Next Generation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Ma/Ma, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Swinging, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carter is a young man with the good fortune to have grown up in a family that practices nudism and swinging. When he turns 18 he is introduced to sex by his parents' friends, who have their own grown kids. His sexual adventures branch out in this body and sex-positive environment. Sexual orientation really doesn't matter as the goal is to have fun, and one's own family members might even get in on it!

Cara and I are in our early 40s. We’ve been living together for 20 years and have had two boys together. We also have an open relationship. Well, actually, we’re swingers. Why? Because our parents were. Cara and I met in our late teens at a swingers party where all the families got together. These were all families who’d known each other for years, and just enjoyed uninhibited sex with each other. Most of the families were nudists too. So, Cara and I were raised to be comfortable in our own skin, and to have an easy going and respectful attitude about enjoying sex in all its variety. Naturally, we’re clothes free at home most of the time, and we’ve raised our boys, Tyler and Jayden, the same way and with the same values that we were raised in.

Our best friends are Aaron and Meg. They’re a little older than we are and have a boy, Carter, who just turned 18, and a girl Kaylee. We met at a swingers party years ago. Ever since, we hang out all the time, not just having incredible foursomes together (I should mention that we’re all totally comfortable with, and enjoy, bi-sex as well), but doing life together as families. Aaron and Meg are nudists too so we enjoy clothes-free trips and vacations, pool parties, you name it. I wouldn’t trade our lifestyle for the world!

One Saturday morning, I stopped by Aaron and Meg’s (they live fairly close by) just to shoot the shit and talk about upcoming plans. I shucked my cargo shorts and t-shirt at the door and joined them, also naked, in the kitchen. Aaron and I sat at the breakfast bar and sipped coffee while Meg was cleaning up after breakfast. We talked a little about an upcoming house party we were planning to attend. Aaron, who likes younger couples, talked enthusiastically about several twenty-something couples he knew who were planning to attend. Like us and our kids, they were sons and daughters of other families in the lifestyle.

“Hot!” I said, and that we would be looking forward to meeting some of these next generation swingers and having a blast fucking them too. That’s when I brought up the fact that ever since Carter’s all nude 18th birthday party, Cara and I had been fantasizing and talking about “what if” we ever had a chance to throw it down with him. I wasn’t sure how Aaron and Meg would react, since this was their son after all, but he was an adult now, and we were having this idea.

To my great relief and excitement, Meg and Aaron looked at each other for a couple seconds, reading each others’ faces, and then Aaron finally said, “I think we’d like that. Carter’s a good kid, and you guys are incredible. I don’t think we know anyone, including kids his age, who’d be better coaches and teachers for him in sex and swinging than you guys.”

I got an instant hardon thinking about the possibilities. Meg could see it under the breakfast bar and commented, “I think Carter’s in for a great time with you guys. Looks like you really have been fantasizing about him!” We all laughed.

“Yeah,” I said, “he is a really good kid, and really hot if you don’t mind my saying. Without going into embarrassing details, I’m really looking forward to what we could do if we get into in a threeway with him. He’s the best of both of you, both in his personality, and his body.” Meg walked over and gave me a reassuring tongue kiss. At the same time, Aaron gave me a few reassuring, and unexpected, pumps on my hardon! I just laughed.

Meg said, “We love you guys, and we’re glad our families share so many great times together. Enjoy being with our son.”

“Thanks! You’re both incredible!” I said.

“You wanna go talk to him now? He’s in his room I think. By the way, I should probably tell you that Carter has talked for a long time about how he’d love to bone Cara, and that he thinks you’re not too bad looking yourself. Actually, I think he really loves you guys as much as we do” I almost fell off my stool.

“Wow, that’s great. He’s been sharing those fantasies with you? Thanks for passing along. I think I will go and surprise him and tell him he now has a chance to live out his fantasies!”

I walked over to Carter’s room, which is on the other side of the house. On the way, I saw that Kaylee was outside by the pool getting some sun. I knocked on the door frame. “Hey bud!” The door was open and Carter was lying in his bed, totally nude, playing a video game.

“Hey Brody, wassup?” It was all I could do not to get a woody just standing there looking, knowing what I was about to tell this kid who was lying there butt naked with his smooth, toned, lanky 5’10’ Abercrombie body, summer tanned, with longish blond hair. His cock, a nice size even soft, was laid out over his hairless inner thigh.

