First Alternate
Chapter 1: Getting To Know You

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Spanking, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Public Sex, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Getting To Know You - Joy and Jackie discover they have bi-sexual interests and their friendship develops. An adventure in Mexico helps them explore their new world.

‘Honestly, sometimes I think he’s a pervert! Millie said. “He just wants me to play some fantasy every time we have sex!”

“The bid is yours, Millie.”

“Sorry, two clubs, then.”

“Ah, men, the little dears and their weird desires!” Alice laughed.

“I’m serious, last night he wanted me to pretend I was a school girl and he was the teacher ... I mean, my god, what is that all about.” Several of the women laughed at that. There were three tables for bridge and as usual, sometime during the afternoon, the conversation turned to sex. “He even wanted to spank me.” Several nervous laughs again.’

“Oh, yummy!” Catherine said quietly. Loud laughter followed.

“We had a big argument and he stalked out of the house. Didn’t come back for over an hour.”

Jackie was fairly new in the group and was now ‘first alternate’ meaning she only played when one of the regulars was unable to come. This meant she played most of the time because there was usually someone missing from the regular card group, which had been meeting monthly for several years.

“None of my business, but that doesn’t sound like it worked out very well ... For either of you.”

“Well, what would you do!”

Well, I’m not sure, but what harm does it really do to play along with them? They seem to ALL like a little fantasy with their sex. I say, let them have it if it isn’t harmful. So he gets a boost out of pulling down your panties and smacking your bottom, is that really so bad? My husband wants me to tell him about my high school boy friends and what we did in the back seat of the car! He gets more excited about that than just the me that he has become sexually bored with.” There were some oohs and aahs amongst the bidding comments.

“Hands up all whose hubby’s have suggested fantasies?” Several hands up good-naturedly.

“Almost everyone. Doesn’t it have to be rare to be perverted?” someone asked.

“Well, I think it is perverted.” Millie muttered.

The discussion faded and Jackie felt she had probably offended some of the women with her outspoken comments. But secretly she knew she couldn’t hold things like that back and she fought back a little smile of self-satisfaction.

Jackie hurried down the street to her parked car when one of the girls who had been quiet in the discussion caught up with her.

“Someone told me you have a bicycle?” Joy said, her sentence rising as in a question.

“Oh, yes. Not that I get it out much, though.” She grinned at the athletic looking woman.

“Want to ride together sometime?”

“Sure, but I might hold you up. I’m more of a lazy biker and favor a lot of pauses to admire the daisies.”

“That’s OK, I was thinking of tomorrow morning?” Her sentences were short and seemed intent on not offending or seeming aggressive. Jackie eyed her with an open-faced smile.

“I can do that, I think. Where.”

“Can I pick you up? About 8? You live on Delaware, am I right?”

She nodded. “It’s a date. I need someone to stimulate me to get the damned bike down off its peg! Thanks, Joy.”

Jackie watched her long-legged gait as she walked on to her own car and then swung her legs inside. They had spoken across the card table, but not much more. Joy had always been friendly, but never forced herself into the conversation. Jackie judged her to be moderately health-nut who got enough exercise to have a firm, yet feminine softness to her frame.

“The tires need to be pumped up. Would you do it?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it after dinner.” John, or Jack as he was more usually known, was engrossed in the nightly news and tended to be a little grouchy about the way things were going until he had been fed.

“Don’t forget!” Jackie nagged slightly, stirring the soup.

“No, no.”

It only took one more reminder before she heard him in the garage hoisting down her bike and muttering about having too damned much ‘stuff.’

“All set.” He told her when he came back in the house.

“Thanks. Going with Joy in the morning.”

He nodded and went back to his newspaper.

“She’s a nice girl. Seems to do things like bike riding and stuff.”

“Oh, yea?” he said distractedly, rustling the paper.

“Little older, I think ... about your age.”

“Mmmfh.” He continued reading, ignoring the sticky pin about being a little older than Jackie. It amused her to throw that into the conversation in attempts to provoke him into conversation.

“She plays cards. Good at it. Better than Betty! I’ll probably slow her down, though. Don’t you think?”


“The pigmy tribes in Africa may start a war, I heard at card club.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

She smiled and decided to leave him to his beloved newspapers.

