A Curious Betrayal
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Grand Parent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Juicy Jessica's puberty ignites her Moms latent lust.

Valerie Winsor hums along to the radio while washing-up in the kitchen and can hear them both playing boisterously together behind her.

Jessica is squealing with delight as Dan romps with her on the floor which is so reminiscent of Valerie’s of own childhood with him as a schoolgirl. Now Jessica was the apple of his eye. But Valerie would always guard against feeling any jealousy against her daughter.

Staring out at the darkness through the window she recalled romping with Dan just the same; his laugh, his sensuous fondle, his biceps and his physical warmth; he had enraptured her.

But Valerie also recalled how that carefree sensuality had been crippled by her mother’s malice. One evening as they’d romped around, mother had entered the room and had spoken with such sudden icy spite... ‘Stop it! Get off him Valerie! You should be past this sort of thing now my girl!’

In that instance Valerie knew what was implied; their activity was not decent.

Something precious had been replaced by a guilt complex. It had also induced a deep sense of shame into Valerie’s sexuality.

Much later when she’d been engaged to James and they’d ventured into a full sex relationship. Valerie discovered that only a guilt-ridden fantasy of Dan allowed her to climax. For Valerie sex was a cocktail which included a shot of Dan and a shot of Shame.

But it was a bedroom secret she’d hid from James. He was blissfully unaware of it, even after their daughter was born and even up to his death in a fatal road accident a year ago.

Yet all these years later here was Dan, filling their home with his warmth and humour and providing Jez with the vital tactile presence of a man in the house. Being sensual with a man would not be a sin for Jessica.

Eventually on learning about James dying, Dan had rung her from Melbourne to offer her his condolences.

Then he’d conceded how lonely his life was in the god-forsaken land of Australia; where the barbecue beach-lifestyle was something that died out before Aids came into vogue for the gays who lived in Sydney.

But now Australia was simply a racetrack for rats that had jumped ship from other sinking countries.

How Dan dreamed of retuning to the paradise that was England; to be with his only daughter; to live with the only family he had in the world.

The idea of Dan becoming her man about the house had been one of those pivotal decisions in Valerie’s life.

What follows is her own account of reclaiming Dan: her prince of darkness.

Valerie’s Tale :

I’m humming along to the radio while washing-up in the kitchen and can hear them both playing boisterously together behind me...

Jez is squealing with delight as Dan romps with her on the floor which is so reminiscent of own childhood with him. Now Jez is the apple of his eye but I must always guard against any Jealousy.

While I stare into the darkness of the window I become aware of the reflection that’ s before me; of the two of them on the floor behind me. I smile at the quirk of it, like watching a hidden camera. Jez is squirming on the floor underneath Dan.

Kneeling over her, he’s tickling her first on the neck then the waist. She’s in convulsions, legs kicking out against the delightful torture, her white thighs flashing, her school dress skewed up past her knickers.

The tickling fingers work from her waist down into her thighs and suddenly I’m transfixed; my heartbeat the only sound I’m aware of. I watch his finger stroking slowly over her thighs and into the crouch of her knickers.

Now she’s ceased squirming; she’s motionless.

As her thighs begin parting, her brown eyes, shaded with uncertainty yet knowing, lift to meet Dan’s lustful gaze. His fingers are sliding inside her gusset.

Flicking off the radio I snap the moment back to reality; calling at them over my shoulder.

‘OK Jez, lets start getting ready for bedtime! you can begin by brushing those teeth’.

Normality returns.

Coming into the kitchen and pulling strait her dress Jez complains; ‘Oh Mom! I’m thirteen! It’s early yet!’

‘I’m afraid so Jez’, I say, ‘its school in the morning.’

Dan follows in behind her boyishly, ‘Can I give you a hand with anything Val?’

Turning my head, I take a look at Jez;; her dark brown shoulder-length hair; her vibrant expression; the small twin peaks declaring her dress to small, she was nearly beautiful and she should now be wearing a bra!

I gaze back through the window to hide my emotions;That fleeting image of her responding to his touch had so aroused me.

I answered Dan, “It would help if you could read her bedtime story for me Dad.”

‘Yea, that’ll be good!’ cries Jez; and she turns and heads upstairs with Dan in her wake.

