Magic Is Gross 2: Devil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Mind Control, Lesbian, Fiction, School, Paranormal, Sharing, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 5 teen girls use a summoned demon to grant their wishes. All it will cost them is one bully they all hate.

“Well it’s not a just a game anymore,” Leanne murmured as the woman rose up between them. Leanne saw that slut from four days ago: the black haired bimbo in the shredded jeans and greasy t-shirt. The clothes were gone. Flawless skin was dappled by moonlight. Perky breasts rose from her chest, standing as tall and confident as their bearer. Her perfect eyes scanned over Leanne as soft lips easily curled into a sarcastic smile. Leanne’s stomach turned. Goosebumps skittered up over her skin.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Whimpered Eiko.

“We won’t give you our souls,” Avery declared from the top of their pentacle. The witches, who were five teenaged girls, were cloaked in black robes. Underneath, they all claimed to be naked but only Avery truly was. Natalie, following the pentacle around clockwise, had retained her bra and underwear. Gia was wearing just her panties; she had been determined to be truly naked but had needed to wear a pantyliner. Eiko wore the tank top and shorts she would wear to any slumber party. Finally, there was Leanne. She was wearing full-on flannel pajamas under her robe, she held her robe closed tight around herself, terrified she might give away her secret.

“Oh, I have no use for five souls,” The demon slowly turned and examined the girls. To Leanne, she seemed to dismiss her and scrutinize Avery. Leanne was thankful for being the unremarkable one for once, “If a little demon like me had five souls, a bigger demon would just come and take them away.”

“You have to give us what we ask for,” Leanne forcibly explained. The book, Gia’s book, was on the ground behind her. The old woodcut rituals drawn out, the squiggly handwriting and hurried notes in the margins, were just as Leanne had imagined in a real magic book. She had loved it. She was beginning to feel differently.

“And you have to pay me my price,” The demon grinned, “Capitalism.”

“We can just banish you if you ask too much!” Eiko threatened.

“I wouldn’t have appeared if you were going to do that,” The demon sighed, “That’s three of five. So what about you black girl? Do you need to show that you’re all tough and in charge?”

“No,” Gia shook her head, “You already seem to understand.”

“Good, so that just leaves big blondie,” She turned to Natalie, whose natural blonde hair was dyed completely black, “What about you?”

“Let’s just get this done,” Natalie pulled her cloak tighter around her shoulders.

“Let’s get this done, indeed,” She pointed at Natalie and followed the circle anti-clockwise to Gia, “You want to be beautiful. You want power. You want love. You want your father to care and you want a baby.”

“I want to be a famous successful actress,” Retorted Gia. She seemed disgusted at the accusation of being a mother at 16.

“Then be sure to state your wish very clearly,” The demon looked deep into her eyes.

“What?” Eiko worried.

“You’ve read the book,” Avery laughed derisively, “She’s acting like a bad pulp fiction genie. That I wished to jump really high and she turned me into a frog bullshit. This spell was to reveal a creature who will grant what we desire, as we desire. She’s a hell of an actress, isn’t she? I love the Black Widow look.”

“What?” Gia looked to Avery.

“Our ScarJo looking demon here,” Avery waved. Leanne goggled at Avery. Eiko blushed angrily. Natalie shrunk into herself. Gia grew angry.

“I see Regina Windsor,” Natalie explained.

“I see that new girl,” Leanne admitted.

“There were magic mushrooms in the potion we drank,” Eiko explained looking at a very not-Scarlett-Johansson Motoko Kusanagi, “We could be seeing anyone.”

“Yeah,” Gia sneered, “Anyone.”

“My ears are burning,” Singsonged the demon.

“I wish to be thin and beautiful!” Natalie declared.

“Good, now you,” The finger turned to Gia.

“I wish to achieve success and fame as an actress.”

“I wish for freedom from my overbearing mother,” Eiko whispered.

“I wish,” Leanne had to dig her fingernails into the meat of her forearm to keep talking audibly, “For him to love me as much as I love him.”

Avery smirked at her friend’s crush. The others didn’t know and Avery didn’t get it. Her younger brother’s best friend was as sexless to her as Curtis was. She looked at the demon and said clearly and with far more confidence than anyone else, “I wish to be respected and obeyed.”

“Oh, I really like you,” the demon turned to Avery, “Your wish will take the longest.”

“Why would some wishes be quicker?” Eiko asked.

“Everything you desire is ready to fall into place,” She explained to Eiko. The others didn’t question.

“But what is it you want?” Leanne was scared but she had to know. Could love be too expensive? Love was everything.

“I want your cruelty,” Laughed the demon. Leanne flinched at the girl’s perfect voice. Maybe she should have asked for something more monetizable? Something she might have given up on, “There’s another potion you’re going to brew and you’re going to feed it to an enemy. As soon as that potion is consumed your wishes will be begin on the next sunrise.”

