Cuming of Age
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Enema, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Analingus, Small Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teen makes a big mistake by trusting two strangers from Germany and ends up being turned into their slave, along with her younger sister.

It was a beautiful hot summer day in Houston. I turned 15 two weeks ago and all I have been thinking about is how to get enough money to pay for driver’s education. My parents both work and with me and my 14 y/o sister to take care of; I knew they didn’t have the money to spare.

It was near 100 degrees outside and I decided to go for a walk. Faith had spent the night at a friend’s and I didn’t have to watch her as I usually do. I stood looking at my body in the full length mirror in my room and liked what I saw. My breast had grown considerably and were now a B cup and my fair skin had no tan lines at all. My butt had really developed and I tried to see what the boys were whistling at when they saw me. I wish I could watch myself walk by. I put on some thin white panties and my way too tight shorts and a thin pale blue top. I stuffed some money, ID and my cell phone in my back pockets and headed out to walk. Mom always cautioned me that there were gangs in this area and I could wind up in trouble if I went by myself, but I knew most of the boys in this area and wasn’t really worried.

I walked around the area for awhile and stopped at a park bench and could see some boys playing basketball in the distance. Two men approached as I sat on the park bench thinking of an older boy that I had hoped would ask me for a date sometime. “Hello young lady”, one said with a distinct accent, but I didn’t know from where. “You are so pretty sitting there and we are from Berlin and just wanted to take a few pictures of a beautiful American woman. Would you mind?”

I was startled, but thought there would be no harm, so said: “I guess so, what do you want me to do?”

“Just stay like that and we will take some”. I heard the click of the other man’s camera as he begins to walk in a semi-circle around me, with each step coming closer to me. I begin to get self conscious as the camera was clearly focused on my legs and chest. But at the same time, it was flattering that two older men from Germany would find me attractive.

“Would you mind standing up for a few”, he requested. So I stood and he asked that I turn around and I knew what he wanted. The man with the camera went to my side and clearly was aiming at my butt. “Could you bend over a bit for us pretty lady?”

I bent over, sticking my butt out as far as I could, and put my hands on the back of the bench and felt the wind blow my top half way up my back. The camera man dropped to one knee and began a flurry of clicks and I knew that he was taking pictures of my breast under the loose top that was barely over my cute little breast. I was rather excited so bent over a bit more in hopes that my top would blow up more completely exposing me while he snapped away. My plan had worked and the top was high enough to expose my breast hanging down and in that position, they looked bigger than they really were.

“That is perfect. You are such a sexy American girl. Much sexier than the girls in Germany. My name is Günter”. I liked the attention and didn’t want to move, but finally turned around and let my top fall back in place.

“Nice to meet you Günter, my name is Patricia, but everyone calls me Patti”, I said as I stuck out my hand. I couldn’t help but notice that both men were staring at my chest as the wind plastered my blouse to my body.

“Patty, how old are you?


“That is perfect, at 15 in Germany; girls are officially women and can do anything they want. Do you have something to prove you are 15?”

“Yes, but why?

“As I said, in Germany a woman your age is an adult and can do as she wants and I was going to make an offer to you, but need to be sure you were 15 or I could get into trouble.”

“What kind of offer?” I was afraid of what he was fixing to say and I wasn’t about to lose my virginity to these two old German men.

“I was going to offer you 50 dollars to unbutton your blouse and let us take pictures of your breast, but I need proof you are 15 where I won’t get into trouble with the law in Germany.”

“I don’t know, I think I should go”

“Please don’t. I didn’t mean to frighten you but we are artist and are working on an art show for when we return to Germany and you are the most beautiful young American and the camera loves you. You just have to unbutton the blouse and let the wind blow it around and we will take some pictures. Just for a few minutes”, as he pulled out some money from his pocket and begin counting. “50 dollars, perfect. Now show us your proof of age”.

