Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Story: Chapter 1 - Story of a young lady under my charge who got caught stealing. Now she must learn the consequences of her actions. This should be a fairly long story for me, so it might take awhile to complete. I have removed the BDSM tag because I'm not really well versed in that topic. "Much Sex" is there for the future of the story.

Dannie Gear was elated; she just scored the ultimate stash. Bending over the side table drawer, Dannie carefully picked out a few prime pills from Mrs. Bonner’s personal pharmacy. She loved to get a little loose for any occasion, especially for parties.

Dannie had it made. She is a beautiful girl with a very slim figure and only 5’ tall at 17 years of age. Basically, she is every man’s dripping wet dream both young and old. Her frizzy dark hair bounced a little as it danced on her shoulders with every shake of her ass and swing in her step. She could manage to charm most everyone to do things for her with a simple bat of an eyelash or a sweet whisper. In her most recent case Dannie moved into her friend’s house to get out of the way of her mom and dad’s daily arguments, rules, and overall annoying family things. She is currently under the care of the Bonner family which consists of Mr. John Bonner, Mrs. Riley Bonner, oldest son Jake, only daughter Hailey, and youngest son Jenner.

All it took to get into the large, plush house (with a pool) was to hint to her friend, Hailey, how miserable she was at her own house and how much she would love to be just like a sister for her. There were other things Dannie indicated such as how much she loved her family and how much fun they have together. Truth be known, Hailey was really the only girl in her house since her mother could not be much involved having bad health issues. Mrs. Bonner was often out of it or sleeping due to meds for pain and other issues. She went to a lot of doctors’ visits and was not around when Hailey needed or wanted her. Eventually, Hailey wrote off her mom completely and depended only on her father who did the best he could under the current situation.

So, after a brief meeting with her parents, John Bonner agreed to have Dannie stay with his family for a while, duration unknown. John didn’t really mind after all. Due to his lack of a sex life with his wife he was always horny. (apparently his daughter didn’t seem to have any ugly friends) He enjoyed gawking at the girls that would pass through the house. He looked forward to ogling Dannie whenever he could. He loved her slender, petite frame. Her perfect, tight, round ass constantly tested his willpower to not get rock hard at every glimpse. John constantly imagined shoving his engorged member in her tiny mouth, watching Dannie’s slightly plump lips work up and down on his steel-like shaft. Every part of her body was tight, taut and even slightly muscular. She never worked out but she had youth on her side. Her skin was silky and smooth. John wished he could lick her all over at times.

Throughout her stay John sometimes got the impression that she was “playing” the family. He even thought that she was enticing him in ways. It was something in her eyes and the way she would look or behave. There was one instance when she was out at the pool with her friend and John came out to talk with them to be friendly (and eyeball the girls in their bikinis). She claimed her heart was racing and John should put his hand to her chest to feel it. He balked at first but relented and touched her chest with the back of his hand. Truthfully, Dannie did whatever she could to get John worked up. She had noticed early on his frequent looks and loved to wear her tight clothes and bikinis whenever she could to flaunt herself. She really got off on the “you can see but not touch” issue. She enjoyed pushing the limits but the limits were about to push right back.

John came home from work. He got off a little earlier than normal today and parked the car in the garage while Dannie was entering his bedroom to look for pills. Mr. Bonner expected nobody to be at home as his wife was at a doctor’s appointment, and his children were supposed to be at there respective sports practices. He made no noise while crossing the house to his room. He rounded the corner to see Dannie’s pert, rounded ass sticking up in the air. Her denim cutoffs squeezing her ass cheeks into a firm round treasure to behold. He correctly assumed she was digging through his wife’s pill collection. Naturally, his eyes locked on her butt, admiring the little creases between her legs and the lower edge of her cheeks the denim shorts allowed to hang out.

John had instantly reached his limit of bullshit from the girl. After a few precious moments of gazing at Dannie’s beautiful ass, he calmly but angrily declared, “What the Fuck do you think you’re doing, Dannie?”

She jumped in surprise! Sweat glands instantly started producing perspiration as her heart rate sped up. Her face flushed, and her brain tried to think of some way to get her out the situation easily. Nothing occurred to her at all. Dannie straightened herself up to her full 5 foot nothing and turned around slowly, eyes locking onto his. She was busted she knew but Dannie hoped to swing this interruption her way.

“I...” she began to speak but was cut off by Mr. Bonner.

“Shut up and put all those pills back on the table there.”

