The Babysitter and the Nudist Campers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Analingus, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The newly hired babysitter gets close to the married couple and they all go to a nudist campground to cement their relationship.

Little Dolly Packer hadn’t been a babysitter very long. In fact, she had only started to babysit for money the previous month. Her father was away on a long sea cruise earning much needed cash for the family of five. She and her three other younger sisters were a burden on their sickly mother’s shoulders and Dolly did her best to help out with the earning of income to put food in their mouths and the rent inside her mother’s purse for the dreaded first Friday of every month.

Dolly was still a teenager and found it necessary to drop out of school in her graduating year to be the major breadwinner in the home whilst her father was absent with his return an unstated promise. Her mother’s cough was persistent and a source of constant annoyance to all around her. Still, Dolly organized her siblings into a squad of busy little workers to do all the necessary chores and allow her mother to stay abed and regain her strength.

She was of legal age to obtain her working papers and properly join the ranks of service workers scratching out a meager existence on the edge of civilized society. It was in her favor that she was an exceptionally talented and personable young lady with engaging habits and fastidious appearance. It didn’t hurt her chances of employment that she was prematurely well developed in her upper body figure with a healthy bosom and a face that shone with youthful vitality.

Dolly often looked over her shoulder in the full-length mirror at her heart-shaped bottom and those curvaceous cheeks of glorious promise with a humble but guilty sense of shame. She knew with certainty that her tempting shape caused most males to stare rudely with impudent hope of engaging her in silly conversation of the flirtatious kind. It was a constant source of amazement to her that members of the opposite sex were so fired up to touch her back there like it was some sort of prize at the annual fair. She certainly didn’t get any tingles looking at boy’s bottoms, either clothed or unclothed, and found the entire matter a mystery yet to be resolved.

It didn’t bother her that she was still a virgin because after all, she was only recently passed into the nubile stage of development. In fact, she had to admit that she was a bit untutored in the secret goings-on behind closed doors of the houses she visited in the course of her babysitting duties. Sometimes, she wondered at the strange sounds the married couples emitted and the terrible noises that were more like some sort of altercation rather than peacefully resting in the marital bed. Her next youngest sister Ruth was filled with stories of how girls had to “lay back and take it” without really describing exactly what it was that they were expected to “take”.

Her sickly mother was not much help in that regard because she became noticeably reluctant to impart any advice. Especially, when Dolly broached the delicate subject of how she should “take” whatever it was she was expected to receive from boys. She surmised the young lads would be imbued with an urge to give her proper instruction on appropriate behavior in the horizontal position but she was reluctant to submit to their weight on top of her with no idea at all of what to expect. Her suspicion that with an absent father and a total lack of brothers to give her an inkling of male anatomy, she was acting at a disadvantage unless she made some forward moves to “grab the bull by the horns” so to speak and find out for herself.

Dolly knew she could never get up enough nerve to do something like that on her own accord. Instead, she decided just to forget about such complicated issues and let nature take its course. She was just finishing up an assignment with a young couple on the other side of the railroad tracks and in a sense she was relieved because the husband was dropping hints of a carnal nature about his “size” and ability to make a young girl smile for a very long time. He had the ability to make her blush with the thought of allowing him to spread her knees and letting him show her what the talk was all about. Still, she resisted because she felt it would be disloyal to the young wife and add to her burdens of tending three young children and taking care of her husband’s needs. She would have been surprised to discover that the wife was not opposed to the idea because she felt the need for some “down time” from her husband’s constant pestering and she hoped a young thing like Dolly might manage to wear him out a little before he turned to his spouse for wifely duties.

The next assignment was for a full two weeks with a May-December couple struggling with a single child with potty-training issues and some sort of ingrained obsession with playing with matches. She was certain she could handle the potty use problem with no difficulty, but the arson complication was something she had never encountered before and it seemed a bit out of her normal duty requirements.

The couple seemed delighted at Dolly’s CV and she wore her school uniform outfit to the interview to show that she had come close to completing her academic basics. Her shortened skirt accentuated her white cotton briefs both fore and aft whenever she crossed her legs or bent over to adjust her stocking. She knew she should not be employing such a silly ploy to insure their signing of the contract, but she pretended it was just a game and her intentions were of a positive nature.

“We plan to spend the entire two weeks in the caravan park near the waterfalls. Are you comfortable with spending fourteen days with us in such a small space?”

It was the young wife asking the question and Dolly hastened to reassure both of them that she was ready to devote her full time and attention to their child’s needs and their needs as well.

They showed her the brochures of the campgrounds and it immediately caught her eye that the place was advertised as “natural setting” for all guests and their visitors. The so-called natural setting was with all the happy-looking residents wearing only their birthday suits in all venues including playing volleyball with boobs and male parts swinging in the breeze like back in the Garden of Eden.

“We thought it would be fun to get back into the “Adam” and “Eve” aspects of human interaction and this seemed like the ideal spot for it.”

