The Attraction
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The attraction between men and women can be interesting as they pursue each other.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Cheating  

The book Adam Grant just picked up from the library which he had on hold for three months should be a good read he thought. The author was one of Adam’s favorites and he wrote interesting stories centering on the happenings in Washington D.C. At checkout the librarian gave him a new library card with a new library card number before she checked out the book. Issuing him a new library card and number was she said because of some new software programs they had installed. The librarian said only the number would change and his account wouldn’t be affected.

Back in his law office Adam checked his messages and returned a call to Nancy who worked at one of the senior nursing homes that was on the edge of town. She said they had a new patient who was in need of some legal work as the patient had no will or trust and now had decided that she needed those documents. Adam said he would stop out there this afternoon and discuss this with the patient and get the necessary information.

At his townhome later that evening Adam checked the television listings and concluded that there was nothing worth watching. Television programing was still into the summer reruns and there were no hometown MLB games scheduled as this was an off-day. Oh well he thought he had the book he picked up to read from the library.

Before he started reading he put his notebook computer on his lap and checked his email and found there was nothing of importance. Adam also inputted his new library card number into the library’s web page and saw that the books he had asked for were still there but he noticed that the audiobooks he requested were missing. He went to a different web page where he had requested the audiobooks and after entering his new library number saw that there were no audiobooks on hold for him. It was like his account was starting out fresh as it pertained to audiobooks.

There was no reason for him to get excited and he again requested the eight books he wanted.

After doing this he checked his holds and now he became a little pissed. Where he had been third in line for one of his audiobooks, now he was fourteenth in line. Where he was nineteenth in line for another audiobook, now he was sixty-fifth in line. He thought about this for a little while and then sent an email to the library director who was listed on the library’s web page as Erin Burton telling her of his concern. He indicated what had happen to his audiobooks on hold and said this change in the library card number could have been handled better.

The next day Adam received a response from Erin asking him for his old library card number and said she would look into the matter. Adam responded to her request. Later that afternoon he received another email from Erin saying that the problem was corrected and if he logged in with his new library card number he would see that his audiobook requests were what they had been prior to the change of card numbers. He did go to the web page and saw where he had previously stood on the waiting list had been restored.

The following week Adam was back at the library dropping off the book he had read. It was a good read with the twist ending being that it was a woman Senator who was behind the assignation of two Supreme Court Justices. She wanted to stack the court with liberal leaning justices to get her liberal agenda through the court system.

In checking the book back in it was on a whim that Adam asked the clerk if Erin was here. He was told she was in the children’s section. Walking into that section he saw only one woman there who he assumed must be Erin and she drew his immediate attention because of her looks.

Erin seemed to be in her early forties, was of average height with a slim figure and straight dark hair that came down to her nice sized breasts. She was wearing a white blouse and a black knee length skirt. He wouldn’t say she was overly beautiful but she certainly was an attractive package with her very nice figure.

Walking up to her he extended his hand and said “Erin? I am Adam Grant and I want to thank you for straightening out that problem I had with my library card.”

“Oh, I recognize you from your picture we have on file that we took when we gave out the new cards. You know we thought we had all the problems solved with the switch to the new cards and numbers but it turned out we didn’t. Your inquiry was the first of ten we received that day on that problem and thank God we were able to correct the problem.”

“Yes you did and if I may say so you did it in a very timely manner.”

“Thanks, you do know there are other places you can go to download audiobooks?”

“Yes I do but there are only certain authors that I listen to and they aren’t in those systems.”

“Well you have a good day” and she walked away from Adam.

Adam watched he walk away and thought she does have a nice ass and legs. There was for him an immediate attraction to her. While he was single the ring on her finger he noticed she was wearing would indicate she was married. Oh well he thought it’s too bad that she was.

He couldn’t help but think about Erin during the following week. She wasn’t overly beautiful but to him she was sexy as hell. There just was something about her that intrigued him. He couldn’t help but wonder how she would be in bed. Something was telling him she would be terrific.

As luck would have it, it happened the following week when he had gone to the library to pick up a book that he saw Erin again. He had checked out the book and has he was leaving Erin was walking towards him.

“Hi Erin, how are you.”

“I am fine Adam, checking out another book?”

“Just did. I was wondering if you would like to go with me across the street to the Starbucks for a cup of coffee.”

“Adam, I am married.”

