Mischevious Morgan at Falls Creek
Chapter 1

“Hey, Morgan!”

“Hi, Kelly!”

“Thanks for coming over, sweetie”, says Emily’s mom.

“Well, thank you for inviting me.” I walk into the living room.

“No problem”, she says. “So, you know that Falls Creek is next week.”

“Yes, and I can’t wait to go!”, I tell her.

“And Emily and I have been talking about getting you some fun, but still decently appropriate clothing for camp, as well as here”, she says.

“Awesome!”, I exclaim.

“Emily wants to get you a bikini you can wear here.”

“Oh my gosh! A bikini?! Just for me?”, I ask.

“Sure! Emily’s been wanting a new bikini. I thought this would be a perfect time to get one for her”, Kelly replies. “Oh ... shhhhhhh ... don’t tell anyone. Okay, you can tell Keith and Emily. They already know anyway. I’m getting a bikini, too!”

“Oh my gosh, Kelly. You’re gonna totally rock that bikini!”, I say.

“Thank you, Morgan.” Kelly briefly pulls her shirt up and flashes her belly button. She has an awesome tummy! I can’t believe she just turned forty.

Emily comes in wearing a crop top and shorts.

“There’s that sexy girl!”

“Hey, girlie!” Emily walks over and hugs me.

“Thank you for letting me come over”, I tell her appreciatively.

“Absolutely, Morgan! Mom and I love you. And we know how you’re wanting a little more freedom.”

Yeah, Emily, just tell you’re mom that. I know you’re a lot wilder than what you’re letting on. Then again, I don’t think your mom knows how wild I am.

Emily unbuttons the bottom buttons on my blouse, and ties up the tails. There’s my little belly button that she loves.

“Okay, girls, are we ready to go to the mall?”, Kelly asks.

“Yeah!”, says Emily.

“I am!”, I say.

“Alright.” Kelly walks back to tell Keith, her dad, we’re leaving. She returns. “Let’s go, girls!”

It is hot outside. I mean school’s out and it’s almost June. We’ll be leaving for camp next Saturday. That’s because leaving Monday morning would put us there late in the day. And leaving Sunday after church would be kind of tight in terms of time. It’s seven hours from the church to camp. So, for the last several years, Serenity has worked with a hotel in Denton, which is on the highway to camp. We would arrive on Saturday, have church at the hotel on Sunday, spend the day around the town, maybe check out the two universities, and travel two hours on Monday morning.

And it’s ninety one freaking degrees outside! Trust me when I tell you it feels great on my tummy! And the air conditioning at The Galleria keeps my belly nice and cool.

Our first store is Forever 21. And while my parents never take me here, I know it’s one of Emily’s favorite stores. For a mall store, it’s pretty big! Lots of choices here!

As I said, it’s one of Emily’s favorite stores. So she knows which tables and racks I should look at.

“Morgan, come on over here!”

I walk over to the table and check it out. I see lots of short shirts, some with designs.

“This is where I got this shirt”, Emily says.

“I see! Awesome!” I pick up a white shirt with black neckline and tail. “Can I try it on?”

“Sure, sweetie. Take another one with you.”

After grabbing a pink tee, I’m off to the dressing room. I pick out a room and go inside. I untie my shirt tails and take it off. I haven’t had a lot of chances to show my skin lately. So, I look in the mirror and admire my figure. I see a sexy redhead who has a very nice, trim tummy with a little belly button. Since no one’s looking, I take down my shorts and undies. There’s my big red pubic bush. I definitely would like to shave it back, perhaps something close to Emily’s landing strip. Maybe shave it clean like my sister, Grace. But, only if my parents don’t notice.

I admire my reflection for a few seconds. And I do love what I see. But, it’s time to get my undies and shorts back on. After zipping up my shorts, I put on the black and white blouse. It’s perfect, stopping about an inch from my navel. Happy with it, I take it off and switch to the pink tee. It’s a little tighter and shows a little more tummy. I come out of the dressing room. Emily is right there.