For some reason, I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my State ID that my parents always insisted that I carry. I handed it to Günter and, after looking at it, he took a picture of it with his phone, and continued to mess with his phone for several minutes, before handing it back to me and saying: “Ok Patti, now unbutton your blouse”, as if I had no choice in the matter. I took the money he was holding out to me thinking of a good start on the driving lessons and put both the money and id into my back pocket.

Now Günter raised a movie camera while the other man began to snap pictures. “Tell me your name and a bit about yourself and family as you unbutton your blouse”.

My fingers were moving in slow motion as I began to unbutton one button at a time. “I’m Patti Burleson. I’m 15 years old and have a 14 year old sister, Faith and I live in Houston, Texas with my parents”. “And what are your parent’s names, Patti?” Two buttons were done and two to go.

“Jack and Dottie.” The third button released its hold on the material.

“And tells us Patti, where does Jack Burleson work?” I could hardly catch my breath and wasn’t thinking straight as the final button came loose and I held the material together. “Dad works for the State comptroller’s office downtown”, and with that I let the material lose and used my hands to cover my breast.

My eyes met Günter and he shook his head and I knew what he wanted and I put my hands down by my side. At the same time a nice gust of wind pushed the blouse off my shoulders and fell toward my wrist. I sat there completely exposed to these two strangers who I finally realized had virtually every piece of information they needed about me and my family. “Stand tall for us Patti”. As I stood, the other man grabbed my blouse, pulled it off of arms and I was completely topless. I kept looking around to see if any others were able to see my nudity.

Both cameras were pointed at my small and firm breast and I knew without looking that my nipples were standing straight out. “Patti, your breast are perfect. I bet all the young American boys love to play with them while they fuck you, now don’t they?” I was having a very hard time catching my breath and wasn’t sure I could talk. “No Sir, I am a virgin.”

“But why Patti? In Germany a beautiful young girl like you would have already had a dozen lovers cum inside her pussy”.

I just shook my head and didn’t know what to say. Standing there while two strangers examined every inch of my chest and back. “Patti, stand very straight, hold your arms up in the air and stick your breast out as far as you can. You are a perfect model. Have you every modeled before?”

“No, but I have wanted to, but haven’t had any opportunity, and I’m only 5’5” and everyone says I would need to be 6 feet.” Günter motioned for me to raise my hands like he requested, so I stood straight and reached up and back, sticking my breast out as far as I could. “Stay just like that and don’t move. Look up at the sky”. With the flurry of clicks, I jumped when Günter grabbed one breast and pinched my nipple on the other. “Sorry I scared you, but just had to feel those perfect little breast.” I was officially scared now and wanted to run, but was still topless. “Let’s get rid of those shorts now, what you say, Patti?”

“No Sir, I can’t do that”.

“Well, how about just unbuttoning them and pull them down just a little to make a very erotic picture.” I just shook my head and Günter said” “Please, just a little bit for our art exhibit”. He spoke in German to his companion who dropped to his knees just a foot in front of my crotch. “We want to get some great pictures of that wet spot on your shorts where it’s obvious that you are excited to be photographed”. As I bent over to see, I was embarrassed that he was right and you could clearly see that my crotch was dripping wet. For some reason, while they were taking pictures of my shorts, I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled them open as far as I could without pulling them down. “Oh that’s perfect Patti, now turn around and pull them down over that perfect little ass of yours.” I couldn’t believe I was considering this, but finally said, “NO and please give me my top”. The other man retrieved it from his bag and I put myself back together.

“Patti, I know you feel uncomfortable out here in the open, but I have another offer for you. Why don’t you come back to our place and I will give you a hundred dollars to strip for us and let me take a movie of it?”

“No, I couldn’t consider that.”

“No harm will come to you. It will be seen only in Germany and I will pay you $150 and that will give you $200 for an hour of your life. What do you say? And who knows, maybe I can share some of the pictures with a agent I know here in Houston that is always looking for models? What do you say?”

“You know an agent in Houston?”

“Yes, Yes ... and I will call him after we shoot some more pictures and the video. OK?”

“OK” I said, excited about the prospects of meeting an agent, completely naïve to the stupidity of what I was doing.

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