“I know you are as I can see the ring on your finger. I am just asking if I can buy you a cup of coffee.”

“Adam, I said I was married.”

“As I said I know you are. All I am offering is a cup of coffee. Your virtue is safe with me.”

There was some hesitancy on Erin’s part but then she said, “Why not, I could use a good cup of coffee.”

On the five minute walk to Starbucks that was in the strip mall across from the library Erin asked Adam what he does for a living.

“I am an attorney. I have an office on Second Street where I hang my shingle. It’s a one man operation where I practice all kinds of law, from estate planning and administration, to wills and trusts, to real estate and an occasional personal injury case. I am what you would call a small town attorney, jack of all trades and at times maybe master of none.”

“Oh I wouldn’t think that. It strikes me that you would be good in practicing law. How is business?”

“Fairly steady as I have made connections with the nursing homes in the area and they call me when a patient doesn’t have a will or trust and needs one. There are realtors who will also recommend me when their customers need an attorney. Some of my former clients see me if they have legal problems and they do refer other people to me.”

Arriving at Starbucks they placed their order and then took seats at a table.

“It’s funny that you should mention wills and trusts as my husband and I have been talking about doing that as we don’t have either one.”

“Well I could take care of that for you if you don’t have a personal attorney.”

“We don’t have a personal attorney.”

“Now that I have told you about myself why don’t you tell me a little about yourself. All I know about you is that you are head of the library because of the listing on the library’s web page that says you are.”

“Not much to say. I am married to Bryan and have been for twenty one years. We have a daughter Pamela who is a sophomore and away at college. Bryan works for a railroad company and investigates accidents the railroad is involved in. His job does require that he travel to investigate these accidents so there are times he is away from home. This was my first job at the library after Pam was born when I was looking to enter the work force.

That she volunteered her husband was frequently not home was interesting thought Adam. He wondered if it meant something that she had mentioned that.

“How do you like being the library director or the head librarian?”

“College teaches you about library science but they don’t teach you about library administration and maybe personnel handling. For instance, it varies but we can get a large amount of walk-ins who want to do their community service at the library. Finding things for a large number of them to do is a constant challenge. We need to do something about that.”

Adam said, “Why don’t you limit the number of community service people you will take in a day to a certain number. They can reserve the day in advance and if your limit isn’t filled you can take walk-ins to fill your limit. If your limit is filled don’t be afraid to tell other walk-ins no community service today. Oh and you may want to assign one of them police the outside area as there are papers and some trash that I saw there today.”

“I will do that and thanks for the advice because I think if we did that it would seem to solve a problem.”

Walking back to the library Erin said, “What am I going to say if any of my employees who saw us together asks me who you are? They can start some false rumors.”

“Just tell them the truth that I am an attorney who you are considering having do some legal work for you.”

They said their good byes in the parking lot with Adam saying he would stop by and see her next week. The more Adam saw and talked to Erin the sexier she became and his attraction to her increased.

Next week Adam stopped by the library and talked to Erin. She didn’t offer much resistance when he suggested they go to Starbucks. Erin said she had talked to her husband and he agreed they need a will or trust along with the other legal documents they should have.

Adam who could have brought over some forms today for them to fill out said he would bring those forms next week when he came to the library. He just wanted to spend more time with Erin and this was one way to do that. His attraction to her was such that he was becoming partially aroused when he looked and talked to her.

“What is it going to cost me for you doing this” asked Erin.

When Adam told her she said, “That’s about half of what some of my friends said who had this work done.”

“Well I am giving you my head librarian discount.”

“Thank you” and she laughed.

Adam wasn’t going to tell her that for him to earn her seven hundred dollar fee it was going to take him a little more than one half hour of his time inputting the information on the forms she gave into his computer and have the software program do most of the work.

Seeing Erin seven days later he gave her the forms and asked her a few questions. Adam recommended a living trust for a number of reasons which he discussed with her. He also asked her if her daughter was the sole beneficiary of the trust and who did she want the successor trustee to be. She confirmed her daughter was the beneficiary and wanted her younger brother to be the successor trustee.

Adam asked when her and her husband wanted to come to his office to have the papers signed, witnessed and notarized. Erin asked if that was necessary as Jeannie at the library was a notary. Adam said while he could go to the library and do the signing, witnessing and notarizing it wasn’t a good idea to do the signing there. Adam said his office was the best place for both of them to come to for the signing and they both needed to be there and both of them needed to sign the documents at the same time. Erin said she would call Adam with a time and date when she and her husband would come to his office.

