Riders on the Storm
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Dark Apostle

Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - James William Smith has leapt into a body in 1855; this is my first attempt at a Western, utilizing elements from Cowboys & Aliens, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman and Assassin's Creed. I have taken elements from each and smashed them into a story, with my own erotic twist thrown in. If you like my work, be sure to watch the films of all three and read the Cowboys & Aliens novel. This will be a part of a series I am playing with.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Celebrity   Fan Fiction   Historical   Science Fiction   DoOver   Extra Sensory Perception   Time Travel   Violent  

He died, there was a blinding white light and then, he awoke again. James William Smith gasped and sat up, his vision blurry - the Essence Transfer had been completed.

James had been reborn ... again.

The first life had stopped when, in his old age, he had found a Genie in a lamp and made some wishes. The wishes had allowed him to live life over with all of the knowledge he had retained from his previous life, and with some added benefits to boot. He had then relived his life making everything better for his family, his extended family and himself. He had lived his “second life” to 102, making it a whole century before deciding it was time to move on.

Now, instead of dying and going to Heaven or Hell, he had been reborn again in a body of indeterminate age.

He was sat upright and stared up at the clear blue sky, watching intently as a cloud floated lazily by. He narrowed his eyes as he saw an eagle high above, searching for prey.

The eagle wheeled and turned, its movements concentrated. Knowing that it had located something and was focusing on it, James continued to watch. The eagle flew against the sun, its silhouette momentarily blotted out by the incandescent light. Then it tightened its circle and hung poised in the vast blue before it suddenly swooped down, crashing through the air like a lightning bolt and disappearing out of sight.

James continued to stare at the sky long after the eagle was gone. He tried to determine where in history he was. Somehow, he had taken a Quantum Leap from his previous body to this one.

James looked at his hands. He was a Caucasian male. His hands were younger; he couldn’t tell, from that alone, what age he was, but they were rugged - calloused and used to hard work - that much he could tell. He’d have to wait until he was in front of a mirror before he could even hazard a guess at his age.

He did look around though, at the landscape. His eyes adjusted as he took in the details; it was quite beautiful.

At a guess, he thought New Mexico Territory; spring had given way to summer with all the subtlety of a fist to the face. For a few weeks rain would fall complete with frequent rainbows and the land that would be bleached of color would put on a green cloak—in a good year even a show of wildflowers. It was a thing of beauty for weary human eyes to behold. But already the mantle of green was withering, showing the brown of the desert, its true face pained and painful.

James looked down at himself to see what he was wearing and frowned. He wore dust-colored pants which were torn at the knee. His chest was covered by nothing more than a light Henley which might have been white once. Above him, circling in the air now, were buzzards with their wings outstretched as they waited patiently for him to be their quick and easy meal.

He saw scraggly sujuaros and tumbleweeds roll past and smirked at the memory of basically every cowboy movie...

‘It’s a bit cliché but it would do in a pinch.’

At least he was on a track to somewhere ... he saw a long unnaturally wide strip of packed dirt running from one edge of nowhere to the other. The ‘road’ was hardly better than the bare ground between patches of rabbit bush and mesquite scattered on either side.

The sound of hooves drew his attention. There were multiple riders but he couldn’t tell how many. It turned out he didn’t have time to wonder.

As he turned his head, some riders entered his line of sight and immediately directed themselves toward James, circling around him as they neared. They stopped their horses. “They” were three bearded men—tough, hard-looking guys dressed in typical dark drab layers. Their clothes had a coating of dust on them as if they’d been riding for a while.

He contemplated them; they all looked similar.

Two of them were middle aged while one of them was older. The old guy appeared to be the man in charge; he wore a top hat and, oddly enough, James thought it made him look like an undertaker. Once the strangers had stopped, James saw a long black-haired scalp hanging from the old man’s saddle like a trophy. Another scalp hung from the saddle of one of the other horses, too.

He had already formed an opinion of them.

“Excuse me stranger,” the older man with the top hat said to James, “We’re riding toward Absolution. You know how far west we are?”

He didn’t know so he chose not to reply. Instead, he looked around at them silently, taking stock of the weapons they had and what they could provide for him.

James looked down and saw that he had bare feet ... that could present an issue if he had to walk.

“Maybe he’s a dummy, Pa,” one of the younger men said.

‘Pa?’ That meant they were family; top hat was the father and these two were his sons. Their similarities were distinctive.

“Some reason you don’t wanna answer my question, friend?”

“Could you tell me which way is Absolution?” James asked.

“Sure,” the man jerked his head in the general direction.

Good enough.

“Now about that question?”

James didn’t answer.

