Getting the G.E.D.
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Sex Toys, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A recently retired dominant teacher learns more about life.

Well how did I get here? Bob Tucker, newly retired at 55, not buff but not quite squishy, fairly comfortable, never married and still a certifiable horn dog. An athlete through college and still pretty active, but with an overactive sex drive. My investments and real estate holdings together with a 20 year pension courtesy of our local school district, let me have my first really relaxing summer off in many years.

A dedicated high school English teacher, I didn’t have to plan a thing for the fall, sweet! The first two weeks of my summer were spent in Hawaii on Kauai on the southern tip near Poipou. A lot of Milf’s and a bit older women that seemed interested but upon further reflection, they were just out to affirm their sex appeal. A couple of quick rolls with a local part-time hooker/massause kept the cock and balls in shape for my next adventure, Thailand.

My flight to Bangkok had an interesting flirtation with a cabin attendant but nothing further. Oh well, I knew that the next two weeks were going to be a major sex-fest.

Ah, Thailand, I never fucked or shot so many loads in a day since I was a teenager. Morning, noon and usually several times at night, my cock and ego got a workout. A massage before breakfast, a trip to a BJ bar in the early afternoon and one or two bar girls at night was my usual routine. Most of the girls were incredibly hot and I had to fight the temptation to get too serious with a few.

There was one lady-boy that fooled me until after I came in her mouth. I went for round two and when she presented her ass, saying she was on the rag, I got suspicious. A quick feel confirmed it and was about to throw her out when she showed her submissive side. I gave her a very hard spanking for the deception which only turned her on even more. I squeezed her balls until she was almost in tears and then I ended up plowing her tight ass for all I was worth while she jerked herself off. Interesting and a first for me. I didn’t repeat.

One soapy massage was very memorable. After slipping and sliding around for a while, she ended underneath me and begged for a hard pounding. Man, my cock got very hard and did me proud. We ended up in several interesting positions, some even new for this old fucker. I’m a frequent-flyer a my local massage parlor but never met anyone so athletically inclined as to make herself almost into a pretzel. She couldn’t seem to get enough. She was incredibly tight and worked my cock with her pussy muscles.

She was crying tears of joy and could barely speak after I came. I don’t think I bruised her but I didn’t stick around that day to find out for sure. I know my legs were pretty wobbly and took a few minutes to steady myself afterwards. She was well worth a second trip which was almost as good as the first. Submissive, little cunt got what she deserved and I got what I deserved. I love Thailand.

The BJ bars were an interesting Asian phenomenon and something I wish was available back here in the states. Sitting around enjoying a cold beer while getting my nuts drained by an unseen girl was definitely something I wanted to do again and again. Talking to some expats and other mongers while we were being privately sucked-off was fabulous and something I’d recommend to any traveler. I think they swallowed every load but, then again, they could have spit it out. Under the table, just a great fantasy time. Who really cares what they do with the cum. For all I care they could bottle it up and sell it. I wonder if there is some market for that. Think about it, cum mixed with spit in a bottle, 3 for $30 bhat, about a buck. I think there might be a market somewhere for that.

I got home mid-July and needed several days to recuperate. Nancy, my luscious neighbor with a drunk for a husband, barely let me in my house before visiting. I just had to put her off for a while for my cock and balls to catch up with the rest of me. She’s the reason I don’t spend my days spanking the monkey, her plump bottom is far more spankable.

Her husband works the night shift and heads straight to the bars after work, leaving a woman in her late forties an easy target for all my needs. Almost every morning before I’d head off to school, she’d be ready and willing for her morning wake-up call. She is one of those rare women who get off on a firm hand to her soft butt and consider that foreplay.

I had to put gloves on her for a few weeks prior to my vacation so I didn’t have claw marks on my back. Her teeth were kept at bay with a ball gag. I should have taken some pictures but she’s somewhat reluctant in case her husband ever got wind of them. To say she was aggressive is an understatement. She would be dripping wet after her spanking, always OTK and with a bare hand, she’d be grinding into my cock with every swat and would drop to her knees at the snap of my fingers.

Yes, I’m dominate, part of the reason I never married. After giving her a rump warming and throat massage, we’d hump like monkeys for the better part of an hour until I needed to tend to our town teens education. That story needs to be told at another time.

What I really missed being retired would be all those teenyboppers, in various stages of dress and undress, reeking of raging hormones and flirting with any guy within 50 feet. They certainly kept me on edge during the day. I had way too many chances to dip into that pool, but always kept it reasonably respectable to keep my job, bank account and sanity intact. I don’t think I’d have lasted behind bars. What’s that expression, 15 minutes in and 15 years to think about it, no thank you. I prefer my future partners not needing a daily shave.

