Tom and Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Lactation, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom has lost both his parents over a period of 10 years. He has a beautiful young girlfriend has become his rock and who is happy to share him with her mother. The happy arrangement is disrupted temporarily when his step-sister blackmails him into fucking her - until she finds another man to satisfy her needs.

“Oh fuck ... I just love your fucking big cock inside me” gasped my 16 year old girlfriend as she rode me towards another massive cum. Tess had stayed the night with me (her mother Chloe was working the night shift again).

It was 6 AM and Tess was getting in one final fuck before she had to leave - her father was picking her up at 8 AM for a six week vacation with him in Europe - her mother and father having divorced just over two years ago, but they were all still on good terms.

“I’m going to miss this so much” she moaned - her tight pussy was spasming all around my long fat cock, signaling the imminent arrival of her orgasm.

Tess was a beautiful blonde, slim bodied with a nice set of firm tits that just jiggled as she rode me hard. We had been neighbors for years, having grown up together, and it was only natural that we would hook up as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Chloe, her mum, approved of the relationship, and knew that we had become sexual - having joined us once for a threesome. Yeh - that was special and totally unexpected. She was really impressed when I filled her pussy with my hot cum after a lengthy fucking session.

“Aghhhh ... cumming” Tess screamed, convulsing about on my spewing cock.

She collapsed forward onto my heaving chest, pressing her firm tits into me.

This is where she rested for a few minutes before she whispered “I have to go ... mummy will keep you occupied whilst I’m away”.

When I went to speak she placed her finger across my lips saying “Mummy needs you again - she hasn’t stopped talking about last time. Do me and her a favour and look after her sexually while I’m gone”.

She kissed me before she climbed out of the bed and slipped back into her track suit before leaving by the back door of my backyard flat above the garage.

My name is Tom and I was their only child - both my parents are deceased, having left me very well off as a result of some astute investments and insurance payouts.

My father Tom senior died about 10 years ago, with my mother dying just over 12 months ago.

The house that mum purchased, with the settlement of the lawsuit after my father’s accidental death at the hands of a drug affected truck driver, had a flat built above the the garage in the backyard.

That flat became my teenage retreat where I would go to hang out with my school mates. I did however continue to sleep in the main house keeping my mother company. We got along very well, with her often commenting that she loved me being the man about the house.

Things changed about 2 years ago when mum met Derek. I had encouraged her to date, and Derek was someone that she met. I liked him, and I encouraged mum to see where a relationship with him may lead.

After about 6 months of dating, mum invited him to move into our home. To give them space I volunteered to move into the backyard flat. I had an ulterior motive too - my relationship with my childhood friend Tess had deepened, and we had started to have sex. The flat provided the ideal venue for us to get together.

Within 6 months of Derek moving into our home my mother was dead. The doctor said that it was a heart attack. She had died alone - Derek had been out at the time, and I was working at my part time job.

I found her death hard to accept. She was healthy, and she had no history of any heart issues.

When Derek moved another woman into my home (I had inherited it in my mum’s will - Derek got nothing), I asked him to leave. He refused, so we had a stalemate that was going to need some legal proceedings to resolve the situation.

I just avoided him in the meantime. The woman, Abby, was caught in the middle - she knew nothing of the bad blood between myself and Derek until I spoke to her recently. She was a nice person who I liked ... and she was easy on the eye having a very large set of tits that she loved to show off in skimpy clothing.

Abby was 30 years old and had a 16 year old daughter Connie who was away at boarding school, but would be arriving soon to spend the holidays with her mother and Derek.

My mothers death affected me badly, and I found myself retreating to the isolation of my backyard flat. If it wasn’t for Tess and Chloe, I would be still moping about there. They encouraged me to live my life, with my relationship with Tess blossoming even further.

I found myself gravitating towards Chloe as a mother substitute, and I was just blown away when Tess invited me to have a threesome with her mother. That muddied the relationship waters a little, and to date that threesome had been just a one off event.

But now Tess had told me that Chloe wanted me again ... and I found myself wanting her too, wanting the closeness of a relationship with her, with the sex just being a bonus.

It was later in the afternoon that Chloe called me, inviting me to come over for dinner - she was going to cook my favourite chicken dish.

“You know the way to my heart” I told her upon entering her home, and smelling the wonderful aromas of her cooking.

She gave me a hug, pressing her firm large breasts into my chest. They seemed to be bigger than I remembered from our threesome.