“Could be he broke out of the hoosegow” the other son said. “Might well be bounty money!”

“Could well be,” Pa stated with a nod. “Not your lucky day, stranger.”

Pa pulled out a short 12-gauge double barrelled shotgun from the holster on his horse and then dismounted. He walked over to James and nodded at the gun before tapping James’ shoulder with it.

“Stand up.”

James stood up. The man then tapped him with the barrel of the shotgun just above his heart.

“Turn around real slow,” the father said “and start walking.”

He didn’t move.

“I said start walkin’—.”

He tapped James again.

James slammed his fist into the man’s gut before pulling out a knife from his belt. He turned around and stabbed the first son’s groin. The man screamed in pain as James yanked the shotgun from the father and fired into Dear Old Dad’s chest.

The second son pulled out his gun and fired but James sensed the attack and dodged forward so the side attack missed. James grabbed another knife and threw it at the man, hitting him in the throat and slicing through his Adam’s apple. The man fell off his horse in his death throes.

He took a pistol from the father’s belt and walked over to the remaining son who had fallen down and was whimpering on the ground. He aimed.


“I guess today’s not your lucky day, stranger,” and fired point-blank, coloring the rocks with the man’s brains. He studied the mess and then himself and sighed. He needed boots and some new clothing, weapons to, as they wouldn’t need them anymore.

He went through the horses’ saddlebags first, finding some beef jerky and hardtack; they were the only things there that interested him. He ate as he moved from horse to horse collecting canteens and any other food he could find. He then emptied their pockets of any money and took the most decent saddle bag to use for his newly collected wealth.

One of them was wearing leather stovepipe chaps and jeans that looked almost new. He pulled those off, removed his own torn trousers and tried on his new pants. They fit quite well. He stripped the jacket vest and shirt off one body, threw away his own ruined shirt and finished putting on his new wardrobe. The dark vest was a nice touch, he thought. He almost tossed the coat aside because the day was already too hot, but decided against chucking it, you never know when you might need it, so he stuffed it into a bedroll just in case it could come in handy.

Next was getting some boots: it looked like one of the sons wore the right size so he pulled them off the corpse and put them on. They were a little tight but they would do in.

When he was done, James searched the men for weapons. He found revolvers, ammo, and knives.

He looked at the revolvers. There were two Remingtons and Colts, a Farroute, Smith & Wesson, and a Joslyn. James favored the Colts. He lifted one to his ear, put it on half cock, and spun the cylinder like he was trying to win the big money on Wheel of Fortune and listened to see how well the cylinder divots fit with the cylinder lock. He tested all of the revolvers; the Colts seemed to be the best ones. The Colt grips felt easy and well-balanced in his hand.

He was able to tell a lot from the guns, how new the guns were and what timeline he was in as well. He knew that Samuel Colt didn’t get his U.S. patent until sometime during 1836. So that placed him, either during 1836 or after, so he had a rough timeline of when and where he was.

He took a minute to look at the gun belts. Once again, the father had the best one. James put it on. Once it was secure, he spun both guns around in his hands and holstered them

It was feeling like a regular weapon shop. He found and took the father’s throwing knives. There was a skinning knife which was razor sharp. And a carbine. He opened the carbine up and saw it was fully loaded.

Lastly, James needed a ride. There were three ready and waiting horses, so he turned to them and took in the details so he could decide which one he’d be riding. One of them had a bedroll on the back and was a blue Roan horse with a long black tail and mane - the tail whipped around as he walked over to the horse and looked at the scalps with disgust; he quickly pulled them off and chucked them on the father’s carcass. The vultures that were circling could have those as well.

He took the saddles off the other two horses and sent them trotting off - let them be free he thought with a smile then he went to his new horse and hoisted himself up onto the seat sighed and looked at the road.


He smiled and touched the horse with his spurs. It set off at an easy lope, a pace his body didn’t find unbearable.

As he rode a tune came to mind that he whistled:

Take my love take my land
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don’t care I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain’t comin back.
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can’t take the sky from me.

There’s no place I can be
Since I’ve found Serenity.

And you can’t take the sky from me.

James rode into town.

When he got there, he located a hitching post near the sheriff’s office and tied his horse up and went to find the lawman. As he approached, he saw the man sitting there with a hat on his head snoring away. The sheriff’s badge was glinting in the sunlight that streamed through the window, giving it a halo-like effect.

James knocked on the door.

The man snorted and looked up “What?”

“I’m sorry to bother you” James said. “But I was wondering if you could help me?”

“I can try.”

“Is there a way in town to make a quick buck?”

“Sure” the man shrugged. “You could try gambling.”