“What kind of potion?” Avery demanded.

“Poison,” The demon chuckled.

“I won’t kill someone,” Gia said. Leanne agreed. Natalie considered it.

“Don’t be silly, the purpose isn’t to hurt her,” The demon grinned, “I want you to see who you all really are. In a way you’ll never forget.”

The demon then described their next project. No girl heard more than their part. Leanne went grey. She could do it. She’d have to do it tomorrow. She would hate herself. She would hate herself until David loved her. Gia laughed, hers was illegal but it was trivial and riskless. Eiko seemed relieved. Avery knew hers could be an embarrassment and she looked disappointed in that. Natalie had the task to coalesce the potion.

“Does it have to be a big cake? Can it be a cupcake?” All the girls turned as Natalie asked, understanding that they were all on different paths. Leanne breathed out. None of them would have to know what she was doing.

“That would be better, unless you want to feed it to a whole party,” The demon chuckled, “And, by all means.”

“It might not taste the best.” Leanne grumbled.

“I always thought a dollop of honey helps the medicine go down,” The demon suggested to Eiko.

“The song is a spoonful of sugar...” Eiko murmured. She was always quiet, no one noticed she was more quiet.

“Sure it is, dear,” The demon dismissed her.

“Then we banish you,” Avery declared. Rain struck immediately at her words. Wayward drops evolved into a downpour. The girls squealed and pulled their cloaks tighter. The demon faded. Leanne collapsed to her knees.

“That was fun,” Gia laughed, “I can’t believe this magic stuff is real!”

“Who are we going to give the potion to?” Eiko pulled the hood of her cloak up. Eight teenaged eyes turned to her with a blank flat stare.


Kristi was giggling when it started to rain. That didn’t help. She was on her back, her mouth wide open. She collected the sudden downpour with remarkable efficiency. Curtis exacerbated the problem by moving his head aside and letting the full bore access to her face.

“Is the rain going to fuck this up?” David lifted his windbreaker over his head. He hunched far over the latest brew stirring it with a glass rod.

“Try and keep the water out,” Sputtered Kristi.

“Jesus, Curtis, roll her over,” David laughed.

“I just need a couple more...” Curtis thrusted harder. The redhead girl flopped like a fish as she tried to breathe, feel and fuck all at once. Curtis folded, he pressed his forehead into her collarbone and started grunting. She wrapped his head with both arms, “Thanks, babe.”

“None of that shit,” Kristi pushed Curtis away and squirreled out from under him. She reached up to her t-shirt and rolled it back down over her breasts. Curtis pulled his jeans up from below his knees.

“If it wasn’t raining so bad, I’d make you eat me out right now.”

“With cum in your pussy?” Curtis grimaced.

“Yeah, there’s my Charming Prince...” She mocked. The boys had, at one time or another, as a boy or as a girl, tasted the other’s semen. It was in one of the three potions they had made since they had met Kristi. Tonight’s experiment needed to be mixed under the stars, but the rain clouds had come out of nowhere.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Curtis ignored his hypocrisy.

“Did it get too diluted?” Kristi snuck over to her shorts and panties. They were next to the swingset where David was sitting as bare assed as she was.

“I don’t know how diluted is too diluted,” David mumbled, “But I stirred it and covered the mouth with my wallet when my phone beeped.”

“Oh my God! My phone!” Kristi dragged up her shorts and dug a hand into the pocket.

“It’s in here,” David tapped his windbreaker pocket, “But maybe we should go to the dugouts or something?”

The three ran from to the baseball diamond just beyond the monkey bars and hurried to the closer home team brick dugout. The rain was getting in under the lip but it wasn’t torrential and it could be avoided by sitting on the bench facing the wall. Kristi sighed relief when her phone seemed ok. She then lifted her shorts.

“Oh God, these are so gross,” They squelched and gripped in her fingers.

“Then leave them off,” Curtis said with a handful of her ass, “David left his jeans over by the swingset.”

“Oh shit!” David realized.

“Not important,” Kristi tossed her shorts into the driest corner she could find. David handed her a small sports bottle of Cold Womb. Curtis took four steps away from the smell to the far wall, “Let’s check on our magic spell.”

The concoction in David’s hand, capped by his zippered wallet, sloshed in its beaker. Since they had met, four days ago, the trio had made The Blossoming Beauty which was Kristi’s pretty potion and turned the boys into girls, The Charming Prince which turned the boys in irresistible cads or the girls into boys, The Cold Womb which was Kristi’s contraceptive and really made Curtis nauseous and in David’s hand was, hopefully, The Hunter’s Light.

Under the stars, in a bath of rum, swirled a compass needle, dog’s hair and David’s fingernails. Except there was a ceiling of clouds tonight and rainwater contaminating the mixture. Kristi held it up to her phone’s flashlight app.

“Alright,” Kristi sighed, “Maybe right now isn’t the best time to play hide and seek.”

