Emily's Car-park Initiation
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Emily is a bit young, she is a bit naive, but her older brother Mark convinces her that she should try some new adventures to make her life more interesting. The secrets of the car-park excite her more than she wants anyone else to suspect because she likes to be thought of as innocent and shy even though her imagination runs rampant with scenes of deplorable degradation.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Clergy   Public Sex  

Emily Snodgrass was the darling daughter of Clyde and Ethel Snodgrass and the beloved sister of Mark “The Man” Snodgrass with his darling curly hair and tight leather pants that made all the girls in the neighborhood sigh with transparent naughty inclinations.

The female pride of the Snodgrass family was just past her eighteenth birthday when her devious brother convinced her she should agree to his suggestion that she dare to partake in the Saturday night anonymous hook-ups at the poorly lighted and seldom maintained nearby carpark. It was owned by the town council of merchants for highway travelers stopping for tea, food or a quiet pee. The adjoining combination petrol station/snack bar for weary strangers in need of a break from the road was in a constant state of chaos as cars and trucks pulled off the rain soaked highway for a bit of rest and some piping hot tea in their belly.

The younger sibling had heard rumors of the nasty business undertaken at the dimly-lit huge rectangle of black asphalt with determined grass growing up through the cracks like the tar was some sort of enriching fertilizer spread for undeniable germination.

Her randy brother’s girlfriend Roxie had described to her in great detail what it felt like to let her brother Mark pull down her knickers and help her to stick her bottom out the back window for fun and games of uncertain pleasures.

“Emily, I was proper fearful, I must admit in all honesty. But, when that first long salami thing started spreading my cheeks, I was so excited, I almost pissed the side of poor Mark’s motorcar. That nasty boy outside shoved his business straight up my sensitive little brown eye like I was some piece of dog meat put there for his pleasure.”

Emily found that she was beginning to get surprisingly wet in her secret place tucked safely up inside her big girl knickers. She was eager to have the same kind of fun being described by her brother’s slutty female companion and hoped that her turn would come right after her birthday.

Roxie admitted she had taken no less than a pair of demanding teenaged boy peckers up her bum and a full house of five long schlongs in her feminine folds by unknown gents with a need for a convenient hole to drain their passion. She told Emily that she was fair flooded with boy-juice with her knickers still down around her ankles when Mark told her to pull her backside back inside the car and “get decent” because the coppers were starting to make their rounds.

Emily could feel her own heart beating rapidly just at the thought of having to get her knickers back in place before the minions of the law checked her over to see if she was one of the nasty girls taking stranger’s cocks in all their openings like girls for sale in the alleyways around the town pub and combination dancehall. Emily had an adventure there the previous summer kneeling on her knees under the watchful eyes of her brother to make certain the pretty-faced sailor boy with the ten pound note didn’t take advantage of his kid sister before she reached the age of consent.

She remembered the hardness and the powerful masculine smell that overwhelmed her and almost made her gag like a silly schoolgirl.

That would have been so mortifying had she vomited on her very first sexual adventure that she concentrated on ignoring the disagreeable odor and sucked as hard as she could until the poor lad gave up his juices without further struggle.

She viewed that as a victory of sorts, despite the fact she was the one on her knees and he was the one that patted her on top of her head like she was some sort of pet animal trained to do her duty.

The truth of the matter was that except for the time that her brother Mark had spooned her in the tent in their backyard, she was a technical virgin. He had assured her with his characteristic persuasiveness that a load of his cream up her bum didn’t constitute “actual sex” and she took comfort in that fact because it would have been altogether embarrassing to confess her probable sin of incest to the innocent-eared priest. She remembered her buggering brother’s hardness demanding compliant stretching of her posterior entryway with great clarity because it had triggered an orgasm of noteworthy memory. That memory she often referred to in her hidden thoughts when speculating about the size of various boys’ equipment hidden under tight trousers or prominently displayed with overt carelessness inside one of the many fully packed speedo jocks on the seashore.

The prospect of offering her virginal channels to strange men in the dead of night was definitely scary to her, but she had to admit the thought of complete anominity was far too exciting to decline.

On the Saturday evening just before her anticipated adventure, both she and Roxie discussed the plans and Roxie gave her a few pointers before she attempted to put her pretty bottom and plump fanny in harm’s way to be used by total strangers for depraved perversions. Every word that tumbled from the pretty young girl’s dirty mouth served to heighten Emily’s state of sexual arousal. She was so eager to present her goodies for the enjoyment of persons unknown that she had to continuously sop up her liquid excesses in fear of being caught out as a girl with absolutely no morals at all.

“Remember, Emily, if the man wants to use your bum, you have to relax and breathe through your mouth until he gets it partially inside your sphincter. Once he is even slightly inside, it is all a piece of cake. All you have to do is groan and make a lot of noise like he is the best cock you ever had inside you. The guys eat that shit up and usually shoot their loads a lot quicker than they want to.”