“Don’t have enough money for that” James admitted with a frown.

“Okay, well there is one other way.”


“Yeah” he looked at the wall and nodded at a wanted poster. “He’s in town. He’s probably at the bar getting his dick wet, so if you want to go take him out - dead or alive, preferably dead if you catch my meaning - it’ll get you a nice easy thousand dollars.”

“Much obliged” James pulled the top of his hat down in a nod but the sheriff was already snoring.

James took the poster and went to the bar. He stepped in and the music stopped while the pianist eyed him before carrying on. James went to the bar and looked around but did not spot the man in question.

So he went upstairs where he heard giggling come from one of the rooms. He walked to the door and, standing to the side, knocked on it. He watched while bullets tore through the cheap wood. He smiled when no more came, then kicked the door in and saw that the man was already at the window.

James’ reflexes kicked in. He pulled his gun, cocked it, and fired. It was a lucky shot, hitting the fleeing fugitive square in the neck. The man fell to his death, though if the ground hadn’t done the job, it’s likely the damage from the bullet would’ve.

He smiled and said mostly to himself “Still got it.”

He flipped the gun around in his hand and holstered it.

In the room was a bathtub and a brunette with big tits.

“Hi” she smiled.


“Want me to” she made a sucking motion.

“Wouldn’t mind.”

“Why don’t you take them clothes off so I can wash you and take care of that for you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

When he was washed and she was fucked he took a minute to stand in front of the mirror and examine his new body.

His eyes were strikingly blue and they glinted like sapphire. His hair was a dark blonde that had a ruffled look to it. He was muscular with a slightly toned chest - no six-pack though.

He was going to have to work on that.

His chest and back however looked ravaged with a kind of tattooing of past battles; there were lacerations that remained from previous conflicts. This, in itself, told a story as he traced the scars from knife fights, bullet wounds from gun fights, and even what might look like an animal bite of some kind.

He also needed to know where exactly he was he knew he was in a town called Absolution but that didn’t tell him anything about the timeline he turned to the woman on the bed.

“Where am I?”

“In a room with me” she said.

He rolled his eyes “I meant location wise.”





Okay that helped “what year is it?”

“Don’t you know?”

“Received a bump on the head.”

‘Ah, ‘ she nodded as thought that made complete sense. She told him that the year was 1867.

‘Wow... ‘


“No problem.”

He got dressed and went to collect the bounty money. With it, he could get better clothing and weapons. He got himself a poncho and a hat and now felt the part. He also got a saddle bag for his guns. First he stored his shotgun because it was in good condition and there was no point in buying another. Next he got a Colt Lightning Rifle and a Spencer repeating rifle and then finally a Colt Single Action Army 12” Buntline Special - .45 Long Colt with a shoulder stock accessory.

With that done James went to the blacksmith and wrote down a design for a Katana blade, the blacksmith looked at the design and the technique used to create it and nodded. The blacksmith was also given the designs for his hidden blades as well and agreed to it, for a price.

James laughed and handed the money over and the smith got to work. It took a while for the blacksmith to finish everything, but when he was done James tested the new sword, spinning it around in his hand. He nodded and sheathed it and strapped it onto his back.

James was then handed the hidden blades and the smith added, “I hope you don’t mind but I added my own flare to the design.”

James took the left blade and noted that it had a wrist dart on it, it looked like a miniature crossbow.

“Oh yes I like this.”

“Great,” James tested it and it imbedded itself into the wood.


The two shook hands and James paid him and left.

He wanted more money, having gotten a taste for it, so he went back to the Sheriff and got assigned El Indio, yet another wanted man. This one involved a road trip. James took the notice and left.

James travelled to El Paso, arriving at the small town. As he arrived, a small dark haired Mexican boy ran over to him.

“Señor, are you looking for somewhere to stay?”

“I am” James nodded.

“There’s a nice hotel there” he jerked his head at the big building “But I wouldn’t recommend it.”


“No, Señor.”

“Well what would you recommend?”

“This one just here” he jerked his thumb. It didn’t look much.

“This one?”

“Si” he said. “Besides being closer, the mistress here has got, shall we say, big assets.”

The small boy made a hefting motion with his hands, imitating big breasts.

James laughed “She married?”

“Si, but she doesn’t care.”

“Alright kid, you got me” he said as he got off his horse. The kid tied his horse up to the hitching post and James gave the kid some coins “Look after my horse would you?”


James then walked into the hotel and studied the woman behind the desk. She looked bored, leaning her head on her hand.

He looked down at her ample tits and smiled. They were nice big, round, and heavy breasts with big nipples tenting her top.