“Oh, I love that shirt, Morgan!”

“Thank you! The other one fits good, too.”

“Awesome! Mom is trying on a cute bikini”, Emily says.

I giggle. “Something my mom would never ever try herself. Forget the fact that I can’t wear a bikini at home, she won’t either.”

“I can’t wait to see how she looks in it.”

“I’d love to see”, I say.

A door opens, and Kelly comes out in a red strapless bandeau top and bottom. Oh ... my ... God! She really looks great!

“Hey, girls, what do you think?”, she asks.

“Oh, Mom, you look smashing!”, exclaims Emily.

“You think I can take it to camp?”, Kelly asks.

“Mom! You know you can’t take it to camp”, says Emily, somewhat astonished.

“Now, honey, you know the two days before camp you’re allowed to wear a bikini at the hotel”, she reminds us.

“True. Do you like it, Mom?”, Emily asks.

“Oh, I love it! I’m gonna get it”, Kelly replies.

“Kelly, can you get me one like it?”, I ask her.

“Sure! Do you have a color?”

“Black. Maybe bring a blue.”

“I can do that when I change back”, she says. “Oh wait!”

Kelly sees a rack with ... well, I’m not quite sure what the name is. They’re button down shirts cropped well above the navel. Kelly grabs one and puts it on. Oh, I like that! I tend to wear a lot of button down blouses, no thanks to Mom and Dad. Of course, none of them are belly baring, unless I tie the tails.

“Kelly, I love that! I hate to be a pain in the butt, but can you get me a few.”

“Oh, Morgan...”, she says. She walks over and gives me a big hug. “Honey, you’re not a pain in the butt. Believe me, you’re not. I love you as if you were my own daughter. And you know Emily and Keith love you, too. It would absolutely please us to get you a few shirts.”

“Thank you.” I tear up, just happy that Kelly and Emily love and appreciate me. Our tummies touch, and it feels really good to me.

Kelly gets several shirts, plus two bikinis for me.

“Morgan, try those on. If they fit and you want them, I’ll buy them for you.”

“Both of them?”, I ask.

“Yeah!”, she replies.

“Oh, thank you!”, I say.

I take three button-down shirts and both bikinis with me back to the dressing room. I take off the shirt, plus my shorts, and put on the black bikini. Now, my bra has straps, so I have to pretend it’s not there. And my bottom fully fits my ass, just like my undies. They fit very well. I’m very pleased. I take it off and put on the blue bikini. God, I really love both of them! I really love the freedom of showing myself. And I do really look great in them. They’re both mine.

I try on one of the button down shirts. Damn, I look sexy in it! I love it! I don’t need to put on the other shirts. I change back into my blouse and shorts. I tie up the tails, grab the clothes, and leave the dressing room.

Kelly is back in her regular clothes and Emily is in a strappy pink bikini.

“Hey, sexy chick!”

“Well, you’re a sexy chick yourself, Morgan.”

“Love that outfit!”

“Thanks!”, says Emily.

I hug her. I tell Kelly, “I want to get all of these.”

“Of course, Morgan! Let me take those and pay for them.” Kelly turns to her daughter, “Honey, you like your bikini?”

“I do, Mom.”

“Okay, get back in your clothes, and we’ll check out.”

Emily goes and changes back into her sexy clothes. Kelly takes our choices to the register and pays for them.

“Mom, that was a hundred bucks”, says Emily.

“So?! You girls are so worth it. I love you both”, says Kelly.

“Love you, Kelly”, I say.

“Love you, too, Mom”, says Emily.

“Hey, I have an idea! How would you girls like some ice cream?”, Kelly asks.

“Ooh, I’d love that!”, Emily replies

“Yes!”, I exclaim with glee.

“Alright, girls. Let’s go downstairs.”

Our next stop is the food court, and to Marble Slab Creamery. Yummy place to get ice cream. I look through the glass at the many flavors. Oh, damn! Lots if tasty flavors. What do I get?

“Okay, girls! Get whatever you want.”

