Seeing Sis
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The summer that changed my life started with eavesdropping on my sister and her friend talk about boys. When they decided to get off in front of each other, I knew I had to watch. Seeing sis that day, and the events that took place over the next few weeks, changed the way I looked at sex, love and family. - codes involving violence are not part of the sexual experiences in the story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Incest   Brother   Sister   Interracial   White Couple   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Big Breasts  

“I think Ben is just ... lickable!” Donna said.

“Oh yeah, like a Popsicle,” said Cindi. “But come on, Craig? I think he’s just got to be hottest!”

I was listening to the girls through Donna’s bedroom door. She was my sister, and I felt ... I don’t know ... left out. Sure Donna is two years older than me, in the summer before her last year of high school, but we used to be close. Real close. Probably because our family moved around a lot after my dad died.

Then a year or so ago Donna started to shut me out ... never have time for me. I’m not great making friends, so I liked to hang out with my sister and her girlfriends, but now they were always going into Donna’s room to talk. So I did what any little brother would do. I snuck up and pressed my ear to the door, and now I knew they were talking about guys.

“He is something else,” Donna said in agreement with Cindi. “And he’s got a big one. You can see it bulging in his pants.”

“I know,” Cindi giggled. “I think he caught me staring at it the other day. I thought I was going to die. Literally DIE!”

By that time I was having to adjust my stiff prick to point down the leg of my jeans. Just listening to my sister and Cindi dish like that was enough to turn me on. But then, being a teenage virgin, I’m turned on by a stiff breeze.

“Amy said she could feel his cock pushing into her belly when they were making out,” Donna said. “She said it felt like a log in his pants.”

“Knowing Amy I bet she was feeling it pushing somewhere a little lower. Without any pants in the way!” Cindy quipped and they both giggled wildly.

My ears were burning red as I listened to the girls’ private conversation. I had often wondered what the girls talked about when they were alone, and if they had the same things on their minds as boys did.

Apparently, they did.

“Did you ever see a hard cock in real life?” Cindi asked Donna.

“Once,” Donna said, “I saw my brother’s.”

Now I thought I was the one going to die! When the fuck did my sister see my hard-on?

“One day Luke left his door slightly opened when he was jerking off,” Donna continued. “I peeked in and there he was, sitting at his desk looking at one of the dirty websites on his computer.”

My stomach dropped like I just fell off a cliff and my heart skipped a beat. I WAS going to die! Not only had my sister seen my cock, she saw me jerking off, AND she knew about the porn sites I visit. The snoop must have looked at my browser history. ‘That’s it, ‘ I decided right then, ‘I can never face my sister again.’ Still, my shame didn’t stop me from pressing my ear closer to the door to hear what else Donna would say about me.

“Wow!” Cindi said. “I’d love to see a guy jerking off. How did he do it?”

“He had his hand wrapped around his prick,” Donna explained. “It was huge. It has to be bigger than Craig’s. I could see the head of the thing bulging as Luke’s hand pumped up and down. And his balls were bouncing on his thighs.”

‘Oh my God, ‘ I thought, ‘I should kill her! How can she just blab about my private life like that? You know Cindi is going to spread this all over school. Everyone would know what I do by myself.’ It never occurred to me that they might do it too.

“Didn’t it get you hot?” Cindi asked. “I know my puss would be drooling if I saw something like that!”

“Oh yeah!” Donna said. “In fact, I couldn’t help diddling my cunny!”

My heart skipped another beat. I could hardly believe that I was hearing my sister admitting to the same vice I was guilty of.

“Right there in the hallway,” Donna continued, “Then I rubbed my clit until I came. And I came at the same time as Luke. I could see the cream spurting from the head of his prick.”

Suddenly I felt a wave of relief. So what if I’d been seen spanking it! At least I wasn’t the only one doing it. And I’d have given anything to see my older sister rubbing her cunt. I mean I guessed she probably did. Now that I KNEW she did that I planned to spend more time hanging around outside her door.