Dannie had seen John mad before but usually he yelled or slammed things on a table. His outbursts were normally focused on his kids or wife. She assumed that as a guest in the house he would never have a purpose to vent her way. Now he had a reason but for some reason he was oddly out of character and seemed very calm yet rigid and controlled. She wondered what was going on. Starting to worry but still feeling confidant, Dannie started to retort, “But what...”

John, feeling very fed up with Dannie’s thievery (he and his wife had suspected her prior), put his figurative foot down. A plan started to form in his mind. Firmly, he stated, “I said shut up! Put those pills on the table now.”

Dannie relented and did as instructed. She turned to face him again feeling a little intimidated and unsure what was going on. Her wait was not long.

“Dannie, you’ve enjoyed a pretty easy life in my house, right? You eat, sleep and use my utilities all rent free. You enjoy my pool and have your friends over without even asking. You have proven to be untrustworthy now as I have suspected for some time now. So, tell me honestly, would you be happier somewhere else? Because I’ll let you know right now, ‘Mom’ will have a shit-fit when she finds out you’ve been taking her meds.” John finished his words and stared her right in her gorgeous bright green eyes.

Dannie started to get concerned now. She didn’t want to go back to her own family. This house was much larger than her own. Her parents constant fighting made her miserable. There was no shelter from the yelling in her tiny room. Her brother was no help either. “I don’t want to go back home,” was all she muttered.

“Well, Dannie, I didn’t say you had to go back home. I asked if you would rather be elsewhere. Perhaps you have another family member you could stay with or another friend?”

“Uhm,” she couldn’t think of anybody else she could smooth talk into staying with, “not really.” Dannie really wanted to stay in Mr. Bonner’s home. The house was spacious and had a wonderful pool. She never wanted to lose that. Dannie enjoyed swimming and sunbathing too much.

“So, you’re standing there telling me that you have nowhere else to stay but here?”

“Yes.” What else could she say?

“You realize that mom won’t really give a shit and send you back home when I tell her, right?”

Panicked now, Dannie’s thoughts were scrambled and figuring a way out of this situation was not presenting itself. She started to sweat more and shudder in panic. Stuttering, she asked,” W-what can I do then?”

“Oh, Dannie, you have quite a few options. For starters, you can go right back home today.”


“Or you can persuade one of your other friends to let them take you in.”

Dannie’s head started to hang a little low. “But...”

“I’ll even give you two days to get that one working.”

“I can’t.” She was lost. She felt he was going to kick her out no matter what. Dannie felt living out on the street would be a better way of life than going elsewhere.

“Well, there is another option, but I don’t really think you’re going to like it.”

Dannie brightened somewhat although leery at his statement.

Of course! He wants to fuck me, I bet! What else could it be?

She thought.

“I have a list of rules that I will give you and must promise to obey every single one.”

Rules? What the fuck?

“If you’re going to stay here, Dannie, you had better listen very carefully. Keep in mind; this is your only other option if you desire to stay in my home. You may, of course, decide to leave if you don’t like my rules. Is that clear and understood? You don’t have to do what I say if you don’t want to, but then you leave. You leave as soon as we’re done talking.”

“Uh, ok. What are the rules?”

Fuck me whenever I want, I bet.

Dannie figured that the worst he would demand is sex. Since the house was usually full of his family she figured there would hardly ever be a situation to really let it happen often. She wrongfully assumed that since he was an old guy, forty-four years of age, that he wouldn’t really be able to do much.

“Alright, again listen carefully and commit these to memory. Rule one: never lie to me about anything.”

Dannie was confused now. She said nothing as John continued.

“Two: never steal from anyone in this house ever again. Actually, don’t steal at all from anywhere. Three: you will do what I say from now on without question or hesitation.”

Now Dannie was concerned. To her John seemed to be setting her up start doing chores around the house. Something loathsome which she didn’t want to do.

“Now Dannie, how do you feel about these rules so far?” John stated.

“Uhm, I guess those are pretty easy. Are there more? Because that last one was pretty open ended.”

John mentally braced himself. If he was wrong on assuming he could get away with what he wanted, he was screwed. He had already thought of ways to cover his ass if Dannie decided to tell someone, but he had hoped that she was in as tight corner as she claimed. “You’re right, it is. And here’s why; Rule four: three times a week you will wear a dress or skirt. Next rule, from now on you will never wear panties or a bra unless specifically instructed to.”

Now Dannie felt uneasy.

WHAT THE FUCK?! What kind of pervy shit is...

“Also, from now on you will sleep in the nude.”

... oh crap!

