A Boy Admires His Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, White Couple, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bobby has always loved his mom, he loved her face her body and used photos of her to masturbate at least twice a day. This is a story of how he was able to make his fantasies and his erotic wet dreams come true.

Ever see a pair of tits to die for? I mean the perfect set of tits so round, firm, and full with nipples hard as rocks and which stuck out an inch, red and thick tits like a Playboy bunny might have, have you? Think back to those perfect breasts we have all seen growing up from one time or the other.

Remember when you were 18 and saw a beautiful woman who had a great body and loved how she showed it off without realizing it, remember how you felt, how your brain felt, how your cock felt?

That’s how Bobby felt about his mother, Bonnie. She was his dream woman, his fantasy, his masturbation material. He loved how she walked, talked, stood, bent, took a breath; hell, just about everything she did drove him mad with lust and desire. He just didn’t like her, no, Bobby was madly in love or maybe lust with his mom.

She had no real idea how he really felt about her. Oh she saw him watching her from time to time and she smiled to herself knowing he watched her ass, legs and breasts as she worked around the house, or sat out in the sun, or swam in the pool, even fixing dinner, but she just imagined it was her little boy growing up looking at her since she was a woman.

Bonnie always said he or any boy his age would look at any woman or anything with tits! She remembered back to when she was 18 and smiled saying to herself that all young guys loved looking at tits, big tits, fat tits, skinny tits, any tits!

At 18, Bobby was 20 years younger than she was, and she knew he dated lots of girl and she was sure that he had lots of pent up sexual needs and urges. She knew he masturbated a lot too since she did the laundry, and always found dried cum on his shorts or sheets or both.

Bobby was about to enter college and he was going to major in photography. He had a hobby of taking photos of everything including his family. In fact he was very good at it. He kept records of what he took and actually had some of his shots published locally and around the state. He had a few family photos hanging on walls around his house too.

What mom didn’t know was that he had 100s of photos of her on his PC and in storage. She was dressed in various types of clothing from fancy dresses when she was going out to some formal function with his dad, to her washing dishes and wearing a blouse and jeans, to her in shorts and a small top, to that bikini bathing suit that drove him wild. when she wore it around the pool.

He had taken shots of her in different positions while she laid out in the sun which she didn’t know about all the time. Then there were the shots of her coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her. These were usually taken from behind when she walked from the bathroom to the bedroom. When she passed his bedroom door he would open it a crack and snap a few of her lass as she walked down the hall way.

He even had a couple of her in a bra and panties that he had taken when her bedroom door was left cracked open by mistake.

But Bobby’s favorite shots were the ones he had taken of his mom changing from the bath towel to her panties and bra. He has taken them from the outside of the bedroom window and captured all of her fantastic body. These were the ones he used every day to jerk off and cum, sometimes almost passing it from the pleasure he felt as he imagined how it would feel to make love to her. If only there was a way.

These multiple shots were taken secretly and he had captured every inch of her front and back as she walked around the room dressing. God she had some body.

They showed how beautiful she really was, no make up on, hair not combed, just Bonnie in all her glory. Her breasts were captured at first hanging down with nipples that could put your eyes out!

Nipples so hard, long, red and so beautiful, made for sucking! They were also shown standing out from her body as she stood tall and straight putting on her stockings and panties.

While his mom’s breasts were large, 34D actually, they had very little sage. They stood out proudly from her body and Bobby could only imagine how they would feel in his hands. They always looked so firm, and full so lovely! He always imagine his mouth over one nipple sucking on it and pleasing her as his hands loved the other one. Then he would switch and suck the other breast while his hands made love to the one not being sucked.

Bobby loved all of his mother’s body but her tits were a dream come true for him. If he could only touch them, lick them, love them and suck them for her, he would think as he stroked his hard on. Then his cock would explode cumming and throbbing with his lust!

The rest of her body was spectacular too. Small stomach with almost no budge at all. His mom must work hard keeping it so flat. Her hips were flared but not to much. They made her shape perfect to him. He always told himself that her ass and her long legs were made for fucking. He was sure that she never let dad’s balls touch the mattress when they fucked. Her rear end was so round and firm he was sure she could elevate any man up off the mattress as he fucked her. She had suck a great ass.

Mom’s legs were long and shapely like a runners legs. Strong muscles and firm thighs finished her description. He would smile as he imagined them wrapped around him as he buried his big cock as deep as he could in her pussy as they both moaned and cried out unison with their orgasms.

But, Bobby’s favorite shots were the ones where mom sat in the chair and rubber lotion all over her arms and legs. Her legs were opened wide so she could get lotion rubbed in up to the top of her upper most thighs around her vagina.

When she sat on the edge of the chair and opened her thighs as wide as she could Bobby felt like he might faint! Bonnie’s vagina was shaved with just a little landing strip above her slit. He could see all of his mom’s pussy. She even rubbed lotion on it and spread he outer lips a little to ensure lotion was rubbed on her pussy lips too.

She rubbed fast and hard and when she did her big breasts would giggle and shake making him moan. He had actually jerked off against the side of the house spewing his cum all over the siding! He kept taking photos and watched his mom finish up. Bobby was smart enough to kept taking shots with the automatic and the stability functions of his camera on.

