The Cheerleader's Mom Is a Halloween Treat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Seventeen plus seventeen equals one thirty-four year old cheerleader's mom eager to wear her daughters cheerleader uniform as her special Halloween costume.

Gertrude McGillicuddy was one of those seldom really seen early married mothers with teenaged children living the lives she had missed with deep regret. She was only seventeen when she had her precious Candy on the back seat of the old jalopy. It was almost on the exact same spot where her first child was conceived. Now Candy “Mac” was seventeen as well, but she had the common sense to carry her own condoms with her everywhere she went just in case an opportunity arose that was too good to pass up. Candy liked being called “Candy Mac” because she was dreadfully ashamed of her family name that sounded so horribly Irish in a school where such people were considered second class citizens. Besides, they were proper Church of England Irish and the young cheerleader figured that should stand for something in the confused world around her.

Young Candy was pampered and spoiled by both her doting father and mother and she often hid her offensive parents from her friends for fear of being ridiculed for their old fashioned thinking. Her father was far too dense to suspect the depths of his standing in his modern-thinking daughter’s estimation. In all honesty, he would not believe it because he knew she was the most perfect thing to ever walk God’s green earth with the confidant strides of a liberated woman. He had absolutely no idea of the impressive amounts of used condoms discarded by his daughter on a regular basis. They were all supplied at no cost by the forward-thinking progressive union of concerned parents that took pride in the demand for the silly little things by almost every female of a nubile age in the local schoolhouse. Her mother “Gertie” was quite sharp about such matters due to her own mistakes, but she would never disclose her daughter’s active lifestyle to her husband for fear of receiving the hard end of his belt on her squirming backside as well.

The generally contented, yet unhappy, thirty-four year old mom was cleaning the closets in mid-October when she noticed an older version of her daughter’s cheerleading costume sitting on the floor in the corner discarded in favor of the new school colors with lots of pink and red. The old green and white thing looked so forlorn sitting there that Gertie scooped it up and hid it in her bottom drawer underneath her plain white knickers with boringly functional blandness that inspired only a passing glance by her disinterested husband.

Sometimes, when her husband was off to work and her children were safely in school, Gertie would strip naked in front of the full-length mirror and critically look at her nudity with appreciation of the fact she looked almost the same age as her own young seventeen year old daughter. She slowly slipped on the silky knickers of the costume all glowing green and trimmed with white lace fringes. She could see the camel’s toe of her carefully shaven slit promising paradise to imagined young lads of unknown origin. The flouncy pleated skirt and the boob-enhancing top completed the ensemble and she bounced up and down on the marital bed watching the skirt pop up and show off her long slender legs to a delicious angle and with a youthful energy she seemed to draw from the sexy design. Eventually, the silk knickers became buried in her heated crack and her pretty cheeks were fully revealed to one and all. At least, worthy of a covert peek to those that had any interest in such things when push came to shove.

A heavy knock on the door disturbed her excitement and she rushed downstairs to answer the door completely forgetting the inappropriate wearing of a teenager’s cheerleading costume in the middle of the day. The door was wide open revealing the middle-aged assistant principal Jonas Fluffworthy in his professional three-piece suit and an official clipboard of the type that made poor Gertie shiver in fear of being subjected to discipline for misbehavior.

“Are you Mrs. McGillicuddy, the mother of Candy McGillicuddy registered in the senior class at Central High School?”

Gertie was momentarily confused hoping that the school official didn’t remember her from her own schooldays and the way he had joyfully administered her discipline for many shameful transgressions of childish imperfection. She remembered how much he had taken pleasure in pulling down her bottoms just to make her blush with embarrassment at the exposure of her naked flanks in front of the student body.

She answered with a less than firm,

“Yes, sir, I am her mother. Has she done anything wrong? I hope everything is all right. She is a good girl and does all her homework right on time and is never late for school.”

The academic administrator had seen it all and met all kinds of parents. He had to admit this was one of youngest parents he had ever counseled. In fact, she almost looked like one of his students and she was wearing one of the old cheerleader costumes that went out of circulation a full two years prior. He wondered why the demure and shy-looking housewife was wearing the skimpy outfit on a day when she should be shopping or cleaning the house like any good little spouse.

“I regret to inform you, Mrs. McGillicuddy that your daughter has been running with a very loose crowd this past year and she has been going through a tremendous amount of condoms these past few months. I certainly have nothing but respect for a young lady that uses proper precautions in such matters, but I fear her promiscuous attitude will impact her ability to prepare for higher learning or to plan for the bliss of married life.”

