The Innkeeper's Daughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mercy Goodnight was a natural submissive female willing to bend over backwards to bring pleasure to as many males as possible. She was skilled in many different female favors and her fondest hope was that her father would never discover the extent of her depraved desires.

Mercy Goodnight was a wisp of a girl with dancing feet and toes that never seemed to stop moving either day or night when there was work to be done. She never flinched from the prospect of hard labor and never shirked from getting her hands dirty in the operations of her father’s popular Inn on the outskirts of the bustling mid-sized town not far from a prestigious university of higher learning easily recognizable just from whispering its name.

The innkeeper’s daughter had aspirations of becoming a student in that university ever since she could remember but she knew her father was on the edge of financial ruin on a day to day basis and her prospect of ever walking down those hallowed halls was slim to none.

Besides, she had two older brothers that must take their proper place in the line of educating “Goodnights” in the overall scheme of things. They both were handsome lads and despite a certain lack of academic versatility, they managed to maintain a high enough grade to avoid being sent down as student failures. Mercy was happy for them because it would allow them to continue their hobbies of pursuing the female students and lifting their skirts to do whatever young boys did to girls when other people were not in the vicinity. She knew it must have been something very nice because the silly girls had such beautiful smiles of contentment on their faces as they walked back to their dormitory rooms after Billy and Bob Goodnight actually said,


Young mistress Mercy had been accosted on several occasions by travelers staying at the inn thinking that she was just one of the servant girls sent to clean the place or service their special needs as a paying guest. She didn’t mind the inconvenience and found their interest a complete mystery because she had no bosom to speak of and her rump was certainly too big for the currently preferred neat little packages for a gentleman’s nocturnal pleasure. Of course, she did have a stage play face of stunning features that inspired most males to reach out and cup her overly generous flanks just to see the reaction in her bottomless hazel eyes.

In all honesty, she much preferred the gentle patting of her hard working buttocks rather than the French style pinch that seemed so popular in these hedonistic times. She found that the older men had more skill in such matters than the crudely eager young men with rude hands and inquisitive fingers. She seldom claimed disqualification from such treatment because she was the only daughter of the inn’s owner and not some common female chosen for employment simply because she was both attractive and of a friendly nature that presented a submissive attitude to overtures of a kind that even the naïve Mercy was quite aware of in an amused but cooperative display of feminine charm.

Generally, she was able to take care of her own problems without calling in her father to help her out and managed to mollify the gentlemen without causing them embarrassment in any way or manner. She had discovered that the power of a promise delivered with a smile did a lot more to calm the guest than any protest of manhandling behind a closed bedchamber door. She had to admit that on more than one occasion, she had been tempted to allow the gentleman guest to proceed with his program of showing her the extent of his intentions. That was shamefully due more to the size of his waving manhood than his figure or his attractiveness of face.

She had gone to the extent of bending over and holding her ankles in one case of a joyfully impressive member and had even allowed the older man “in his cups” to rub his pleasing shaft all over her unpracticed flanks like a boyfriend with familiar expectations. It had awakened something primeval deep in her feminine core and she managed a satisfactory tingle even though he actually never reached her entryway before his explosion of creamy stickiness that forced her to laugh at her own level of terribly weak character.

She had become accustomed to watching more than participating, if for no other reason than to discover by visual experimentation the correct way of pleasuring a male person’s need for copulation in various positions that boggled her mind and with strange ritualistic nuances that well-behaved young girls simply did not discuss in mixed company. Eventually, young Mercy was exposed to all the devious ways men and women interacted in nocturnal privacy without actually being a participant in the nasty business of spreading her less than enthusiastic knees.

In fact, the sensitive and innocent appearing young innkeeper’s daughter became quite famous for her “handy” efforts to bring swift relief to weary male travelers more interested in achieving a speedy “tingle” than to brag of their exploits behind closed doors. They generally accepted her “milking” efforts as their reward for gentlemanly behavior and dropped off to a night of relaxed rest and recuperation before resuming their journey to wherever they were headed when they arrived. Of course, she kept her hidden efforts to please the male guests a secret because it would impart too much knowledge of her lack of moral character in such matters.

The genial innkeeper remained totally in the dark about his promiscuous daughter’s extra services and assumed she was constantly shriven in guiltless state of grace.

Mercy was assigned to tend to the needs of a Spanish lady of quality and her dashing son resplendent in colorful brocades like some bullfighter of merit and idol of hordes of simpering female fans commenting on the slimness of his agile hips.

The entourage consisted of the mother and son and several servants attending to their needs on their foreign journey though the English countryside.

Mercy was delighted to help change her ladyship’s fine clothing and she was most tender in releasing the constraint of the high-quality corset and other shape defining undergarments. Then, she helped draw the hot bath for the upper class noblewoman and assisted her to submerge her corpulent figure into the refreshing water. Once under the water, only her long delicate neck and her pretty face and coiffed hair were outstanding along with just the tips of her buxom breasts breaking the surface with extended nipples uncertain of which direction to take. The warmth of the bath water was enticing to be sure, but, then again, the cooler afternoon air in the shaded room welcomed the quivering rosebuds with a promise of gentle cleansing.