Curtis’s phone started ringing. “Shit!” He struggled it up to his ear and grinned a silly grin, “Mom! How are you?”

“Curtis, where the hell are you?”

“I’m with,” He looked at Kristi and gestured for her to be quiet, “David.”

“Except I just talked to Michael and he says you’re not over there.”

“Actually, we were just walking about, we got caught in the rain and ducked into the dugouts at the park up the street,”

“Put David on.”

“Sheriff,” David did his smug best to greet the Shannon matriarch.

“What the hell are you boys up to?” She sounded more than exasperated.

“Underage drinking, premarital sex and witchcraft,” David replied as flippantly as he could. Kristi’s face burnt red and her eyes widened as far as they could.

“Fine, don’t sacrifice any goats,” She huffed.

“Oh, we’re still only on the green book,” Kristi hit David for that one.

“Do you want me to send a squad car to pick you boys up? Or can you walk the three blocks home in the rain.”

If Kristi wasn’t with them, it’d be an absolute yes. David laughed as genuinely as he might. “No, I think Curtis deserves a little more misery.”

“You’re a true friend,” Mrs Shannon replied, “I’ll call your dad and let him know you’re on your way home.”

“Thank you,” He handed the phone back to Curtis. Kristi looked crossly at David but he tossed her drenched hair and danced away from her grumpy swattings.

“What are you angry about mom?” Curtis sighed as he was chewed out for a good minute, “You had no problem letting Avery go out with her friends.”

“I’m going to grab my pants,” David laughed loud enough that Curtis’s mom might hear.

“And the cooler bag,” Kristi whispered back into David’s ear. She squeezed his thigh and he smiled.

“Goddammit, David is a silly nut,” Elizabeth Shannon sighed into the phone, “Avery asked to go out with her girlfriends. Days ago. You just up and left at 11 at night. That’s unacceptable. You’re coming home, you and David can do your little sleepover some other weekend.”


“If you’re not home in 30, I’ll be Sheriff and not Mom. Understood young man?”

“Good night, Mom.”

Curtis hung up as David loped back into the dugout. He threw his pants next to Kristi’s shorts and dropped the unzippered Truce Spring Barbecue cooler down next to the redhead.

“Looks like I’m out, girls,” Curtis sighed, “Mom’ll probably be calling your dad too.”

“She’s a bit of a ballbreaker isn’t she?” Kristi grinned.

“And she taught my sisters,” Curtis moaned pathetically, “How are you getting home?”


“Well, we figured we could smuggle you into David’s later but if mom alerted his Dad we better just all head home, yeah?” Curtis shrugged.

“That’s easy for you two, it’s just a couple blocks in the rain. I’ve got a 40 minute run ahead of me.”

“I’ll show you how to break into my room,” David suggested, “You can clean up and get dry at my place.”

“My parents will kill me if I’m out all night with a boy.”

“Good thing you’re out with two boys.”

“And you can’t be killed twice.

Kristi held Curtis’s elbow as she rushed along the side of David’s garage. They could already hear the ghost of David’s father’s unhappiness as his son was greeted at the front door. The first flicker of lightning illuminated the backyard. Kristi jumped and Curtis counted in his head.

The deep roll of thunder came thirteen Mississippi later. They stopped to the side of David’s cobblestone patio. Curtis gestured with his hands.

“Just talk quietly,” Kristi sneered.

“Alright, you need to step up on the railing, then you can use this,” he gestured to the power meter, “As a step up onto the eave. David’s window is right there. He’ll be up quickly to open it.”

“Oh my God,” Kristi shivered in the rain not trusting the footholds or the heights.

“Come on,” Curtis said cupping Kristi’s ass and swirling her into a tight embrace, “I’ll catch you if you say good night well enough.”

“Knob,” She laughed and punched him in the chest. She let him stroke her body as she tightened the cooler strap over her shoulder. She made a sarcastic kissy face at him and he sunk down and motorboated her. She was biting her cheek to keep from laughing too hard.

“OK, OK, before I drown,” She growled. She started to climb and Curtis balanced her hips as she could confirmed a foothold. She balanced her muddy Reebok on his shoulder, “You’re higher than the electrical meter.”

“Next time wear a skirt,” Curtis said to her butt as Kristi levered herself off his shoulders onto the roof.

“I’ll call you tomorrow! Go!” Kristi waved him to run through the backyard, through the thin copse of trees, to his own house. He saluted and she found David’s room with the window already cracked. She winced as it slid up with a little squeak. She slipped into the bedroom.

David’s room was big and in disarray. His dresser was stuffed haphazardly with unfolded clothes. His hamper was just the general area around the wicker basket. His bed was unmade, his closet was awkwardly open, his laptop sat on a desk surrounded by dirty glasses and unfinished papers. Kristi dragged over the empty wastebin and rang out her hair into it. She stopped dead at the sound of water pittering into the rubber, even if the rain and thunder outside dwarfed the noise. She decided to wait, shivering, out of sight of the bedroom door, for David. Two minutes felt like half an hour.

