Family Photographer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, White Male, Size, Foot Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He had developed a successful photography business by the age of 20. His step-mum Fay recommended him to her older sister Joy and younger sister Eve. Nude photography has its rewards for both him and the sisters.

Let me introduce myself - I am Toby. I am a 20 year old guy who left home at the age of 17, and through hard work and perseverance I have developed a photography business which I run out of my home unit.

I have done reasonably well, with lots of word of mouth referrals.

My step-mum Fay had just called, to ask me if her younger sister Eve could have photos taken for some competition that she wanted to enter. Eve was 25 years old, 15 years younger than Fay.

I’d seen Eve on a weekend mostly, and on those days she dressed in Goth-like attire, with pale makeup and black eyeliner and lipsticks. Her attire still didn’t hide the fact that she had a wonderful shapely body. During the week she dressed in business attire, and no one would have ever suspected her weekend leanings.

My mind drifted from thinking about Eve to thinking about Fay’s older sister Joy, and when she had come to have some glamour photography done ... to stir the interest of her unappreciative husband.

It wasn’t the photography session that I was remembering - it was the feeling of burying my long fat cock in her tight married pussy.

Joy had wanted some glamorous sexy shots, and some nudes for her own private collection - a celebration of her life so far was her reasoning.

I had been able to hold myself in check during the tasteful nude poses, but when she spread her legs and flashed her delicious pussy at me, that as when things started growing in my shorts to such an extent that Joy couldn’t fail to notice.

“Did I do that?” she asked, smiling and pointing at the front of my shorts.

“An old lady like me did that?” she added.

Let me tell you about Joy. She was a tall slim brunette with short wavy hair, a beautiful angular face, a curvy body dominated by a large set of enhanced breasts topped by dark pink areola and rosy red nipples. Her mound featured a substantial growth of silky looking pubic hair.

Oh ... and her legs and feet were to die for.

She ran her fingers over her fluffy mound asking “I have thought about trimming and shaving this”.

“Do you like hairy ... or bare?” she asked.

I was a little stunned by the direction of this conversation, especially with the lady laying in front of me with her legs spread, giving me a wonderful view of her her pussy, albeit slightly hidden under her hairy bush.

“To be totally honest ... I like something in between” I responded then explained further.

“I like a thin landing strip on the mound, with totally bare lips”.

Joy thought for a moment then surprised me by asking “Would you like to help me trim and shave it?”

That was how I finished up in the bathroom with Joy sitting on the bench with my face plastered against her freshly trimmed and shaved pussy.

Slipping my fingers between her lips as I shaved, I found an abundance of her juices. She encouraged me to taste her by licking my fingers.

When I’d finished she demanded that I perform the tongue test - to check for any stubble that we had missed. My tongue wandered all over her freshly shaved area, before she directed me to check between her wet lips.

She tasted amazing.

I licked her from top to bottom, paying close attention to her little clit and her tight canal entry. Her arousal levels climbed higher and higher, with her pushing her pussy hard against my lips.

“Yes ... yes ... so fucking close” she wailed as I teased her.

I shifted my attention to her clit, and slipped a single finger into her tightness, sawing it in and out until she exploded with her juices spraying all over my face. I eagerly lapped at her juices, swallowing as much as possible before lapping up the juices that has trickled down her thighs.

After a minute or so, and when she had recovered somewhat from her massive orgasm, Joy whispered “Can we go into your bedroom ... I want to reward you for your wonderful tongue work”.

Taking her by the hand, I helped her off the bench and led her to my bedroom where she laid in the center of the bed. It was then that she demanded “I want you naked ... strip for me”.

Standing at the end of the bed, I removed my shirt, and then paused.

“Off with them ... I want to see what’s causing that bulge in your shorts”.

I smiled, and slowly pushed down my shorts, but before I revealed my cock I turned around obscuring her view, just giving her a view of my bare ass.

“Not fair ... turn around please” she yelled.

I paused a little longer. “Now please” she yelled again somewhat in desperation.

I slowly turned around.

“Holy fucking hell” she whispered catching sight of my manhood. My cock was rock hard and fat, and standing vertically against my tummy, reaching my belly button.

I walked forward, crawled up onto the bed to kneel between her spread thighs. I had to grasp my cock and push it downwards and hold it to make contact with her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you” I told her.

Joy looked up at me with some apprehension.

“Just be careful please ... I’ve never seen a cock that big, let alone had one like that inside me” she exclaimed pointing at my groin.

A previous lover had run her tape measure over my cock, gleefully discovering that the base to tip measurement was 10 inches, and that the thickness matched the thickness of her wrist.

I stroked it up and down between her sodden lips, gathering up her juices until my cockhead glistened. Positioning it at the entrance to her tight pussy, I paused and then slowly pushed into her.

