My Horrible Dream
Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, non-anthro, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a horror story. In fact, there are levels of horror within the story. It is also a lesbian sex story, but one that I think that even men will appreciate. Judy Ames suffers from migraine headaches that even Vicodin cannot relieve. She is given a new and experimental pain relieving pill that has some interesting side effects. It is these side effects that are the crux of the story. Be warned that this is not the usual horror story. There are only seven chapters.

What am I going to do? I have another one of those horrible migraine headaches, and I can hardly see. I staggered in from school and to the kitchen. “Mom, I’m having another one of my migraine headaches. What am I going to do. That jagged ring has already closed on itself and I can hardly see. Please dig me out one of those new pain pills. This headache is so bad that I need all of the help that I can get.

“I need one of the new experimental pills, not the Vicodin. It isn’t strong enough. I need one that will knock me out. Please give me a little bit of lemonade to take it with. A headache like this makes the water taste so bad that I’ll just throw-up the pain pill if I do manage to get it swallowed.

“Oh, thanks, Mom. I love you and appreciate the way you take care of me. Please help me get my clothes off and into bed. This pill is supposed to work so fast that I may not make it all the way to the bed. Please make Jimmy keep the noise down when he gets home.”

Mom helped me to get to bed and gave me a cold pack for my head. The cold packs no longer do much good, but this one might help some. At least, it did no harm.

Oh, my God. This pill is so strange. I can tell that I am already asleep and the pain is starting to ease off, but here comes the nightmare. Dear God, what is it going to be this time? The doctor doesn’t believe how bad the dreams are. I wish that there were someway that I could show her.

Here I am, walking along the street. I just turned into my doctor’s office. The receptionist said for me to go on in. The doctor was expecting me. That never happened to me before, but, hey, this is a dream, so why not?

I went into the examining room to find the doctor already there; again, something that never happened in real life. “Judy, please remove your clothes and lie on the table. You do not need to put on a robe. I want to examine your pussy.”

Man, what was going on? The doctor was always very formal and correct when discussing any part of my body. She would never say “pussy.” Well, this being a dream, I went ahead and followed instructions.

I lay down on the padded table and was surprised to see the doctor remove all of her own clothes. She did not use a robe either. The first thing I noticed when she got that far was that she had shaved her pussy just like the girls did in my class at school. That made me wonder if she was sexually active, or was she just following current fashion. Oh, well...

She came to me and put my feet in the stirrups and arranged them so that my legs were spread wide. She had my legs pulled so far apart that my pussy lips opened some. There was a kind of hop in my dream, and the next thing I knew, she was leaning between my legs licking my pussy lips!

That was something completely new for me. I had never taken part in any form of sexual activity before; after all, what do you expect from a 9th Grader. Oh, Man, that felt good. Then I wondered how I would know how it felt if this was a dream and I had never done this before? Oh, forget it, Judy. It feels too good to complain about the details.

I had jilled off before, but this was something new. Suddenly, I felt an orgasm like nothing I ever got from my play with my clit. Oh, my God, was that what a real full-blown orgasm felt like? If it were, I wanted more of them. I wondered if my friend Sally would do that for me. I guess that I would have to do it for her in exchange.

Suddenly, the door to the examining room burst open. Yes, I mean BURST as in an explosion. The door was torn asunder, and standing in the doorway was a creature that looked like a combination of a bear and a wolf. It was black and was covered with hair about 3-4 inches long. It had a wolf’s head and the body of a bear, except that it had hands with long claws.

The creature looked at me and at the doctor and attacked her first. He, and I am absolutely positive of its gender because I could see its erect penis, threw her to the floor and raped her. His penis was so large in diameter that it tore her vagina as he fucked the doctor. Blood flowed from her crotch as the creature tore into her. The doctor screamed in utter pain. He had an orgasm, but I am pretty sure that she did not.

There was another little hop in the dream, and I saw the creature tearing into the doctor’s body with his teeth and claws. I think that he ate some of her internal organs, but I don’t know for sure. Blood dripped from its hands and jaws.

The creature looked at me with a calculating expression, as if it were wondering if I was worth the effort. I guess that it figured that I was because there was another little hop in the dream, and the creature was standing between my legs with his erect penis resting against my vagina opening. I screamed! Oh, you can bet I screamed! I was afraid that the creature was going to rape me next.

