Lee's Mistake
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Naruto fanfic of Lee and Gai beginning their relationship. Is incomplete but will upload more as I write it. please check tags, advice is appreciated.

Lee’s breathing was rapid and harsh. He knew he had messed up, and bad. Despite his good intentions, he had disobeyed direct orders from both Lady Tsunade and Gai Sensei. And he knew there would be hell to pay...

2 days earlier:

Lee was in turmoil. Gai Sensei had just visited him in the hospital, bearing bad news. Sasuke abandoned the village, and a squad was sent out to retrieve him. Gai Sensei was leading the mission, with Naruto, Sakura, and the other members of Lee’s own team. It was so unfair. He was stuck in the hospital, recovering from his surgery, while his comrades risked their lives facing Orochimaru and his henchmen. Every part of him yearned to jump out of his hospital bed and fight with his comrades.

Which, of course, Gai Sensei knew. That was the reason for his visit.

“Lee,” Gai had said, “I know that you are in the prime of your youth, and that you desperately want to take part in this mission. However, your body needs to recover, and it would be life threatening for you to fight.”

“But, Gai Sensei-” Lee interrupted.

“No, Lee!” Gai shot back. “I have spoken with Lady Tsunade on the matter, and we agreed that you will not join this battle! You must rest! Have faith in your comrades, and allow your body to heal. That is an order! Do you understand me?”

Lee averted his eyes as his stomach quivered with excitement. He loved it when Gai Sensei was strict with him, commanding. He did not know why, but his insides quivered and heat spread through his body.

“Y-yes, Gai Sensei.”

“Very good,” Gai cooed affectionately, ruffling Lee’s hair. “I must go and join the battle now! Rest up!”

And with that Gai Sensei had left. Now, Lee sat in his bed overcome with turmoil. Eventually, he decided that he could not rest while he knew his comrades were endangered. With a knot of guilt in his stomach, Lee snuck out of the hospital and ran full speed through the forest after his comrades.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere, one of Orochimaru’s henchmen ambushed him. It seemed that he had been waiting in the forest, waiting to pick off anyone else trying to get to Sasuke. Before Lee could even wrap his mind around what was happening, he was struck in the head-hard. His vision went blurry, and he passed out.

Gai ran furiously through the forest. The mission had been a complete failure. They lost Sasuke’s trail, and many of his teammates were injured in the process. Worst of all, when Neji had used his byakugan to see if there were any more enemies waiting for them in the forest, he spotted an unconscious body near the entrance of the forest. He couldn’t be sure, but claimed that it looked like Lee’s form.

Gai was furious. Possibly more furious than he had ever been in his life. If Lee was dead, his life would lose all purpose. He needed Lee. “How could Lee be so reckless?” He thought to himself. If Lee wasn’t dead, Gai felt he might kill him himself, out of pure unadulterated fury.

--”Calm down,” Gai told himself. Fist things first, I need to make sure Lee is okay. He reached Lee’s unconscious form, and anxiously checked his pulse. Relief washed over him as he felt Lee’s pulse. He’s alive! His fury subsided a little, and he carried Lee with the speed of youth back to the hospital.

Present Day:

Over the last two days, as Lee recovered, Gai’s initially fury at Lee’s actions returned. He had put his life in danger. He had disobeyed a direct command. Lee has never disobeyed a direct command from me before. Gai fumed, pacing the apartment he and Lee shared. What should I do?

Gai knew that Lee’s actions could not go unpunished, but punishing Lee had always been difficult for him. He just cared so damn much for him! More than Lee knew. He loved him. No, he was in love with him. But he could never tell Lee that. It was so inappropriate. He was Lee’s teacher, his master. But that didn’t stop his feelings for Lee. Nothing could stop those feelings.

Lee was terrified to walk through the door into his home. He knew by Gai’s absence from the hospital that he must be furious, and that terrified him. He had never seen Gai truly angry, and had no idea what to expect. However, he did know that he deserved every bit of his master’s anger. Hell, he didn’t even deserve to call Gai Sensei his master.

He made up his mind. He would beg and grovel and accept all of Gai’s anger and punishment- and add to it. If Gai sensei made him run 15 miles, he would run 30. If he made him do 1,000 push-ups, he would do 2,000. He would make it up to Gai Sensei somehow.

Gai, too, had finally made up his mind. There was only one punishment severe enough to make Lee understand. Maybe it’s too harsh, he thought. But then he thought once again of seeing Lee unconscious in the forest, wondering desperately if he was even alive. A red haze overtook his mind at the thought, and his resolve hardened. Lee must understand how serious the situation is. He is very, very lucky to even be alive. If not for Lady Hokage’s healing powers, he would not be.

With his mind finally made up, he heard Lee approaching the apartment. Heard his footsteps falter outside the door. So he knows I am angry. Well, he’s in for quite the surprise.

Lee finally, timidly, opened the door and stepped in, his eyes to the ground. Before Gai could say a word, Lee threw himself at his feet, kneeling with his face mere inches from the ground- the ultimate sign of respect and subservience. Loud sobs racked Lee’s body so hard he couldn’t even speak, though that didn’t stop him from trying. “Gai S-Sen-sei-,” he sobbed, “I-Im so-s-sorry” Lee managed.