“Yeah I’ll probably just grab a shower in a few minutes and get some sleep. Good night, Dad,” David grumbled as he got into his room, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” He whispered as he rushed past Kristi, over the bed to yank up the window, “I thought I left it open enough for her to get in.”

“You did,” Kristi whispered making David jump and bump his head under the pane, “Why are you so panicked? I thought you wanted me to break in?”

“You’re right, if I didn’t want you in my room, I’d have locked my windows,” He grumbled and rubbed his head, “Let’s give dad about 45 to get to sleep and then we can get a shower or something.”

“Ah, thanks,” Kristi sighed and unzipped the cooler bag. She pulled their phones out of it. They were mostly dry, “Mom’s been texting me...”

“Shh!” David gestured. Kristi heard his dad’s footsteps just a moment later.

“Night buddy,” Came the grizzled voice through the door.

“Night dad,” David replied. There were a few more steps and the sound of another bedroom door shutting. Kristi was waved down from talking for a few more minutes. David sighed, “Alright. What?”

“I told mom I was staying over with a girl named Dee,” Kristi flashed a smile and David’s agreed upon alterego, “I’ve got a bit of Blossoming Beauty in the cooler. We’ll have to find you something to wear to walk me home in the morning.”

“Sure,” David shrugged and pulled off his shirt, “But we still got tonight.”

“David ... Remember we promised, no Curtis, no sex, no falling in love.”

“You sure? Just a quick shower,” He needled.


“You’re going to get out of those clothes anyways, right?”


“C’mon before you get pneumonia or something.”

“Then what? We come back in here and cuddle in bed until I sneak away in the morning?”

“If you’re that worried, I can use the sleeping bag and camp out on the floor,” David shrugged. He turned away quickly after he spoke and pulled off his jeans, boxers and socks.

“No, I’m taking the sleeping bag,” Kristi asserted upon seeing him with yet another erection. She had already dealt with six between her two friends.

“Dad wouldn’t be happy about me letting a girl do that,” He worried.

“Would he be happy about me being in your bedroom?” She lifted an eyebrow.

“Yeah, if he knew you,” His easy answer sent a shiver through Kristi.


“C’mon, let’s get you out of those clothes,” He leered.

“Alright, but after this, no Curtis, no nothing,” She couldn’t help but like how he lit up as she pulled off her t-shirt.

“Never any nothing,” David put a hand over his heart, “I promise.”

“Alright, we’re set up!” Gia announced with a broad smile.

“There’s just this last tray,” Leanne’s hands shook when she put the orange tub with the pale plastic top on the table.

“Yellow frosted.” Avery reminded the group.

“So how do we get it to her?” Eiko asked.

“I say, we take the tub and give out samples to tables in the cafeteria,” Natalie suggested, “Persephone always sits at that second table. It’ll be easy.”

“OK,” Avery nodded.

“Um, can I stay at the table?” Leanne asked. They looked at her. It was clear they felt she had done the most. Gia nodded.

“I’ll do it.”

“Better send two of us,” Avery picked up another tub and opened the orange one. She transferred half the cupcakes to the other, “It’ll look better.”

“The quarter’s not still in the cupcake, right?” Eiko blanched.

“No, it’s buried with the rest of the unused batter,” Natalie assured everyone.

“Alright, Leanne you sell. Eiko you man the money box. Gia and I--”

“You stay here,” Natalie interjected lifting the tray with the yellow frosted cupcake, “I got this.”

“Alright. No mistakes.” Gia declared taking the second tray.

“No mistakes.” Everyone agreed.

Kristi and David arrived in the C-Tower early into the lunch break. School life was better now. Kristi loved to cook and better to impose upon a friend than to wait in the fiendish line for blandish food. Fuck the cafeteria. They migrated to find a spot for their circle of friends. A small circle, a triangle really, where was Curtis?

“Thank you,” David grinned and accepted the sandwich. A lightly toasted grilled chicken with a dijon mustard sauce. No tomatoes on his. Fuck it was good. He passed her a can of Diet Coke, “Seriously, what did I do to deserve this?”

“Its that curl of your tongue thing,” Kristi whispered enjoying David’s blush, “It’s chicken sandwich worthy. But you should see what I packed for Curtis!”

“Ha. Ha.” David bemoaned, “Where is the hottest girl in school?”

“He’ll be here,” Kristi promised with too much emotion ruined by a giggle, “Hey, have you thought about it any further?”

“A little, I mean, I get it.” David scratched his head, “But I’m not really sure I--”

“We don’t want to be picked apart by boyfriend-girlfriend bullshit,” She repeated herself.

“But we’re not giving up the magic?” He shook his head.

“God no,” She shook her head, “It’s why we have to.”

