Afterlife? When Your Descendants Have Sex
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Coercion, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dead people live again only when some descendant is having sexual intercourse. Ancestors can talk with each other during the act, but the living have no clue. Then Adam dies and can talk to his living descendants. There are interesting implications.

Something was different, thought Molly. Her most recent memories were of waking up in a hospital bed in discomfort and confusion for a few minutes, then easing back into unconsciousness. She had known that one time soon she would never reawaken.

But now, many things were different. It was dark. There was no pain and no confusion. And her physical self was centered in a stiff shaft, dimly connected to a body -- a pelvis? The shaft radiated pleasure and excitement. She could hear grunting in a deep voice and little excited whispers in a higher one. It was hard to escape the conclusion that she was somehow a set of male genitalia, aroused and thrusting, having sex with a woman. A dream, she supposed, but she’d never had a dream like this before. The thrusting got faster, the grunts more intense, and then at once an orgasm flooded her -- a male orgasm, different in feel from the ones she had had, and accompanied by the distinctive sensation of fluid spurting through her penis and out the tip. Her penis? It was very confusing. And then she felt the shaft withdrawing and was aware of herself losing consciousness again.

This time she was a vagina -- a vagina and labia and clitoris, set within a pelvis. Her awareness grew as she felt a stiff penis penetrate deeper within her. This was much more familiar. The penis began surging in and out. “Oh, Susan, that’s great!” came a whisper. “Mmmm,” came a closer voice, familiar even without words. Her daughter Susan and son-in-law John?

“What the heck is going on?” Molly murmured.

“Who’s that?” came a male voice that was more immediate, almost like it was in her head. It too was familiar -- her late husband?


“Who are you? Molly?”

“Yeah, Molly,” she said.

“Molly,” sighed a familiar woman’s voice. “So, now you’re dead too.”

“What? Dead? What the hell? Mom?” Her mother Sarah had died many years ago.

“Your mother, yes. It’s all ... Ah, I remember, you’re lost and confused.” She sighed. “You want to explain it, George?”

“Hi, Molly...” Her late husband George. The last decades of their marriage had been time together, some kind moments mixed with lots of boredom and irritation -- more irritation than kindness. He had died five years before Molly’s final illness.

“Better make it quick, John’s going hard now,” said her mother.

“Yeah, OK,” said George. “You’re dead. We’re all dead here. Your afterlife is times when some one of your direct descendants is having sex. Penis-in-vagina intercourse, to be exact. You kind of occupy the sex organs of your descendant and feel what they feel. You hear what’s going on, but they of course have no idea we’re all here listening in.”

Molly felt fingers on her clitoris -- her daughter’s clitoris -- fluttering, increasing her arousal significantly. She had a hunch they were Susan’s own, given how well they were attuned to her pleasure.

“Fuck me hard, John!” came her daughter’s voice. Goodness, what language! John thrust harder, panting.

“I’m surprised your first time awake is with Susan. Adam does a lot more screwing,” said George.

“I guess I was with him once, but I don’t know, I was just so surprised.”

“Yeah, she didn’t say anything, so we didn’t know she was here,” said Sarah. “Pretty common.”

“Looks like this one is wrapping up...” said George.

“Oh, yes, John. Yes, yes, yes!” came Susan’s voice. Susan’s body shuddered with a solid orgasm. Yoked, Molly shuddered too. “Mmmm,” “Aaaahhh,” “Way to go girl,” came voices of other dead, suggesting they had too.

Her son-in-law’s cock got harder inside her daughter and thrust more rapidly and then lunged deep and held still. Molly could feel it twitching faintly, while John whispered, “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“See y’all later,” said George. “John don’t linger long.” Molly felt the shaft sliding out and her own consciousness fading.

Her awareness grew as “her” penis surged into a vagina. She only had the two children, Susan and Adam, so this must be Adam.

“Feels like Stacy’s pussy,” said George. “You there, Harold?”

“Yeah, it’s us,” came a male voice, but with a different sound. Close but not as close.