Something caught my eye in the Sunday paper late July, yes I still love the feel and ritual of that to be totally an online reader. It seems that the adjacent county school district was hiring a few English teachers for their continuation program leading to a GED. The pay wouldn’t hurt my feelings and would give me a purpose without all that goes into a full time classroom. Two evenings a week for an eight week semester sounded almost ideal for at least a little while.

Who knows, maybe some little barely legal honey would like to take me on. A guy can dream, can’t he? Aren’t all twenty-something girls begging for someone their father’s age? Just a fantasy of almost every guy on the down side of fifty. Since these girls were beyond the age of consent and not sticking around after the diploma, this seemed to me at least feasible in my perverse mind.

Fast forward to late September, almost halfway into the program and I have a few students who just aren’t ready for finals. I organized group study sessions almost from day one because I knew these were the students who really were eager to get their degree and move on with their life.

After the Thursday class I was sitting at my desk looking over some of their compositions. I didn’t notice Maria-Rosa waiting to talk to me.

“Mr. Tucker, please I need your help.” Her voice shook me out of my comfort zone. Her accent was adorable and was just sultry enough to my liking. She was standing along side my desk, dressed in a very flattering pencil skirt, not too short to be slutty and a loose fitting sweater covering way too much of her body.

“Well Maria-Rosa, what can I do for you?”

“Please just call me Rosa and I’m not understanding these assignments.” She could have been speaking Spanish and I would not have noticed, instead I was getting lost in her gold flecked, brown eyes. Why wasn’t I aware of them before?

“Mr. Tucker, are you okay?”

“Um, oh yes Maria-Rosa, what can I do for you?”

“I already told you, please call me Rosa and I am not understanding these assignments”

“Oh yes, of course, the assignments, what help have your study partners been?”

She looked at me so dejected, “I don’t think the other girls like me because I talk not like them. They rush over my questions and sometimes just ignore me completely.”

“Well that won’t do at all,” I said. “What does your schedule look like tomorrow and into the weekend?” Perhaps there was an upside to all of this, I thought to myself.

“Well I work as a waitress Monday through Friday during the day”

“What about the weekends? Any time then for extra curricular help?”

She immediately looked down and shook her head. “What’s the matter, Rosa?” She could barely get the words out, almost too embarrassed to tell me.

“I dance on Friday and Saturday nights until 4am to help pay the bills.” She was shifting uncomfortably from side to side and unable to make eye contact with me. I could tell she didn’t want to talk about it which only intrigued me more. My mind was reeling, dancing until 4 am, I guess ballroom dancing was not what she meant.

There was only one “Gentleman’s Club” within 25 miles of here. I took a chance and asked, “Oh, the Kit Kat Klub?”

Well since I am a bachelor and enjoy the look and feel of the fairer sex, I’m not a total stranger to that establishment. I go there usually one or two nights a week but always during the weekdays as the one time I was there on a Saturday night, things were too hectic for me to enjoy myself. The club manager, Tim, has pointed me in the right direction from time to time for some special companionship. I make sure he is well compensated.

Her honey toned complexion turned almost ashen and her eyes got very large. She had this look on her face of almost panic.

“Yes, the Kit-Kat, how did you know?”

I just smiled and told her there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Her secret was safe with me but we still didn’t have much time available for her study session. I gently suggested that perhaps after her Saturday night shift, I could meet with her and we could go over her classwork so she could pass the course and get her degree. Oh yes my heart was pounding at the thought of arriving early, seeing her on stage, pole in hand, and wearing not much more than a smile.

She said she was generally out of there by 4:15am and needed to rest after her shift. I quickly told her that I had Sunday afternoon plans and the morning would be the only time available. Okay I lied, no firm Sunday plans but I had other plans in mind for her passing grade. Yes, things were definitely looking up for old Bob Tucker. I gently explained that she didn’t have much of a choice, either work with me in the wee hours of Sunday morning or she’d have little chance of passing my course.

She tried to negotiate, but I was firm, and unbeknownst to her, starting to firm up in my pants. Rosa finally relented and agreed to meet me in the parking lot after her shift. Man, this was working out to my favor. She could study all she wanted but I held all the cards. She could either submit to my wanton desires or fail. Either way she was fucked.

I’ve always had a thing for Latina and Asian girls, and Rosa would be no exception. I think its something about them being somewhat exotic, in my mind, that I found exciting. I should let you readers know that I think of almost every female as a girl, something in my makeup, keeping them below me, submissive or certainly not on equal status with me. Keep them down and use them rough, it’s for my pleasure and if they don’t like it, oh well, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

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