There was some initial resistance before she opened up and I slid inside. In one continuous push I buried my cock to the balls inside. That was when her orgasm started. Using just very subtle movements I fucked her, keeping her orgasm rolling on and on, increasing the pressure when I sensed that her cum was starting to recede.

Her cum rolled on and on for what seemed ages, but in reality it was probably just 3 or 4 minutes - still a length orgasm - huge for her (I found out later that her husband was a quick shooter). She finally gasped “Enough ... stop please ... I can’t...”.

I eased forward until my chest made contact with her heaving chest, her full breasts pressing against me. I kissed her - the first kiss that we had shared - gentle to start with but with increasing passion as I felt her pussy continuing to spasm around my embedded shaft.

“Wrap your legs around me” I whispered to her. She did, and we rested in a comfortable embrace with my hardness still buried in her very wet depths.

Our kisses were interspersed with short comments of a very hot sexual nature.

Joy was my oldest lover to date, and I found out that I was her first man since she had married Jack. She murmured comments about the feelings that such a large cock created within her body - feeling full and stretched. The strength of her cums had surprised her.

“I haven’t cum yet ... I’m not finished yet” I told her.

“Oh god ... you’ll kill me” she joked, laughing at the situation that we found ourselves in.

“Your turn on top” I told her. She grinned and nodded, and worked with me to slowly roll over without separating our linked bodies. Soon she was perched on my cock, her ass resting against my hips.

“I feel so fucking full” she moaned. “I love the feeling”.

I had my hands on her hips, directing her movements on my shaft, movements which were small and gentle.

“I’m so sensitive down there at the moment” she explained “I will cum again soon with too much movement”.

“And is that a problem?” I asked her, slipping my hands up under her full rounded breasts with my fingers snaking out over her soft tit-flesh towards her hard nipples.

She closed her eyes, and slowly ground her mound against my pubic bone.

I surprised her when I suddenly lunged upwards, sending my cock just a few millimeters deeper.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!” she screamed with the sudden arrival of another very big and wet cum.

That cum explosion totally took her by surprise, with her playfully scolding me when she came back to her senses. “You are a nasty ... but beautiful man”.

I encouraged her to lean forward until I could reach her breasts with my lips. With her nipples within tongue and lip range, I licked, sucked and nibbled, and had her gasping and moaning. I broke off my nipple contact long enough to tease her with “Why am I the only one doing the work here?”

“C’mon ride me you horny beautiful ... bitch”.

“Oh ... you want to be ridden huh?” Joy retorted, starting to ride my cock with lengthening fuck strokes, punctuated by the slapping of her wonderful ass against my hips, and the splashing of her cum juices everywhere.

I drew her lips to mine, kissing her passionately with my tongue dueling and nibbling at hers when it invaded my mouth. Her lips felt wonderful against mine. I was looking forward to feeling them wrapped around my cock before we finished today.

I know that I had encouraged her to come on top of me and ride my cock, but I wanted to be exploding inside her when I was on top. With that end in mind, I moved quickly to change position again, catching her by surprise.

“Hey ... I thought you wanted me doing the work?” she chided me when I got her onto her back.

I just smiled back.

I grabbed her legs by the ankles and looped them up over my shoulders, wrapping my arms around her upper thighs, and pulling her tight against me with me buried to the balls inside her. Then with short and powerful lunges I fucked her. And I mean ... really fucked her.

She was wailing constantly with the rolling and massive orgasms that wracked her body for the next few minutes. I was nearing the limits of my endurance, and my ability to hold back my orgasm.

“Gonna cum soon” I moaned.

“Yes ... yes ... cum in me you beautiful stud” she yelled back at me. “Fill me with your hot cum”.

I lunged forward and stopped all movements - my cock was as deep as possible, then I yelled “cumming” and unloaded my cum in strong long squirts into a place which was already tightly filled with cock. The result - the excess of cum was squashed back out between my cock and her clinging pussy walls.

With her feet still near my face, I gave her toes a lick and a suck which caused a fluttering deep in her still filled pussy.

I slowly withdrew from her flooded pussy - my cock having only lost a little of its hardness. Slipping off the bed, I left the room to retrieve my camera and came back to click off some more photos.

“I love your just fucked look” I told her as I moved about the bed snapping photos. Joy helped by moving about into various poses. My favourites were those that showcased her leaking pussy.

Climbing up onto the bed, I brought my cock close to her face.

“Suck me” was my simple request.

She took me in hand and fed me into her sweet mouth. I snapped off some photos as she expertly sucked me. My hardness returned. After a couple of minutes I reluctantly withdrew ... to reposition myself between her thighs.

I wanted some penetration shots.

Joy helped ... by positioning my cock as I snapped more photos - with varying depths of penetration.

With quite a few photos taken, Joy said “Put that fucking camera down ... and fuck me”.

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