Dolly could not stop blushing and giggling like a silly schoolgirl. It was bad enough that she would have to be around naked people all day but to walk around naked as a jaybird herself was something she had never planned on.

She was on the verge of giving up the lucrative assignment when she suddenly realized the thought of walking around stark naked with lots of men watching her every movement was a huge turn-on for her and she was already experiencing those tingles in her secret places that she suspected was what her well-informed sister told her was a “big-girl orgasm”

Besides, this was an opportunity for her to get all the inside scoop on male equipment that she found such a mystery for far beyond her time of learning.

“We hope you don’t mind stripping down with us for this interview to show us that you won’t embarrass us in front of our friends at the camp?”

Dolly nodded her head unable to form a proper response with her traitorous lips.

The wife, Agatha, shed her sweater, her blouse and even her bra twirling around in a circle to show off her completely nude upper body. The husband, Matt did the same thing only he bared his bottom half revealing an unapologetic stiffness that did more for Dolly’s sex education efforts than any number of books on the subject. The wife looked at him proudly and lifted his manhood with her dainty fingers for Dolly’s interested visual research.

Of course, when it came to the young babysitter’s turn at shedding attire, she did it a bit more shyly but with determination and soon stood in her birthday suit being admired from stem and stern by the pair of fascinated married people finishing up their own disrobing procedures.

The trio of adventurers looked in the full-length wall mirror overwhelmed with the audacity of it all and eventually they succumbed to the temptation of stroking and petting each other’s bodies with cautious enthusiasm. Dolly was not the least bit reluctant to submit to their explorations and she was just as eager to investigate Mister and Mrs. Brown’s nudity with her inquisitive virginal fingers. Soon Mister Brown was spurting with excess juices of the male variety in the grasp of both his panting wife and the shy but submissive overtures of the newly-hired babysitter.

When the husband insisted on actually placing his face right in the middle of her backside, Dolly was totally mortified. The younger wife seemed delighted with her husband’s decadent and aggressive attitude with regard to the babysitter’s bottom. She even encouraged him to show Dolly how nicely his tongue felt buried in her teenaged crack like some greedy snake with an urge to explore deeper. A rush of heat swept over Dolly and she started to shudder and quake like a girl possessed by Lucifer in the dead of night. The wife soothed her with words of comfort and she lulled into a semi-conscious state of pleasure slowly spiraling into a full-blown orgasm that filled the small room with the sound of her shameful joy.

After that fine beginning, Dolly let her new master bounce his long shaft on any part of her body that took his interest including her face and even right on her lips like a kiss of the most sordid category.

They all decided their excursion to the nudist campground would commence on the following morning and Dolly almost ran home to spread the news she would be gainfully employed by a rich couple for the next fourteen days and nights and that she would have a purse filled with coins upon her return.

She paused and considered running to the church and asking the priest for his opinion on actually cavorting in the altogether with a married couple. Her common sense dictated that she at least wait until after the assignment was completed because she was only speculating on the extent of her fall from grace under the control of the exciting couple. Besides, she knew her labors were needed for the care and tending of the small child and she felt an obligation to her charge in true babysitter’s pledge of responsible child tending.

Dolly tended to believe that at the end of her fourteen days in the nudist campgrounds, she would no longer be a virgin and in all honesty that was entirely agreeable with her and she welcomed the opportunity to grow-up into technical womanhood. She took her bathing costume with her only for her mother’s eyes so she would not be suspicious at her lack of an extensive wardrobe for the next two weeks.

The last thing she did before leaving was to fully shave her pubic regions in the hope she would look more like the modern Mrs. Brown with her hairless slit and sensuous crack emitting the most tempting scent of French perfume like a sirens call on a dark and stormy night. She knew the husband was already addicted to her bottom like some obsessed schoolboy with a fetish to taste her natural essence. That was all fine and good but a little extra wouldn’t hurt and she knew Mrs. Brown was just the person to give her the hints she needed to attract men to her honey.

Dolly was happy she had decided to be a babysitter and not a shop-girl trained to be submissive to male touch and prepared to please a customer whenever required. Her best friend Sally had gone that route and she complained incessantly about the times she had to bend over for the boss or his friends. Sometimes, it was only the belt, but on other occasions, it was taking what they wanted to give her regardless of her thoughts on the matter. Still, a job is a job and the luxury of making one’s own decision was not a way to stay gainfully employed on a permanent basis. Besides, such distasteful events usually were mollified by additional income and perks that young girls found most exciting.

Dolly couldn’t wait to see what the other campground residents looked like. She hoped some of the males were younger than her new master because she had a hidden desire to see if youth was correlated to satisfaction in coupling experiments. Her precocious sister had informed her that the more mature the male, the more skilled he would be in love-making and she would have her best orgasms from the older, married males. In a way, she was opposed to that thought and hoped some of the younger lads were equally as talented in matters of the heart.

She was so eager to begin that she skipped along the sidewalk all the way to the Brown’s house thinking about the future possibilities at the nudist campground.

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