Gertie had a fairly good idea of her daughter’s lack of moral character, but she didn’t want to admit it to the good-looking male administrator. Besides, she had a bit of a crush on him ever since he had paddled her bottom the very first time.

“I assure you, Mister Fluffworthy, I had no idea she was having such a good time. I thought she was in a close relationship with her boyfriend Freddie, but I imagined she was just experimenting a little bit to see if he would make a good lifelong partner. You know how young people think these days.”

She looked over her shoulder at the closely following educator and saw that his eyes were glued to her short cheerleader skirt and the visible panty line of lace-trimmed green silk underneath. She knew that her cheeks were sticking out slightly below the panty line but that was a result of the smaller size of the knickers and the fact she had put on a bit of weight on her backside that would be hard to contain even if they were the correct size for her bottom. She had looked in the mirror several times and was certain that her exhibition of buttocks was decidedly sexy enough for any normal male and she accentuated the situation by bending over in front of the interested male guest to pick up a pair of misplaced shoes conveniently sitting right in the hallway. Now her silk knickers were squished up in her crack and her baby’s bottom cheeks were temptingly displayed for his perusal.

Sensing the implied invitation, Jonas took a couple of more steps forward and managed to cram his hardening package into the cheerleader costume reaching his arms out to steady Gertie’s hips to stop her from falling. They stood for a moment with the cheerleader’s mother looking back with a submissive smile on her youthful face and the assistant principal pressed his considerable weight on her torso to show her there was no escape. It was a matter of formality to push the skimpy costume out of the way and soon they were joined together in a strange sensual dance down the hallway and into the back sitting room where she finally came to rest over the back of the white leather sofa taking all of the educator’s business with the skill of cheerleading expert.

When he was quite finished with the session buried deep in Gertie’s feminine folds, Jonas spanked her reddening cheeks and whispered in her ear,

“You always did like a bit of the rough, didn’t you, my dear?”

The palms pounding her bottom were more than enough to induce a second more explosive orgasm in the normally shy and sedate housewife and she left her cheerleader bottoms down around her ankles as she pushed her flanks up in the air for a proper spanking.

The assistant principal paused long enough to inquire,

“May I ask why you are all dolled up in your daughter’s old cheerleading uniform, Mrs. McGillicuddy? I must admit you could easily pass for a senior student. You certainly have the figure for it and I have to complement you on the tightness of your entryway after having two children of your own. I have extensive experience with the senior girl crowd and have to tell you that your pretty pussy is just as tight as a seventeen year old.”

Gertie was blushing now and she quickly pulled up her green silk bottoms.

“I am afraid my husband is a bit distracted these days and doesn’t have time for his husbandly duties. Our little session is the first go that I have had in the last several months. As for the costume, it was an idea I had for going to the Halloween dance. I think it would be fun to pretend to be a young girl again and perhaps even get some willing husband or older brother to trick me into a treat in a darkened corner of the porch or bushes. I expect the prospect of treating a seventeen year old is a lot more exciting than some desperate old housewife.”

Jonas laughed and started to spank Gertie again for being a naughty girl.

She took the rough treatment and tried her best to harden the middle-aged administrator into a stiff enough condition to have another go. This time, she encouraged him to mount her from behind like some fetish-minded satyr demanding complete exhaustion from his beast of burden. He added to the excitement by employing her husband’s belt as a riding crop to worry her flanks.

She was squirting like a slutty teenager and looked over into the closet mirror at the sight of her still wearing her big black rimmed glasses and giving Jonas the ride of his life. Her cheerleader uniform was all askew and her tongue fell outside her lips like some female dog in need of water. It was at that very instant that Jonas gave her his last spurts of male-juice and she fell forward onto the white fluffy carpet like a defeated wrestler pleading for quarter. The assistant principal was so caught up in the moment that he continued to pound her flooded channel pressing her tummy into the carpet and squeezing her buttocks between his muscled thighs like large globes of fruit to be kneaded and shaped into twin pillows of pleasure for his shuddering tingle even though he had no joy-juice remaining to dribble into her core.

The cheerleading housewife knew she would be itching to get started on Halloween night to collect a lot more than candy treats from the houses on her route. In order to be fully prepared, she stole a supply of condoms from her daughter’s stash and was filled with a determination to use every single one before Halloween night was over.

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