A Jog to Remember
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Enema, Exhibitionism, First, Fisting, Oral Sex, Scatology, Spitting, Squirting, Voyeurism, Water Sports,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hailey, a 16 year old high school track star, takes a different route on her morning jog that leads her down a very different path in her life.

It didn’t seem nearly as hot today though the thermometer suggested otherwise. Regardless, on my daily jog, I decided to take a longer route that I had never taken before which is probably 5 miles further than the 15 miles I usually jog. I’m Hailey and on the Junior Varsity track team at Ball High, at least I was last school year and hoping to make the Varsity this year. I turned 16 a few weeks ago and am trying out my new blue and gold Nikes today. They feel wonderful and I feel like I’m running smoother than usual.

For some reason, I slept very poorly Saturday night and my parents weren’t surprised when I put on my jogging gear early this morning and headed out after a small breakfast. As I walked out the door, I turned and said: I will probably be gone for quiet a while today. I want to set a new distance record.”

“Have fun sweetheart,” was all that Dad said.

I headed out of the subdivision and onto the trail that took me to the normal jogging paths. The sun began to beat down and it was probably 90 degrees even though it was only 8 am. I was thinking about Josh, a senior who was a star on the football team. He had shown some interest in me, but never asked me out. I knew he liked me but I was afraid that my body didn’t meet his standards. Josh had been dating Cindy who was also going to be a senior and most of the guys wanted her. I had seen her in gym class and she had a perfect figure with large breast and nice hips and ass.

I ran so much that I was muscular but fairly thin. I had very little fat on my body, but did finally have B cup breast and a rather nice ass. I was 5’7” and weighted about 110 pounds and wondered what I could do to ever compete with Cindy. As I was pondering that problem, I turned onto this gravel country road. The trees were lush and green and the only others on this road was a rabbit and a squirrel that I passed as I ran by. In my headphones, I was listing to Rihanna’s S&M. I wondered what it would be like to be desired by all men like she is. “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.” Wow, what a line. Maybe that was my problem, I was too good.

My solitude was rocked by a sound in the distance. It was a roar of some kind and I became alert wondering what I was hearing. The roar increased and two motorcycles passed by at a very fast pace, kicking up dirt and gravel in my path. I veered into the grass and kept jogging. The roar lessened, then increased again as I turned and saw them returning. As they pulled up beside me, one yelled out: “Hey Princess, you need a ride?”

“No thanks, I’m just out for my daily jog, but thanks anyway.”

The man asking was probably in his late 20s, looked like a real thug with a bushy mustache, long sideburns, very muscular arms covered in tattoos and a jean vest which was open and showing his muscular abs. He wore a heavy chain around his neck. On the other motorcycle, was an older man who looked completely nasty with an unattractive women on the back. She was wearing torn shorts and a tank top, through which you could easily see her large saggy breast.

“Come on; let’s have a little fun on this beautiful Sunday morning.”

Rihanna’s song kept running through my brain, “but chains and whips excite me...”

“OK, maybe for a bit.” What was I thinking? Am I completely out of my mind? These thoughts were going through my head as I climbed on the back of this complete stranger’s “bike”. And with a roar we spun with gravel flying behind us. I let out a little scream as we headed off.

I put my arms around the man and for the first time in my life, was on a motorcycle. I wondered if what you heard was correct and as I felt the vibration between my legs, I finally understood why women wanted to ride. This was an incredible feeling, with the wind blowing my long blond hair. I always put my hair in a pony tail when I jogged, so it was standing out behind me.

After a few miles, we turned off the gravel road onto a mostly dirt and grass path that took us deeper into the woods. My cries of “where are we going?” and “Please let me off,” were ignored or not heard over the roar of the motorcycle’s loud engine. My initial excitement had turned into near panic as I figured I was going to be raped or worse. I thought about trying to jump off and run, but knew I could never get away if they wanted to catch me. We went for some time then we came on another group of parked motorcycles and they brought their motorcycles to a halt.