Seeing how upset Lee was, Gai wanted to forget all about his punishment and just hold him. But he had to stand firm. He had made up his mind -if he couldn’t punish his own student, what kind of master would he be? A pushover. No, he could not allow that. But seeing the depth of Lee’s agony rocked him to his very core. How could I break his spirit even more?

With as much control and authority as he could muster, Gai looked down at Lee. “Lee!” He lashed out, his voice cracking like a whip. Lee flinched, and sobbed even harder. But he did not attempt to speak, or to plead. He knew better.

“Lee, I have never been more disappointed in you.” He knew the effect his words would have on Lee, and he reacted just as he expected him to. It took all of Gai’s resolve to continue. “I have no choice but to take something away from you that is truly precious, to make you understand! I have made up my mind. You will not be allowed to do any training for two whole weeks! I don’t care if you’ve recovered in one week! You will not do any physical exertion for two whole weeks. You need to learn some control over yourself. The desire to train and better yourself is a good trait, but you must be able to control yourself, and take a step back when it is necessary. You could have DIED, Lee! Do you even understand that? And for what? If you had made it to the battle in your weakened state, you wouldn’t have been any help to your comrades. In fact, you would have increased their chances of being hurt trying to protect you.”

Gai knew that he was going into full-blown lecture mode, but Lee had to understand!

“And to top it all off, Lee, you disobeyed not only my orders but the orders of the Hokage! You’re lucky she trusts me enough to leave your punishment to me, or you could have it a lot worse!” Gai was breathing rapidly. He hadn’t expected himself to get so worked up. But either way, he could tell Lee understood the severity if the situation.

Lee’s whole body shook with sobs. Of all the things he had expected Gai-Sensei to say, it had not been this. No training? How can I go so long without training? Gai must know him so well, he thought. This was definitely the worst punishment Lee could think of. Especially since he wanted to punish himself physically for his wrongdoing. That was the way of the ninja. Especially for him. If he didn’t have his effort, he had nothing. If he ever faltered, it was habit for him to increase his physical training to make up for it. He did not know how he was going to stand not training. But he knew that there was no point in arguing with his master. When Gai-Sensei made up his mind, there was no changing it.

Since Lee had never seen Gai this angry, he didn’t know what the right protocol was. Was he allowed to speak? Should he grovel more? He honestly had no idea. He decided the safest bet was to remain silent, bowed as far to the ground as his body would allow, and await instructions.

“Lee!” Gai said sharply. “Do you understand me? Or do I need to repeat myself?”

So apparently silence was the wrong choice. “Yes, Gai Sensei! I understand,” Lee immediately responded. Lee had never been more terrified. Gai’s wrath was a terrible thing. He half expected Gai Sensei to strike him However, no strike came. Lee waited, head bowed.

“Lee, look at me,” Gai commanded. Lee, too ashamed to look his master in the eyes, hesitated.

“Lee, so help me-” Gai started, and Lee immediately snapped his head up and looked Gai Sensei in the eyes. His whole face burned with shame, and new tears sprang to his eyes. His Sensei’s face was colder than he had ever seen it. He panicked, wondering if he had lost his Sensei’s trust for good. He had to try to say something to atone, to see Gai Sensei’s warm, loving eyes again.

“Sensei, please! I am undeserving of you or your forgiveness, but I am nothing without you! I cannot stand the way you look at me now. I am so sorry! Please Sensei-”

“Enough!” Gai cut in. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to reassure Lee that he did not hate him.

“Lee,” he began, his voice much more gentle, “I do not hate you. In fact, it hurts me to be this harsh with you. But you must understand the severity of your actions!”

Lee looked up, and relief washed over him when he saw that the warmth had returned to Gai Sensei’s eyes. “I understand Sensei, and I will do everything in my power to make it up to you!”

Gai sighed, his body felt heavy. “Lee, please just go to bed. Rest and recover. And so help me, if I catch you doing ANY sort of training-”

“I will not disobey you again, Gai Sensei! This I vow!” With that, Lee immediately obeyed his master’s command, and got straight into bed.

Alone in his bed, Lee couldn’t stop thinking about his previous encounter with his Sensei. He still felt very ashamed, and vowed to himself to obey Gai Sensei’s every word from here on out. He would accept his punishment gracefully. He would not whine, complain, or try to sneak in training when Sensei wasn’t around.

However, despite his self-deprecating, Lee felt something else stirring deep inside him. He had never seen Gai Sensei so commanding. As he thought back on his Sensei’s harsh demands, his belly clenched. He felt that ... that he liked it. Something deep down inside of him was very aroused when he thought of Gai’s commanding tone. And this feeling made Lee despise himself even more.

I cannot be having sexual feelings towards Gai Sensei! He would be disgusted if he know! How can I be feeling this way, when I have done so wrong.

Lee continued to berate himself, long into the night. Finally, he fell into a light, restless sleep.

Gai too, lay sleepless in his bed. He couldn’t help but be wracked with guilt for the harsh way he had dealt with Lee. He knew that it had been necessary, but that thought didn’t ease his bruised conscience. As sleep eluded him, self-doubt crept into his mind. Should I go apologize to Lee? Should I take back my punishment?

No, he decided. It was too soon to go back on his word. He forced his mind to shut down, and finally fell asleep.

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