“Ha, OK, so I assume you’re right,” Still hesitant.

“I am right,” She slapped her hand on his thigh and looked him in the eyes. That steel grey came through and David started smiling, “See you’re smitten. We need to put that energy into a girl so we can do the friends with magic benefits thing safely.”

“OK,” David agreed, “OK.”

“Look, I get it,” She let go of him and gripped her bangs with both thumbs and swept her hair behind her ears, “And you know why you have to go first?”

“Because I’m the hardest to set up with anyone,” David mumbled.

“No! Idiot!” Kristi punched David in the shoulder, “It’s because of Curtis. He’ll leave us to it if he goes first.”

“Well what about you?” He pushed back.

“I’ve already been asked out twice since starting here last week,” Kristi blushed, “But you said to wait for a football guy and avoid the hockey players.”

David started laughing, “Twice?”

“Yeah, Josh and Roger.”

“Josh has a girlfriend, Mindy,” David sighed.

“Well better I said no then,” Kristi punched David, “So what about you? Who’s your third favorite girl in school?”

“What? Third?”

“Well, your first pick is likely someone you overvalue. You’re in love or in lust with your idea of her. You probably don’t have a clue about who she really is. Not fair to her at all. And would you want to be someone’s second choice? Another dick move. But your third pick? You like her, you think she’s hot and she’s not tied up in imagination baggage.”

“OK, but what if I’ve already asked out my third pick and she said no?”

“Did that happen?”


“OK, then your fifth pick.” Kristi beamed.

“I’m thinking you’re pulling numbers out of your ass.”

“Does that matter?”

“No, I guess not--”

“I’m not allowed to be a pick by the way,” She poked David in the ribs, “I know you and Curtis keep tossing me in there, but the point is to get you a girlfriend.”

“OK, OK, I guess...” David ran through his picks. It actually felt good to think Mindy? Nope. Regina? Nope. Avery? Nope. Sloane? What a waste to skip four. “Gia Carpenter.”

“OK, I have no idea who she is.”

“That’s cause you only took Average Person STEM courses and rubberhead for English and history.”

“AP stands for Advanced Placement, not Average Person,” Kristi huffed at the rubberhead remark.

“Don’t ruin all hope I have for the future,” David pleaded, “Besides, that’s Curtis’s wheelhouse.”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to keep up,” Curtis appeared with a plastic tray.

“What the hell?” David looked up and caught his best friend smiling.

“Curtis! Who’s your number three girl?” Kristi shot off right away.

“Gia Carpenter.” He declared without hesitation.

“Goddammit!” Kristi laughed, “Well, I made David take his number 5, who’s your number 5?”


“She dyed her hair. It’s blonde today,” David reported the news with a heavy heart.

“Christ really? Why would anyone toss away their 8% ginger boost? Well that drops her to seventh. I guess I’m stuck with Sloane.”

“You dredged up those names way faster than David did.”

“I keep a very strict top 10.”

“I’m not on it, am I?



“A bastard with cupcakes,” Curtis lowered the tray so his friends could see an assortment of baked goods, “Avery’s doing some bake sale down in the B-Building! I brought us all diabetes!”

“Oh my god did she make her spider cookies?” David sat up straighter. Curtis flopped down on the bench squeezing Kristi between them.

“Yeah, and look Leanne made those Reese’s peanut butter cup things!” Curtis beamed.

“That’s what you want, did you get what I want?” David laughed.

“And what do you want buddy?” Curtis dared his friend.

“Same thing I always want.”

“Spider cookie?” Kristi tried to follow.

“No.” The boys were glaring at each other. Kristi worried until Curtis sighed.

“To fuck my sister,” He slumped.

“To fuck his sister!” David beamed. Kristi mirrored that energy. She realized she was finally in all the way with the boys. You couldn’t trust a boy who didn’t poke fun at his friends.

“You like her? Why not ask her out?”

“She says no,” David blushed full on red when Curtis appeared surprised by that answer.

“Hmm,” Kristi looked very thoughtful over that as she nibbled on a peanut butter cup.

“Yeah, her and her friends are making a killing,” Curtis replied.

“Who are her friends?”

“Gia, Eiko, Leanne and Natalie,” Curtis shrugged, “You sit next to Eiko in English right?”

“Hmm,” Kristi couldn’t stop smiling. She dropped her half eaten confection back onto the tray and grabbed David’s hand, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go see this bake sale!”

Curtis remained seated but called after them, “Dude! I got enough for all of--Just me then? Hello obesity epidemic!”

Natalie couldn’t stop smiling. She could taste it. She wasn’t going to be the fat bitch anymore. The ugly girl. She practically floated into the melee of the cafeteria.

“I’ll head left.” Gia decided and Natalie almost heard her. She walked straight through the aisle of tables.

