The Consultant
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a lesbian love story. Janet, a twenty-something software consultant on a training assignment befriends Eva, her client's receptionist. Eva is a dozen years older and married. When Eva learns her husband intends to divorce her, Janet opens her apartment to her. Janet reveals to Eva that she is a lesbian and she senses Eva also has lesbian leanings. Gradually Eva comes out of the closet and they form a strong and lasting love together.

Janet stepped from her shower, grabbed a towel and dried herself. She dressed in a gray skirt and a white blouse; then she used a dryer on her pageboy styled, copper-colored hair. Looking in the mirror she applied a thin line of eyeliner and then some clear lip gloss.

She slipped into a gray jacket that matched her skirt and headed toward the front door of her apartment. Janet picked up her laptop and handbag, slung them over her shoulder and headed for the parking lot. She unlocked the trunk and set her laptop case beside several large cartons, slammed down the trunk and started her motor.

Her drive took her downtown. She parked in the parking structure recommended by her client. Janet opened her trunk and withdrew a collapsible hand truck. Onto it she stacked the cartons; then she slung her laptop over her shoulder and wheeled the truck to the elevators and to the street.

Janet reviewed a sheet with directions. It was about a three block walk to her appointment. She pushed the hand truck into the elevator and selected the fourteenth floor. The elevator doors opened and she pushed the truck through a doorway marked Walnut Street Capital and stopped before a reception desk.

A pleasant-looking, middle-aged woman greeted her. “May I help you?”

“My name is Janet Joy,” she replied. “I have an appointment with Kyle McNichols.”

“I’ll let him know you’re here.” She picked up a telephone and punched in an extension. “Kyle? Janet Joy to see you.” She set down the phone. “He’ll be right out, Janet.”

“Thanks ... I didn’t catch your name.”

“I’m Eva.”

“Thanks, Eva. Nice meeting you.”

A young man greeted her. He was accompanied by a short, slim middle-aged man with a long, thin nose, thick-lensed glasses and a pencil mustache. “Janet -- good to see you again.”

“Good to see you,” Janet replied.

“You remember Freddie, our chief operating officer.”

“Yes, indeed,” Janet replied. “Good to see you again, too. We’re pleased to have Walnut Street as a client instead of a prospect.”

“Yes, we were most impressed with your presentation -- especially your willingness to customize,” Freddie remarked.

“I wish all our vendors were so accommodating, and I’m delighted we’ll be doing business together,” Kyle added. “I know you’ll treat us right. Since you’re right here in town -- well, we know where you live.”

“I’m here to train your users ahead of the conversion,” Janet said.

“Kyle will make sure you have our staff’s full cooperation -- won’t you?” Freddie asked.

“Certainly, as well as any supplies or facilities,” Kyle replied. “Come with me, Janet.” He led Janet to a conference room. “We set this up as a classroom per your specifications. We have a projector and screen, and PCs for each attendee.” He handed her photocopied sheets. “This is the class roster. You’ll be here all this week?”

“Yes,” she replied, “and two days next week. We’ll spend the first three days with the front-line users, Thursday and Friday with the back office and Monday and Tuesday of next week training your technology and operations areas.”

“We’ve made attendance mandatory,” Kyle said, “so make sure you get signatures.”

“Understood. We have two sessions, one from nine to noon and the other twelve-thirty to three-thirty. After that we have a one-hour hands-on lab. That leaves a half-hour for lunch.”

“That should be fine,” Kyle replied. As for logistics -- the restrooms are down the corridor. We close and lock the main door at five. If you find yourself leaving after the main door is closed, there’s another exit in the break room. That one is never locked from the inside, but you need a pass code to open it from the outside. Remember that if you leave via that door, you might not be able to get back in.” Janet nodded in comprehension. “Do you require anything else?”

“I’d like an easel with flip-sheets.”

“We can accommodate that. Come with me.” Kyle led her back to the reception desk. “Eva,” he said, “Janet here is conducting training on our new fulfillment tracking system.” He turned to Janet. “What did you say you needed?”

“An easel with flip sheets.”