Molly said, “So, we get to talk to the ancestors of the partner too?”

“You got it,” said George. “Party of the bride and party of the groom, so to speak.”

“Who’s the new one? Molly?” The voice was Harold, Stacy’s father.

“Yeah,” said George.

“Sorry, Molly,” said Harold. “Your loss, our gain, or something.”

Things had been frosty between the two families once Adam’s infidelity was exposed. He apologized and promised he’d never do it again. But then he did it again. And again.

“Well, sorry again for Adam,” said Molly.

“Hey,” said Harold. “Forget about it. It’s old news.”

“And Jill?”

“Not here yet -- or at least we haven’t heard a peep out of her.”

“Probably not,” said Molly. “I think I would have heard if she’d gone before I did.”

Stacy’s voice came from the living, vibrant world. “Yes, Adam, oh yes, yes, mmmm, yes!” Molly felt a vagina squeeze her penis.

Harold sighed. “You don’t have to try so hard, honey,” he said.

“Huh?” said Molly.

“Stacy fakes her orgasms,” said her mother softly.

“All the time?”

“Well, these past 20 years or so anyway,” said Sarah with a sad laugh.

“So ... how far back does it go? Are ALL our ancestors here?”

“No one knows for sure,” said George. “If you’ve got ten thousand descendants and they’re all fucking like bunnies -- maybe you kind of run out of things to say.”

“Your son fock the lassies proper!” said a voice in a very strangely accented English.

“Who’s he?” said Molly.

“We don’t know. He chimes in from time to time. I think someone figured out the intervening folks once, or most of them, but then got bored and gave up. The ones in between haven’t ever spoken up.”

“And ... granny?” said Molly. “This ... this wasn’t what she was expecting...” Grandma Phyllis was devout and very proper, and thought talk of sex was sinful.

“I’m here,” came her voice. “I’ve gotten used to it. I can’t figure out if this is Heaven or Hell -- a lot better than pits of flame, and it does feel good, I have to confess. A lot better than sex ever did in life. Who knew I’d find my first orgasm in the afterlife. But it’s sure not Heaven either.”

“Aw, give it up,” said Grandpa Malcolm. “You know damned well this is something totally different. Nothing to do with any God we ever heard of. All that praying was for shit.”

“You could be right,” said Phyllis with a small sigh.

There was a lull in the conversation as Adam rowed his cock in and out of Stacy in leisurely fashion, giving a highly pleasing sensation.

A voice spoke in German, from the party of the bride.

“Who’s that?”

“Oh, right, that’s Jill’s father,” said George.

“Wait, I thought I met him at the wedding. He wasn’t German.”

“Nope, turns out Jill’s mommy got knocked up by someone else.”

A new woman spoke, “Like I’ve said a million times, he raped me.”

Harold said, “Hey, we’ll never resolve it.”

“But that guy, he’s the father?”

“That there’s no doubt about,” said George. “This is biological descendants only. Adoption and step-parents and all the rest’s got nothing to do with it.”

“So what about Jill’s father -- I mean the one we all thought was her father?”

“We’re never in touch with him,” said Harold. “He doesn’t show up here, right?”

“Oh, I think I see. So, does Jill know?”

“No,” sighed Jill’s mother. “She’s in for a surprise.”

Harold said, “Fortunately, it’s not a huge deal. She’ll get used to it. We dead folks -- nothing matters so much.”

Molly spoke in German.

“Oh, yeah, she knows German! We can finally learn some stuff!” said Harold.

But the German guy said more or less, “Cool, you speak German, but let’s drop it, OK? I don’t got much to say.”

“You have other kids? I mean, descendants?”

“Yeah, 5 or 6 in all. And some of them actually have fun when they fuck. Like Hans. Woo-hoo!”

Molly didn’t inquire further.

“Where’s dad?” she asked.

“Oh, he doesn’t say much. You know the two girls he had by his first marriage, your half-sisters?”

“Yeah.” Molly knew of their existence but had never met them.

“The older one went from one abusive marriage to another, and the younger one works as a prostitute. So it’s kind of discouraging.”

