Hey Richard!
Chapter 1




AUNTLISAA@GMAIL.COM: You posted another story on Storiesonline.net and this one is much better than your last one. Yeah, I know. I write stories too, just not as obscene as you do?

RKINGIIIII@AOL.COM: They aren’t obscene to the other people on SOL.com.

AUNTLISAA@GMAIL.COM: Anyway, you certainly have a style all your own. I like your characters and when they have a conversation, it sounds very real, and true.

RKINGIIIII@AOL.COM: Once an English Major, always an English Major, Aunt Lisa.

LISA: I guess you are right. I used to help your father with his homework back when we went to school together.

RICHARD: He told me that. Actually, he told me that he would sometimes pretend to need your help.

LISA: He told you that?

RICHARD: Uh-uh. The way he said it, told me he had a crush on you and whenever he needed your ‘help’ he would spray some Binaca in his mouth to make sure he had fresh breath for his hot little sister.

LISA: He promised me he would never tell anybody. Now you know. Anybody else?

RICHARD: No, I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who knows that you two would make out in his room.

LISA: Ohmigod! Are you planning on telling anybody, or can we keep this a secret between Aunt and Nephew?

RICHARD: I’m certain a deal can be worked out, Lisa! Tell me something that could help me become a better writer, please?

LISA: You got a deal. Did you know The Oxford English dictionary contains over 615,000 entries?

RICHARD: How does that help?

LISA: Patience, young man. That was to help you understand that the English language is complicated, if you didn’t already know that on your own.

RICHARD: Anything else, besides that?

LISA: From what I have discerned reading your porn versus reading others, is that you seem concerned about your characters.

RICHARD: Thank you, Beautiful!

LISA: Like that. I like the way you express feelings between the hero and the girl in your stories. I see you have a mix of genres going on, brother sister, mother son, and aunt nephew.

Were you writing about me in that story called Aunt Marie?”

RICHARD: You weren’t Marie; you were Ruby in that story.

LISA: My goodness. So, all that sex was about you wanting to make love with me?

RICHARD: I guess so. What do you say to that, Lisa?

LISA: You certainly have a vivid imagination. That story has been one of my favorites. Gotta go, see ya later!

That was hot flirting with my Aunt. I wonder exactly what she and Dad did together.

I’m Richard, 22, living by myself in a too small apartment. I have dates over, but they always turn out to be friendly. They want to be my friend. If I make a move to kiss or touch, they giggle and move away.

Lisa, 33, is my father’s youngest sister. He’s 40! She’s very smart, and quite pretty. Whenever I write a story about a blonde, I imagine her. It’s naturally blonde, to her elbows, and she also has blue eyes and a smile that makes me hard, just thinking about her.

My RKINGIIIII@AOL.COM email I made up, just to use on Literotica and StoriesOnline.net I assume most of the emails on the site are similar. Using your real name or email on a website where people write stories about Incest, Rape, and Sexual Slavery, with Aliens, Robots, and Zombies, while people are performing Rough Sadistic sex, playing Watersports and all kinds of deviancies all the while guys are taking dildos up their asses. Nope, most of that is for ‘other people’, not me!

My stories are both incestuous and obscene, but SOL allows them to be. Literotica has a minimum age for sex at 18 years old, while SOL has a 14-year-old minimum. From what I can figure out, they used to allow even younger, but that was probably abused, both literally and metaphorically.

Lisa first responded to my story about a young brother and sister called ‘It’s All About Missy’, not realizing who I was at the time.

Her email spoke of my sensitive characterizations, and true to life relationships. I wasn’t really trying to do any of that. I started writing when I nineteen, with the aforementioned story, having just moved out of the house, leaving my fifteen-year-old sister, Arial, at home. I still live in the same town, but I needed to move out.

Now, I’m 22, she’s 18, and occasionally I go home for a better meal than I am able to cook for myself. I make money writing stories, not porn, and I’m doing rather well, putting out an EBook about every six weeks.



I went over to my desktop...


LISA: I found a list you might want to have for your writing?

RICHARD: What is it?

LISA: You do know what a Homophone is, don’t you?

RICHARD: When a gay guy calls his parents for money, right?

LISA: Ha! Anyway, I found a list of them, they might help you in your writing or at least, your editing process. Here it is, just a minute?





















RICHARD: I got it, thanks. A few of these are nothing but trouble to me. MS Word for the Mac isn’t smart enough to discern its/it’s or the two complements terribly well. I’ve even tried grammar checkers, but they are only marginally better. I am my best editor, even as vain as that sounds.

LISA: I understand. That’s why I sent it to you. I have a question?

RICHARD: Go ahead. I have no secrets ... from you!

LISA: Do you masturbate while you are writing a story?

RICHARD: Wow, that is quite the question, do you?

LISA: On occasion, but it slows down the typing process, when I have a few fingers up inside my pussy.

LISA: Richard, are you there?