He coughed and she looked up and smiled.


“Hello” he said with a lazy smile.

She looked him up and down and licked her lips. In turn, he looked at her breasts brazenly.

A man popped up and looked at the two. He was older than she, with greying hair. James quirked an eyebrow up as the older guy spoke, “Yes may I help you?”

“I want a room.”

“We’re full.”

James walked over and placed down a handful of dollar bills the man shrugged.

“What’s your most expensive room on the top?”

“We’re full.”

“Can I see the register?”

The big titted woman sighed and handed it over. He took the pen from the desk, scanned down the list, crossed a name out, and then penned his own in.

“No. We’re full.”

He handed it back to her. When she took it, he gently stroked her fingers with his before letting go. She smiled and he went up to the room.

Moments later, a man came running out. The man paid at the desk with shaking hands, having trouble getting the cash right despite the owner trying to help him. He left quickly.

James came down to the front desk and pulled out a wad of notes, which he slapped onto the counter. He pushed it to the owner and nodded.

He turned to the woman.

“You” he pointed at her.


“Come,” he jerked his thumb to the stairs.

“That’s my wife!”

He stopped and stared at the man, then stepped toward him. The man swallowed and stepped back, nearly falling off a box he was apparently standing on. James looked down at the box, looked the man up and down and quirked an eyebrow. The man flushed in indignation.

“I thought so,” James said in a quiet voice.

He turned back to the woman to see her nodding nervously.

The two went up to the room. James wasted no time once the door was shut; he grabbed her top and tore it open. Her big tits spilled free, exposing nicely tanned breasts with big erect nipples.

“You haven’t been fucked in a while, have you?”

“No” she moaned as he felt the huge jugs and suppressed a moan of his own.

“Well, today’s your lucky day.”

The two rested on the bed, her pussy on view, as she puffed and panted from the hour-long love making session. He admired the flame red triangular bush between her legs and the dampness down there.

“Wow” she breathed.

He smiled “That good, huh?”

“You were very good.”


“I haven’t been fucked like that in years.”

“I may stick around.”

“I hope you do,” she retorted with a grin his way.

“I don’t think your husband is going to approve.”

She snorted. “What is he going to do about it?”

“True,” he chuckled.

“So what are you doing in El Paso?”

“Looking for a fugitive.”

“Oh,” she moaned. “You’re a bounty hunter?”


“God, that turns me on.”

He chuckled. “I’m looking for El Indio.”

“He’s been here before,” she said, “But he’s dangerous.”

“So am I,” James retorted gravely.

“Yeah,” as she spread her legs, “enough talk about killing. Fuck me again.”

He grinned and crawled on top. She moaned and grabbed his back as he entered her. A little later on, when she finally staggered downstairs, James washed and got dressed. He tracked down the stable boy and asked the kid to help him out.

“Si, for a price.”

James sighed and handed over a bag of coins holding much more than necessary.

He smiled as he remembered a saying.

‘As I always say, keep your friends rich, and your enemies rich, and then find out which is which.’

James nodded and continued, “I need to know if there is anyone new coming into town and I need to know about a specific person, as well.”

“Do you have a picture?”

“No, but I can give you a description.”


Later on that day, the boy ran in and told him of the newcomers. James tossed him another coin for the information. He took the hotelier’s wife up to his room, sat a chair in front of the window, and began a watch. While he waited, he looked at her.

“What’s your name?”

“Now he asks.”

“Well?” he asked impatiently.

“Karen,” she said.

“Suck my dick, Karen.”


Of course that was about when James saw El Indio, a rugged looking guy with a beard and a tan from the Mexican sun. James watched him, noting Indio wasn’t alone.

There were four of them, so he waited, watching. And enjoyed feeling Karen’s mouth on his rampant erection. Besides, he was curious what they were doing out there on the street. As he watched, he deposited a little something in Karen’s throat. Karen lifted her head up, wiped the cum from her lips, and grinned.


“Much,” he said with a nod. She started to leave, but he grabbed her arm and stopped her. He had her sit down so he could caress her breast as he watched the street.

When the men split up James mused, “They’re up to something.”


“What’s that building at the back?” James had noted them eyeing it.

“That’s El Paso bank; it’s heavily fortified.”

He nodded his head.

“Bend over the bed.”

She got up and did as he asked. James followed her and penetrated her with a grunt. Just then the door opened up. James had his gun in his hand and pointed at the person who dared interrupt them. He pulled the trigger back, but paused when he saw it was just the owner. The small man pissed himself, staining his trousers.

James snorted. No threat there.

James growled and put his revolver back in its holster. Just for that, James was going to punish the man. Not only did it upset the owner, but it turned James on in a big way.