“God! I’d love to see that,” Cindi gasped. “Just hearing about it is making me wet!”

I tried to imagine Cindi’s wet cunt. While I had seen plenty online, my knowledge of real life pussy was all hypothetical.

“Yeah, I’m dripping just from remembering it and telling you.” Donna said.

“Um, Donna,” Cindi asked slowly, “would you like to do it now - rub yourself off, I mean? We could do it together.”

There was a pause in the room, but outside the door I was in a frenzy just hoping my sister would consent to Cindi’s wild idea.

“Yeah, that would be fun!” Donna finally said. “I’ve never seen how another girl does it. I wonder if we do it the same way?”

‘Yes! They’re going to do it!’ I exclaimed silently. I was frozen at the door with lust, but then my brain latched onto the idea that I just had to figure out how I could get to watch the girls together. I didn’t care that one of these girls was my sister. All I knew was there would be something sexual going on in the house and I HAD to see it.

I’m usually a smart guy, I could figure this out. Okay, we lived in an old house, but the fixtures had been updated, so no keyhole. Still the doors had a gap at the bottom! I knelt down and lay my head on the cold hardwood floor to put an eye to the crack. I could see right into my sister’s room! But all I could see was her dresser. The girls weren’t in sight.

Of course, they would be by Donna’s bed. The bed couldn’t be seen from the crack under the door. Strike what I said about being a smart guy. What I needed to do is look through her window.

“Come on,” Cindi said. “Let’s get undressed.”

Shit, I had to do something right now. I couldn’t stand to miss a second of the once-in-a-lifetime sexy show that was getting started on the other side of this door.

If the window is the only way to see this, then that might work in my favor. I ran down the stairs and out the back door. You see, Mom’s bedroom on the first floor always had the shades drawn - but since no one could see into her room because of the trees, Donna usually left the shades up. Of course, she never would guess that her horny teenage brother would climb up the oak tree to peek at her.

In less than a minute, I was climbing the ladder of limbs of the old giant that was the centerpiece of our large back yard and then inched out on the big limb under my sister’s window. Like I thought, it would be the perfect spot with a clear view of the girls’ jilling off to my eager eyes. My legs felt like jelly, but hormones made me fly over the rough bark. I’ve been climbing in this tree since we moved here and knew every inch of it. Better yet, being a weekday, Mom wasn’t home and as for the few neighbors we had, I figured the green summer leaves would give me enough cover so I wouldn’t be spotted.

Score! The shade was still up and the window was slightly open.

My heart was pounding so hard, it felt ready to break through my ribs. My mouth was dry and throat constricted. The small portion of my brain that still had any blood flow wondered ‘Is this what an asthma attack feels like?’ But my greatest discomfort came from my hard, throbbing cock that was bent painfully in my pants. Still, nothing could stop this desperate perv.

Once I had shimmied out the branch to be close to the window sill, I came to a sudden stop. My head rose above the sill like the sun rising above the horizon. And even though I expected it, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were showing me.

The girls were standing at either side of the bed, pulling their clothes off. My sister already had her t-shirt off. She was leaning over as she stepped out of her jeans. Her big boobs hung from her chest and swung with her movements. Then, when she had pulled her feet from her crumpled jeans, she stood up. Her tits stood proudly on her chest with a slight sag from their weight.

I swung my gaze to Cindi. She was hopping on one foot while tugging a teal sock off the other. Her shirt was still on, but it was open. Her tits were smaller than Donna’s, but still big enough to jostle with her hopping. Her unintentional pogo dance let me see her tight buns flex around a thin strip of green material disappearing between them. I was shocked that little Cindi Ngo was wearing a thong!

When Cindi had her socks off, she peeled the blouse from her shoulders and pushed her black pony tail back. Her tits were like gentle hills, topped with a brown cap of puckered flesh. I had heard Asian girls had smaller tits, but hers were beautiful. Still, my eyes were drawn to the green thong that covered her mysterious “bathing suit area.”