Oh, my God, you cannot imagine my relief when I woke up with my mother shaking my shoulder. “Judy, what happened? I heard the most blood curdling scream come from your room as I passed the door. I rushed in to check up on you. What happened?”

I started to cry. “Mom, I had another one of those nightmares again, but this was the worst one of the lot. I was attacked by a monster out of the worst of the horror movies. It was a bear with the head of a wolf, and it had hands with long claws instead of fingernails. It was about to rape me and I screamed. That was the scream you heard, and I am grateful that you woke me up. You rescued me from that horrible creature.”

My mom is something of a prude, so I was not going to tell her exactly what happened. She would probably try to find a way to wash out my brain with laundry soap to remove those impure thoughts.

“How is your migraine, Sweetie?”

“It’s gone, I am happy to report. I hope that it was not that pill that caused my dream. The pill worked the best of anything I have ever taken for my migraines, and I would hate to have to give it up.

I was feeling so much better that I ate supper with the family. Since this was Friday, I was allowed to skip homework for tonight as long as I did it in time for school on Monday. I don’t usually do it, but tonight I stayed up to watch the late news. The leadoff segment was about a double murder on Main Street.

It seemed that a doctor and her receptionist were murdered this afternoon by what had to be a madman. Both women were raped and portions of their internal organs appeared to have been eaten. A sample of the semen was being tested for DNA in hope of identifying the rapist.

The medical examiner said that the abdomens of both women were ripped open by some sort of sharp multi-tined instrument. In a conversation with one of the policemen, he was heard to say that he was almost ready to report that the women were torn open by claws.

Tooth marks were found on both bodies that indicated that some of the internal organs had been eaten. His first thought upon seeing the tooth marks was that they had been made by a huge dog or wolf, but that was ridiculous.

Oh, my God, that sounded so much like my dream that I could not listen to any more of the report. I had a dream; there was no way I could be responsible for the deaths of those two women. Nevertheless, I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.


Like a lot of other things from my dream, I couldn’t shake the thought of that pussy licking that felt so good. After clearing it with Mom, I asked my friend Sally Owens if she would like to come to my house for a sleep-over on Saturday night. Neither one of us had permission yet to date, so I figured that I would not be interrupting anything that Sally might have planned. She agreed, pending her mother’s okay, so we laid out the details.

When Sally showed up about 4:00 o’clock that afternoon, I took her to my room and broached the subject of an experiment with pussy licking. “Oh, sure, Judy, that will be great. I learned how to do that just last summer on that vacation to visit my cousin Helen. You know, she is a year older than me, and she knows all about sex. She claims that she has even fucked a boy, but I am not really sure if I believe her.

“Anyhow, she taught me how to do it, and we did it every night that we could for the whole two weeks. When did you learn how to lick pussy?”

“I never did that. I read about it and how it was supposed to be done, but I needed a girl to try it out on. You struck me as the best one for my first experiment. You show me what you learned, and I will try to copy you on your pussy.”

“That sounds fair. I am all for it. Do you want to start now, or wait until after supper?”

“Maybe we should wait until after supper. We sure don’t want my mom to find us doing that kind of thing. You know what a prude my mom is. Mom and Dad are going to a movie, and Jimmy has a date, so we will have the house to ourselves.”

“Yeah, I had rather my mom stay ignorant of what I am doing, too, at least when it comes to sex. She is almost as prudish as your mom.” We played some video games while we waited for supper. That was undoubtedly a good thing because my brother Jimmy stuck his head in the door without knocking to announce that Mom wanted us to get ready for supper. We would really have been in trouble if he had caught us naked and licking each other’s pussies.

The house emptied quickly after supper, so Sally and I cleaned the table and loaded the dishwasher. I turned that on right away so that there would be plenty of hot water by the time Sally and I took our showers to wash off the smell of sex. We rushed to my room and stripped off our clothes.

“Remember, Sally, you have to go first so that I can learn what to do.” Sally nodded, so I lay down on the bed. Sally said, “Pull up farther toward the head of the bed and spread your legs like you are having a pussy exam. That should bring your pussy high enough so that I can reach it.”