RICHARD: That was mean, Aunt Lisa. Telling me that.

LISA: I wanted your reaction, that’s all.

RICHARD: Well, to be honest, I have tried it, but it made a big mess.

LISA: Sorry. what are you working on these days?

RICHARD: I may start a new story about my father’s youngest sister and a sixteen-year-old boy who can’t get his mind off everyday life because he always thinking of her, sometimes even masturbating to a picture of her, he has hidden in a file on his computer.

LISA: Why make him sixteen?”

RICHARD: The younger the people in the story, the better response you get when people read, and vote.

LISA: Wouldn’t it be more realistic if he was, say, 22, or so?

RICHARD: I’m not sure, Lisa. I may need some help on a story that complex.

LISA: Are you inviting me over to help you write a story?

RICHARD: I don’t know, I’m a little worried.

LISA: About what?

RICHARD: Blurring the lines between real life and literary fantasy.

RICHARD: Aunt Lisa, are you there?

RICHARD: Aunt Lisa?

Damn, I must have gone too far. I kept my chatting software open, and I picked up my iPad.

I opened StoriesOnline to see how my ongoing stories are doing. To date, I have 104, under three different Pen Names.

Currently ten of them have a score of 7.94 or better. I’m very proud of that.

Most recently, I posted a Grammar Helper for those wanting to improve their writing, and many have already started thanking me for some of the bits I posted...

The word, LOOSE gets confused with LOSE

(The loose girl would lose her panties at the party)

The word, DEFINITELY gets confused with DEFIANTLY

(That girl will definitely get pussyfucked, but defiantly refuses anal)

The word, PIQUED gets confused with PEAKED and PEEKED

(My Aunt Lisa piqued my interest by starting a blow job; The Dow Jones peaked near 19,000; I peeked at my eleven-year-old sister in the shower!)

The word, ACCEDE gets confused with EXCEED

(He acceded to his mother’s threat! She exceeded the speed limit)

The word, ADULTERY is often misspelled as ADULTRY

(The term adultery is only correctly used, if at least one of the partners is married. Single people, cannot be adulterers)

The word, DIKE gets confused with DYKE

(The dike was nearly overflowing (like a dam)

The dyke told her lesbian partner, to put the two headed dildo up her ass)

The word, TO gets confused with TOO and TWO

(He went to school! She was moving too fast. Two Scoops of Ice Cream, Please?)

There was a knock on my door, and I turned on my screensaver, got up and opened the door to ... my Aunt Lisa.

She had a go bag with her and walked past me, put it down, and came back to give me a very audacious kiss.

When she released me, she said, “Thomas has left for a two-week trip to the west coast. I thought I would move in with you and we could write a story together and have some very naughty sex, unless you want me to leave?”

Since I last saw her, she now had a very short haircut, and wasn’t wearing a bra, and she looked amazing!

She got out and plugged in her phone charger, put her phone on it, and took me by my hand into my bedroom.

I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by, so, after she pushed me on my back on my own bed, I pulled off my t-shirt and boxers, and sat there watching her sloowwwly remove her top, exposing the breasts I only had ever imagined in my head.

She kept her panties on, although I could tell she hasn’t shaved recently. The idea of licking and fucking her got my cock on high alert!

“Ooooh, Richie, is that what inspired your Schwanzstucker story?”

“A little, my first draft had my main character wake up with a 30-inch dick, but that seemed too unbelievable. I’ve seen some dicks on xvideo that were over 12 inches long, so, I made my personal hard-on his soft length, and went to 21 inches for his ‘condition.’”

“If I remember that story, that makes what I’m looking at 10 3/4 inches long?”

“You have a good memory, Lisa,” I said to her.

Dropping to her knees, she took my 27.3 centimeters in her hands and simply licked the very tip. I was so aroused that got me very close to an eruption.

“Are you that close, Richard? Would you prefer my mouth or my cunt?”

“Hurry, please?”

The moment she settled with all of me inside her, I climaxed.

“I’m sorry, this was too much for me all at once,” I said, embarrassed.

“No harm no foul,” she said. “Roll me on my back and fuck me again, please?”

Wow, she just picked up her stuff and came over to my place, and wants to fuck me. I didn’t even ask if she was on the pill?

I did the roll, and started to kiss those perky 36Cs of hers. She was enjoying it, as much as I was. It was rather sloppy inside her pussy, but I got a nice rhythm going, while I was practically gnawing on her nipples.

“Aww, ohhh, shit ... ohh ... my goodness, Richard. You are so big ... you are deeper than my own husband and your father gets. Don’t stop, please?”

She kept peppering me the whole time I was plunging as deep as I could within her. This wasn’t my first time with a girl, but it was the first time with my Aunt Lisa, now looking like a 33-year-old version of a bustier and sexier version of Miley Cyrus.

It was just like one of my stories, only better. This would make a great story, all by itself.

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