” Gem asked.

“Honey, I’ll always love you and you’ll always be my daughter, no matter what. Sex is powerful, baby, and it won’t let you hide who you really are. It just might be that you are a slut for me just like I’m a slut for you, and it may be impossible for us to just make romantic love. Our minds and bodies may feel things too strongly to stay slow and gentle. The part of our souls that sex satisfies may be crying out to both of us

and telling us that we have had enough foreplay and now we need to fuck,” I told her.

“Oh thank you daddy. You understand me so completely. I have a feeling no one else is ever going to be able to sex me just right. I think only you will ever be able to satisfy me. I’m so glad you don’t mind and won’t be mad at me. I think you’re right, for us slow and gentle is foreplay. I need you to fuck me now daddy. Maybe I don’t need it to be dirty, but I do need it hot and hard,” Gem told me.

I rolled us over so I was on my back. My cock stayed inside her and now she was on top and riding me.

“Gem, did you watch when Jana fucked me tonight?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy. It was so hot watching you,” Gem said.

“Honey you may feel like you need to fuck daddy sometimes instead of always having daddy fuck you. Why don’t you be in charge for right now and show me how hard and how fast and how dirty you need to fuck,” I said.

Gem gave me an impish grin and started bouncing on my cock faster than the last time we fucked. On the bottom of the stroke she ground her clit against my pubic bone. She squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles as she pushed up until only the head of my cock was still inside her. She let gravity pull her down so that her clit smacked into my body, she ground her clit against me, then repeated the whole process.

Gem always seemed to be a natural. She had figured out how to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles all by herself, and she always did it at the correct part of the stroke. This was only our second time together, but already we were completely in sync. There was something very erotic about the way every part of Gem ended in soft curves.

Gem came harder and harder as she rode me. Finally she moaned, “Get on top of me daddy and pound your big cock into my little pussy as hard as you can. I’m about worn out, and I want you to make me cum harder than I ever have before, then I want you to cum as deep in me as you can shove your cock. I want to feel the head jammed against my back wall and I want to feel your dick jerking in my pussy when you cum.”

My cock was as hard as when I was young, and when I rolled her on her back, my dick stayed deep inside her, where it belonged.

After our first time, I knew Gem was sexually mature and wouldn’t get hurt from normal hard fucking, so I relaxed and really pounded my prick into her pussy. I fucked her through two hard orgasms, and I felt like I couldn’t wait another second to shoot off. Gem screamed, “I’m cumming daddy. Cum inside me, shoot off deep in my hot cunt.”

I rammed into her as hard and deep as I could and held my cockhead tight against her cervix as I came. I swear it felt like when I was young and shooting ropes of thick, hot cream. Gem screamed and came again.

Just like the first time I fucked her, it seemed like her pussy was too wet for it to just be her natural lubrication. When I pulled out of her, I thought I saw one pearly drop drip out and run down her ass crack, then it was gone, and in the dark of the jungle, I convinced myself I’d imagined it, or it was just wishful thinking.

That’s the other part of the male instinct to keep females around and accessible. We have an instinct to get them pregnant. A pregnant girl feels like she needs a man to protect her from the saber tooth cats and the cave bears, deep down in her belly. An independent woman doesn’t want to admit she has instincts that have come down from the days humans lived in caves, but they are there, and they work on us whether we are aware of them or not.

I was pretty sure I was under the influence of Gem’s pheromones and my caveman desire to knock her up; which would be the ultimate way to make her mine.

Jana helped Gem get cleaned up and dressed. We brought a pack of baby wipes along to try to get the pussy juice and the smell of sex off of us before we went back to the hotel.

I told the girls the story I’d made up to explain why we had been gone so long; so that we would all answer questions the same way.

We were so content that we were all quiet as we drove back to the hotel. Jana did put her hand possessively on my leg, and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Two weeks ago I could barely get it up with the help of the strongest medicine available, and today I had fucked two teenage girls, twice each, and satisfied both of them completely, without taking any medicine.

When we got to the hotel, I parked in the back lot, and I kissed both girls passionately before we walked to the door. Once inside, we started playing the roles society expected of us. The girls went straight to their room, and I went back to mine. My wife always takes a shower before bed, so I figured she wouldn’t think anything of it if I took a shower before bed too.