The following week Erin and her husband came to Adam’s office and signed the documents. Adam said he would have them copied for his file and would give Erin the originals when he comes to the library. Adam told them what the documents were they had signed and briefly explained the living trust, pour-over wills, power-of-attorney and living wills. They gave Adam the deed to their townhome which Adam said he would re-title naming the trust as the owner. He also gave them a list of other items that needed to be put in the trust’s name as insurance policies beneficiaries, IRA’s, 401k’s etc. He explained how they should read naming the trust. Adam thought Erin’s husband seemed like a nice guy but that he wasn’t really interested in executing these documents.

A few days later Adam went to and found Erin at the library and gave her the original documents and the deed to her townhome. Erin said, “My co-workers have been pestering me about you and taking your advice I told them what legal work you had done for me and my husband. The problem is that if we continue to have weekly coffee get togethers they may wonder if something is going on and start some rumors which I don’t need. I will say that I really have enjoyed having coffee with you but it needs to end.”

Adam was quiet for a while and then he said, “I have enjoyed having coffee with you as well as you truly are a nice person. Being in the company of a good looking intelligent woman has been good for my ego. You do know it doesn’t need to end and we could continue to have coffee together if you want to.”

“How can we do that?”

“Well it just doesn’t need to be that we have coffee at Starbucks. Down the street about a half a mile is a Burger King. I could phone you and say I am going to be there and if you are available you could drive over.”

Adam could see that Erin was thinking about what he said. She must have made a decision in his favor because as she walked away she said, “Call me.” He was elated with her response and as he watched her walk away he again confirmed that she has a very nice ass.

Driving to his office Adam was a little surprised and at the same time happy at Erin’s response. She wasn’t cheating on her husband in having coffee with Adam but her agreeing to have coffee with him away from the prying eyes of her co-workers was a positive sign that she enjoyed being in Adam’s company.

Work for Adam during the week was normal. It was two clients who wanted living trusts and one who wanted a grantor trust along with a real estate closing and a bodily claim arising out of an automobile accident that were the highlights of the week. Outside of work his social highlight of the week was having coffee with Erin. He enjoyed being in her company and it seemed she enjoyed being with him. At times he could sense that there was something bothering her. If it was that things weren’t going good for her at work or at home he didn’t know but there was something he could sense bothering her. He made it a point to not only kid her but compliment her when he could. What he did know was that she was a joy to be with.

They had met at Burger King for coffee now for four weeks in a row. During the last time they met which was on a Thursday Erin said her husband had just been assigned to be part of a team that was investigating a train wreck where a passenger train derailed in the State of New York. Erin said it looked like he would be gone for at least a week and she didn’t seem sad when she said that he would be gone.

Adam thought there was an opportunity here and he said, “Why don’t we go out to dinner tomorrow night?”

“Adam I am married.”

“Let’s not go through that again. I am just asking you out to dinner. You do eat dinner don’t you?”

“Well yes I do but dinner with you at a restaurant, I just don’t know.”

“Erin, I enjoy your company. I think you are a charming sincerely nice person. I am only asking you out to dinner as you just admitted you do eat dinner. Give me your address and I will pick you up at six.”

He could see Erin pondering his offer of dinner. After what seem like a long time but was probably only a minute she took out a card and wrote her home address and cellphone number on the back of it. Adam’s hand lingered in hers for a very short time as he took the card. If she saw the smile on his face Erin didn’t say anything about it.

Friday evening Adam stopped his car on Erin’s driveway. Adam saw her exiting her front door and walking fast to his car. She must have been looking out the window waiting for him. It seemed she wanted Adam to be on his way and not linger by her townhome for her neighbors to see him. He did notice that she had on a dark blue sheath dress which fit her in a way that showcased her feminine curves. The three inch high heel shoes she was wearing made her legs look good and walk quite sexy. Once she was in the car he backed out of the driveway and headed for the Embers Restaurant.

On the drive he complimented her on how nice she looked. He could see a small blush on her face when he said that. He was thinking that maybe after twenty plus years of marriage her husband has forgotten to say those things to her and he didn’t appreciate what he had in Erin. Adam knew he wasn’t going to make that same mistake.