“I’m going downstairs. Anything I can get you first?”


She descended the stairs between yellow walls that cheered the hobby space/office she had fashioned on the lower level. The computer screen popped open with a bouncing pop-up message from Yahoo.

“OK, Joy, lead on, but take it easy.” She cautioned. Joy had arrived promptly at 8.

“I have a favorite route that’s not too hilly, if that’s OK? Along River Street. Nice scenery.”

“Sounds good to me.”

They parked the car and unloaded the bikes. Joy wore snub white shorts and a green golf shirt and looked perfectly attired for the trail. Her white visor shaded sun-glassed eyes and tucked neat brown hair close to her head. She led the way and Jackie followed along. The trail was scenic and led along sun-dappled streets with not too much motor traffic and well marked bike lanes.

“What did you think of the card club conversation?” Joy asked as they stopped under a large Oak tree.

“Oh, let’s see. Oh, you mean Millie?”

Joy nodded and then looked away seeming interested in something distant.

“Uh, you know big mouth me. I had to shoot off my mouth. Sorry if I offended...” her voice trailed off. She looked into the distance to see what Joy was looking at, smiling. “Everyone has their own battles I guess.” She looked back and smiled at the pretty woman. You were a little quiet, though...”

“Yes. I like Millie, but she does go on, doesn’t she? Surprising sometimes.”

“Well it seemed to bother her. I should just shut my big mouth. What do I know?”

“No, I was interested in what you said.”

“You mean you agree.”

“I guess so. Well, that is, I mean that’s the way I act. Andy does things like that, too. I don’t object.”

“Oh, well me too. I don’t think it hurts. Better to fantasize than be off somewhere doing ... I guess. Don’t think Millie thinks that way, though. But I’ve had more experience like that, I guess, than she ... has.” She came to a stop as if realizing that she was opening up more than she really wanted to say.

Joy stared at her but didn’t pry. Finally, she nodded and led the way again down toward the river visible through the trees.

The next time they stopped there was a park bench and the two women leaned back and stuck their legs out to allow the muscles to rest, Joy’s close together, toes pointed, Jackie effected an open-legged sprawl.

“I’ve heard you say you are a nurse, too.”

“Ohmigod, you too? I’m an obsolete one, I’m afraid. Every time we moved, I started over on the seniority roster and worked endless holidays. I finally gave up after, let’s see, the third or fourth move! I loved it though, pediatrics usually. How about you?”

“O.R. And E. R. Mostly. But more recently administrative things.”

They stopped again. “Had enough? Maybe we should turn back before the heat gets too much?”

While they rested, the conversation turned back to the sex fantasies.

“So, Joy ... what dark fantasies have you two been hatching?” Jackie made big eyes and stifled a grin.

“Oh, dear. I didn’t mean...”

“Come on, you can tell me, I’m a nurse!” they laughed at the old line all nurses have for any situation involving someone being exposed or embarrassed.

“Oh, I’ve never talked about ... well, sometimes I make up ... something like visiting a geisha house and being entertained ... by those girls...

“Oh, ever been to a Geisha house?”

“No... “ she smiled self-consciously, “I just make it up and entertain him. You know.”

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a fantasy if you’d already done it, would it.” Jackie squeezed her knee and they both laughed.

“What does your husband, John, is it? What does he want... ?”

“Oh, he likes to have any excuse to pull down my panties and spank my too-big bottom! I guess that’s the key. Like pretending to catch me showing off my undies to the grocery boy and having to punish me for it. You know, over the knee, pull my skirt up, panties down and take off his belt to me!” Jackie grinned at Joy and laughed un-self-consciously.” She watched the blush rise in Joy’s face.

“Hey, I didn’t know nurses could blush!”

“I know! I can’t help it. I think Andy would like that fantasy, too! Especially with your cute butt!” she giggled and pushed off down the path again.

They arrived back home before the heat of midday settled over Ohio.

“That was fun, Joy. Thanks for thinking of me.” Jackie was a bit winded and her words still sounded as if gasped from sore lungs as she helped Joy load her bike.

“It was, wasn’t it? I enjoyed the company.” She pulled the shirt away from her body. “This is a little clammy, though, I think we stopped just before the heat got to be too much.”