“You guys were out late,” My wife said.

“Yeah, it’s a popular movie and we had to buy tickets for the last show. We went to the arcade and were shooting basketball, so I got all sweaty. I’m just going to take a quick shower,” I told her.

I made sure to wash twice with my Old Spice body wash to hopefully remove all traces of Jana and Gem’s sexy teenage pussy scents. Jana was smart and stopped using her perfume after she successfully seduced me, so her scent wouldn’t cling to me.

Scrubbed pink, I toweled off and put on pajamas that still had fabric softener scent clinging to them. Aromatically camouflaged, I was ready for bed.

My wife went to bed and was asleep almost immediately. I really wanted to sneak down to the girls’ room and play with them some more. I probably couldn’t get hard again; hell twice in one day was a miracle as far as I was concerned, but if they needed me to take the edge off for them with my fingers and tongue, I was willing.

Jana texted me and said they were worn out and falling asleep. She closed with, “I love you daddy! Tonight was the best ever for me, and you did Gem so good, you made her fall in love with you too. I’m not mad, and I don’t mind sharing you with her because she is super sweet, and her bio dad is a jerk. She needs real love from you. Please love her the way you love me. I super love you daddy!!!”

I figured it was just as well because trying to sneak to their room made it more likely we’d get caught. I made sure to delete all the messages on my phone.

Gem was a wonder at coming up with plausible excuses to get us going a different direction from where my wife was doing tourist stuff. It always made it possible for us to make love until we had to fuck. We’d start in the girls’ hotel room first thing in the morning, and make love again in the afternoon or early evening, usually in the car, parked in the jungle. I wasn’t even worrying about whether I could get an erection any more. The girls would wear their sexy bras and panties, and if that didn’t get my flag to the top of the staff, a kiss from one of them would finish the job.

At the end of the week, Jana still hadn’t started her period. I was worried, so I checked on the pee stick tests available, and found out they weren’t accurate for another week. I tried not to act nervous or

say anything to freak the girls out. Jana was so casual about her period anyway that I was pretty sure she wasn’t even aware she was late.

My wife finished seeing all the sights, so we packed up and went home.

“You hardly went anyplace with me. You were always going places with Jana and Gem,” she complained.

“Well, they’d never been here before, and I wanted to show them where things were. I wanted to make sure they didn’t go places where they might get in trouble. The hotel manager warned me there had been trouble with male tourists from India and some Arab countries getting rude and threatening when girls told them, NO! so I wanted to make sure they weren’t alone where there might be a problem. They are too young to have to deal with that kind of stuff,” I told her.

“You would have been such a good dad if we’d been able to have kids,” My wife said.

“If we had a girl, she’d be spoiled and intolerable, and we’d be broke. When Jana does that Pleeeease, Uncle George thing, I seem to be incapable of saying, no, let alone, NO!” I said.

“Well, she has basically nothing at home, and her mom is working all the time, so she never has an adult to pay attention to her. You seem to have taken care of the stealing, and she’s been pleasant the whole time. Gem seems to love her, so I think you’d be a better dad than you think,” My wife told me.

We were all pretty quiet on the long drive home. The girls were playing their own music through headphones, I was driving, and soon my wife was sleeping. When she started snoring softly, I felt soft warm hands massaging my neck and shoulders. I looked in the mirror and saw Jana’s smiling face close to the back of my headrest.

“I’m going to go crazy without you. Gem is going to try to rig things so we can all get away, but it will be tougher at home because her brother will want to tag along all the time. Gem says he doesn’t chase girls, so it probably wouldn’t be possible for me to seduce him. If I was able to, while I kept him busy, you could be with Gem. I might be jealous if he didn’t know how to make me cum though. Besides, I’m enough in love with you that I don’t think I could let another man touch me anyway. It just shows my level of desperation to be alone with you when I start talking about seducing anyone but you daddy,” Jana said.

I dropped my wife off at her business, and volunteered to drive Gem home. We stopped off on our favorite jungle road and fucked each other silly. Jana wanted to go first, as usual, so I came inside Gem’s pussy like I had every day since Jana told me Gem wanted to find out about sex.