Emily was a bit shocked at the raw language, but she knew her slit was filled with lubricating juices merely at the thought of such nasty business. Her brother Mark was smiling and pressing his inquisitive finger into his girlfriend’s crack to show her how much he approved of her dirty mouth and her willingness to follow his orders about offering her goodies for strangers in a dark and dangerous place. Emily was a bit envious of the attention he gave to his girlfriend and happily pushed her knickers aside for her brother’s fickle fingers, almost squirting like a schoolgirl, when he hooked her vagina good and proper. Somehow, they got all twisted and her brother’s cock was buried inside her goodie locker instead of inside Roxy’s primed and ready baby maker and he pounded his sister’s proud slit like she knew he did all his girlfriend’s whilst she listened to his sinning ways in the dark.

Roxie was laughing at her moans of pleasure and the well-stacked impulsive girlfriend bent down to suckle Emily’s nipples like she was a fresh-born baby feeding from her mama. It was almost too taboo for Emily, but she found her hardened nipples had a desire for such treatment and her brother’s skilled sword was cleaving with talented thrusting between her legs with a mind of its own. It was too close to comfort to the “incest” line, but she was in no mood to tell him to cease and desist because it felt so good in her hour of need. Soon, she was on the cusp of another orgasm and she hoped her evening in the carpark would be as satisfying when her backside was flying in the breeze and lifted up for all sorts of exciting encounters of the humiliating kind.

They picked a dark corner at the end of the carpark that had a broken lamp and a line of thick oak trees that shielded them from the petrol station. She watched her brother cover his girlfriend’s bottom and feminine slit with a heavy coat of lubrication advertised as just the thing to “make the girl love every minute.”

Emily didn’t think she needed much added motivation because her own juices were so filled to the brim that she feared the men would think she was a pervert of the worst sort just looking to find excitement at every opportunity. Just as soon as Roxy had her backside hanging outside the window like some heart-shaped Japanese doll waiting for human touch, a thick, tall man approached and dropped his trousers without a single word. It was obvious he was an “old hand” at this game and he struck deep into Roxy’s bum with unerring accuracy. Soon, the car was rocking with the thrusting of his thick body into the young girl’s undefended hips. There was no other choice than taking it all the way up and draining the man’s stiff rod like a built-in milk maid doing her duty.

Before her brother Mark could help get her knickers down for her savage duties, Emily watched the outside man withdraw from Roxy’s cream-splattered rump and be replaced by a huge dark-skinned older man with a member of enormous size and girth. Fortunately, he elected to slide it into the rear end of Roxy’s vagina and it fit with sloppy efficiency like a well-designed plumbing fixture with a new pipe. Emily’s eyes widened in shock watching the long black pole disappearing into her friend’s innocent pale happy hole like some invading devil forcing the flower of civilized womanhood to submit to his complete domination. She could hear Roxy squeak with pitiful distress at the gigantic stretching requirements and the happy man’s joyful grunts of pleasure when he bottomed out inside the young girl’s tender flanks.

Finally, her bottom was naked and bared for male use and her brother lifted both her cheeks until they hung out like twin globes of pure white innocence ready for the most perverted of demands from the invisible audience hidden in the trees. She tried to see who was approaching her defenseless posterior and saw it was a young man with a face full of pimples and oversized black rimmed glasses. Then, she lost all sense of time and motion because he had introduced his unseen donkey dong into her feminine folds like some emergency testing device to see how tight she really was. It was difficult at first because she had very little practice in actual sex. It didn’t take long for the determined lad to defeat her tightness and slide all the way inside to claim his prize of virginal vagina. The car was rocking and rolling with the enthusiastic pounding against poor Emily’s preciously sensitive flanks and she did her best to accommodate the young man’s energy like a submissive slice of flesh cut just to his order. After a long drawn out session of reddened cheeks and exhausted lower extremities, the boy let his spunk drain into Emily’s happy hole with total disregard for her personal pleasure. In fact, when he withdrew, he mortified her with his probing fingers digging deep into her womanhood and her private rear hole reserved for close friends and her brother if he was of a mind to use her for his pleasure.

She looked at Roxy laboring under the line-up of prospective regulars and her brother’s face as he watched her own prospects form a line for her repeated degradation. His smile was too smug for her liking but she knew it was her own decision to participate and that she would do it all over again if he said “pretty please”.

Emily took it thrice in the cunt before her next admirer decided to test the tightness of her pucker hole. As soon as she felt the thick bullet head lodge disconcertedly inside her tiny sphincter, she knew it was going to be a difficult coupling. This fellow was more like a vicious dog with a bitch under his control than a gentle lover soothing his partner’s hindquarters with loving strokes. She howled like a hound dog on the chase in the forest and her brother looked at her with guilt written all over his face. She knew he regretted making her suffer this ultimate indignity but she would do it again just to show him the extent of her submission to his whims and his need for her obedience.

The well-endowed man was finally finished with her aching bottom and slowly disengaged with gentle motions. It was unexpected and she peered out the window to see his shadowy form. Her startled recognition of her well-respected parson, the Reverend Hobson, taught her the lesson that one never knew what lurked inside the heart of men driven desperate by the lack of female companionship involving complete compliance of the flesh to satisfy their darkest desires.

She made a mental note to make herself available to the Reverend for spiritual guidance in more of a private setting in the eventuality he might find her figure and character of enough interest for close exchanges of a physical kind.

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