Dannie was feeling very shocked at this point. John was listing some very specific things and not doing what she had expected him to tell her to do, which was fuck her. This rule about underwear and sleeping naked had her concerned. For starters, her friend Hailey was kind of reserved. Not wearing underwear should be easy enough but since the girls slept in the same queen-sized bed, crawling in naked every night may present a problem. She started to protest about Hailey but John cut her off yet again, sounding quite irritated.

“That sounds like your problem, Dannie. Now, for your first instruction to follow, take off your clothes right now.” John looked calm, cool, collected and in charge on the outside. Inside his head, John was sweating bullets and freaking out a little bit. He knew this could go horribly wrong at some point. The kids were not expected for a few hours yet, and his wife as well. Any one of them could arrive early for any number of reasons. Still, he stood his ground and gazed at her expectantly.

Dannie thought she understood now.


she thought,

he is going to want to fuck me and that is easy enough to handle.

She was busy thinking of a number of things to mess with that plan. Dannie thought she could manipulate any man with sex or promise of sexual favors. She had also managed to do well without giving out anything at all. Once again, Dannie was caught off guard by John’s stern voice.

“What the FUCK are you waiting for? Did you forget my instructions so soon?” John burned his stare into her bright lime green eyes.

Rattled, and a little scared now, Dannie slowly started to peel out of her clothes. Her mouth dropped open slightly in her uneasiness but she quickly closed her lips back together. She felt she needed to be strong at this point and do as instructed. John’s demeanor and his look made Dannie frightened he might really lose his temper, maybe even hit her. As Dannie continued removing her coverings John made sure not to alter his visage. He wanted Dannie to see he was in full control of his actions by not leering, drooling, or appearing eager. John only wavered when he saw her eyes were not focused on his.

The glimpses of her body he allowed himself when not staring Dannie straight in the eyes were appealing enough. Red painted toe nails shown on her perfectly tiny feet which were attached to her short, firm legs. Dannie’s legs showed creamy, smooth skin toned from youth and a higher than average metabolism. Stomach taut and formed, her chest was almost completely flat, (something Dannie hated thoroughly) but showed dark tan-brown areola about the same size as a half-dollar topped with tiny crinkled nipples a quarter inch raised and across. Dannie was hesitant to take off her panties but slid them past her hips letting them glide along her legs to the floor after a few seconds delay. She stood there trying to give Mr. Bonner her best “mad face”. John started to get hard but through age and patience managed to keep his member at ease.

John instructed Dannie, “Go into my office and bring back my ‘T’ square. Don’t dawdle!”

“I don’t know what that is.”

John shook his head. The simplest things in life are never taught anymore.

After she got a description, Dannie slowly started walking toward the bedroom door but got barked at for her slowness, at which point she scampered quickly through the doorway and to Mr. Bonner’s office. John enjoyed the inviting view of Dannie’s tan, firm and well-rounded ass cheeks jiggling with every step. He was just able to get a glimpse of the dimples above her ass before she disappeared around the corner.

This particular tool was made of wood, a very old design as most ‘T’ squares are made of metal or plastic now. The width of this tool was three inches and about a yard long. John held out his hand for the device and after receiving it instructed Dannie to get on her knees facing the bed and then lay face down on it. This didn’t work as well as John had hoped since Dannie is very short. Then a better idea with a nicer view occurred to him. Dannie continued to be nervous and worried. She had a bad feeling about what was about to happen. She was actually quite scared.

John instructed Dannie to lay over the armrest of the sofa face down with her legs hanging off the side and her belly on the couch. John stood over her and examined her perfect ass cheeks pointing up to ceiling. He zeroed in on her puckered anus and her labia pushed together by her closed legs. Strong willed as he is, John started getting much harder. He could hardly wait to plow into both orifices but it would not happen today. John knew he was going to draw her judgement out long as possible before taking her. This day was meant for degradation and discipline.

“Don’t move off this couch. You’ve been very bad. Not just taking my wife’s pills, but also how you treat others. Yes, I’ve noticed. I may be 44 but I’m not ignorant of some of your actions around here. And I don’t much like how you tease me, either.” With a slight flick of his wrist, John swatted the flat 3” wide stick of the ‘T’ square down upon her upturned ass right across both cheeks on the center just above her clenched anus. The impact on Dannie’s behind stung and John relished seeing her flesh ripple at the impact and leave a slight fat reddening welt across her butt just above her pucker. Dannie’s legs arched back a little and she let out a small yelp. The stick came down again just over her exposed labia.

Dannie screamed and swore, “OUCH! What the fuck!” She started rubbing her reddening nether lips to ease the pain.

