I Was Blindfolded
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kara visits her Grandfather durring a vacation from school. And when she gets home her twin sister freaks out that she grew bigger breasts than her. Will Kara be able to get through her sister's revenge?

Growing up my twin sister and I would always hang out together. We were almost identical but there were a few things different. But not all the differences showed up at once. We’d talk the normal girl stuff, things like boys. And we’d also have fun teasing our older brother. He was about four years older than us. It was so easy to get him nervous and I guess you could call it flustered. Things kind of changed once we moved from Japan to America. Yes we are Japanese. Well our Dad was half Japanese and half White. But our mom was full Japanese. Our Grandparents became very ill and my Dad had moved us all from our familiar home to a strange place we had only seen once that we could remember. And my sister and I were both 8 years old then. Eventually our Grandma passed but our Grandpa got better. We were originally supposed to go back to Japan once they either got better or passed, but we ended up staying.

Once my siblings and I started school I was sent home early from school my first day. They said that students were not allowed to have dyed hair the color that mine was. When I tried to tell them that my hair color was naturally Ice Blue they didn’t believe me and I got into even more trouble for lying. They tried to say that if both my brother and twin sister had the normal black Asian hair color that there was no way that blue could be my normal hair color. I was in middle school at that that time. And I was devastated. A few days after my parents had convinced the school I was not lying about my hair color I started school again. The kids started to act weird around me though.

A month after that there was a group of young girls that walked up to me and acted very friendly towards me. I wasn’t completely sure what they wanted to do because I was still not very good at speaking English at the time. One thing that confused me was when at one point one of them asked what I thought was,”Does the carpet really match the drapes?” At first I thought they were just wanting to braid my hair or see the strangeness of it but once they started to pull it I tried to get away. Then they pushed me onto my stomach and they cut my hair. They had it to about less than an inch. When they pulled my pants and panties down to half way down my thighs I froze in shock. I heard lots of shocked voices and some laughing when I had been exposed. Once I heard the buzz of a razor I started to struggle again. But when it started to glide across the back of my neck and onto my skull I started to scream.

Shortly after that I heard a boy yelling at the girls and then he pushed them away. He tried to talk to me but I just pushed him away. He tried again but from a distance. I looked at him and when I noticed he had blue eyes I yelled again because the eyes reminded me of the hair I had just lost. He went away and I went to the ground where my hair had fallen. I grabbed all of my fallen strands that I could, held onto them as if my life depended on it. My sister ran up to me and I let her hold onto me until our parents came to pick us up. Needless to say my family moved away to another school district but we stayed within a 7 hour drive from my Grandpa. And my parents did sue the school and the parents of the girls that did that to me.

For some reason my sister changed after we moved. We started to drift apart. I spent the summer before our senior year of high school with my Grandpa. We had a lot of fun together just the two of us. I may even talk about it later.

The main part of the story begins once I return from my time with Grandpa.

“Holy shit, Kara! Dad is going to be pissed when he finds out you talked Grandpa into letting you get a boob job. Damn.” shouted my sister Suki.

I scratched my head, “What are you talking about? What boob job?”

My sister pointed to my chest and with clenched teeth said, “Those big freaking melons attached to your chest. When you left home at the beginning of the summer your chest was only a little bit bigger than mine. Now they’re what C Cups?”

I laughed, “Don’t be silly sis. They aren’t C cups. They’re D Cups. And I didn’t talk Grandpa into anything. They just grew a lot during the summer. And I think they’re still growing too.”

I screeched out loud when Suki grabbed and squeezed my breasts. She held on for a few seconds, looked shocked, and pulled away.

I swear her eyes started to tear up a little, “Those are ... real. You BITCH. You’re my twin. We’re nearly identical and you ... You weren’t supposed to grow your boobs that big.”

Suki ran off screaming and a moment later I heard her door slam.

I laid down in the giant bean bag chair and covered myself in a light blanket. Crazy I know for this time of year.

Later my brother David woke me up by tapping my shoulder.

“Kara, hey Kara why is Suki so ticked off. She was screaming in her room and then she just left 20 minutes ago. Do you think she’s been caught shoplifting again?”

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and yawned as I said, “I hope not. But I wouldn’t know about that. I just got home not long ago. She was mad when she found out how much my boob grew during the summer.”

David laughed, “What she’s mad at that? What did they grow half a cup size or something?”

“No. They went from a small B Cup to a D Cup.” I said.

Seeing he didn’t believe me I stood up and dropped my blanket.

His jaw dropped, “Wow. I guess those are going to make running cross country kind of awkward sis.”

“I’m sure I could manage it.” I stated.

Before I said anymore David blurted out, “I meant for the guys around you. They’ll be really distracted by those things bouncing around. You’d be the only girl on the team with anything that big. Heck you’re going to have the biggest chest in the entire school. And that includes Mrs. Gomez.”

I blushed thinking about all the times I saw the boys drooling over Mrs. Gomez, and all the stories I had heard about her. I even remembered one time how one of her boobs popped out of her top one time.

“Don’t worry about me and my boobs brother. I’m actually not going to be on the team this year. I wish I could but as you pointed out I don’t want anything too embarrassing to happen because of Jasmine and Jessica here.” I said lifting my boobs.

It was David’s turn to look confused, “You named your boobs?”

“As soon as they started to distend from my chest. Well before actually.” I lifted my left boob, “I named her Jasmine before they developed.” then I lifted my right boob “it took me a while to come up with her name. But as soon as I saw her swelling I knew Jessica was the name for her.”

When I heard David laugh I blushed and ran to my room, locking the door behind me. I turned the music up loud so I couldn’t tell if he tried to talk to me.

When it was 6 in the afternoon I turned off my music and looked out my window down towards the street and smiled when I saw my Dad’s car pull into the driveway. As soon as my hand touched my doorknob I frowned and looked down at my chest.

“I hope my dad doesn’t get upset about my chest.” I said to myself.

I don’t think I could take him being mad at me for this. Not after how my brother laughed at my chest. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if at one point I hadn’t had a crush on my brother. The entire summer I had tried to convince myself I was over that crush. I mean I had plenty of distractions while on vacation. And they were great at keeping my mind occupied. I loved it. While there I had also found out that the boy who saved me from the evil girls was transferring to my school and he was going to be on the football team. So that was a plus.

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