By that time Donna was pulling down her pink cotton bikini panties, and she had my undivided attention.

I stared at my sister’s cunny with greedy fascination. The image of that fiery red-orange arrowhead of fur was forever burned in my mind. Then my eyes rose to her tits again. They were big and beautiful-creamy mounds of flesh with bright pink nipples as big as old silver dollars peeping through the long red curly hair that fell wild around her. My eyes were bouncing from her nips to her bush until my sister threw herself down on the flowery bedspread with a bounce - and her boobs bounced with their own rhythm.

Now Cindi was pulling down her panties. Her cunt seemed smaller - a hairless cleft beneath a hairless mound. Then Cindi sat down on the bed.

It occurred to me through a haze of my wild passion that the girls might notice me peering in at them. Strangely, the only thing that scared me about that is that they would bring down the curtain on the show. I knew my own embarrassment would be a small price to pay for this performance.

Watching the two girls shift around I could see that the girls seemed unsure of what comes next. Now that they were naked and on the bed together, they didn’t seem to know what to do.

Having watched similar scenes play out on countless internet porn clips, in my mind I cried “Tell her she is pretty! Compare bodies! Touch yourself! Touch her! Kiss!” My telepathic cheerleading seemed to spur them on.

Cindi turned toward Donna and opened her legs so Donna could look into the shaved ‘v’ of her crotch. Donna swiveled and opened herself in a similar way so that her pussy was facing Cindi. Then both of them reached for their own box.

From my position on the limb, I could see both girls’ tits, my sister’s nice ass, but neither of their pussies. Nevertheless, it was a spectacular sight.

It was also the most exciting moment of my young life!

“Um, how do you like to get started? Do you stick a finger up inside or just rub your clit?” Cindi asked Donna. I could hear the conversation through the cracked window, and it added to my already explosive lust.

“Usually I start just by stroking the outside for a bit, but I’m hot enough today to skip that. When I’m wet enough, I stick a finger of one hand up my pussy while I rub my clit with a finger of the other hand,” Donna said as she brought her other hand to her crotch. “Like this.”

Donna moved to lay on her side, one leg raised into the air. I had a great view of her sweet butt while she reached under her raised thigh and insert her finger out of sight into her cunt.

Cindi was still sitting upright - her legs were spread and her knees bent, but she only had one hand at her crotch. Her other hand was behind her, supporting her in her sitting position.

“Sometimes I tickle my twat till I’m almost coming,” Cindi said. “Then I stick my finger up my pussy and wiggle it all around. Then I put it back on my clit. That way I can make my orgasm last a long time.”

“Mmmm, sounds nice.” Donna moaned.

God how I wished I could have the view that the girls had of each other’s pussies. Looking into a spread gash, smelling and then tasting it was one of my porn fueled dreams. But at this point I was so horny, just a clear view of what was going on would have made me cream my jeans right away.

In my passion, I considered crawling through the window and begging the girls to let me join them. After all, they would love to see me jerk off - they’d already said so. But my rational brain made me not chance it and just stay put on my branch and enjoy the show.

Then I thought about pulling out my cock right there in the tree and jerk off while watching - I had jerked off in it before, although back in a fork near the trunk. It would be much more fun watching the girls with my cock in hand and my prick was almost bursting already.

I reached for my zipper and quickly realized I needed to keep two hands on the branch that was supporting me. If I started to whip my cock I’d probably end up in the hospital after falling out of the tree. I wasn’t so far gone that he would chance mortal injury to rub one out.

So I settled for being an appreciative spectator. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, considering the show, it was fabulous!

I watched the girls’ arms moving with the motions of their clit-rubbing. My sister’s left tit could be seen protruding beyond her arm, and it was swaying with her movements while her red hair caressed her milky back. Donna’s ass flexed as her fingers worked deep within her box.

Cindi’s smaller breasts, standing proudly high on her chest, were moving slightly despite their small size and the nipples were hard and stretched out seeking attention. Occasionally she would reach up and pull on one nipple or the other leaving them shiny and hard.