Gem put my number in her phone and her number in mine so she could tell me if she thought up a way for us to get together. Jana pulled out the package of baby wipes and the girls cleaned their pussies and then Jana cleaned off my cock and my face. We got dressed, the girls fixed their hair, and then I drove Gem home.

I carried her bag to the door for her. We both wanted to kiss, but knew we couldn’t take the chance so we smiled at each other and wished we could communicate by telepathy so we could say, “I love you” to each other.

I brought Jana back to the house. She asked me to show her how to run the washer and dryer so she could wash her own lingerie and keep other adults from seeing what she liked to wear under her clothes. Generally sexy lingerie isn’t very comfortable, so almost any adult female is going to think a teenager is wearing sexy bras and panties to excite a male. Since Jana didn’t know any local boys, it wouldn’t take too long for that adult female to turn a suspicious eye in my direction.

Jana’s school break would be over in a week. We found all kinds of excuses to be out of the house and together. Sex with her was so good and she needed it so much, that we were making love at least twice a day and fucking at least once.

Gem wasn’t able to get out of the house. Jana tried to convince Gem’s brother to help, but he was too afraid of his father to try to help his younger sister.

The last day of her vacation, Jana’s period was at least two weeks late. I bought a pee stick and had her test her urine. She showed me the big Plus Sign and said, “What are we going to do now Uncle George?”

“I really don’t know Jana. The emergency contraception pill isn’t available here in the Philippines, but even if it was, I should have had you take it the day after we had sex the first time. Now the only thing that would stop your pregnancy is getting an abortion,” I said.

“It’s our baby daddy. I’m not getting an abortion. I want our baby, and if we can be together, I know you will too,” Jana said.

“Will your mom want to put me in jail when she finds out?” I asked.

“Silly daddy! I’m not telling her it’s your baby. My story is that Gem and I met some boys from Germany and one talked me into having sex with him. I don’t know what city he was from, and I don’t even know his last name. That’s my story and I’ll stick to it,” Jana said.

“OK baby. So if your mom gets too mad and is worried about your younger sister getting corrupted, ask her if you can come stay with me. I’ll make sure you get the right care,” I told her.

“I’m not telling mom. That would imply I knew what was going on. I’m playing the dumb, ignorant kid. When I start showing is plenty soon enough to deal with getting yelled at,” Jana said.

“OK sweetie, that does sound like the best plan,” I agreed.

“No offence daddy, but Auntie is a lot smarter than my mom. If she ever catches us looking at each other, she will know right away we are in love and that we are making love. As soon as she figures that out, she’ll know it’s your baby. Maybe we’ll be lucky and she’ll just leave so I can be your wife. You know I can take care of you just as well, and when it comes to sex, I can take care of you a whole lot better,” Jana said.

“Honey, do you know why Gem’s dad wouldn’t let her out of the house?” I asked.

“She’s not sneaky enough and she got caught washing her sexy bras and panties. Her mom showed them to her dad, and he went ballistic. Apparently I’m an evil, immoral person, who is a corrupting influence on Saint Gem,” Jana said with a sarcastic laugh.

“I’m worried that she could be pregnant too. I have no idea how to talk to her about it. I’m guessing her phone got confiscated, since she hasn’t texted me,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s to keep her from talking to me. No one suspects she actually did it, and they don’t suspect you. She already knows about my story, and she will use the same one. She’ll play dumb and say she didn’t even know what the boy did to her was sex. She’ll wait until they notice she is showing, if she is pregnant too. She has a non-religious girlfriend who can get her a pregnancy test and slip it in her bag at school. She’ll stop at the CR in a gas station on the way home from school and pee on the stick. If you get a text from someone you don’t recognize, it may be from Gem, via her girlfriend. I guess knowing really doesn’t help because we can’t do anything about it, but then again, I kind of like knowing. I know it’s vain, but I like knowing I’m going to give you a

baby. We probably made our baby the very first time we made love, and Auntie couldn’t make you a baby in five years,” Jana said

“Well don’t get too proud of yourself about this. If your aunt is as smart as you think she is, she’ll figure it out if you go around glowing like a girl who’s knocked up and pleased with herself about it,” I warned her.

The next day my wife had a crisis at her business and couldn’t go with us on the drive to Manila to take Jana home.

