Transformation Jutsu
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Magic, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Shemale, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Wimp Husband, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Lactation, Body Modification, Transformation,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Neji secretly has been wanting to see if he can loose his virginity using his own take on Naruto's transformation jutsu. read the codes first please. incomplete constructive criticism appreciated. thanks!

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Neji had been thinking about this WAY too much lately. He guessed it was normal but his dad had never had the chance to explain this stuff to him ... He had used his byakugan to look at lots of things he shouldn’t have (mainly the women’s bath houses) but he just was not sure. He was desperate to have sex for the first time but he knew women were resistant to that and it always came with lots of baggage. So he had made this plan he thought it should work no problem after all if Naruto could do it why not him? Yah it was for a different purpose but still...

Well no use worrying about it anymore. He went out to the training grounds alone and split off the main path to a secluded spot he had chosen ahead of time. He used his byakugan to make sure no one was around and then he took a deep breath.


The image he held in his mind for the transformation was one he had fantasized about at length. his hair sill long became jet black, his skin turned olive, and his eyes became brilliant green. All this in a moment but the other changes felt like they took a lifetime.

His dick vanished and he slowly became aware of an empty need deep inside himself ... herself? ... his chest expanded into perky C-cups that felt and looked more like D’s on his tiny 4ft 6in body. His body was now covered in a tattoo of a Chinese dragon and a rose vine wrapping around his body intertwining gracefully and sexually. his new tongue piercing rubbed on his lip as he licked his lips in uncertainty.

He ran his hands up and down his new form and shuddered at the newfound sensations. He had to try it out now on his own before anything else he took his pack that he prepared in advance and got out a blanket that he laid on the ground. He quickly lay back on it and explored his new body, taking extra time on the beautiful dark nipples. Finally, his hand went down to it ... It felt so foreign and erotic to touch his own ... vagina ... so weird to think that. It felt nice in a warm glowing way not at all like his dick. Actually his nipples felt more like his dick had the feeling there was much more focused and intense and as his masturbation continued he focused more and more on his tits until he was not touching his pussy at all. When he came it was amazing radiating through his body more than it had as a man, he moaned and arched his back as the shockwaves receded.

After laying there a few moments he got moving again. He stood and took the cloths that he had chosen ahead of time from the backpack. It was a dress that was like a combination of what Sakura and Tamari had worn to the chunin exams the first time he went years ago. It was blue with black trim and patterns. The bottom went halfway down to her knees and had a slit on the right side that went up to her hip. She wore fishnet leggings on the right leg down to her knee and from her foot up to her knee on the left leg. The push up braw made her look like a DD, the top was low cut with only one strap on the right side She wore a fishnet glove on her right hand that went to her elbow, and fishnet “covered” her chest and shoulder extending down her arm to her left elbow.

She put it on and the soft skintight dress felt so erotic on her she immediately started to become wet again. She grabbed her pack and walked back into town determined that this was the day she lost her virginity. When Neji arrived at the bar she had chosen she ordered a sake but only pretended to drink knowing that she couldn’t afford to lose focus on the transformation. Neji could tell she was the center of attention in the bar and all she had to do was wait for someone to get the balls to come ask her out. Sure enough only 5 minutes later a guy in his early 20’s (the age he had made the transformation look like) sat down across from her. His pick-up line was bad and his small talk average but he was in good shape obviously a ninja and neji did not really care what he looked like or acted like she just wanted to use him.

Just 30 minutes later they were in his home kissing passionately. Neji was eager and scared but nothing would stop him now. Her breasts pushed up against this stranger and she could feel his erection pushing against her. She dropped to her knees he dropped his pants. He was already obviously ready 8 inches ready to be exact and just needed lubrication, she opened her mouth and took him in being careful to keep her teeth back licked and sucked focusing on getting it as wet and ready as she could. He was obviously getting more eager and put his hands on the back of her head pulling her forward on to it. She gagged a little but she had known this was coming a practiced in the safety of his room on fruits like bananas and cucumbers so she adjusted quickly.

She stopped to his dismay but she smiled and lay on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the side. Understanding he moved forward and put his dick back in her mouth while playing with her tits. She moaned feeling his hands roughly stimulate her nipples as he fucked her throat. He moaned as well and they both climaxed and she felt his dick squirt deep in her throat sending his cum directly to her stomach no need to swallow.

Neji stood and shoved him back on the bed and slowly began to strip for him. She felt so sexy so alive and quickly was able to get him ready all over again. It was time

Laying back Neji allowed him to get on top and as he leaned forward she reached down to guide him in. she felt it press against the opening and held her breath. He pushed forward gently but not slowly and she gasped at the feeling of having something inside her. Neji wrapped her arms and legs around him holding him close not allowing him to thrust yet while she got used to the feeling. Then to her shock she felt him slowly ease farther in to her. She let go moaning and throwing her head back as he went deeper and deeper till she felt his pelvis against hers just before he hit the end of her.

He left it deep inside her and began to touch her nipples. Gently at first but soon he was pinching, licking, and biting as well. Now he began to move! It was unlike anything else neji could describe. It was 100 times more intense and pleasurable then masturbating had been. He pulled back and rolled her over so her heart shaped as was up and roughly reentered her. This time he held nothing back and fucked her hard and fast. She moaned in pleasure! He pulled her hair and slammed into her over and over the penetration felt so good and she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She cried out I’m Cuming as an earthshattering orgasm blasted through her body!

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