“Dude, I was just in the neighborhood and stopped by to shoot the shit with your folks.”

“Yeah, you gonna boink mom while you’re here like you usually do?”

“Nah, not enough time right at the moment. We were talking about plans for an upcoming party. By the way, now that you’re 18, you can probably join us for some of these parties.” That comment caught him off guard. He’d never realized that added benefit of coming of age.

“You think so? No shit!” He stopped playing his video game at this point and looked at me to hear more.

“Yep, and I’ll go you one better. I don’t wanna be presumptuous or anything, and I know Cara and I are older, but we’ve been thinking that now that you’re an adult, if you want, it would be really cool if you came over and fucked with us sometime and have a threesome.” At that, Carter dropped the video game controls, swung around on his bed, and with his blue eyes wide open said,

“No fucking way? You’re not shittin me? I could come and fuck with you guys?”

“Yep,” I said.

“Dude, do you know how many times I’ve jacked off off thinking about fucking Cara?”

“Now’s your chance!” I said. At that, Carter jumped up and gave me a naked hug, like he’s done so many times before as a family friend. As I embraced him I thought, “Hmmm, this is good.”

Carter stepped back and looked at me and said, “But I don’t know if my parents would be up for that.”

“I already talked to them. They’re totally cool,” I said. This was followed by a round of high fives.

“Awesome!” he said. “Fucking hot! Man, I can’t tell you how much I’m going to look forward to this. I’m gonna tell my dad. My best friend Seth. When are we gonna do this? I’ll have to not jerk off to get ready, but I’ll wanna jack off every time I think about it.”

I thought for a minute and said, “Well, I have an idea that might be hot. What if you and I talk about plans, and jack off together now?”

Carter stepped back and looked at me. His expression said that a whole new world of possibilities had just opened up to him and he was processing it all. He nodded with the confidence of a guy who’d just joined the guy’s club and said, “That would rock, Brod.”

“Oh man!” Carter said as he sat back on his bed, soaking it all in and leaning back, propping himself up. He spread his legs some, started to get an erection and got ready to rub one out with me. I turned around his comfortable computer chair, the same chair Carter had probably nutted in hundreds of times watching online porn, and sat in it facing him, spreading my own legs. I took my stiffening cock in my hand and slowing started pumping up and down.

“OK, so what’s your schedule?” I asked.

“Well,” Carter said as he was now full-on hard, “I don’t know what the best time would be for you guys, but if you have some time free next weekend, that would be awesome. I have a swim meet on Wednesday and the week’s gonna be pretty busy with summer classes and shit.”

“This weekend would be great,” I said. “As a matter of fact, we have the whole weekend free if you can spare the time. We can all just fuck our brains out.”

At that, Carter flinched a little. “Dude, can you reach me my lube? It’s right on the computer stand.” I pumped out some lube for myself first and rubbed it all along my shaft. When it was glistening I handed it to Carter, who continued, “Uh, that would be awesome. I don’t think I have anything else planned next weekend. As a matter of fact, I know I don’t. Certainly no better offer than that!”

We both laughed and then Carter squirted out some lube and smeared it over his tool, which by now was a full eight inches in length. His fat mushroom head was turning purple and starting to leak a little precum, which also got smeared in all over his cock with the lube.

At that point, Aaron walked in to check on us. “Wow, looks like you guys had the talk.”

“We sure did, and we’re making plans for next weekend as we discussed,” I said.

“Awesome. Carter, you are going to love fucking with Brody and Cara. You already know what great people they are. And I’m here to tell you they are both hot in bed! Your balls are going to be totally drained by the time you get back.”

Carter just smiled and looked up at his dad as if to say, “Uh, I appreciate the info, but we’re a little busy here.” Aaron took the hint and left the room, telling us to have fun as he walked out. And have fun we did. With this little interruption, we both started working our cocks again and talking excitedly about what we were going to do.

“So, what kind of sexual activities do you like most?” I asked.

“To tell you the truth,” Carter said, “in spite of growing up in the family I’m in, I haven’t had a whole, helluva lot of sexual experiences.

“Ever try anal?”


“Ever had a threeway?”


“Ever had sex with another guy?”

“Uh, nope, except for stuff like this, but I’m open.”

“Wow, so we gotta work to do!”

