The Dental Plan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Blackmail, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Rape, BiSexual, TransGender, Crime, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, Interracial, Anal Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A male patient with an unorthodox marriage wakes up to new possibilities, but only after the disturbing experience of being drugged and raped by his dentists. Warning: this story does contain a rape or two.

I didn’t tell my wife this until later, but I partially went to Dr. Farah Zhavani and her dental practice after that first time because I had a bit of a crush on the saucy Persian dentist. At 33, she was very much an attractive woman, full of spice, sass, playfulness, etc. that appealed to many a man and more than a few women. If she wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I didn’t care. No two people are exactly alike, not even twins. It didn’t hurt that she had a male colleague or partner, Dr. Henry Harrison, who was thus a bit of an alibi. My wife never did know until later if I was seeing Farah or Henry, both of whom became good friends of mine. Her own dental plan didn’t include them and they were further away from her work than she cared for them to be, so she stuck to her lifelong dentist, Dr. Linus Richards, for her dental work.

I had been married to Melissa Corbin for probably seven years by now, and we had certainly run into “seven year itch” territory to a degree, made worse by the decision not to have children any time soon. To be blunt, I agreed with it for reasons of my own, much as I liked children. In her present mindset, my wife would be bad news for any child in terms of motherhood. Unsuitable as a mother didn’t begin to describe her. She was a wonderful woman in many ways, and she actually loved kids, but she didn’t want to raise them 24/7, at least not at the expense of either of our careers. She didn’t even want pets, so I carefully avoided that issue. I wasn’t about to shoulder the burdens of parenting or owning pets all by myself.

In any case, whatever strains or stress existed in our marriage, I loved my wife for who she was, a busy career woman with a no-nonsense attitude at work, but a striking ability to let her hair down once she got home. I had my own professional pride and dedication to my life’s work, so I could respect that. She was a realtor and had been for years. I was actually the county sheriff, believe it or not, so that was more than enough responsibility for me.

At this point, I was early in my first term as sheriff, in fact, but I had reason to hope for re-election, given my success in busting some real crime rings that had plagued the county under my predecessor’s corrupt administration. I had been a deputy for years and worked my way up the chain of command, finding myself at the head when the old sheriff had decided to retire instead of risking a humiliating defeat due to bad polling statistics.

Now, I won’t claim to be a saint or martyr here during my marriage, especially now that things were neither really bad nor exceptionally good, but comfortable ... Lukewarm was the best way to describe our married life, including the sex, which had upward and downward spikes, though it had improved again when Melissa changed birth control regimens. I had weak moments and I suspected that she did, too, but neither of us voiced any suspicions, including whatever doubts that she had about my fidelity.

We enjoyed our marriage and neither of us wished to give it up, so I think that we reached essentially the same conclusion: look the other way. That wasn’t even counting our shared dislike of too much drama in our private lives, seeing enough of that at work. We just wanted to come home to companionship, comfort, and coitus, the “three Cs,” as Melissa called it ... That was four Cs if you counted cuddling, which was nice to do, especially with a partner like her, curvy, soft, and smooth. She might not have been a mother, but she had a distinct “girl next door” appeal to her that resembled a soccer mom when she wasn’t hard at work on her job.

Anyway, so one day, I was at Farah’s practice and everything seemed normal, except that she was a bit nervous at first, and then even more brazen than usual. I didn’t think too much of it, other than perhaps something was going on with her quasi-secret office romance with Henry (they didn’t have me fooled). I went along with it, in fact, enjoying the flirting a lot more, encouraging her boldest moves, perhaps hoping that she really would cross that ethical line and seduce me. Knowing that I was unlikely to get caught and Melissa even more unlikely to care too much if I did, I pushed the envelope more than usual and let Farah touch my arm gently, caressing it a bit with her smooth, sensual skin as she lingered during the preparation for the removal of my wisdom teeth.

“Hey, this operation is going to hurt a bit more, dear Michael. Would you like to be put asleep this time, perhaps, and not just have the novocaine shot?” Farah offered, much to my astonishment, but I agreed, even as she “accidentally” brushed her long, silky, jet-black hair against my crotch.

For some reason, maybe subconsciously wanting this to take place what actually followed, I didn’t put two and two together, and so I agreed with some relief to Farah’s proposal. For one thing, the prospect of such intense pain after the novocaine wore off didn’t sound that appealing, but for another, I trusted Farah so thoroughly and utterly that it would never have occurred to me that she would abuse her power in such a situation. Well, I was very wrong about that, as I would soon discover.