“Stand there and watch,” he ordered. He got a grip in Karen’s hair and fucked her hard. When he came, he pushed in, emptied his balls, and sighed. He let go of her and spoke to her husband: “I want something to eat. Get me some food.”

“Y-yes, sir,” the man was so angry he was shaking.


The man paused and swallowed.

You will serve me. Do not change your pants. I want to see your piss soaked clothes while I’m eating.”

The man flushed angrily and scurried off.

James didn’t think he’d actually do anything, because the man had no balls at all. He shook his head in amusement, finally pulled out member, and slapped Karen’s ass.

“Run me a bath.”

“You sure do wash a lot.”

“I like to be clean. Make sure you are ready to get into it with me.”

She laughed and nodded.

The two washed together and, when they were clean, he dressed her. They sat down and ate. He chatted with her while her husband served them both.

The man was well and truly cuckolded.

He waited a couple of more days for Indio to reappear and sure enough the ‘entire’ group appeared, six in total.

Yup, they were planning on robbing the bank. James got his gun bag and unrolled it, picked out a couple of his weapons, and carefully put the bag away. Then he walked out to the group.

“Hey, amigos.”

They turned to him in curiosity. He pulled out his pistols and fired at two of them, shooting them in the chest. They went down. He dropped to one knee and fired several rapid shots (fanning came to his mind).

His surprise attack took down most of the group but El Indio was quick to use one of his buddies as a shield. When James had to swap his gun, Indio dropped the shield and shot at James.

James moved quickly, but not quickly enough. He was hit in the shoulder and went down with a grunt.

He landed and rolled as El Indio fired again.

But El Indio missed, and James didn’t as he came up. He shot the man in the knee. El Indio went down, dropping his gun and crying out in pain.

James got up, mindful of the wound, and walked over to smile down at the outlaw: “Nice try, amigo.”

“It was a good shot, eh?” El Indio grinned. “See you in hell.”

“You first,” and James fired.

He dragged the bodies to the Sheriff’s office and got paid.

“Going to need that looked at” the Sheriff pointed at his bloodied mess of a shoulder.

“I know.”

“Hm. Money isn’t anything if you’re dead,” he said.

“Wanted to ensure I got paid. A man can’t be too careful these days,” James replied. The Sheriff guffawed.

“There is a local doctor,” the man said, “but the doc is unusual.”

“How so?” James could tell he was losing blood. He was feeling a little light-headed.


James snorted and shook his head, “Will wonders never cease.”

The sheriff laughed.

James smiled, took his money from the sheriff, and headed out. He found the doctor’s place and knocked. She opened up her surgery and stepped out to him.

She was tall about his height. She had auburn hair tied up in a bun and small very perky breasts that pointed upwards.

‘Oh my.’

Her eyes glinted with intelligence this was not your usual woman not Karen and definitely not the whore that he had fucked before. This was an educated woman which was a rarity in this day and age.

“Hi,” he waved with his good hand.

“Hello.” She had a nice voice.

“I’m in need of medical assistance.”

“Yes, you are,” and she nodded. Her clipped tone suggested an upper class upbringing.

She guided him in and sat him down.

James took off his jacket, waistcoat, vest, and bloody shirt. ‘Shit, ‘ he liked that shirt. While she examined the wound, he looked at her.

“Got any drink?”


“That’ll do.”

She gave him a glass with a couple of fingers of something that passed for bourbon. He took a swallow and then breathed sharply for a moment before pouring the drink over the wound.

The doctor laughed loudly, surprising James. She looked at him with amusement and said, “Don’t waste good drinking hooch on sterilization! Any doctor has a good stash of nasty, undrinkable, near pure alcohol, for cleaning wounds and sterilizing.” She held up an amber bottle with a stopper and the words, ‘Poison. Alcohol for surgery, ‘ on it.

“Okay this is what you are going to do,” James said to the Doctor. “First of all you are going to sterilize everything.”

She listened to his instruction, cleaned his wound properly, washed everything down and sterilized it all in boiling water.

She never shied away from anything he suggested; he gave her points for that. ‘Well, hell, she’s supposed to be a doctor, so she’s probably seen it all.’

“You’re going to need me to take the bullet out” she noted calmly.

When everything was ready, she got to work, she got the scalpel and started cutting the wound open. James clenched his jaw as she put the forceps – they looked like tweezers to James – into the hole, and after a moment, found the bullet and pulled it out.

“G-good job,” a very sweaty James managed to say.

‘She has a nice ass, ‘ he thought, as his eyes rolled up into his head and he slumped back unconscious.

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