“I’ll locate one for you,” Eva replied.

“If there’s anything else you need, Eva will take care of you. Good luck with your students.”

Janet strolled to the reception area. Eva regarded her from behind her desk. “Do you need something, Janet?” she asked.

“Oh, no, Eva. I was wondering where I could find some lunch.”

“There’s a cafe in the lobby,” Eva replied. “It’s cafeteria-style. I was going down there myself. Would you like me to walk with you?”

“If it’s no trouble,” Janet replied.

“None at all. Let me call my backup.” She picked up the phone and punched in an extension. “Heidi? It’s Eva. Can you cover while I go to lunch? Thanks.” She set down the handset. “She’ll be right out.”

Janet regarded a framed photograph on Eva’s desk. “Is this your family?” she asked.

“Yes -- that’s my husband Rob and my daughter Monica ... and her fiancé, Jeff.”

“She’s a beautiful young lady,” Janet remarked.

A young woman stepped behind Eva’s desk. “Follow me, Janet,” Eva said.

Janet sized up Eva. She appeared to be in her mid thirties. She wore a skirt that didn’t quite reach her knees and Janet thought her legs looked trim. Eva’s build was medium, and she had bi-color hair: Lightened layers on top and brunette underneath.

They reached the cafe and picked up trays. Janet selected a sandwich, chips and soda and carried her tray to the cashier. Then she found a vacant table and sat. Eva sat across from her.

“How’s the training going?” Eva asked.

“It’s going well. It’s a sharp group ... at least today’s group is sharp. They ask the right questions. Sometimes I give these and I’m looking out over a sea of glassy stares.” She sipped her soda. “I’ll tell you, Eva -- you don’t look old enough to have a daughter who’s engaged.”

“I started early,” she replied. “I was twenty when I had Monica.”

“How old are you, now?” Janet asked, “if I may ask.”

“How old are you?” Eva replied, “if I may ask.”

“Turnabout’s fair play. I’m twenty-eight.”

“I remember being twenty-eight. I had an eight-year-old daughter to care for. I’m forty-one.”

“You look like you’re in your thirties -- thirty-five, tops.”

“I take care of myself.” Eva finished the salad she had selected for her lunch. “I do wonder what it would have been like to be twenty-eight and childless. I don’t suppose you have children, Janet?”

“No. I’m not even married. I spend half my days living out of suitcases. It’s a rare treat for me to have a client in the same city. A child and a husband would tie me down too much.”

“A child and a husband is like having two children,” Eva replied.

“Monica is an only child?”

Eva nodded. “I had complications delivering her, and was unable to have any others. Rob and I considered adopting an infant from Asia but we never could afford it.”

“Maybe Monica will bless you with grandchildren.”

“They say,” Eva replied, “that grandchildren are a parent’s reward for not strangling her teen. I believe it.” She finished the salad she had selected for her lunch. “Ready to go back up?”

Janet regarded her watch. “It looks like I have time for a quick trip to the ladies’ room and then we’ll start or afternoon session. It was nice talking to you, Eva.”

With her latchkey Janet opened the door to her apartment. She set down her laptop case and handbag and then stretched. She filled a pan with water and set it on the stove to boil. In the meantime she stripped off her suit and blouse and slipped into jeans and a tee shirt.

Janet opened a frozen entree and placed the pouch in the boiling water. After the requisite time she retrieved it, split it open and dumped the contents onto a plate. Her cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Janet, it’s Jill. Hi.”

“Hi -- it’s been a while, stranger.”

“Yeah, I know. Kenny’s been home. I mean, he’s been home -- All. The. Time. Finally, he’s on the road again.”

“It was a long dry spell,” Janet remarked.

“When the economy tanked all his prospects dried up. He’s been doing nothing but cold-calling and scrounging up leads. Business is starting to pick up and he has some solid contacts to visit. I hope he can close some sales. We could use some commission checks. We’ve really had to tighten our belts.”

“Oh, I can imagine, Jill.”

“So, are you at your office this week?”

“No, I’m training this week.”

There was a pause. “Oh ... Where?”