Were it not for a random event, I would have no recollection or awareness of what took place, but as it happened, I drank a little more coffee than usual during lunch. I suddenly felt a dull pain in my groin from having to go piss, and it felt as if I were a little more backed up than usual. Naturally, therefore, my body jerked me awake as it typically since my brain had been retrained to keep me from wetting the bed (yes, I did that until I was ten, due to an underdeveloped bladder until near puberty). I woke up desperate to piss and barely avoided peeing in the chair, mostly by virtue of dashing to the dental office’s bathroom in a mad rush for the toilet.

I was totally oblivious to my surroundings or anything, until that was, I had relieved myself and looked down to find, to my utter amazement, that it was dark in the dental practice office. Almost no lights were on, except the ones in the hallway and the john itself, at least that I could see. I looked at the clock and realized that I had been asleep for three hours and it was just past 6 pm. I was totally unconscious of my surroundings and no one had tried to awaken me. Granted, I had been more tired than usual that day, hence the coffee, but why would Farah let me sleep for so long? Why did her staff let me stay asleep or unconscious as well?

I looked down to realize something else. My pants were already off me, as were my boxers, and I was actually naked from the waist down. I hadn’t thought of this during my mad dash, but now it really struck home that I was entirely bottomless ... in Farah’s office, no less. I felt a dull ache in my butt and had a sickening gut feeling, an intuition that was reinforced when I used a wet wipe on my crack and found cum there. There was no other explanation than made sense for this part but one: I had been sodomized by a man. No wonder, as I recalled, I had limped even as I ran to the head.

Who had done this, I asked myself, only to notice now that there was lipstick on my cock and more than a little of a clear liquid that smelled suspiciously of a woman’s twat, along with a liberal dose of lube. My balls, which had been full of jizz earlier that day, now weren’t nearly as strained, though they weren’t empty, either. I looked down and felt a small amount of my own cum still at the opening of my dick. There was no doubt now: I had been fucked by both a man and a woman, at least, maybe more than that. Strictly and legally speaking, I had been raped.

It was at this moment, when I discovered that I had engaged in a drugged threesome of sorts or perhaps more than that, that I heard voices coming from another room, and they were all too familiar. They were the voices of Henry Harrison, DDS, and Farah Zhavani, also DDS. I heard some shock and a couple of tears, even as they turned the corner and saw me standing there stunned in the unisex bathroom, my pants and underwear gone and my half-naked body exposed to both of them.

“Oh, Michael, are you okay? We were worried about you!” Farah tried to act normal, but the guilt and fear on her face were plain to see.

“I’m not sure how I would describe this feeling ... Violated, perhaps? What happened? Who the fuck raped me?” I demanded to know, a bit upset right then, as I had reason to be.

“Um, Mike, rape’s kind of a strong word, don’t you think? It was a bit ... less than quite consensual per se, but you’ve always been into Farah, and well, nobody was harmed. I just wanted to give you the kind of pleasure that a stud like you really deserves. We ... um, you know, shared you. Sexually. You’re a married man. We just wanted to free you, absolve you from the constraints of your conscience and your wedding vows, you know, for a bit, that’s really all. So, yes, we had sexual congress with you. We had a threesome. You, me, and Farah,” Henry tried to convince me that no harm was done.

“So, you sodomized me? You just assumed that I’d be okay with that? As for Farah ... We were friends. We cared about each other. If you had wanted to sleep with me, trust me, dear, you didn’t need to drug me or put me under. For you, yes, I would have cheated on Melissa, I freely admit that now. I love her, but I have had something of a crush on you, my sweet dentist. Why did you force something that I would have consented to, anyway? It could have just been adultery. It didn’t have to be rape, honey.

“As for you, Henry, okay, I confess that some part of me finds the idea that you wanted me so badly more than a little flattering. You must not have split me, either, or else I would have seen blood on the wipe, which I didn’t, so thanks for that level of care and precaution, at least. It must not have been too rough or brutal from either of you, as indicated by the lipstick smears on my cock from when you sucked it.

“Even so, rape is indeed the proper term for it. You had sexual relations with me without my consent. I’m a sheriff. I know this stuff. This was textbook rape, folks. You not only broke the law, but you violated a lawman, no less! How stupid could you be?” I grimaced a bit, tightened my jaw, and then watched their reactions of horror as it finally struck home that they could be arrested for this ... they could get in serious trouble.

“Please, Michael ... please don’t do this! Please don’t press charges! You’re right, honey. We did it. We broke the law. We raped you. We’re guilty and you have every right to throw the book at us. I promise, we’ve never done this before and we’ll never, ever, do it again. Please, Michael, dear, if you have any love for us still, don’t have us arrested or turn us to the authorities ... er, I mean, the other authorities. Please, I’m begging, pleading ... I’m groveling, you see?” Farah threw herself at my feet, kissing them and sobbing on them, too.

