Among Us
Chapter 1: Departures and Arrivals

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Magic, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Aliens, Harem, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Departures and Arrivals - What if all the mythical races that we think are just fantasy weren't. One young man is about to find out. Steven had always heard of the myth of the dark woman of the north woods near his home. He always dismissed them, until one day he meets her face to face. (no sex in the first chapter it will follow later)

Elvandril paced back and forth in her room thinking, her lithe figure, moving with practiced ease, and grace. The stark white hair pulled back into a ponytail revealing her ebony colored face and lavender eyes as she glared at the door to her room now a prison. She had to escape this place; she needed to get away from the Matron and her insanity.

Her sire had warned her many times before not to anger the Matron, but unlike many of her people she couldn’t keep quiet about the injustices she saw her people commit. The final straw had been the latest world her people had found. The race of that world had rejoiced at meeting her kind, thinking a new era of trade would begin. What they had not expected was slavery and the death of their way of life.

That very morning, Elvandril had stormed into the Matrons court; she had screamed at the Matron that what she was doing was wrong and immoral. This hadn’t gone over well as the Matron had glared at her and screamed at Elvandril to be quiet and know her place.

Elvandril rushed a guard and grabbed his weapon then turned on the Matron. Raising the weapon toward the Matron with practiced ease she began to move toward her. She had taken no more than two steps when a light exploded behind her eyes and she collapsed to the floor unconscious.

When Elvandril awoke, she found herself lock in her quarters with guards posted outside to insure she wouldn’t be able to leave. For the next few hours the guards could hear her raging against being held against her will, and every so often something heavy crashing against the door. Both guards smiled at each other knowing that come morning the Matron had declared that Elvandril was to be put to death for her crime of voicing decent of the Matron. Elvandril had known her fate the instant she grabbed the guards weapon, and she knew she had to escape quickly, thus she began her tirade to keep the guards distracted. Elvandril was grabbing random items in her room throwing them against the door as she moved about it gathering what she needed to help her escape. That was when she found the bracelet that her sire had left her with a note on it.

“My daughter, I can no longer help you, but I can give you this last gift. It will be of great help to you when you least expect it.” Her sire had written.

She arched a delicate white eyebrow as she read the note wondering about the bracelet but slipped it around her wrist, and felt a slight pinch as she did but saw nothing to worry about. As soon as she finished her preparations she made noises as if she was crying in her bed to make the guards think she had finally given into despair. She then quietly slipped out through the window to stand looking out over the lake below. Off in the distance she could see the lights of an air base that she knew had ship that could get her off world. Taking a deep breath she dove into the lake and swam to the shore to make her way to the base.

As darkness slowly settled, Elvandil’s lithe figure moved quietly between large buildings. She watched as the guards made their rounds and smirked knowing that she could slip past them with ease. Elvandril paused dashed again, getting closer to her goal, a line of small spacecraft. Her target was the last one in line and the farthest away from the guards and their patrols.

The craft was a long range patrol fighter; most were armed with missiles and twin small caliber railguns. They had been designed with a jump drive which was used to scout out new systems. This is what she wanted most in the craft. They would jump into a new star system and scan it for materials and life signs. If the system had any kind of forces it would be noted as well, and then the craft would jump out and report its findings to a fleet carrier waiting nearby for other similar craft.

Quietly she worked her way from shadow to shadow, moving ever closer to her goal. She had to stop once or twice to blend into the shadows when the guards were passing nearby, but continued getting nearer to the small craft. Once, one of the guards had stopped and glanced in her direction, tilted its head as if he had heard or seen something, then slowly moved on with his patrol.

After what felt like an eternity the Elvandril finally reached the safety of the ships shadow. Silently she slipped into the crafts cockpit and began bringing it to life quickly. Glancing over the edge of the cockpit to see if the guards had spotted the ship starting up, she growling in a low voice “Come on, come on start already!” looking down at the finely wrought bracelet on her wrist with a large violet colored stone set in it. The Elvandril brushed a finger over it and a soft glow began to appear, then a feminine voice issued from the speakers set in her helmet.

“Mental and Graphical Interfacing Cipher now active, what is your command?” asked the voice.

“It’s a M.a.G.I.C!” exclaimed Elvandril excitedly. She knew that these bracelets where only issued to the Matrons body guards. They are bound to the wearer once they were put on; they couldn’t be removed till the death of the wearer either. How her sire had got his hands on one she would never know. “Thank you sire!” she whispered.