We made the trip by ourselves. I was a little out of character and insisted that we get up early and leave at sunrise. The road down the mountain can be dangerous in the dark. I said I wanted to leave early so I could miss the worst of Manila traffic. Of course any idiot would know it takes at least 4 hours to get to Manila, and by leaving at 6am, we would get to Manila at the end of rush hour. That’s a misnomer in many ways. Manila traffic is pretty much terrible 24/7.

My plan was to drive to Manila, get a motel, and then fuck each other’s brains out until we absolutely had to deliver Jana to her house. As soon as we were on the way, Jana reminded me that when I came it took a few hours for me to get hard again. She suggested we stop at our favorite clearing, fuck each other until I couldn’t hold on, and shoot off in her hot pussy. Then we would drive to Manila and find a motel so we could make love again before I had to drop her off. I agreed it was the best way to do things, so we would give each other the most and best sex we could on our last day together for a while.

After a highly satisfactory, but much too short love making session in the back of the car, we got dressed again and headed off to Manila. It was fun playing we are a couple, talking, and with Jana resting her hand on my thigh and her head on my shoulder, the entire trip.

I found a motel where you drive the car into a garage and the staff pulls down the door. You go up a flight of stairs to the room. This setup ensures that no one sees who goes in the room. I took Jana up to the room, and then went to the office to pay cash for the room. I went back to the room, and Jana was already naked. She’d washed her pussy, and I dived right in. I surprised her with how passionately I licked her clit and she came quickly. I worked my finger inside her tight pussy and went to work on her G-Spot too. After I was sure she was cumming hard enough to get her pussy as wet as it could get, I pulled off my clothes, knelt between her wide spread legs, and shoved my hard dick in her little cunt.

We fucked hard and fast, and Jana came hard every time. She was aware the walls of the motel were not sound-proof, so she pressed one of her hands over her mouth when she came, to stifle her moans.

“Don’t cum yet honey. I want to make this last until we only have time to take a shower and get me home,” Jana said.

I rolled under her, and she started riding me. It is nearly impossible for me to cum when a girl is on top, and it’s one of my favorite ways to make things last a long time.

Jana turned around and rode me reverse cowgirl style for a while, then she turned back to the regular cowgirl position.

“I like this way better daddy. I like to see your face and know for sure you like having your cock in my pussy,” Jana said.

“Do you ever have a doubt baby? You are the best lover I’ve ever had, and it is a constant battle for me not to cum too quick the second my dick is all the way inside you,” I told her.

“Am I better than Gem? I think she’s prettier and has a sexier body than I do,” Jana said.

“I don’t ever compare you girls. If you force me to, I’ll give you an answer, but it would be good if you could just take my word for it. If I have to tell you, you might get conceited and stop trying. Then you wouldn’t be the best anymore,” I told her with a wolfish grin.

“OK daddy. I believe you. At this exact second of time, with your cock hard and buried all the way inside my tight, hot, wet pussy; and your baby in my belly, I’m the best lover you’ve ever had,” Jana said, and then she giggled.

We made love until our passion overwhelmed us, and then we fucked until the last possible second. Jana rolled under me, and whimpered, “Let’s cum together daddy!”

I waited until her pussy clamped down on my cock as she had her next orgasm, and I let myself cum. We collapsed together on the bed.

“I think Gem felt or knew something I didn’t, and that was why she liked it so much when you came in her pussy. I was already pregnant, but I think my insisting on going first all the time pretty much ensured she was going to get knocked up too. Not much comes out daddy, but I felt you squirt a tiny bit right against my cervix. You must have strong sperm for such a small amount to get both of your teenage lovers pregnant,” Jana said.

The water heater in the shower actually worked, and we washed each other thoroughly to get the smell of sex off Jana and to get Jana’s sex perfume washed off of my body. We dried each other and got dressed. I called the office to open the garage door. I took Jana down to the car, and she was inside when the door opened. I left the lights off as the bellman guided me out of the garage. I didn’t turn the lights on until after I’d given the gate guard my receipt and we were going out the gate.

I got Jana home by a reasonable hour. I’d actually bought some school clothes for her and slipped the bags in the car. I carried the box of school supplies up to her door and she carried her bag and the bags of clothes. Jana’s mom wasn’t home from work yet, so I helped her carry her things to her room.