“Right here in town. I actually have a client who’s local for a change.”

“I was afraid you were in Albuquerque or Seattle or somewhere.”

“One of our sales guys is close to closing a deal in London,” Janet said. “I might be headed there.”

“Lucky you. I was wondering ... if you aren’t doing anything tonight ... if we could get together...”

“I’d love to, Jill. I have no plans.”

“Ever since Kenny told me he was going out of town, I’ve been thinking about giving you a call. And, since Brian is at summer camp this week, I have time for myself. It’s been for-EVER since we’ve gotten together, Janet. It’s taken for-EVER for Kenny to get his ass back on the road. With Brian at camp, I’m a bachelorette again. I can’t miss this opportunity.”

“I’d love to see you, Jill.”

“I can be there in half an hour. Is that okay?”

“That’s fine.”

Janet canceled the call. She wolfed down her dinner. Then she headed into her bedroom. She stripped off her clothes and looked through her lingerie drawer, selecting a teal-blue camisole trimmed with ecru lace and matching tap pants. She tidied her bedroom and turned down the covers, spraying them with violet-scented linen freshener.

She heard her buzzer and pressed the key for the intercom. “Yes?”

“It’s Jill.”

Janet pressed the button to release the lobby door. Shortly she heard a rap on her door and she opened it. In stepped a woman approximately Janet’s height, carrying a soft duffel. She had dark brunette hair, styled in a short, rounded bob. Her complexion was swarthy, her eyes deep brown and she wore jeans and a sweatshirt.

Janet embraced Jill and they kissed. Jill regarded Janet’s costume. “That’s cute. Is it new?”

“Not very new.”

“I guess it has been a while,” Jill replied. “I have been thinking about this all day. I couldn’t keep my mind on my work. When you said you were training, you could hear my crest fall.”

“Would you like some coffee?” Janet asked.

Jill pulled a paper bag from her duffel. “Here ... Maybe this will help set the mood.”

Janet withdrew a bottle of rosé wine. “Ooh ... Let me put out some cheese and crackers.”

“While you’re doing that,” Jill replied, “I’ll go change.” She carried her duffel into the bathroom.

From a cabinet Janet retrieved a box of herb crackers, opened it and set some on a plate. From her refrigerator she removed a brick of white cheddar and set it on a board along with a knife. She cleared away her dinner setting and placed wine glasses and dessert plates on the table.

Jill emerged wearing a sheer black baby-doll nightgown that was open in the front and tied at the bodice. “You have gone buff since the last time I saw you,” Janet remarked. “Look at those arms.”

“Yeah ... I’ve been taking walks. I’m down to a size eight.”

“You look good. Your legs look especially good.”

“I’ve lost some flab and built some muscle,” Jill replied. “Because money’s so tight I had to cancel my membership at the club ... quit my personal trainer.”

“You had a personal trainer?”

“Yes ... Carlos.”

“Carlos? Is he Latin?”

“Carlos is a Spanish hunk. He’s responsible for how my arms look.” She made a slight smile. “He was giving me a little action on the side, too. With the budget shrinking I couldn’t afford to pay him at the club and with Kenny home I couldn’t pay him with booty. So, he’s history. To compensate I’ve been walking an hour a day, three days a week.”

“You can fit that in with your job?” Janet asked.

“I walk after dinner. It gets me away from Kenny for an hour. The walking really has helped my legs and butt.”

“They look terrific, Jill. I’ve never seen you looking better.”

“I’m feeling good, too. Of course, what are you? You must be size zero, you’re so slim. I don’t think you have an ounce of excess flab anywhere.”

“I wear size two jeans.”

“Must be rough.”

She handed Jill a corkscrew. “Here -- I never could master one of these.”

Jill screwed the in the point, eased the cork from the bottle and filled the wine glasses. They clinked rims. “To friendship,” Jill said.

Janet sipped some wine. “This is nice...” She held the glass to the light to admire the color. “How are you and Kenny holding up?”