I followed directions, and Sally got between my legs and lowered her head to my pussy lips. She started to lick from the bottom to the top of my pussy slit, and it felt good, but it was not like I remember it feeling from the dream. For one thing, she was not pressing hard enough with her tongue. It was sort of like she was licking an ice cream cone. I decided not to criticize, because the job she was doing was a whole lot better than nothing, and I didn’t want to piss her off.

Anyway, it seemed to take a very long time for me to come, and it was not nearly as big an orgasm as what I felt in the dream. Maybe I was going to have to teach Sally how to do a proper job of licking pussy.

When I finally came, I thanked Sally for treating me to my first time at pussy licking. I had her lie down and repeat what I had done at the beginning. The first few licks that I gave her were pretty close to what she had given me, but then I leaned in and pressed harder with my tongue on her pussy lips. Also, I made a point of including her inner lips with my tongue strokes.

It only took about three minutes before Sally was writhing around on the bed, and I had to hold on to her hips to keep her from wiggling away from me. By then, she was panting and moaning, so I knew that I had to be doing something right. I kept at it, and it was about seven minutes later when Sally let out a big scream and came.

Actually, she made so much noise with her scream that she scared me. Shit, I sure was glad that nobody else was in the house when that happened. We would have been in deep shit if Mom had been home! I did keep licking until Sally had returned to Earth after her orgasm, and that was when I quit.

“Oh, my God, Judy, where did you learn to do that? Helen never gave me that big an orgasm. It was wonderful. I can hardly wait for you to do it again.”

“I want another shot from you, first, Sally. Besides, my tongue and jaw are kind of tired, and I need a short rest. Please give me another try, and press harder with your tongue this time. I think that was what made the difference.”

“Okay, get into position, and I will try again. I hope that I can do as well as you did.” This time, Sally’s technique was much better, and I had a much better orgasm in about eight minutes of her licking. She was doing better than that first time, but she definitely needed practice.

“Oh, God, Sally, that was much better than the first time. You really turned me on. My tongue and jaws have recovered, so I can do you again whenever you are ready.”

It didn’t take Sally long to make up her mind. She was pushing me around on the bed because I was not moving fast enough to suit her. I laughed at her, but that made no difference as far as Sally was concerned. We got into position, and I started out licking her again. I had something else up my sleeve that I wanted to try. I had managed to defeat the blocks that Mom had put on my computer, so I was able to visit the educational sex sites.

That was where I found out a lot about the hymen and the G-spot. This time, not only was I going to lick Sally’s pussy, but I was going to try to massage her G-spot at the same time. In the process of getting ready to lick, I took a moment to check out Sally’s hymen. Yep, I had no trouble spotting the hole in her hymen, and it was large enough to pass my middle finger. That was all I needed to know.

I got Sally going with my licking first. As soon as she started to moan and pant, I pushed my middle finger through the hole in her hymen and into her vagina. All I knew about what I was doing was just following directions from one of the educational web sites. Ah, there were the bumps and ridges that I was supposed to find.

Sally’s moaning and panting increased markedly when I penetrated her vagina with my finger, but she went wild when I rubbed my finger on her G-spot. She was already making small screaming sounds, and all I was doing was lightly rubbing her G-spot. Hell, why not go all of the way? I rolled my finger at the knuckles so that I could rub her G-spot with my fingernail.

Oh, my God! Sally nearly jumped to the ceiling! She did jump enough to pull my hooked finger out of her vagina, and that tore her hymen to shreds. Well, neither of us was thinking about that at the moment. I stuck my finger back in and followed it with a second finger because there was no longer her hymen to get in the way. Now she was bouncing so much that I could not keep my tongue in contact with her pussy. For practical purposes, I was finger-fucking my best friend!

I don’t know how long Sally bounced around, but it seemed like forever. Finally she came in an orgasm that might have set a record. She started screaming again as she came, and she just kept screaming as quickly as she could draw in another breath. Finally, she ran down and fainted. I pulled out my fingers and suddenly realized what I had done. Blood was flowing and I had to catch it before it stained the bed clothing. I jumped to the floor and picked up her panties. They were cotton and did a good job of catching the blood. They had to be washed before Sally went home. I guessed that meant that we were going to have to take cold showers tonight.

One thing for sure, before anybody got home, I was going to have Sally do that same thing for me. I sure as hell was not going to let her have such an orgasm without trying for one like it for myself. I already had my excuse for the torn hymen ready for my mother.

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