“Listen, why don’t I make a sandwich? Maybe a dip in the pool would feel good? It’s early. We don’t have to stop the conversation.”

“Sorry. I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“If you don’t mind, you can borrow one. We are about the same size ... looks like.”

“Oh, I don’t want to be a bother ... I can just go on.”

“What bother? It’s only tuna salad. Come on, we deserve a day off!”

“Well ... I guess...”

Jackie could see that she had won her over and pulled her by the hand toward the door.

“You hardly need a suit. We are so surrounded by trees here. Sometimes I just shuck off the clothes and dive in when I’m alone.”

“Really? What if someone comes?”

“They get a free show...” Jackie giggled. “But it doesn’t happen ... darn it! Here this should fit, is it OK?”

Jackie tore off her top and threw it across the poolroom. She cranked her arms behind her and unsnapped the perspiration-soaked brassiere and stood looking at Joy, looking a little baffled. She dropped the bra cups away from her body and grinned.

“Sorry. I’m too flagrant! But you’re a nurse ... so it’s OK! Right” she hooked her thumbs in the shorts and pushed thumbs and shorts down in one swoop before Joy could respond. She turned away, aware that her guest was discomfited slightly. “I won’t look!” she couldn’t resist joking.

“Oh ... no ... it’s ... it’s fine ... I’m so...” she didn’t bother to finish the sentence but felt the blush in her cheeks and hated it.

“Here ... that’s hard to fasten.” Jackie took the two ends of the strap and snapped it together. “You look nice in that, better than I do! But, it looks like you wear one-piecers! You are white as anything. We’ll need to get some sun blocker on that tummy” Jackie thought she should stop chattering like a mother hen, but she couldn’t seem to stop the stream of chatter, meant to be welcoming and calming. “There you are.”

Joy jumped into the pool and swam the length and back before Jackie arrived with the sandwiches.

“Not to keep coming back to it, but do you mind if I ask another personal question?”

“No ... not at all ... what?”

“Does your husband like to watch movies, you know ... X-rated?”

“Yes, don’t they all?” Jackie laughed.

“I mean WITH you ... you know ... before sex?”

Jackie nodded and smiled. “Yes, sometimes.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Not really ... sometimes they are arousing ... the ones that are stupid or gross ... we agree not to watch.” She laughed pointedly.

“I feel better. Andy likes the ones with two girls ... or more.” She laughed. “And some of them ... are ... stimulating ... to me, too. I just wondered ... that’s all ... OK, no more questions.” They laughed a laugh of camaraderie.

“Come on, let’s get some sun block on you before you are toasted like a bagel. Lie on your stomach.”

They continued the girl-talk while Jackie began rubbing sunblock over first Joy’s right leg.

“God, you’re in good shape! Feel these muscles.”

“I exercise.”

“I can tell. You have a cute shape, I suppose you get that all the time?” she rubbed both hands up the girl’s thigh, soothing the liquid and leaving her glistening with oil in the sunshine.

“Oh ... not really”

“Well you should. Very neat.”

“Constant fight with the diet.”

Jackie started the other leg and noticed a strange warm feeling as her hand near the flat gusset between the girl’s legs. “Spread a little?” the legs parted and she continued the movement, bumping the crotch of the bathing suit.

“Ooops, sorry.” Feeling a little uncomfortable bumping such an intimate part of her body.

“‘S OK.”

“Did I offend Millie the other day, do you think? Did she say anything? I run off at the mouth some times and am pretty free with my opinions in that area ... well and others, but the sex area is usually where I say something that makes others uncomfortable I guess.”

“I haven’t talked to Millie. She can be a bit ... funny.”

“I’ll loosen this, OK?” She unsnapped the bra and rubbed the block onto Joy’s back, continuing the conversation. She was careful to be brief in rubbing along where the sides of her breasts began. Her fingertips were aware of the soft smooth flesh but she pulled back.”

“There, you can turn over now. In the dirty movies, the guy would smack you on the ass when he said that, wouldn’t he?” she laughed. Joy struggled to turn over clasping the bra in modesty. Her breasts looked firm and round.

“Oh, I can do this...” she offered.

“No, it’s OK, I’ll do it and then you can do me. It’s a free service at this pool.”