“Oh ... Oh, I could see that.”

There was a groan and then her father Fred’s voice, very tired: “Hi, Molly. Love you, of course. Hope you enjoy your death. Bye.”

“Hey, Adam’s starting to get soft,” said Harold.

Molly realized he was right. Funny that Harold could feel it through Stacy’s vagina faster than the party of the groom could through the penis itself.

George said, “Oh, yeah. Come on, boy. Finish her off! Don’t leave us hanging!”

Adam suddenly picked up the pace. Molly at first thought he’d heard his father -- but then realized that that was a pretty obvious reaction to an obvious situation.

But even as he fucked faster, his cock got softer.

It was disappointing to feel the sexual desire unfilled -- a sensation she was familiar with from her own life. But it was worse if you had a penis, she decided.

“Aw, fuck,” murmured George.

“Hey, my heart bleeds for you, OK?” said Harold, his voice fading along with the rest of reality as the soft cock slithered out of Stacy’s vagina.

Regaining awareness was different this time. It was tight. Adam’s cock was going into something really tight. But as it wasn’t in very far she was only half awake.

“Ow!” came a girl’s whisper.

“Oh, sorry. It’ll feel better soon, I promise,” said Adam’s soothing voice.

Adam’s cock forced itself in more. Molly really wanted him to get in farther so she could really reach full awareness and have all her faculties.

“Wait, who’s that! Who’s the girl?” came an excited, unfamiliar voice from the bride’s party. A woman’s voice.

“Anne, it must be Anne!” said a male voice from over there.

“A girl losing her virginity?” asked George.

“Yeah!” said the man.

The woman spoke again. “Probably to that creep Adam. Remember how Bridget complained about the guy hanging around her too much? So, is it?”

“Yeah, our guy is Adam,” said George. “Sorry if he’s screwing up again.”

Molly also felt regret, but it was somewhat difficult because Anne was very tight and very hot and Adam was feeling fantastic. She was feeling fantastic as she lived this moment through Adam. Male desire at its extreme was such a powerful thing.

“You’re gonna pull out, right?” whispered Anne.

“Yeah, babe, sure thing,” said Adam. “Don’t worry.”

“Oooooh nooooo,” groaned George.

“George!” hissed Sarah.

Molly understood, though. On the side of reason and justice and decency was the need to pull out and not risk an unwanted pregnancy. But God it felt good! And God did she not want Adam to pull out! And yet for the sake of the bride’s family...

“You can’t get pregnant anyway,” panted Adam.


“Trust me.” With that, ecstasy surged within him as he jammed his cock in tight and sperm shot up into Anne, gob after gob. It felt so fantastic!

Audible reaction from the party of the groom was muted, except for the guy with the weird accent.

“Kingdom come!” he said. “You fucked dat hussy so fine, you good old cock you!”

“Damn,” said the man from the party of the bride.

“Shit!” said the woman.

“How ... how old is she?” ventured Molly, fighting through the daze of afterglow.


Molly winced. That was bad.

Anne said, “You didn’t pull out!”

“Sorry, babe, I tried, but you were just too damn sexy!”

“I sure hope I don’t get pregnant.” But after a pause she said, “Was it good for you?” like a girl in love.

“Yes, baby. It was fantastic.”

Molly’s group reassembled as the party of the bride this time, as John’s penis slid into Susan.

This was the time to talk with the others in the party -- sex between regular partners that was likely to last a while.

“So, with that girl Anne,” said Molly. “How ... how did they know Adam was hanging around?”

“Can’t be sure,” said Sarah. “But my guess is that Bridget is Anne’s mother and those folks’ daughter, and one time while Bridget was having sex with her husband, she confessed her worries about Anne. A natural enough thing to do.”


“Usually better not to talk about stuff like that in flagrante delicto,” said George.

“We’re hardly ones to talk!” said Sarah. “There Adam was seducing a 14-year-old. You comparing that to talking about stuff during sex?”

George didn’t have an answer for that.

Harold said, “So Adam made another conquest?”