The automatic took shots every second. The stability function kept the shot in focus and kept any blurriness out of the shots.

These shots of his mom were kept on a CD and backed up with another one. He loaded them on his laptop and secured them with a password. Only he could access these shots and he did that at least twice a day most days as he locked his bedroom door and masturbated thinking of what he wanted to do her body and how it would feel to love her completely.

Bobby also kept a diary hidden on his PC and with a back up on anther CD. The diary held his deepest, desires and fantasies. He knew if his mom ever found it there would be hell to pay when she and/or dad confronted him about what he wrote in it.

If she read just one page it would be his death he was sure. He remembered opening the new diary the first day he got it and wrote about his mom’s breasts.

“Her breasts are shaped like small bombs, as they hung down with nipples like firing pints. I’m sure they would feel and taste wonderful. They look so round and firm and so big. Not big as in disgustingly large like some pron queen, but even a guy with huge hands would need both of them to hold one properly as he made love to it.”

He went on to write: “Her cleavage was long and deep and when she wear that small white bikini she drives me wild! I can only imagine and dream of how her tits would feel in my hands as I stood behind her, releasing that bikini top and letting it fall to the ground. I would hold her against me and reach around under her arms and cup those beauties squeezing them gently loving them, and feeling her nipples grow hard and long and thick in my palms.”

Finally he finished by saying: “ She would lean back agonist me feel how hard my cock was and she would sigh telling me how good it felt to have me loving her tits. She would call them tits and my cock would be so hard. Just like it is now, so I will stop now and jerk off and cum like I do a few times each day thinking of her and her beautiful body. I love you mom.”

Writing about his mother always made it feel more sexual. Like writing a story, this story.

Bobby described his mother’s body in great detail. “Her face was the face of a movie star, lips soft and red with lipstick; blue/green eyes that shinned and sparkled every time she talked to him; long brown hair that was always brushed out looking so beautiful. And, she would let it hang over her shoulders. But she didn’t need anything to make her beautiful in his eyes. Even without makeup or her hair brushed out Bonnie was lovely!”

Bobby wrote how he imagined how her hair would look spread out around her face as she laid back on the bed smiling as she let him put his hard cock in her pussy as deep as he could get it. He was sure that if they ever did it, they would fuck together giving each of them the best feeling in their lives. He would love her not just fuck her and she would love him the same way.

Bobby could only imagine how sweet it would feel to slowly sink his big young cock into his mother warm, wet, tight pussy tunnel as she wrapped her lovely legs around him arching her body up to take him as deep as she could get him. She would raise her ass, her perfect round ass up keeping his balls off the mattress too, just like he knew she did for dad. God dad was so lucky having her in his bed every night, every damn night!! Oh how Bobby would cum thinking about all of that as he stroked his long hard shaft.

As he got replies back from college they had asked for samples of photos he had taken so they could decide if he would receive any scholarship money.

He asked his mom to help him pick out some shots he had taken of scenery and people and different placed he had been too with his camera. He wondered if he should put one in of her in her bikini. But he decide against it.

Some asked for poses with someone in them so they could judge how he would have them pose. Mom and he took some of the family and sent them in.

During this time Bobby had to locate the shot he had taken and they weren’t in his room. His mom told him there were some she had stored in the attic.

As he began to search for them he found other photos taken by someone else, dad he guessed. These photos were of mom when she was younger, a lot younger. Dad and mom had married at 20 and 19 and had him 10 months afterwards. She was a mom at 19 years old.

As Bobby looked at the photos he saw a woman who looked like a young girl. She posed in a bathing suit and street clothing and they were taken in different parts of the area they lived in.

No wonder dad had suggested taking photos he had taken in the same places dad had captured mom when they were first married. The scenery was beautify and so was mom.

She was the same lady she was now only 20 years younger. If anything time had improved her. A beautiful young girl was OK, but now mom was stunningly lovely as a MILF!

Bobby wondered if he should ask mom to go with him and pose again in the same places that she had with dad years ago.

Then as he got close to the bottom of the package of photos he saw his mom wearing less and less clothing! Then she was dressed only in her bra and panties. Then she was dress only in the panties. And, then he took out the last of the photos and there was mom posing completely nude in a great many different positions.

These photos were spectacular. She was so open and so free posing with her hands cupping her breasts, and then he had her squatting exposing all of her self to the camera. Finally Bobby looked at the last of the shots and saw his mother opening her thighs as wide as she could get them. Dad had her pose so open Bobby could see all of her body in various positions showing everything. She had hair around her pussy then but he could still see the pink slit and pussy lips shinning and sticking out from around the hair. Bobby’s cock was so hard it hurt.

Then the last few photos showed his mother use her fingers to spread her out lips of her pussy showing her actually cunt hole. Bobby moaned as the next shot was a close up. He was now looking directly into the hole he had come out of.

As he slowly moved to the last few photos, Bobby saw his dad on top of mom with his hard cock buried in her pussy. Bobby guessed dad had set the timer and there they were, 8 photos of them fucking. You could easily see dad’s hard cock moving in and out of mom’s pussy. Both were holding each other as mom raised her legs and wrapped them around dad’s ass holding him deep! Bobby took out his cock and jerked off spewing his cum in seconds as he looked at his mother being fucked.

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