Suzy Goes for an Interview
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Squirting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife is interviewed for Company Slut position

These stories are about Suzy, at the time married to Steve who loved her to fuck around, Su herself wasn’t backward at this, she loved old men, 18 year olds, exhibitionism, big cocks, black cocks, cum, in reality a slut, age 40 ish, good figure, slim, a right milf!

We had recently moved as my husband to a new town in the north of England as my husband had a new job, although this involved lots of travel, and my uncle -Frank had found a flat for us in the same block as himself.

Steve was away working and I started to look for jobs, I applied for an executive secretary at a local company on line, it couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes and my phone rang. On answering the phone, it was Jean, an old friend from college who I hadn’t seen for years, we knocked about together when we were at college, she used to be a right slut I remembered. She said that she was working at the company were I had applied, in fact it was her job as she was leaving the area and she was handling the applications, she said she recognised my name straight away and decided to get in contact, she said there were a lot of applicants, but if I wanted she’d meet me for a coffee and give me the inside information about the role to put me in pole position for the job, obviously I accepted and she suggested a café near my home as she would pass on her way home, we agreed to meet at 5pm.

I arrived just before 5 and Jean was already at a table with a bottle of wine, although she was my age she looked good, she was dressed like a high powered secretary, tight skirt above the knee, 3 inch heels, tight blouse highlighting her big tits, big dark hair and what I guessed was stockings, I was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt so I felt a bit under dressed!

She waved my over and we started to catch up, by the second glass of wine we were talking about our adventures when we were younger, sharing boyfiends on the same night and bed etc., we were a right pair of sluts!!

I asked Jean about the job, otherwise I would have been pissed and forgotten, well Jean said, the company was owned by a guy called David who was about 60, but looked a lot younger, the company was successful with a lot of export business and Jean said a few overseas trips, she also said that the salary was £30k, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this sounded wonderful.

Jean told me that she was leaving as her and husband were moving to another part of the country as her husband had got a promotion, I said to Jean, how do I get this job, she then opened up.

Well Su, she said, first there’s a dress code, what’s that then I said, tight skirts or dresses, above the knee but not too short, heels no shorter than 3 inch, stockings, suspenders, knickers optional she said! What I said, well Jean said, part of the job is to be David’s slut. I couldn’t believe my ears as she told me that he either fucked her or fingered off every day, sometimes both, she’d suck and wank him off almost daily, my jaw dropped when I heard that, she then went on to tell me how she’d fucked the customers, the suppliers and even some employees, gang fucked by arab customers etc., arriving home with cum dripping out of her cunt, on her clothes, having her knickers filled with spunk and being made to wear them so they stuck to her fanny and arse when she got home! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she said that David was a real dirty fucker, but that she loved it, her husband she said knew all of it and fucked her rigid as she told him the stories when she got home covered in spunk.

So Su, she said, if you still want the job, that’s the real world! My head was spinning, the money was good, but my fanny was already wet, a company slut, the thought of being fucked everyday sounded very appealing.

Before Jean left we agreed that I would go for an interview the following Tuesday afternoon. By the time Tuesday arrived I’d been thinking of nothing else, my cunt was wet just at the thought of the interview, I decided to dress as a top secretary, I wore a tight grey skirt-very tight which showed off my arse and thighs, plus with stockings and suspenders showed the outline of the straps, a red blouse and red bra, copper coloured stockings, dark brown 3 inch heel shoes, red suspender belt, a tiny red thong to finish off, I also shaved my crack that morning, but from the top of my clit was a bush in the shape of a triangle, hair was poking out the sides and top of the thong looking really fucking slutty.

The weather wasn’t good, so I put a long coat over so no one would know how I was dressed on the bus on the way to the interview. I arrived and was met by Jean, she gave me a quizzical look when she saw me, but as I unbuttoned my coat she smiled.

She showed me into David’s office and introduced me, he looked in his late 40’s though Jean had said he was about 60, dark hair, slim, well dressed and quite good looking, Jean took my coat and hung it in the corner, she then left the room.

David asked me to take a seat at the round table in the middle of his office and fill out a personnel form whilst he finished off some paperwork, the chair I was sitting on was facing his desk, on the table which was highly polished was a bowl of fruit and a jug of water, David said help yourself, I won’t be long. I sat and crossed my legs, David didn’t look up and was buried in some papers.