“Can I get a double scoop, Kelly?”, I ask.

“Absolutely!”, she replies.

“Hell yeah!”, exclaims Emily.

“Hell yeah! Have fun, girls!”, Kelly says. I’m actually shocked she said ‘hell’. “Do you know what you want?”

“I do!”, I tell them.

A young lady, Cheyenne, comes up to the counter. “Hi! Welcome to Marble Slab Creamery! What would you like to eat today?”

“I would like a double scoop, with caramel apple and cheesecake”, I tell her.

“Oh, what a yummy combination. And what would you like, miss?”

“I want ... oohhh ... red velvet and vanilla”, says Emily.

“That’s sounds so wonderful. And what treat would you like, ma’am.”

“I think I’d like a single peanut butter and chocolate”, says Kelly.

“Alright, that will be $6.99.” Kelly pays with her credit card, and Cheyenne finishes putting together our ice cream. “Okay, ladies, there you go.”

“Thank you”, says Kelly.

“Thank you for coming by”, says Cheyenne.

We get our ice cream from Cheyenne and head to a table. We sit down.

I take a small bite of the caramel apple. “Damn, that’s awesome.”

Kelly bites into hers. “Amen!”

We sit and enjoy the ice cream. Damn, this ice cream is the bomb!

“Thanks, Mom!”, says Emily.

“Oh your welcome, honey”, Kelly replies.

“Yes, thank you, Kelly. You’re the best!”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Are we ready to go home? It’s getting to be a little late.”

“Yeah”, I say.

“Morgan, I know you want to stay and have fun with Emily. Let me call your mom.” Kelly pulls her phone out of her pocket. She calls mom and put her on speaker. “Hey, Donna, it’s Kelly. Morgan wants to know if it’s okay for her to stay with Emily tonight.”

“As long as she’s on her very best behavior, she can stay. And she’s at church tomorrow”, says Mom.

“Yes, Mom. I will”, I tell her.

“I love you, sweetie. Have a great night!”, she says.

“Good night, Mom!”

“Thanks, Kelly. See you tomorrow”, Mom says.

“See you tomorrow, Donna. Bye!”

“Bye, everyone!”, says Mom.

Kelly hangs up. “Well, that was easy. Are you girls ready to go home?”

“Yeah!”, says Emily.

“Me, too!”, I say.

“Let’s go!”, says Kelly.

We head back to the car and get in. Emily and I sit in the backseat and listen to Kelly’s favorite station. They play a mix of music from when she was a kid up to now. Some of it’s pretty good ... well until she turns up on the hard rock stuff.

“Oooh!”, says Kelly.

Oh, no! Here we go again...

Emily and Kelly sing along, “And here I go again on my own! Going down the only road I’ve ever known! Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone! And I’ve made up my mind! I ain’t wasting no more time!”

“Kelly, do you normally do that with your house clients?”, I ask her.

“No, silly! I can’t be loud in the office. And my clients take separate cars.”

Keith and Kelly are realtors for Keller Williams, a nationally known real estate firm started here in Texas. They average about a house a week, and do pretty damn good for themselves. Emily is their only child and, as you probably guessed, gets spoiled by her parents. Yet, despite acting a little wild, she’s still grounded in her faith, just as I am.

The song ends, and a new one starts. It’s a bouncy, electronic beat.

“You can dance ... for inspiration”

“Ooh, it’s Madonna!”, says Emily.

“Madonna?! Oh my gosh! I remember when Papa Gilmore would preach that her music was devil music.”

“Devil music?”, Kelly asks.

“Yeah. He always said she dressed like a whore or a prostitute.”

“Personally, Morgan, I don’t believe Madonna made devil music. But I don’t doubt your grandpa’s point about devil music in general. You do have to be careful about what you hear.”

They break into song, “Get into the groove. Boy you gotta prove your love to me, yeah! Get up on your feet. Yeah, step to the beat. Boy, what will it be!”

They sing the Madonna song. After a commercial break, the DJ announces a song for a Sir Mix-A-Lot. A girl tells her friend to look at some girl’s butt. What the hell?