“We’re keeping it together for Brian’s sake,” Jill replied. “Those six months when we were separated really got his attention. He’s making the effort.” She reached across the table and took Janet’s hand. “You were there for me ... you gave Brian and me a roof over our heads. I’ll never forget that, Janet.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“I remember the first night. We put Brian into your guest room, and I was going to crash on your sofa. I was a mess. We just sat and talked ... I did the talking and you did the listening.”

“Your tongue was loosened by that bottle of Grey Goose I had in my freezer,” Janet added.

“We really bonded.”

“Yeah -- That night we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

“You couldn’t keep your hands off me, if I recall,” Jill remarked. “I think the Grey Goose loosened your inhibitions.”

“Don’t tell me the feelings weren’t mutual.”

“It was my first ever lesbian encounter,” Jill replied. She drained her glass and Janet refilled it.

“And you keep coming back for more,” Janet added. “You never spent a night on that lousy sofa. It was a great six months for me, especially after breaking up with Lahni. I was sorry when Kenny came crawling back, begging for a reconciliation.” She regarded her friend. “I was sorry for myself, that is. I’m happy you two have worked things out.”

“We have our understanding,” Jill replied. “Do you ever hear from Lahni?”

“Now and then. She’s in a new relationship. I was sad to see it end with her but I understand why she felt she had to. She wanted ... she needs a full-time partner. With me traveling half the year ... I couldn’t provide what she needs.”

“So, now what do you do? Cruise the bars?”

“I never liked doing that,” Janet replied. “Once in a while I find someone to hook up with. Usually it’s someone working for a client -- someone willing to have a week-long fling. I trust my gaydar.” She sipped more wine. “It has been a dry spell for me, lately, though. I don’t like falling asleep alone.

“Did you find anyone at your current client? The one here in town?”

“Well ... There is one gal who pings about an eight and a half on my gaydar. Her name is Eva -- the office administrative assistant.”

“Administrative assistant?” Jill asked.

“A fancy name for receptionist. She’s like you, Jill -- older but she takes care of herself. What are you? Thirty-five?”

“Thirty-four, thank you very much.”

“I can’t keep track,” Janet replied. “You don’t look a day over twenty-five. Eva is forty-one but she looks like someone in her early thirties.”

“Then, go for her,” Jill said.

“If my gaydar is right, that is. If so, then Eva’s pretty far into the closet.”

“Or, straight,” Jill remarked.

“Or, straight,” Janet repeated. “She’s married, has a twenty-something daughter and a future son-in-law ... family photos on the desk and a ring on her finger that’ll put your eye out.”

“You like her, don’t you?”

“I do. She thinks young.”

“How can you tell?” Jill asked as she sipped more wine.

“By talking to her ... by how she wears her hair, in a two-tone color way. She has a blonde top layer and brunette understory. It’s really quite striking. It’s full and long -- halfway down her back, and she wears it down, with two locks from her temples pulled back and a broad barrette.”

“That is something I’ve more often seen on girls under twenty than over forty.”

“Plus, I think like she buys her clothes in the junior department ... or a place like Abercrombie. They look good on her, but they’re not what I’d consider a forty-something’s fashion. Today she had her nails painted gold.”

“Gold? Maybe her twenty-something daughter is her fashion consultant.”

“I’ve had lunch with her every day this week. She’s perky and pretty...”

“That’s what you need in a receptionist,” Jill remarked. “You should go for her, girl.”

“I think not. Not unless I get some positive vibes. Remember, Jill -- you have an open offer. If you ever get too fed up with Kenny ... you’re welcome back here.”

“I can’t leave Kenny -- not ‘til Brian’s older. We have a peculiar, co-dependent relationship.” Jill took a slice of cheese and placed it between two crackers. “I do like to feel his cock inside me once in a while. Besides, Janet -- you deserve someone you can settle down with.”

“I can’t settle down if I travel half the year,” Janet replied. “Maybe I should look for another job. I enjoy the interaction with consulting ... and meeting different people in different locales.”

Jill drained her glass again. Janet poured her a refill and then topped up her own with what remained in the bottle. “I’m starting to feel the wine,” Jill remarked.

“Do you want more cheese?” Janet asked.

“I’m good.”