As we got off the bikes and I saw a small group of others there, I said; “Thanks for the ride. It was fun but I have to get back to my jog.”

For the first time the woman, who I later learned was called Tang said: “come on prom queen, stay and find out what a boring life you are living.”

Derrick grabbed me by the arm and pulled me along with him. The other three men turned our way and I noticed that there was a topless girl on her knees sucking one of the men’s dicks. I knew it was time to run, but Derrick’s grip on my arm was too firm to break from.

“What’s you found there D?”

The woman replied, “We found this Prom Queen running down the road and thought she would be good for a couple of laughs.”

“I’m Hailey and on the schools track team and just doing my morning jog. I really need to get back and finish before my parents get worried. “ I knew they would be off to church before I got back and wouldn’t think anything about me for many hours.

“Well Queenie, when you got on D’s Bike, that was an agreement to join our little family, so don’t make us mad or we might have to punish you for being disrespectful. You don’t want that now do you?” The man talking seemed to be the leader and had a very sexy black girl sitting next to him with her arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know, but I really have to get back.”

“Well, that ain’t gona happen, so you can do what cunts do or you can have a very bad Sunday. Which will it be?”

My mind was racing. Why did I get on that motorcycle? Didn’t I know there would be consequences? Did I want this to happen? Was there any way out of this mistake? About that time the girl sucking this guy’s cock started gagging and the man let out a moan and obviously filled her mouth. She stood up, “Now that’s what I needed for a Sunday morning breakfast.”

Tank smirked, “And that all cunts are good for.”

This girl looked to be about my age, probably Hispanic with rather small tits, thought probably no smaller than mine but a large ass. Men seem to be captivated by large asses now. I wonder if all of us average ass girls have Kim K to thank for that?

I could hear my heart beating faster as two of the men started walking toward me. Even in my confusion, I knew there was no safe way out of this.

“So, what’s it going to be Queenie?”

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Of course you will. Now that’s more like it. So get out of those fucking clothes or would you rather have Tang give you a hand?”

“Hey Stoner, can I have the Prom Queen first?” Tang asked.

“Not till I have a taste. OK Bitch, let’s see it.”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what he wanted, so I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it over the tree limb.

“You seem to like those tiny tit bitches Stoner.” And everyone except me laughed at that. I was way too scared as to what was going to happen next to find anything funny. Everyone seem frozen and in slow motion as I removed my sports bra and threw it with my shirt. For the first time in my life, I was topless in front of a group of men. As I reached for my shorts, I looked down and saw that my nipples were standing straight out and my tits seemed larger than I think they were this morning when I left the house.

I bent forward and pulled the waist band of my favorite yellow Soffe shorts down past my knees and let them drop to the ground. My white panties were soaked and I wondered how much from sweat and how much from excitement. Regardless, they were plastered to my body. I was shaking and scared to death as I looked down and saw that you could clearly see my pussy though the sheer material. I pulled them down and stepped out of them. My hands were trembling so hard that I am surprised I could get them off. I stood up and, through my tear filled eyes, saw 5 men and 3 women staring at me.

Stoner grabbed me by the hand and led me toward a blanket on the ground. I was afraid my legs were going to buckle under me, but I kept walking. “I’m a virgin Sir, so please be gentle with me.”

“Hey did you guys hear that, Queenie is a fucking virgin? Well, you won’t have that problem after today, now will you Sweetie?”

I couldn’t look at anyone but felt 8 pair of eyes devouring my body. Stoner turned me to face him and I realize how massive he was. He must be 6’ 5” and maybe 250 pounds and appeared to be solid muscle, covered in tattoos. His hair was long and, if showered and shaved, he was probably a very handsome man. He put his hands on each of my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I sat there frozen for what seemed like ten minutes, until I reached up and unzipped his tattered and stained jeans. I knew that the group around me could easily hear my heavy breathing as I tugged and pulled his jeans down his legs. I could see his large cock through his briefs, but didn’t fully appreciate how big he was until I pulled those down too. “Oh my god. No, I can’t. You are too big.”

