Jersey Girl in the Big Apple
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Spanking, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was eager to learn and ready to spread her wings. Then, she met her depraved second cousins, male and female twins with little regard for the norms of civilized society.The innocent girl from the country now must decide which road to take.

The Hudson River had been around for as long as the first Indians could remember going back to the beginning of their evolving tribes. It flowed with deceptive power all the way from the northern climes right down into the harbor and dumped its relentless contents into the headwaters of the Atlantic Ocean like a clockwork system designed by some undefined superior being of infinite complexity.

In the simplest of terms, the lands east of the river belonged to the great state of New York and the regions to the west belonged to the less important, but equally necessary, state of New Jersey.

Kaylie Ryan was born and raised in a place called Bayonne, New Jersey and she attended school some miles distant at a Catholic institution that was far more effective than the ordinary New Jersey public school system. Kaylie never really thought much about why her mother didn’t want her to go to the public school system except she figured it was easier to get her religious studies at the same school and not have to interrupt her school day to go from one school to the other to comply with the agreement between the public and private schools in the county. She also had a suspicion it had something to do with the fact her older sister had gotten knocked up by a good-looking black boy in the public high school and her family was never quite able to live down the disgrace of the shameful episode.

Fortunately, the good sisters at Saint Catherine’s were able to find a good home for the foundling and poor Mary Margaret never really got a good look at the brown skinned baby with a big voice. They packed Mary Margaret off to a job in the Catskills working for her Uncle Patrick in a chaotic kitchen that catered to hundreds of hungry vacationers. Kaylie felt sorry for her, but she sensed her older sister was not that concerned over the whole business and just went along with all the planning like a Zombie with little to say in the matter.

Kaylie vowed she would never spread her legs for any boy no matter how handsome and charming until she was safely married and removed from the shame of an unmarried motherhood. Her main method of making do was to use her “superhero” pillow between her legs to rub her grinding loins into panting release whenever the urge became too demanding to ignore any longer. It was only after she graduated from high school that she compromised and started to use her pretty mouth to reward boys for buying her dinner or taking her to movies and sporting events at their expense. It was her way of “paying her own way” and none of the boys seemed to mind that she seldom smiled when she was bringing them to a happy ending. Of course, she had the good common sense to wait until after her braces were removed to start her program of oral favors to enhance her popularity. Eventually, she became so proficient in the oral method of communicating her innermost urges that older men sought her out for a swift connection to the younger generation that didn’t entail commitment of one type or another. She generally spit out the older men’s spunk because it tasted a bit over-ripe to her and quite unlike most young men’s cream that had that distinctive flavor of youth and vitality that soothed her tummy like an egg cream at the corner drugstore.

She had been accepted on a partial scholarship to an Ivy League college beginning the following January and had almost eight months of down time to fill before reporting for the freshman class.

Kaylie planned to work in the garment district in New York City along with her twin cousins Violet and Vincent in an intern position that didn’t pay much after all required deductions. On the plus side, she would have no rent to pay staying with Violet and Vincent and only had to take responsibility for most of the cleaning chores around the house to pay her way.

Fortunately, Violet was a cooking enthusiast and she was dedicated to a highly structured weekly menu of various dishes that she prepared and served on a daily basis. Vincent was thin as a reed and he stuffed his mouth with his sister’s offerings like some guinea pig of human proportion.

They took the younger Kaylie under their wing like a close member of the family. She didn’t realize how close Violet and Vincent were until she entered their bedroom without knocking early one morning to borrow some toothpaste and discovered Vincent stark naked and standing by the window with his impressive manhood buried in his twin sister’s pretty mouth like a Greek God practicing for some ceremonial orgy. She was surprised that neither of them jumped up and ran off to the bathroom at the intrusion. In fact, Violet simply sucked harder and accelerated her pumping motion to push Vincent into premature emission. It was strangely exciting to Kaylie because she knew good technique when she saw it even if it was coming from her close family members.

They all laughed with uncomfortable levels of guilt as if they were in a conspiracy of perversion and deserved to be punished for their transgression against common decency. Kaylie admitted the act was probably her most skilled talent in the game of sexual interaction and confessed she was a virgin in matters of a more personal nature involving cocks and pussies and even backsides poised for unnatural activities. She didn’t mind that they were both amused at her naïve attitude because she accepted the fact she was behind the curve when it came to sexual fun and games.

After that initial “breaking of the ice” with her cousins, Kaylie used her superhero pillow with increased frequency fantasizing about the sordid details of Violet and Vincent’s nocturnal activities. Her favorite scenario was the one where Violet stayed motionless on her belly with her face buried in the pillow whilst her twin brother Vincent pounded her pretty rump rudely with lots of spanking that added to her certain humiliation.

The suspense became too much for her and eventually she contrived an excuse to wander into their bedroom with some goodies she had supposedly been given by an adoring male guest hoping to get into her pants the easy way.