“Then I’ll put this away and we can retire to my boudoir.” Janet wrapped the cheese in foil and returned it to her refrigerator. She picked up her wine glass and held Jill’s hand as they strolled into the master bedroom.

They stood, facing each other, then they embraced and kissed. Janet ran her hands along Jill’s buttocks. “Girl -- you have developed buns of steel. Those legs are gorgeous and smooth -- nary a ripple.”

They kissed again, taking turns exploring each others mouths with their tongues. Janet tugged at the laces holding together the bodice of Jill’s babydoll. She released the knot and slipped it from her shoulders. Jill lifted Janet’s camisole from her. Janet cupped her hands under her breasts and leaned and pressed them against Jill’s, rubbing their nipples together. Jill giggled and lay between the sheets. “Whoa!” she said. “The wine’s making me a little dizzy.”

Janet slid in beside her. “Those gorgeous, firm boobs,” she remarked as she caressed Jill’s breasts. She kissed her chest and tongued her nipples.

“Yours are spectacular,” Jill replied as she traced Janet’s coin-sized areolas. “They look so good on your slim bod.”

“Who wants to be top, first?” Janet asked.

“Go ahead. It’s been a longer drought for you.”

Jill lay on her back and lifted her hips from the mattress. Janet grasped the waistband of her briefs and slid them off her legs. Then, she slipped off her own tap pants. “Hey,” Jill remarked. “You’re shaved. Shaved clean. When did that happen?”

“It was an impulse. I like how it feels -- cleaner -- so I’m keeping it this way. Of course I love your cute little bush.”

“Kenny keeps bugging me to shave mine,” Jill replied, “but I can’t stand the thought of razor burn.”

Janet lay on the bed facing Jill and kissed her lips. “I love you, Jill. I wish you were mine and mine alone. Think of all the fun we could have together.”

Jill kissed Janet’s lips and they touched tongues. “Let me get a little more drunk and maybe I’ll agree.” She reached for her wine glass and emptied it.

“I wouldn’t take that sort of advantage with an impaired girl.” They kissed again. Janet stroked Jill’s breast and then began tonguing her nipple.

“Oh, that feels good, Janet ... Mmm...” Jill held Janet’s face against her breast. “I close my eyes and I feel like I’m floating ... Oh, God this is relaxing. I need this, Janet. I need it ... You are the mistress of foreplay. I don’t understand why men are in such a hurry.”

Janet eased Jill onto her back. She mouthed her right breast. Then she ran her hands along Jill’s calves. “God, those are gorgeous legs,” she said. “Not a bit of fat on them -- it’s all muscle.” She ran her cheeks and lips along Jill’s shins. “So smooth ... Your legs look strong and sturdy -- like a figure skater’s. I always thought figure skaters had sexy legs. Those thighs...” Janet kissed and tongued her way from Jill’s knees to her mons.

“You have nice legs, too,” Jill replied. “They’re slender like a model’s.”

Janet spread Jill’s thighs and then lay atop her, resting her weight against Jill’s pelvis and with her thigh against Jill’s mons. She kissed Jill’s belly and tongued her navel. Then, she began caressing her breasts. Jill responded in kind and they pinched and rolled each others nipples. They kissed again. Janet felt Jill’s mons press against her thigh. “Are you ready for some action down below?”

“I can’t wait,” Jill replied.

Janet shifted so her face was between Jill’s thighs. With her thumbs she parted her friend’s labia and worked her lips between them. “Mmm, I love the scent of your pussy,” she said. Probing with her tongue, Janet located Jill’s clitoral glans and began a rhythmic sucking action. She worked her arms underneath Jill’s thighs so she could reach her breasts.

“Oh, this is heaven,” Jill said softly. She closed her eyes and let her head roll to the side. “I’m still floating ... mmm...” Jill’s breathing slowed and deepened. She lifted her arms and crossed her wrists behind her head, arched her back and drew in a deep breath to expand her ribcage and press her breasts into Janet’s hands. “God, this feels sooo good ... the wine ... your touch ... Mmm...”

