Ride 'Em Cowgirl
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A girl raised on a ranch survives an attempted rape. She finds her dad is the cowboy of her dreams and they become passionate lovers. When a grizzly attack ends her dad's life prematurely, she finds comfort in the arms of her grandfather and learns to love again.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy  

I grew up on a ranch in Montana, north of Yellowstone Park. I always liked horses, and it just came naturally for me to help my dad with the chores that a kid could do.

Living out in the middle of nowhere, I spent 4 hours a day on the school bus. I’ve always been a tall, athletic girl. I wore jeans and western shirts, so I got teased a lot. On the bus, they were always calling me a tomboy, which didn’t bother me much.

When I turned 14, I was developing a girl’s figure, and the boys started staring at my growing breasts. I have these big, pointy nipples, and they seem to be hard all the time, so they push out my cowboy shirts, and the dark brown nipples show through the material. The boys pointed, and the girls laughed at me.

I was a late bloomer, so it was a big deal for me when I finally got my period. I was on the bus, and when I got up to get off at my stop, the girls started pointing and giggling. Then the boys started calling me, “bloody butt.” I definitely had to fight down the urge to punch some of them.

I held it together until I trudged up the road to our house. Dad saw I was a mess right away, and he came to give me a big hug. I never thought about dad as anything other than, “dad” before that moment. For some reason, I suddenly noticed what a handsome cowboy my daddy was. I also felt a lot different as he hugged me. I felt all warm, and soft, and most definitely female.

Dad told me to take a hot bath, and to soak my jeans and underwear in cold water, so the blood would wash out. Yes, I thought of it as underwear up to that point. Dad had been thinking ahead, and he had a package of pads for me.

After my bath, I got dressed, and went to help dad make dinner. It was Friday night, and I was feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t have girlfriends because our ranch was so far from town and there weren’t any girls around my age on any of the neighboring ranches. I didn’t have a boyfriend because all the boys seemed so dumb to me.

Maybe the boys knew I didn’t like them, because they made it clear they certainly didn’t like me.

Dad asked me if I was having pain or cramps. I told him I was fine, except that my emotions seemed to be going crazy. He hugged me again, and I started getting funny feelings as my hard nipples rubbed against his chest.

He asked me if I was able to figure out how to use the pads. I said it was pretty easy to follow the instructions on the package. Where did that sarcastic bitch comment come from?

While we were eating supper, dad started telling me about how boys and girls were different, and he showed me a book that had drawings showing the parts of male and female bodies. I’ve had sex ed at school, but I suppose I’m pretty naive. I only know the medical names for body parts, and I’ve never been kissed.

We breed cows and a few horses, so none of it was big news to me, but when dad reminded me that I could get pregnant now, and that I needed to be sure to make good choices, it made me realize I wasn’t a kid anymore.

Early Saturday morning, right after breakfast, daddy told me to put on a dress because we were going to Billings to go shopping. I was a little bit excited, although I was worried about whether my pad would leak, because my boxer underwear didn’t hold the pad close to my body like regular girl’s panties would.

The only dress I owned was really too small for me. It was very tight across my chest, and it made my breasts look big. The dress showed my nipples even more than my western shirts. The skirt was very short too, but I did what daddy told me, and I put it on. I pulled on my dress boots, brushed out my hair, and looked at myself in the mirror. I definitely was not a kid any more.

I’m about 5’ 6” and it seems like I am outgrowing jeans nearly every month. Daddy teases me about playing basketball someday. I am slender in an athletic, not a skinny way, and I think my butt looks pretty good in jeans. My skin is fairly dark, and it looks like I’ve been tanning, even in the middle of winter. In summer, it’s almost bronze. I’ve already talked about my breasts and nipples making my shirt stick out. I thought boys were supposed to like girls with tits, but the boys at school don’t seem to like me, or want to be my boyfriend. They just want to make fun of me and say mean things. That’s probably because my mom was a Native American, and a lot of the white kids at my school are pretty prejudiced.

I have very long, straight, black hair. Sometimes daddy calls me, “Raven Girl,” because my hair is so black. My mom was of the Crow tribe. She died when I was born. My grandpa thought it was my dad’s fault, and he was already mad at daddy for taking his daughter away from her people anyway, so they don’t talk, and I have never met my grandfather.

Dad was only 18, and my mom was 16 when she got pregnant with me. Dad’s thirty-two now, and he is the rodeo cowboy girls dream about. He is six feet, four inches tall, which made saddle broncs tough for him, but he was pretty good, until he got his knee stomped on by a really nasty horse named, “Smokestack,” at the pro finals in Las Vegas. Even after four surgeries, his knee is never going to be right. Dad is thin, but not skinny. His arms and chest are muscular from all the ranch work. He has dirty blond hair that is always messy from his hat or the wind.

I went out to the kitchen, and dad looked me over. His eyes seemed like they were hungry as he looked at me. I felt a tingle between my legs I’d never experienced before. Dad looked as good now as I remember him when he used to ride saddle broncs on the rodeo circuit, back when I was a really little girl. Of course he doesn’t wear fancy shirts any more.