“I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers can’t deny! That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung! Want to pull up tough ‘cause you notice that butt was stuffed!”

“What the hell is this? Some guy talking about butts?”, I ask.

“Yeah. This song was very popular when I was sixteen. Now, most of what passes for music is crap”, says Kelly

“Baby got back!”, shouts Emily.

Mercifully for me, we pull into their garage and get out. We go inside to the living room. Keith is there watching TV.

“Hey, girls! You went shopping already?”, he asks.

“Yeah, Dad! Wanna see what we got?”, says Emily.

“Sure!”, he replies.

I get a little nervous. “Even me, Keith?”

“Sure! Did you buy something that your mom and dad wouldn’t approve, and you’re embarrassed?”

“Yeah”, I reply.

“It’s okay, sweet Morgan.”, says Keith. “We’re not going to say anything. You have the freedom here as long as you don’t go overboard.”

Yeah, we go overboard elsewhere. Shhhhhhh!

“Besides, you know I love your cute little navel”, he says.

“Thank you, Keith. You do make my heart smile.”

“Show him the bikini”, says Kelly.

“You got a bikini?”, Keith asks. He seems to be excited about it.

“Yeah. Kelly wanted to get a bikini for me.”

“It’ll stay here just for her. Emily and I got new bikinis, too”, Kelly tells her husband.

“I want to see them!”, Keith says, and I can tell he’s really excited by all the female skin he’s about to see.

“You do?!”, asks Kelly.

“Yeah!”, says Keith.

“Okay, girls, get your bikini on.”

Kelly takes her bag to her bedroom, while Emily and I go off to her room. Emily quickly gets her shirt and bra off. She pulls the bikini top from the bag and puts it on.

“You’ve got two. Which one do you wanna wear?”

“I think the black one.”

I unbutton and remove my blouse, then remove my bra. I get the black bandeau top and put it on. I drop my shorts and underwear. Emily already has her bottoms on. I pull out my bottoms and put it on. Emily looks at me and smiles.

“Morgan, I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you”, I say.

“Let’s go show Dad!”, says Emily.

Emily and I walk out back to the living room. Kelly is already there. I know I shouldn’t say this ... but I like her ass. Sorry. And you know I love Emily’s ass, too.

Anyway, the three of us stand there in front of Keith in our bikinis.

“Beautiful, ladies! Love them. And I must say, Morgan, you’re really coming out of your shell.”

“Thank you, Keith. You know it wouldn’t be possible without you, and Kelly, and Emily.”

“Well, you’re very welcome, sweet Morgan. And very beautiful”, he says.

“Well, girls, you wanna change into some clothes and watch some TV?”, Kelly asks.

“Sure!”, we say.

Emily and I go back and change out of our bikinis into crop tops and shorts. Kelly has a t-shirt and shorts on. We watch something on Food Network. Not sure what the hell is going on here. I see a guy with blonde spiky hair going around in a convertible to different restaurants and eating food. And, good Lord, look at all those damn tattoos! Blech!

We watch a couple of episodes before I’m ready to get out of there.

“Can we go to your room, Emily?”, I ask.

“Sure!”, she replies.

“You girls heading off?”, Kelly asks us.

“Yeah, Mom”, Emily replies.

“Okay, girls. Come give me a hug.”

Emily hugs her mom first.

“Love you, honey. Good night.”

“Love you, Mom.” Kelly kisses Emily on the cheek.

Then it’s my turn. “Good night, sweet Morgan. Love you.”

“Love you too, Kelly. Thank you for everything today”, I say.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all. If you need anything at all, let us know. We’re here for you.” She also kisses me on the cheek.

Emily and I go to her room. She locks the door. We quietly take off our clothes. I know Kelly is one of the nicest moms, but there’s no way she would ever allow us to be nude in the house. But she can’t control Emily’s room. And ever since we went to Sami’s party, Emily likes to get naked in her room. Now, you’re probably thinking why would a church girl prefer nudity? Well, her family is conservative, but not as conservative as mine. They do allow some freedom here that I don’t have. And Emily takes advantage of it. Whether her parents have figured that out or not, I don’t know.