We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed tenderly. I said, “Jana darling, I bought you some new bras and panties. Not sexy ones, but ones your mom won’t have questions about. I hope you will think about me touching your breasts, rolling your nipples, and stroking your clit when you put them on and take them off. I feel like I will die without being able to make love with you every day.”

“I’ll need bigger bras before long Uncle George. I’m hoping that when she finds out, Auntie won’t make trouble for you and will just leave. Then I can be your wife, live with you, sleep in your bed, take care of you, and make love with you any time we please,” Jana whispered.

“It’s impossible to know the future dear. We just have to hope for the best,” I told her.

We kissed passionately, and Jana said, “Leave now, or I’ll need you so bad we’ll do something stupid and get caught Uncle George.”

I kissed her again and said goodbye. I drove through the twilight and the rice fields on either side of the expressway were colorless; a perfect description of my feelings.

I generally try to be careful and responsible. Now I had gotten a teenage girl pregnant and there was a high probability I’d impregnated another teen girl. I might get sent to jail, or I might survive in better shape than I was before, but had I ruined two intelligent girls’ lives? I loved the fact I could sexually satisfy a fourteen-year-old girl and a fifteen- year-old girl, completely, but was my ego or more accurately my vanity going to keep them both happy as I got older? At times I was the proud stallion, but most of the time I felt like an idiot. I had to admit I was probably a bad person.

A month later Jana called me from the bus station. “I’m here Uncle George. Please come pick me up,” She said

I drove to the bus depot and found Jana waiting. I loaded her boxes into the back of the car. She looked at me, and I knew she was wondering if it was safe for us to kiss. We both decided not to risk it. I opened the car door for her, and she gave me the brightest smile I’d ever seen. I closed the door and went around to the driver’s side. I got in the car and Jana launched herself on top of me and kissed me like she was starving for me.

“You opened the door for me Uncle George. Does that mean you want me to be your wife?” Jana asked.

“You’re my girlfriend and the mother of my baby, so at the very least I open doors for you. We’ll have to see where things go,” I told her.

“Please Uncle George, can we stop at our favorite spot and make love before we go to the house?” Jana asked.

“I need to make love with you just as much as you need to make love with me, Jana. We definitely will stop,” I said.

When we got to the dirt road, I drove carefully back into the jungle. I stopped and parked in our clearing. Jana was peeling off her shirt as fast as possible. When she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, I got my first look at her tits. They were definitely growing. Jana’s breasts had grown from AA Cup to overflowing A Cup. I started to dive right in, but she stopped me and said, “Be gentle daddy. My tits are growing and they are really sore most of the time. I think I can cum just from having you suck my nipples, but please just be really gentle with me, especially my tits. I know that’s way different than before, but I’m definitely pregnant daddy, and feeling all the symptoms, so I need you to make sure you don’t get carried away. I’m horny all the time, but I need you to be really gentle with me.”

“OK baby. I got it. You know I only want to make little girls feel really, really good. I never ever want to hurt you even a little bit,” I told her.

“Daddy, I know you like me because I’m young, but you need to believe there isn’t another girl like me alive,” Jana said.

“I know that baby. I guess I shouldn’t tease you. I know you are the only one honey. I waited and waited and you made the first move. I never did anything with you until you asked me to. I know that never happens,” I replied.

“OK, sorry to get bitchy at you. It’s a pregnant girl thing, I guess. I just don’t want you doing stupid things like trying to get into some little girl’s panties and getting yourself thrown in jail instead of getting laid. I love you, and I want to be your girl, your lover, and your wife, so you better not get yourself locked up.” Jana told me.

“Thank you honey for caring about me. I was just teasing. You are the little girl I was talking about, and the only little girl I think about,” I told Jana.

“Have you heard from Gem?” Jana asked.

“No honey. I think they took her phone, and her brother doesn’t talk to me anymore. I guess her friend isn’t able to send messages either I’m really worried about Gem, but there isn’t anything I can do without making things worse for her,” I said.

“I’m going to try to get a message to her and find out if she’s peed on a stick yet,” Jana said.

“OK daddy, too much talking, not enough loving. Make love to me honey. I’m so horny all the time, I really need you,” Jana whispered.