“Bake sale! In the hallway!” Natalie announced to the room and lots of heads perked up. She turned to the edge of the first table. The cheerleaders were interspersed with their boyfriends. She dropped a white candy cupcake in front of Mindy and a chocolate frosted on in front of Josh. “Tell your friends.”

“Thanks babe.” Josh flashed his well loved smile from under his crooked nose.

“Butter and sugar?” Mindy recoiled with a joking smile. She wasted no time peeling off the paper. Natalie pulled her eyes from Josh and turned to the next table and handed her next two to Kevin and Eddie. The rest of the football team was jealous.

“Look at these bitches. It’s clear just the pretty boys are getting the free samples,” Sneered Persephone, speaking to Quinn, her best friend, but not hiding her voice from the whole room. Quinn looked back over her shoulder and couldn’t disagree. Gia had made a beeline straight for Silas and Natalie was wading past jock central.

“Not at all,” Natalie turned at Persephone’s normally cutting tongue with a bright smile. Natalie elbowed around a kid who had scampered over in hopes of begging a free cupcake. She slapped the gold one down in front of Persephone and slid another to Quinn, “We’re giving them out to all the bitches.”

“Hey!” Shouted Mindy, but with a laugh.

“Well fuck you, thank you,” Persephone raised her cupcake like a toast.

“Yeah, whatever,” And Natalie turned and cut to the next table with the cutest boys.

“Hey,” David hurried up next to Kristi and slowed her down with a little hip check, “We don’t need to run.”

“This isn’t running, you’re a sloth,” She scoffed.

“The cuddliest of all the sins,” They shared a smile, “How’s your schedule? It’s a shame we only share math.”

“I got two with Curtis so it isn’t so bad,” She shrugged, “I like this four classes a semester thing instead of seven for the year.”

“That’s how we did it in Jr High,” He recalled, it’s actually easy to lock in graduation by Christmas break senior year.”

“Fuck that,” Kristi laughed, “I like school. Plus, that math only works if you want to get started at a McDonald’s right away.”

“God there’s going to be such a line,” She sighed as they crossed through the B-building to the A-wing. It was clear, just past the cafeteria the girls were set up at a fold-up table with brightly decorated bristol board signs.

“Yeah, lines suck, that’s why I made my friend make me lunch,” David laughed.

“I’m such a bitch, I didn’t give Curtis his sandwich!” Kristi moaned.

“Yeah, cause he has nothing to eat,” Laughed David. They took their place behind a couple of freshmen. Kristi looked both girls up and down from behind. She couldn’t help but hide her snarky grin.

“Have you considered cradle robbing?” She whispered and nodded to the girl ahead of her. David looked down the canvas jacket and loose ponytail to see a skinny girl with baggy jeans and up the daisy dukes and halter top to the fetishized pigtails.

“You’re terrible,” He grinned.

“Yeah, I’m not the one who wanted an invisibility potion to sneak into the girl’s locker room,” Kristi mocked.

“God, that was so gross,” David shook his head, “Can you imagine drinking a human eyeball?”

“And that’s only the red book,” Kristi laughed, “You should see what I put in the black binder. That’s where all the bathing in the blood of a hundred virgins go.”

The freshmen girls peaked back, halter top was cute and canvas jacket was adorable. David smiled a hello. Halter top blushed and they squirreled a step forward.

“Good sign,” Kristi elbowed David.

“Hello, Miss Minsk,” The two teens went rigid and turned to see their vice principal behind them. Mr Kane was the law in the hallways. Even a generally unflappable good kid like David was ill at ease around him, “How was your first week?”

“It’s great. Made some friends,” She answered perfunctorily.

“Excellent, hopefully they’ll have some of Miss Shannon’s cookies left when you get to the front of the line. They’re a big hit with the faculty. Good day, Mr Hart.”

“Bye Mr Kane,” David faked a smile. The pair followed the freshmen forward in line for the next six minutes. They studied the table without really talking about anything. Kristi immediately recognized Avery, Curtis’s sister. She was very intimate with Shannon and Avery was very much a Shannon. Tall, with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. Avery was quite a bit fairer than her brother-sister. Freckles lightly speckled her cheeks. She flashed her orthodontia and plucked dollar bills from students and filled their little box. Next to her was a plain jane with her shorter hair held back from her face with a white hairband. A third girl, a cute Japanese girl, was storing their emptied plastic trays into a gray knapsack. Two other girls floated in, a tubby giant and an hourglass of a black girl. They were all very excited and there were high fives without irony. The Japanese girl grabbed the big girl in a tight clinch before she took their empty trays. The heavier girl went with her.

“Looks like we’re a little late,” Kristi mewled disappointedly looking across the bereft tabletop, “Well, if you need something really great, you’ve yet to taste my cookies.”

“In a matter of speaking,” David nudged the redhead, “But I’m in. I mean, I’ve already got you making me sandwiches.”

“Who’re you telling to make you a sandwich?” They looked up to see Avery staring past the freshmen buying the last brownies right at them.