Tapping a code in a nearby key pad the Elvandril replied “Begin interface with ships systems and bring them online. Override all command codes and lockouts! Get the ship ready to launch quickly!” She looked toward where the patrolling guards had been and saw them rushing toward the ship drawing weapons. Mumbling softly the Elvandril continued tapping keys in the command pad in the ship “M.a.G.I.C anytime soon would be excellent!” quipped the Elvandril.

The bracelet glowed again as the same feminine voice replied from the ships speakers. “I am attempting to hurry but this is an older style craft and interfacing with it is proving to be difficult at best. The ships computer is a little stubborn and continues to complain that you are not its normal pilot and refuses to cooperate.”

Glancing out the cockpit again the Elvandril replied in a little worried tone. “The guards are getting closer. We REALLY need to get started now! I am not a fan of the idea of getting caught M.a.G.I.C...”

Suddenly the engines flared to life and the craft started to lift off the ground. “I have convinced the ships computer that this is an emergency and that it should help us.” The voice stated as the ship continued to rise. “You now have full control of the ship. Weapons, as well as the jump drives are now at your command.”

Turning the ship towards the running guards, Elvandril cut loose a few rounds just in front of them to slow them down before turning the ship and kicking the engines to full power. The small craft leaped forward at incredible speed heading out toward space. As the ship finally left the atmosphere the she relaxed a little and breathed a soft sigh of relief. “We did it M.a.G.I.C., we are free! Time to figure out where we are going to go don’t you think?” quipped the Elvandril with obvious pleasure at the escape.

The soft feminine voice interrupted the pilot’s happy mood as it said. “I do hate to ruin your mood but we have fighters on an intercept course heading this way.”

Elvandril looked down at the display which showed three fighters on an intercept course. They were lying on full throttle is seemed, trying to catch her. Reaching down she tapping a few commands into the ship and feeling herself pressed it to the seat as the ship accelerated

A sudden explosion rocked the small ship as it twisted and turned trying to escape its pursuers. The Elvandril growled low with anger, head snapping back and forth looking for her attackers.

“That explosion damaged the number three engine, we are losing thrust.” The AI announced. “Number three engine is down to 30 percent efficiency, over all engine output is now at 82 percent.” The AI announced again.

“I know, I know.” Elvandril growled at the AI. “Tell me something I don’t know, is our jump drive ready or not?” she complained as she juked the ship into a tight rolling turn working hard to avoid another incoming missile.

The AI waited just a moment while doing as commanded and checked the Statius of the jump drives. It noted the jump drives were only charging to a fraction of their full power, this meant they might be able to jump but it would be a random jump due to lacking the full power needed to narrow the jump point.

After checking the AI spoke. “The jump drives will only partially charge, if we jump now it will be random. I have no way of calculating where we will exit.”

Elvandril spun the ship again avoiding another incoming missile before turning and using the momentum to continue the direction the ship had been facing before firing the guns at the attacker that got to close. A series of tracers lanced out from the small ship toward the attacker, stitching a line of holes along it till they hit something vital causing the ship to explode. Turning again to face the direction of travel, she then fired the main engines leaping the ship forward as the remaining two attackers continued toward the small ship.

“Damn it, don’t they know when to quit?” growled the Elvandril. After a moment the AI spoke up. “They are most likely forbidden to return by the Matron without you, or proof that you are no more.”

“Well then I guess they are in big trouble.” Elvandril said while looking at the scanner screen smiling behind the mask. “Hit it, activate the jump drive and get us out of here now!”

“I highly advise against such a rash action!” said the AI in a slightly worried tone. “We have no idea where we will end up; we may end up in a far worse predicament than we currently find ourselves in now.”

“How could it possibly be any worse than this?!” dried out Elvandril as three missiles exploded around the ship as if to emphasize the point the she was making. “Now activate the drive and get us out of here!” she cried out as red warning lights started flashing throughout the cockpit.

The small ship almost seemed to gather in on its self as if reading to pounce, then suddenly leapt forward in a bright flash of light as it jumped to hyperspace. Almost as soon as the ship entered hyperspace the Elvandril knew that it was a big mistake as the craft began to violently shake and shudder.

“M.a.G.I.C how long before return to normal space?” cried the Elvandril over the violent shaking of the ship. “Estimated drop out in 1.5 hours.” replied the AI with a worried tone to its voice. “However I do not believe that this craft with hold together that long, I estimate that it will self-destructed in approximately 45 minutes with a 10 minute margin of error either way.” continued the AI.

