Book 9 - The Hatchlings
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The next in the Saga

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   High Fantasy   Paranormal  

Collin smiled to see Mal stalking down the long table “good morning, Mal” Mal frowned looking around “morning, baby ok?” chuckling Collin nodded “she is just fine and having her bath” Mal’s eye’s lit u.

“ohhh” Collin silently said to Kat as Mal vanished “you’re getting company” Kat laughe.

“so I see.”

Mal standing next to the wash basin smiled at Kat “baby clean?” TeeLinn squeaked in surprise, Mal purred and put out his small paw patting TeeLinn on the head making her little head bob up and down, “her name is TeeLinn” Kat told him as she rubbed soapy hands over a wiggling purring hatchling. A short time later Zara appeared with a sig.

“Mal did you ask first if you could come and visit?” Zara started to giggle as she flew over to the bed, Kat grinned at her. Mal making little grr noises was trying to put a nappie on a wiggling TeeLinn, “all better” he said making his mama laugh, the nappie wrapped around one leg and part of TeeLinn’s tail, Mal patted her on the top of her tiny head again “Tee eat?” he asked Kat. Kat chuckling as she fixed the nappie nodded “yes Mal, she has had her breakfast” with a satisfied nod Mal lay down to watch the baby. Zara took Mal’s paw in hers “now say bye bye, it’s time to go home and have your own breakfast” Mal got up and patted TeeLinn on the head one more time “be good baby” he told her with a purr then left with his mama.

Lexi sat down saying good morning to Mercer, Tommy, Con and her father, Connor looked at the doorway “your mother is running late this morning” Lexi grinned as she took a drink of her juice “not really, she’s been up for hours barfing in the pool room” Connor frowned and got up “your mothers sick?” Lexi shrugged “ummm maybe you should go ask her” as her father strode out of the breakfast room Con looked closely at Lexi “what’s up? you don’t seem to upset that Mother is feeling ill” Lexi winked at Mercer and Tommy “it will only last nine months” the two men started laughing seeing the look on Con’s face.

“You seem in a very cheerful mood this fine morning Master Con” Riley commented as he came into the room, Con grinned widely “hey Riley, how are you with changing diapers and drool?” Riley didn’t even blink “I shall of course endeavor to rise to the occasion Master Con, one must merely have an ironclad stomach and multiple changes of attire” setting the pitcher of milk on the table he turned and went back to the kitchen.

Lexi finished her breakfast and stood up saying she was going to ride over to The Keep to see TeeLinn then over to Salvation, with a smile she asked Mercer and Tommy if they would like to ride along. Tommy a look of horror on his face shook his head “I’m having enough trouble just walking on terra firma and you want me to ride on an animal that knows I’m afraid of it? no thanks I’ll meet you there, that’s what we have wings for” Lexi laughed and left the room with a wave. Mercer and Con hmmm’d to themselves seeing the look on Tommy’s face as he watched Lexi take her bonnet from Riley and tie it on with a “there are you satisfied” look on her face.

Connor strode into the pool room with a look of concern on his face, Allora splashing cold water on her face heard him come in, “Lexi said you’ve been in here for hours sick to your stomach, why didn’t you let me know? Al” he heard her mutter something about doing in female children at birth “because I don’t want you standing watching me upchuck, Breeton” she snapped. Connor frowned putting his hand on her forehead “you don’t have a fever or chills, I can ease the nausea Al, not just stand around you know” Allora muttered “sorry” and sighed “I don’t have chills or a fever because I’m pregnant not sick, I barfed with Con and Lexi but nothing like this, if I’m not puking I’m so tired I can hardly move.”

Connor smoothed his hand over her stomach, tipping up her face with a large hand he grinned widely, Allora snapped “don’t look so pleased you’re going to be the one doing dirty nappy duty this time” Connor laughed “I hope so, I missed the first go round I don’t plan on missing the second, your probably feeling the effects more because their hatchling.”

Allora groaned “sweet jesus, who is it in your family that started this whole twins thing, I need to have a talk with him or her” with a gasp what he said sunk in, she grabbed the front of his shirt, shaking hi.

“Breeton, I can’t have hatchlings, I’m a human remember.”