“Hey, Ave,” David replied.

“No recognition at all,” Avery sighed, “Why am I funny for you plebeians?”

“You’re not funny,” The black girl sniped.

“Hi, this idiot couldn’t be beaten hard enough to learn manners, let alone introduce me to anyone. I’m Kristi.”

“Avery’s Curtis’s sister,” David gestured, “The other girls with her can do better for friends.”

“Oh, please,” Avery rolled her eyes, “You make Nat and Gia sound like they’re my David.”

“Yeah, hi,” Natalie, the heavy girl grumbled. Kristi evaluated Gia with a very considered eye, she was going to grill David over her very shortly.

“We’re down to oatmeal raisin and three cupcakes,” Gia alerted the whole line.

“What’re you raising money for?” Kristi asked.

“Capitalism.” Gia laughed along with Avery and Natalie. The other girl at the table didn’t find it very funny at all. She looked up at Kristi.

“Hi, I’m Leanne and that’s Eiko.”

“I know Kristi,” Eiko claimed, “She got sat next to me in English.”

“It sounds like you’re in the right class,” David joked but no one bit.

“There’s actually a little more,” Leanne pushed her chair back to the wall and smuggled out another tub from their bags below the table, “Cookies.”

“Girl,” Gia shook her head, “What about the money?”

“I might’ve had enough capitalism for today,” Avery laughed but Leanne just blushed to her ears.

“And you baked these, Leanne?” David asked hungrily. She smiled through her flaming cheeks, “Excellent, two of the big chocolate ones.”

“One for me?” Kristi perked up.

“Fine, three of the big chocolate ones,” David laughed.

“Good work, kid,” Avery flicked her eyes to Kristi as she took David’s money.

“Thanks Ave,” David raised his cookie in salute to Leanne as Kristi started to drag him off.

“Now get out of the way,” She shooed him hard, “We’ve got more money to make.”

“Bye David,” Leanne grinned.

“Enjoy!” Gia waved.

“Ladies.” David flourished. The confidence he had a week ago would’ve hardly allowed him to get two words out. He felt like a king.

“Nice to meet you all,” Kristi grinned tugging David harder.

“Ah, these are so good!” David announced to be heard after biting into the cookie.

“Good play,” Kristi whispered, “Gia seems a little stiff. What about Leanne? Would you?”

“Leanne?” David considered, “I guess. Do you think she would?”

“Oh, she’s got David fever!” Kristi giggled, “I have never felt more hated in my life.”

“Good news Curtis! Gia’s back on the table for you,” They found Curtis laid across their bench in the C-Tower.

“OK, cool,” Curtis moaned, “Please tell me you didn’t bring me anything to eat.”

“You ate all that sugar?” Kristi scrunched her nose, “Idiot.”

“Yeah, why Gia again?”

“She was your third, yeah?” Kristi grinned, “By the way, I approve.”

“Well, I have great taste,” Curtis said as humbly as he might.

“I want you to go out with Leanne,” Kristi was adamant, “I’m serious, just go back there and ask her out.”

“It’s kind of a big scene right now,” David resisted, “I share a class with her first period tomorrow. I’ll ask her out before it.”

“Do it, David,” Kristi poked him, “I don’t want us breaking up over stupid boyfriend girlfriend shit. I don’t want to make new best friends.”

“That’s cause you got it right the first time. You couldn’t do any better anyway. So what are you two on about this time?”

“Leanne likes David,” Kristi bubbled excitedly.

“Oh, the Jesus freak? Warning! Warning!” Curtis sat up and David sat down. Kristi wedged herself between the boys.

“Don’t use his Jesus freak bullshit as an excuse,” Kristi poked David, “If you’re not compatible you won’t date long. But give the first date a fair shake. Besides, I bet I could get you Avery if Leanne doesn’t hate you when you’re done.”

“Don’t do that to my best friend,” Curtis sighed, “Avery’s a shit girlfriend. Micromanages the crap out of her boyfriends.”

“Alright, whatever,” Kristi poked David, “Leanne.”

“I will, crap.” David agreed. He was nervous like he hadn’t felt since that first afternoon at Kristi’s. There wasn’t enough time left during lunch period to shake off that feeling. And where would they do it anyways?

“What about you, Curtis?” She turned to Curtis, “Who’s the girl for you?”

“You are babe,” His flippancy was obvious.

“No, I want you to get a girlfriend,” She insisted, “I was already explaining to David that--”

“I heard, I agree,” He interrupted after he swallowed.

“You like redheads right?” She fluffed her hair. His fetishizing red hair really made Kristi proud of herself. David rolled her eyes, “Who’s the hottest redhead in school?”

“Brittany,” Curtis grinned.

“Not anymore dude,” David reported sorrowfully, “Remember, she’s a blonde now.”

“No!” Curtis slipped the empty tray onto Kristi’s lap before falling to his knees and cursing humanity for its hubris.