“Yeah, sorry,” said Sarah. “Without protection.”

Grandma Phyllis said, “But of course we’re all ambivalent about it anyway.”

“What?” said Molly.

“I’m not ambivalent,” said Sarah, but it sounded unconvincing.


“Descendants,” said Phyllis.

“I don’t get it.”

Molly’s mother said, “Think about who’s not here. Your Uncle Carl. Your Great-Aunt Jane.”

“Oh,” said Molly. It suddenly was clear. They were not only not here, they weren’t anywhere! They had all died childless. The key to the afterlife was having children. Those children had to have sex too, but most living people did. For a longer afterlife, your children had to have children too. To live forever, your line had to continue forever.

So ... if Anne did get pregnant and had the baby, it was another whole branch of the family tree. However despicable the crime, they would all live on through another branch. They would come alive more often, when that baby grew up and had sex himself or herself.

“Do you suppose ... do you suppose Carl and Jane are just in a different kind of afterlife?”

“How would we know?” said Grandpa Malcolm. “Maybe they’re in the flames of Hell, maybe they’re sitting with Jesus, maybe they’re just extinct, gone, kaput. Or maybe they’re eating caterpillars or dancing the Twist or having sex with porcupines!”

“That’s not nice, Dad,” chided Sarah softly. But Molly got his point.

“Oh, Adam, that’s great! Keep going, just like that...”

Adam was fucking Anne and fucking her hard.

“Let me use my fingers, sweety...”

“Maybe later, but this is so good. I want to come just from you banging me.”

“OK, baby.” He fucked hard.

If anyone thought 14-year-old girls incapable of sexual desire and sexual fulfillment -- well, if they were here they would realize how crazy it was.

“Oh, keep going, keep going...”

Adam’s stamina was impressive.

“A little faster? And deeper?”

Adam was panting like crazy.

“Oh, now you come, Adam. Come in me! That will do it, I know it!”

He actually slowed down a little and his strokes got a bit longer.

“Oh, do me, do me, do me!” moaned Anne.

Adam really was gasping for breath now. But Molly felt his desire. To stop now would be incredibly frustrating.

“Ejaculate a whole bunch!” said Anne... “Yes, yes, oh yes, Adam!” she cried, and Molly could feel her pussy clench on Adam’s shaft.

“Arrgghhhh!” said Adam, himself climaxing and ejaculating.

But something was wrong. He kept gasping for breath, and Molly felt real pain from the rest of his body somehow.

“Oohhhhhhh,” he groaned. He gave a strangled breath.

“Adam? Adam?” said Anne with alarm.

And with his stiff cock still fully inserted in Anne, Adam lost consciousness, and so did the party of the groom. It wasn’t the penis sliding out of the vagina. It was a different way than usual -- a very unpleasant way.

Molly came alive as Susan’s vagina, with John’s shaft sliding into her.

“What was that with Adam?” said George excitedly.

“Yeah, what happened?” said Molly.

Sarah said, “I’m afraid he had a heart attack!”

The party of the bride was about as animated as a bunch of dead people ever got. John’s family wasn’t very curious or friendly, though they echoed their son’s sexual pleasure.

After thrusting a while, they heard John say, “What’s the matter, honey?”

“Same old. I’m thinking about Adam.”

“Oh. Gee, I’m sorry. Can you just put it aside for a few minutes?”

“I’m trying -- you just go ahead and finish, don’t worry about me.”

John pumped harder.

Many seconds later, she said, “He had so much of life ahead of him,” she said.

John’s stroking slowed just a bit before picking up. He went for it, and seconds later he came, silently, perhaps in respect for his wife’s grief. The party of the groom sighed and moaned with pleasure. The party of the bride felt virtually no sexual pleasure at all.

“I guess that settles it,” said George.

“Yeah,” murmured some of the others.

“I guess we’ll see what Daphne and Kyle get up to,” said Molly sadly just before John’s cock slid out. They were Adam and Stacy’s kids -- mid-teens when she’d died. Susan and John’s one son Zach was much younger.

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