“ONLY 10 minutes either way you say!” Elvandril quipped with a slight tone of irritation. “Well isn’t that wonderful! It gives us plenty of time.” She groused as she started to tap buttons in the control panel. “M.a.G.I.C., override all safeties and drop us back to normal space in 30 minutes keep us in that safety margin.” She cried out as the shaking of the small craft became increasingly violent. “Understood, but be aware that you may lose the jump engines upon exiting.” The AI replied as it continued to monitor the quickly detreating condition of the ship.

After a 30 minute wait that felt more like a lifetime to Elvandril while being shaken about in the cockpit, the large stone in the middle of the bracelet started to glow again just before the AI spoke. “Preparing to exit in 30 seconds, please brace yourself, this will be rough. I am unsure as to the full extent of damage the ship will receive upon exiting.”

All too soon the AI began the countdown before the craft exited jump space. “Exiting jump space in 10 seconds!” Stated the AI, as it slowly counted down till it reached 3 seconds then announced. “Exiting now, brace yourself!!!”

Elvandril wasn’t sure what to expect but what happened next defiantly wasn’t it. As soon as the small craft emerged from its jump back to normal space the number 3 engine exploded causing a cascade failure throughout the ships systems. This in turn caused Elvandril to lose all control as the small craft started to tumble through space.

“M.a.G.I.C., what’s happening?” Elvandril called out as the craft started too tumbled through space; she was violently thrown against the sides of the cockpit despite the restraints.

“The number 3 engine exploded from the stress of exiting jump space. The energy feedback forced a shutdown of all systems. I am working to reboot them as quickly as possible.” Replied the AI as it worked through the ships systems trying to restore control.

After only a few moments, the ship slowly stopped its tumbling as the AI managed to bring key systems back online and steady the ship. After restoring the systems the AI began looking around trying to establish where they were. It quickly noted the system had a small yellow sun and 4 gas giants, one of which was truly massive and had an incredibly large red dot on it indicating a huge storm. It then noticed that the fourth planet out was a desert world with no life and a thin atmosphere. At the third planet it stopped searching, this planet had a life sustaining atmosphere and large bodies of water. This was somewhere that its Mistress could possibly survive, but it also showed signs of primitive life.

After a little over thirty minutes the AI spoke up. “I have completed a scan of the local system and found two worlds that are habitable. The first is the fourth planet from the local sun, a barren world with a thin atmosphere, but is usable for your needs. The second is the third world in this system. It has water and plant life, a high oxygen rich atmosphere, there are primitive hunter gathers currently on it at this time, I estimated in their mid to late stone age.”

Elvandril looked up as the AI displayed a holographic image of the world in question as she was reaching up to touch a point on the eastern side of the smaller of the main land masses before speaking. “Set course for this location. It is out of the way of the larger populations of natives and can provide us the raw materials we will need.”

Turning the ship inward toward the inner planets, Elvandril activated the remaining two engines while watching the instruments. Sighing, she wondered whether or not the ship would survive the landing or even if would make it to the planet. After a few hours the small craft began entering the atmosphere. Smoke started issuing from an engine that had been hit by a large part of the number three engine when it exploded.

“Number two engine is on fire!” stated the AI. “Shutting it down now, but I would suggest that you use the escape system and eject now!” continued the AI.

“Activating the escape system now!” replied Elvandril while tapping a series of buttons. “How close to our target landing area are we?” the pilot asked the AI.

Just as the AI started to answer a panel next to Elvandril exploded, sending small metal shards into her side causing the AI to override the system and immediately shot her out of the craft. Slowly the Elvandril floated to the ground as the AI in the bracelet continued watching over her unconscious form.

Touching down near a lake, the light impact woke her enough to roll over and remove her helmet. Long stark white hair hung down around Elvandrils face as she moved to her hands and knees.

“M.a.G.I.C., I think I am in trouble here!” laughed Elvandril as she grasps her side then pulled her hand away seeing the blood on it. Standing against a tree she tilted her head back looking up at the sky.

Elvandrils long hair framed her ebony face and lavender eyes as she smiled weakly. “I ... did it, I can’t believe it, I did it! I escaped her, I escaped my mother, she will never find me!” she exclaimed softly as her eyes slowly rolled back before her body slid down the tree collapsing in a heap at the base.

In that moment the AI received numerous warnings on the condition of its Mistress. Monitoring her closely, the AI activated a stasis field; this would keep her safe as she healed. It would watch over its Mistress for many years giving rise to a myth and a legend.

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