“Dude, then we’ll get you the next one,” Kristi giggled, fingering the remains of a marshmallowy chocolate confection. She licked her finger.

“Yeah,” Curtis whimpered on the floor, “Like I could ever get Kristi Minsk to notice me...” That earned him a weak kick to the ribs.

“Fine, you’re no help,” Kristi hesitated again. David rolled his eyes and tried to take the square. It was swiftly in the redhead’s mouth, “I’ll probe around. Find you someone.”

“Yeah, OK,” Curtis got up and wiped off his jeans, “But, I’m not dating anyone that says I can’t hang out with you and do magic.”

“Of course not,” She turned to David, “And neither will you. The magic is awesome.”

“Magic your butt,” David finished off his last cookie.

“You wish.”

Persephone watched Natalie waddle over to the next cute guy. Transparent skank. She lifted her cupcake. Quinn had pushed hers past her notebook. She was finishing off the cross hatching shading on a the scene she had ignored math for.

“This smells like apple. What’s yours? Coconut?” Persephone said of her yellow swirled cupcake, “Trade me yours.”

“You don’t like apple?” Quinn asked incredulously as she passed her flaky one for gold frosting, “Weirdo.”






The two girls giggled madly. Quinn dropped her pencil and watched Persephone lick around her pierced lip to gather up any remnant of frosting. She was cute, crystal blue eyes under too much dark eye shadow clashing with livid red lipstick. Her hair, virulent pink was shaved back on the sides of her head and the thick mohawk waved over her left ear. She was wearing a studded black t-shirt with ladders cut up under her arms. Her knees stuck out of the holes in her jeans and her army boots were crossed purposefully in the aisle. The little traffic weaved around her. She was tattooed on her right arm from her wrist to her elbow, a design of violet flowers in an ancient dinosauric jungle. Quinn had drawn that two years ago and Persephone had always loved it.

Quinn looked muted across from her best friend. The artist wasn’t even wearing makeup. Her hair was fair brown and brushed practicably out of her face. Her eyes shared the same boring color. She wore well worn tennis shoes and boring unmolested jeans. She favored monochrome t-shirts under thin overshirts. She hid her body from the few creeps who had ever talked to her about it. Her expression, her release, was always outside herself, always something she could walk away from him. She envied her friend and could never admit it. She smiled and returned to darken the outline on her sketch.

“Holy shit, if I had access to food like that I’d be twice the land whale Natalie is.”

“Don’t fat shame her,” Quinn rebuked.

“It’s not shaming,” Persephone scoffed, “I’m amazed at her self control. If I was half the woman she was...”

“You’d have gained thirty pounds?” Quinn suggested. Persephone hardly laughed; she cackled.







The girls giggled again. Persephone reached for the drawing, “Can I see?”

“Yeah, anything else I should do in photoshop anyways,” Quinn swirled the notebook over to her friend.

“You draw great tits,” Persephone laughed, “Can you imagine wearing something like this though?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Quinn smiled looking over the stylized armor on her warrior angel. She really liked the way her hair reflected the halo. She hadn’t listened to a word about cosines because of how she scrutinized the angles of illumination and reflection.

“It’d look better on me,” Persephone snorted.

“Or off you,” Quinn waggled her eyebrows.

“You are such a boy,” Snorted Persephone. Finally, the end of lunch bell rang. She sighed and handed Quinn back the notebook so she could pack it away. Her eyes went straight to the untouched cupcake, “Aren’t you going to eat that?”

“Yeah,” Quinn looked to her friend’s pathetic look, “I thought you didn’t want apple.”

“Pfft, I just wanted your cupcake too.”

“Fuck you,” Quinn chomped two thirds of her cupcake with a single bite.

Cast List David, 16, Our Hero.

Dee, David’s magic induced alter ego. More grounded and sensible than David. Kristi, 16, The Witch of Autumnview High. New friend of David and Curtis’s. Curtis, 16, David’s best friend. A well meaning hard emotional guy.

Shannon, Curtis’s magic induced alter ego. Bisexual, affectionate and gorgeous.

Avery, 17, Curtis’s older sister. Natalie, 17, A heavyset girl. Gia, 16, A black girl. Eiko, 16, A Japanese girl. Leanne, 16, A very Christian girl with a crush on David.

Persephone, 16, bullyish girl with a reputation for biting remarks. Quinn, 16, Persephone’s only real friend. A quiet girl with a love of art and music. Mindy, 16, Sits with her boyfriend, Josh, at the cheerleader table. Brittany, 17, an attractive former redhead. Regina, 17, an attractive girl. Sloane, 16, an attractive girl.

Eddie, 16, A football player. Kevin, 17, A football player. Josh, 17, Mindy’s boyfriend, Captain of the Hockey Team. Silas, 17, a cute boy.

Mr Foster Kane, 45, Vice Principal

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