My mind is in turmoil. What made me suggest he read her a story in her bedroom for heavens sake?

I fill the kettle and busy myself clearing away the washin-up, with silly questions nagging me;

Did I feel jealousy over my daughter having Dan in her bedroom?

Am I fantasising over my own yearnings for Dan, when I was her age?

Now I felt ashamed at my thoughts!

Just what did I expect them to be doing together?

Easy; simply creep upstairs and see for yourself Val!

As I place down her school blazer I see my hands are trebling at that very prospect.

Silently, I make my to the landing by Jez’s bedroom;

I can hear his deep soft voice reading from the storybook.

The door is ajar and I peek through the crack.

I clearly see him sat by her bedside holding the book on his lap.

Jez is in bed and appears to be nearly asleep.

Again self-revulsion begins creeping up: but then everything somersaults at what I really see.

While Dan methodically reads from the book on his lap, his other hand is under the blanket quietly exploring Jez’s parted thighs. Her eyes are closed and her pink tongue runs pensively over her top lip.

Looking at Jez again I see not a passive virgin but a teenager taking her first steps in sex.

And it was perfectly normal.

Mother had wronged me. My reaction now, must be wise.

Without disturbing them I go to my bedroom and lock the door.

I feel strangely elated and sexually charged.

I can feel a repression that’s over-ridden my sensuality, crumbling.

Slipping off my skirt and pants, I lie back on my bed and biting hard on my pillow, quickly frig myself up to a heavy climax and the pillow soaks up my animal cry of passion.

As my heartbeat gradually comes down, I realise I am smiling.

Suddenly, at the age of twenty-seven, I have vanquished my sexual taboo.

I’ll now feel good with sex ; and I need lots it!

It wasn’t unusual for the pair of us to be in the bathroom during the morning scramble and I hand Jez a fresh pair of panties saying, ‘Can you change into these Jez as I’m putting the washing through soon.’

Still sleepy, she simply follows orders and sitting on the loo she she removes her knickers.

Her pubescence is apparent; her thighs and hips have thickened and her snatch has sprouted a fine down of pubic hair. Her vagina is plump and rosy.

I make my move and crouch down between her naked thighs.

‘Lummy! what a rash that is Jez’, rubbing my fingers over her snatch. ‘Still don’t worry love’, I say still stroking it, ‘nothings wrong, you’ve probably had a wet dream and rubbed yourself sore, that’s all.’

‘How do you mean a wet dream’ she says guardedly.

I smile, ‘Look Jez, girls like you occasionally have a sexy dream which makes them rub their slitty. I suppose it was your first one and that’s why you’re sore. Its quite natural. I’ll put some cream on it for you, Ok?’

Her face fills with curiosity. “Oh, I suppose so.”

Spreading her legs apart, I begin to smooth some of the jelly around her slit. ‘Your probably a bit sore just here too.’ I say, slipping my finger just inside the bright pink lips.

Her breath quickens a bit, although no complaint. Carefully I feel for her clit and she utters a tiny sob,” Oow!”

Looking her in the eye I say in a level tone, ‘Yes it is sore Jez’. Ok we’ll keep an eye on it.’

Leaving her to dress, I go to my room then relaxing behind my door, I’m aware of how much I’ve perspired with the excitement of handling Jessica.

Taking off my wrap I lie back on the bed and begin slowly masturbating.

Jessica had clearly let Dan frig her raw last night! They were just bad as one another.

Closing my eyes, I savour the power I’m getting from their misbehaviour; My climax comes quick and clean with an image of the pair of them together. I lie back ... fully spent and contemplative.

I decided it was time I took Dan in hand.

The room had become dark by the time Dan came in and I was reclining on the sofa.

‘Why hello Princess’ he says appreciatively, pecking me on the cheek, ‘Your looking good; expecting a date?’

Sweetly, I smile up at him. “No, just waiting to have a chat with you Dan.” I pat the sofa next to me invitingly.

‘He sits next to me slowly, ‘Something I should know about then Val?’

I catch him in my candid stare but say with a smile, ‘That’s odd actually Dan, I was about to ask you that very question.’ Perplexing him further, I kiss him on the lips in a way that daughters shouldn’t; something I’d only dreamed of till now.

It was heaven.