John said nothing and smacked the backs off her hands with his ‘T’ square. Dannie understood and removed her hands from her pussy. The stick came down again, harder. Dannie screeched again as the backs of her thighs just under where her ass slopes in got punished. Then another swat square on her rounded ass. Another swat right on the center of her ass cheeks and pussy lips like the previous hit made Dannie roll off the couch, falling to the floor grabbing her reddened ass cheeks and abused cunt. Tears from stinging pain poured down her face as she started crying.

“Why would you do that?” Dannie yelled at him. She did not understand why he had hurt her so. The stinging pain on her pussy really hurt as she started to double think her decision to stay.

“Get back up on the couch! Didn’t I tell you not to move?” stressed John. She looked up at him in disgust at his cruelty but quickly took her position across the arm of the sofa. He slowly ran the flat side of the square up the backs of her legs over her beaten ass and along her back. When he got to the base of her neck John tapped the stick lightly on the back of her head a few times then proceeded back down to her legs, tapping lightly all the way to the backs of her calves. He focused again on her beautiful round ass, lightly slapping the broad side of the stick along her red cheeks. SWAT! The stick came down stinging her once again right above her puckered anus. Dannie’s body twitched but she stayed on the couch, crying. Her body betrayed her as she realized her pussy was leaking heavily.

John looked down upon her whipped body, savoring the look of the red marks on her butt, her tight light brown pucker, and her glistening wet pussy. He fought with his feelings to just fuck her right now. John kept reminding himself of his plan and must stick it out. His cock was fully engorged and aching against the fabric of his pants. “Close your eyes and keep them shut. Ok, turn over now. Put your arms above your head.”

Dannie’s mind raced with the possibilities of what he could do to her front side as she obediently turned over. She felt relieved that her ass would at least have a rest. Her wetness was surprising to her and she felt substantially embarrassed. She was now stretched across the fabric sofa. John, once again, delighted in the sight of his pretty little plaything. Her lightly tanned petite frame lay there exposing her hard pointed pink nipples, sticking up like eraser heads. Dannie’s erratic breathing from her crying made her flat, toned abdomen rise and fall rapidly. John gazed at her Mons. Her light brown pubic hair slightly covered her mons in a polite triangle. Her legs being tight together made it hard for John to see the rest of her treasure so he ordered them spread apart. Yet again John marveled at the wetness between her lips.

Dannie inhaled quickly as she felt the stick slide up along her inner right thigh. She was more than a little worried he would shove the end of the stick right up in between her pussy lips and cause terrible pain. She twitched as the stick lightly slap her inner thighs a few times on each leg. It moved up to her mons and laid there for a few moments while John exerted slight pressure on her sex. He gave her a few easy pats there then proceeded up her belly, slapping the stick easily during the trip. When he got to her nipples, John again just laid the tool of punishment across them both while applying pressure. Dannie could not really feel much sensation until John started moving the stick slowly around in circles across both breasts at the same time. Her nipples crinkled even more than they had previously as she felt them being rolled under the flat stick. The sensation felt quite good until John decided to swat the stick down on her chest, eliciting a surprised yelp, stinging both nipples at the same time. He continued lightly tapping the stick up and down on her nipples and after a few moments of discomfort Dannie’s nipples tingled each time they were abused, sending zinging sensations right down to her center and she felt her pussy starting to leak again.

Many minutes passed with much of the same treatment on Dannie. She had tears streaking down her face from pain, embarrassment and sexual enticement. Her sopping wet love flower ached to be touched and penetrated. John instructed her to get up and stand with hands to her thighs. He just looked at Dannie’s body with a stone cold look on his face. Inside, John could hardly contain his demeanor. He reveled in Dannie’s suffering. He was going to fuck this girl in so many different ways it made his head spin. John could not and would not touch her yet, however. John felt strongly she needed to suffer for teasing him. She would be broken completely before he took her. He looked forward to all the fun he would have with Dannie.

She saw John check his phone for the time. He said, “Wow! Time really flies when you’re having fun. I expect the family to be home soon so go take a shower. After you’re done you will stay undressed until one of them arrives.”

“Yes, Sir.” Dannie relieved her abuse was over, hung her head slightly.

“Oh, and Dannie, please don’t forget all the new rules. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to disappoint me.”

John’s penetrating stare made her cringe inwardly somewhat. “Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, and Dannie, tomorrow you will buy an assortment of dog collars and chokers. Here’s some cash and I want receipts for everything!”

“Yes, Sir.” All Dannie could think of was,

What the hell?

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