“Haha, you got that right!”

“OK, so sky’s the limit.”

“Basically, I’m willing to try whatever feels great. I’d especially love to fuck Cara doggy style.”

“Awesome, we’ll plan on that. Doggy style is one of my favorite positions when Cara and your folks and I are gettin it on. Your dad and I like to do doggy side by side a lot with whoever we’re fucking”


As we kept on slowly stroking our cocks in front of each other, Carter said, “So, I thought you didn’t have much time today.”

“Plans changed,” I said back, grinning.

“This is so mellow,” Carter said. “I’m loving every minute of it.” “Me too.”

“You know about edging?” Carter asked

“Hell, yeah.”

“Let’s do it slow.”

I was in total agreement as I sat in this kid’s bedroom getting off on watching him wank his cock as he watched me. After a short while, both of us started leaking precum again. I put my finger in the droplet on my cockhead first and tasted it. Carter did the same with his precum, which was starting to run down his big dick. “Mmmmm, tastes great,” he said.

“For sure,” I agreed.

Then, Carter asked me what I was into. “Me? I’m into a lot of stuff. Group sex, of course. Watching and being watched. I love eating Cara’s juicy, pink pussy. You’ll love that. We’re even into a little pissing. I also like double penetration, public sex, I could go on.”

“Awesome. I wanna learn it all,” Carter said.”So,” he asked, “you think you’d want some of this?” holding his lube covered dick straight out at me.

“I might,” I said, and just kept jerking.

“Fuck, I’m gonna shoot soon,” Carter rasped. He stopped, since we were edging, and squirted a little more lube. I took some more lube too. I scooted up closer and put my feet up on the bed on either side of Carter’s hips, resting by legs on his knees. He then changed positions and spread his legs wider so his legs rested across the top of my thighs. His thigh muscles were draped over mine, with his feet hanging down on either side. I could now get a good look and see his large, low-hung ball sack churning as he got ready for his release.

“OK,” I said. That was our signal. We both picked up the stroke rate and went for broke. After a minute, Carter’s face contorted and he went silent.

Then yelled out, “FUCK!” His fat dickhead flared even wider. Then he shot the first rope of cum straight up in the air a couple of feet. That shot, and the next couple, landed on his stomach, across his forearm and on my thigh. He started huffing and panting as a couple more shots went onto his flat belly and fist. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!” His last gasps were in time with his last shots, until he finally settled down.

My turn. I threw my head back and yelled, “Ah fuck!” My first shot of spooge went onto my shoulder. The next shots landed on my chest and belly and then more just rolled out onto my fist.

We looked at each other, with our legs still tangled together, dripping with cum, and started laughing out loud.

“Man, that was awesome! One of the best cums I’ve ever had.” Carter said.

“Me too. Thanks for letting me join you.”

“What time are we getting together on Saturday?”

“I dunno, maybe 9 or 10 o’clock.”

“Cool, the sooner the better to get started. Can’t wait!”

We untangled ourselves, and Carter handed me a fresh cum towel. He kept plenty in his bedroom.

Meg walked in at that point and said, “Uh, I heard you guys down the hall. Sounds like you had a good time.” Carter and I looked at each other and started laughing again.

“Ok, see you Saturday,” I said and started to leave, giving Meg a thank you kiss on the way out.

“Cool! Looking forward to it, man!” Carter said.

Aaron was back in the kitchen as I was walking through and asked, “So, how’d it go?”

“It went great,” I said. “Carter is such a good kid, and we had a great jack off session together. Thanks again so much for sharing your lives with us, not just you and Meg, but now Carter. I want you to know it means a lot.”

“No problem at all, man,” Aaron said. “You guys are the best. I also wanna plan our next get together. I’m looking forward to fucking Cara again soon, of course with you right there doing Meg, and if Carter’s getting some tail with Cara, I’m gonna have to keep up!” We both laughed and I said we’d plan something real soon.

I picked up my phone from the counter and called Cara right then. “You know that fantasy we’ve had about having a fuck session with Aaron and Meg’s son, Carter? Well, I’m just leaving their house and we just planned it for next weekend ... Yeah, everyone’s cool ... Yeah, and you know what? Aaron told me you’re one of Carter’s fantasies too! ... Yeah, as a matter of fact, he and I just got off together talking about plans for the weekend. I’ll tell you more when I get home...”

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