I find my shorts and pull my phone out of a pocket.

“Hey, let’s check out Peepbook!”, I whisper.

“Oh, awesome!”, she says in a hushed vouce.

I bring up the Peepbook app, and check out my feed. Wow, I have to say that I love all of the guys, younger and older, showing off their manhoods. There’s one gentleman, Peter, whose daughter, Kristine, is also one of my Peepbook friends, showing off in a floral shop with one of the employees there. He can’t talk her into nudity, but he does get her to take her blouse off. He’s not bad for mid-forties. She looks to be near sixty, with the gray hair, but has the belly of a thirty-year-old.

Sami has some brand new pictures from another party. Damn, they’re crazy! Her mom, Susan, is in a threesome with two other guys. She’s got one guy’s dick in her mouth, and another stuffed in her pussy. Her aunt, Karen, who is my computer teacher, is tonguing one lady while another licks her pussy. I notice Sami taking one from an older guy, probably around fifty. Looks pretty impressive to me.

Emily looks over my shoulder to see the pictures. “Damn, I can’t believe how much dick she’s getting!”

“Would you rather be in her shoes?”, I ask Emily.

“Fuck yeah!”, she replies.

“Shhhh! Not too loud. Especially the bad words. Don’t want to get your mom’s attention”, I say.


I scroll down and see Grace has some new pictures.

She writes, “Hola from San Antonio! Now that summer is here, I can do some traveling to nearby cities while also continuing to work at Shuff’s. This morning, Peter, Alyssa, and I headed out from Austin down I-35 to see Christina Newland, her husband, Matt, and her two kids, Ethan and Kayla. Ethan turned eighteen not too long ago. Kayla is fifteen. Joining us from Houston are Christina’s sister, Dianne, and her family, husband Michael, and sons, Austin and Daniel. The boys are seventeen and fourteen. I must say I have a thing for both of them.”

“Holy shit!”, I exclaim.

“Did she fuck them?”, Emily asks.

“I don’t know yet. But they’re from here.”

Oh, my God! The boys look so yummy! I know... ‘shame on you, Morgan!’. Then they take off their shorts and their sausages come out. Holy shit! I think Daniel’s penis is a little longer than his brother’s.

Grace continues, “I started with Daniel. Oh my God! He was so sexy and so awesome! He may be fourteen, but he knows how to please a woman.”

I can’t believe I’m seeing a picture of my sister getting fucked without being married. Being church girls, we’re always told this is a no-no and a sin. But Daniel’s schlong gets all the way in Grace’s cooch. And I can tell she’s enjoying it. There’s more with Austin putting his manhood in my sister, and Dianne and Christina licking her pussy. And ... what the hell is this?

“Oh my God! Is he actually ... pissing on her?”, I ask.

“Holy shit!”, says Emily.

Actually, not only do Matt and Michael pee on Grace, but so do Dianne, Christina, and the kids.

“Wow! I wonder if she liked it”, I ask

“I don’t know, but I’ll bet that was a lot of piss”, says Emily.

I have to call Grace.

“Hey, Sissy!”

“Hey, Gracie! So how was the party?”, I ask.

“Oh it was great!”, Grace replies.

“Well, tell me about it. How did you know these people?”

Grace replies, “We all met on Peepbook several months ago. And with school out for the summer, we planned to meet at Christina’s house in San Antonio. I love walking the Riverwalk and checking out the restaurants and shops.”

“Did you get on a boat?”, I ask.

“Oh yeah. You can’t go to the Riverwalk without riding on a boat. We went to the mall and had dinner. Then we went to Christina’s house for some fun.”

“Don’t lie to me, Grace. You didn’t just go there for fun”, I tell her.

“Well, of course”, she says.

“I saw the pictures with Daniel.”

“Oh yeah! Did you check out the wood on him?”, she asks.