She stroked up and down Joys legs, coating her with the smooth oil, noticing and carefully avoiding the prominent mound compactly covered by the blue material of the little bikini. Joy was describing the fantasies she had made up for her husband in some detail as Jackie was rubbing oil on her stomach. Absent-mindedly, she pushed the bra up and out of the way and began rubbing the large breasts with their thrusting nipples.

“Oh my god! Look at me. I get engrossed in conversation and here I am rubbing your tits like they were my own! Ohmigod, I am so sorry.”

“ ... OK ... I ... I didn’t notice ... for a moment ... feels good anyway...”

“Oh what the hell, I’m a nurse ... so it’s OK.” She laughed, “Shall I finish?”

“OK...” she said weakly.

“Go ahead, what were you saying?” Joy continued hesitantly as Jackie continued massaging her breasts.

“There that will hold you, sorry about that. They are nice tits, though. There! I said it! Just like the porn shows!” They were both blushing a little as they laughed off the intimacy.

“You can leave it off, if you want to. I want to go without too, if you don’t find it too uncomfortable?”

“No. It’s fine. I don’t think I’ve done that in a long time.”

“OK, would you do me?” She dropped the bra and lay on her tummy and handed Joy the goo.

Joy applied the block all over her back and commanded, “turn over.”

“God, remember your student nurse days and learning to turn a patient over?”

She hesitated when she came to Jackie’s suntanned breasts. Then gulped and began smoothing the oil over the round mounds. She hesitated again when she came to the prominent nipples standing hard and firm and pointing upwards.

“You sunbathe like this a lot, I can see.”

“Yes. It’s so secluded back here I don’t really have to have any sun stripes if I don’t want to. And there is never anyone here during the day.” Jackie lay wondering if the massage of her breasts were just a tit for tat thing or did Joy not notice she had moved from her tummy to the mounds of sensitive flesh.

“God, that feels sooo good.”

“Ohmigod, is this OK ... I’m sorry ... I just ... You know, forgot. You are so natural and all...” she flushed from neck to forehead. They sat on their own lounges facing each other, two big-breasted ladies in bikini bottoms.

“That was ... what ... surprising?” Joy said quietly.

“Yes ... but ... kind of nice...” Jackie laughed. “Look at us ... both of us.” She said, pointing to her own swollen nipples. “I think I liked it.”

“Oh, god...” was all Joy could say.

“Just what our husbands always wanted ... girl on girl?” Jackie laughed and Joy’s red face turned into a smile.

“Yes, what would Andy say?” she laughed.

“And all by accident.” Jackie smiled and squeezed Joy’s knee.

Joy drove home with the strange touching episode bouncing around her mind. She was so wrapped up in the questions about it that she was surprised to find herself in her garage so quickly.

“What was that all about?” she mused, as she climbed the stairs and stripped off her blouse and skirt in front of the mirror.

“What was that about?” she asked the woman in the yellow panties and brassiere in the mirror. She looked closely at her face and decided it was red from the sun and not from her emotions. Slowly, she turned and went to the closet and rummaged on the top shelf and took out an electrical appliance that she plugged in, struggling because the outlet was behind the nightstand and she had to unplug the lamp. She pulled the drapes closed and pushed the door closed and lay down on the bed.

Switched on, The Panasonic Wand hummed quietly as she held it to her stomach, then moved it over her mound, and finally down between her legs and let the smooth head course back and forth across the satin panty between her legs. With a deep sigh, she opened her legs wide, and felt the smooth satin of the comforter against the back of her sun scorched legs and luxuriated in the hum against her vulva.

“Ohhhh, yesssss. “ She sighed, moving the head of the vibrator so that it touched everything ... everything between her legs ... everything between the spread lips of her pussy ... everything ... The vibrations spread to her thighs and up along her tummy until her nipples tingled with excitement. Joy pulled at her nipples through the brassiere.

Ohhhhh, yessss.” She moved the vibrator in a humping motion and thrust with a humping motion of her own hips, enjoying the imagined lover. The thought passed through her mind, “It should be my husband ... but ... Well, never mind, Jackie said nothing wrong with fantasies!”

The orgasm was slow in coming, but that didn’t bother her. When It came if drenched her with pleasure and drenched her panties as well.

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