Totally foxed he stares at me a while before saying, ‘What’s all this for Val?’

Shifting up to him I put my mouth close to his ear and whisper, ‘What did you get up to when you put Jez to bed last night?’

He was visibly shaken and after a long stony silence he replies in a confidential tone, ‘How do you mean, what’s happened with Jez?’

Relishing my emerging power I calmly continue, ‘Well ... when she got up she complained that her fanny was sore, and to me, it looked like she had spent an evening in the back row of the cinema.

Now, what am I to make of that Dan?

He was looking intently at me now, trying to gauge my position, wondering how to play it.

Defensively but respectfully he says, ‘Well, I can’t explain it, but I’m sure it’s just a one off; believe me Val.’

I let him hang there suspended for several seconds before releasing the tension.

Reverting to a girlish pout, I begin unbuttoning his shirt.

‘If I though for a moment you had another princess, I would be very upset;

but I’m sure you know that;

I place my hand inside his open shirt start smoothing his chest...

‘Now why don’t we just kiss and make up.’

I look invitingly into his eyes then put my lips to his.

Comprehending my intentions he gasps softly.

We kiss; soft exploring kisses.

His hands go hesitantly round my waist and tug me.

I melt against him.

Now our kiss has passion causing my lust to surge.

Pulling from his embrace, my wrap parts, rendering me semi-naked.

‘Why you sexy little minx!’ Dan utters as his hands move ravenously over my body bring a flood of joy to me.

I will need lots of him;

I will have it all, but not now, ... later.

I firmly eased him away and began tidying myself up.

‘Dan ... I’m going to need your help; we’ve got to sort Jez out... ‘

I had been anticipating this moment but I was still so nervous.

Jez was drying off from her shower before pulling on her nightdress.

Prominent now were her newly forming breast; small white twin cones each topped with a rosy nipple, begging to be nibbled.

As casually as possible, I kneel on one knee before her saying, ‘Now lets see if this cream has been working; sit you down and spread your legs pet’.

Fortunately she obliges and my fingers probe into her.

Her parted slit reveals a proud little clitoris.

Its sheer nakedness excites me.

I begin smoothing it with cream.

Her thighs and tummy tense; with a sharp intake of breath she shuts her eyes on the flood of pleasure.

Realising I have control of her I don’t stop, just sooth her with some soft words.

I can feel her cunt contracting. ‘Nearly done Jez’ I whisper frigging her furiously.

I’m hot with anticipation.

With the cream and her juices frothing together, I add, ‘Is it still a bit sore pet?’

But she’s lost in a silent bliss, her body shuddering in climax.

Leaving Jez asleep, I go to my own room.

Lying patiently on my bed, (in the boxer shorts I’d bought him and his body still muscular), is my prince.

I undo my dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor saying, ‘Sorry I was a while with Jez Dan, but she’s OK now’.

Seeing his defensive look, I slide teasingly up to him, feeling into his groin.

‘So ... Does my daddy still have what it takes to satisfy a princess? I coyly say.

But the tease is entirely on me; it feels like a cucumber and any remaining control I had, is lost to desire.

Pulling down the shorts I reveal the taboo but proud object I’d so coveted.

‘Jesus’ I whisper in wonderment, taking hold of the implement at last.

Propping myself into a half sitting position, I get my mouth over its glistening crown.

My ecstasy is quickly joined by urgency as I realise I’m about to receive his load.

Pulling away, I’m swiftly on my back, legs spread, arched for him.

“Take me all the way Dan.”

And he did.

A hard shaft slid through my throbbing entrance, stopping only when it’s entire length was buried in my bloated vagina.

The sudden motion startled me but I was now the one in charge. I lifted into the air, coming down on his cock with a driving force. Then I rode him with unbridled fury, pulling him ever deeper with each new penetration. I took hold of his hands, raising them to my breasts and again inviting him to play with them. I tossed my head back, bounding in all directions. I could tell he was close, it was time for me to collect my prize. Sliding off him, I got down on all fours and lifted my body onto the centre of the couch, inviting him to enter me from behind. Dan moved into position and, holding his cock with one hand, slid it back inside me. It didn’t take long for both our bodies to reach the edge of bliss. Sweat ran down both our backs, even as our bodies stiffened with the arrival of the moment of joy.

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