My Very Own Tentacle Monster
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, NonConsensual, Romantic, Horror, Paranormal, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Caution, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college co-ed is attacked by a Tentacle Monster on the way home to her dorm. Tentacle Porn need I say more.

It felt like I’ve been sitting here in the library forever, trying to work on my English research paper. In fact it had actually only been an hour, maybe two and I had very little to show. Mostly I had been drawing in my sketch book that I always carried with me. I drew a lot of anime and felt drawn to it through my ancestors. My mom immigrated here from Japan but my dad is white. I look more like my mom and because of that I found myself relating to my Japanese heritage more than my European. I found Japanese culture to be more interesting, especially anything related to Japanese’s myths.

I looked down at the half naked chick I had been drawing, so similar to one I had been drawing absentmindedly for years now. It was unnerving how excited I felt by the tentacles that were wrapped around her body, forcing their way inside her, penetrating her overly voluptuous body. The Anime character looked like she was enjoying herself even as she unsuccessfully tried to fend the monster off.

A few years ago one of my high school friends had shown me a Hentii porno that had featured a tentacle monster attacking girls. At the time I had been grossed out by it, but over the last few years the image had crept more and more often into my mind and I found myself sketching the scene over and over. I felt my stomach lurch as I realized once again that the drawing of the girl looked a lot like me. Each time I drew the scene the girl looked more and more like a self-portrait.

Frustrated by the lack of progress on my homework and mostly due to the fact that I hadn’t had sex in ages and was now feeling horny, I slammed my sketch book closed and shoved it into my Hello Kitty backpack. I tried not to run through the library, as one, I wasn’t supposed to, and two, I didn’t want the tiny pleated pink and black plaid skirt to flare up flashing everyone the tiny pink thong I was wearing. Though on the other hand it might be quite a thrill. Unfortunately I wasn’t really brave enough to act on that thought and tried to be the demure little girl I had always been.

I somehow managed not to flash anyone or embarrass myself on my way out. It was dark outside and I didn’t see anyone around. I turned up a dimly lit path, even knowing that I probably shouldn’t be walking alone at night, especially since I was just a tiny little girl. I barely topped out at five feet, one and a quarter inches. But I pushed the thought aside. I was looking forward to meeting up with my best friend Kenji; who I thought was lucky in that both his parents emigrated here from Japan.

Kenji had just gotten a new Anime movie from his cousin in Japan and we were going to watch it tonight. I was excited to see it even if he wouldn’t tell me which one it was; only saying that it was amazingly good. So I hurried down the path to my dorm even though he wasn’t expecting me for at least an hour. I felt myself getting damp as I pictured his tall skinny body in my head. I had a big crush on him but was too meek to act on it. And I wasn’t sure he felt the same. There were times I thought he might want to kiss me, but then he never did. I always felt sad when he turned away, but I never gave up hope he might actually kiss me one day.

Suddenly I felt something brush over my left arm. It was so quick that I thought I had imagined it. But then something wrapped around my wrist jerking me to a stop. I instinctively tried to pull away but whatever gripped me was too strong.

I felt my left arm being yanked and my body turned to follow. My heart began to race and a sudden dread filled my stomach. I looked down at my arm. I froze, too shocked to react. This wasn’t real. No way was what I was seeing real.

A green tentacle, just like the one I had been drawing earlier tonight was snaking up my arm!

I screamed out in terror as I felt something circling my right wrist. Tears began to run down my face as I saw a second green tentacle begin to wide its way up my right arm, leaving a trail of slimy goo behind. I tried to pull free but found I couldn’t move my arms; the tentacles’ grips were too strong. I tried to run but found my feet were trapped as two green tentacles snaked their way up my legs.

“Please!” I begged, “Let me go!”

But my pleas only made it worse as I felt a fifth tentacle wrap around my waist. I was lifted off the ground and my arms and legs were pulled tight away from me. They were holding me tight enough that I couldn’t move but not tight enough to really hurt me. I soon found myself a couple feet off the ground in the grasp of tentacles just like my drawings.

This couldn’t be real! It had to be a nightmare!

In the dim light I just barely make out a dark silhouette of a man standing on the edge of the shadows, a wriggling mass of tentacles protruding out from its crotch.