Violet was obviously not taken in by Kaylie’s little ploy, but she choose to keep silent and allowed her beloved brother to cram the tiny little chocolates into her waiting mouth displaying visually his undying devotion to her pleasure. Kaylie wore only her altered short night shirt with little strings of sexy words (far too dirty to write here) that turned her on whenever she read them backwards in the mirror. She had purposely forgotten to wear her discrete bottoms because she harbored the covert hope that her handsome Cousin Vincent might decide to “do her” if she was conveniently in just the right position in the king-sized bed on top of the fantastic silky sheets that tickled her skin all over. Her overactive imagination played that scene over and over in her head and each time she would explode in an orgasm so real that she could hear the sound of the fireworks lighting the moonless sky brighter than any display on the Fourth of July.

Somehow, she found a comfortable nook right in between the twins and tried not to giggle as Violet started to tickle her sensitive clitoris with a savagely insidious pinky. Kaylie was not accustomed to female to female bare skin contact of such a personal nature and admittedly she was aroused to the point of panting submission.

Kaylie didn’t consider it incest from her point of view because she was, after all, only a second cousin and outside the scope of prohibited familial relationships. She did concede that the twins were definitely caught in that web of deceitful taboo, but she felt no responsibility for their actions and took a decidedly neutral stance, neither approving nor disapproving and she wanted to stay in their good graces for financial and physical reward.

After a period of presumed disinterest, she turned toward her female cousin and allowed her to enter her feminine folds like a lover with inquisitive, naughty fingers.

Vincent watched the pair of them with noticeable amusement.

After a decent interval, the almost nude brother and cousin reached out and lifted Kaylie’s thin night shirt and looked intently at her quivering alabaster cheeks sitting like an innocent target on a shooting range for stiffened shafts of passion. His sister Violet was getting worked up between Kaylie’s gleaming thighs pumping her with a ferocity that was matched by her panting emotions.

Vincent’s long thin fingers tugged at Kaylie’s uppermost buttock and lifted it up revealing her tempting brown eye blinking in dismay at the exposure to male eyes. He rubbed his hardness along the full length of her heated crack. She pushed back against his male equipment like a hussy without morals and it was a simple matter for his bullet head to take up residence just inside her confused sphincter. The long-haired male cousin leaned over and kissed his sister full on the lips. Kaylie was only inches away from their dueling tongues and she started to spurt uncontrollably into Violet’s palm like a wanton whore with no scruples about where her pleasure came from.

At that same moment, Vincent’s long cock started the downward slide into her core and she was robbed of the ability to breathe for an instant of divine ecstasy. When the brother bottomed out in his cousin’s pretty backside, he grabbed her aroused nipples from behind and spooned her with a vengeance born of his long-time repressed desire to nail her in just such a fashion from the first moment she walked into the redesigned loft.

Kaylie knew she was being pummeled mercilessly from behind in a way that was less gentle and more violent than she had ever experienced. She looked into Violet’s smiling face and knowing eyes only inches from her lips. Her female cousin had a hint of lurking humor in her eyes that informed her without any words necessary that she knew intimately what she was feeling with her brother’s long hard cock roaming the channels of her gut with total lack of decorum.

She felt her cousin start to swell inside her pretty bottom and she knew that Violet was fully aware of her coming introduction to a creamy present that would coat the insides of her core with sticky joy-juice the entire next day wetting her smiley face panties with seeping dampness released slowly and against her wishes.

Just as Vincent was on the verge of giving her his liquid present, she let her fingers do the walking and started to probe her cousin Violet’s crack with her middle finger pushing into her pretty pucker with a need to make her feel a little bit of her discomfort at her brother’s frenzied probing of her sensitive rectal passageway.

Violet looked up at her and pressed her lips against her mouth to let her know her assertiveness was welcomed and she loosened up her entryway to allow her deeper residence. They were locked together with tongue on tongue and finger inside feminine folds and finger inside cute little brown eye, much closer than second cousins should be with each other. The other twin’s expedition up her Hershey Highway was in the final stretch to the finish line and he was rolling her nipples with dreadful efficiency driving her to hump into his thrusting groin like a woman possessed by some impish force of nature.

It was difficult to say who came first but it was a certainty all three of them finished at almost the same time falling and sprawling across the silk sheets like sated survivors of a Roman orgy of immense proportion.

Kaylie found Violet’s face resting comfortably on her backside and sensed the girl wanted to use her tongue to taste her almost virginal essence. Her face was safely cuddled by the wilted remains of Vincent’s oversized equipment and she could savor the scent of male emissions that excited her recently exercised loins.

Fortunately, they all felt a need for rest and soon the small bedroom was filled with the sound of measured breathing marking an end to the panting beat of passion so recently assaulting her ears with divine music of an erotic nature. The touch of Vincent’s hand on her breast kept Kaylie’s nipple in a constant state of arousal preventing her from falling into a deep sleep. She accepted her surrendered status with a sense that her sex life had suddenly made a sharp turn into kinky depravity and she had no idea how far she would go down that unexpected road.

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