“And you, Henry, what do you have to say for yourself?” I demanded of him, looking very stern right then, despite my half-naked state.

“Whatever you want! I promise you! I beg you! Anything! Just forgive us and don’t let them prosecute us! Please, let’s still be friends! Please!” Henry followed Farah’s lead.

“Anything, you say? Is that true with both of you? Will you both agree to anything that I ask, no questions, limits, or conditions? Will you both sacrifice your right to withhold consent, which you stole from me? Will you both surrender to my will?” I insisted, seeing a real possibility for the future, and since they were rapists, it was still better than they deserved ... certainly better than prison.

“Yes, please! I beg you! Give us a second chance! I’ll do whatever you say from now on, for life, no matter what it is!” Farah promised me, even saying a few phrases in Farsi in her sincerity.

“Same here, I swear it! You own us now! Do whatever you please to us! I beg you!” Henry shocked me by getting hard at the prospect of serving me for life, though I didn’t comment right then on that fact.

“Get up, both of you! Now!” I commanded, still in a loud and angry voice, very much in control of things from this moment onward.

Henry and Farah rushed to their feet, a bit lightheaded, but somewhat relieved, as I surprised them by putting my arms around both of them. I hugged them for a moment longer and even kissed Farah on the lips, before putting my hands on each of their privates. I smiled rather wickedly now, like an apex predator who had just lured in his prey. While I was a decent lawman, there were dark impulses and desires for power that also motivated my political ambitions and these once more surfaced as I admired both of my new blackmailed playthings.

“You, both of you, clean up your messes! Farah, that means you suck my dick and lick up all of your juices from it! Henry, rim my ass and clean up all of your own jizz from my butt! I won’t tell you twice!” I roared now, both of them scrambling to obey me with surprising enthusiasm.

I was actually now in quite a state of elation, my vindictive streak taking over from my sense of violation, as I repaid the favor and then some with my new captives, both of them shockingly eager to please me. I felt a real rush, a new high, as I used both of their mouths for my own selfish desires, enjoying their oral favors without embarrassment in the least. I also felt relief that I wouldn’t have to scramble to clean up the evidence of the rape which Melissa might not understand, though there was a high possibility that she wouldn’t give a damn at all. On the other hand, she might insist upon following the law, and I would much rather exercise my own personal brand of correction and rehabilitation. I was the victim and I’d much rather take care of this myself.

“Okay, here’s some initial rules, though I reserve the right to change them on a whim, at least until a master-slave contract is arranged with both of you, and that might well be a way off, depending on my mood in the future and your own behavior. First of all, you are to behave normally around me in public. We can’t have this getting around now, can we? Secondly, you are to be at my beck and call, outside of extreme cases such as when performing a vital surgery or something like that. Outside of such emergencies, you’re to be ready to serve me and please me on demand, at a moment’s, both sexually and otherwise, no questions asked. Are we clear?” I asked them both.

“Yes, of course, Michael,” Farah said, now kissing the head of my dick with obvious admiration.

“Yes ... sir!” Henry went straight for the respectful forms of title and address.

“Good, good. Glad that we understand each other. Thirdly, and I know that this might come as a shock to you, but I want you two to get married ... to each other. Mostly because I’m tired of you two pulling this ‘open secret’ bullshit with your staff and a very public marriage will eliminate that pretty fast. Also, it will reduce any possible suspicions that Melissa may or may not have, plus it will make it easier for her to want you around more, maybe even as regular friends. She likes to hang around other couples a lot, so this would encourage her to ask me to invite you over and such, making it much easier to see each other more often.

“Furthermore, it will make it easier for Farah to stay in America in case of green card issues, if she is married to a U.S. citizen. I really don’t want to take even the slightest chance that she’ll be sent back to Iran,” I explained, much to their surprise.

“Sure, I could a lot worse for a wife than Farah, I would agree. I had even looked into rings, just in case she might be open to marriage, in fact,” Henry confessed to my own astonishment and Farah’s.

“Oh, Henry! I would have said, ‘yes, ‘ if I thought that you could handle knowing that I was Michael’s for the asking. Then again, I was yours for the asking, too. I’m honestly in love with both of you! Michael, both of you have owned my heart and my body for a long time, though you might not have known it. Sorry about raping you, again, but I have to tell you, for the record, that I just couldn’t bring myself to refuse Henry’s demands, especially when they would result in being fucked by you ... and sharing you with him!” Farah threw herself upon both of us, kissing us both with a lot of tongue.