Jill’s heart was pounding and Janet could feel the beats as she pinched and rolled her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Jill’s lips parted and her breathing became open-mouth panting. Janet could feel her friend’s thighs twitching; and Jill began tensing and relaxing her clitoral shaft.

Now Jill’s heart was racing. Janet increased her tongue pressure. “I’m gonna come,” Jill gasped. She clenched shut her jaw and eyes and drew in a deep breath. Her body began to tremble. “OH!,” she groaned as she arched her back. Her breathing became rapid and shallow panting; then she drew in another breath and yelped.

Janet felt her friend’s pelvic floor throbbing against her lips and chin as each orgasm swept over her. She moved her hands to Jill’s abdomen.

Jill groaned, gasped, shrieked and panted. “Enough!” she gasped and lifted Janet’s face from her vulva. Janet knelt beside her as she panted to regain her breath.

“Oh, God,” Jill panted. “Why can’t a man learn to do that?”

“There must be some who can.”

“None of the ones I’ve ever known can. Kenny can’t. He can keep a boner up for twenty minutes but he can’t do oral. Not like you can, Janet. That’s why I need it from you now and then. Now, let me do you.” Janet lay on her back and adjusted a pillow under her shoulders. Jill began stroking and tonguing her breasts.

“Mmm ... That’s nice...”

Jill slipped her hand between Janet’s thighs and worked her finger into her slit. “Oh, she’s so wet ... We have to do something with all that wet.” She knelt by Janet’s knees. “Mmm ... Now I get to enjoy your sweet, sleek legs...”

Jill kissed Janet’s labia. “So smooth. I like...” She forced two fingers deep into Janet’s vagina and with her free hand Jill stroked her clit.

“That feels good,” Janet said. She felt tension draining from her body and pooling in her pelvic bowl. Jill worked up a rhythm, stroking the roof of Janet’s vagina and her clit in synch. Janet began stroking her own nipples in time with Jill’s stroking.

Janet’s heart accelerated until it was throbbing and her breathing became panting. The tension in her loins became unbearable. “Oh my God oh my God oh my God,” she gasped. She closed her eyes, drew up her knees and grimaced. A flush formed on her cheeks and neck. She grasped her areolas and squeezed them hard.

“Are you gonna squirt for me?” Jill asked as she continued stroking. “That’s it ... come to Jill...”

“Oh, God, stop,” Janet panted. “Did I squirt?”

“No but you made a mighty wet spot.”

Janet opened her arms to Jill. They lay beside each other, embracing and twining their legs together and caressing each other. “You’re so quiet when you come, Janet” Jill remarked. “I make so much noise but you’re so quiet...” Jill closed her eyes and began snoring softly through her nose and mouth. Janet reached and switched off the lamp.

Janet’s alarm clock roused her. She reached for it and pressed the button to silence it. “Jill,” she said and nudged her bedmate. “Jill ... I have to get up.”

“Mmmph,” Jill replied and cracked open her eyes.

“Are you all right?” Janet asked.

“I feel a little hung over from the wine. I think I drank the lion’s share of it.” She lay facing Janet. “It was a wonderful evening, Janet. Thank you for it.”

“Are you going to take the day off?”

“I think I’ll call and say I’m taking the morning off on personal business. I need to sleep a little longer and then I’ll go home and take a shower.”

“You know where the spare key is,” Janet replied. “When you leave, lock up and slip it under the door.”

“Okay...” Jill rolled onto her stomach and closed her eyes. Janet pulled the covers over her friend’s shoulders. Then she swung her feet to the floor and headed into her bathroom to shower.

She dried her hair and dressed in a navy skirt and a light blue blouse. A check of her bedroom revealed Jill sleeping on her side. She kissed her friend’s shoulder. Then she grabbed her laptop case and headed out the door.

She made the short drive to her the parking structure and walked into Walnut Street Capital’s main door. Eva greeted her with her customary smile and sparkling eyes. “Good morning, Janet. I won’t be able to have lunch with you today. I’m meeting my husband.”

“That’s not a problem.”

Eva gave Janet a little wave as she headed for the conference room.

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