“Fuck yeah!”, I reply.

“Damn fucking sweet. Nice long schlong and he got it in all the way”, Grace says.

“Did he treat you good?”

“He treated me great. His mom taught him well.”

“His mom taught him?”, I ask. What the hell?

“Yep”, she replies. “Morgan, the families are swingers, and many practice incest. Which means that Daniel and Austin have a sexual relationship with their mom, Dianne. And Kayla has relations with both Matt and Christina.”

“Oh my God! That’s crazy”, I say.

“And there’s also intercourse between the families as well”, Grace says.

“Oh my God! And then why the pissing?”

Grace replies, “Dianne’s family has a website devoted to swinging, and they also have some videos with pissing. Everybody got to pee on me. They allowed me to pee on Dianne and Daniel.”

“Oh nice!”, I say.

“I haven’t mentioned that Peter, Alyssa, and I also love pee play. We usually do that in our bathtub.”

“Wow! I never expected that from you.”

“Well, you didn’t expect me having random sex with people, did you?”, Grace asks.

“No”, I reply.

“Well then”, says Grace.

“I can’t wait to come visit you after camp”, I tell Grace.

“Oh yeah. Falls Creek is next weekend”, she says.


“Hey, Grace, you’re not gonna believe what we did”, says Emily.

“Uh oh. What did you do?”, Grace asks.

“Well, we went to the mall tonight and bought some bikinis”, Emily replies.

“Did Morgan get one?”

“Mom got her two.”

“Yes! So is she taking one to camp?”, Grace asks.

“Oh yeah. Plus we got her some crop tops she can keep here”, says Emily.

“Oh, Emily, I love you!”

“Well, it’s my mom’s doing. You should see her in her new bikini.”

“Damn! I got to see the pictures”, says Grace.

“Well, maybe after church tomorrow. Mom expects me to be there, even though I didn’t bring anything”, I tell her.

“Well, maybe Emily or Kelly have something you can wear”, Grace says.

“Maybe we do”, says Emily.

“But, Morgan, I can’t believe you got a bikini.”

“Kelly bought them for me, and she’s going to let me keep them here along with all the crop tops we bought.”

“Oh, damn, you are one lucky girl! And they’re letting you take that to camp?”, Grace asks.

“Yeah. Or at least at the hotel”, I say.

“True. Well, Morgan, I am so proud of you. I so proud to be your sister”, Grace says.

“Did I mention Emily and I are naked right now?”, I ask.

Grace laughs. “You know I am, too?” Emily and I giggle. As much as I love Kelly, I don’t want to get too loud and have her come bang on Emily’s door.

“Love you, Gracie”, I tell my sister.

“Love you, Morgan. Love you, too, Emily”, says Grace.

“Love you, Grace”, replies Emily.

“You girls better get some sleep for church tomorrow”, Grace says.

“Yeah”, I say.

“Good night, Emily and Sissy!”

“Good night, Gracie. Bye!”, we say.

I end the call.

“We better get to bed”, I tell Emily

I put my phone back in my skirt. Emily gets under the sheets, then I join her. I love how we’ve gone from wearing clothes when sleeping together to sleeping naked. I curl up next to her. She runs a hand down my back to my ass. Her fingers feel nice on my skin.

“Emily ... that felt great.”


“Can you do more of that?”, I ask.

Emily doesn’t say anything. She just slowly runs her hand again to my ass. I love it. I reach around her and run my hand down her back to her ass. Emily looks at me and smiles her approval. I keep my hand on her ass and just move it around. She runs her hand all over my ass. Then I see her eye my boobs. She firmly plants her lips on my right boob and tickles my nipple with her tongue. I giggle.

“Oh, Emily, that was awesome.”

I eye Emily’s sexy navel. I am a navel girl after all. I seal my mouth around it and stick my tongue inside, tickling the ridge on it. Emily silently giggles.

I look up at her. “Love you, Emily.”

“Love you, Morgan. Good night, sweetie.”. “Love you, too, Emily. Good night.”

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