“I see. So, you were under a compulsion of sorts to obey him, and therefore, to drug and rape me for his sake. This compounds his crime and mitigates yours perhaps a little, but only somewhat. In any case, I’m not done yet with laying down the law. Now, marrying Henry also means that you two won’t and can’t be required to testify against each other, due to spousal privilege, which is yet another benefit of you two taking the plunge.

“Fourth, and this is key, you must get me admitted to your country club. No questions asked. Is this clear? If you have to bribe or seduce the members into granting me a membership, so be it, but you’ll do it. You’d think that as sheriff, I’d be a shoo-in, but some folks still don’t like me for whatever reason. Anyway, as country club members, this would help my wife’s realty business, as well as make it easier to see each other socially without too much comment, both real pluses in my book.

“Fifth, under nearly no circumstances are you to let Melissa know about us, or do anything else to interfere in my marriage. We prefer to keep our married lives compartmentalized from any extramarital pursuits or activities we have, and by we, I do mean my wife and I. The only exceptions to this are if she commits some horrendous betrayal of me and my trust, and by that I don’t mean adultery.

“I’m already convinced that she’s unfaithful to me, just as I’m sure that she suspects me, but neither of us apparently wants to address this or confront it, and therefore, it’s going to stay very discreet, at least for now. If she turns abusive, cruel, or malicious, that sort of thing, then I will let you know and you can take action on my behalf. Are we clear?” I insisted.

“Yes, Master,” Farah and Henry said in unison now, kissing my hands and feet submissively.

“Also, I want you to get my number in your favorite contacts and vice versa, so as to make it easier for us to contact each other. You’re to invite Melissa and I, as a couple, over to your house that you will share, whichever that happens to be, once you move in together, and you will do that before you get married, if at all possible. I love the idea of shacking up. It adds to the whole spice of things. Plus, I want your relationship to see as spontaneous as possible, you see. Not arranged at all, especially since you two clearly do care about each other that way.

“Mind you, we have to wait for you to actually become a little more acquainted first, of course. Otherwise, she might get a little creeped out by the sudden interest out of nowhere. That’s not something we want to have happen, since it might spill over into my marriage, and I rather like my marriage the way that it is, thank you very much. Melissa and I have something that works well for both of us. I don’t want to rock that boat. That’s also why I’m not going to do anything sexual with either of you in my own home, at least until further notice, so don’t get any crazy ideas, okay?” I continued handing down my laws to them.

“Yes, of course, Master!” Henry assured.

“Your wish is my command, Master!” Farah told me with further kisses to my feet.

“Oh, and just to be clear, the two of you are not to masturbate until further notice, but you are to have daily sexual relations with each other, plus anyone else that I assign to you. Are we clear? You’re not going to have to suffer any bed death if I can help it. I want you to have a very happy, sexually satisfying, healthy marriage, capice?

“No condoms, either. You’re going to go bareback. And no birth control. I want Farah here to get pregnant, and to that end, both you and I are going to have frequent sexual congress with her, both of us bareback. She’s getting her damn anchor baby, are we clear on that? Also to that end, you can suck my cock and so can she, but no cumming in any hole but her pussy until I say so. No anal sex until further notice, either.

“For obvious reasons, we’re not doing a paternity test, either. When she gets pregnant, regardless of actual paternity, you’re going to assume the role of Daddy. Is that clear? There are very good reasons for this, such as not complicating our lives more than they have to be.

“And to ensure that there is no masturbation from either of you, at least until I allow it, the guilty party is to be paddled, hard, across the bare buttocks by the innocent one. Five hard swats for a first offense, ten for a second one, fifteen for a third, which hopefully you’ll learn to avoid by then. None of these rules apply to me, of course, since I’m your Master. Get the picture?” I demanded.

“Yes, of course, Master! Master has the right to do as he pleases with his own body ... and with ours. Our bodies belong to Master and no one else, not even to each other,” Farah quickly declared, showing no small level of brainpower.

“What she said, Master,” Henry cleverly agreed in a hurry.

“Well, that’s enough for now. Go home to Farah’s place and fuck each other silly, savvy?” I ordered them both, “I’m going home to the wife, and if she calls or asks, tell her that I fell asleep and you let me rest out of compassion and kindness. Oh, and there’s to be more rules added soon, so stay tuned for that as well.”

With that, I got dressed and so did they, leaving the clinic behind us as we added our contacts to the favorites lists and then headed to our vehicles. I chuckled as I saw the pair openly making out like crazy and holding hands on their way to Henry’s Jeep. I had never seen a couple more excited to stop hiding their love affair in my life. Damn, they really were in love, I thought, even as they both winked at me and Farah blew me a kiss.

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