He just laughed. “I promise it will fit and before long you will be begging me for it.”

I’m not sure how I imagined losing my virginity, but it certainly wasn’t being the main attraction for a group of bikers. I put my hands around his huge cock which continued to grow and must have been 10 inches long and huge around. I had never touched a boy’s cock but have seen a number of porno films and knew what I was suppose to do. I looked at the huge purple head and opened my mouth wide and put as much in as I could. For some reason, I let out a huge moan.

“Wow, Stoner. Sounds like your Prom Queen likes that cock.” All the group laughed in agreement. “Look at the Bitch try to take that cock.”

I had no more than half his huge cock in my mouth and the end was pushing at the very back of my throat. I was gagging and felt I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

“Push it down her throat, Stone. Make her puke!”

Fortunately, Stoner wasn’t as aggressive as I felt the other guys would have been and he pulled his cock mostly out of my mouth and thrust almost all the way back again and again. I was still having trouble breathing and was hoping he would cum and this would be over, but he just kept fucking my mouth. After maybe 4 or 5 minutes, he finally pulled it completely out of my throat. “Get on your hands and knees Queenie.”

I was very weak from a lack of oxygen but managed to turn and get on my hands and knees. I knew what was about to happen and held my breath as Stoner grabbed me by the hips and put his huge member at the entrance to my pussy. The tip slipped in so easily I knew that my pussy was soaking wet and not from sweat. It felt like my heart was about to beat out of my chest as his grip tightened on my hips and finally my fear was realized.

“Augggg ... Please stop. I can’t take it.” I kept begging but to no avail. My hymen was torn and that huge cock was deep inside of me and pounding on my ass like I was a piece of meat. “Please let me suck you. Please.”

“Look at those cute little tits on the Prom Queen. She does have a nice ass though.”

“Not as nice as my ass,” Said the girl that had been sucking the guy’s cock

“Yea, but you have smaller tits than the prom queen does.”

They were all talking about me like I wasn’t even there and laughing and joking about what was happening to me.

His thrust came harder and faster as tears streamed down my face, but the pain began to subside and I guess that my pussy was either losing all feeling or I was getting use to it. My tears stopped, but my moaning increased...

“You still want me to stop, Queenie?”

I said nothing with my eyes closed tightly and trying to manage the feelings that my body was experiencing. I was brutally returned to reality as Stoner grabbed my pony tail and sharply pulled my head back. “Answer me Bitch.”


“Yes, you want me to quit?”

“No, don’t stop.” And with that I began to respond to each thrust. With each came a loud moan from me and a feeling that started deep inside of me that I knew was overtaking my body. “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

“Yes What Queenie?”

“Yes Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“I told you that you would be begging for it!”

The feeling was building and I knew that I wanted him to pound me harder. Finally I couldn’t control it any longer and I began to scream and my ass was pounding into his body which made me understand that His entire cock was inside of me. This was the most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced and it seemed to never stop. Within seconds after my orgasm, Stoner let out a groan and I knew he was filling my pussy with his cum. He fell on top of me and knocked me to my stomach and just lay on top of me for several minutes while we both tried to catch our breath. Finally, he pulled himself off of me and went to his knees.

“You ain’t through Bitch.”

I rolled over and wondered what he meant then he looked down as his rapidly shrinking cock. “Clean the mess you made.”

“I don’t have anything to clean you with.”

All 8 of the group started laughing loudly until Tang finally said: “With your mouth, you retard. Don’t they teach anything useful to you sluts in school anymore?”

I looked at his nasty cock and it was covered in all sorts of nasty looking substances. As I got to my knees, I felt a flood of fluid pour out of my pussy and down my legs. I bent down and put his nasty looking and tasting cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it clean. I was afraid that I was going to puke, but somehow, I managed to keep my cereal down.

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