Connor took a hold of her hands before his shirt tore off “calm down Al, I could be wrong, don’t get your sails in an uproar” Allora glared at him “you’re going to have a mutiny on your hands soon, Breeton” Connor blinked as Allora burst into tears, then with a snarl stormed out of the room. “Father, you wouldn’t happen to have a suit of armor and an extra supply of hankies available do you?” Alex his cup of tea midway to his mouth grinned hearing the confusion in Connor’s voice “affirmative to both, Al on a rampage?” Connor grinned “just pregnant” Alex started laughing “can I recommend a padded cell with Riley in attendance, liqueur chest key firmly in hand.” Connor laughed “I’ll go check on the supply right now, I just might raid mother’s hidden wine cellar.”

Lexi smiled at Collin, seeing the little bundle on his lap, “Kat is taking a nap” Collin told her, “is her cold all better?” Lexi asked a worried tone in her voice. Collin nodded “it’s all gone, would you like to hold her?” Lexi smiled taking TeeLinn from Collin’s hands, sitting down in a big chair Lexi looked down at the hatchling, TeeLinn opened sleepy eye’s and looked up at Lexi, as if a silent communication passed between the two, they both smiled at each other. TeeLinn wiggled out of her blanket crawled up Lexi’s long thick braid to her shoulder, she curled around Lexi’s neck with a purr, nuzzling her cheek, Lexi awwww’d rubbing her cheek against TeeLinn’s “when you’re a little older you can come play with Tabby and Mal, I’ll make you a kimono, like I made Tabby her little outfit” Collin raised an eyebrow “you made that outfit? what else can you do? Lex.”

In surprise Virlane watched Lexi withdraw mentally and emotionally, she shrugged “I just had some fun making some things for Tabby and Mal, that’s all” Collin said thoughtfully “I’ve never had the chance to met your dragoness, I’d like to met her one of these days.”

Lexi smiled at TeeLinn taking her from around her neck and snuggling her back into her warm blanket, she handed the hatchling back to Collin “I’ve got to go now, I promised Tabby I’d come play with her this morning, be a good girl for your papa and mama, TeeLinn.”

Collin frowned walking Lexi to the door “I didn’t mean for you to run by asking that question, Lexi” Lexi silently called her horse, Collin in surprise watched the mare pull away from the groom and come dancing over to Lexi “am I running? yes I guess you’re right” she said swinging up into the saddle, she told the mare to go to Salvation not even touching the reins, the mare turned, Lexi waved and said a quiet goodbye just as Tommy and Mercer appeared.

Lexi rode to Salvation deep in thought, without paying any attention she rode up to the stables, she started to swing down from her mare when Finbar appeared putting his hands around her waist he helped her down, Lexi jerked away from him as his hands slid up under her breasts “get your hands off me Finbar, I’ve told you to stay away from me before and I meant it” she snapped, Finbar sneered “what’s the matter? to good for a stable boy?” Lexi frowned and quickly left the stable yard, Finbar laughed nastily. Lexi had her temper under control by the time she go to the back garden doors, she had no more walked in then Mal was flying around her “see baby? Tee ok?” laughing Lexi told Mal that TeeLinn was just fine, that she was probably taking a nap right at the moment. Mal grinned “good baby” with a grin Lexi asked where Tabby was, “ohhhhh ohhhhhh waiting Lexi beach room” Mal said his eye’s wide with excitement, Lexi winked at him as he perched on her shoulder “ready to board? matey” she asked, Mal shrieked nodding vigorously.

DeClan smiled at Zara as she came into his work room, Zara grinned “darling you just have to come see this” DeClan sighed “is the house still on it’s foundation?” Zara giggled “well it hasn’t fallen over yet, come to the pool room and peek in the beach room” DeClan went down to the pool room and quietly opened the door to the beach room, his mouth dropped open, Zara giggled “isn’t that something” DeClan could only nod. Floating on the waves was a tiny three masted schooner, Mal in his pirate outfit was standing in the crows nest, Tabby in a striped sailors shirt, short pants, a scarf tied around her head and a little wooden knife clamped in her jaws was climbing the rigging, Lexi dressed in a velvet jacket, breeches and knee high boots and a plumed captains hat, stood on the rocks a wooden pirates cutlass in her han.

“avast there matey, prepare to be boarded” Lexi yelled to Mal, with a loud grrrrr Mal waved his wooden sword “ya be walkin the plank, buck.”