Adam had a great time dining with Erin. She was a fun person to be with and a great dining companion. She was well informed and could talk on many subjects. In politics her leaning a little right was in Adam’s opinion another plus for her.

When he took her back to her townhome she thanked for a nice time as she left his car. Adam didn’t expect anything more as he remembered her so often saying, “Adam, I am married.”

Over the next four months besides weekly coffee he took Erin out to dinner three times. When he thought about it, to him it seemed she liked going out to dinner with him as she was the one who volunteered the information that her husband because of work was going to be out of town.

This time in taking her out to dinner she looked exceptionally good. It was the first time he had seen her wearing her hair up. The dress she was wearing was tight on her body but it was the V-neckline that garnered most of his attention that evening as it highlighted the nice set of breasts she had. He thought she must have seen where he was looking but if she did, she never said anything. As usual it was a great dinner and he just heaped the compliments on her.

In driving back to her townhome and pulling on to her driveway he parked his car.

Erin turned to Adam and somewhat quietly said, “Are you coming in?”

Adam was no dummy and instantly knew what her invitation entailed.

He softly responded, “Are you sure?”

Erin said, “I think so.”

“I am only coming in if you are sure.”

“I am sure and I want you to come in.”

He walked with her to the front door. Using her keys she opened the door. Once they were inside and with the door closed he put an arm around her waist and brought her to him. There was no resistance on her part with her arms going over his shoulders. It was a very nice open mouth kiss with his tongue being met by her very active tongue. His arms which were around her went up and down caressing her back but drifted down to where they were clutching the globes of her ass. He found them to be surprisingly firm but thought he would save that compliment for later.

The kissing continued for a while which was fine with Adam. He slowly pulled down the zipper that was on the back of her dress till it was all the way down at her waist. She was aware of what he was doing and never said anything about him doing that. His hands caressed her back for a little while and then he unclipped her bra. Again there was no protest from Erin. Apparently she wanted to contribute to what they both knew would ultimately happen as her hands dropped from Adam’s shoulders down to his waist where she opened his belt and was opening his pants.

Her hands dropping caused her dress and bra to drop to her waist. They still continued to kiss with Adam’s hands now pushing her dress down over her hips and it dropped to the floor pooling at her feet. His hands went into the small panties she was wearing and caressed her hips.

With his pants dropping to the floor he was trying to step out of his shoes which would enable him to step out of his pants. Her cool hand was inside his shorts caressing his now fully erect shaft.

Ending the kiss she said, “You are big and you have me feeling like a teenager on prom night. Why don’t we go to where we can be more comfortable?”

With her only wearing her small panties and high heel shoes she gripped his shaft and led him to her bedroom. He went with her wearing only his shirt and tie, shorts and socks. She reclined on the bed waiting for him as he finished undressing.

When he was naked he joined her on the bed and the first thing he did was to remove the small panties she still was wearing. Tossing her panties to the side he surprised her as he bent to kiss and lick her most precious place concentrating on her clit. For some reason she hadn’t expected him to do that but she was glad that he did. It was one of her favorite things she liked having done to her in making love and it had been a long time since someone had made love to her this way.

Erin spread her legs as much as she could and with her hands in his hair she directed his efforts. She became a little vocal telling him how good he was making her feel and encouraging him to do what he was doing. He enjoyed giving her oral sex and in seeing her reaction to him as he did. That she enjoyed making love was an understatement he thought. The librarian image of her being an ice princess was in his opinion shattered as she was one sexual woman who was an active participant and enjoyed making love to the fullest.

He didn’t know how many times she climaxed but he knew it was more than a few times because of what she said and how her body reacted. Finally after some time had passed she asked him to stop as she said she was becoming too sensitive.

He moved up between her open spread thighs and into her open arms. She gave him a scorching kiss and then reaching in between their bodies clasped his shaft and directed it to her opening.

There was a little difficulty with his shaft going into her. While she was extremely wet she was also considerably tight which he thought she shouldn’t be unless she hadn’t been having intercourse for a while. It took a few thrusts of his hips before he was fully embedded in her. Once he was he didn’t move and gave her time to adjust to him.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said you were big. You really fill me up. Please start slow till I adjust to you and then give it to me hard and deep.” She gave him another hot kiss and locked her ankles over his hips.