She was a bit surprised that the son simply reclined in a leisurely manner on the generous bed totally unembarrassed at his parent’s nudity and watched Mercy carefully as she gently stroked the gentlewoman with her skillful hands. The older woman held Mercy’s hand between her legs a trifle longer than necessary and looked deeply into her eyes to see her reaction. After her many escapades with the other gender, the young girl found nothing startling by the need for release even with her offspring in close attendance. It was somewhat novel to labor over her own sex in such a manner but Mercy was not daunted in her mission to arrive at a happy ending.

The Spanish lady recited what sounded like a string of naughty words in constant repetition as Mercy gave her undivided attention. The son was laughing at his mother’s expression that clearly exposed her fast approaching release. Mercy gave the noblewoman one last deep thrust with her middle finger and the woman clung to her arm like she was trying to avoid drowning in the bathwater in the midst of her overwhelming joy.

It was only moments later that the son stripped down to his birthday suit and announced he was ready for his bath as well.

That absurdity was enough to make Mercy giggle like a silly schoolgirl and she played along with the naughty pair like an actress on the stage. Only this time, the impudent fellow stood when he was ready to spray his cream cuddled in the firm grasp of Mercy’s skillful hand. The mother offered her impressive breasts for his draining and they all watched the long lines of white sticky goo slide back down into the steaming water in the tub.

She promised to return after dinner to set them into comfort before bedding down for the evening. It seemed a bit odd to her because it was not common to find a gentleman sleeping in the same bed as his own mother. It was most unseemly and Mercy had the distinct impression that the older woman was well acquainted with his male anatomy far more than one would expect in the case of a genteel, well-bred lady of distinction. She shrugged her easy-going shoulders and mused that Donna Isabella was entirely within her rights to stake a claim in her own son’s nocturnal arrangements if she felt that inherent need. As far as the young Don Carlos was concerned, he was not to be faulted if his maternal Madonna required his physical closeness at those times when her loneliness of widowhood overcame her judgement.

Later that night, Mercy was squeezed down deep under the covers with Donna Isabella’s dominant buttocks spooned into her pubic mound like a tight lid holding her feminine folds in place for the fitting of Don Carlos’s thick girth into her rear portal. It was not entirely unexpected, but she had hoped his first entry would be in the other opening in order to relieve her of her technical title of virgin maid. It was so burdensome to be in such a category when she had discovered the joys of submissiveness in almost every sense of the word.

Young Don Carlos rammed his business home and bottomed out in Mercy’s sweet heart-shaped flanks causing her to grunt like a silly servant girl getting a lesson in tending to her employer’s nocturnal needs. The young lad’s mother smiled at her reaction with a glance over her shoulder. She pushed back on her belly and Mercy was further spitted on the hook of the son’s hardness with not escape possible under the circumstances.

The boy whispered in her ear.

“It is all right, little dove, my mother is not my mother, you see. She is my guardian and I am her, “how do you say?” Her adopted ward. I am her son in word and deed, but not her biological son and our little pleasures are not of the incestuous kind that requires much contrition and penitence to be forgiven by mother church.

Donna Isabella smiled and rolled over Mercy’s petite body to sit astride Don Carlos’s slender hips. She started to ride him almost immediately and pulled Mercy’s willing face to her breasts in order to have her suckle her nipples like a long-lost daughter seeking her mother’s milk of kindness. Mercy was smothered by the woman’s billowing bosom. She looked up momentarily to see the woman bouncing wildly on the spear of hardened flesh and hoped that she would be saved some of the son’s juices for her anticipated satisfaction.

She fell face down in the pillow and allowed the frenzied woman to spank her rump with flying fingers that filled her with remorse for her guilty depraved thoughts of an unchaste nature. Donna Isabella was grunting with heart-felt emotion now and Mercy was certain Don Carlos was flooding her internal opening with his pent-up spunk each time she descended and ground her pubic bone into his groin.

They rested and let their perspiration dry on their bare skin. They all knew it was only the beginning of a long evening’s pleasure.

Mercy got the message that she was the next course on the menu when the mother spread her tender globes and exposed her feminine slit to Don Carlos’s intense gaze of heated interest. The touch of his hardness at the back of her slit was her signal that she was about to lose her virginity and her pulse raced with the joy that filled her entire being. It happened so fast that she barely had time to hide her face in shame and take the full insertion of a hard-driving shaft straight up her channel of divine delight.

Donna Isabella’s lips on her mouth forced her to expose her pretty little tongue and she surrendered to the older woman at that end with the same agility that she opened up her core to the son on the other end like a slave-girl obedient to every command and order.

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