“I love to do this,” Donna said. “And watching you is almost as exciting as watching my brother.”

Now, rather than being embarrassing, it was exciting to hear about my sister’s watching me jerking off. I can’t believe she liked it that much.

“I love this, too,” Cindi said. “I ... I do it all the time ... uh ... but this is so hot doing it with you. Tell me again about seeing your brother’s cock.”

“Uh, it was so big Cindi ... uh ... and I ... I got so hot watching him wack it.”

“I bet,” Cindi said moaning. Her eyes were locked on my sister. “If I saw that, I would have gone in and just begged him to fuck me.”

“Oh God.” Donna said whipping here head around.

“Your brother is kind of cute, I so would let him be my first if he is really packing that big hard cock you were talking about.” Cindi said.

I leaned forward. My prick was pressing through my jeans onto the hard bark of the branch. In that position, the twitching of my cock made my whole body jerk. And I wasn’t the only one jerking. Donna’s whole body was moving with the rubbing motion of her arm. I knew she was getting as excited as I get just before cumming.

Cindi’s body was swaying, too. Her eyelids were drooping over her narrow eyes as her arm began moving faster and faster.

“Fuck ... I’d want to see that ... oh ... his big cock splitting you in half.” Donna cried.

“Ohhhhh, God! I love it!” Cindi gasped. “This is so fucking good!”

“Yeahhhhh. It’s so fucking good! You are so fucking hot.” Donna sighed.

The sight of the two girls in heat burned into my brain. I knew I would never forget this rare experience. Especially hearing them talk about me like some sex toy.

Suddenly, Donna threw her head back. Her body tensed. Her arm was a blur of motion. “Ahhhhh ... ohhhhh!” my sister wailed. “God, I’m cumming!”

I never knew that a real girl could come like that. I mean I’ve seen porn stars on videos cumming, but I figured that was mostly faked. It was obvious that my sister was in pure ecstasy. Donna fell onto her back. Both hands were still at work at her crotch as she kicked her legs in the air. Her big boobs rolled around on her chest.

Then Cindi’s head fell forward, hiding her face beneath a veil of black hair as she curled up into a fetal ball of lust. I could see from the hitching of her shoulders that her arms were still working hard.

The girls made the bed bounce with their lustful writhing. Their voices joined in howls of bliss. I watched and listened as my cock throbbed and my face burned with forbidden lust.

Finally, the girls lay still. I could see their crotches now, but their legs were no longer spread, so from the window I couldn’t see much. Still, it was awesome to watch those two beautiful young women lying there in their nakedness. And after what I had seen I couldn’t deny my sister was more of a sexy woman than girl to me now.

As much as I would have liked to keep the naked girls in view, there was something else I had to take care of. I inched backwards down the branch until I could monkey down and turn around. I moved around to the fork in the tree I had used before. Here there was sufficient coverage from the house and neighbors to make me feel comfortable unzipping my fly and working my hard prick out from the confinement of my jeans. Then, with the recent memory of what I had seen through the window burning in my mind, I jerked off.

After all I had heard and seen today I was so excited I knew it wouldn’t take long. From what I had read and seen online, and comparing with my few friends, I knew my thick seven-inch cock was big for a guy my age. But hearing the girls - especially my sister - talk about it splitting open her friend made me even more excited. It took only a half dozen long strokes to bring my cream to a spurting fountain that rained down over the leaves and grass below me.

God that felt good. I rested against the solid tree trunk reliving the incredible events of the day. When I was ready to head down I wasn’t surprised that my cock was already mostly hard, but that was something I could take care of in my room.

When I went back upstairs, my sister’s door was still closed. It was quiet in her room and I could picture the delicious scene of the girls lounging around naked. I thought of knocking, just to see what would happen, but I couldn’t face his sister and Cindi at that moment. I was so wiped by the experience I’d just had, all I could do is go in my room, jerk off one more time and fall asleep.

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