His hips started moving and he could feel her adjusting to him and opening up. He started to go faster and as deeps he could go into her. Besides the sound of his balls slapping on her ass he heard her quietly saying, “So good... , so damn good.”

Her arms were locked around his neck which enabled her to bring his head closer to her so she could nibble on his ear and explore his inner ear with her tongue. Adam who was trying to delay his cum as long as he could was just receiving too many nice sensations from Erin. Her tongue in his ear was the last straw and caused him to say, “I am cumming. Is it okay to come in you?”

“Yes it is, yes it is. Give it to me Adam, give it all to me.”

He did and knew he deposited a large load in her. He lay on her for a while and then decoupled to lay alongside her with her head in the crook of his arm and alongside his chest.

Nothing was said for a while till Erin said, “That was good. For some reason I knew you would be good and I wasn’t disappointed. You are a good lover” and with her arms she gave him a squeeze.

“Don’t sell yourself short, you are no slouch yourself and are an exciting love partner. I have wanted to make love to you ever since I first met you. There just was something about you that attracted me. I can honestly say I was not disappointed as you are one exciting love partner.”

They cuddle for some time and Adam was content just to do that and hold her in his arms. Erin however was of a different mind as he felt her giving kisses on his torso. Erin started to go down Adams body giving kisses all over his body as she went down. Arriving at his flaccid penis she clasped it, licked it and mouthed it. She also gave equal attention to his testicles. Her efforts were rewarded as his shaft started to fill with blood.

Adam could feel his shaft stiffening and said, “You are good in doing that, I am almost ready.”

Taking her mouth of his shaft she said, “Why do you think they call me the head librarian. This is the reason that I have that title.”

That caused Adam to laugh and so did Erin but she did resume her efforts.

When she though he was sufficiently erect she moved up his body and with a leg on each side of his hips she grasped his shaft and lined it up to where she could insert it into herself. Entering her was easier now than the first time. Her breasts which were suspended close to Adam’s lips had him raise his head a little to capture one of her nipples with his lips. His doing this caused her to make a comment that her nipples were very sensitive.

To increase the sensations she was receiving of his shaft going into her and his lips on a nipple, his thumb on one of hands move down in between them to caress her clit. His other hand reached around her hips and his fingers explored the crack in her ass and pressed on her rosebud. These additional sensations were all it took for Erin to begin to climax.

Erin’s body froze and then he saw her shuddering and heard her say, “Oh my God, I am cumming and it is a big one.” He watched her shudder noting the expression her face with her closed eyes and then she collapse on him lying on his chest.

Adam just held her with his arms around her and told how wonderful she was.

Erin said, “You too, you too. I have never cum that hard. I just want to lay on you a go to sleep with your cock in me.”

He didn’t say anything and just held her. Her use of the work cock was surprising and at the same time stimulating for him to hear this prim and proper lady say that word.

Still atop him and after sometime had passed Erin raise her head and said, “Can you stay the night?”

“Yes I can but I won’t.”

Raising her head more she looked into his eyes and said, “Why?”

“It isn’t going to do the reputation of the town’s head librarian for her neighbors to see a man who is not her husband leaving her townhome in the early morning. Further they are going to see that man having a big smile on his face because you showed him why you are the “head librarian.”

Laughing she said, “You are right, I wasn’t thinking with my head but probably with something else when I asked you to stay the night. Maybe the next time it can be at your townhome where your neighbors don’t know me and I can stay the night. There are interesting and enjoyable things that can happen in the light of the morning.”

There was no remorse or guilt on Erin’s part that Adam noted because of her cheating on her husband. Maybe her marriage wasn’t as strong as it once was or maybe there were other problems. He thought in time he would find out.

Since she just said there was going to be a next time that answered a number of questions that were in Adam’s mind. She wanted more love making and so did he. Where this relationship Adam had with Erin was going to lead he didn’t know but he was anxious to find out. She could be more woman than he could handle and that would be a challenge. Chuckling to himself he hoped he was up for the challenge but thought that maybe he needed some prescription help and maybe some adult toys to help him in meeting this challenge. He did know that he wanted to make sure she was one sexually satisfied lady when she was intimate with him.

With Erin’s oral help he was able to make love to her one more time which surprised him before he left her townhome. She really was good in giving head. That he was a satisfied and contented man went without saying. He already was looking forward to the next time he was with her.

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