Lexi jumped into the water, Tabby giggling held onto her little knife and yelled “man overboar.”

Lexi bobbing in the waves banged on the side of the ship “it’s a broadside Captain” she yelled, Mal roared “fire cannon’s” Lexi made a big boom noise and rocked the boat. Mercer and Tommy almost beside themselves with laughter looked at DeClan and Zara then back into the beach room as Lexi suddenly dressed in a flowing gown and her hair floating all over the water flapped around like a fish out of water, Mal shrieked “damsel distressing” Tabby yelled “save her Captain Mal” Mal went zooming off of the crows nest “Captain Mal to rescue” he yelled grabbing Lexi’s hair and dragging her to shore with much assistance from Lexi. The three lay on the beach laughing and giggling, “I be needin grog Captain Mal” Lexi said breathless from laughing, Mal grinned handing her a small tankard, she took a drink and started to sing blow the man down, waving the tankard to and fro.

Lexi, Tabby and Mal sat down in the dining room, Zara grinned seeing first one then the other two yawn.

“Being a Captain is hard work wouldn’t you agree Captain Ma.”

commented Mercer with a grin, Mal grinned widely “got save distressing damsels” Zara laughed “Lexi makes a very convincing distressing damsel” Lexi and Tabby giggled. Zara saw Mal’s eye’s widen and quickly said “TeeLinn is having her lunch then taking a nap” Mal ohhhh’d then nodded “good baby sleep lots” DeClan smiled “which I think the three of you should do, who made the ship?” he had his answer when both Tabby and Mal looked at Lexi, who flushed, “I was just curious, it’s a fine example of a schooner, you did a good job” Lexi blushed and mumbled thank you, fixing her plate she quietly ate pretty much tuning out everyone’s chatter, with a start she heard her name and looked up, Tommy smiled at her “looks like the crew needs a nap” she nodded looking at Tabby and Mal who were half asleep. Zara smiled “you can come back and exhaust them anytime” Lexi grinned, Tabby giggled “pompadour tomorrow?” Mercer grinned “do we get a preview? Tommy and I will be on our way in the morning” Zara ohh my’d with a laugh to see Tabby dressed in a ball gown with a huge hoop skirt, a very exaggerated stuffed bosom and a wig almost as tall as tiny Tabby on her head with a bird in a bird cage in the wig, a black beauty patch on her little bright red rouged cheeks. Tabby giggled and said “ohhh la la” Mercer and Tommy burst out laughing, when they saw Mal who was now dressed in a rolled white wig, a shirt with flowing ruffles at the neck and wrists, a puce jacket, a yellow stripped waist coat, black knee britches, white stockings with clocks stitched on them and shoes with tall heels, a monocle over one eye come mincing down the table they were laughing so hard they could hardly talk. Zara wiped the tears from her eye’s as she laughed, “Lexi villain” giggled Mal, Lexi dressed all in black with a flowing cape, black hat pulled down over her forehead a huge drooping black mustache on her upper lip jumped up and grabbed Tabby “I’ve got you now my pretty” Lexi snickered, Tabby shrieked “save me, save me” Mal yelled “unhand her!” mincing down the table on his high heeled shoes pointing his monocle at Lexi. Laughing and giggling Tabby and Mal went off with their mama to take their nap, Lexi waved bye and head towards the stables, as she usually did she called to her mare so there was no need to go in the stables and near Finbar, with a frown she waited, Lexi sighed asking the mare if there was a problem, her mare replied that her reins were tied tightly to the post and she couldn’t leave. Annoyed Lexi went into the stable reaching out she started to untie the mares reins, Finbar grabbed her arm “what no goodbye for the stable boy?” Lexi tried to pull her arm away “let go of me Finbar” she snapped, with a sneer he pressed her up against one of the stalls “you really don’t want me to let you go, I know your type” Lexi tried to shove him away from her, almost gagging as his wet slobbering lips came down on hers she got on hand free and punched him as hard as she could then brought her knee up into his groin, as he lay in the hay moaning and retching Lexi grabbed the reins of her mare and left the stable, swinging up into the saddle she rode home furious with herself, she should have tried to find someone to go into the stable and get her mare for her. “bitch, you’ll pay for that” Finbar hissed.

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