I sat on the stool at the kitchen bench whilst she continued to prepare the evening meal, talking about Tess, and also about my issues with Derek. She was at a loss for ideas on how to rid my life of this leech.

The time at the kitchen bench gave me time to further appreciate Chloe’s body. She was the same height as Tess, her hair was shorter than her daughters, and had a natural wave to it. I noted that her breasts were quite a handful plus more, and that her figure was trim with a firm looking ass.

With dinner finally done, we sat at the doing room table to eat and continue chatting. It was a tasty and enjoyable meal, one that I had to resist wolfing down. We shared a wine, a taste that I had acquired by spending quite a bit of time with Chloe and Tess over the last six months.

The dishes got dumped in the sink, and we retired to the lounge room where I sat on the long lounge chair, with Chloe taking up a position right next to me, with her hip pressing against mine. This was the closest that I had been to her all night (except for the initial hug).

“I love your perfume” I commented.

“Thank you ... it was a gift from Tess” she replied. “Come to think of it, the card said that it was from both of you”. She laughed when I squirmed.

“Oops” I responded with some embarrassment.

That started some good natured teasing back and forth between us, culminating with her jumping onto my lap when tickling me. I had to grab her and try to pin her arms to her sides to stop her. With her arms pinned, she startled me by kissing me.

I let her go, wrapping my arms around her, and kissing her back with some passion. It all came rushing back to me - the memories of the threesome that we had shared. We kissed long and hard before she broke off the kiss.

We sat looking intently at each other for a moment before Chloe stripped off her shirt to reveal her braless breasts with their dark hard nipples.

Placing a hand under each of her full breasts she said “Lick them and suck them please”.

I leant forward bringing my lips into contact with a hard nipple - I licked it for a moment before taking it between my lips and sucking it. I was shocked when my sucking was rewarded by a stream of sweet liquid.

Gazing up at her but without losing contact with her nipple, I looked for answers.

“It’s all for you tonight. I have an abundant supply of milk for you” Chloe informed me with a twinkle in her eyes.

I went back to sucking and swallowing.

“Switch back and forth between them” she asked me.

I complied with her request for the next five minutes or so, during which time my cock grew so hard, trapped within my shorts as she ground her pussy against me.

“Oh ... oh fuck ... I’m gonna cum” she groaned just before she actually did. She pulled my face hard against her breasts whilst her orgasm racked her body.

When her orgasm finally receded she climbed off my lap, taking my hand saying “Let’s get comfortable in the bedroom”.

“Yes ... yes ... my pussy is so stretched and full” she groaned as she slammed up and down on my hardness.

I had just cum in her, with our combined juices splashing everywhere when our bodies slammed together. I was holding her hips, pulling her hard down, driving my cock just those extra millimeters deeper into her.

“I love fucking you” I groaned with her pussy canal walls rippling along the length of my shaft.

“Me too ... me too” she groaned, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations.

“Let’s change position ... I want you to dominate me ... fuck me hard and deep” she begged in a voice that was hard to resist. How could I not do as she asked?

Carefully and without losing my connection to her, I rolled us over until she was on the bottom and I was kneeling between her spread thighs. I grabbed her ankles lifting her legs and looping them over my shoulders. With my arms locked around her upper thighs I plunged hard and deep into her tight hot pussy.

“Fuck me ... fuck me ... oh yes that’s it ... right up there so deep my wonderful stud”

For the next few minutes nothing mattered other than fucking her senseless, and driving her to multiple ever more powerful orgasms. With her feet so close to my face, I indulged in my favourite sex play by licking and sucking on her toes, sending her again over the orgasmic cliff.

“Ahhhhhhh ... oh my fucking god ... what are you doing to me?” she wailed.

Her convulsions and the snapping of her pussy muscles drove me again over the edge, injecting another plentiful steam of my hot cum into her depths.

“You are so fucking greedy ... sucking all the cum out of my balls and swallowing it with your hungry pussy”.

She was lost for words at the moment. All she could do was nod and smile at me. It was a couple of minutes before she could speak saying “I love you Tom”.

“I love you too ... and Tess too” I quickly added.

“I know ... I know ... Tess is such a wonderful daughter ... allowing me to share her boyfriend with me”.

“Come lay her with me” she said patting the bed beside her.

“I want to feed you again ... you need to keep up your strength”

I slowly moved from between her thighs, to lay beside her with my face level with her breasts. She lifted one to my mouth allowing me to nurse again on her nipple, and again suck and swallow her sweet juices.

With a full tummy, we slept together - a contented sleep of two temporarily sated lovers.

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