I made the decision that I wanted the job, and re crossed my legs, my skirt had started to ride up, but still David took no notice, I uncrossed and recrossed my legs again, now my skirt was at my stocking tops, David didn’t look, but I sensed that he was having a sly glance, I changed my position so that although my legs were crossed, there was a gap and so if he looked he could see bare thigh above my stocking tops, I did a slight cough to gain his attention.

David looked up and looked at me, he could see right up my skirt, he said show me more, pull that skirt up, I want to see your knickers, I uncrossed my legs and pulled my skirt right above my stocking tops, my legs were apart so he could see my red thong pulled tight over my bulging twat. My twat was on fire, here I was sitting with my legs open showing a bloke who I’d met 5 minutes ago my knickers, knowing that within the next hour he’d have his tongue, fingers, cock and anything else up my soaking cunt and I was dying for it!!

David picked up the phone and pushed a button, Jean he said, come in here please, he then stood up and walked round to the front if his desk, I made a move to pull down my skirt a bit, but David said, stay as you are.Jean opened the door and walked in, she had on 4 inch heels, her skirt was skin tight as she sashayed in, her blouse was unbuttoned at the top showing off her big tits.As she walked over and stood by David, David said, look at this slut, showing herself off, her bush is popping out of her knickers the dirty slag. Jean standing next to David pulled the zip down on his trousers, 8 inch of fat prick popped out, he was already hard. Looks like she’s doing well said Jean as she wrapped her fingers round his knob and pulled his foreskin back revealing a dark red bell end.Spread you legs and show me your gash said David, I didn’t hesitate, I spread my legs and pulled my knickers to one side, my cunt was glistening, I was soaking, Jean was know wanking his prick.

Watching Jean wank his knob was killing me, I wanted in my mouth, up my hole, anywhere, I put my hands on my fanny and pulled my lips wide apart, I was showing them my hole, I was so turned on my cunt was running, slut looks horny said Jean as David pulled her blouse open. Jeans big tits came into view, fuck me, she had nipples like fucking burgers, David leant forward and started to suck on one of her tits, Jean looked at me with lust all over her face as she wanked David’s knob really hard.

I was so turned on I shoved three fingers in my snatch, I started to finger myself off, my cunt was squelching, it was so wet, I pulled my blouse open so they could see my tits, my nipples were like bullets they were that hard!

David moved from Jeans tits and pulled her skirt round her waist, the cow had no knickers on and her unshaven fanny came into view, my cunt was frothing as I was fingering myself like a fucking train, they both walked towards me, Jean still with David’s cock in her hand. David was right in front of my face, I leant forward to get his prick in my mouth, but Jean put her hand on my head and held me, she then started to rub David’s cock all over my face, his precum was coating my face. Eventually I managed to get his cock in my mouth and started to suck it like there was no tomorrow, he was fucking my face at the same time. Jeann reached over and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl, she then dropped to her knees and rammed it up my hole, the bitch was fucking me silly with it, I could feel myself coming as David face fucked me and she shoved the banana right up to the stalk, my cunt juice sprayed everywhere.

Jean got off her knees, the banana was right up my hole, as she got on the table and spread her legs in front of me, her cunt was gaping, fist me Su she said, shove you hand up my cunt. Three fingers went in without touching the sides, I pulled out and shoved my fist up her, fuck I was in up to my wrist, Christ, I was sucking David’s cock, had a banana up my cunt and had half my forearm up Jeans cunt.

David pulled his cock out of my mouth and lifted me off the chair, as I pulled my fist out of Jean’s hole, she squirted a fountain of cum all over me. I was pushed back on the table and David pulled the banana out of my twat and gave to Jean, she wasted no time in shoving it up her hole.

David slammed his prick into me, his balls were slapping my arse has he rammed me daft, my cunt was farting with the knobbing I was getting, Jean had moved over my face so my tongue was in her fanny, she was cumming like crazy and I was swallowing all her fucking juice.

David’s prick was banging my cervix he was that far in, I couldn’t stop cumming when I felt David tense, then I felt loads of red hot cum filling my hole as he emptied his balls up me.

He pulled out and Jean immediately leant forward and licked his prick clean of my cunt juice, when she finished they looked at each over and then me and said, do you want the job, I put three fingers in my cunt and pulled them out, they were covered in spunk, I looked at both of them as I licked David’s cum off my fingers.

I take that as a yes then David said.

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