“Oh god no!” I screamed as two more tentacles reach out for me. I watched helplessly as they slithered their way around my waist and under my shirt. An involuntary shiver of pleasure wormed its way through my body as the tentacles slimed their way across my back, crossing over each other and working their way back to my chest. I desperately wished I had worn a bra this morning, as the tentacles slithered their way over my small breasts, shredding my shirt in the process.

My back arched, thrusting my breasts forward as I felt my arms being pulled tight behind me. At the same time, my legs were pulled farther apart. I knew what was coming and I was terrified that I couldn’t do anything about it. A tentacle, larger than the rest shot straight towards me aiming for the sweet spot between my legs.

My panties were torn apart as the phallic like head of the tentacle thrust its way into me. The slimy head easily penetrating deep inside me. “Oh god no!” I screamed. I felt like I was being torn in two as it worked its way into me. I felt it bottom out at my cervix, I felt like a succulent pig on a skewer.

Then the tentacle began to slide out of me, curling back on itself as it did. I felt the tip of it stop just barely parting my lips. Then like a cobra it shot back into me. “Fuucccccck!” I scream as it slammed into me. My back arched as it spilt me in half.

Then to my overwhelming horror, I felt my body begin respond to the slimy sensation in my pussy. The friction causing the heat in my body to build. The two tentacles around my breast were now squeezing them, the tips of the phallic tentacle flicking my hard nipples. The terror began to dissipate, slowly to be replaced by pleasure. I felt my fluids leaking down my legs as my body accepted the assault.

The invading tentacle began to inch its way out of me only to slam back into me. “Ooohhh!” I moaned as it slid back out and then struck again and again, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. In and out it coiled. Each thrust causing my body to arch in pleasure. I felt like I was on fire. I had never experienced anything so intensely powerfully. The pleasure was so overwhelming and yet I felt so ashamed to be enjoying what was happening to me.

Just like the Hentii I had watched years ago!

Just like the drawings I had been creating since!

It was too much and as the tentacle penetrated me again, I screamed out, “Oh God,” as I felt like every nerve in my body was assaulted by overwhelming pleasure. My body began to spasm under the overly intense pleasure. I needed a break, but the creature was relentless and never stopped thrusting into me. I never had a chance to recover from my orgasm and I felt the pleasure continue to build inside me. Over and over the tentacle struck deep inside me.

And just when I felt I couldn’t take any more, to my horror, I saw another tentacle launch itself from the crotch of the monster. It came like a rocket straight at my crotch but aiming just a little lower than the first one had. Just before it hit me, the tentacle that had been buried in my pussy withdrew out of me and then both of them slammed into me at the same time, one entering my pussy and the new one forcing its way into my anus.

“Nooooooo!” I screamed as my ass felt like it was ripped wide open.

Tears poured down my face until my body became accustomed to the second invading members. I felt them wiggling around inside me. The pain lessened and then disappeared as the new pleasant sensation took over.

The tentacle in my pussy began to withdraw out of me while the one in my ass stayed lodged in me. Just as I felt the tentacles about to slide of out my pussy it suddenly thrust its way back in, sending a wave of fire rushing through me. As that tentacle entered me, the second tentacle, the one in my ass began to slide out. I felt a wash of pleasure as it left me and my sphincter closed behind it. Then it forcefully rammed back into my ass and I felt a lash of pain course through my body.

The two tentacles began a rhythm, as one slid out the other one rammed into deep into me. Pleasure then pain filled my body as each one forced its way into me. Soon though, the pain lessened and the tentacle thrusting into my ass was giving as much pleasure as the one pounding into my pussy.

I was a screaming mass of nerves as my body was assaulted like never before. I lost all sense of the world around me except for the tentacles pleasuring me. In and out they thrust. Over and over again. Nothing mattered except for the desire in me for more.

Then I heard a loud primal grunt emanating from the creature before me. Suddenly all the tentacles covering my body began to shake. I was jolted back and forth as the phallic tips spewed forth gallons of cumm drenching every inch of me.

I could feel two tentacles inside me jerking rapidly around. I knew they were shooting hot gooey cumm deep in me. I got a perverse sense of pleasure knowing I was being filled up by this monsters cumm. The tentacles must have been in overload, because I then felt the cumm burst out of my pussy and anus from between the tightly pressed drenched walls of my pussy and the slimy skin of the tentacles as it seemed there was too much for me to contain. It felt like I was swimming in a bath of the creature’s cumm.

I felt dirty.

I felt naughty.

I felt ashamed.

And I loved it.

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