I was gentle with my pregnant teenage girlfriend, but I was still able to make her cum hard and often. Her tummy wasn’t showing much yet, so the only visible signs she was knocked up were her swollen and growing breasts. I gave them lots of gentle attention. Jana was right. I was able to make her cum just by sucking her big, dark brown nipples.

We made love until our lust for each other was temporarily calmed. I gave Jana as many orgasms as I could. Finally she whispered, “I’ve missed you so much. I’m better now. My pussy is getting sore. We’ve been apart so long, it stopped being used to getting fucked two or three times every day. Go ahead and cream me daddy. Fill me up with your cum.”

I was kind of wishing I could squirt like a porn star and literally fill her pussy to overflowing with hot cream. Even though I barely ejaculated, the sperm content was potent enough to impregnate my teenage lover, and that was a pretty exciting concept to think about.

I let myself cum, and I kept thrusting until Jana came again.

We got back into our clothes and I drove to the house. Gem was sitting on the front porch when we drove up.

Jana and Gem hugged, then Gem came into my arms and we kissed passionately.

“Is this Uncle George’s home for wayward girls?” Gem asked with a little laugh.


“Is this Uncle George’s home for wayward girls?” Gem asked.

“It looks that way, baby girl. Did you get kicked out of the house too?” I asked.

“Apparently Christian love and mercy don’t apply to preacher’s daughters who get themselves knocked up. You are going to be a daddy Uncle George,” Gem said.

“Girls, do you feel like I’ve ruined your lives?” I asked.

Jana said, “Mom and me were never going to get along. I’ve been in love with you for years, and having sex was my idea in the first place. Making love with you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. As long as no one tries to put you in jail, I may come out of this happier than ever.”

“I was getting tired of being told who to be. I get to choose now. I already fell in love with you Uncle George, and the time when we didn’t get to make love or even talk to each other just made me feel more in love with you every day. I know you’ve been falling for Jana for years, and she sealed the deal when she got you to make love to her. I hope you can find enough love in your heart to love me too. I hope you can love me the same way you love Jana,” Gem said.

“Gem, if your dad finds out I’m the father of your baby will he try to have me put in jail?” I asked her.

“According to him, I’m a disgrace and I’m dead to him. If he really means that and I don’t exist in his universe any more, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I really have no earthly idea what he will do, but my brother didn’t try to follow me to see where I was going, so as long as we don’t go out too much, we should be OK,” Gem said.

“Do you think we need to disappear in the provinces somewhere?” I asked.

“I hope it isn’t wishful thinking, but I’d rather stay here. It’s supposed to be difficult when a girl’s in her eighth or ninth month, and it’s hot. If we stay here we’ll all be more comfortable,” Jana said.

“Well now we have to see what my wife has to say about this. I’m going to tell her right away that each of you is carrying my baby. I’m going to tell her we are in love, and that we are going to make love whenever we want, without sneaking around anymore,” I told the girls.

“Uncle George, would you like Auntie to stay with you too?” Jana asked.

“How do you girls feel about that?” I asked.

“It’s OK with me if she isn’t mean to us. I want us to be able to sleep together every night. I don’t mind sharing you with Jana because she was the person who let me borrow you and find out how wonderful sex is. I probably could share with Auntie too if she doesn’t give us crap about being your legal wife,” Gem said.

“I love Auntie, and if she can be nice and share and not get unhappy about it, I think it would be nice if she could stay,” Jana said.

I opened the door to let the girls in the house. My wife was sitting in a chair by a window that opened onto the porch. Her eyes were red, so it was obvious she’d heard every word.

“Well, I guess that explains why you liked spending so much time with Jana and Gem. Do they fuck you good? Are you proud of yourself for getting two teenage girls pregnant?” She asked.

“I’m not vain about it, but I’m pretty pleased two beautiful teenage girls want me to make love with them. Yes, they both fuck me good. They were fast learners, and they love to do it with me. Like you overheard, we want to sleep in the same bed every night and make love whenever we feel like it without having to sneak around. I want both girls to live here and I’ll take care of them and our babies,” I told her.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked.

“No, if you want to stay, it’s fine. If you can share and be nice, the girls would like you to stay,” I said.

“I’m old and fat and ugly. I can’t compete with young, skinny, beautiful teenagers. So you’ll sleep with both of them and I’ll be stuck in the guest room, all alone, RIGHT?” She asked.