We went out to the pickup, and daddy opened the door for me. I felt myself blush, because I wasn’t too lady like climbing in, and I was pretty sure the skirt of my dress came up and gave daddy a good look at my underwear.

Daddy closed the door and went around to the driver’s side and climbed in. I was surprised because I caught myself looking at the bulge in dad’s jeans as he climbed into the cab. I felt like I was blushing even more, and hoped dad didn’t notice where my eyes were focused. Of course with my dark skin, I doubt if anyone could ever see me blush.

Dad never talked much, but he started talking about how boys could be mean to girls when their bodies started developing. I told him they were always mean to me on the bus. He looked mad, but didn’t say anything much, except that if I thought I needed to punch someone out, he wouldn’t blame me.

We stopped at a little house on the edge of Billings and picked up my dad’s sister. My Aunt Sally is an old maid schoolteacher. I wasn’t expecting much fashion help from her, but at least she was a woman.

We drove to the mall. Dad turned me over to Aunt Sally, and went off to look at saddles and tack. Aunt Sally steered me past all the trendy little shops, to the department store. She pointed out the juniors department, and said I had $200 to buy more appropriate clothes. She told me I should get some bras, to cover up my nipples. She put the money in my hand, and left to go to the bookstore.

I stood there like a deer in the headlights. A sales lady came over and asked if she could help me. It looked like she might have just graduated from high school. I told her I had been told to buy bras and to start dressing like a girl. She laughed, took me by the hand, and led me to the lingerie department.

Her nametag said, “Sarah.” She picked up several bras in plastic packages, and took me into a dressing room. She told me to take off my dress, so I did, and hung it on a hook. She looked at my breasts, and shuffled through the packages, picked one, opened it, and handed the white cotton bra to me. She had to show me how to put it on, and how to adjust the straps. When she asked me if it was comfortable, I just shrugged. It felt so unnatural and like I couldn’t breathe.

She went out of the dressing room and came back in a few minutes with a sports bra. It felt a lot less constricting when I tried it on. I told her I wasn’t sure that the cups would cover up my pointy nipples.

Just then dad knocked on the dressing room door. He apologized for leaving me alone with his sister, and for Sally deserting me. He said he was embarrassed, and was afraid having him around would make me embarrassed too.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m a ranch kid, and not much makes me blush.”

I told him my problem with the bras. He talked to Sarah for a minute, and she went out to get another type of bra. She came back with a kind of hybrid, which had regular cups, but the frame was more like a sports bra. It fit me just right. I could breathe, but my nipples weren’t poking through. Dad peeked in, and said it looked very practical. He told Sarah to get me enough bras so I wouldn’t need to wash every day.

Trying on bras was when I found out my breasts already needed a regular A Cup.

Daddy talked to Sarah again. She went out, and came back with several different styles of panties. I frowned. They weren’t sexy, just plain cotton, but they still looked awfully girly to me. Sarah made some suggestions about which ones were good under jeans, and which were good under a dress or a skirt. I found out I liked the boy leg brief style pretty well. The hipster bikini was pretty good too. I got enough so I would only have to wash once a week. I felt pretty grown up, having a week’s worth of real girl’s panties, not nondescript unisex boxers. Sarah told me I needed several pair of what she called “granny panties” for when I was having my period. The package said “full coverage briefs” so I got one package of those that had five pair in assorted colors. They looked big, and I could see why Sarah called them granny panties, but they did look like they would be comfortable, but still hold the pad in place.

Dad paid for the underwear. He carried my package, and took me to one of the nice stores Aunt Sally had passed by. The sales lady immediately started flirting with daddy. He didn’t fall for it, and told her that his daughter needed some better clothes for school.

I picked out some tops and shirts that were cute and not Western style at all.

Dad took me to another store, and I got two dresses that fit me and three blouse and skirt sets.

Daddy carried all my packages, and we went out to the truck. Aunt Sally had gone home with a friend, so we drove to the diner, and had lunch.

Daddy reminded me that I needed to check my pad and see if it needed to be changed. I had remembered to put a couple of fresh pads in my purse, so I grabbed the bag that had panties in it and went to the ladies room. I took off my boxers and threw them in the trash. I stuck a clean pad to the crotch of a pair of pale blue granny panties, and pulled them up. I was glad dad had got me the kind of pad with an adhesive strip on the back, so the pad stayed in place. I liked the way the panties held the pad firmly against my vulva. It felt much more secure. I adjusted my clothes, and went back to join dad at our booth.

I’ve never been a cuddly girl, but for some reason, I sat on the same side of the booth with daddy, and leaned against him. I thanked him for taking me shopping, and then I impulsively kissed him on the cheek.

He turned and smiled at me. “Misty, I’ve always felt like kind of a failure as a father, but today, it feels like I did something right.”

“You are a great dad. I’ve just been a little shy about being a girl, and not being into rodeo and some of the stuff you like. I try to be a good ranch kid, but I’m afraid I don’t like much about ranching, except the horses.”

Dad kissed me on the cheek and gave me this really big smile. “So you like horses?” he said, with a tone that sounded like he was just finding it out.

“You know I do! You are just being silly. You know I’ve loved horses since I could walk and talk.”

“Let’s finish up our lunch. I have something I want to show you.” Dad said.

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