Auntie, we can share Uncle George with you sometimes. It shouldn’t be a big problem since you don’t want to have sex very often. You just have to understand that Gem and I want make love with Uncle George all the time, so it’s just as big a sacrifice for us to share with you as it is for you to share with us.

“You know Uncle George didn’t get us pregnant on purpose, Auntie. He really thought he was sterile. I’ve been in love with him for years, and this year when I came to visit, I knew enough about sex to seduce him. He never ever made a pass at me. I seduced him. Please don’t be mad at Uncle George. I sat on his lap and said, ‘Please Uncle George.’ I said it over and over. Finally he gave me what I needed,” Jana said

“Auntie, I was an emotional mess from my dad trying to make me be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. Jana and I got to be such close friends that when I started talking about wanting to feel what sex was like, Jana offered to share Uncle George with me. I already liked him because he was kind and fun on our trip with you, so I asked Uncle George to make love with me too.

“I found out from the first kiss that I wasn’t meant to be virginal. It was time for a man to touch me and make love to me for the first time. The way he makes me feel when he kisses me makes me sure Uncle George is the right man to be my lover. I’ve always been glad I picked him to be the man I gave my virginity to. I found out that not only was I not the virginal type, but that in reality my body contains a little slut who needs lots of hard fucking. Uncle George took care of me and gave me what I need. He taught me to make love, but more importantly he taught me that I could feel like a slut and act like a slut with one man, but that I didn’t have to be a slut with every man in town. He really got me started thinking about what kind of woman I want to grow up to be.

“Now I’m going to be the mother of his baby, and all I’m really sure of about my future is that I want to be with Uncle George as long as I can and make love with him as often as I can.

“I think you are a nice lady, and I don’t want to hurt you, but I feel like I need to be with Uncle George and make love with him in order to live and be happy. If you can share with me, I can share with you,” Gem said.

“What do you want me to do George?” My wife said.

“I want you to do whatever makes you happy,” I told her.

“That’s such a bullshit answer. You act like you are just here to make girls happy, but your actions show you have things you want. You are just good at getting what you want to come to you. So what do you want George?” She asked.

“I’ve wanted Jana to fall in love with me since the first time I saw her, when she was only ten years old. I’ve wanted her to want to make love with me since that same instant. I wanted Gem to fall for me and want me to make love with her since the first time I saw her. Those things have happened. I have what I’ve desired and dreamed about.

“You are a great girl. You are smart and fun. I think you are really cute. Even though I’m old, I need a girl who likes and wants sex. I need a girl who can have lots of orgasms and who feels completely satisfied after I make love with her. If those things aren’t happening, I’m not happy. I don’t go looking for a younger girl, or a cuter girl or a richer girl. Girls always seem to find me. If they like me and want me to make love with them and feel happy and satisfied after we fuck, then I’m happy and I feel content and have no reason to look for another girl. I’m not nice about it I guess. I got to the point where all my needs weren’t getting taken care of anymore, and when Jana offered to take care of the part of my needs that weren’t satisfied, I accepted her offer.

“If you can live with my getting my romantic and sexual needs taken care of by the Jana and Gem, and you want to stay while you try to get well, I’ll make love with you when you feel desire again, but if our bodies won’t work together any more, I’m not going to keep trying, because that totally messed me up so my body didn’t work for sex at all. Jana cured that and Gem showed me it wasn’t a fluke, so I’m going to need to make love with them as long as they want to or as long as I’m alive, whichever comes first,” I explained.

“Does that mean you don’t love me anymore?” May asked.

“I’m sure I do, but if we are not making love, it’s difficult for me to feel like we are in love in the same way I did for the first five years we were married, and when I can’t feel it, it’s impossible for me to show it. You know that’s true, because you have said you feel more loving when we are having good sex every day,” I replied.

“Well, I’m going to go on vacation for a while and see what my heart decides. It will let you get your little family established and find out if you all can live together,” She said.

“You have the income from your business, so please leave us my pension money. If you need money, let me know. I don’t want to have to change all the accounts. I have two pregnant girls to take care of, and that will take money for doctor visits,” I said.

“I won’t take your money,” She said.

My wife packed a bag and had the housekeeper pack a bag for herself. They left and then I was alone with my two teenage lovers.

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